4/21 Tunisian border, Tripoli report: At the border, there were very many Libyans leaving the country and

from the way their cars were packed, they were obviously planning on a long stay. As for the situation in Tripoli, the following is confirmed: the balloons used f or propaganda and (I hadn't heard of this) painting dogs in the FF colours and s ending them into the city - rather sad - because, of course, they were shot. The resistance in Tripoli is extremely active and gaining strength significantly . Details of their activities cannot be made public. Suffice to say we should tr ust that the majority of people of Tripoli are not as complacent as we are led t o believe. The general feeling of the majority of Tripoli people is that they have had enou gh. They are meeting every night in small groups and discussing the regime. They are now saying (remember this is them, NOT me so no shoe-throwing please) they WANT boots on the ground! They are sick of the shortages, the brutality and the lies. They see and know ev erything that's happening in Misurata, Zintan, Zawiah etc and are so angry many people can't discuss it without breaking down. As for the G supporters in Bab Alazazia and the Green Square, they say, kill th em all! They are nothing but traitorous dogs! (his words not mine) . but traitor ous dogs! (his words not mine). We asked about the food situation etc and how people are coping. He said ' we ar e Libyans. We believe in Allah and with the strength of Allah we will survive th is Shatan. We love our fellow Libyans, the TRUE Libyans and no-one will go hungr y when he has a relative, a friend, a neighbour. We are survivors and by the will of Allah we will win'.

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