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By Andy Hoare (GW) & KompletelyKroot
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The Kroot
A race of fierce warriors, some of the Kroot ply the stars selling their skill at arms to the highest bidder, but most fight exclusively for the Tau Empire. Travelling in their barely warp-capable warspheres, they can be found battling alongside many alien races throughout the galaxy. With their propensity for eating the flesh of those they defeat, it is a brave foe who dares to stand against them. Physical characteristics The Kroot originated on the world of Pech and, though their physiology is humanoid, there is evidence to suggest that the roots of their evolution may be avian in origin. They retain vestigial beaks and have a light, almost hollow bone structure, with four digits on each hand and foot. Their skin is rough with small, barbed spines, similar to the elongated quills on their heads, protruding from various locations on their flesh. Skin pigmentation ranges from earthy brown colours and dappled greens to vibrant oranges and everything in between. Depending on the feeding directions of the Kroot Shapers (more of which later) the coloration of each family grouping, or kindred as they are known, can vary quite considerably. It is also common for Kroot from each kindred to have particular tribal markings painted onto their skin. Kroot mature quickly, with their most rapid period of growth occurring in the first ten years of their lives. By the age of twelve they are considered adults and it is not unknown for Kroot to live to over a hundred years old, their skin becoming increasingly pitted and leathery in their last few years of life. >>>A Kroot Sentry watches for any threats<<< (Photo by Gaalsien) Kroot are tall and their bodies have a wiriness to them that appears deceptively fragile. In actuality, Kroot musculature is extremely powerful and composed of dense fibre spindles with a greater power-to-mass ratio than is found in humans. Swift muscle contractions create a whiplash effect, allowing the Kroot to deliver powerful blows with great rapidity. On the ground, the Kroot tend to move with a bounding, hopping gait but, when in dense forests, they can spring from tree to tree at great speed. The Kroot favour primitive garb: harnesses worked from the hides of animals and adorned with bones, hand crafted amulets and circlets. The limited specimens that have been made available for study are found to have brains composed of a front and rear hemisphere. It appears that the larger, frontal hemisphere controls the functions of logic, reasoning and memory while the rear, less developed hemisphere is more attuned to imagination and creativity. If this is indeed the case, it would go some way to explaining the pragmatic approach to life of the Kroot and their current technological stagnation. The Kroot head is crowned with a great mass of tough, flexible quills that appear to be a part of the Kroot's sensory apparatus. These quills contain what seem to be ganglia running from the frontal lobes of the alien's brain and, in
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this position, would be extremely efficient at receiving and interpreting information on the surrounding environment. The olfactory cavity within the Kroot skull is also enlarged, with multiple sense organs within both it and the mouth. Their eyes are without pupils and generally a milky white. It is likely that they are able to see further into the infrared end of the spectrum and can sense the body heat generated by their prey. Therefore, the Kroot make excellent trackers and would be extremely difficult to sneak up on. The Kroot generate little in the way of waste, excreting in the form of a pungent, oily sweat that has a variety of properties, depending on what the Kroot has consumed. The most apparent benefits are that this sweat appears to be heat retardant to a degree, has antibiotic properties and can cause a poorly aimed blow to slide clear. It is suspected that the Kroot can alter the properties of this secretion in order to leave pheromone trails, mark territories, leave warnings and even communicate with one another. This may also be some form of control that extends to lower life forms such as birds and animals, as there is evidence to suggest mat the Kroot employ empathic pheromones to prevent such creatures from being startled by them and giving away their position in battle. Combined with this method of communication, the Kroot can learn new languages at an astounding rate, matching posture and tone to the sound of foreign words in order to discern their meaning. Their own verbal communication is a mixture of clicks and whistles, possibly reinforced by these phenomena exudations. By far the most odious habit of the Kroot is their practice of eating the flesh of the dead. In battle, this leads them to ritually devour the corpses of those they have killed, and almost nothing is beyond their tastes. The Kroot digestive system is extremely efficient, capable of breaking down almost any organic material into an energy form that can be stored in specialised organs scattered throughout their bodies called nymunes. Should anything inorganic and indigestible be consumed, the Kroot must regurgitate it, with considerable discomfort. However the strangest quirk of Kroot digestion is their ability to extract potentially useful strands of their food's DNA. Adeptus Mechanicus Genetors have long been aware that much of the double helix structure of DNA is in fact blank. Used to separate those areas that do contain genetic information. The Kroot have somehow inherited the ability to incorporate useful DNA codes into their own genetic make up. Larger Kroot, called Shapers, who have an instinctive understanding of this process, can direct their kindred to consume certain prey in order that in successive generations, they may take on elements of those genes. The process is not an exact science and there are many examples where it has gone awry, leaving some trapped in evolutionary cul-de-sacs, the Krootox and Kroot Hounds being the most visible evidence of this. At some point in their evolutionary history, both sub-species of Kroot fed upon creatures that were possessed of traits they wished to take on, but, in doing so, atrophied their intelligence. Thee Krootox are now much larger and stronger, but became lumbering creatures, more akin to forest dwelling herbivores than their smaller, more intelligent kin. The Kroot Hounds became faster and leaner but, like the Krootox, their intelligence was reduced, becoming little more than vicious predators. There are other variations, such as the smaller, flying Kroothawk and the serpentine Krootworm, as well as other, more terrifying, creatures. Deep within the forests of Pech, there exist beasts that were once Kroot, but have since descended hideous evolutionary paths to become monsters that feed on their own kind. Such places have become cursed and only the bravest or most foolhardy Kroot ever venture within their haunted depths. Home World Pech is located in the Ultima Segmentum, in the north west of the Tau Empire and some three thousand light years north of Ultramar. It is a planet similar to Terra, with a comparable oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere, but slightly lower gravity. There are three main continental masses: a warm, temperate primary continent upon which life flourishes, a parched, desert continent which is largely uninhabited and, finally, a cold, temperate landmass that is continually wrecked by violent rain storms. Hardy evergreen forests of Jagga trees that sprawl from the northern and western highlands to the Kamyon Mountains in the east cover the prime continent. Those few areas of land not forested
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the first Kroot city began to take shape as the inherited knowledge of technology became more commonplace. cursed and haunted regions like the Ygothlac Forest wherein dwell terrifying monsters evolved from the Kroot genus thousands of years ago. Today Pech is a wild and untamed world. where he first swore loyalty to the Tau empire. and factory farming and mining were commonplace. the Kroot were forced to take service as mercenaries with various alien races in order to survive. Untested leaders and untried ways of war failed the Kroot in the face of Ork brutality and they were pushed back on every front by the more aggressive Greenskins. The Kroot laired in the Rok and. The Orks were quickly destroyed and their bodies consumed by the Kroot. Codex: Kroot (V.4. Other kindreds live in the remains of what were once Kroot hives. They were not about to rebuild a society that had led them into war and then failed to defend them. they advocated a return to the old ways. Some kindreds use these dark woods as proving grounds for their warriors to display their courage and manhood. such as the enormous carved Jagga tree on the slopes of Mount Kaikown that marks the final resting place of Anghkor Prok. This became known as the Kroot expansionist phase and saw the Kroot construct warp-capable warspheres to take them to the stars. the survivors found themselves in the unenviable position of being outnumbered by a warrior race with a taste for flesh. the Kroot (with Tau assistance) were able to reclaim their worlds with minimal resistance as the Orks had simply engaged in looting and destruction on a massive scale before moving on. and the remainder of the column was attacked as it advanced through a narrow. when an Ork asteroid fortress. There would be no rebuilding and the Kroot would revert to the traditional ways that had served them perfectly well for thousands of years. and the Grove of Ancestors in the Kamyon Mountains. A compromise was reached where each kindred would spend time as mercenaries and fight for other races. crash landed on Pech. though there are places sacred to the Kroot. as though the land itself understands that what lives within is evil and a corruption against nature. each world the Orks took remained a thorn in their side as Kroot guerrillas continued to fight the invaders. First Contact Imperial forces first encountered the Kroot during the Damocles Crusade on the world of Sy’l’kell when troops from the 17th Brimlock Dragoons were ambushed en route to the front from their landing zone. now fallen into ruin and left for the forest and animals to reclaim. the forests still cover most of the prime continent and the hives that were once home to millions of Kroot are now overgrown and provide shelter to many Kroot kindred. but such practices are few and far between. The Kroot live in family groups known as kindreds and most dwell in arboreal homes in the trees constructed from hides bound together with regurgitated dead wood. returning to their home world periodically to pass on any useful genetic material they had acquired following their victories. Such places are shunned and are places of twisted. the Kroot met the Orks once more. Thousands of years ago. but those Kroot who had remained behind to fight the Orks had other ideas. Within the space of a few thousand years. Eventually. known as a Rok. The Kroot now looked to rebuild their worlds as they had been before the Ork incursion. After twenty years of war. black trees and polluted ground. to the time before the coming of the Ork Rok.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 5 of 49 . There are also places that the Kroot avoid. as only a fraction of those who venture within are ever heard from again. but this lime the balance of power had changed. Around the remains of the shattered Ork Rok. There are no cities on Pech. Led by a visionary leader named Anghkor Prok. Here. However. The Dragoons' forward scouts were killed by Kroot Carnivore squads without alerting the following troops. they manifested the ability to mimic certain aspects of technology learned from the DNA of the dead Ork Meks. Pech's prime continent was home to five Kroot hives. several generations later. the Oathstone on the Plain of Bones.are rocky and inhospitable. A number of warspheres remained on Pech to guard against further invasions and the mercenary Kroot departed to ply their trade amongst the stars.

Kroot rifles can deliver a powerful punch. the Kroot have had many hundreds of years to hone their skills in battle.forested defile. stronger and more furious in an assault than an Imperial Guardsman. they are unable to mount sustained campaigns of siege and must rely on more technically adept employers to provide logistical support and heavy equipment. The Kroot are ably equipped to fight in combat.4. though without the resilience. three Kroot kindreds fell upon the unsuspecting Guardsmen. Bigger Kroot guns can only be carried on the backs of the hulking Krootox and these weapons deliver a much more potent hit. armour and faith of a Marine. killing scores in the opening moments of the battle. with supporting fire coming from Kroot guns mounted on the back of the lumbering Krootox. but the Kroot had vanished back into the forests. believed to be gleaned from eating the flesh of Ork Meks rather than a learned one. Vicious Kroot Hounds that spring ahead of the main advance often accompany Kroot into battle. and thus their method of war has remained unchanged for centuries. and their self-sufficiency and skills at foraging enable them to live off the surrounding lands for many years.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 6 of 49 . perhaps even the equal of a member of the Adeptus Astartes. Aside from weapons Codex: Kroot (V. with powerful limbs and long rifles fitted with lethally sharp combat blades. relying a great deal on their viciousness in close combat. human renegades. their understanding of their workings is an innate one. While they are undoubtedly proficient killers. the Imperial forces turned to destroy their attackers. Thus reinforced. Combat Capabilities Having found plentiful employment with the Tau and other alien races. less violent contact has since made with the Kroot. weapons. such as siege weaponry and engineering machinery. Further. only that they are paid. Only the steadfast leadership of Colonel Konstantin Griffin and Commissar Eigerman held the Imperial troops together long enough to fight their way clear of the trap. The Kroot have no deeply held prejudices against alien races and give little or no thought to who they fight. While the Kroot have relatively limited warp-capable ships. the Kroot brain lacks the ability to innovate to any great degree. The Kroot continued to harry the soldiers through the forests until Colonel Griffin was able to link with Space Marines from the Scythes of the Emperor. >>>The Kroot Rifle is a highly effective weapon<<< (Photo by Tracker) Technology Kroot weapons range from primitive black powder rifles to those that have been adapted by the Tau to fire charged pulse rounds that increase their penetrative properties and the kinetic energy delivered by a hit. While they are adept at copying and employing the weaponry they are given. but lack the power to consistently penetrate thick armour. However. but it is not unknown for mercenary forces to be seen fighting alongside Elder. they excel in guerrilla warfare. Kroot fight for the Tau. the dread legions of Chaos and even Orks. Acting in fearsome concert. indeed some mercenary kindreds have been known to fight alongside Imperial forces in return for weapons and food. They are skilful warriors. Kroot guns are the known limit of Kroot battlefield weapon technology.

the Kroot have little in the way of advanced equipment. consisting of extended families and groupings created by mating. until they are strong enough to fend for themselves and begin establishing their own family. they are mercenaries at heart and fight for money or goods that they themselves cannot produce. Family is important to the Kroot and they will fight to protect their kindred. known as Shapers. While outsiders would no doubt consider this practice barbaric. to the pragmatic Kroot it is considered a noble sacrifice that the young and old allow their genetic material and heritage to be saved in this way for future generations. Threat Index and Imperial Policy The Kroot are a primitive race with a low threat index and there is no current Imperial campaign to exterminate them. preferring to rely on handmade implements and a feral world level of technology. Although their warriors are motivated by a strong sense of honour. rising to become the leaders of each kindred. with those Kroot able to direct the feeding of the group to better absorb useful DNA. the old and young are killed and eaten by the kindred in order to facilitate their speedy relocation. >>>Kroot are a species with great Variety<<< (Photo by Mataba) Codex: Kroot (V. although if family groups are forced to rapidly displace due to war. The DNA of the male is merged with that of the female and the resultant infants grow within one of the female's nymune organs until they are ready to be born. Kroot reproduce by the male placing his hands upon a female's back and secreting an oily sweat containing his genetic structure. The Kroot place great respect on those that have gone before them. and Kroot family groupings care for. though only around a quarter of those will survive to adulthood. their young for several years.4. When a Kroot dies. The Kroot do not themselves have any xenocidal tendencies and do not actively seek out other races to kill. on several occasions the services of Kroot mercenaries have been employed by frontier outposts and it should be remembered that such contact with aliens remains a crime and punishable by death. a family collective not unlike a tribe. with most new-borns able to take their place within the kindred before their tenth year. Social Structure The most important social group in Kroot society is the kindred. A Kroot female can give birth to seven or eight infants each year. Seniority within a kindred is one of instinctive recognition.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 7 of 49 . famine or other calamitous events. and ancestor worship is extremely common on the Kroot home worlds. Older Kroot are respected for their accumulated wisdom and the genetic material they have gathered throughout their lives. his immediate family consumes the body and thus precious genetic material is preserved within the kindred. The young Kroot mature at an astonishing rate. In much the same way as indigestible food is disposed of. the energy stored within the mother's nymunes serves to provide the stimulus required for the Kroot young to begin their accelerated growth. However. Once born. the females regurgitate the Kroot infants. their genetic forefathers.

All were declared clean. walked slowly behind the Kindred. Ahphut the Shaper. slammed his barrel blade into another as it leapt over the barricade. and by the time he had the genestealers had retreated from their ‘recruitment mission’. With the constant internal genetic identification and selection. The third ‘stealer’ was on him before he could turn back. Round after round of treasured Tau modified rounds exploded into the genestealers before they broke upon the Kroot line like a giant wave. Ahphut took in the scent of the last of his kindred. the genestealer’s sacrifice would have been worthwhile. Then by reversing the technique used by shapers to identify beneficial genetic traits he destroyed any Tyranid Genetic Taint within himself. Ahphut declared his squad was clean of Taint.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 8 of 49 . though by now. who was tested by the Council of Shapers and in turn tested each of the higher rank Kroot. The Shapers gathered to the Master Shaper. Khi’haw’s pheromones briefly flashed his excitement as he shot a ‘stealer’ in the head at point-blank range and then. the Company was sure to end up with a surfeit of welltrained potential Shapers at the end of the campaign season. He had one or two potential Shapers in his Kindred. >>>A Kindred’s Shaper is responsibly for the genetic future oftheir ZKindred<<< (Photo by Tracker) Codex: Kroot (V. Nothing had caught in his senses. pinning his head against the dirt. spinning to his right.Khi’haw swiftly reloaded his Kroot Rifle and resumed firing on the charging genestealers. The blade on his rifle butt gutted the ‘stealer’ easily. inwardly identifying the foreign meat of the Oviposter he had swallowed. but no Taint. regurgitating it and the ‘egg’ it had laid. He savored and tested the smell of each warrior individually. as did many others in his Kindred. He had seen an entire Kindred culled. each Kroot knew exactly what to do. Against any other foe. a veteran adept at detecting and destroying inward corruption. With a trilling cry. Along the line the Kindred’s Shapers repeated the orders for their squads. Khi’haw exuded humour as he bit down hard and severed the creature’s ovipositor as it reached down his throat. Khi’haw followed the orders precisely. Thankfully today he would not have to witness it again. The Kroot Warrior’s pheromones flashed amusement again as he saw the hundreds of dead ‘stealers’ but hardly any dead Kroot Warriors. their flesh declared anathema and burnt due to the Tyranid Genetic Taint. inwardly fighting the battle against the Tyranids. Khi’haw exuded relief.4. Extricating himself out from under the corpse proved to be harder. Khi’haw’s company gathered and was silent as the Master Shaper whistled his orders. For a minute the entire Kroot force was silent.

2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 9 of 49 . Furthermore. Sisters of Battle. you may not include more Kroot squads than you have Troops choices in your own army. Be warned though.Bequefen IV Expansion Force KROOT MERCENARY SPECIAL RULES There are two ways to use Kroot Mercenaries in your game of Warhammer 40. In games of 2. Kroot Relations & Alliance Division.000+ points. by imitating the whistles of shells passing overhead… Every time my men leapt for cover the Kroot all but fell to the ground laughing!” Has’Aonui. if you field a Mercenary army in 'normal' conditions you will need quite a lot of troops. Tyranids After all compulsory slots have been filled the following units may be added to your army from the Kroot Mercenaries list: 0-1 0-1 0-2 0-1 0-1 HQ choices Elites choices Troops choices Fast Attack choices Heavy Support choices The second way to field Mercenary Kroot is as an army on their own.KROOT MERCENARIES Army List By Andy Hoare GW & KompletelyKroot Compiled by Lachlan Abrahams “You say the Kroot have no sense of humour? On Bequefen IV one particular group kept themselves amused for hours between assaults. in a Standard Missions game you must take an HQ and two Troop choices for your army before filling any Organisation slots with Kroot Mercenaries. Necrons. SCENARIO SPECIAL RULES In missions that use the Sentries scenario special rule. instead of making the above additions. In this example. especially if you plan a headlong charge into Space Marine bolter range! This terrible loss can be alleviated by careful battlefield planning. The following armies may NOT make use of Kroot Mercenaries: Space Marines.4. a second detachment may be chosen from the Kroot Mercenary list. For example. In order to do this you must first have filled all of the compulsory force selection criteria applicable to the mission with your main army. force construction and sticking to cover! Strategy Rating: To represent the fact that Mercenaries fight when and where someone else tells them to. they use the chart to determine Strategy Rating when fighting on their own: D6 roll Strategy Rating 1-3 1 4-5 2 6 3 “I hope you realise that the only way we will ever civilise the Kroot is to feed ourselves to them!” Unknown Tau Water Caste. 8 Kroot warriors with no Evolutionary Adaptations are used as the sentries. you could choose any two Kroot Mercenary Squads. Fire Caste Officer Commanding .000. The first way is to use a number of Kroot squads as auxiliaries to your main force. Tau. Codex: Kroot (V. If you take this you will be rewarded with a highly individual force tailored to your playing and modelling styles in a way few armies can match.

Infiltrate: Unless otherwise noted. KROOT HOUND SPECIAL RULES Attached and Independent Kroot Hounds: Some squads may have Kroot Hounds attached. Kroot in woods or jungles do not have to make a difficult terrain test.4. They count as a single unit and must keep normal coherency. Additionally they may also always move through woods and jungles without the need to test for accidents due to moving through difficult terrain. KNARLOC SPECIAL RULES Native Cavalry: The Knarloc ridden by the Kroot is a fast Kroot Gene-trophic strain. Fieldcraft grants the Kroot +1 to their cover save in woods or jungles. Kroot Hounds move the same distance as their parent Kroot Unit. and therefore do not suffer from the same disadvantages as normal troops when assaulting an enemy in jungle or forest cover. Kroot Forms who are subject to the Animalistic Nature rule will always pursue their enemy. Some Kroot–forms cannot capture table quarters. This ability allows the model to Fleet of Foot. native to the jungles of Pech. In the shooting phase you may declare that a model is going to run instead of shoot. Kroot are naturally arboreal creatures and jungle-fighting experts. Knarlocs are subject to the rules for Beast and Cavalry. Unless otherwise noted. The result is the distance the unit may move in that shooting phase. Kroot Hounds gain the benefit of the adaptations and rules of the parent Kroot unit. they can always make a normal move.000 rulebook for the Infiltrate Universal special rules. they may see and shoot through 12" of woods or jungle terrain rather than the 6” that would normally be the case. for the purpose of mission objectives. A Kroot unit strikes in normal initiative order when assaulting an enemy unit in forest or jungle cover (rather than as per the normal rules of assaulting an enemy in cover). HYPERACTIVE NYMUNE ORGAN ADAPTION Certain kindreds can purchase the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation at an additional points cost. If used independently as a Kroot Hound Pack they are subject to the rules for Beast and Cavalry and they may also always move through woods and jungles without the need to test for accidents due to moving through difficult terrain. Roll a D6. >>>A Shaper with an Eviscerator is a fearsome opponent<<< (Photo by Gaalsien) Codex: Kroot (V. hold objectives or count as surviving troops in a Meat Grinder Battle. If they do not move in the Movement phase.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 10 of 49 .Fieldcraft: Kroot are naturally adept in arboreal environments. This move is unaffected by difficult terrain or any other shooting restrictions. Animalistic Nature: Due to their animalistic nature. See the Warhammer 40. all units in the Kroot list are subject to the Fieldcraft Rules. all units in the Kroot list are able to infiltrate if the mission permits it.

Feral Kroot and the Kroot Abomination do not benefit from these signature adaptations. You may choose a single Signature Evolutionary Adaptation for your Mercenary Kroot army. Bold: By concentrating on hunting prey known for its courageousness. models under the template Are only hit on a D6 roll of 5+ (including flamer hits which do not usually allow partial hits). the squad adds +1 to its Leadership characteristic. up to a maximum of 10. Sixth Sense: These Kroot display an unnerving ability to predict imminent danger. Points cost: +1 per Kroot Ork Hybrid: Often referred to as 'Green Kroot'. Points cost: +1 per Kroot >>>Kroot Conversions can be as detailed as you want them to be!<<< (Photo by Oaka) Codex: Kroot (V. This represents the specific evolutionary path on which the Master Shaper has led his band. Choose one adaptation from the list below. Any Kroot in the army may re-roll shooting to hit rolls of 1. Points cost: +1 per Kroot Fast Reflexes: Many creatures rely on their fast reactions to avoid predators and this band has inherited some of this speed.SIGNATURE EVOLUTIONARY ADAPTATIONS If you are fielding an army consisting entirely of Mercenary Kroot. including models riding on Krootox and Knarlocs. directing them to feed on specific prey in order to gain the characteristics of the creatures native to the warzones in which the band must fight. and can see normally in a Night Fighting Mission. Points cost: +1 per Kroot Chameleon: Having feasted upon the flesh of chameleonic reptiles. the band has gained a limited ability to blend into its surroundings. blast or ordnance blast weapon. All models have +1 Strength on the turn they charge. All models have +1 Initiative. +5 per Shaper (including Shaper Adept & Master Shaper). the mission is subject to the night fighting rules. Strength 8 is needed to Instant Kill models with this adaptation. Kroot Hounds. Points cost: +1 per Kroot Ferocity: Concentrating on predators who use the strength of the charge to overwhelm the foe. then you may purchase a special Evolutionary Adaptation. Points cost: +1 per Kroot Eagle Eyes: Many creatures rely on their eyesight to detect prey over long distances and this Kindred have focused on gaining this ability. If targeted by any template. Additionally if failing a moral check for 25% shooting casualties. they will be pinned rather than falling back. the Kindred has inherited some of this ferocity.4. All models gain +1 to their cover save in all environments and have a 6+ cover save when in the open. Points cost: +2 per Kroot. and apply it to every Kroot in the army. all models increase their Toughness by +1. rather than taking them as mercenaries for another force. Additionally this Kindred will never attack during the day and if they are attackers. Points cost: +2 per Kroot Nocturnal: The band has inherited excellent night vision.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 11 of 49 .

SINGLE-HANDED WEAPONS Close combat weapon Bolt pistol Slugga Splinter pistol Shuriken pistol Plasma pistol* Power weapon WARGEAR Frag grenades Krak grenades Melta bombs Auspex Bionics Extra Armour 1 Point 2 Points 1 Points 1 Point 2 Points 10 Points 14 Points 1 Point 2 Points 6 Points 2 Points 5 Points 5 Points TWO-HANDED WEAPONS Bolter 2 Points Splinter rifle 2 Points Shuriken catapult 2 Points Shoota 2 Points Storm bolter 5 Points Pulse Rifle or Carbine 6 Points Flamer 6 Points Meltagun* 12 Points Plasma gun* 14 Points Eviscerator 25 Points (a powerfist with 2D6 armour penetration) TOTEMS Blood of the Stalker 20 Points Eyes of the Kroothawk 10 Points Kroothawk totem* 25 Points (Max one per army. Sorry I didn’t include you in the decision.KROOT MERCENARY ARMOURY Kroot mercenary armies fight alongside a score of races across a thousand war-zones. what do you think? They put the fear of the Emperor in me. Charges: Misappropriation of Imperial Funds and Materials. and 100 points for the Master Shaper. >>>Kroot provide a conversion opportunities<<< (Photo by Turbo_Mmx) Codex: Kroot (V. As payment for their services these Kroot often obtain weapons not available to them when fighting alongside the Tau.4. Immediate Field Execution by Commissar Trask. You may also pick up to 20 points of extra wargear for a Shaper Adept.” Final Confession of Imperial Guard Col. Shapers and Master Shapers may have up to two single-handed weapons. Items marked with an asterisk (*) may be taken only by a Master Shaper and Shaper Council members. all-Kroot Mercenary armies only) Mark of the Favoured Child* 15 Points (max one per army) Master of the Hunt 5 Points Master Trapper 5 Points Pech Crier 30 Points Specialist hunter 5 points Surefoot charm 10 Points Veneration charm 10 Points “Well Commissar. Garven. I figured the enemy would feel the same way. Those weapons not described in this army list may be found in the Warhammer 40. or one single-handed weapon and one two-handed weapon chosen from the list below. 40 points for each Shaper.000 rulebook. Consorting with Aliens.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 12 of 49 . but we needed extra troops to shore up the southern line.

If enemy infiltrators set up within 4D6 of a model with an auspex. allowing it to keep up a high rate of fire for little effort on behalf of the crew. Bionics amongst the Kroot usually signifies that the Shaper has already given a part of themselves for the betterment of the Race. Amongst the Kroot. In battle. These tips are a smaller version of the warheads used in their own missile pods. KROOT GUN: The Kroot gun is a larger. instead of removing it place it on its side.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 13 of 49 . The bolt thrower is fired by an ingenious handcrank system which drops bolts from the magazine into position and quickly re-draws the bow string. These are a throwback to early traditional Kroot fighting staves. If the model is part of a unit then the whole squad may shoot. there is a chance that an attack will damage a bionic part rather than doing any real harm. Such an honour is rare and highly regarded by all Kroot. then that model is allowed to take a free shot at them (or sound the alarm in a Raid scenario). and counts as a sniper rifle. The Kroot rifle is fitted with blades near the muzzle and stock. KROOT HUNTING RIFLE: This is a variant on the standard Kroot weapon. and therefore cannot be combined with another weapon in close combat. EXTRA ARMOUR: The Kroot Shaper has gathered extra armour to protect them on the battlefield. making them far more dangerous.KROOT MERCENARY WARGEAR WEAPONS KROOT RIFLE: A basic slug-thrower relying on chemical propellants and the transfer of kinetic energy. Codex: Kroot (V. The incredible hand speed that a Kroot possesses due to its unique musculature makes these blades effective assault weapons and Kroot with Kroot rifles accordingly count as having an additional close combat weapon. KROOT BOLT THROWER: The Kroot bolt thrower is a primitive but effective weapon. lashed to the back of the Krootox and fired in battle by the rider. These shots are taken before the game begins. if a model with bionics is killed. The Kroot rifle is a two-handed weapon. and may cause the infiltrators to fall back. The additional close combat attack granted by the spiked attachments is lost. unwieldy version of the Kroot rifle. Instead of the basic sharpened bolts the Tau provide impact fused explosive tips.4. adapted by the Tau to fire a charged pulse round supplied by them. SPLINTER RIFLE: This two handed weapon is fitted with similar spikes to tine Kroot rifle. Like Kroot rifles and guns the Tau have aided their auxiliaries by using Tau technology to improve the weaponry of the Kroot. It confers a 4+ save on the Shaper. The same restrictions regarding the use of additional close combat weapons apply. To represent this. and when used by the Kroot confers an extra attack in close combat. but some individuals are sometimes chosen to sacrifice a piece of themselves for the benefit of the entire company. The normal shooting rules apply. Roll a D6 at the start of the next turn: on a roll of 6 the model is stood back up with 1 wound but on any other roll it is removed as a casualty. WARGEAR AUSPEX: An auspex is a short-ranged scanner used to detect hidden troops. used by the Kroot since long before they encountered the Tau Empire. bionics allow a warrior that has received a crippling injury to return to service but rarely do they improve his abilities in any way. Bionics mean so much more. Injured Kroot are usually consumed by their kindred to retain their genetic benefits. BIONICS: Amongst humans. This armour could be a well-fitted suit or a collection of bits and pieces (such as a Space Marine or Fire Warrior Shoulder Pad).

MASTER OF THE HUNT: The Kroot Shaper is recognised as a Veteran and Master of the Hunt by the Kindred he leads. SUREFOOT CHARM: This charm often takes the form of a wind-chime or cluster of small bells adorning the Shaper's rifle barrel. Codex: Kroot (V. For example. In missions where the Kroot can infiltrate.. A master-crafted weapon follows the normal rules. Kindred’s will flock to this Shaper and follow him to glory! Any unit using the Shapers Leadership for moral or pinning ignores the -1 modifier for being under half strength and may regroup even if below half strength. MASTER TRAPPER: The Kroot Shaper is renowned for his trap setting skills and can easily detect and disarm traps and mines.TOTEMS BLOOD OF THE STALKER: Some kindreds daub themselves with the blood of local predators before battle.4.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 14 of 49 . infiltrators may set-up anywhere outside of 18” from the enemy. You may re-roll the dice to determine who gets the first turn of the game. Additionally when determining the strategy rating against the preferred enemy the Kroot player may re-roll their result once. although unnoticeable to other races. Any minefield or Boobytrapped counter that the Squad moves across is cleared and removed from play. Even booby-traps have no effect on this unit and are removed by the Kroot Shaper. A Kindred lead by a Master of the Hunt will be reassured by his presence and may re-roll failed Morale or Pinning tests that it suffers. This skill may not be taken in conjunction with the Hyperactive Nymune Organ Adaptation. SPECIALIST HUNTER: By consuming one foe for an extended period of time. The Shaper has ‘Preferred Enemy’ against one race: Humans. The sound made by the charm. The character and any squad he joins may roll two dice and pick the highest when rolling to Fleet of Foot using the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation. VENERATION CHARM: Valuable tools and possessions of the kindred's ancestors are often placed in the care of a Shaper. PECH CRYER: Few can sing the battle song of Pech. the Shaper has grown to understand how they think. The unit lead by the Shaper is Fearless. He prays that his ancestors will guide him in their use. The Blood of the Stalker allows the unit to deploy anywhere outside of 12" to 17' from the enemy. allows the Shaper's kindred to follow his lead when stalking the enemy. EYES OF THE KROOTHAWK: The ancestors will sometimes mark a shaper for a great destiny in battle. However. the character and his kindred may deploy D6” closer to the enemy than indicated in the scenario set-up instructions. The squad he is with can clear minefields (see page 134 of the Warhammer 40. picking the highest result to determine the distance moved. A veneration charm must be applied to a specific weapon carried by the character. Note that you may not master-craft grenades. if the Master of the Hunt is slain the unit he leads must pass a Morale check to avoid falling back. depending on the roll. MARK OF THE FAVOURED CHILD: The ancestors have clearly marked this character as bound for great things. KROOTHAWK TOTEM: A fetish used in ancestor worship ceremonies providing foresight and Wisdom. A Master of the Hunt will often carry trophy racks of skulls or other grizzly items to show off their status. This has the effect of augmenting their already prodigious ambush skills. except that you may re-roll one failed To Hit roll per turn for an attack made by the master-crafted weapon. and counts the weapon as master-crafted. in a Recon mission.. Orks or Eldar (including Dark Eldar) and will therefore hit the enemy on a 3+ regardless of the Weapon skills on either side. They can enter a minefield or Booby-trapped counter without being attacked. but those gifted shapers who can are able to exhort their kindred to incredible acts of bravery. The character gains a 4+ invulnerable save. with a gesture of slow applause in the direction of the enemy for their ingenuity.000 rules).

<<<Law spoken by Angkhor Prok at the Oathstone>>> Addendum II: Exiles may return to Pech after such time as they bear beneficial genetic traits to the benefit of the entire Race. Those who partake of forbidden flesh shall have their flesh forsaken and their gathered genetic traits shunned by the Race.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 15 of 49 .4. have a Tau representative/witness present at their execution and their name to be stricken from memory. <<<Elected ‘Masked Law Speaker of the High Master Shaper Council’ at the Oathstone >>> >>>The Kroothawk Totem is the focus of every Kindred’s worship of their ancestors<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V.WEAPON SUMMARY Weapon Kroot rifle Kroot Gun Kroot hunting rifle Kroot Bolt Thrower Explosive Bolt Solid Rockets Blast Rockets Range 24” 48” 36” 36” 36” 24” 24” Strength 4 7 X 4 6 8 4 AP 6 4 6 6 3 6 Type Rapid Fire Rapid Fire Heavy 1 Assault 2 Assault 2 Assault 1 Assault 1 Notes See above Sniper rifle Blast Blast “Our Farseers believe we have few other options… …and their fees are more than reasonable. Those who consume Tau flesh are to be declared exile from Pech. The Exile is to be reported to the Tau. <<<Law spoken by Khowat Khar at the Oathstone>>> Addendum I: As per our alliance with the Tau Confederacy: Tau is forbidden flesh.” Admission of Eldar Scout Lugh’Mur of the Iyanden Craftworld The Master Shaper Council forbids consumption of certain Kroot and Tyranid forms. The Exile’s remains shall be consumed in silence by the race with no bard/song to celebrate any genetic benefit brought to the Race by the Exile.

So great is his leadership that any Kroot units within 12” may re-roll failed leadership rolls. I recommend this Craftworld immediately withdraw its levied Guardians from wasteful active service and replace each individual with a Kroot Mercenary Company!” Declaration of Farseer Morgri’ane to the Farseer council of Brio’Taim Craftworld Codex: Kroot (V.000 rulebook. >>>The Formidable Master Shaper<<< (Photo by Gaalsien) Clan Leader: The Master shaper is the leader of many kindreds and therefore commands the respect and trust of all who fight under his direction. He will often be armed with the most valuable equipment available. Shaper Council: The Master Shaper may lead a Shaper Council. He negotiates contracts with employers.HEADQUARTERS 1 MASTER SHAPER . This allows him to use the Fleet of Foot rules. he may be given a Knarloc to ride at +20 points. and the Shapers often manipulate this in order to boost the energy levels of the warriors.60 Points A Master Shaper rules over a mercenary band. The Master Shaper may be accompanied by up to 2 Kroot Hounds. The Shaper Council does not take up a force organisation slot. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Master Shaper 40 5 3 4 3 3 4 3 10 6+ Kroot Hound +6 4 0 4 3 1 5 2 7 Equipment: Options: Kroot Rifle. This allows him to use the ‘Native Cavalry’ Rules. eager for the hunt. some useful mon-keigh! Expendable troops that can be paid & fed with enemy fallen. bartered or looted from the many warzones his band has served in. leads his warriors in battle and directs their evolutionary development. Independent Character: The Master Shaper is an independent Character and follows all of the independent character special rules as given in the Warhammer 40. Note that any accompanying Kroot Hounds will also be counted as ‘Native Cavalry’ as they lollop alongside their masters. Knarloc Mount: If the Master Shaper has not taken the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation. Evolutionary Adaptations: Hyperactive nymune organ adaptation: The nymune organ regulates the Kroot Metabolism. “At last.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 16 of 49 . The Master Shaper can be given any equipment allowed from the Kroot Armoury.4. The Master Shaper may receive the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation at +5 points.

>>>A Master Shaper and his council discuss tactics<<< (Photo by Reed 7366) Codex: Kroot (V.5 Shapers Kroot Rifle. All squad members must receive the adaptation. coordinating their evolution with the other members of the band to obtain the desired mix of skills and abilities. This allows them to use the ‘Native Cavalry’ Rules (see the Tracker Kindred entry for details). Note that any accompanying Kroot Hounds will also be counted as ‘Native Cavalry’ as they lollop alongside their masters.SHAPER COUNCIL . they may be given Knarlocs to ride at +15 points per Shaper Council member. Each Council member is responsible for a number of kindreds. Evolutionary Adaptations: Note: All Council members must receive the same adaptations. Two Kroot Hounds may be taken for each Shaper. The Kroot Hounds receive this adaptation for free. they have access to a wide range of weapons and equipment. The Council can be a fearsome adversary as. like the Master Shaper. Knarloc Mounts: If the Shaper Council has not taken the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation. Number/Squad: Equipment: Options: The Shaper Council consists of 2 . allowing them to use the Fleet of Foot rules.4. Hyperactive Nymune organ adaptation: The Council Members may receive the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation at +4 points per member. Each member of the Shaper Council can be given any equipment allowed from the Kroot Armoury.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 17 of 49 . Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Shaper 30 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 9 6+ Kroot Hound +6 4 0 4 3 1 5 2 7 You may take a Shaper Council to accompany a Master Shaper. A Shaper Council does not count as a secondary HQ choice as they are taken in conjunction with the Master Shaper.30 Points per Model A Shaper Council sits below the Master Shaper in the chain of command within a mercenary band. eager for the hunt.

Options: Equipment: The Kroot Shaman may be accompanied by up to 2 Kroot Hounds The Kroot Shaman is equipped with a close combat weapon. The Kroot Shaman is both revered and shunned by the Kindreds as they often wield strange and terrifying powers. supplying the information to the Master Shaper to help him plan their future.0–1 KROOT SHAMAN . and may NOT purchase additional equipment from the special equipment list.4.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 18 of 49 . May not Infiltrate: >>>The venerable Shaman is an interesting character on the battlefield<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Shaman Adaptations: The Kroot Shaman automatically receives the ‘Chronicler’ adaptation below free. Independent Character: The Kroot Shaman is an independent Character and follows all of the independent character special rules as given in the Warhammer 40. Codex: Kroot (V. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Kroot Shaman 40 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 9 6+ Kroot Hound +6 4 0 4 3 1 5 2 8 6+ Note: A Shaman may only be taken by a purely Kroot Mercenary Force. The Kroot Shaman is not as young as he used to be and may not infiltrate. Additionally any Shapers accompanying him.000 rulebook. The Shaman may also purchase a second or third adaptation from the list below. the venerable Kroot Shaman is responsible for the mapping of the Kindred’s genealogical history. or units he joins at the beginning of the battle.50 Points A rare sight on the battlefield. may not infiltrate.

The Kroot seem incapable of navigating anywhere other than to systems with habitable worlds. Ignore casualties with 6" for purposes of morale checks as the Kroot Shaman is still alive and on the table. Krootox. removing pain. It would appear they are drawn to functioning eco-systems. act as if he was equipped with an Auspex for the remainder of the battle. the Kroot Shaman may. as well as any Kroot unit within 6” of him. On the turn that the Moment of Destiny is called all Kroot Warriors (Not Kroot Hounds. This may be done at any time. Bio-Sense (+5 Points): Unlike the Tau. If the Psychic test is failed then the ability may not be used in the battle. Bio-Craft (+30 Points): Some shaman’s abilities extend to being ably to psychically manipulate the biosphere around them. the ability to navigate the warp is an instinctive migratory ability. This represents the fact that the gathered genetic traits of each fallen Kroot Warrior and that of their kills will be chronicled by the Kroot Shaman to preserve ad catalogue their benefits to the Race.4. Great Knarlocs and Kroot Abominations) within 2D6” get a +1 Attack bonus for the rest of that turn. Any unit lead by the Kroot Shaman is subject to the rule: Feel No Pain Moment of Destiny (+30 Points): By buying this ability. If the Psychic test is failed then the Moment of Destiny may not be used in the battle. Feral Kroot. call the “Moment of Destiny”. By buying this ability. the Kroot are capable of true warp travel. causing wounds to heal and flesh to reknit.Chronicler (Free): The Kroot Shaman is responsible for recording the deeds and valour of the kindred. the Kroot Shaman may once per battle. at the beginning of the battle. Note the Moment of Destiny may be called in an opposing player’s turn if you wish.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 19 of 49 . Their secret is carefully guarded by a rare circle of Shaman Elders who possess the ability to guide their Kindreds through the warp to systems teeming with life and rich gene harvesting potential. however the exact method of how they do has long been kept secret from their employers. after a successful psychic test. To the Kroot. >>>A Kroot Shaman accompanies a Master Shaper and his Shaper Council<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V. after a successful psychic test.

The Power Blades is a Power Weapon that adds +2 to the Big Game hunter’s strength. the Shapers will go to great length to ensure that their Kindred’s collective DNA is preserved by one individual. If the lone warrior cannot return to Pech. Codex: Kroot (V. Power Blade: Evolutionary Adaptations: Ambush: The Big Game Hunter must set-up using the Lictor's Hidden Set-Up rules from Codex: Tyranids. The Big Game Hunter cannot take any evolutionary upgrades that would normally be associated with a Kroot Army. Veteran: The Big Game Hunter is adept in fighting in all environments and is subject to the universal Stealth rule. Hyperactive Nymune organ adaptation: The Big Game Hunter is considered to have the hyperactive Nymune organ adaptation. WS BS S T W I A LD Save Big Game Hunter 4 4 4 4 2 5 3 10 5+ Invulnerable Note: A Big Game Hunter may only be taken by a purely Kroot Mercenary Force. However he is subject to the rules for Infiltrate and Fieldcraft as per the rest of the Kroot army.0 – 1 BIG GAME HUNTER . Until their death.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 20 of 49 . seeking only death and immortality. University of T’au<<< When a Kindred is threatened with destruction. This allows him to use the Fleet of Foot rules. Squad: Equipment: Fearless: The Big Game Hunter fights alone and will never join another unit. they will instead seek out the closest Kindred and attach themselves to it. these survivors are legendary figure amongst the Kroot. Known in bard/song as the ‘Big Game Hunter’. charged with the final task of brining his Kindred’s DNA back to the Race and ensure their immortality. Kroot Hunting Rifle with Power Blade The Big Game Hunter will never fall back and automatically pass any moral tests (even against attacks which normally force their target to fall back without any tests). The chosen survivor is often an exceptional individual.4. The ‘Big Game Hunter’ is often the lone survivor of their kindred” >>>Kho’Jansui – Water Caste Lecturer in Alien Relations. Equipped with the best of his dead kindred the Big Game hunter wields the power blade attached to his Kroot Hunting Rifle with two hands – cutting swathes through the enemy in wide swings. their body is covered in sacred oaths written in the dried blood of his kindred and is honoured by his adopted company who swear to consume him upon his demise. Enhanced Senses: Not of this Kindred: The Big Game Hunter is considered to be equipped with an auspex. A battle pilgrim. the Big Game Hunter will fight in bloody remembrance of his Kindred.60 Points “The ‘Big Game Hunter’ is a tragic figure amongst the Kroot. The Big Game hunter cannot be Pinned.

As one. One by one.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 21 of 49 . across several craters. His thumb dropped into Uyetque’s meat sack. they were heavily muscled and green hued. Master Shaper Gihurrd quickly severed his second thumb and packed mud over the wound. He waved his most canny warrior Uyetque over to him. There was no fear pheromone in the air. Master Shaper Gihurrd gripped his Kroot rifle uncomfortably. Master Shaper Gihurrd shook his head… should have joined the Orks. but their hunter’s instincts and reflexes had not been dulled by their massive consumption of Ork flesh. Here and there warriors quietly joked about the difference between Ork shells and Imperial shells. Uyetque nodded to his master shaper as he gathered up his meat sack and began to creep from warrior to warrior.The making of a Big Game Hunter: Shell after shell rained down upon ‘no mans land’ and the Kroot huddled against the walls of the craters. He took a moment to remember the names of his warriors around him as he prepared to lead the final charge. He bent down. This swampy world was home to many amphibians with fast reflexes and hunter’s instincts. Silence fell abruptly as the artillery barrage ceased. Uyetque carried their combined contribution to the Race and every second the Kindred could give him meant a chance their DNA would return home. Uyetque scuttled like a crab to avoid enemy fire. He knew Uyetque would be doing the same. He looked at the survivors of his company with pride.4. scooped a handful of swampy water into his beak and looked around at the survivors of his once proud company. mud and blood making the stock slippery. each warrior in the force sacrificed a small piece of flesh to Uyetque’s meat-sack. All these benefits to the Race lost. before opening his meat sack and dumping the remains of a lizard at the Master Shaper’s toe-claws. >>>A heavily converted model like this can make a perfect Big Game Hunter<<< (Photo by Legio Nocturnus) Codex: Kroot (V. He had arrived on this swampy world with over two thousand warriors eager to fight with the Imperials against their Ork foes. He gave a shrill whistle and drew his blade. Master Shaper Gihurrd shivered at the silence. the Kroot company followed his actions alertly. Each warrior knew his duty. Unless… Master Shaper Gihurrd smoothed the mud on his hands. for he was responsible for the kindred’s bard/song when he returned to Pech. realising that it meant that either side would charge now.

The kindred has concentrated on hunting forest dwellers. If the deepstrike scatters outside of the terrain.4. they have become amongst the most deadly of ambush specialists to be found in any warzone.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 22 of 49 . but rather sets up just outside the terrain. and gained an expertise in wooded environments far in excess of their already prodigious fieldcraft. They are capable of spitting a highly corrosive acid at close range. but instead deepstrikes into any piece of terrain on the battlefield. Armour Options: Ambush: Acid Venom: >>>Made from Lizardman and Kroot Sprues. Some Shapers carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose additional equipment from the armoury.ELITES STALKER KINDRED . Kroot Rifle One Kroot must be upgraded to a Shaper / or a Shaper Adept at an additional cost. Some few Stalker Kindreds have even further specialised their capabilities by their predecessors feeding upon the most poisonous creatures they could hunt. The squad can infiltrate as normal Kroot squads or alternatively may Ambush – If ambushing the squad does not deploy with the rest of the army. By matching their skills against these creatures and eating the kills. Having fed upon the most poisonous of creatures. Stalkers add great variety to a Kroot force<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V. the squad must be set up as close to a terrain piece as possible.11 Points per Model The Stalker kindreds have sought out the stealthiest of predators living within the depths of the galaxy’s jungle death worlds. The squad is not destroyed if he lands in impassable terrain. all hits in hand to hand combat will wound on a 4+ regardless of the targets toughness. If the squad contains a Shaper or Shaper Adept its members may be upgraded to have a 6+ armour save for +1 points per model. burning the exposed flesh of their foes and causing horrific injuries. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Stalker Kroot 11 4 3 4 3 1 3 1 7 Shaper Adept +11 4 3 4 3 2 3 2 8 6+ Shaper +21 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 8 6+ Kroot Hound 6 4 0 4 3 1 5 2 7 Number/Squad: Equipment: Character: The Kindred numbers 5-20 Kroot. and coating their hand to hand weapons with their spital.

KROOT HUNTER KINDRED .2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 23 of 49 . Some Shapers carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose additional equipment from the armoury. a variant of the standard Kroot rifle adapted to fire longer range and more precise ammunition. If the squad contains a Shaper or Shaper Adept its members may be upgraded to have a 6+ armour save for +1 points per model. These weapons are often fielded by small squads who can provide covering fire for their fellow Kroot as they advance across the battlefield. Armour Options: >>>Hunters can be converted from a vast range of 40K sprues<<< (Photo by Turbo_Mmx) >>>A simple way to identify your Hunters is to convert them lying down<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V. One Kroot must be upgraded to a Shaper / or a Shaper Adept at an additional cost. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Kroot 9 4 3 4 3 1 3 1 7 Shaper Adept +11 4 3 4 3 2 3 2 8 6+ Shaper +21 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 8 6+ Number/Squad: Equipment: Character: The Kindred numbers 5-10 Kroot Hunters Kroot Hunting Rifle.4.9 Points per Model Some bands have access to the Kroot hunting rifle.

Animalistic Nature: The Feral Kroot Kindred is subject to the Animalistic Nature Rule. It is hypothesised that these creatures are either an evolutionary regression. The Kroot themselves refuse to comment. or else some strange Dark Eldar or Tyranid mutation. more bestial and primitive than normal Kroot and almost completely incapable of higher reasoning. Number/Squad: Equipment: The Feral Kroot kindred consists of 5-10 Feral Kroot Feral Kroot are equipped with claws and beaks Hyperactive Nymune Organ Adaptation: The Feral Kroot unit is subject to the Hyperactive Nymune Organ upgrade and can Fleet of Foot.4. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Feral Kroot 15 4 5 4 2 3 2 7 Note: A Feral Kroot Kindred may only be taken by a purely Kroot Mercenary Force.0 – 1 FERAL KROOT KINDRED – 15 Points per model Recent Battlefield observations have uncovered that the Kroot Hound and Krootox Kroot forms are not be the only ‘dead-end’ evolutionary paths utilized by the Kroot.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 24 of 49 . This slightly unstable mutant strain lacks the intelligence of normal Kroot. These creatures make superb hunters and are often held in retainer by Kroot Shapers to harness their unique abilities. Sometimes known as ‘HeadHunters’ Feral Kroot are far stronger. >>>Feral Kroot are simple conversions that deliver striking results<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) “These primitive savages insult the Emperor by their very existence. their higher functions being replaced by the frenzied. savage instinct to slay and decorate themselves with the blood of the foe.” Arch Bishop Turberge Codex: Kroot (V.

4. Options: Each Carnivore Kindred in the Force may take one Upgrade from the following list.TROOPS 1+ KROOT CARNIVIORE KINDRED . Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Kroot 7 4 3 4 3 1 3 1 7 Shaper Adept +11 4 3 4 3 2 3 2 8 6+ Shaper +21 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 8 6+ Number/Squad: The Kindred numbers 10-20 Kroot Kroot Rifle One Kroot must be upgraded to a Shaper / or a Shaper Adept at an additional cost. their handlers must take great care when handling them. the bulk of the Kroot forces<<< (Photo by Tracker) Equipment: Character: Armour Options: KROOT CARNIVIORE KINDRED UPGRADES It has been noted by many observers of Kroot Kindreds that some will fight with a contingent of Kroot Hounds. Equipment: Beaks and Claws. Kroot Hound Upgrade . Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Kroot Hound 6 4 0 4 3 1 5 2 7 Upgrade: A Kroot Carnivore Kindred can take 1-8 Kroot Hounds as a unit upgrade. Some Shapers carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose additional equipment from the armoury. If the squad contains a Shaper or Shaper Adept its members may be upgraded to have a 6+ >>>The Kroot Carnivore Kindred make up armour save for +1 points per model. Krootox or other evolutionary variations.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 25 of 49 . Evolutionary Adaptation: Kroot hounds are not affected by evolutionary upgrades Animalistic Nature: If no more kroot warriors remain in the Kindred then the remaining Kroot Hounds are subject to the Animalistic Nature Rule and the rules for Beasts and Cavalry.6 Points per Model The Kroot hound is a vicious evolutionary variation of the Kroot and though they often accompany the Kroot into battle. Codex: Kroot (V. They are flexible in battle and their Shapers are always on the lookout for fresh foe whose special abilities they can inherit.7 Points per Model The Carnivore Kindred represents the core of the Kroot Mercenary band.

Only one Carnivore Kindred may be upgraded in this way due to a scarcity of looted missiles! A Rocket Team consists of a Knarloc with Rockets mounted on its back for mobility & a Kroot gunner on the same base. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Krootox 35 4 3 6 3 3 3 3 7 Upgrade: A Kroot Carnivore Kindred can take 1-3 Krootox as a unit upgrade Equipment: Krootox riders are armed with a Kroot Gun. but still retains a strong sense of kinship with the Kroot. The worrying trend of Kroot Mercenaries using stolen explosive technology on the battlefield has been raised by Imperial armoured columns. The Krootox is a gentle herbivore. mounted on the backs of Knarlocs. have raised an enormous amount of concern in some Imperial circles.4.40 Points per Model Recent battlefield sightings of heavy rockets. 0-1 Mounted Rocket Upgrade .35 Points per Model The Kroot have a special relationship with the Krootox.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 26 of 49 . The model is treated as a single figure. May Not Infiltrate: The Mounted Rocket Teams & their parent Carnivore Kindred may not infiltrate. Ordo Xenos agents have reported that the phenomenon is possibly due to overuse of Kroot Mercenaries by errant Imperial commanders to combat increasing Ork incursions. May not Infiltrate: The Krootox & their parent Carnivore Kindred may not infiltrate. which once all but ignored the primitive Kroot. and Krootox are often included into Kroot families. Equipment: Each Rocket Team is equipped with Solid and Blast Rockets. Mounted Rocket Knarlocs: Knarlocs with mounted Rockets move as normal infantry. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Rocket Team 40 4 3 4 3 1 3 1 7 Upgrade: A Kroot Carnivore Kindred can take 1 to 3 Rocket Teams as a unit upgrade. Evolutionary Adaptation: Must have the same evolutionary adaptation as the parent Carnivore Kindred. they’re not complex and look great<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V. >>>The Mounted Rocket Kindred is a great conversion.Krootox Upgrade .

bats. and that’s all that mattered. On a roll of 4-6 the Kroot have hit the enemy. Kideb ignored the shrill complaints of his kindred and approached the gentle beast with a crooning song. etc puts this theory in doubt. WS BS S T W I A LD Save Creatures 2 0 3 3 3 4 3 5 n/a Note: Kroot Swarms may only be taken by a purely Kroot Mercenary Force. Some believe that just as Kroot have a special relationship with their Krootox and Knarlocs why couldn’t they also have this relationship with smaller animals. the vast variety of non-kroot form animals found fleeing from the battle field such as ripperjacks. ‘Fern Browser’ was doing her best to ignore the shaper. Additionally the Kroot Swarms will not assault vehicles. Instead they use the environment around them to combat the enemy. knowing they do not have the technology to stand up to ‘more advanced armies’.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 27 of 49 . For each hit roll 1D6. Gently he took her harness and drew her head up from the ferns. and fear! The Kroot swarms are subject to the Swarm rules.Kideb clucked his tongue on the inside of his beak to get the Knarlocs moving again. teeth. He’d be hunting soon. as they are too big and scary for the panicking beasts. Kideb patted ‘Fern Browser’ affectionately as she started moving towards the battlefield again.4. Then he patted one of the bundles of rockets she carried with as much affection as he’d shown the Knarloc. sometimes using swarms of creatures that are ‘beaten out of the bushes’ towards the enemy. Any member of the Kroot Force may fire on enemy forces engaged in hand to hand with creatures but suffer a –1 to hit due to the swirling melee on combat. Codex: Kroot (V. lizards. and lived up to her name by continuing to eat. Number/Squad: Equipment: Swarms: Animals: The Swarm numbers 3-10 Swarm Bases Claws. A Kroot Swarm is subject to the Animalistic Nature rules. The rest of his Kindred’s complaints fell silent as the song worked its charm on the Knarloc. ‘Beaten out of the bushes’: The Kroot Swarm must be set up within 6” of a Kroot Carnivore Kindred at the beginning of the game. rats. 0 – 1 KROOT SWARMS 10 Points per base Kroot take great care in preparation of their battles that they fight. However. on a roll or 1-3 the Kroot have hit one of the swarms by mistake.

for example. In this case the Goads and the Great Knarloc will be forced to fight to defend themselves. Number/Squad: Equipment: May not Infiltrate: Signature Evolutionary Adaptations: The Great Knarloc is not affected by Signature Evolutionary Adaptations. These domesticated creatures are kept chained and muzzled for safety. A single Baggage Knarloc and 1-2 Kroot Goads are a Troop choice for a Tau army or any other army allowed to use a Kroot Mercenary force. Hyperactive Nymune Organ: The Great Knarloc and its all its Goads are all affected by the Hyperactive Nymune Organ adaptation. The army may only include a Baggage Knarloc if it also includes at least one Kroot Carnivore Squad. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Baggage Knarloc 25 4 0 5 5 5 2 2 7 6+ Kroot Goads +7 4 3 4 3 1 3 1 7 Troop Support: 1-3 Baggage Knarlocs and Goads are a single Troop choice for a Kroot Mercenary Army.0 – 1 KROOT BAGGAGE HERD Great Knarlocs are commonly used by Kroot forces as baggage animals. Ambushed!: If a Kroot Mercenary army is ambushed they may add one baggage herd (of 13 baggage Knarlocs and accompanying goads) to their force for free. Hits on the Squad: The Great Knarloc is far larger than its goads and is more likely to be hit by incoming fire. This means that the entire unit counts as ‘Fleet of Foot’. Due to their nature and size. The Goads must take the same Adaptation as the rest of the army. 1-2 the shot hits the Kroot Goads. A Kroot Baggage herd consists of 1-3 Baggage Great Knarlocs.4. if a Kroot column is caught in an ambush. The Goads are armed with a Kroot Rifle and a Goad-stick (used for prodding the Great Knarloc in the right direction). Each Baggage Great Knarloc must be accompanied by 1-2 Kroot Goads. 3-6 Hits the Great Knarloc. If all the Goads are killed then the Great Knarloc is counted as being subject to the Animalistic Nature rule. Great Knarlocs may not infiltrate. to carry heavy equipment and supplies whilst on campaign. Occasionally a baggage column might be caught up in a battle. Codex: Kroot (V. but they are not expected to fight in combat.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 28 of 49 . Randomise any hits on the squad by rolling a D6. The Baggage Great Knarloc is armed with claws (its fearsome beak having been muzzled).

body size and light weight skeletal structure. concentrated at the rear of the head but also situated all over the body. this is due to its well developed hinge-like ankles. solitary predator. (needed to see prey). It is an evolutionary strain that developed into a large. provide superb sensory information to the creatures small brain. The Great Knarloc seems to be the same. well developed and dexterous. hunting on occasion. weak forearms (needed for holding live prey). they prefer fresh meat. picking fruit or digging. dexterous claws to seek out insects or even dig for grubs.4. except that its morphology has other advantages. aided by long. making them unpredictable. All these morphologically features point to a creature which is at home scavenging as well as hunting by a variety of methods. most commonly as a beast of burden. The creatures ‘hands’ are large. They remain dull witted creatures and show none of the higher psychological traits of a Kroot Hound or Krootox . a trait still retained by some of the great Knarloc’s smaller relatives. Its effectiveness in this niche would seem to be limited by many factors. Codex: Kroot (V. It may have difficulty seeing a prey but a Great Knarloc can efficiently track by scent and sound over long distances. The Great Knarloc’s natural characteristics make it useful to the Kroot in several ways. intelligence or sociability. Its muscular legs are built for travelling long distance and sustaining a good constant speed. huge legs resulting in relatively slow running speed (needed for pursuit). helping it to spring suddenly from hiding onto an unwary prey. talon-like claws. an evolutionary dead end. Either lurking in dense undergrowth to suddenly ambush passing prey or using its sensory organs to detect a prey at long distance. It is also adept at foraging amongst the jungle growth for fruit or using its long. Whilst the Great Knarloc is omnivorous it has evolved to hunt by one of two means. as well as gaining a good grip on captured prey. aided by its well developed Nymune organ. like the Krootox and Kroot Hound. suddenly exploding into extreme violence should a suitable quarry be encountered.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 29 of 49 . Being a solitary creature they have not benefited (in evolutionary terms) from the presence of other creatures and have not developed a pack hunters cunning. The only draw back is the beast’s sudden bouts of extreme aggression. Large enough to carry heavy loads with great stamina over long distances but lacking intelligence. foraging for foodstuff and scavenging. making them useful for foraging. they are easily led once domesticated. It is not capable of maintaining a top speed over long distances. thin. Like the Krootox the Great Knarloc does not seem predisposed to violence unless hunting. It may be that a Great Knarloc spends most of its time alone underneath the jungle canopy. threatened or goaded. It is noted that Great Knarlocs in domestic service are always kept muzzled and chained.XENOS . but at other times happy scavenging carcasses. It can then utilise its stamina to remorselessly pursue its victim until exhaustion. It is capable of standing on its toes in the manner of many fast running creatures. The Great Knarloc seems to be. by its small eyes. Whilst all carnivores are happy to eat dead flesh. The creature’s lower leg and claw structure mean the creature is capable of brief burst of sudden speed. Given these drawbacks it seems the Great Knarloc is lucky to have survived at all. Whilst lacking any olfactory lobes the beasts long tendrils.BIOLOGIS REPORT Author: Xenos Genetor Adept Grenchov Field Study: 7341a Unknown Xeno-Type XB-432-01270 Classification: Type III Predator [[Avian Genis]] Homeworld: Pech Studies reveal the jungle world of Pech is home to many creatures related to the native Kroot.

4.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 30 of 49 . Beasts: Kroot hounds are subject to the Beasts and Cavalry Rules. Beaks and Claws. Additionally they may also always move through woods and jungles without the need to test for accidents due to moving through difficult terrain.FAST ATTACK KROOT HOUND PACK . Animalistic Nature: The Kroot Hound Pack is subject to the Animalistic Nature Rule. controlled by the ultrasonic whistles of their masters. the wild creatures are unleashed upon the foe. These are often fielded as fast moving packs. >>>Kroot Hound Packs are a fantastic shock unit in a Kroot Army<<< (Photo by Tracker) Codex: Kroot (V.6 Points per Model Some Kindreds have access to a larger proportion of Kroot Hounds than others. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Kroot Hound 6 4 0 4 3 1 5 2 7 Number/Squad: Equipment: The Pack numbers 10-20 Kroot Hounds.

One Kroot must be upgraded to a Shaper / or a Shaper Adept at an additional cost.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 31 of 49 . Trackers are subject to the Beasts and Cavalry Rules. All Trackers in the army are subject to the Universal Scout rule. Each model counts as being equipped with an auspex. Each Kroot Tracker is armed with a Kroot Hunting Rifle. where they can harass the enemy with their ranged weaponry or charge an exposed flank or vehicle should the opportunity present itself. Additionally they may also always move through woods and jungles without the need to test for accidents due to moving through difficult terrain. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Kroot Tracker 17 4 3 4 3 1 3 1 7 Shaper Adept +11 4 3 4 3 2 3 2 8 6+ Shaper +21 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 8 6+ Number/Squad: Equipment: The Kindred numbers 5-10 Kroot Trackers mounted on Knarlocs. Some Shapers carry weaponry gifted by their employers and may choose additional equipment from the armoury. The Trackers are expert at hunting their targets in the dense jungle undergrowth. Alternatively all models may exchange their Kroot Hunting Rifle for a regular Kroot Rifle. The entire squad may also be equipped with Melta Bombs for +5 points per Kroot Tracker.17 Points per Model Trackers are most frequently used as mounted scouts. but also play a light cavalry role on the battlefield. Character: Armour Options: Cavalry: Native Trackers: Scouts: >>>Note the placement of tankbusta/melta bombs on their saddles<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V. If the squad contains a Shaper or Shaper Adept its members may be upgraded to have a 6+ armour save for +1 points per model.TRACKER KINDRED .4.

They refused Sir.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 32 of 49 .” “Did you offer them the supplies? The ordinance? The Ogryn?” “Yes Sir.” “…” “Sir?” “…Tell them yes.” “Sir!?” “Yes! Tell them Yes by the Emperor!! Without the Kroot Mercenaries. Sir.“What do you mean they won’t fight?” “Sir.” “Did you tell them they could police the field for our dead if we won?” “I did Sir and they came back with a counter offer. Sir. they repeat they have nothing to gain by fighting the metal men. They want rights to our wounded as well. none of us will survive tomorrow!” Intercepted Transmission – Imperial Planetary Defence – Location Classified >>>To eat or not to eat – that is the question<<< (Photo by Gaalsien) Codex: Kroot (V.4.

puncture pipes until fluid pours out or jam a metal spike into a gun barrel? Note: ‘Gremlins’ may only be taken by a purely Kroot Mercenary Force. They may be primitive but how much technical expertise does it take to cut wires. If it is a vehicle it must roll on the glancing hits table. The squad may be upgraded to have a 6+ armour save for +1 points per model. Krootox riders are armed with a Kroot Gun. their position trapped or their backpacks filled with giant leeches! KROOTOX HERD . Due to their nature and size. Long underestimated as ‘too primitive’ the Kroot ability to sabotage has taken many commanders by surprise. Krootox may not infiltrate. On a 1-3 the Kroot saboteur was discovered before the battle and killed and the unit is unaffected.1‘GREMLINS’ . Roll 1D6 for the unit affected by the ‘Gremlin’ attack. On a 4-6 the ‘Gremlin’ is effective. They are also brutal close combat opponents who most enemy troops will avoid at all costs.20 Points each The Kroot have long been the masters of Jungle Warfare and have quickly adapted to the modern battlefield. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Krootox 35 4 3 6 3 3 3 3 7 Number/Squad: Equipment: Armour Options: The Kindred numbers 3-10 Krootox. Heavy Support: Rules: 1-5 ‘Gremlins’ may be chosen as a single heavy choice After deployment. but before the first turn the Kroot player may nominate an enemy unit for each ‘Gremlin’ choice they have bought.35 Points per Model Krootox Herders lead their charges into battle. If it is an infantry unit it starts the game pinned as they find their guns not working.HEAVY SUPPORT 0 .2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 33 of 49 . laying down a devastating volley of fire from the Kroot guns mounted on the Krootox’s back.4. May not Infiltrate: >>>A line of Krootox advancing will make most units think twice<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V.

All attacks by the Abomination count as Rending. Regenerate: Many Abominations have displayed the disturbing ability to regenerate damage inflicted against it during combat. eager for monstrous support. though this ability is often unstable. The Kroot Handlers must be given Signature Evolutionary Adaptations as per the entire Kroot Mercenary Force. terrible strength and strange mutations. Hyperactive Nymune Organ Adaptation: The Kroot Abomination may purchase the Hyperactive Nymune Organ upgrade for +5 points. the handlers must also purchase the upgrade at +2 points per handler. These slavering. Master Shapers who are able to show off a captured unique monstrosity often gain higher status and accordingly higher pay. Animalistic Nature: The Kroot Abomination is subject to the Animalistic Nature Rule (even if all of its handlers are alive!) May not Infiltrate: Rending Claws: Due to its nature and size. It is hypothesised that these recent Abominations have inherited this ability from consumed Tyranid bio-forms (which is also a good way to get rid of the tainted meat). >>>The Kroot Abomination is an exciting addition to a Kroot Army<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V. Signature Evolutionary Upgrades: The Kroot Abomination may not benefit from any Signature Evolutionary Adaptations used by the rest of the Kroot Mercenaries.4.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 34 of 49 . mindless Abominations are feared throughout the universe for their feral visage.0 – 1 KROOT ABOMINATION Some Master Shapers. have captured an Abomination which lurk in the deepest darkest jungles of Pech and other Deathworlds. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Kroot Abomination 50 4 0 5 4 3 3 4 7 6+ Kroot Handler +7 4 3 4 3 1 3 1 7 Note: A Kroot Abomination may only be taken by a purely Kroot Mercenary Force. To represent this regeneration ability the Abomination is subject to the Feels No Pain universal rule. The Kroot Handlers are each armed with Kroot Rifles. the Kroot Abomination and its handlers may not infiltrate. Number/Squad: The Kroot Abomination consists of 1 Kroot Abomination and 1-3 Kroot Handlers Equipment: The Kroot Abomination is equipped with Razor Sharp Claws and Beaks.

enraging it by the use of goad sticks and excreted chemicals. This means that the entire unit counts as ‘Fleet of Foot’. There is no subtly to this tactic. May not Infiltrate: Rending Beak: Due to their nature and size. The Goads and Shaper are armed with a Kroot Rifle and a Goad-stick (used for prodding the Great Knarloc in the right direction). 4-6 Hits the Great Knarloc.GREAT KNARLOC HERD The most common use of the Great Knarloc on the battlefield is for its keepers to goad the creature into aggression. However some Great Knarlocs are able to be trained to be ridden. Hyperactive Nymune Organ: The Great Knarloc and its all its Goads are all affected by the Hyperactive Nymune Organ adaptation.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 35 of 49 . Codex: Kroot (V. Number/Squad: >>>A Great Knarloc in action<<< (Photo by Tracker) Equipment: The Great Knarloc is armed with a large. All close combat attacks by Great Knarlocs count as Rending. If all the Goads are killed then the Great Knarloc is counted as being subject to the Animalistic Nature rule. On the backs of these war-knarlocs are mounted hand-cranked bolt throwers. Signature Evolutionary Adaptations: The Great Knarloc is not affected by Signature Evolutionary Adaptations. Randomise any hits on the squad by rolling a D6. the bolts often augmented by tau explosives. sharp beak and claws. 1-3 the shot hits the Kroot goads. The Great Knarloc has a powerful beak. The Goads and Shaper must take the same Adaptation as the rest of the army. Great Knarlocs may not infiltrate. Points/Model WS BS S T W I A LD Save Great Knarloc 60 4 0 6 5 5 3 3 7 6+ Kroot Goads +7 4 3 4 3 1 3 1 7 Heavy Support: 1-3 Great Knarlocs and Goads are a single Heavy Support choice for a Kroot Mercenary Army. Each Great Knarloc must be accompanied by 4-8 Kroot Goads. A single Great Knarloc and 4-8 Kroot Goads are a Heavy Support choice for a Tau army or any other army allowed to use a Kroot Mercenary force. Hits on the Squad: The Great Knarloc is far larger than its goads and is more likely to be hit by incoming fire.4. capable of crushing through armour and bone. The army may only include a Great Knarloc if it also includes at least one Kroot Carnivore Squad. Once angered the beast is goaded towards the enemy. once angered the beast will attack anything that comes into range of its claws or sharp beak.

The Weapon Mount Knarloc cannot take any goads as each Weapon Mount Knarloc has two Kroot riders instead. used by the Kroot since long before they encountered the Tau Empire. The bolt thrower is fired by an ingenious hand-crank system which drops bolts from the magazine into position and quickly re-draws the bow string. Upgrade: One Great Knarloc Herd in the force may be upgraded as Weapon Mount Knarlocs.4. which are easier to train. able to provide heavy weapons fire. Instead of the basic sharpened bolts the Tau provide impact fused explosive tips. are trained to carry riders and used to mount weapons. allowing it to keep up a high rate of fire for little effort on behalf of the crew. using the Great Knarloc natural predatory instincts in close combat. much like the more common Krootox. >>>A Great Knarloc with Bolt thrower is a powerful unit on the battlefield<<< (Photo by Mr Evil) Codex: Kroot (V. sharp beak and claws. These weapon mounts are not as common as the herded beasts or those used to carry heavy loads.0 – 1 REAT KNARLOC HERD UPGRADE Some Great Knarlocs. A Kroot bolt thrower. They make effect assault troops supporting the Carnivore squads. The Weapon Mount Great Knarloc is armed with a large.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 36 of 49 . or the bolt thrower can be upgraded to a Kroot gun for + 15 pts (May be twin linked at +10 points). All Great Knarlocs must be upgraded at +20 each. once captured. The Kroot bolt thrower is a primitive but effective weapon. or quickly advance and join an assault. Equipment: Weapon Options: The bolt thrower can be loaded with explosive bolts at +15 pts. making them far more dangerous. The 2 riders are armed with Kroot rifles. These tips are a smaller version of the warheads used in their own missile pods. These riders cannot be targeted separately and the herd is no longer subject to the Hits on the Squad rule. Like Kroot rifles and guns the Tau have aided their auxiliaries by using Tau technology to improve the weaponry of the Kroot.

Stalker Kindred Conversion Notes: The Stalkers are easy to make – and they don’t look like lizard men at all: Ingredients: Lizardman Body and arms. 3. a thunder hammer – all of these were clearly not just power weapons and were easily identified by my opponents as eviserators. add Kroot feet. as if they ate a Tau and had to leave Pech in a hurry (mmm I wonder what Tau tastes like?). 4. I converted my Shaper Council. 3. Fit on a plastic Kroot head. and you may need to trim one of the lower quills off. eat anything. but there’s no reason why you couldn’t throw in some of the more basic Eldar equipment as well (a Master Shaper with a string of Waystones around his neck would be pretty infuriating!!). 3.Kroot Conversion Notes: Kroot Mercenaries have that ‘go anywhere. 5. Never underestimate the psychological power of your figures! Remember Kroot are all about the hunt… All of your opponents are your menu . At least it gives the rest of your force the chance to move forward unmolested into assault range!! And there you have it – Bon Appetite! Shaman Conversion Notes: The Kroot Shaman can be a bit tricky. and carefully cut off the lower quills. but is fun for those familiar with greenstuff: Ingredients: Dark Emissary Body. You may have to cut the quills off both heads and use a bit of green stuff to generate the right effect. My Master Shaper has a Deathwatch Marines Shoulder Pad (which I know infuriates Space Marine players into making irrational mistakes!). Alternately use some Fire Warrior shoulder pads to represent extra armour (tell your Tau opponent that you’d rather not discuss how they got them… hehehe). 1. Repeat for the rest of the unit! Feral Kroot Conversion Notes: The Feral Kroot Conversion is really simple.4. Kroot arms with weapons. Fit on a plastic Kroot head. 1. Codex: Kroot (V. 2. a Kroot Rifle etc and you’ll have one mean looking Master Shaper. 2. Trim the collar off the Dark Emissary and then add the massive quilled head. Additionally if you are searching for a unique Master Shaper. round infantry base. leave the bracelet on as it hides the join. All my shapers also have a mix of Tau. Imperial and Ork equipment. Kroot head. Chop off the protruding foot and replace with a suitable Kroot foot. If you’re having trouble modelling your eviserators – do what I did = Improvise! A Pit-Slaves Saw. try putting a Kroot Head on Gorthor the Beastman Shaman’s body. giving some of them an outcast look. Cut off the Lizardman hands. a double headed power axe. Add a few Kroot daggers and pouches to cover up anything too fantasy for your liking. and delivers striking results: Ingredients: Strigoi Vampire body. 4. Ta Da. Get a Lizardman body and mount it on a round base. Two plastic Kroot Heads and one plastic Kroot foot.remind your opponent of this! (It’s just a pity there’s nothing to eat on the Necrons…) When converting Eviscerators for your Shapers use the large Ork Chainswords (Tell your Ork opponent how they were taken from their Orks!). Kroot head 1. Cut off the head quills of one of the Kroot heads and add it to the other head. and keep whatever’s practical’ feel about them – so use it to your advantage. 2.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 37 of 49 . Get a Strigoi Vampire body and mount it on a round base (small – these are not Cavalry Models!). Cut the hand and weapons off the Kroot arms and attach to the Lizardman arms.

You might like to take some greenstuff to Scylla to take off the more chaos looking afflictions.Kroot Abomination Conversion Notes: The Kroot Abomination Conversion is one of the simplest conversions in the army: Ingredients: Scylla Spawn of Chaos. Medium Round Base. 1. and then… No.4. Assemble the Body of Scylla Spawn of Chaos. 3. but if painted right they look like barnacles! >>>The Second Generation Abomination was a vast improvement – and much easier to make!<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) >>>The first Abomination was known as the “Chicken of Death”!!<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) Codex: Kroot (V. Add the Blood Dragon Nightmares Head. 2. I think that’s it! Note: Don’t forget to model the Abomination’s Kroot Handlers as well! Perhaps make their rifles look a little more like goads. Blood Dragon Nightmares Head.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 38 of 49 .

I ground down the back of the Krootox’s head and made a string ‘collar’ for all my Knarlocs. >>>A back view of how the rocket harness works<<< (Photo by Uber Kroot) “Tau – the other blue meat!” Attributed to a Renegade Kroot Warrior Codex: Kroot (V. Main Support & Pintle). 4. Ork Rokkit Buggy Launcher 040301403. Assemble the launcher support from the Ork Rokkit Buggy (Left Support. Large Round Base. use string to make it look as if it’s been lashed on (I used three Kroot Gun Straps from the fantastic plastic Kroot extras). Mount him on the same large round base as the Knarloc. 1.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 39 of 49 . Assemble a normal Kroot Warrior to act as the Gunner for the Rocket Team (I gave my gunners Rokkits 040301409 on their backs). Strap the Launcher to the back of the Knarloc. Main Support 040301410 & Pintle 040301411. 5. Take one Cold One and add a Krootox head (Andy’s original Knarloc’s had their front legs sawn off and replaced with sculpted green stuff – though I prefer the simple method of leaving them on). Right Support. which hides the seam quite well. Put the rocket Launcher on the stand backwards. 3.Mounted Rocket Team Conversion Notes: The Rocket Launcher mounted on the back of a Knarloc is fun to make: Ingredients: Cold One Sprue. Krootox Head. 2. Right Support 040301406.4. Left Support 040301407.

the 13th Company are about the glory of the first charge. If they can’t make it. Every experience of the Kroot Warrior. then they will barter for it. but the planned hunt and executed ambush. The two questions that arise are 1) how does a hunter fight a war and 2) how does a guerrilla force hunt their prey? It is easy to think of the Kroot as Savage. This tactic works in much the same way as the ambush of any Guerrilla force as well as the ‘bull horn’ tactics of the Zulu which draw the enemy in and then the horns encircle the enemy. Where Space Marines. They have no need of communications as the air is alive with whistles as the Kindreds communicate to each other across the battlefield – each individual part of the great song of battle and of the hunt. If you consider that each individual Kroot warrior is part >>>They may be primitive.4.or more importantly the Mont’ka (if you’ll forgive my Tau turn of phrase) or Killing blow of the hunt. Imperial Guard. where the Kroot are more about the Hunt .2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 40 of 49 . Iroquois & the Zulu. the Mujahadin – but they can also be modelled on the Hunters such as the Sioux. Expand your view of a (Photo by Oaka) family to take in the whole Kroot Race and you start to develop an understanding of the Race. So it is clear that for the Kroot.BACKGROUND – What makes the Kroot Unique? The thing that makes Kroot unique from other armies lies in their origin. Orks and Eldar all draw inspiration from societies that had armies and fought in organised battles – The Kroot fulfil two roles: that of ‘Guerrilla Army’ and that of ‘Hunter’. Kroot can easily be modelled on the Boer. So how does it work? A solid core of Troops with Heavy support acts as the head of the hunt. the Vietcong. Chaos. The Kroot are a dynamic army that is both savage and canny – unlike any other force in the 40K universe. very few Kroot battles last beyond the 4th turn as the Kroot do not generally have the numbers by then to continue. The focus should not be on the ability to infiltrate. Kroothounds or swarms are sent forward as bait or hunting packs to draw the enemy forward and soak fire. It should be more than the success of the first charge that can win or loose the battle and wins should not be by definition pyrrhic. In a straight forward ‘charge’ scenario. In this way the focus of the Kroot should not be on the ability to infiltrate – rather the ability to turn every battle to their advantage or ambush. When a warrior dies he is consumed by his kindred so that his DNA is given back to the Race. As a Kroot army you should be everywhere at once! Codex: Kroot (V. to grow and to evolve. death is an honour. Trackers lap around the flanks to set up fire corridors. The Kroot are primitive in that they do not have the manufacturing capacity of other races – they make and carry what they need. every sample of DNA he has collected during his life is fed back into the Race. the Sandinistas. By creating an army that fights on all sides of the table rather than just focuses on the charge is much more in keeping with the ideals of the Hunt. Now it is very easy to look at the 13th Company and think that the Kroot need what they have… But then why have Kroot. If you look at the idea of the Mont’ka (Tau: the Killing blow) it is about putting your enemy into the position where you can conduct the killing strike. Finally Stalkers and Ferals pop up behind the enemy to either draw fire from the main hunt or push them forward. but Kroot tools are of a family. but to consider them unintelligent as a result of that savagery is a grave mistake. a family that constantly wants to better very useful<<< itself. why not just get a 13th Company Army? No.

4. even. Abominations or swarms swoop forward the draw the enemy or soak fire (the bait).TACTICS – How it all comes together The Kroot army is a unique force with a uniquely sustainable and interesting tactic. It isn’t the standard swarm charge nor does it rely on the deaths of thousands of Kroot to achieve an objective (they aren’t Orks after all!). >>> Great Knarlocs add extra flavour<<< (Photo by Oaka) Codex: Kroot (V.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 41 of 49 . making a concerted coordinated attack based on the aspects of a hunt. a Hunter would accept when bringing down the bear or boar! This would also allow the army to have multiple uses against various armies – countering Assault armies with outflanking manoeuvres and shaking up defensive armies – yet making these tactics a challenge and battles. This tactic takes away the focus on infiltrating forward. • The effect of any ‘Gremlin’ sabotage attack annoys the enemy and perhaps makes their decision on which plan to use falter (the hunted). which. The Hunt is the battle. let’s face any hunting leader . • Stalkers/Ferals pop up in ambush and either draw fire from the battlefront or push the enemy forward (the ambush). Great Knarlocs add extra flavour to the army which is entirely appropriate for Forgeworld figures. charging and praying to appropriate deity that enough Kroot make it to the line to make a difference. The Kroot are a Guerrilla army of Hunters. just as each battle is the killing ground. The tactic: • Troops and Heavy Support form battle line (the head) or perhaps encircle the enemy in a ring of fire (the corral). • Trackers take up flanking firing positions (the horns). Also Great Knarlocs on the field do not detract from this tactic or add anything to the Kroot force to tip it over the edge. • Kroot hounds. The focus is on the army moving as a whole. Losses are then within keeping for a normal army (if they hug cover like a sensible mercenary/Guerrilla force or Hunter Group should) mainly loosing Kroot hounds and the like. on the whole. • The Headquarter Units . In a way it could be said that this makes them much like beastmen in WHFB – but is that a bad thing? They are certainly not a one tactic army.chooses where to fight & can be flexibly deployed (the killing blow).

The readings showed evidence of further destruction at numerous locations. Air caste observers based on orbital stations around Dal’yth had studied a cluster of worlds beyond the Perdus Rift. the second moon of which was considered the most likely to support life. Thus began an extended war that saw the Kroot and Tau fight side by side against the Orks.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 42 of 49 . Entering orbit.THE WAR OF THE PLACE OF UNION One of the most pivotal events in Kroot history occurred when Ork attack ships firing on Kroot warspheres defending their enclave on Krath also attacked a nearby Tau colonisation fleet. It was determined that the debris was the remains of a large spacecraft that had exploded very recently Landing a Crisis battlesuit team. O'kiv’rai directed the warriors to search the ruins. O'kiv’rai was surprised when initial scans detected a large amount of debris scattered over a substantial area of the upper atmosphere. an expeditionary force set out from Dal'yth. alarms rang out and a group of ships were detected heading in on an attack course. and samples of the debris were brought on board for analysis. At the height of the first Tau expansionist phase. Soon they encountered random groups of Ork fighters engaged in insane races with one another through the Codex: Kroot (V. Setting course for the next scheduled system. 0'kiv'rai seriously considered abandoning his mission altogether. The chosen planet was a blood red gas giant. and O'kiv’rai decided that it was safe to set his fleet on a course for the fifth world of the system. O'kiv’rai recalled his teams and ordered an extensive sensor survey of the surface. yet a part of him would not allow the fleet to leave without first discovering the identity of the Orks' victims. the Shas'ui came upon a scene of destruction. His Air caste interceptors made short work of the ramshackle flotilla. the smaller ships had merely been the vanguard for a much larger Ork fleet and the new allies soon found themselves trapped. The journey to the nearest system within the cluster proved uneventful. famous for his discovery of two artefact-worlds now under Ethereal caste interdiction. His Earth caste advisers counselled caution. and 0'kiv'rai concluded that the moon was far from suitable for colonisation. the Tau fought back and their superior ships easily destroyed Orks. holding on long enough for a relief force of Fire Warriors from Sa’cea to arrive and complete the destruction of the Greenskins. As the fleet neared the core systems of the cluster. O'kiv’rai began to suspect that the region would prove too dangerous for settlement. However. Knowing now who had caused the devastation across the region. the expedition was sent to explore.4. The fleet moved on and soon found mounting evidence that a violent invader had recently laid waste to this part of the cluster. marking a period of cooperation between the races that has lasted to the present day. For the next ten years. and after many years of careful planning. Sickened. Under a crimson sky. Tau forces fought to drive the Orks from Kroot worlds. eventually coming to the Kroot home world at the behest of the greatest Kroot leader. where they discovered the mutilated remains of unknown alien bodies. At the sacred Oathstone Anghkor Prok swore allegiance to the Tau Empire and pledged his warriors to the Greater Good. This force was led by the Water caste explorer Por'o Dal'yth Kiv'rai. study and colonise these worlds. After years of exploring the frontiers of Tau space O'kiv’rai recognised the crude constructions of the Ork race and knew how to deal with Ork pirates. Unwillingly drawn into battle. O'kiv’rai watched through an uplink as the moon's surface was revealed. So impressed where the Fire Warriors by the Kroot bravery that they agreed to help liberate the remainder of their enclaves from the Orks. Anghkor Prok. O'kiv’rai put his fleet on high alert. a settlement reduced to charred rubble.

Cursing the warlike Greenskins. The surface buckled and the Ork ship ground into the guts of ship until it was almost entirely buried. One kai'rotaa later. The Orks continued on their course. spherical alien spacecraft. A series of explosions lit the grotesque scene from within and the sphere burst a massive explosion that consumed both ships as one. The two parties soon found common ground and the Tau were Codex: Kroot (V. flanked by the fleet's finest Fire caste hunter cadre looked across a windswept plain. Ork Fighta-Bommerz tried desperately to intercept the missiles. Streaking from the Tau battle lines. causing it to disintegrate and spill it's passengers into the void. only its rear quarter remaining visible. The ships course would bring them into contact with his fleet once more. and too few.system's asteroid belts. As the Orks came into range. scattering superheated wreckage over remainder of the Tau fleet. The Ork ship seemed to impact on the hull of the sphere in slow motion. Bringing his fleet around. and that he could therefore safely claim the worlds in the name of the Tau empire. 0'kiv'rai ordered the release of a massive missile salvo. As the fleet moved in-system. learning quickly by mimicking 0'kiv'rai's words and body language. the Orks rocketed straight through the Tau fleet. and several shuttles embarked in preparation for landing. but they were too slow. In the distance he watched a party of tall. and 0'kiv'rai was not prepared to witness the destruction of any more of his ships. The Orks made the choice for him. Scant Ork ships escaped. the Earth caste colonists were keen to begin the process of claiming these worlds. The stronger expeditionary force soon drove off these disorganised bands. O'kiv’rai was an experienced diplomat and the aliens seemed to have an innate ability with language. However. or attempt to save the lives of the far greater number of crew aboard the alien ship by firing on the Sha'tiro Suli. and the communication channels came alive with the insane laughter of thousands of battle frenzied Boyz readying themselves to board the sphere. O'kiv’rai ordered the fleet to take evasive action as the fleeing alien ship was heading on a course that would smash through his fleet. One of the Ork warships had set itself on a heading intended to ram both ships. Travelling too fast to alter their course. O'kiv’rai's bridge crew watched in horrified silence as the Ork ship smashed aside the Tau carrier. The fleet scattered.4.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 43 of 49 . O'kiv’rai ordered a full sensor sweep of the area and reports flooded in of Ork frigates swarming after another of the strange alien spheres. O'kiv’rai's sensor operators reported the approach of a huge. Opening communication channels and preparing to greet the ship on behalf of the Tau Empire. no resistance was encountered. After months of disappointment. and O'kiv’rai came to the conclusion that the Ork ships merely represented a small scouting force. all except the colony transport ship Sha'tiro Suli. 0'kiv'rai. The sphere was heading directly for the transport and in an instant O'kiv’rai was faced with a stark choice: destroy the alien vessel and save the lives of the skeleton crew still to disembark the Tau ship. O'kiv’rai allowed the sphere to pass through his formation. What happened next would be written in Tau history as one of the greatest tragedies of that era. the hundreds-strong salvo unerringly altered trajectory to pursue their targets. Communication between the two groups was at first difficult. crested aliens making their way towards him. they realised too late they were heading into the midst of a completely unexpected foe. Timing his command to the instant. which had almost completed the disembarkation of her passengers. O'kiv’rai saw that it was pursued by a substantial force of Ork warships.

O'kiv’rai bore witness to the spirit of the Kroot people. Tau and Kroot forces fought together against the Ork hordes. carnivorous tendencies. Over the next twelve Tau'cyrs the Fire caste warriors of Sa'cea embarked upon their campaign to rid the entire cluster of the Orks. Tau Fire caste warriors witnessed the Kroot warriors' practice of eating the bodies of the fallen. and was speeding towards Krath. Eager to begin the looting of Krath. although they had yet to witness their more disturbing. The culmination of the campaign came when the Kroot war-leader Anghkor Prok swore fealty to the Tau Empire at the Oathstone. The Ork hordes were decimated by the concentrated bombardment that followed. The battle should have been a slaughter. encircling the Orks and cutting them down with relentless precision. 0'kiv'rai's command ship signalled that an armada of Ork ships had appeared. Those too large to make planetfall he ordered scuttled. the night skies were lit by what witnesses took to be a spectacular meteor storm. At the last moment. took a hand and the two peoples would be forced to wait some time before an alliance proper could be negotiated. and prepared. Events. Codex: Kroot (V. began their assault on the combined lines. as the allied army was far outnumbered by the Ork horde. arguing that contact with the honourable and civilised Fire caste would ultimately influence the less civilised aliens. Against such numbers the fleet had little chance and so O‘kiv’rai ordered those ships that could to land immediately. For the next eighty kai'rotaas. and the talks established that the world. Crisis battlesuit teams dropped from their Manta Missile Destroyers. which the Kroot referred to as Krath. the Orks gathered and. At the height of the fighting however. however. This caused some tension and the Fire caste commanders almost refused to fight alongside the Kroot. O'kiv’rai was instrumental in arguing the case for continued cooperation. and the two races stepped forward into a new period of peace and cooperation. The aliens were called Kroot. with the permission of the Ethereal caste. As time passed and no aid from the Tau Empire was forthcoming.4.impressed by the new race. was part of a larger region occupied by them. As the fire streaking the sky brightened. In the wake of the first combined victory. The finest Air caste scout crew was assigned to run the blockade and bring help from the Tau Empire as soon as possible.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 44 of 49 . Casualties were high on all sides. to make representations to the Kroot people. but the Tau soon learned to appreciate the fighting abilities and fieldcraft of their newfound allies. the Tau came to rely on the Kroot in certain battlefield situations. 0'kiv'rai recognised that this race would make a notable addition to the Tau empire. and their tactics became increasingly integrated. as darkness fell. the Orks had amassed a huge army with the intention of destroying once and for all the troublesome allies. By the eightieth kai'rotaa. combatants on both sides realised that the display was in fact a flight of Tau Barracuda superiority fighters.

000 rulebook. He can only be used with the permission of your opponent. the army must include at least one Kroot Carnivore Squad.KROOT MASTER SHAPER The Anghkor Prok model was made available to those who visited Games Day 2001. Elder of All Kindreds: Angkor Prok cannot take any evolutionary upgrades that would normally be associated with a Kroot Army. Anghkor Prok Special Character: Points 75 WS 5 BS 4 S 4 T 3 W 3 I 4 A 3 LD 10 Save 6+ Equipment: A Tau or Kroot Mercenary army may include Anghkor Prok as a special character. However he is subject to the rules or Infiltrate and Fieldcraft as per the rest of the Kroot army. After refusing to give way to a larger Kroot at a feast table.SPECIAL CHARACTERS ANGHKOR PROK . It was a name he would live up to throughout his life. If you decide to take him then he counts as one of the HQ choices for the army. he was given the name Anghkor Prok. Celebrated for his ferocity in battle. Friend of the Tau: Anghkor Prok was instrumental in forging the agreement between the Tau and the Kroot. SPECIAL RULES Independent Character: Anghkor Prok is an independent character and follows all the Independent Character special rules as detailed in the Warhammer 40. Codex: Kroot (V.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 45 of 49 . If used in a Tau force. Inspirational Presence: Anghkor Prok has the ability to motivate his kindred like no other Shaper. Anghkor Prok came to be recognised among his kindred as a visionary leader committed to preserving traditions and values of the Kroot's way of life. Anghkor Prok may therefore join and lead Tau units . Here are the rules and background for this Kroot special character. He must be used exactly as described below and may not be given extra equipment from the Tau or Kroot Mercenary Armoury. Anghkor Prok has a Kroot rifle. nghkor Prok was a Kroot chief and holy man under whom the Kroot kindreds of Pech united in their struggle against the Orks. Any Kroot unit in close combat that has at least one model within 6" of Anghkor Prok may re-roll failed to hit rolls in close combat once. he is accorded great respect by the Tau. a term used to describe a bull Krootox sitting intractably on its haunches.4.the only one of his kind to be extended this honour. Because of this.

with the Ultramarines stretched to the limit in cleansing the last pockets of resistance. his warriors were all dead and the once-proud mercenary chief was all that remained of the Kindred. Yusra led his Kindred towards the world of Ichar IV. seeking to kill as many Tyranid organisms as possible before succumbing to an honourable death. the most important social grouping of Kroot. Days later. following the trail of Hive Fleet Kraken. he went on to become a feared mercenary chief. which landed amidst a time of great ill-omen. Without a Kindred back on Pech to replenish their numbers. Here.4. The kindreds told of great sounds of battle and howls that rent the nights with their fury. and numerous other alien foes. taking this powerful weapon for himself. Khibala Yusra rose to become the leader of his Kindred. His victories soon garnered him much respect from all kindreds on Pech and his periodic returns to the homeworld became occasions of great celebration and feasting. Khibala Yusra was the first born of only two twins that survived their birth into the Murabla kindred. Knowing something of Kroot death-oaths. and knew them as Tyranids. Since then Yusra has wandered through space. fighting against Tyranids. The Murabla were a warlike kindred. Khibala Yusra's kindred travelled the galaxy. devouring kindred after kindred before sweeping into the haunted depths of the Ygothlac forest. Khibala Yusra and his warriors returned to find their Kindred's ancestral lands ravaged and extended families slain. though it was clear that Khibala Yusra had agendas elsewhere. where the kindreds who had kept watch on the forest were able to slay them with ease. Khibala Yusra's warband grew smaller. that he might know his enemy and set out with his warriors to fight the murderers of his kindred. The other kindreds told of a hideous rain of fleshy spores that disgorged hundreds of monstrous beasts. the confrontation cost him his twin brother and he nearly lost his life. As their numbers fell. they were forced to abandon their warsphere and earned passage on the starships of their employers. This tide of alien killers slew all before it. plying their trade as warriors for several years. the Inquisitor granted them Imperial Sanction and took Yusra and his few remaining warriors into his retinue. Upon regaining his health.Khibala Yusra .First Born Twin of the Spear From the western jungles of Pech.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 46 of 49 . He had encountered such creatures before as a mercenary leader. Eventually. Khibala Yusra personally slew the leader of a warband of Galthite Expansionists. Inquisitor Agmar released Khibala Yusra from his service. He ritually slew the alien beast and devoured its vile flesh. their genetic material contained within his body. Khibala Yusra led his warriors into battle as the forces of the human Emperor fought against the Tyranids. with each fallen warrior solemnly devoured by the Kindred to preserve his genetic material. As his reputation as a respected war leader grew. Codex: Kroot (V. and. Soon the ferocity of the Kroot warriors came to the attention of Inquisitor Agmar and. the shattered remnants of the alien invaders scuttled from the forest in disarray. many of whom followed the path of the mercenary outside the exclusive agreements sworn with the Tau. Most of the alien corpses were destroyed but one was kept alive. On one such occasion. Khibala Yusra earned his name when he slew a great Kroot beast. Khibala Yusra's warriors helped the defenders to ultimate victory. Khibala Yusra and his Kroot remained in the service of Inquisitor Agmar for another two years. honoured for his bravery and swiftly gained command of his own warsphere.

or suffer one wound. K'Nib multi-launcher: The K'nib weapon draws its power from the metabolism of the wielder and when it fires it launches a hail of reactive bio-plasma using the profile below. He can only be used with the permission of your opponent. If used as a Mercenary for another force.4. Also note that the K'nib Multi-Launcher counts as an additional close-combat weapon. K'Nib multi-launcher fitted with combat attachment (+1A. Weapon Range Strength AP Type Notes K'Nib multi-launcher 12” 4 3 Assault (x) CCW.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 47 of 49 .Khibala Yusra . its firing rate is dependent on his Wounds. Khibala Yusra cannot be Pinned. Additional Notes: Since the multi-launcher draws its power from the Khibala Yusra. included in the above statline). Codex: Kroot (V. This allows him to use the Fleet of Foot rules.First Born Twin of the Spear Khibala Yusra Special Character: Points 150 WS 5 BS 4 S 4 T 3 W 3 I 4 A 3 (4) LD 10 Save 6+ A Kroot Mercenary army may include Khibala Yusra as a special character. On a 'to hit' roll of one (1). Fighting mask and Frag grenades. the army must include at least one Kroot Carnivore Squad. Hyperactive Nymune organ adaptation: Khibala Yusra is able to manipulate his nymune organ in order to boost his energy levels. Fighting Mask: SPECIAL RULES Fearless: Counts as Auspex Khibala Yusra will never fall back and automatically pass any moral tests (even against attacks which normally force their target to fall back without any tests). If you decide to take him then he counts as one of the HQ choices for the army. He must be used exactly as described below and may not be given extra equipment from the Kroot Mercenary Armoury. >>>Khibala Yusra<<< (Photo by Mr Evil) Equipment: Galthite Lacerator. (x) = Number of wounds Khibala has remaining. Galthite Lacerator: Counts all hand to hand attacks as Rending. Khibala Yusra must roll 1D6 equal to or under his strength value. the weapon is draining too much of Khibala's energy.

Though ‘why’ can hardly be fathomed by any civilised creature. but rather sets up just outside the terrain. However he is subject to the rules for Infiltrate and Fieldcraft as per the rest of the Kroot army. Look at the model closely. he must be set up as close to a terrain piece as possible. Painting wise you should keep his colours different to your normal Kroot army . The claw on the other hand was the hardest bit to do. The gun is an upside-down plasma pistol with green stuff for the upper section. Khibala is not destroyed if he lands in impassable terrain. The pouches come from sources like mordheim and space marines (have a good rummage through bits box). but instead deepstrikes into any piece of terrain on the battlefield. The blade can be either a kroot knife or a space marine knife.Always Operate Alone: Khibala Yusra may never join or be joined to a unit of any type. the front vent bits are bits of plastic rod cut down to length. He only attaches himself to other Kroot mercenaries in the knowledge of when his death occurs he will be consumed and his accumulated DNA will return to benefit the Kroot represent he’s not of the same kindred.4.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 48 of 49 . Codex: Kroot (V. other alternatives could be normal space marine power fist cut down or maybe even a flayed ones claw? This maybe the hardest bit to source but worth a good look around. then the visor. I used a really old style plastic chaos space marine power fist cut down. “From interrogations of several specimens we have discovered that the ‘Big Game Hunter’ is a tragic figure amongst the Kroot. Khibala Yusra cannot take any evolutionary upgrades that would normally be associated with a Kroot Army.” Except from the Journal of Inquisitor Jose von Jarl. Ordo Xenos. Khibala may assault the turn he arrives. The Big Game Hunter is adept in fighting in all environments and is subject to the universal Stealth rule. Veteran: Tyranid Hunter: Conversion Corner: Khibala Yusra is quite simple to make although requires some skill with green stuff. If the deepstrike scatters outside of the terrain. his kindred has passed on and he fights alone in their memory. you will need a kroot body and leg set. Remove the bottom jaw from the head and green stuff the mask on. Ambush: Khibala Yusra does not deploy with the rest of the army. Khibala Yusra counts Tyranids as Preferred Enemies and will always hit any Tyranid model on a 3+ in close combat. and some kroot arms and a head (open mouthed).

On the contrary many Kroot Warspheres leave Pech every year taking Kindreds to mercenary assignments across the galaxy in search of valuable genetic materials to return to Pech to strengthen the race. Often squadrons of fighters and launch boats are sent out to lurk near planetary bodies.KROOT IN SPACE Kroot have never been masters of technological or creatures of ingenuity. Kroot Warspheres travel with many Tau fleets providing their ground forces with much needed support in the form of their vicious kindreds.4. Kroot will often take enemy ships captive and return them to Pech to be rendered down. These ships are not seen amongst the Tau Fleets as they are considered too light and technically primitive to act as escorts. Prizeships have a limited stat line which takes into account skeleton crew.2) By Andy Hoare & KompletelyKroot Page 49 of 49 . accumulated damage. sold to the Tau or used in some other way to further the Kroot race. lack of experience of the Kroot crew. Recently Imperium vessels have suffered unexpected raids. the Kroot are capable of true warp travel but the exact method has been kept secret from their employers. Ships captured by the Kroot are equipped with only a skeleton crew. The famous Kroot Warspheres are self-contained towns wherein is kept the retained knowledge of Kroot technology and the choicest items they have received as payment for their services. It would appear they are drawn to functioning eco-systems. making Warspheres very slow. First contact is usually made by shapers commanding a ‘Tracker’. Not all captured ships are returnable to Pech (due to lack of crew. etc) and will often be towed by Warspheres to be used as mobile storage space for spare parts or Fireships. Kroot commanders are highly adept at setting ambushes. Kroot Warspheres have had extensive experience inside Imperial Space and so have adapted the custom of using fireships in fleet manoeuvres to protect themselves from escorts and ordinance. etc. behind Ion storms or amidst asteroid fields until the enemy is in range. complexity. They are powerful enough to allow the Warsphere to land and take-off from a planet although the process is not elegant. As such they do not risk them in battle willingly and try to avoid direct action against warships unless the need is great or they are being exceptionally well rewarded. The Kroot also utilise a number of smaller ships. No matter the original statistics of the ship. Unlike the Tau. The ‘Great Knarlock’s primary use is to transfer mercenary troops to smaller theatres of operation. however on closer inspection it is comparatively quite advanced. Once a deal is brokered then the Warsphere will be brought into the system. Warspheres have a single drive running through their core from north to south pole and manoeuvring thrusters along their equator. Codex: Kroot (V. These engines are very basic. deployed by Knarloc boarding craft which can only have been deployed from ‘Tracker’ Scoutship variants. Another smaller ship. yet reliable. The ‘Great Knarlock’ Troopship seems to be a recent innovation amongst Kroot Mercenary tactics leading many to believe some greater technological force is behind their production and supply. the ‘Great Knarlock’ could be said at first glance to be a variation of the ‘Tracker’ Scoutship. damage. Few Master Shapers would send these ships into battle unless surprised and/or desperate. the ‘Tracker’ being the standard scout ship of the Kroot and looks at first like a miniaturised Warsphere. However. Prize ships are often simple merchant ships without complex drive functions. To the Kroot warp travel is almost migratory and they seem incapable of navigating anywhere other than systems with habitable worlds. not all Warspheres serve with the Tau fleets. however thought the centuries they have reached out into the stars to colonize several systems and have joined with the Tau’va in their expansion. When dirtside the manoeuvring thrusters are used to bury the Warsphere.

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