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Dessert Menu

Bread Pudding
Walnuts, maple, eggs, cream, wheat and white bread baked to perfection. Served with Jack Daniel's caramel sauce and

Chocolate Ecstacy
Chocolate cookie crust topped with dark chocolate ganash and milk chocolate mousse.

New York Style Cheesecake

Cream cheese, sour cream and eggs baked on a graham cracker crumb crust. Served plain or topped with a strawberry.

Key Lime Pie

A Key West Tradition! Key lime juice blended with sweetened condensed milk and other ingredients. Baked to
perfection and served garnished with a lime.

Apple Crisp a la mode

A perennial New England Favorite. Sliced apples seasoned with select spices and baked with brown sugar and a hint of
citrus. Topped with a crispy topping and served hot with vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla Crème Brulee

A classic French Custard. Baked until smooth and topped with a brown sugar coating.

Brownie Sundae
Dark chocolate fudge brownies served warm with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The best comfort food around!

Coffee - Regular or Decafinated - $2.


Tea - Regular or Decafinated - $2.


Specialty Coffee Drinks - $6.5

Irish Coffee (Jamesons)

Nutty Irishman Coffee (Jamesons and Frangelico)

Spanish Coffee (Tia Maria)

Baileys Coffee (Bailey's Irish Cream)

Kahlua Coffee (Kahlua)

Keoke Coffee (Frangelico, Bailey's Kahlua)

Bittersweet Coffee (Kahlua, 151 Rum, Baileys)

Italian Coffee (Amaretto)

Parisienne Coffee (Grand Marnier)

Frambois Lambioc - $12.00

Chimay - $9.0