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The Ultimate Wordpress Blog

The Ultimate Wordpress Blog

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Published by: Charise Carter on Apr 21, 2011
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Comprehensive Step-by-Step WordPress Installation and SEO Guide
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but also have a real kick-butt blog that can generate traffic like no other.Installation. basic SEO and advanced SEO. If you are new to WordPress. perfectly configured as a mean marketing machine and worshipped by the search engines is a "must have" tool for massive lead generation and MORE SALES. I wish it existed when I first got started with WordPress. necessary tweaks. 4 . you will learn many golden nuggets and take your blog to the next level. Behind the simplicity of WordPress there are so many details! Fortunately you don’t have to. If you are a marketer with serious intentions. Configuration and SEO Customization This is the most detailed and complete report you can find online about WordPress installation. this will teach you how to do it right the first time. Plugins. I build a real business online and I became a blog and SEO expert out of necessity. plugins. a WordPress blog. With a blog it’s not extremely difficult to reach the top 10% within your niche and even the top 1%. Using a blog is not only becoming absolutely necessary. In this report I will give you the knowledge. If you already have a blog. After reading this. captivate and cultivate masses of new prospects. This report has everything you need to set up a killer blog and enjoy it for a long time. tools and SEO secrets you need to create the ULTIMATE WordPress blog. After getting ripped off several times from different so called “gurus. If you are in marketing. it’s imperative that you install a blog immediately.” I decided to hunker down and learn the craft myself in order to control my own web presence and expand my business. Something about me you should know: I'm a marketer. plugins. not only you should be able to install and configure WordPress with no problems. You can spend months online trying to figure it all out. but it's also a down-right smart strategy to generate.

The quickest and easiest option is to get a free blog that is hosted by them. If you choose the wrong one you will be missing out on a great deal of useful features and it will be a nightmare to switch over to another once your blog is established. As harsh as this may sound. you're out of luck if you’re not hosting it on your own domain . especially when your blog becomes popular! If you're going to make a serious effort at this. TypePad or Blogger. I HIGHLY recommend that you host it on your own domain.. It's your blog. 5 . Just purely knowing how to set up WordPress correctly and doing the SEO "just right" is the secret in itself.htaccess file. you're just using their software! 2. No one can suspend your account etc. However. you should stop reading this e-book right now. The reason WordPress is so incredibly popular is because it allows you to easily install plugins. The best platform online is WordPress. You basically have 3 options. It’s THAT important. There are LOADS of free plugins that will do just about anything. You can host it on your own domain or you can get a free blog and they will host it. you should pay $10 or so each year for your own domain. If you ever decide to sell your blog. 4. Many people may think you're not serious enough about your own blog. Are people really going to take you seriously if you're using a free blog that you're not even hosting yourself? You can lose credibility. Choosing the Right Blogging Platform Choosing the software in which your blog will run is extremely important. You have complete control over your blog. Free blogging platforms restrict you from accessing files like the . WordPress. you don't own it so you can't sell it! 3. which is a very important file to control for many reasons.. Here are a few good reasons for that: 1.There are no tricks or blackhat stuff. if hosting a blog on your own domain is too big of a step for you. Each platform offers two different options to use their software. Search engines have become way too smart for that.

powerful look.com/blog/seo-for-bloggers Here's Is What You Need To Do Installation and settings: 1. • • Go to this page and download my recommended plugins to your plugins folder. See how it looks and then click this link to get it Woo Themes • I personally Use The Executive Theme from Studio press. great layout. I recommend the “Fresh-News Theme” from Woo Themes. This theme can go the distance. Free WordPress Themes Also consider that at times free themes have a less than a clean professional code. It will drive you crazy. There are a gazillion free themes online. 6 . but frankly. I never found a free theme that impressed me. CSS and PHP it can be difficult to make your blog look right. You can spend countless numbers of hours searching for the right theme. http://www. are subject to bugs. This is a theme that you can make it into one or two or three columns with one click. require modifications and many adjustments. It's the preferred choice of many marketers and it’s designed by one of the most respected WordPress Theme companies online. The way your theme looks is very important. Make a folder on your desktop called Blog. Without knowledge of HTML. I use the three column format because I like post links up high in the side bar and place my videos in the middle column. If you are looking for a 2-column there that can hold nice large videos on the right.mattcutts. Inside this directory make two folders: Plugins and Theme. you can put fairly large videos in the sidebar and it’s easy to customize.I highly recommend WordPress and so does Google. It has a professional code. Download your preferred theme to your theme folder.

com If you don't have a domain/hosting yet. The hosting is $6. Password • Go to your hosting control panel. I recommend your name. I recommend using BlueHost. Their domains are only $10 and go active immediately (no 48hour propagation time). (Some older hosting services have the Fantastico icon). This is advantageous so your links don’t end up looking like this: www.000 searches a month. BlueHost is the preferred company of many top marketers. 7 .info.com/recommends/thisproduct. • Sign up and they will send you login information. You can research the keyword with this tool: Google’s Keyword Tool. If you choose differently. Follow the easy screens and with a few clicks your blog will install on your domain. They have a nice c-panel and 5-star customer service. 1.95 a month for an unlimited number of domains.tv or . Username 3. You don’t need to buy link-cloaking software.yourdomain.2. scroll down to "software/services" and click on the WordPress icon. Install your blog in the root directory of your domain. I recommend getting a domain based on a keyword that has between 3. or .000 and 10. Never choose .thisproduct.yourname. www. Host (your domain) 2.net and then .com domain.com • Always choose a .org. The second best is .com/?hop=clickwave&page=default — they look like this: www. Also the reason I like BlueHost is because they take care of link cloaking with their redirect service. which will double or triple you click-through rate.biz or others.

• Go to Google. The system will send you a user name (admin) and a computer-generated password.Chose your domain. It will transfer files (drag and drop) from your computer to your online directories. 8 . click on complete and your blog will install in your domain. search and download the free FileZilla FTP software (it's the best).

When you install FileZilla you will get this red icon on your desktop. 9 . username and password. On the left of FileZilla are your computer files and on the right are the online directories of your blog. Click on the FZ icon and log into your hosting with your domain.

Click on the theme you downloaded and change the ugly default theme 10 . Log into your blog dashboard with the username and password that was emailed to you and perform the following: • Change the theme under Appearances/Themes. Go to your blog folder on the left and drag your preferred theme into the "theme directory" and drag all the plugins into the “plugins” directory.• Navigate to the "wp-content" directory on the right.” 3.

Next • Users . you’ll look like an amateur online. A blog can have different users.Set your profile. Set your profile and change the settings so that your name shows on every post instead of "admin.that WordPress gives you." 11 . Never keep that theme.

Settings/writing. the “Update Services. default category and POP3 account info. Set your blog name.com/rpc.feedster.blogrolling.blo.php http://rpc.Set posting preference.blogshares. a visitor can either see your latest post or a static home page. time zone. Settings/reading .com.my.yahoo.php http://www.• Settings/general.blogdigger.gs/ping. WordPress uses a service http://pingomatic.” This is where you add URL’s to all the ping services that you want to alert when you publish a new blog post.org/ping 12 • • .moreover.pingerati. blog email and change the computer-generated password to one that you can remember.com/ping http://api.weblogs.net/rpc http://www.feedburner.moreover.com http://api.com http://ping. tagline.com http://geoURL.com/xmlrpctest. Set this for what is best for your business. Fill in this information if you plan to post remotely through email or smart phone when you are away or on vacation.com/xmlrpc.Set your home page. When arriving at your blog.technorati.feedsubmitter.com/RPC2 http://www.com/RPC2 http://api.com/ping http://www.com/rss/ping http://www.net http://www.php http://ping. date format.pingmyblog.com/xrbin/xmlrpc.php http://ping.com/rpc. which automatically notifies the following services: http://rpc.com/pinger/ http://rpc.cgi http://bulkfeeds.syndic8. Under writing there’s something else that‘s very important.yahoo.com/ping http://api.weblogalot.gs/ http://ping.newsisfree.com/RPC2 http://www.com/rpc/ping http://rpc.php http://www.my.pingomatic.com/RPC2 http://api.blogstreet.com http://blo.blogsnow.

ne. • Settings/media . I could write a whole 30-page report on this topic.com/rpc http://rpc.com:10080 http://pingoat.com/xmlrpc http://ping. Set the number of comments and links that a visitor can place (a common characteristic of spam is a large number of hyperlinks).weblogalot. WordPress autosizes your main content column in your posts and pages.pubsub.jp/xmlrpc/ http://coreblog.com/ping/RPC2 http://www.com/ping http://blog.cocolog-nifty. Change the setting to your desired maximum picture size for your posts.com/ping http://pingqueue.com/rpc. "bad bots" and other spam-happy jerks to invade the place.php http://pinger.Adjust media settings.com/RPC2 http://xping. Settings/discussion .jp/XMLRPC http://blogdb. You want folks to comment on your blog.Change the Permalinks structure. but let me just hit a couple of crucial points. Nobody knows why.jp/rpc/ http://ping. but WordPress default settings for URLs is 13 • . • Settings/permalinks .weblogs. If your theme allows 500px or 600px for the posts/pages width.com/RPC2 http://topicexchange.com/rpc So why would you want to be on these sites? One word: traffic.com/xmlrpc. and the default for a large picture is 1024.php http://ping. porn pushers.Configure comments.icerocket.goo. Set up comment moderation in a way that you are in full control of the comments.syndic8.bloggers.org/ping/ http://ping.com/ping I added the following list to my blog: http://blogsearch.com/goat/RPC2 http://rpc. You just don't want the Viagra.com http://www. you have a problem.blogrolling.http://ipings.com/pinger http://rpc.weblogalot.blogflux.google.bloglines.

will consider them "duplicate content" and penalizes your searchengine ranking.yourdomain.com/my-home-business instead of the default www. Your URL must be set to either domain. Make sure that your posts' URLs look like this: www. In order to do this you just need to select the “Custom Structure” option and insert the following: /%category%/%postname%/ • Set the Canonical URL.yourdomain. it's also very important for SEO. This not only looks so much better.com (no www) it will automatically redirect the visitor to www.com/$1 [L.com or www.yourdomain. so Search Engines give that post a little more weight for those keywords.yourdomain.just plain awful. To accomplish this check the canonical URL box in the Platinum SEO plugin configuration.c> Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain.*)$ http://www. It will set your URL at www.yourdomain. You want the title of the post to be included in the URL.htaccess file located in the root of your domain: <IfModule mod_rewrite. You can't have both.com as it should be and if someone goes to your site at yourdomain. Duplicate content is a serious issue and also the #1 topic of concern and discussion amongst bloggers and SEO experts.yourdomin.R=301] </IfModule> 14 .com A better way to do this would be to set this script in the . Google looks at them as two different blogs.com.com [NC] RewriteRule ^(.com/?p213? Where 213 is the post id assigned by WordPress.

Insert the script and save. just use the plugin setting. It will open in Notepad. making it bigger every time.php file. WordPress creates a backup of your posts every time you edit them. Log into your blog's root directory with FileZilla and look for the wp-config. If you write your posts in MSWord you have a copy of your posts anyway. Great. 15 .Right click on it. If you are not experienced. but each saved revision generates a new record in your database. It will do. • Turn off post revisions. Post revisions are a great idea that WordPress takes to an extreme. then click on View/Edit. which eventually slow down the loading time of the blog.

<IfModule mod_rewrite. because you also lose your RSS subscribers.htaccess file.Right click on it. “Burning” your feed is very easy. the best and most recommended way to do it is by adding a script to the . It will open in Notepad. • Set up the Categories.php file. Put this code in it.feedburner. etc. and save. then install the Delete Revision plugin and erase revision manually once a week. FeedBurner will provide you with a new feed. Right click the . Burning your Feed on FeedBurner (free) is the industry standard when it comes to publishing your RSS feed. Now you can change the blog feed URL. false). write your Feed Burner username and save it.” It's that simple. it’s fine. For SEO reasons I recommend a few categories. If a post has to occasionally be registered in two categories.com enter the current feed URL (yourblog. It will open with Notepad. Just go to http://www. but if you are not experienced everything can go wrong. With FeedBurner you can retrieve them and reload them in a new blog. WordPress produces a default feed (yourblog. Change the RSS Feed URL. God forbid you ever lose your blog. Keep posts within one category. Password and email.c> RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner 16 • [NC] . If this doesn’t work for your theme.com/feed/). Add this line to the “define” list like in the picture below and save: define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’. Some people do this by making modifications to the header. choose your blog title and click “activate feed. Besides. get widgets and buttons. but that's it. Once you've burnt your feed. It's a good idea to give your blog a structure of the topics you plan to write about.com/feed) for WordPress along with your Username. But try to write posts for a single category. I highly recommend using FeedBurner. With FeedBurner you can track your feed subscribers.htaccess file.

p y?hl=en&answer=78483 If you are using social media icons images in an HTML text widget. I recommend you get an AWeber account and fully control your list with all the powerful features of the #1 autoresponder and list management tool on the web. Set the form to email your list and RSS subscribers automatically every time you publish a post. you can code the RSS image so when clicked it goes right to your RSS feed URL. your text. You could get an email subscription plugin. 4. Prepare the HTML code that contains your AWeber form code. but I don’t recommend it.feedburner. but you can buy the older Dreamweaver8 version online for around $50 bucks. Trust me you don’t need a newer version.RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedValidator [NC] RewriteRule ^feed/?([_0-9a-z-]+)?/?$ http://feeds.com/yourusername [R=302. and an image of a free report. This is intuitive. It’s a $399 software program. • • Configure your AWeber or preferred autoresponder account.com/support/feedburner/bin/answer. You may decide to set AWeber to tweet your posts and set Twitter to post them on Facebook automatically depending on • • • 17 .” Now position the widget in the sidebar. Go under Appearance/Widgets in your dashboard and load the code in a “text widget.google.NC. To accomplish this I use Dreamweaver. Ideally you should offer a free download.L] </IfModule> You can also accomplish this through this plugin http://www. Install a Lead Magnet in the side bar (subscribe form) and a lead capture popup.

Don’t unzip them. I also explain how to do this step-by-step in the video. this is important because without a form and autoresponder in the sidebar you cannot capture leads and build a relationship with them. Download those that you need. which is a great PHP programmer and marketer. Upload at least a "thank you for subscribing" autoresponder or your entire autoresponder series (recommended). • You can learn all this. Then install them directly from your WordPress dashboard.com They will charge you around $75 or less. you can hire an inexpensive webmaster service at http://www. It’s totally customizable. For the lead capture popup I use an unblockable plugin called Action Popup from Robert Plank. If it’s not within your knowledge or you don’t want to bother. Test reveal that a popup on entrance generate leads better than one on exits. However. It’s even endorsed by top marketers like Armand Morin. You can also accomplish automated Twitter posting through a plugin instead of AWeber.your business.elance. 5. Frank Kern. You can make it look like a mini web page and you can time it to appear immediately or a number of seconds after the visitor arrives at your blog. • Choose and configure the outgoing post template in AWeber with your personal information. Once they opt in they will never see the popup again. Right click on each of the plugins (Explorer: ”Save Target As” —Firefox “Save Link As”) save them into your plugins folder. 18 . Install Plugins: Go to this plugins file — there are over 50 plugins there I carefully selected after a lot of research. Michael Fortin and many others.

19 . Some plugins require settings. Obtain an API key and activate this plugin that comes with WordPress. There are people out there with bad robots that will post automated comments with spam advertising on your blog (especially Viagra. choose the plugin and follow the instructions.Navigate to you plugin folder. Load the following plugins in the wp-content/plugins directory in their original “zip file” format. It’s very intuitive. (1) Activate the Askimet anti-spam. You can then activate them from the dashboard. Click on the settings and follow the instructions. adult sites and online pharmacies).

Performs a simple. It works well with Askimet. By using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly. This plugin limits the length of the links people can leave in the comments. It checks to see if the IP address of the trackback sender is equal to the IP address of the web server the trackback URL is referring to. (3) Chunks for URL. featured posts are always visible. Tracks views. However. (5) WP-backup. If someone posts a comment with a long link it can overflow and break your theme. Displays a list of important posts permanently. Askimet anti-spam is very good and must be activated. week or day. There’s another useful plug in for this: WP-database-manager. 20 . This reveals almost every spam trackback. This is important because blogs can be a drag to load. so install this additional anti-spam plugin. like featured posts. post/page views. This is good for a quick view right from the dashboard. your entire blog could be lost.com Stats. It's important that your blog is backed up in an "excluded" directory (non indexed by Google) to avoid duplicate content. The WP-backup plugin allows you to set the number of backups per month. referrers and clicks (requires an API key). (7) WordPress. You can also set it up so the backup files are emailed to you. but very effective test on all incoming trackbacks in order to stop trackback spam. Statistically people click off after EIGHT seconds! This is a static caching plugin that generates html files that are handled directly by the server without processing "comparatively heavy" PHP scripts. If it crashes. but is not totally sufficient at keeping the bad guys out. (8) Query posts. also add the Google Analytics plugin for a much deeper analysis.(2) NoSpamNX. (4) Trackback validation. (6) WP Super Cache. Unlike posts that eventually disappear inside the archive based on the date. (9) Upload and configure the Google Analytics plugin so you can monitor: • The number of visits to your blog. Your entire blog content is stored in the database.

And many other features that monitor the entire performance of your blog.com It will track all your URLs activities. (14) TweetMeme. I recommend you get a free Bit. which costs $5 one time. You can add as many social media sites as you want. Google Analytics is free and comes with your Google account. Gives you the ability to add links to your social media profiles so people can follow you there. (10) Sociable. The TweetMeme retweet button easily allows your blog posts to be retweeted. Which keywords are working best. ROI analysis. This is important so you can see your URL activity on your Twitter and Facebook postings. 21 . How much time people spend on your pages. You can chose from different size icons and fly-out type menu (12) Total Social.ly account at www. You can set Twitter to automatically post on Facebook as well.Bit. This plugin gives you these nice big icons linking to your social media sites.ly for short URLs.• • • • • • • The number of opt ins. The button also provides a current count of how many times your posts have been retweeted. Where the traffic is coming from. (11) Follow me. (13) Tweetly Updater. How often they return.ly. Posts on Twitter automatically and notifies your followers when you create or edit a post. This allows people who like your posts to print or email them and share them on social media sites with other people. Uses bit. In the settings you choose which icons you want.

htaccess file (drag it to your desktop and open in Notepad) and make sure it has this script in it: <IfModule mod_rewrite. When you set this plugin. Allows you to upload . Manages your multitude of pages with a slick dragand-drop style. hiding and organizing of parenting. It can put ads anywhere in the blog (text and display). This plugin adds a "target blank" option to the resident link configuration screen. Allows you to enter the HTML code for an ad or banner or text or whatever you want to say at the bottom of any post.wpmods. . (17) Post footer.c> RewriteEngine on RewriteBase / 22 .com/11-great-social-media-plugins-forwordpress) (16) Target blank in posts and comments. exit popups and popunders with timer which can increase your opt in rate as much as 400%. and track your banners and ads. This plugin makes it easy to also rotate.doc and other files into your blog and track downloads. control. (18) PageMash. There is also another very good paid plugin to do this. A sticky post is one that always appears at the top regardless of the date/time posted. Allows quick sorting. Allows you to easily add banners and display ads inside your posts or sidebar. (19) WP-Sticky. See Video (21) Download Monitor. You may want to keep important posts pinned on top of the list. All links leading to external pages to other sites or your affiliate products or whatever should open in a new window so people don't navigate away from your blog.(15) Facebook share plugin for WordPress shows the number of times the post or page has been shared throughout Facebook just like tweetmeme button does for twitter. This is the one used by professional bloggers like John Chow. It helps you manage the display of posts along with the featured posts plugin (20) Banner and Ads. You can have top and bottom bar ads.pdf. Shoemaker and Yaro Starak. check the . (To research more social media plugins based on your likes and needs go to: http://www.

the minimum and maximum font size. You can find out a lot about your readers just by running a couple polls asking their experience level. online income. Indexing simply means Google found your pages and copied them in their database. research it in Google. Make sure to go through the entire list of configuration points. adds categories and other cool settings. You can use this plugin to do that. If you don’t know the meaning of some points. It helps Google index your posts and pages faster and also promotes better rankings. online business model etc. This plugin lets you use raw HTML or any other code in your posts. Configures the number of tags displayed. You can do this in a post and/or leave it static in your sidebar. (22) Better tag cloud.RewriteRule ^download([^/]+)$ http://www. WordPress uses "Pingomatic" to notify other pinging services and search engines about your post. (27) MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. It collapses the archive list so it doesn't take so much space on the sidebar.php?id=$1 [L]</IfModule> Save it and re-drag it into the root of your domain. (28) Nofollow for posts. You don't want Google to follow links that lead to other websites and bleed Page Rank away from your blog. This plugin overrides the current WordPress HTML and allows you to insert HTML code. 23 . Tags are important because they are part of the SEO strategy. Run a simple poll on your blog. (23) Collapsing Archives. SEO plugins: (26) Google sitemap. you risk "over pinging" and being banned from the search engines. To insert different text and boxes in a post it’s usually very frustrating. However.yourdomain." This plugin is important because every time you post. when editing and saving posts often.Prevent "Over Pinging.com/wpcontent/plugins/download-monitor/download. (25) WP-Poll. (24) Raw HTML. They need a copy of your pages on their servers before you can even hope to rank. I go through this configuration in the video. You can make a blog post look like anything you want.

archives. RSS. You should also link to other related posts and pages as you write your posts. • • Permanently set the title. which is necessary for good navigation and internal linking structure. This is the most important SEO plugin and must be installed. description. Every time you write a post this plugin gives you the fields for the title. 24 .IMPORTANT . tags. index and noindex attributes to each post and page. SE spiders crawl your blog from page-topage. keywords and tags meta values that you must fill in if you want Google to index and rank the post. trackbacks. (29) Related posts. any internal links going to external pages or sites and those leading to your affiliate sales page. The WordPress default is post title | blog title. I personally set all my posts and pages to index/follow to instruct the search engines that I WANT my posts and pages to rank. This plug in has a long list of configuration points and sets all the necessary duplicate content indexing exclusions like categories. The title is the most important tag for Google. comments. so they have to be linked together. (30) Platinum SEO plugin (an advanced version of the All In One SEO plugin). It has to be set to show just the "post title" that you choose and not post title | blog title. • This is what show in the SERPS. It also allows you to assign follow. Automatically adds the related posts at the bottom of every post. nofollow. The perfect title is your keyword with related keyword permutations. No blog name. Change the "title format" of posts.You want to set "nofollow" to your blogroll links. Having ellipses in your title confuses the search engines and diminishes your click through rate. • It allows Google to index only what's important like posts and pages. It allows you to perform the necessary on-page optimization. feeds and comments. description and keywords for your home page. admin pages.

Allows you to edit the Robot. • Produces a non-indexing meta tag for the "noodp" "noydir. It will change the source code so Google will consider it an original article. Nice convenience. It does not substitute the Platinum SEO plugin. it allows you to enter the meta values for the verification codes without manually adding a meta tag and messing with the HTML code in the index. (34) Slick Social Pro WSO – This is an important plug in for SEO because it allows you to bookmark every post to over 50 sites and drive hundreds of back links to each post automatically. This is a really neat plugin that gives you instructions on how to do on-page optimization based on the keywords you chose for your posts. When you register your site in Google (Live Webmaster Tool) Bing and Yahoo.txt and . making it impossible not to have great on-page optimization.) but has a few extra features that are necessary for good SEO. (32) Yoast Robots Meta This plugin can perform some of the same functions as Platinum SEO (not as intuitively.htacess file without messing with the root-level files on the server. Other plugins: 25 . It gives you a score from 0% to 100%. This plug in allows you to cherry pick an article in your niche off the web and re-write it so it becomes unique. It has the ability to spread it out over different accounts and much more." This prevents some search engines from "making up" a different description meta tag other that the one you wrote for your posts. When you use WP-Unique with Slick Social Pro together you can post and generate traffic fast.php • • Important paid plugins: (33) WP-Unique.(31) SEOPressor Plugin. This can save you a lot of time when writing your keyword-driven posts.

but they are not totally sufficient because they produce a virtual Robot. Many blogger just use plugins for all their SEO. 26 . Every time you write a post WordPress makes a copy in the categories. tags.txt file and load it in the root directory.com/?s=wordpress This is a great resource for WordPress users and a site to check often.wordpress. You only want to index and rank your posts. When the Googlebot and other SE bots visit your site. you can do well with WordPress.WordPress has an extensive library of plugins if you require more or different plugins other than those listed here.org/Plugins You can also check http://mashable. 6. If you want to just install plugins and produce well keyword-optimized content. etc. it’s also a mess of duplicate content. pages. if you are battling to rank in decent keywords and SEO is serious for you. However. If want to leave no stone unturned and enjoy a totally professional SEO configuration. the one search engines like the best. Configure a Robots. relevant images once and leave out copies. Controlling exclusions and indexing of unwanted or unnecessary files can be accomplished with plugins. there are imperfections and conflicts you need to fix. You want all the Page Rank or Google juice to concentrate on your quality content. but because of its structure. they will index (copy and store in their database) everything on your site.txt file. http://codex. WordPress is a great platform. Advanced SEO Configuration Through plugins you can achieve a good level of SEO. feeds. archives. You also want to exclude all other unnecessary files and images that may slow down your rankings. this is what you need to do. Duplicate content “on the same site” is not liked by any search engine and is one of the most discussed SEO subjects. You don’t want this.

gifs. admin pages.txt file must be programmed to exclude access to: Categories. js. archives. When your blog checks out in the Google Live Master Tool then you know it's done right. they have to shake hands with the Robots. what not to crawl. tags .php under the other meta tags) and then Google can tell you exactly what’s indexed. arrive at your blog. rss. You should open a Google account ($5 one-time fee). The ultimate test is done in the Google Live Webmaster Tool.txt file that fully controls the blog at the root level is a powerful feature to have. give you a meta tag code that you insert in the Yoast Robots Meta plugin (or directly in the header. arrows. This will give you many benefits including the Live Webmaster Tool.txt file can’t be edited and doesn’t prevent the indexing of unwanted files that are not useful to the search engines.This virtual Robots. shades and bullets around your blog. comments. Installing a physical Robot. 27 . and txt files that are loaded on your blog. css. doc. This tool will register your site. This file tells the robots to come in or stay out. RSS. downloads and many other files that are useful to the blog. It must exclude images that don't contribute to good SEO. trackbacks. but not to the search engines. comments. This is done by giving the “Googlebot-Images” (a specific image robot Google sends to your blog) specific instructions of which image directories to crawl and index and which to stay out from. The Robots.txt file and comply with what this file says. footer legal pages. Here you can see exactly which pages are crawled/indexed and which are not. Only allow the indexing of the main images that Google likes and not the myriad of little . what to index. It tells them what directories and files to crawl. inc. pdf. It must also exclude cgi-bin.txt file is the gate keeper of your blog. disclaimers. A Robots. When Google and all other bots on the web (good and bad). feeds. what not to index and other information.

txt syntax. This tells the search engines what you want to rank for. The title is what you see in your browser’s title bar. tagged h1 in the source code. Even those themes who claim to be SEO optimized still need serious tweaking. When a search engine crawls a page. <h1> Page/Post title or headline — This is the name of the page/post visible to humans. I suggest performing exclusions available in the Platinum SEO plugin. but it’s so damn important it has to be done. H1. This is NOT visible on a page. but visible only on the window title bar and of course in the source code. Title. • 28 . few figure out how to fix it.See the Robot. The title. h1 and h2 hack is a configuration change that must be done in the theme template and the Platinum SEO plugin according to the way you set the blog. H2 hack.You may need modifications depending on your site map and the way you set up your blog. This is a vital SEO tweak and only a few bloggers even know about it. WordPress doesn’t come out of the box optimized for SEO and neither do WordPress themes. it immediately checks these tags: • • URL (the older the better) <title> This is the name of the page/post in the eye of the search engines.com/free-mlm-leads —The bold part shows up as a link on the sidebar. And even if they know. It’s going to sounds technical and a little complicated. This also assigns the permalink: http://riccardoferrari. 7. If you are not proficient with Robot.txt on my blog .

which is important. images and other things). which is relevant to the searcher. like a web site) the tags have to be set accordingly. This must be changed. tagged h2 in the source code. These tags are the most important on-page factors and must have the main relevant keyword AND keyword permutations in them. LSI keywords. • • 29 . Many blogs are set to display the default title of the blog instead of the title of the page/post. The latest themes changed this h1/h2 fallacy and have two <h1> tags: One tags the title and one tags the post headline. This exists because a blog is not cut and dry as a regular website and can be set up in different ways. The spider has to know what the page is about and determine relevancy. Depending on the theme. which shouldn’t be. In older themes the post headline is tagged <h2>. The search engines must see these tags exactly in this sequence and then proceeds to check the rest of the page optimization (keyword density. tagged h3 in the source code. Now. but should be tagged <h1>. then the sequence of these tags must be fixed to reflect this. <h3> Another subheadline — visible on page. this is the way things play out: • • • The title is wrapped in the <title> tag and <h1> tag at the same time. ATL tags. WordPress programmers are not dumb. But WordPress comes with significant imperfections.• • • <h2> Subheadline — visible on page. If you set the blog up as a CMS (content management system. but at least the post headline is tagged h1 in the source code. • If you set the home page as a “static page” instead of the “latest post” or vice versa. It’s still a conflict.

you must change this in the header. every page or post should have its unique title. h1 and h2 in the right sequence.• If you have an older theme and the h2 tag the post headline. This the way it should be: 30 . no matter how you set up the blog. I don’t recommend using the default title of the blog ever.php The bottom line is. WordPress leaves these tweaks to the user. I recommend customizing the title of every page or post and serve the user what he searched for.

Without this tweak Google will pick up either the blog’s default title or the headline of the page/post. This is filet mignon for the spider! It has to be <h1> and nothing else. See how everything here matches what shows up in Google? But it doesn’t show this way automatically. unless you set it up. then you need to change it.You write that nice line in the Title field of the Platinum SEO plugin at the time you write the post. What you write in the description field shows up right under the Title. Hello! The headline of the post is a “major relevance” factor. It must pick up the Title YOU write. If this is not set in the header code of the blog. This is not good. The headline of the post should be the <h1> not the <title> or <h2>. This way you control what shows up in the SERP. This is important because this is like an ad people see online. 31 .

Take any page. but trust me. the Title. right click on it. which you assign in the dashboard when you write the blog. You can set this to your advantage if you use the right keyword permutations ( keyword mixed with other things in the sentence) I can't give you a lesson in "on-page optimization" right here. How to check if the Title.The subheadline should be marked <h2>. <title> What’s in here? </title> 32 . Unfortunately. h1 and h2 and h3 tags are in the right place. h1 and h2 tags default must be fixed so they fall in the right sequence for the search engine to serve you page when that keyword is called. I can’t show you the code changes because every theme is different and must be customized for whatever theme you pick. then click on view source and look from to top to bottom until you see the tags and make note what in them.

As you can see. Your text must be relevant to a keyword and its related keywords. Yoast Robots Meta and other SEO related plugins working together. . 33 . the subheadline and the second subheadline. <h1> and <h2> fall in the right place. you can achieve perfect SEO using this "team" of Robots.txt file. then your blog is set up correctly. There You Have It. the necessary tweaks to make sure the <title>. Plus. All you have to do is make sure that you apply the correct on-page optimization when writing your posts.<h1> What’s in here? </h1> <h2> What’s in here? </h2> <h3> What’s in here? </h3> When these tags match exactly what you write the Title and Description in the Platinum SEO plugin and what you write in the headline of the post. Platinum SEO.htaccess file. A Perfect Blog Loved By Google and Configured With All The Functionalities and SEO of a Serious Traffic Magnet and Marketing Machine.

not confusing and can get you to the next level in creating traffic and leads. 8. Customizing the banner with your photo or preferred image. Our service is $795. It includes: 1.htaccess cheat sheet with examples of how to do some very cool and useful things through your .If you want a full SEO course that’s simple. Installing the Woo Fresh News or Studio Press Executive Theme. plugins. Installation Service An entire blog installation as described in this guide with all the.htaccess file (always make a backup before messing with . Googlebot simulation and other. I hope this report was informative and useful. SEO For Networkers Made Simple 8. Platinum SEO and Robot Meta plugins configuration (60 check points) 10. 34 . 11. I believe it has everything you need to know. I make one available totally free. 6.000 or more. Turn off post revisions in the wp-config file. you can use our blog installation service.htaccess). 3. Set canonical URL in the . It’s the sum of many SEO courses that I purchases from the best in the industry and my direct personal experience.com/htaccess-cheatsheet An awesome .htaccess file. Configuring the Google XML site map (40 check points). 9.thejackol.200 to $2. Performing all necessary blog settings (around 22). Change the permalinks settings. 5. Installing and configuring all necessary plugins. configurations and customizations is usually priced on the web between $1. If you are technically challenged or you wish to save time. http://www. 4.com SEO tools. 2. Cool tools and stuff: http://www. Installing the blog in your preferred domain. SEO components. Delivery time is 7-10 days.lemonwords. 7. Installing Google Analytics.

Your Google account login (if you want us to install Google analytics) 5. 2.h2. 6. Your theme zip file. Happy blogging! 35 . Your social media sites URLs. Installing. user name and password). and h3 tags. AWeber account login. you can reach us at (619) 796-6064 Information to email us: 1. 7. Your photo for the blog’s top banner. 15.12. Installing the AWeber opt in form in the sidebar. Installing social media icons in the sidebar. 16. La Costa CA. 14. h1. 4. configuring and testing the Robots . 7668 El Camino Real. The zip files of any paid plugins you may choose. 13. Set up the blog back-up schedule in non-indexed directory. SEO optimize the theme and make code changes to fix the title. Configuring your AWeber account and set the first autoresponder.txt file. 17. Your domain and hosting account login (domain. Inc. 92009 When you place your order please send a notification to: ferrarisystems@gmail. 3.com If you wish to call first. Please send a money order to: Wave Marketing.

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