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Mothers Day Flyer 2011-1

Mothers Day Flyer 2011-1

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Published by Lynn Gosselin

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Published by: Lynn Gosselin on Apr 22, 2011
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Head to Toe Treatment!

Shower those special women in your life with Votre Vu's two Mother's Day gift sets!
S P R i N G G i f t S E t

A special delivery of this botanical bouquet will brighten any mother’s day. This thoughtful arrangement of two pampering Votre Vu products will leave her skin petal soft and her heart full of joy.
Portrait Collar is a lush crème for the neck and décolleté. Powered by aromatic and restorative rose hips oil, this crème leaves skin beautifully soft, noticeably smoother, and naturally strengthened by marine elastin and collagen, and shea butter. Employing the petal power of Roman chamomile and Melissa extract, the enchanting Tout Le Monde Eye Gelée firms, tones and tightens the delicate eye area. Soothing and repairing aloe vera and carrot oil deliver blissful relief to weary and sensitive skin.

A mother’s work is never done and her feet can pay the price. Let her know how much she’s appreciated and gift her with a stroll down the path to soothed, healthy, beautiful feet.
Petite particles of benevolent bamboo in Très Magni-feet Exfoliant gently eliminate roughness and lifeless cells – revealing clean, soft and refreshed feet. follow with Très Magni-feet Crème – an ultra-rich blend of chamomile, verbena, arnica and shea butter that hydrates, nourishes and protects. feet are left softer, smoother, more youthful in appearance .. and feeling ready to play footsies again.

Flowers for Her Face PoRtRait CollaR Restorative Neck Crème tout lE MoNdE antioxidant Eye Gelée
item # 6016 $83 $46 $37

Sweep Her off Her Feet tRèS MaGNi-fEEt Exfoliant Pour les Pieds tRèS MaGNi-fEEt traitement Crème Pour les Pieds
item # 6031 $61 $32 $29

Sets are packaged in a special edition gift box nestled inside an outer shipping box for protection. Gift box includes sparkle crinkle and visit us at votrevu.com tissue inside and metallic ribbon and special-edition stickers on the exterior. Ooh la la!

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