Mr. Sudarshan Maharjan, student of St.

Xavier’s College has successfully completed case study on e-Governance initiatives on Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City Office. The survey was based on the implementation of e-Governance facilities. Study was focused in brief about the current e-Governance services that are currently available from the office. He also tried to focus on the plans that will be executed in the near future to provide better governance facilities to the public. Similarly they also examined the causes in detail about the problems and hindrances for the successful implementation of digital governance facilities. He also investigated the solutions to these problems and how better to provide services to the pubic via electronic transactions with the implementation of successful Information Communication and Technologies methodologies. I am pleased for supervising and providing information for making his case study a success.

Co-ordinated by –

Ar. Prabin Dhakhwa (Urban Development Department) (LSMC Office)

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