A Flower Unfolds

Inspirational teachings in verse from Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion

Channeled by Marjorie Musacchio Compiled, edited and formatted by Craig Robert Howell
© 2003 Sun Sprite Publishing, part of The Eyes of Kwan Yin, a spiritual work All rights reserved. www.myKwanYin.com/sunsprite.html ISBN 0-9745712-0-2

This work is a presentation of channeled information received by Marjorie from Kwan Yin, known in the Buddhist faith as a Bodhisattva; a being of enlightenment who is dedicated to the enlightenment of all. The Eyes of Kwan Yin is not a Buddhist organization, but is also dedicated to help with the spiritual enlightenment of all, especially through the teachings of Kwan Yin and the Ascended Masters. The use of the words “little ones” is an endearing phrase that Kwan Yin uses to describe all of us here on earth who are incarnated at this time. I think of it as if we are all her children, growing spiritually under her guidance. The word “God” was used in these messages by Kwan Yin, but one could substitute this with Buddha Nature, All That Is, or any term describing the Intelligent Universal Energy which makes up all things. We are all One, all beings of the same Source.

Kwan Yin, the mother, infinite in compassion. All the little ones on the earth call her name with their heart and she hears. In time of joy and time of trouble she is there, forever cradling the world in her love.
—Craig Robert Howell

We are calling to you to not pay attention so much to the physical reality. Start to pay attention to the energetic reality— your love, your heart.

I[ 1 ]I

lies responsibility The within you to give to you lies withinyourself and to to rest of to give theyourself the world, undivided rest of the and to the attention world, with no judgement. undivided attention with no judgement.

I[ 2 ]I I[ 2 ]I

It is important to awaken the spirit and draw from the human being, in every interaction that you have, their own ability to learn, their own ability to teach, their own ability to find Christ Consciousness.

I[ 3 ]I

I[ 4 ]I

Believe that in the ethers, beyond what you see every moment that there are beings of light, energetic fields that can be of help. Angels . . . angel energy. Know that your true and constant companions are in fact angelic beings, spiritual energy that can give to you what it is you need in the moment.

It is almost like the boat is going out now. If you want to be on one of the first boats to get to the new shore, ahh . . . then there is a kind of urgency. There is a part of self that must be packed and ready to go, a part of self that must be ready to leave behind those, or those things which hold one to old habitual patterns.

I[ 5 ]I

We are all one. And although our channels help us to remind you, you do the work. You are the ones that in love and light, carry the fire, carry the love.

I[ 6 ]I

See in your own children that there is love, there is hope, there is promise, and that you once were a child, too.

I[ 7 ]I

Come to the part of self that is like a child. Come to the part of self that does not fear, the part of yourself that is not in hesitation.

I[ 8 ]I

The animals want to communicate, even the animals in the woods. They want to also make an impression in the world so that there can be an establishment of the oneness. Everything is becoming aware of its spectrum.

I[ 9 ]I

Compassion is the very most dignified of experiences on the planet. Place yourself in compassion in the experience of the moment with others.

I[ 10 ]I

When one slows down and just senses the breath, senses the completeness of a breath— just in and out— it is complete. Know you are complete unto yourself.

I[ 11 ]I

You are growing up into a place of understanding, moving your energy up into the creation place where you are able to take charge of manifestation. It is about wisdom living inside of self.

I[ 12 ]I

We are trying to say to you that everything is a part of everything. The more you bless your world, the more you give Creation a chance to speak with you.

I[ 13 ]I

I[ 14 ]I

People have begun to think that you have to follow a guru, or they have to open up to greater, deeper, mystical, spiritual experience, Through the everyday life, but we say, no. through practicing compassion, practicing the mindfulness of being awake and aware by trusting with patience to yourself and to others, that all things are unfolding— these are the ways to come to enlightenment at this time.

How do you know that your child is going to wake up in the morning? You have faith. The sun comes up— you have faith. You don’t doubt it.

I[ 15 ]I

Try to be more purposefully open to God’s Will. Then your will becomes God’s Will, the stronger the energy will be and the quicker you will manifest what it is that you are trying to do.

I[ 16 ]I

It is a very nice thing to have gratitude, but it is another beautiful thing to live in gratitude. There is not a moment in your life where there is not something to be grateful for.

I[ 17 ]I

The energy of the human body is in relationship to the heart. And the beat of the earth is the same as the beat of the heart. It is the same rhythm.

I[ 18 ]I

Heart is the place where everything is taken in. Your eyes can fall upon something that is sweet and your heart registers because you can feel the smile in your heart space, in your heart chakra.

I[ 19 ]I

The spirituality of the earth is held in place by those of you who can concentrate and hold the light. This elevates your consciousness and all other consciousness as well.

I[ 20 ]I

If every single human being at this moment stopped what they were doing, sat down, put their hands together and bowed their head, what would you have? Humility. Once you have humility, you have openness.

I[ 21 ]I

Innocence and unconditional love are one. To some, it looks like vulnerability. To some, this looks like stupidity. It is innocence, starting from the beginning, opening up to all there is.
I[ 22 ]I

Little ones have the power to intensify God’s energy. The more little ones that help to interpret and move this energy into awareness, the better it is for consciousness.

I[ 23 ]I

Things do not give joy. Joy emanates from the heart.

I[ 24 ]I

There is no need for any special wonderful accomplishments in the world. It is a wonderful accomplishment to know yourself.

I[ 25 ]I

You have a larger part of yourself. And the larger part of yourself is in agreement with your soul.

I[ 26 ]I

All of the energy that comes to and through the little ones is not to be held on to, but is to be let go of lightly so it can intensify.

I[ 27 ]I

Love is awakening. It takes the face of many and it takes the form of many different experiences. Loving is just noticing, with very open eyes and very open heart . . . just being there.

I[ 28 ]I

Meditate dawn and dusk. When you see sunrise— it is beautiful. When you see sunset— It is beautiful. This is God working in the atmosphere to increase the vibration and calm the mind.

I[ 29 ]I

Meditation is a way of closing out the rest of the world and becoming very quiet, silent and peaceful. This is dedication and an appointment with God.

I[ 30 ]I

Give yourself an opportunity to open to the experience of yourself.

I[ 31 ]I

In patience and understanding of self and others, you will begin to understand the inner portion of yourself, more kindly, more deeply relating. It is a matter of having patience— waiting on the Wheel of Heaven.

I[ 32 ]I

The pleasure centers in your body play an important part, because you are here to have happiness. You are here to accentuate, intensify and enjoy the love, the radiance of love.

I[ 33 ]I

Relax and let your energy fields flow like a kitten purring, breathing in and out, opening to your own deep knowing. When you are quiet and you allow your energy field to purr, there is a deeper connection to your soul energy.
I[ 34 ]I

One that is constantly doing appears to be pushing the river, helping to make things happen, and really, God is in charge.

I[ 35 ]I

It is time to restore your original innocence, back into the childlike state, back to the part of self that knew what could make you happy, knew what felt good, knew how to breath.

I[ 36 ]I

As you grow, as you are establishing yourself on the planet of earth, you can be here to serve and help others. Not to bend over backwards to help another, but to be a model, a model of the energy of faith and truth and love.

I[ 37 ]I

So be it — these words are very magical. They are like Amen. When it is that you say it is to be done, it will be done. So when that time comes, remember . . . So be it It is done

I[ 38 ]I

The body is a temple. You are a projection of love. Love the earth, love the air, love the water, love the fire. Love the part of self that is of the ethers.
I[ 39 ]I

A high vibratory deed is one that is done out of love, not for recognition. Your planet needs a lot of high vibratory thoughts, words and deeds.

I[ 40 ]I

If you stay stuck for a period of time, this is given unto you by your soul to give to you a resting place. At this place, you judge it as stuck. See it as transition.

I[ 41 ]I

After you have a certain amount of knowledge, then you are willing to take the first step and you say, I will give this a try, I will take a risk. As you try, you learn.

I[ 42 ]I

A flower unfolds to the best of its ability due to the conditions around it. And so do you— you unfold to the best of your ability.

I[ 43 ]I

The little ones are always unfolding day by day in their daily lives. If one is just going along unfolding and they are not paying attention, this is a single unfoldment. If they give themselves permission to be aware of their unfoldment— ahh, yes . . . then there is double unfoldment. There is awareness.

I[ 44 ]I

Pray for the well-being of the water. Talk to the water as if you would love to see the reflection of God in every droplet.

I[ 45 ]I

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