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Developing Web-based Courses with MOODLE


Ann Nicholson: Educational Technology Specialist Cedar Rapids Community School District anicholson@cr.k12.ia.us

What is MOODLE? Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment .

a supported database such as MySQL and a webserver • Create a blank database • Create a data directory • Set permissions • Download Moodle .The Technical “Stuff” • PHP.

The Technical “Stuff” • • • • • • Extract files into folder on webserver Start the installation Download config.php License agreement Name you site Set up admin account .


Activities or Modules .

Setting up a Course .

Editing a Course .

Resources .

Why Use MOODLE with Students? • Reinforce NETS • Paperless Classrooms – Class Notes – Assignments – Quizzes • Collaboration – Discussion Forums – Chats .

Why Use MOODLE for Staff Development? • Reinforce NETS • Paperless Classrooms – Class Notes – Assignments – Quizzes • Collaboration – Discussion Forums – Chats .

When do People use MOODLE? • Virtually anytime!!! MOODLE use can be synchronously or asynchronously .

Teaching with MOODLE .

Standards for Online Professional Development • • • • • • • • • • • Learning Communities Leadership Resources Data-Driven Evaluation Research Based Design Learning Collaboration Equity Quality Teaching Southern Regional Educational Board .

org/moodle .MOODLE Models • http://crwash.

Standards for Online Professional Development. September 2002. MultiMedia & Internet@Schools. Learning and Leading with Technology. A.Bibliography Mikish. G. and Peterson. 10/31/2003. Bintrim. K. Tready. Easy. Redesigning Professional Development . . Interest Growing In Open-Source Distance Learning Platform Moodle. MOODLE: A Free. Southern Regional Education Board. and Constructivist Online Learning Tool.. L. Successful Online Professional Development. B. Lifelong Learning Market Report. Educational Leadership. May/Jun2006. Leiman. Mar2002 .

org/programs/edtech/pubs/PDF/04T04Standards_Online_Prof_Dev.Bibliography http://www.edtechleaders.html http://www.icbl.acu.cfm/C780C656-0F0F-19866230F8BBF7EA30BB/x/Teaching-Learnin_OnlinePedagogical-Development.au/download.pdf#search=%22developing%20%22staff%20 development%22%20online%22 .pdf#search=%22guideline %20%22staff%20development%22%20online%22 http://my.doc http://www.uk/jtap-573/140301text.org/about/research/articles/Succ essfulOPD.edu.ac.sreb.hw.

htm Moodle Demo Site: http://demo.com/Article8.php?d=9285 .org/mod/forum/discuss.MOODLE Resources http://moodle.phtml Blackboard vs Moodle http://www.classroomrevolution.com/ http://moodle.edu/~jdv1/moodle/all.org/ http://moodle.humboldt.org/ Using Moodle to support staff development http://moodle.com/hosting/ http://www.moodle.

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