The effect of lack of security on industry,economy and government.

By: Lily Suraya Amerudin

Lack of security means less of action of protecting our computer system and the information the contain against unwanted access. .destruction or modification.damage.Introduction.

 Lack of security give effect on: -industry -economy -government .The effect of of lack of security.

The effect of lack of security on industry. . Secrete files of a company can be destroy.stolen and hack by crackers. Unethical employees break into their employee computer to exploit a security weakness.

.The effect of lack of security on economy.  Privacy activity increase because lack of security and make economy of a country easily being hack.

.The effect of lack of security on government  Some corporate spies have excellent computer and network skill and are hired to break a specific computer and steel it proprietary data and information.

Unscrecerupulous companies hire corporate gain a corporative advantage.someone who uses the internet or network to destroy or damage computer for political reason. Cyber terrorist.a practice known as corporate espionage. .

gen erating.electricity. .companies or telecommunication infrastructure.Example:  Destroy the nationµs air traffic control system.

 Teacher and friends.Reference:  Discovering Computer 2005 a Gate Way To Information by Shelly Cashman Verment. . can give negative effects to the industrial activity.  Security precaution is important in industry.economy of a country and government activity in a and government.If there are lack of security. -The End- .

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