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Divinely Powerful Weapons of War

Divinely Powerful Weapons of War

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Published by Dr. J. Luxum
Inadequate knowledge and poor understanding leads to foolish doctrines. But to change anything foolish is like trying to pull a 100-years old Oak Tree with its roots.
Inadequate knowledge and poor understanding leads to foolish doctrines. But to change anything foolish is like trying to pull a 100-years old Oak Tree with its roots.

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Published by: Dr. J. Luxum on Apr 22, 2011
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Jesus Christ & God’s Holy Wrath
Why must there be a personification of evil? Why can’t we just accept the fact that good and evil serves a purpose and exactly this purpose we must investigate? Is it possible that the presence of evil makes us more alert, sharper and more appreciative of the things we cherish and hold dear? Hardly anyone has ever explored God’s wrath, jealousy, and vengeful outbreaks of anger. We have so many a book on God’s love and its expression, but the mystery of His wrath hardly anyone ever touches on. Why? There is a very simple answer to this question: we have developed, accepted and seduced ourselves with roughly 2,600 years of theology which firmly believes in two gods and this seemed to have settled the issue for a while; but it won’t do today. The Almighty God and the god of this world; prince of light versus prince of darkness is not the way to fathom the Almighty. One is portrayed as good and the other as the bad one. How could anyone ever accept ONE God and study Him only without being seduced by the presence of darkness and be drawn to it like the magnetic positive pole towards the negative one. Eventually one gets sucked into the realm of the minus for it is minus’s nature to steal and take away from the plus. Instead of truly KNOWING our Creator we have been engaged in a study of God’s creation and ‘hallucinated’. Yes, it is hallucination that we experience which we so often seek to shake off. It is time to stop this hallucination and know the truth. There is no war between God the Almighty and Satan; actually Scripture unequivocally and unambiguously points towards another reality and that is, God USES Satan for His own purposes. When does He use him and when is it absolutely necessary is barely touched on in this booklet, but it is thoroughly explained in my book entitled: “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation.” God’s angels are as His flames and winds, His instruments and sometimes weapons. God’s anger was vented numerous times in Scripture and each time He used angels as He still does today. God’s connection to humans is via His angels who are essential in everything God does. Angels, as God’s ministering spirits, connect Him with us in both positive and negative ways. When we study all wrathful outbreaks of God in the Bible one cannot help but wonder why these wrathful outbreaks, like earth opening up and swallowing the wicked, fire coming out of heaven or seemingly from nowhere etc., do not happen today. My friend it is not true. We see floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and famines and have accepted these as natural disasters, but in fact they are not at all natural. These are caused by our own evil deeds which vex our planet earth and draw God’s anger and displeasure, therefore from time to time the wrath of His holiness is vented out towards the earth. We are able to explain the inner workings of a hurricane and its formation, but why no one is able to explain a hurricane must exist in the first place. The same is true with volcanoes, earthquakes, meteorites hitting the earth, etc. yet who made them the way they are? Had they been programmed from time immemorial by a mind we can fathom but a minute fraction of its splendor and glory? A mind that has foreseen our behavior, even programmed the way we think, then designed sometimes a very frightening natural force in order to correct our focus which functions as a drawing mechanism—away from ourselves and back to our Maker? While some are shielded and supernaturally guided through a jungle of dangers, others perish, even the seemingly good ones. At any rate God gets our attention and wants us to pray. (Just as in God’s outbreak of displeasure against Saul, the king died, but so did his son Jonathan. In God’s outbreak against David, after the census, many—not involved in David’s deeds—died also.) What really takes place in the spiritual realm? Take it or leave it; agree or disagree, but this is what I know and clearly see, some become a sacrifice for those who still have a mission on this earth to accomplish. Someone dies so that someone else might live and in Jesus’ words it is called love. A soldier dies so that a civilian might live. It is the nature of life on this earth. Why it must be so and how long this will go on we do not really know, but these questions do not hinder us from asking and from asking some more. God takes pleasure in our asking, not questioning, which is doubt, for through asking we depend on Him. He likes that we depend on Him.


Because there was no intercessor in the time of King Saul and David, someone who would defuse God’s burning anger and the subsequent outpour of His wrath, we read in the Bible about destruction that affected both the guilty and the innocent. Although before our holy God there are none that are innocent, not even one. A baby is not innocent for it is the offspring of a sinner; therefore in sin it is conceived and brought forth. Mother and her baby are one. I am not looking from the human point of view but from God’s. We are all guilty from birth till death, but that is not the point, the point is how is this guilt of ours handled and can its irritation be defused? Actually it is already paid for. It is swept under the rug of God’s grace. What did God do? He found an intercessor, so perfect and merciful that He offered Him up on the altar and then raised Him up. Brought Him up to heaven so that He would intercede for humanity until the time when this present creation will pass away. New heaven and new earth shall be made after the former things have served their purpose. We are very near the end. When the tares shall be gathered and then burnt; no more wars or a need to defend anyone; no more crime and no more ‘natural disasters’, and yes it is us who cause them! US! We are guilty and in need of repentance. Not everyone will repent, but only those who are meant and are destined to make this world a better place. Since we were and still are very much incapable to be fully conformed to God’s image of love He sent us the atoning sacrifice—Jesus. Jesus absorbed God’s judgments and God’s wrath. Through this absorption He extinguished God’s burning wrath and put Satan—the one with the power of death—out of a job. Meaning, those who do accept Jesus’ sacrifice must also accept the fact that He atoned for our sins, which caused God’s wrath. It was not so much us who needed this atonement, but actually God. Dust is just dust, but it changes into a son or daughter when God touches it. God was ‘tired’ of His holy outbreaks and in His longing for us—His precious creatures—He did not want to deal with our deeds, but rather with our acceptance of the one He appointed to be our intercessor, Yeshua Ha Mashiah—Jesus Christ. As we realize the fact that it was not us who created God, but God created us, we will see ourselves as creation, which is totally independent from its own will. God made us the way He made us. He set things into motion of which we never knew before and never asked Him for. We have been set on a course that the Almighty prepared for us, therefore since He made us with inherent drawbacks He has the RESPONSIBILITY to fix us. These drawbacks are not imperfections, mind you, but properties with inherent abilities to win over adversities. As the word ‘drawback’ suggests, God made us to continuously DRAW BACK to Him in order to be corrected and re-corrected. This drawing or cleaving back to our Creator is called repentance. If we do not return to Him for renewal and restoration, if we do not cleave to Him for redesigning and up-keep, the ‘drawbacks’ will turn into mistakes and these are sins; sin contains the seed of death therefore physical and spiritual death is the inevitable result. We can speak about another chance for the ‘lost soul’ but the Bible does not speak about it. Conclusion: the mixture of minuses, pluses and neutral properties has been devised to do the job according to God’s Omniscient mind. This mind of His we now discover and unveil with His permission, He even wants us to do it because He loves us. He meant for us to study Him and step-by-step blend with His nature and eventually become one with Him; that they may be one, just as we are one, as Jesus as an individual is one with God so can you and I also become one with Him.


In order for us to understand it let me put it this way, God became weary of His wrathful outbursts. As it were, He did not want to vent His anger anymore neither to manage it for He desires to be known as the compassionate God. (Ex. 34:6) What has Jesus done? He took the vengeance, judgment and the wrath of God—against us—UNTO HIMSELF! What does it mean? In stead of having the faultfinder—Satan—roam this earth and look for unrighteousness and sin and then present God with the reason to vent His holy anger (basic and simple explanation), Jesus PLEASED the Father through His intercession. He obediently and with all submission took the beating… even unto death. And He saw that there was no man, and was astonished that there was no one to INTERCEDE; then His OWN ARM BROUGHT SALVATION to Him… As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so must the son of man must be lifted up. Eli, Eli, La ma sabachtani… But the Lord has caused the iniquity of us all to fall on Him. Just as Jonah remained in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights so must the son of man be in the belly of the earth. God did not only allow Satan to seal His Son in the tomb, but He planned this. After three days God put the faultfinder out of his job and instead of listening to the accuser and then to vent His wrath He listens now to His Intercessor. (Isaiah 53:12) (Three days and three nights. Jesus died on the *Pesach Sabbath which at that particular time had fallen on Thursday. *Every Biblical Jewish holiday begins with a Sabbath. If the holiday falls on a midweek the first day is called Sabbath.) You see that all human faults and shortcomings were laid on the sacrificial scapegoat—Jesus, till this very day. This is the Good News of salvation many heard already -- through the sacrifice of Jesus the Father put Satan out of work. As initially the Father employed Satan so it was the Father’s job to lay him off. In each instance God used Satan, it was the same as He would have used other angels, but in a negative sense. Satan was always singled out by people as a target for human misfortunes, precisely because of the negative aspect of his job. Other angels were not scrutinized as Satan has been simply because their job is a positive one. This obsession with the angel called Satan took preeminence in Babylon; this shall be explained later, but it has already lasted for too long. Now let us examine our finite minds. We are finite because of time; God’s mind is infinite because of no time. What Jesus had actually done had not really captivated the apostles’ mind because of their finite thinking. It is impossible to switch from Satan-thinking to NO-Satan-thinking overnight. Before of the sacrifice of Jesus, Satan roams the earth; afterwards he stops. One reality shows us the accuser and the faultfinder freely roaming the earth and the other the fact that Jesus arrested Satan’s (assumed) freedom. Jesus arrested Satan’s duties already in the wilderness and at the time of His struggle with two natures in the garden of Gethsemane. How did Jesus do it? Clearly by accepting all human guilt. When the accuser, or the prosecutor, is on the offensive and the innocent takes the blame then the prosecutor’s fury subsides. The ‘guilty’ one is found and ready to be punished. The prosecutor then declares, “Prosecution rests, Your Honor”. Kingdoms of this world, as Satan claimed to possess, were temporarily in his hand due to lack of intercession. The moment the required price was paid those kingdoms were, quite naturally, released. Before the cross we have one reality; after the cross a totally new one emerges. This switch in time must be grasped.


Jesus actually stopped the wrath of God once and for all, but especially against those who accepted Him as God’s propitiation for their own guilt. Very naturally and logically, AFTER THE REQUIRED PRICE WAS PAID the angel called Satan is not able to do anything. Just as Satan could do nothing in Egypt against those who obeyed God’s commandment and smeared the sacrificial blood of the lamb on their doorposts so he can do nothing against those who are washed with the blood of The Lamb. (Note the fact that according to Hebrews 2:14 Satan is the author of death, in other words the angel of death; the same one who did the killing of Egypt’s first born and at David’s census.) It could have remained this way and our obedience to God’s word would have put Satan out of his faultfinding assignment, but the times changed. Israel was the only one knowing the principle of obedience to God who expressed Himself through His prophets, but the world was left in darkness regarding this reality. God wanted to reveal Himself to the world USING Israel therefore naturally He had to find someone who would extinguish His holy wrath otherwise the non-covenanted people would’ve been annihilated. The person taking in God’s wrath was and still is none other but Jesus Christ Himself. Israel, however, was sacrificed for that particular mission until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled. (Romans 11:25) The last days do now, and shall still reveal a more complete plan of God, Israel included. Right now, as far as Christianity is concerned, Israel is as an outcast or plays a secondary role. It may be so, but not for too long. God chose the first to be the last and the last the first. All fits perfectly together if we care to see it the way He sees it and then glorify Him for the way He made this world. Israel is still inscribed on the palms of His hands. Notice the trick we have ourselves devised and got trapped by. The suggestion of two opposing forces or even two gods is the beginning of idolatry. This entrenches God’s resolve towards us. His presence is not with us always and the reason for it is the above. Believe me! God is really sensitive just as we are, and although we do not have much time, He does. Split thinking and split understanding of ONE God is the last item that must disappear from our list of concepts before the glorious day of the Lord. This kind of idolatry was present in the Greek culture and the ideas passed on to us from Babylon dominated the mind of Jesus’ generation, the one after Him and till this day. Today we must UNDERSTAND—by TURNING BACK TO THE ROOT—bypassing your and my doctrine or your and my denomination’s beliefs. Your perception of God, filtered through many influences like Zoroastrianism, Phariseism, Manism and Gnosticism, must be liberated (not made liberal). No matter what is your creed, there is ONLY ONE GOD! Period! All of the apostles were educated in the form of Judaism that the Pharisees taught. Apostle Paul was a Pharisee to the core. Jesus preached resurrection and angels, a typical pharisaic doctrine, as opposed to the beliefs of the Sadducees. Jesus was temporarily accepted as a Pharisee, out of pure rivalry between those two sects, but did He really subscribe to any of their teachings? Did He have any need to, since He was FULL of the TRUTH—the Holy Spirit? (In God’s kingdom: you are what you are full of.) Let the Holy Spirit teach you right now.

Babylon and the Cycles of Sevenths
Babylon means a low place. Babylon was used by God to bring confusion. The tower of Babel was not just a name of that particular tower, but this particular tower was constructed in Babel, (Babylon - Bavel in Hebrew). In God’s plan Babylon plays an important role for it is to confuse and


disperse then re-gather. God, in His dealings with us, seems to have always a double purpose. One is the obvious one—we are guilty therefore deserving His judgment so in His wrath He drives us away. The second one is veiled in secrecy for it is His incomplete plan suspended in time. From the very beginning He meant to disperse us all over the world just to sow us among the nations in order to reap harvest later on. After the harvest He gathers us back just as He has originally planned and so spoke through His prophets and blesses us with everything better than before. He brings His plan to completion and fruition for we have learnt His lessons. God wins! So it was with Moses and the two events at the rock, one was striking and the second speaking to. At the second event Moses disobeyed which cost him his life. God told him to go up to Mt. Nebo where Moses was going to be ‘secretly’ buried. Moses was overburdened and already tired, he knew God intimately, but did not have the strength to continue. Being the humblest man on earth it wasn’t a problem for him to repent, but then he would have to go on. Moses knew how to touch God’s compassionate and forgiving heart, plus the laws that govern God’s dealings with us. Moses did not repent so that God would have been left without any other choice but to take him from this earth, and so He did. Moses died, but that is for us to understand, the fact is that God actually transformed his body. God had translated Moses and had taken him up to heaven. No dead body can enter a realm of pure life and holiness without thorough transformation. (I realize that I step on the issue of intimacy. Some may label it as blasphemy so I leave few sticking points for you to take apart then take hold of when the time is ripe. In time, quite naturally, you will arrive at that precious point of intimacy with the Father.) Let’s look at Saul and David. One had an evil spirit from the Lord the other had the Lord’s Holy Spirit. When God’s judgments were accomplished then we, the observers, realized that it was God’s plan from the start, but in the process we learnt a valuable lesson—we were guilty and in need of repentance. God isn’t so much after your righteousness, but rather after your repentance. Since He knows your weaknesses—through repentance He Himself makes you righteous. What about David and Bathsheba? David sins, he commits adultery and then murders the woman’s husband. David pays dearly for his corruption, then Solomon the son of Bathsheba becomes the greatest ruler in the history of Israel. Nevertheless in both cases repentance was present. Duality of purpose in God’s dealings should be understood within a frame of time. One reason is for our admonition and learning. Second, after He finishes His job He emerges, as always, the Sovereign God having a specific plan. Flesh seems to play no role in God’s eternal plan. It is counted as grass that withers yet if one particular blade of grass is sent on a mission for others you may be absolutely certain that in the midst of disasters, and the so-called natural disasters, this tiny blade will live and shall survive any holocaust. AFTER we see His conclusive plans ONLY THEN we understand Him. After God’s dealings with us all tears shall be wiped away and totally forgotten as if they have never existed. Pain and suffering shall lose its meaning except that of being a lesson. On that day suffering becomes null, not even a hint, not a faintest memory…non-existent. Our sins shall be thrown into the depths of the sea and shall become non-existent. Suffering shall then be replaced with bliss and happiness.

Right after the Babylonian exile the Jews returned with mixed ideas about their Maker, in their mind all of a sudden the Almighty God ceased to be the Sovereign One, neither the All-powerful and All-mighty One. What happened? Time…


Please understand God’s dealings through time. While Jeremiah prophesied, hardly anyone believed him. No one could accept the admonition Submit to my servant king Nebuchadnezzar. The Sovereign One promised them prosperity under the new empire and then after 70 years a return to their own land yet all these words went unheeded. Judah was ‘disappointed’ with God and with His prophets. Babylon was the breeding ground for alternate ideas and the new idea they got was a different kind of duality. It was quickly explained that it is some kind of a mistake, it seemed that God lost the war to another ruler, as it were, another god. Zoroastrianism, or rather the subsequent conclusions that the followers of Zoroaster arrived at, exerted a great influence on the Jewish mind. It was something that corrupted the Jewish mind. ONE God, Elohim, (God with His angels) was no longer one, but strangely divided into two realms—light and darkness. While the exile continued Judeans had to survive under constant threats from the general population of that land, facing strict royal decrees against them, hard labors amid pleasant memories of the left behind Promised Land. The Jew, as he has always done, searched for answers to the ever-gnawing questions. The sought after answers did indeed come, but were they from the heavenly ruler or from the earthly one? Frequent questions drove Judah’s inquisitive mind to know and understand their newly emerging spirituality. ‘Where is our loving God? Where’s His faithfulness and His forgiving heart?’ In a very short time this ‘void’ was filled with an alternate idea that Zoroaster’s followers posited including the supposition that God lost one war to the prince of darkness, the god of matter—Satan, and it is he who now oppresses Judah. Were they right? Partially yes and preposterously not! Although God used Satan, yet as always, it is the Almighty who holds the reigns of time under His omniscient control. It is a fact that God uses Satan to execute His judgments, but Satan is not independent from God neither a spoiler of God’s works, but a passionate executor of God’s vengeance. Executor is the word for the AUTHORITY to cause death was given to Satan. (Hebrews 2:14) Nevertheless, I must stress again and again that it is the Sovereign One who has the reign firmly in His hands. Satanists who singled out Satan to be their god are simply idiotic. Thinking that they’ve gotten a religion that shocks any true believer in God is plainly ludicrous. In the name of Satan they offer sacrifices to him who they believe bestows upon them some special mystical powers. They sacrifice blood to him and even drink it, all in the name of their asinine beliefs. Their cryptic chicken-size brains shrink even more after such a ceremony. It is their own evil not Satan’s that drives them to do this. Satanists, as all sinners, are idolaters and misguided souls. The ‘hocus-pocus’ atmosphere they create brings humbuggery feelings. Presence that they claim to sense and believe in to be of the devil himself is their own vain imagination. Satan isn’t there; neither is he interested to be there for God keeps him under His control. If the supposed devil appears then it is a human and a by-product of hallucination produces a trick of magic. Once someone subjects himself, or herself, to this nonsense one subjects himself to fear and hysteria. Their sacrificial blood and other ‘sacred drinks’ are mixed with drugs while their spooky temples are filled with smoke of opium and hashish and other nauseating substances that induce visions and apparitions.

We are not here to undermine anyone’s theology, but to explain and therefore straighten out the crooked ways we made through erroneous beliefs. Actually we have split God’s glory in two and inadvertently and senselessly have given one part to Satan—His angel.


Out of many gods we finally narrowed it down to two and still think in terms of God being the builder on one side and on the other the ‘wrecker’—Satan. (Zoroaster follower’s doctrine: Prince of light being God, prince of darkness being Satan.) This makes two gods in our mind. This was permitted at the beginning of the initial transfer of the purely Jewish thought over to the Gentile mind. The law, transgression, sin, Messiah, redemption, salvation, Holy Spirit and the Messianic age has always been Jewish. But when it was transferred over to the not yet a Christian world, filled with polytheistic and idolatrous ideas, the process could not have been a sudden one. The progression continues till this day. The time for the final reformation has come. Let us make ONE GOD out of two gods—the Almighty God, and the so-called god of this world and prince of this world as His subject. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is ONE. I realize that in the beginning it may stick in your throat, it may be hard to swallow and even might border on blasphemy, but why? Let me help you. Let us return to the pre-Babylonian time and hear God’s words: there is no god besides Me, I Am the Lord, and there is no other, the One who is forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity. I AM THE LORD WHO DOES ALL THESE! Who created the universe and EVERYTHING in it? God! If you believe IN God you believe in the Sovereign and the Almighty One. Let us return to the God we knew before Babylon, Persia and Greece. When we continue having God on one side and the devil on the other we still have two gods (note: ‘gods’ not ‘Gods’. Why? Because the other is not a god, but an angel under God’s strictest control.) And what about you, are you the judge standing between these two determining theologically, emotionally, rationally, doctrinally and denominationally who is who then pass your ideas on to the one you minister to? Who is the Lord then, lording over EVERY thought and aspect of our lives? Who is the Sovereign One? Who is the judge then? Are you? No, we are not judges for there is only One Judge. After you become one with God and you see no one else but Him then you will become a judge, and your judgment shall be true just as Jesus was one with the Father so His judgments were absolutely true. We have tried to defend ourselves from the ‘onslaught of the enemy’ never realizing that we are the enemy. We slaughter our selves and our children by inventing and accepting impotent beliefs. The blame is on us, and it is us who must confess, repent and humble ourselves…not the imagined ‘enemy’. It is a pagan trait to be impersonal. Let me explain: we talk about God’s anointing, His glory, His power, even His presence, outpouring, mighty hand… this and that… just as I would’ve been referred to as ‘Joseph’s mighty tongue’ or ‘his voice spoke unto me’ instead of simply stating ‘Joseph spoke with me’. Where is God the person? We have left so much room in our minds for something extra. No wonder that Satan or the devil and demons filled it. Where is God? Where is the Father? “Where ARE YOU LORD? Have I wounded you? Have I made a separation between you and me? I just want you Lord, just you, not your blessing, or anointing, or power, but just you!” Have you noticed that there is space in your mind? The mind! Let us be renewed in the power of the mind. Fill it with God ONLY and you will lose every kind of theology in favor to relationship. God visits the iniquities of the fathers on their sons until the third and fourth generation. Question: what about the fifth generation?


Answer. In the fifth generation grace is given. Question: what about the sixth generation? Answer. If the given grace to turn back to God is not used then destruction follows! Question: what about the seventh generation? Answer. Those that survived, from previous generations, are totally released from all expressions of God’s wrath. God works in cycles of sevenths. The seventh year is the year of release, a complete Sabbath for the land, slave and debtor. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Seven days. Seven weeks. Seven months. Seven years. Seven generations.

Forty years constitutes one generation. Count the generation of Jesus seven times and the year 1960 completes seven generations; together we have 49 generations. Add another generation and the year 2000 closes the Jubilee generation. But wait a sec… Jesus was just the foundation and the actual ‘explosion’ took place in the 40s A. D. Correct. As there are leap months and leap years so there are leap generations. The year 2000 ushers us into the fiftieth generation, therefore into the ‘Jubilee generation’. We speak about God’s wrath and vengeance and repayment yet we forget that in the midst of it all there is the total release also, otherwise we could not endure. The two poles, north and south, night and day, hot and cold, good and evil would be too heavy to bear. We tried to systematize it all, place it in categories, harmonize and make sense and we still grope in shadows of uncertainties yet my friend, if you diligently examine the knowledge presented here you will not only smile, but jump for joy! God is good, but He pushed evil away from Himself to one particular angel whom we call Satan. We must understand that evil is anything hurtful, uncomfortable, crooked and out of straight line. This straight line is called truth. Before Satan became the main representation of all evil his name was Sammael. Then his name was changed to Satanel. Then the ‘EL’ was taken away (‘EL’ stands for deity) and—in our mind—he became the god of this world and the prince of darkness, and even a king with his own kingdom. If this was not enough our mind—constantly obsessed with the hidden contents of darkness—allowed Satan to go through transmutation, transformation and even multiple transfigurations. Now Satan is called the devil, the dragon, the serpent of old, Lucifer etc. (You might cry ‘Scripture!’ Scripture must be understood. Symbolism cannot be taken literally.) The rabbis of antiquity could not bear the punishments of Israel, their tears and agony were simply too severe… they searched for answers. As we read their writings and examine their feelings we find one dominant sentiment. After concluding that it was Sammael who caused us pain then Satanel is the one who hates Israel and accuses us before God then he is not worthy of the ‘EL’, which his name contained, therefore from now on he shall be called Satan. No longer God’s angel but the enemy of Israel, enemy of humanity and even the enemy of God. Note the fact that Christianity has its root in Judaism; therefore I have been summoned to this task to not only cleanse the tree itself, but also its root. Please note still another fact: we harbor feelings of animosity, plain stupid hatred for the misunderstood angel of God and exactly these feelings DO NOT PERMIT US TO EVEN SEE SATAN AS GOD’S ANGEL. Purely logically speaking: If you hate Satan then you must also hate God who made him. Or understand the purpose of Satan’s creation and enjoy peace.


We seem to be stuck in an emotional quagmire and still sinking. Only understanding will deliver us from this slow and self-inflicted death. An evil feeling, when attached to thoughts and words gradually destroy us. Such feelings invoke violent properties, which actually strip us of the possibility of becoming a true peacemaker therefore sons and daughters of God. God Himself transforms’ sons and daughters’ mortal bodies when their cup of peacemaking runs over, when their EMOTIONS are still and in perfect tune with God’s. In other words: our soul is one with His soul. When their temples rest in God’s sovereignty then they are taken up to be with Him, just as Enoch walked with the Father till He literally possessed him. Gradually we have departed from the oneness of God; now a message to all branches of Judaism: we are no longer worthy to even recite the ‘Shmah’, (Traditional: Hear oh Israel the Lord our God is One God) unless we repent of our erroneous beliefs passed on to us by our predecessors. Is it really true that God caused Lucifer to fall into pride, allowed rebellion and then God was forced to throw him down to the lower places of heaven or even down to our hemisphere thus causing a cataclysmic chaos? Is this Scripture or theology? The answer is plain and very decisive—one hundred percent theology. Am I defending the most disliked and hated ‘old rascal’ the ‘enemy of good’? No, I am not! I am explaining this mystery with the purpose of renting one more veil, which left our God in obscurity for much too long. It is time to rent the veil and reveal Him as He really is. Since we have not received any information pertaining to the time prior to Genesis one, we seduced our minds with fiction, and fiction sells more than truth. Fiction is fantasy. People love fantasy because it does not call us to repentance and change. Fantasy sooths and soothsayers are false prophets that tap into people’s fantasy banks and deposit more of the same in order to draw from them later on. All psychics and clairvoyants tap into that which we IMAGINE and WISH to become or have. All psychics know general wishes of most people: money, romance, fame, power, success… after brooding for a moment in this pool of someone’s fantasy they tap into the most desirable vain and spill truth-like-sounding beans. A person gets hooked on the ‘incredibly true prophesy’ and business prospers. It is not much different from the world of religion. Actually most advertisers and psychics took their cue from preachers and TV evangelists who have not taught ONE God, but between the lines about God they insert Satan and devil just to make their point. Hollywood quickly turned it into profitable business. Demons, devils, witchcraft and occult sell these days because people are seduced with falsehood. They were taught so much about Satan’s supposed plans and about his supposed and misleading power that when this belief is repeated often enough it seduces the mind without much effort. Satan has no plans of his own, get it out of your mind. GOD HAS! Period! Do you believe it? The Lord is One God! Neutralizing God’s Wrath The portrayal of Satan has been wrong since the exile to Babylon for it was in Babylon where exiled Judeans borrowed from someone called Zoroaster who paved the way for subsequent development of this religion of duality. Although Zoroaster himself preached about only one good spirit to be present in this world, he left enough of his speculative ammunition for his followers to go much further. We only knew One God and His angels. One angel whom God used in Egypt to kill Egypt’s firstborn was Sammael (Satan, the one with the power to kill according to Hebrews 2:14) who was to pass over every house (Jewish or Egyptian) that was marked with the blood of the lamb. Sammael obeyed. (Just as our Bible does not contain the word ‘Shechinah’ which is derived from rabbinical


writings, ‘Dwelling of Yah’, yet the word ‘Shechinah’ is widely accepted in Christian churches so is the same with the name ‘Sammael’.) Please follow with understanding. Before Jesus there was no intercessor to quench and to neutralize God’s wrath. The utterly pure and holy God was and still is very explosive. Had the Father not sent His own holy ‘extinguisher’, the world would’ve been consumed by now. (God’s wrath is activated only after His word is given and understood yet ignored.) The first example of intercession was Abraham’s, then Moses’, Amos’ and finally Jesus’. Please note the fact that those intercessors preceding Jesus were not totally successful, neither were they called to save the world. They were only as types, pictures and symbols of that which God required and sought after. As it shall be later explained we do have much more power than we have realized. We are much, much more important than we think. The foolishness we fall into is caused by our overblown egos. When ego kicks in God’s fire gets turned on and a war breaks out with whom? Because James (4:6) uses the Greek word ‘stratia’, which stands for ‘troops’ the war breaks out between God and the human being rather than with Satan. God sends His troops against the proud. In James 4:7 we are admonished to resist the devil. (There is a big difference between ‘the devil’, ‘a devil’ and ‘Satan’. I must again refer the reader to a more detailed book on this subject, “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation”) There is another way of looking at the above verse. Do not give place to the devil… Resist the devil… And all the like scriptures plainly point out to one fact: Thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with (entire) ALL your mind…without any room for the other therefore the resisting is the actual refusal to have devil-consciousness; not even giving to or occupying one’s thoughts with it. Although we have the night and day yet we sleep during the night and wake up when light of day arrives. In a sense we ignore darkness and concentrate on light. Are there not twelve hours in the day? If anyone walks in the day he walks in the light… The notion of Satan being the spoiler or the hooligan who roams the earth to hurt good people is preposterous. Judging from Scripture we have the choice to go either way yet it is dependent on the emotion having preeminence in one’s soul. The Scripture, however, also presents us with the alternative to see God in total control having absolute and sovereign rule. How does God war against us? Answer: He sends Satan, or Abaddon, or Zeal. These are some of the angels God uses against the wicked. (There is no need to use Satan against the righteous. Righteous Jesus took God’s wrath once and for all, isn’t this enough?) Satan who is called the accuser looks for unrighteousness in order to vent God’s wrath against the guilty. Zeal consumes. Abaddon destroys and overthrows. Zeal is God’s consuming fire and what does it consume? The answer is it consumes the immoral, unrighteous or a wicked ruler (speaking of ruling authorities and governments). Elijah was zealous for God. (Elijah brought fire from heaven and then killed 400 of Baal’s priests.) Often we read about the consuming fire from the Lord who is venting His displeasure against some human who thought that he had the right to offer something to God in place of the one who was appointed for this kind of a job. Elijah’s ministry points to the fact that he dealt with the angel called Zeal. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire therefore Zeal, Abaddon and Satan were there. Satan was the one who blinded the perverts, for his job is to afflict and to kill. The Lord said, who makes dumb or deaf or seeing or blind? Is it not I, the Lord? Zeal came later, or was not visible at the visit with Abraham until he broke forth with fire. Abaddon overturned the place and destroyed it. Most


likely Gabriel, Abaddon and Satan were the three God sent to see Abraham and to do two things: give the promise concerning the birth of Isaac and second, to destroy Sodom and Gomorra. I do not have a ‘mish-mush’ in my brain. I see all of God‘s angels working for One God, those who announce good news and those who announce bad news bring good things or bring destruction. If Satan cannot be together with Gabriel then you deal with two gods in your mind, no longer one Elohim—God with His angels. Most likely it was Gabriel who talked with Abraham for he is the messenger of good news. (Just as he did at the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.) When Abaddon and Satan went to Lot’s house we suddenly see that one of them—Gabriel—is missing. Gabriel who carried God’s Word in himself talked to Abraham who still bargained with God over the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra. When we talk about God being as a consuming fire we talk about God appearing in His angel Zeal, which is God’s fire. The same one which burnt against the rebels in the camp of Israel in the wilderness, the one who fell on Elijah’s sacrifices; burnt Uzza when he tried to steady the ark; burnt Solomon’s sacrifices at Jerusalem’s dedication of the first temple. Etc. God is Spirit, without any form. Although it was the Lord who struggled with Jacob yet it was through His angel, an angel who has the authority to bestow new names. As a result of his struggle with God, Jacob received a new name. Actually Jacob struggled with an angel. (All angels carry God’s name in themselves. In Hebrew God is called the Ha Shem—the Name) Therefore it was God who changed his name to ‘ISRA-EL. The following is a string of meanings: he who prevails with God, principality of God, he will rule as God, Prince of God. Jacob won the struggle and had the right to take his name. The people of Israel have one special guardian angel and that angel’s name is actually Israel. God had and has to use angels, if He did not He could have destroyed and consumed us. Sometimes He uses His angel of consuming fire, sometimes a messenger, sometimes a warrior, sometimes an encourager or as in the case of Elijah a strengthener. God appeared to Jesus and angels ministered to Him, whether it was Satan, Zeal, Comfort or Strengthener (Strength), Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding or Counsel these angels were assigned to Him composing the Messianic government upon His shoulders. Abaddon was not there for Jesus’ body could not be destroyed, nor undergo decay. Satan was there for it was he who effected His death. Zeal was not visibly there for we have not seen God’s fire yet he was there when Jesus caused trembling in the temple. The Zeal of God was burning in Him yet it was not the time to permit it to burn and consume the sinners for Jesus came the first time to save, not to judge or destroy. The Psalms speak of Jesus as the one eaten up by Zeal. Isaiah speaks of God’s vengeance and of Zeal as the mantle of the Lord. Although angels do physically appear, it does not necessarily mean that the invisible ones are not present. There is no place here to go into the subject of angels, it would overburden you, but most likely would put God’s fear in your heart. There is little teaching on the negative role of some of God’s angels. We have been left in the dark as far as their role is concerned, that is why we jump to foolish conclusions and even write books, which mess our thinking up. This has been tolerated, precisely because of Jesus’ intercession for us, but by no means must the subject of angels be left hidden in obscurity. Although God tolerates a lot of our foolishness (and foolishness always comes from vain and bigoted pride) there comes a time when He reveals the absolute truth so potent that we either laugh or desperately invent another error-filled doctrine in the attempt to salvage the decomposing one we produced earlier.

The old Baal and Satan
In Matthew 12:24-29 Jesus clearly demonstrates this clarity with humor. He did not go into lengthy conversations with the Pharisees about the differences of doctrines, but according to His opponent’s notions about the ‘ruler of demons’ Jesus simply called ‘Beelzebul’—Satan. (Same as


Baalzebub a Philistine god worshipped in Ekron, 2 Kings 1:2) And again according to their thinking Jesus transformed the old Baal into Satan. If that is so then Elijah wasn’t much fazed by this ‘prince of darkness’, ‘god of this world’, ‘Lucifer’, ‘dragon’, ‘serpent of old’ etc., and why not? Because Baal is not Satan but the Pharisees, who borrowed their ideas first from Philistia then Tyre and Sidon then Babylon, Persia and Greece made him to be one and the same. Speaking again about the prophet Elijah. We see that the prophet actually played with the mind of those who firmly believed in Baal and who according to Elijah’s suggestions went on a journey, fell asleep (in need of being awakened), or was deaf… just as Elijah played with Baal’s priests so did Jesus with the Pharisees. The Pharisees believed in ‘Baal-Ze-Bul’ as the prince of the devils. Jesus said, If Satan has risen up against himself and is divided, he cannot stand, but is finished! ‘IF’ Satan… Notice the fact that when a sentence begins with the ‘if’ then it is not a statement, confirmation nor denial nor explanation, but serves as a stimulant to think. We often find such sentences in the Gospels and these have been exploited to fit someone’s theology or defend a doctrine. How can anyone validate his own beliefs without getting familiar with the culture, tradition and language of the nation that introduces these views together with that time’s beliefs? If someone authoritatively attempts to do it, in the name of prestige, name, fame or rank, I would not be so quick to accept it. I think that we have enough of half-truths and mystical junk that must be removed anyway for God’s truth is marching on; yet it takes humility to admit error, repent and retract. Don’t you agree? (I used to tread the well-established theological beaten tracts yet have repented for God’s Spirit taught me something much clearer and better.) In Matthew 12 we have read about Beelzebul (lord of the fly, or, FLY-LORD) and Jesus called him Satan because to the Pharisees this was one and the same. Was Baal, or the so-called lord-fly (like the dragonfly), permitted to be paid attention to and all other gods not? Thou shalt have no other gods BEFORE Me. Since when have we received the permission to make out of the Almighty God a little less than the ALL—Mighty? It is very hard for us to consciously let go of the ‘other’, the god of this world, or the prince of darkness. Jesus said, if his KINGDOM is divided, and he is divided against himself then he shall not stand. KINGDOM, if kingdom then there must be a king; is Satan a king? Did Jesus actually make him to be a king? Is he a roaring lion, or LIKE one? Doesn’t he prowl about AS a roaring lion? These are illustrations, allusions to something that ruled the mind of the ancient world, not the actual and true. The apostles could not really explain it, neither could they act the way their fathers did before the Babylonian exile. Babylon and Persia already shaped their theological train of thought for more than 600 years. What the apostles inherited was the theological frame of mind their teachers passed on to them and this you cannot throw away overnight. Although it is quite evident that they have never been comfortable with that theology, nonetheless, in order to reach anyone God permitted them to narrow the multi-god worshipers’ belief down to two ‘deities’, Father of lights and ‘prince of darkness’. This is a full-blown, later developed version of Zoroastrianism, a far cry from the original monotheistic call of the Jewish people. Who will cleanse it all? The Messiah will not return until this is made clear and straight. The Messiah will not come unless the pure form of our faith in ONE God returns first. There is one Lord and one King, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let us return to the Lord our God for He has torn us, but He will heal us, He will bandage us and raise us up on the third day; let us PRESS ON TO KNOW THE LORD. Let us not press on… to know His imaginary foe? Let us press on, to KNOW the Lord Himself. Once you know THE ONLY Lord then He Himself explains to you all things. He guides you and leads you into ALL the TRUTH!


The Potter & the Clay
For some strange reasons, some Christians have a hard time acknowledging that Christianity has its root in Judaism. Jesus said, you worship that which you do not know; WE worship that which WE KNOW (Jesus plainly states here that He, His disciples and the nation He was born into was Jewish) for salvation comes from the Jews. Isn’t it a noteworthy statement to say that in order to know your faith better it would be a very good idea to get to know its ROOT first? I see Judaism as the clay. God is the potter who placed the clay in the oven. Christianity is as the pot that inherited what the clay already contained. It does not matter how hard the pot tries to improve itself it will never be perfect unless it is first broken and re-formed again. The last reformation falls into this category. The shattering is unpleasant, to say the least, but it must take place if the Great Potter Himself would like to drink from a perfect vessel. Faulty Judaism has dwarfed Christianity. Needless to say, if the clay is not right the pot will be irreparably flawed therefore the pot must be shattered and the clay cleansed from all impurities and then again prepared for another formation. It is not only the removal of impurities, but also the change of shape. Although Egypt, Babylon and the isles of the world exerted a profound influence on the Jewish people, these were used to: 1. Soften the clay—Egypt’s slavery. 2. Shaping as turning on the potter’s wheel—Babylonian servitude. 3. The oven—destruction of the Temple in 70 CE. Inquisitions, Moslem era, pogroms, and the Nazi’s Holocaust. Anything foreign and alien must be put aside NOW; we must return ONLY to the POTTER HIMSELF. We must say “yes” to Him by saying “no” to all the other borrowings. Give back what you borrowed! You and I don’t need it anymore, and definitely not our Maker. Let us return to the Lord only. Let us go back to the time before the Babylonian exile.

Babylon & Persia
Babylon was the culprit. Has God meant for Israel to borrow? The answer is definitely ‘yes’. Why? God has time. Before we arrive at His perfect will, we must pass through the permissible will of God. We have been and still must go through a process. We are so preoccupied with ‘me’ ‘myself’ and ‘my time’ that we forget the Eternal One in His glory who has unlimited time. We want everything all at once. I believe with all of my heart that if we seek God with all of our heart He will not only prolong our lives, but will keep us on this earth indefinitely. Since His truth is much, much more important to Him than our mere lives, for the sake of His revelation He shall preserve us. Why not living 1,000 years? Get the dogma out of your mind and get to KNOW HIM AS HE REALLY IS! When we freeze Scripture in a dogma and do not understand the background then we are in trouble. I mean deep trouble. The intelligence of God tells me to examine all things, but hold fast to that which is good. The intelligence of God is the Holy Spirit. The moment one takes Scriptures dogmatically, or straight from a doctrinal pulpit of one particular denomination one does not suck on his own mother’s breast but on stranger’s. In this case your ‘mother’ should be God’s Spirit, drink Him, talk to Him, ask Him! I am not here to make you blindly accept what I say, but rather to stimulate your hunger for no one else but for God.


Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism & Gnosticism
Let me quote to you some of the Zoroastrian doctrines that Israel borrowed from. God is calling us all to make a firm decision to repent and return ONLY to Him! [Zoroaster the Persian religious leader, was born about 630 BC. Although raised in an age of polytheism, Zoroaster believed that a good spirit, Ahura Mazda (“Lord Wisdom”) guided the world. This “Lord Wisdom” required “good thoughts of the mind, good deeds of the hand, and good words of the tongue” from his followers, if they wished to enter paradise. (The word ‘paradise’ which Jesus uttered on the cross is actually a Persian word.) Years later, Zoroaster's followers posited the existence of a second, evil god called ‘Angra Mainyu’ (“Fiendish Spirit”). Men and women must choose between these two gods, which represent good and evil. (Today approximately 10,000 Zoroastrians live in Iran; others, called Parsis, live in India.) Mani was a follower of Zoroaster. Mani was born into an aristocratic Persian family in southern Babylonia (now Iraq). Mani experienced visions in which an angel supposedly designated him a prophet of a new and ultimate revelation. On his first missionary journey Mani reached India, where he was influenced by Buddhism. With the protection of the new Persian emperor Shapur I (reigned 241-72), Mani preached throughout the empire and sent missionaries to the Roman Empire. The rapid expansion of Manichaeism provoked the hostility of the leaders of orthodox Zoroastrianism, and when Bahram I (reigned 274-77) succeeded to the throne, they persuaded him to have Mani arrested as a heretic, after which he either died in confinement or was executed. Mani proclaimed himself the last prophet in a succession that included Zoroaster, Buddha, and Jesus, whose partial revelations were, he taught, contained and consummated in his own doctrines. Besides Zoroastrianism and Christianity, Manichaeism reflects the strong influence of Gnosticism.] NOTE: Mani went further into the idea of two realms and two gods—the very opposite of the actual monotheistic mission of Israel and the Bible. The following is another excerpt on this subject. Note: The fundamental doctrine of Manichaeism is its dualistic division of the universe into contending realms of good and evil: the realm of Light (spirit), ruled by God, and the realm of Darkness (matter), ruled by Satan. Originally, the two realms were entirely separate, but in a primal catastrophe the realm of Darkness invaded the realm of Light, and the two became mixed and engaged in a perpetual struggle. The human race is a result and a microcosm of this struggle. The human body is material, therefore evil; the human soul is spiritual, a fragment of the divine Light, and must be redeemed from its imprisonment in the body and the world. The path of redemption is through knowledge of the realm of Light imparted by the succession of divine messengers that include Buddha and Jesus and ends in Mani. With this knowledge the human soul can conquer the carnal desires that perpetuate its imprisonment and so ascend to the divine realm. Here we arrive at the split between the original pure Jewish thought and the later one that Christianity was exposed to. The Jewish idea of man being one, as God is one, was split into two—spirit and matter—good and evil. Hatred of the body as something evil shaped the early Christian mind and survives till this day…hating even the garment polluted by the flesh. Apostle Paul preached that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. St. Jude, however, heavily leaned towards the newly emerging doctrines postulated in his day that drove some—those striving for sainthood—to celibacy. Gnostics did not believe in Christ’s physical birth and anything of that kind Apostle John branded as the spirit of Antichrist. This separation of spirit and matter is alien to the original pre-Babylonian Jewish mind. Since our bodies shall be resurrected when the spirit of life shall enter them, our bodies must be sanctified through good deeds rather than be hated and despised as something unclean.


When Zoroaster taught his religion the world was swamped with polytheism, and only Israel barely held on to the One God. When Israel arrived in Babylon, Zoroaster must have been a relatively young man, yet after his philosophy had taken root and seemingly answered many questions; it reminded the Jews of the real thing so much that they could not shake off its influence, and understandably so. Judah was hurt, exiled, their God was angry with them and they were angry with their God. They left the Promised Land in rebellion and frustration, now they are offered an opportunity to remember their God or to learn more about Him, and this they did. Babylon proved to be the next-in-line instrument God used on His list of scheduled tasks. Each task reveals God’s plan and makes it clearer for us to understand what He is after. We are here to be glorified together with Him. There is no glory without opposition and victory over it. Just as Jacob struggled with God so that he could win and have his name changed to Israel, so Jesus—the Son of God—had to win over the son of man in order to conquer even death itself. As He overcame, so can we, for the path is already established and the price is already paid. Everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die. Truly, truly I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he shall never see death. We are here to overcome and not succumb, prevail and not fail, be perfected and refined. We will never overcome the EXTERNAL evil we face each day, this will be exclusively God’s job, but within ourselves we can conquer any evil and emerge triumphant. An overcomer is not someone who irritates others, but bears any irritation; does not attack someone else’s domain, but is smart enough to handle it. An overcomer is someone who does not step on anyone else’s turf, but works on his own—the one entrusted to him by God in lieu of finally possessing it and becoming a master of it. (Gen. 4:7) Persia, Greece and Rome were also chosen as our tutors. Luther and other reformers were chosen to bring—out of religious obscurity—the light of salvation and the power of new birth. But the process has not stopped yet, it continues until now. In this process the implements of warfare are different for each dispensation of time. Today, we live in yet another polytheistic age. Although God still remains the same our approach to Him is still polytheistic, more precisely said, dualistic. In churches today we hear almost in the same breath about God and the devil, forward and backward never realizing that we are confusing ourselves with such expressions. In the presence of such declarations it is impossible to see God as the Almighty. The Sovereign One is somehow not sovereign anymore for His credibility is subconsciously questioned through the presence of ‘the other’. Is God’s sovereignty limited exclusively to light and not darkness as well? He Himself said: I dwell in thick and heavy (dark) cloud. Did He who made ALL THINGS, limit Himself to solely one realm? Don’t demean the Almighty! If your thinking is straight, not in any way dogmatic; and if these questions entered your mind before, then know for sure that it was not Satan who put them there, but your heavenly Father. Let go of your fear, theology and dogmas and realize the fact that the Bible, although inspired by God, was written by people who themselves were influenced by theology. There is the spiritual childhood, which needs a teacher, and there is the adulthood, which borders on becoming a teacher and there is the anointing that makes one. Time is as God’s instrument of education. Within a particular timeframe He appoints people who are used to open and enlarge our understandings and gain yet a truer knowledge than the one that was preceding it. Time is of the essence here. God used people to convey a message to us, but He never said that His instruments were perfect. They were as human as we are and they expressed ideas that were valid for their time yet limited by that time. God may speak through the sword yet swords are not used today, but guns. God may speak through a donkey yet today we use different kinds of transportation. Do not be afraid to lose a


bit of your dogmatic faith in the writers themselves rather strengthen your faith in the One they spoke of and spoke from, the invisible One, the Sovereign—the Almighty God. There is no perfect book not even one. Do not take the Bible narrow-mindedly, but with great trust in Him who made you; not just IN the Bible itself. Understand it! Not just reverence it! Read and hear what the Lord says THROUGH His Word, the Bible, rather then what does the Bible say on its own. The Bible says nothing for it is a book, but God uses this book to reach you. How shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard? No wonder that God appointed the five-fold ministries to reach us. Do you get my point? I do not glorify the Bible, not even God’s word, but God Himself. The devils believe it too and tremble. ‘Devils’ or ‘demons’ are the departed wicked souls afraid of the coming judgment. (This is also thoroughly explained in the book: “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation.”) I do not glorify the anointing, but the Holy Spirit who comes with His angels because of the anointing. (Isaiah 61:1) We could have glorified Moses, but he would not have liked it, but definitely we hear God talking through Moses. Jesus said: He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but he who is seeking the glory of the one who sent him he is true and there is no unrighteousness found in him. Jesus never spoke from Himself, but what His Father was saying. He never sought His own glory, but the Father’s; He never asked for glory and praises, although He is surrounded with glory and praises and shall have more of them when this show is over, just as it is portrayed in the book of Revelations. Worthy is the Lamb to receive power, riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing. The Bible is God’s Word, but it is such when you hear only God’s Word and nothing else. UNDERSTAND His Word only, minus any other influence then you will hear God and shall see Him in true glory. Learn the difference! Salvation and the new birth is not the end of the road but barely a beginning. The anointing upon the writers of the Bible was not much different from the anointing we have today, although greater for their task was to reach us with God’s Word recorded in the present form of the Bible. Their God was not much different from ours. God inspired all the books that our Bibles contain yet they were all selected FOR you and carefully chosen by religious authorities FOR you. They believed FOR you and they decided FOR you, and told you that these letters and books are the only ones inspired by God therefore worthy of the holy canon. Yes, all writings in the Bible are holy and precious beyond imagination yet it does not mean that we must blindly accept established creeds, dogmas and outdated explanations of the Bible passed on to us from pulpits of well established religious formats. God sits on His throne and is firmly in control. He will not allow you to be misled, providing you have the monotheistic faith in the only One God. However, when your faith is split in two; on one hand you trust God yet are still afraid of ‘Satan’s tricks’ then you better watch out, for the so called instrument of the devil is actually a human. Yes, it is a human, the earthly ruler, whether in politics or religion, he is the one who tricks you and misleads you. It is a high time to see and KNOW the truth. The Spirit of God is mightily blowing amongst us in a FRESH way for we are in the preparation for the soon–coming Messiah. Make the crooked ways straight, the incomplete and sometimes lacking in sense doctrines (due to changes within the sphere of culture, time and language) these we must explain and make them finally clear.


The works of Satan
Satan is not sent to good people, what for? Satan is only one angel and cannot be in two places at the same time. Satan will not come to steal your Social Security paycheck, a human will. A crooked preacher will take your last penny using the Bible; he will tell you to give out of your need as the widow in the Gospel did; that preacher is wicked for with the Bible in hand he robs orphans and widows instead of helping them. Satan will not touch your little apartment, if he did he would have first touched the White House, and if he were busy with the White House he wouldn’t bother your place. Satan is a different kind of an angel than the one you thought he is, he is only engaged when God’s wrath is kindled and this wrath of His is kindled when wrongs are repeated and remorse, regret and repentance do not follow. Only then Satan is sent—exclusively—to do harm to those against whom God Himself declared war. If God finds no repentance, Satan like lightning from the sky, falls on the enemy of God; the enemy of God is actually the wicked human, these are called serpents and scorpions, and these are God’s enemy and the enemy of the righteous and of His righteousness. A tare is the enemy of the seed for a tare is there to choke up the seed and steal its territory. I realize how it sounds; it sounds as if I whitewash Satan, no I don’t, I just explain him. Satan comes to pay God’s vengeance and retribution. If you are not in this category REST IN the Lord the merciful One for He loves the poor, the weak, the widow, the orphan and the meek. He is a gracious God. Satan won’t touch a widow simply because God would never allow it. But if a crooked preacher frightens you with the devil because he wants your last dime then that preacher is not only a blind and misled fellow, but manipulates you, then he is the devil himself. He is not God’s preacher; if he were he would have felt compassion just as God does. This is the Bible, the true Word of God. It’s time to grow up! The wicked, crooked, immoral religious leaders of the past were being punished by God who used Satan against them, but the ‘saintly’, sheep-like wolfs did not like it, and how could God—who supposedly chose them and whom they proclaimed—have chastised them this way? Therefore according to their theology it was not God who fought with them, but Satan. Yet the Scripture says that judgment of God begins in His own house. Truth is truth—it was God and it is still God today who punishes all crookedness in defense of the poor and the meek. Any religious leader who frightens the faithful with the devil in order to wrap them up around the fattened with plunder fingers, in order to pillage some more under the disguises of piety, is the devil. Blinding the ignorant and the fearful in their unreasonable drive for gain. No wonder that the ignorant and the one who shaped his thinking shall fall into the same ditch. It is so easy to be blinded in the name of a ministry. As if a ministry gives us the excuse to place people under guilt and tell them to disobey the devil and listen to God; and then tell them that I am the one who speaks in God’s name, but “the thought to oppose or question me comes from the devil”. Anyone who does not know better would naturally oppose the devil and submit… not to God, but to a crooked preacher who is after vain gain. By their fruits you shall know them. Assuming that we are justified by placing people under compulsion—because the money is designated for God’s work—is misleading, for the Scripture clearly admonishes us give not under compulsion... Take up an offering from everyone whose heart moves him to give. I am speaking the truth yet I realize that I step on a lot of toes, but the truth must be said and then we all must be changed and reformed from the root up before the terrible day of the Lord. If there is still any faith in God left, if there is a spark of care and compassion then heed these words and be changed, otherwise perish with the god of this world—the love of money. I am also a


minister living from offerings, sure I need your donations and love gifts and of course I have expenses. Honestly I rejoice each time I receive an offering yet I have the fear of God. I tremble if I detect that while being driven by religious fervor a widow, or simpleton, wants to give their last penny for God’s work. I try first to talk sense to them knowing that if I do not warn them against any religious zeal or pride I take God’s judgments unto myself. Such people try to prove to themselves and to others that they love God so much that they sometimes give their very last penny. Whether one directly robs someone else, or under false pretenses, it is till robbery and it is sin. God instructed Moses to take offering from each person who finds in his or her heart to give, without strings attached; not under compulsion, but out of a heart that moves one to offer to God the fruit of one’s labor.

Influence of the Pharisees
It is a fact that apostle Paul was raised as a Pharisee for in those days that was the ‘correct’ and widely accepted form of Judaism. All apostles were rooted in the teaching of the Pharisees. Judaism, as it were, was going through a religious quarantine. A majority of Jews were Hellenized therefore heathenized. After a short-lived victory the Hasmoneans officially appointed the cast of Pharisees as guides and teachers on all religious duties of the Jewish people. The Jewish beliefs were explained and taught by the Pharisees and it was them who made out of Baal Satan and Beelzebul—the prince of devils. Now, we sort of accepted this as a fact. But did Jesus accept it? Absolutely NOT! The writers of the Gospels recorded many facts nevertheless these facts were filtered out through their own frame of mind therefore through that day’s theology, for quite naturally they could not have written them in any other way. For example, Matthew 4 opens with a sentence that gives us a firm idea that right after Jesus’ baptism the Holy Spirit led Him into the wilderness in order for Jesus to be tempted there by Satan. (Matthew and Luke call Satan the devil; Mark does not). The purpose of God was to lead His Son into wilderness in order to try Him. When Satan finished his temptation he departed. Now, with a prejudiced mind, or a mind already shaped by nowadays theology we might have quite naturally assumed that Satan, all on his own, came to Jesus to tempt him until Jesus rebuked him and chased him away by saying: be gone, Satan! You can write the same account with clear understanding and see the same facts in a different light. God’s Holy Spirit led the Son of God for this very purpose, which is to be tested (from God’s point of view and tempted from man’s point of view). To this very day Satan’s job is to test, but only under God’s strictest permission, supervision and at His own appointed seasons. When the test/temptation is completed God recalls His angels including Satan back to heaven. But this kind of scenario was and still is almost impossible to imagine because of the ENEMY OF GOD and of man, which in their mind Satan represented. The speculative teaching was that Lucifer was thrown out of heaven together with one third of his angels, as if Satan had angels under him; the dragon must be in the lake of fire; he must be chained and doomed for eternity… (Pictures taken out of the book of Revelations) Until then God has an on-going war with this prince of darkness and we are caught in-between. Lord, have mercy! The pollution must go if you want to KNOW GOD the way He really is! (There is no place for me here to explain it all in detail; therefore again I refer the reader to my more detailed book entitled “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation”.)

Theo-logy versus Theo-thinking
Theo in Greek means God. Theology is a body of knowledge and that knowledge includes a wide range of doctrines, dogmas and beliefs, something already well established and already defended in the name of one particular group’s beliefs. Something standing still, like pillars that support a house.


There is the fear, therefore an emotion, behind the thinking that if one will touch the ‘pillar’ then the house might fall. Theology portrays God as if He was some sort of a spectacular thing or as if He is left without the possibility of ever changing. God changes for He can repent too. He wanted to destroy all humanity, but then repented. He regretted His decision and when He changed His mind He chose Noah in order to continue with His plan for us. God wanted Hezekiah to die; yet when the king of Judah repented, with tears, God changed His mind. In the book of Amos God, in His holy anger, was destroying the crops until Amos interceded, and after the prophet’s pleading with God, the Lord twice changed His mind. Jonah and Nineveh… the list goes on. God is able to change… Are we? Now we have the choice to have the theology thinking, passed on to us through denominational creeds; or the God thinking, which is being like a bystander who looks down on himself through God’s eyes. The ability to look on ourselves as God might have, objectively and self-critically, takes some skills, these skills have to be sharpened till our thinking ceases to be altogether ours. Gradually, God’s thinking becomes the only one remaining, and then we shall laugh at our religiousness and ridiculous notions about God. Although written with prejudice, because all ideas of that day were filtered through popularly accepted theological postulates, it is obvious right now that it was God’s exclusive plan to send Satan in order to tempt Jesus. The reasons are obvious. When Jesus was at His weakest point as a human He had to tap into His divinity in order to triumph over flesh. God stretched this flesh of His to its limits using no one else but Satan. (Take note of the fact that ‘the cup’ itself was the sufferings and subsequent death which the son of man feared. ‘The cup’ was filled with trials too horrible for any normal human to bear yet through the Angel of God’s presence [Isaiah 63:9—reference to Luke 22:43] the Son of God emerged victorious.) God’s Son had to be toughened, preserving the soft and gentle heart yet at the same time having, through His righteousness, a ‘thickened skin’ for even worse trials to come. The overthrowing of dove and moneychanger’s tables in the temple shows it. Tough language with the Pharisees in numerous places in the Gospels, like the ‘woes’ of Matthew 23 documents it. But the garden of Gethsemane was that final place where those two natures contended for supremacy—one pulled down to earth the other up to the Father’s will. The test of the Son of God versus son of man reached its limits. Jesus sweated blood until His humanity was minimized readying the Son of God for the final trial—the cross. Every subsequent trial went easier, for the will of Jesus had been placed in the hands of the Father. Even to the point of not opening His mouth when He was mercilessly beaten; not receiving pity from weeping women; forgiving those that drove nails through His hands and feet. When the battle drew to its conclusion and right before He asked for a drink that He uttered His last words, “it is finished”. Right before He delivered His soul to the Father He turned to the instrument of His birth and said, “Behold your son” (John the Beloved). Then He said to His disciple, “behold your mother”. John became Mary’s son who took her to his own home. Jesus who triumphed in His trials ceased to be the son of man and had become solely, exclusively and completely Son of God. This perfect Son of God, in His flesh, mind, soul and spirit was then glorified. That’s why He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. He who overcomes, I will grant to him to sit down with me on My throne, as I have overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. We must not, and cannot, interpret the above events in any other way, but accept their plain meaning, God sent Satan to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, then in Gethsemane. Gethsemane was the opportune time mentioned in Luke 4:13 meaning, Satan was not employed from the time of Jesus’ fast in the wilderness until His struggles in Gethsemane.


St. Mark (1:12-13) speaks of angels having ministered to Jesus in the wilderness while Satan’s job was to test Him. In Gethsemane an angel was strengthening Jesus. In both instances the ministry of God’s angels is evident yet the work of overcoming Jesus had to do all alone. Since He conquered every obstacle before the cross and on the cross, the last obstacle was death itself, this He swallowed in victory and was this just for Himself? Not at all, but for you and me; as He overcame so through Him we can also overcome. Theo thinking: • The Spirit of God departs from Saul and an evil spirit FROM the Lord torments him. (The Lord is speaking.) I Am the Lord and I Am ONE God. There is NONE beside Me. I am the One who repays according to good or evil deeds of those I called to be MY servants. Right draws right. Wrong draws wrong. I use MY angels to execute MY judgments. If MY servant, whom I have chosen to perform MY will, despises MY commandments then I send MY angels to despise him. If he vexes MY Spirit I send another spirit to vex him. King Saul was a rebel, a liar, and a lawbreaker, he evidenced this by consulting the witch of En-Dor. King Saul broke faith with ME his guilt fell on his own head.

Theology thinking: • (Plausible) Satan hated Saul and incited God against him. Satan tormented Saul and ultimately killed him.

How would you like to have this kind of duality in your mind? Are we good enough to please God… perhaps not? No wonder that our faith in the Almighty is no longer in the All—Mighty but sort of a mighty God for different streams of theology obscured Him. Theo thinking: • The anger of God incited David to count Israel. (The Lord is speaking.) I - the Lord, was angry with David because he acted in pride against MY Word. Although I advised him against the decision to take the national poll yet he broke MY covenant and the promise I gave to Abraham: your offspring shall be as numerous as the stars of the sky and as the sand of the sea that you cannot count. I said, you cannot count, not only meaning you will not be able to; I said that I forbid you to count MY people Israel. Therefore MY anger burned against Israel so I have sent MY angel to execute MY judgment. You may ask “why against Israel and not against David alone?” Israel was constantly under my wings, however, when David’s emissaries went to take the census, with them I have also sent my angels. Once My angels entered their houses and saw their hidden deeds MY anger was kindled against them for their hidden sin irritated ME; had David not taken the census I would have dealt only with the king and not the people. I Am holy and cannot look upon sin, unless there is the intercessor I am well pleased with. David exposed his people to MY holy wrath. Through his census David brought ME into MY people’s homes where I have seen their household idols and their sacred shrines and have seen their unrighteous dealings with their fellow man, I AM a jealous God so I punished them. As long as MY servant David continued in his pride so long the killing went on. The moment David repented and offered peace offerings he appeased ME and MY wrath was extinguished.


Scriptural ambiguity
Theology assumed then and still keeps this notion alive today that it was Satan who stood against Israel and that it was he that tempted David to do this evil. Yet it was not Satan, but David himself and in his pride it was he that transgressed God’s commandment. However, Satan was there, but not to tempt or incite, but to kill. The angel of death did what God had commanded yet David was held responsible. Then Satan stood up against Israel and moved David to number Israel. Is that so? “Satan hates us so much that he stood up against us to snare us in order to destroy us…” This passage from 1 Chronicles 21:1 unlike the parallel passage from 2 Samuel 24:1 was written during or shortly after the Babylonian exile. Here we have the Jewish mind already heavily influenced by Zoroaster’s followers. Two gods, two powers. SIN! SIN! SIN! This causes confusion that plagues us till this day. Satan did not stand against Israel rather it was David’s own rebellion against Joab’s advice. Joab clearly saw this as David’s provocation of God therefore a cause for Israel’s guilt. It was God Himself who spoke through Joab yet the king’s word prevailed. Theo thinking: • Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech. (The Lord is speaking.) Abimelech did evil in MY sight. He murdered those who were more righteous than he and since he did not repent of his evil ways I had no other choice but return on his head his own treacherous dealings. I MYSELF assigned a treacherous spirit to the people of Shechem in order to finish Abimelech off. I Am the Lord. I do what is just. Theology thinking • How could God, who is perfect and who is love, have in His Kingdom pride, vengeance and evil repayment?

This question is often addressed and remains unresolved, not because it cannot be, but frankly some are not willing to resolve it. Without a scapegoat we would have to be fully responsible for our acts, it is plainly ‘unsuitable’. Theo thinking • And the Lord said, who will entice Ahab to go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead…And the Lord said: ’How?’ And he said, ‘I will go out and be a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all his prophets’… (The Lord is speaking.) Ahab did not repent and did not walk in MY ways. I have given him grace after grace yet he continued in his abstinence; he listened to his wife Jezebel, killed Naboth and stole his vineyard. Ahab rebelled against ME and did evil in MY sight. I have had enough of his evildoing and therefore I sought his end. Though he surrounded himself with MY prophets I snared him at his own evil, even through MY prophets who prophesied falsely to him. All flesh is as grass; only MY will and MY purpose remains. I use whomever I wish whether a donkey, serpent, stone or a human, I do what is right and just. I used MY own prophets to mislead Ahab so that he would continue in his pride and fall. Yet MY servant Micaiah was MY suffering servant whom I loved, for he was not a hireling as the others, but MY beloved, therefore in him I placed MY truth. Unlike Micaiah I saw the pride of MY prophets, those in soft clothes, eating choice foods at Ahab’s table… they were well compensated for their service. I AM a compassionate God. I show mercy to whomever I show mercy. MY righteousness cannot be questioned. I


knew that even MY prophets whom I have called were blinded with their own self-importance. Thus I spoke through MY son Micaiah and executed MY wrath on Ahab and his house. Theology thinking • It would be plausible, according to the present day frame of mind to think that Satan hated Ahab (if you, or I, were Ahab), not the Lord who hated both Ahab and Jezebel’s deeds; and so Satan all by himself, confused God’s prophets and then killed Ahab and Jezebel.

Ahab was a believer in God and he did not like what God was doing to him, but in his days there was not yet a Satan - theology in order to put the blame on. The real enemy of God then was the rebellious human being. Ahab’s enemy was not God, but some of His prophets, namely: Elijah and Micaiah. (Just as Jeremiah was accused to be a false prophet. No wonder that the exiles vigorously looked for another scapegoat and later on in Babylon and Persia they discovered Satan.) One could say that Satan did kill Ahab and his wife by coming down and inciting the people against them. Whether it is God’s direct hit through Satan or through people it makes no difference. The word of the Lord was fulfilled and the prophet Elijah completed his job. Theo thinking • Satan answered the Lord, “Hast Thou not made a hedge about him and his house and all that he has, on every side? Thou hast blessed the work of his hands, and his possessions increased in the land. But put forth Thy hand now and touch all that he has, he will surely curse Thee to Thy face.” Then the Lord said to Satan “ behold all that he has is in your hand.”

(As the Lord would be speaking.) Note the fact that Satan asked ME to PUT FORTH MY hand, to touch Job’s possessions and then (later on in Job 2:5-6) touch Job’s body while sparing his life. Therefore MY angel Satan did exactly what I have commanded him to do; he touched Job’s possessions and health yet spared his life strictly according to MY command. Therefore I AM that I AM as always have been, and I do what I do according to MY ways. Job was wealthy and a man of great influence. A man whom I appointed a ruler among the people of his day, since he had great influence and in his deeds of kindness and righteousness he was unparalleled and unsurpassed by anyone, Job deserved My special attention. However, he was lacking in righteous fervor and boldness. Job multiplied his sacrifices—just in case—of which I became increasingly weary. He did not instruct his sons in the ways of righteousness, but kept offering sacrifices for them, which he could well afford while his sons wasted their time on vanities. I did not want sacrifices I wanted him and his sons to be totally MINE for I jealously loved Job. Anyone who does righteousness is MY friend. *Job did not do what I have commanded. These words which I am commanding you this day, shall be on your heart, and you shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise. Since Job was withdrawn from his fatherly duties towards his sons I have not seen his sons’ deeds whether good or evil, for their father kept covering them with his daily sacrifices. I did not hear their words neither saw their deeds for Job knew how to shield them from MY burning anger through the soothing aromas of his sacrifices. I did not want his sacrifices I wanted a relationship. Therefore I have sent the faultfinder, scrutinizer and the sin-specialist, Satan, to spy on Job. After Satan returned I have given him the right to provoke ME in order to search, investigate and scrutinize Job’s famed righteousness. It was I who touched Job’s riches and his health. I waited for his response. I always use my angels whether for blessings or adversities. I watched over the


progress of his trial and it was I who appointed times and the length of Job’s trial. I appointed the beginning of his ordeal and I appointed its end. My servant Job realized his self-righteousness—filthy rags, his mediocre self-estimation in comparison with MY glory and REPENTED. Job prayed for his friends who were wrong by not comforting him, as real friends should, but with ignorant words they vexed him even more. It was I who restored the fortunes of Job and raised him to a higher place than before. I take the responsibility as I always have. My deeds are absolute and not subject to scrutiny. I gave you the meaning of blame to humble you, and then to draw you back to MYSELF. I descended to your domain to take your sins upon MYSELF and to die for you and then to rise again and then raise you up with ME, just as I have raised Job from obscurity and works of death. Why do you separate Elohim from His angels? Why do you make one of MY angels guiltier than ME? Am I weak and unable to deal with blame and sin? Am I so small in your eyes that you have to help ME by blaming Satan, whom I have made? I AM the one who tried Job. I AM the one who healed him and restored him. His troubles were not remembered thereafter. I alone AM the one who did it. Why is it so difficult for you to understand this? Turn to ME as MY servant Job did! Repent as he did! Acknowledge ONLY ME in all of MY works and you shall know ME as I really AM. Job himself said, “All the days of my struggle I will wait until my change comes.” He knew that it was I who tested him and no one else, even Satan. It was I who changed his situation just as I had planned it. I wiped all tears away as if they had never existed. (*The book of Job was written in Babylon, or shortly afterwards, therefore long after the time of the giving of the Mosaic Law.) Theologians have struggled with the book of Job from generation to generation and hardly anyone could boldly lay before God the indisputable truth that it was the Lord God Himself who launched the whole procedure with Satan, Job, his friends, and the subsequent restoration of Job’s fortunes. The Alfa and Omega remains the same. He has not changed. Theology constantly BLAMES Satan for the misery of Job and through it makes Satan as an independent from God angel; even more so, a god in his own rite, possessing his own kingdom and by saying so, makes him a king. Theology is somehow afraid to ‘blame’ God for anything negative. (I assume—out of fear.) God seems to be like an extremely good machine not a living person. Theology, as it were, emasculates God, takes His temperament away, sweetens Him up and does ‘not permit’ Him to be anyone else, but the kind of God we WANT Him to be! Result? He is no longer the Almighty, awesome God to be feared. Even the fear of God is scrutinized and belittled and made to be only a reverence and awe, something we ourselves have invented as in relation of a commoner to a king. Those who come very near to God must and do experience the real fear of God. For some reason the general feeling prevails that by bemiring Satan we please God. We are then as good and well-behaved children therefore deserving special favors from Him. (A Pagan trait.) Although it seems as if I am defending Satan, yet there is really nothing to defend, I seek clarity in my knowledge of God and this is what He Himself showed me and told me to write. Theology wants God to be exclusively good, like a car engine that never fails. Whether they, the theologians, realize it or not they do create thick clouds not only in their own minds but also in the minds of those who buy their ideas, thus they remain on the sidelines with God—the person. God is not a machine that can be operated by pushing buttons. The one who feels anger and love, frustration, hot temper, but also forgiveness and abundant compassion, is very much like the creation He Himself made according to His own image and likeness.


Grow up! Get to know Him as He really is! Do not harbor hidden animosity toward God and remain in shadows of the uncertain and the unexplained, mysteriously not wanting to see the light. You cannot punish God. Neither will He draw close to you if you do not draw close to Him. God may just leave you alone if you do not want to involve Him in your ‘private’ life. Just left alone… if you do not bother Him He won’t bother you. You are free to remain suspended in an abstract world. As far as I am concerned I want to be bothered by Him. Let Him be angry with me. When I feel His displeasure I know that it comes from His holy nature and by knowing His nature I am aware that a short period of grace still remains so that I can repent and fully return to Him. Let Him talk to me in gentle love or in anger. It’s OK. As long as He talks to me I’m happy. I learn more and get to know Him better. I feel alive and each day more significant to Him. We see that it is repeatedly God who is displeased WITH US and it is He Himself who deals with us in His own righteousness, no one else but God. He had not, could not, never has and never will execute His righteous judgments against us, or for us, without revealing and teaching His righteousness to us first. Wait for His Son from heaven that He raised from the dead, that is Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath to come. It is obvious that we have nothing to do with Satan right now for we are hidden in Jesus who shields us from God’s wrath now, and the one that comes. Jesus took upon Himself Satan’s ‘works’—the negative representations we pinned on to him with deeds like pain, sickness and death, which were the result of God’s wrath and expressed through Satan the lifted up serpent (John 3:14) our propitiator and intercessor Jesus became the target.

Understanding the New Testament
The New Testament could never exist without the Old Testament. Therefore, if the foundation is already clear then the house—the New Testament—should also be explored. (More detailed account of God, versus man, versus Satan, the devil, and the like in the New Testament you will find in the book “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation”) None of the books of the Old Testament are as complicated as those of the New Testament especially those sections mentioning Satan, devil, principalities and powers and our war-like struggles. We must view the Gospels and the letters of the apostles as God’s holy writings delivered to us together WITH the Old Testament. If we concentrate on the message of salvation alone, the New Testament will suffice, but when we begin to seek and fathom the profound truths of God we must admit that the New Testament alone will not suffice. No wonder, the Vatican and all reformers of the Protestant church agreed to give us BOTH, simply because one could not do without the other. The foundation of the new must be there since all that has taken place has taken place within the framework of the Old Testament’s Jewish culture to which Jesus and His disciples belonged. Since we have established that ‘war’ is not between God and Satan, but sometimes between God and His rebellious children, then it is much easier to understand difficult scriptures in the New Testament, which speak of principalities and powers, rulers in high places, dominions and authorities.

Authorities, Principalities & Powers
Angels in Hebrew are called ‘Malacheem’ and ‘Melech’ means king. We see a very close relation between a prince and a king therefore principality or kingdom is the scope of rulership of that particular prince or king.


Powers, principalities and authorities are synonymous. Actually we do not possess any real power. Real power is brought forth and totally controlled by the one who brought it forth Himself—God. Since this is not the case we confuse power with authority. We call money power. We call political position power and how could this be because money fails? Monarchs are deposed and presidents are replaced, and the so-called superpower is becomes neither super or a power. One ‘superpower’ already ceased to be one and the one now standing has to carefully manage its moves lest it folds up too. This managing is called stewardship. Stewardship is nothing else, but wise usage of the given authority while it is still given for the duration of time the Almighty Himself knows about. God is not the author of death for He Himself is life therefore death is in God’s permissible will until His plans are completed. Spirit and life are synonymous. God’s Spirit of life is in every living thing, from vegetation to fish, from animals to humans. God’s Spirit propels matter. Matter lives and moves because of God’s Spirit. However, although it is still God and His own life force that keeps things in constant progress, or evolution if you will God should not be confused with the notion that He personally lives in all things. Soul contains personality therefore God and His personality, His heart and intelligence enters only a real son or daughter of God. Here mentioned son or daughter of God is someone who has been sent to earth on a mission and in time becomes acquainted with that mission’s attributes. Since we all blend and interact with earthlings who seem to be like us, we do not realize who we are until we hear His call. (As in the case of Samuel.) The moment this call reaches a son or daughter unusual things may take place. The called one is selected the moment he or she chooses to obey. Many are called, but few are chosen. This selection is also called election; the elect ones are actually overcomers who have been chosen for unusual things on this earth. And if you care to accept it they themselves are meant to overcome sin, evil, sicknesses and even death; it is a high calling indeed and their authority on earth supersedes even the authority of kings. Nonetheless, if they happen to be in trouble with an earthly ruler they’d better run because they are on earth and temporarily under earthly authority. All earthly authorities are set up from above but only for a specific time and when the appointed by God period of time comes to a close the appointed ruler ceases to be. It is therefore in this sense that an overcomer has a higher authority for he or she remains God’s elect for all time. God’s callings and gifts are irrevocable. Therefore this sort of election is eternal. The example of Elijah running from Jezebel portrays this. Although Elijah’s authority was much higher than that of the queen Jezebel, nevertheless, after she threatened him the prophet ran for his life. The fleeing prophet did so simply because first of all God made him do it, and second of all Elijah’s prophecy against the house of Ahab was NOT YET FULFILLED. Jezebel was still alive and in her governmental position as queen, therefore her rank posited a serious threat to the man of God that yet had another assignment to complete. After the prophet obeyed God, He—out of sheer pleasure with Elijah—released him from the grip of mortality. Angels have different ranks in the kingdom of God. Angels are God’s ministering spirits, they are invisible to the physical eye, but they are there, but only at special—appointed by God Himself—events. Angels are replaced with other angels the moment their previous mission is fulfilled. Angels are zealous and detail-oriented when it comes to executing God’s commands; wisdom, knowledge, understanding, the fear of God, strength and counsel are all ministering spirits of God therefore angels. Angels are called kings and princes and when the command is given they administer the power of God to a human. We can create angels so we can create idols and be seduced with these self-created imaginations so also we can bind ourselves with these self-produced beliefs. There are different measures of power and this power is measured by the authority therefore responsibility also. Authority and responsibility go hand in hand.


In the jungle of contradictions, complicated even illogical statements in the same Word of God portray a clear picture of indisputable and wonderful truth if only we would be willing to forsake theology and its standardized traditionalism. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and His three angels: knowledge, understanding and wisdom we can clearly comprehend God’s purpose for creating the knowledge of good and evil. Within all twists and turns there is the guide into all the truth who does not take sides. The Holy Spirit does not favor either side and does not compromise His standard by loving someone more than another, regarding someone else’s preaching or teaching above another, neither approves one more than another; none of these influence the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Therefore it is not my mission to prove something to you. My task is simple, I do not seek to portray myself as a prophet neither as someone with absolute answers but to explain and draw your attention to essential aspects of our life. A more precise knowledge will follow, meanwhile let us depend on Him and listen to Him. By keeping His standard of neutrality and non-favoritism we may assure our position as being straight and narrow. The Holy Spirit stays neutral until someone attracts Him. He easily gravitates to anyone who satisfies the stipulations. Principalities and powers of light, or darkness, are always human, although most of the time we perceive ourselves to be physical yet in fact we are predominantly spiritual. We rule or are ruled over by human governments and kingdoms, good ruler versus an evil one, one principality against another. The rulership, whether usurped or rightly exercised has a dual function, any ruler must be a living one then quite naturally he or she deals with God-given life force. Life is spirit. No life—no spirit. Dead matter without the spirit is something we walk on and do not pay attention to. The moment that something becomes ‘someone’ we perk up because that someone begins to play an important role in our life. Exactly! We dislike rulers simply because they ask of us too much, therefore we would rather rule over ourselves then have them do it for us. Jesus admonished us to trust our heavenly Father for clothing, food and shelter. In other words He taught us to let Him rule over us for He is good and rich in compassion, but the problem we face is submission. Therefore God in His jealous love for us acts in a peculiar way, which then—in our rebellion—we wrongly interpret. Since angels preside over kingdoms and earthly principalities they are there as guardian angels, obediently waiting for any changes God commands to take place. An evil principality has also angels above its domain and that spiritual principality guards a dominion until God Himself decides to tear it down or to exalt it even more. An evil principality is used to humble another nation, to exert pressure, to break one’s rebellious pride, etc. Everything is subject to change and all depends on the earthly ruler. If a ruler repents then his kingdom stands, if he does not then he falls. If a king lifts himself up above God he must go down. It is ridiculous to get a principle and run with it without KNOWING God’s own mind. Let us look at history. For example the Turkish Empire had a clear mandate from God to watch over the Holy Land. In 1917 revolution changed Russia. The Russian ruler became too despotic, and through it, plain foolish. Russian Communism survived about 70 years then fell. Turkey’s rule over Palestine also ended when God granted Great Britain a new mandate. WW2 brought great changes. As long as Hitler sharpened his teeth against Communism, the USA just watched him, for her policy was also to do away with Communism. Hitler only veiled his hatred for the Jew in his campaign against the Communist Russia. The moment Hitler’s systematic destruction of Jews pierced the world’s moral convictions it was already too late for we had lost 6 million of our Jews including 1.5 million children, plus millions of other minorities.


International sympathy for the dispossessed, frightened and terribly oppressed Jew tilted votes in the UN and in 1947 the state of Israel was reborn. God’s Word remains true! Between these events one might look for Satan yet he is not to be found for God is in charge and He uses Satan. (If you looked for the devil then you saw him for it was Hitler the seed of Cain. More on this subject the reader will find in the book “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation”) The rise and fall of each dominion is accompanied by God’s angels therefore God personally is involved in the rise and fall of all governments. God’s character is clearly portrayed in this verse, with the kind Thou dost show thyself kind; with the blameless Thou dost show thyself blameless. With the pure Thou dost show thyself pure; and with the crooked Thou dost show thyself astute. (Literally ‘TWISTED’. Translators grappled with this one, because the word ‘astute’ is a nicer word than ‘twisted’ as a portrayal of God; therefore, the word ‘astute’ is used as the more suitable one.) God is undividedly ONE. One Spirit of life! We look at witchcraft and we say that it works and then we attribute these to works of Satan and his supposed demons. If God is twisted with a twisted then the one who twists God’s straight ways and the one who submits to them are straightforwardly God’s enemy. If an enemy, then they are cursed and keep on cursing one another. God’s wrath remains on their lives, unless they repent! (Our rebellion has no bounds, even the above words may rouse insinuations in some that perhaps Joseph Luxum is angry with someone, or somebody ticked him off that is why he talks like this… Has anyone considered the fact that in the last days God will raise up prophets after His own heart that will not blink an eye while telling the straightforward truth; no matter what the cost and what the consequence even at the cost of one’s life?) How terribly wrong we are when we split God’s universe into two. Through our fanatical and obsessive preoccupation with the physical we partition ourselves yet He remains undividedly ONE. God’s life is secreted in both, the seed and the tare; one is good and the other evil. A tare will do evil using the same spirit of life that the seed contains, the same spirit, but one misuses therefore abuses it, while the other does good to the glory of the Giver. Life or the spirit of life that the seed contains is meant to produce a blessing. When the seed actually does well then the Holy Spirit aids it, or in other words the Holy Spirit is drawn toward it. Because it is really so we conclude that if the Holy Spirit is behind all good deeds then Satan must be behind all evil deeds. But, actually we twisted the truth some more. The good deeds are the ones WE DO FOR GOD, but the evil ones does the devil who tempts and makes us do a very dangerous and blasphemous assumption, and a preposterous one too. Exactly because of this belief God is not willing to come to us in the presence of His glorious Holy Spirit. It seems as He has no place in a split and dualistic realm we made for Him in our minds and therefore in our places of worship. (Now, every Spirit-filled minister senses the accuracy of the above statement. Every single God-fearing man and woman of God went through this experience of having been gently nudged by the Holy Spirit to not give so much room, therefore too much credit to this great personification of evil. Has anyone ever asked why Isaiah the prophet never mentioned this angel of God’s vengeance? Isaiah had his lips cleansed with God’s holy fire. As a matter of fact none of the prophets before the Babylonian exile from Moses till Zechariah ever mentioned Satan. God took the ‘blame’ for all of His own actions.) God was with Israel in the wilderness because He was the only one among His people and versus His people. Jesus warned the Pharisees against the very assumption that the Spirit of God in Him was something else than the Holy Spirit Himself. (Had the Pharisees understood Satan’s true mission they


would have never come up with something as idiotic as ‘Baal-Ze-Bul’ which, when compared to the true personified power of God, would have been blasphemous.) The thought of ‘Beelzebul’—Fly lord, was dangerous enough to level them dead without the granting of one ration of grace. (When sin against the Holy Spirit is committed it results in instant death without any time apportioned for repentance.) He said that all blasphemy could be forgiven, but not the one against the Holy Spirit. Yet we do not have this fear of God, we fill our mouths, all at the same time, with holy and unholy things. Although we know very well what is holy and unholy yet we blab it out anyway. How can God be with our mouths as He was with Moses’? (Numbers 12:8) First He must cleanse our mouth as He did Isaiah’s; only then it is safe for Him to come. Those people who use God’s life to harm others shall die from that very harm they caused. One will perish and be punished the other will be rewarded and eternally blessed. Good people are too passive in their doing good, the evil ones seem to be more passionate in what they do. Why is it so? Wrong teaching! Wrong teaching, and again wrong teaching! Or no teaching! We made out of God a ‘sugar daddy’, but He is still the Almighty God to be feared. Do not talk about Him if you do not know Him. First you must know Him before you can teach others about Him otherwise you teach fantasies. With the crooked government God is crooked in order to snare them at their own evildoing. However, grace is provided for a special period of time until one repents. When that period is terminated new government must take over. Precisely because of this change democracy is a better form of government than theocracy. However, God’s kingdom is not at all democratic but theocratic. No other god can ever replace the Almighty God. In order to understand this blessed theocracy one must study His glorious kingdom. If God won’t use Satan then He will use conspirators, another country or ‘Uncle Sam’ to do the job. In Rome the principalities were evil because the rulers were evil. The entire government was abominably immoral and that is what apostle Paul was speaking about.

The Power to Create
We do create evil entities all by ourselves just as we create the good ones. When the wicked ruler dies the next one wants to be like him, in a sense he takes his predecessor’s image and propagates it. Even worse, like King Saul conjured Samuel by using the witch of En-Dor, although Saul himself made witchcraft illegal, so there are many others who do the same disturbing the hemisphere of the living with spirits of the departed. (This subject is thoroughly made clear in the book “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation”) Making gods out of rulers was not only fashionable, but was made into a fact, nowhere else but in folk imaginations. Beliefs mixed with folk superstitions are nowhere else, but in people’s minds—this is the actual place where the battle rages. It seems to be in the air, but first that thought is produced in the mind. And you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you formerly walked according to the prince of the power of the air, of the spirit that is now working in the sons of disobedience… children of wrath. Combine it with God gave them over to a depraved mind, to those things, which are not proper. In each place apostle Paul speaks of immoral and sexually perverse practices therefore God GAVE THOSE PEOPLE OVER TO THEIR OWN LUSTS. These people used fornication and sexual perversions for their worship of idols in Greek and Roman temples. Their immoralities were their gods’ predominant forms of worship. The Roman Empire was the dumping ground for all previously acquired religious beliefs and one of them was a very old one borrowed from the ancient Sumerian religion. The Sumerians had four leading deities, known as creating gods. These gods were ‘An’ the god of heaven. ‘Ki’ the goddess of earth. ‘Enlil’ the god of air and ‘Enki’ the god of water. Heaven, earth,


air and water were regarded as the four major components of the universe. Many priests, priestesses, singers, musicians, sacred prostitutes and eunuchs conducted temple rites with daily sacrifices. Here you have the Ephesians 2:2 mentioned ‘prince of the air’- ‘Enlil’. In conjunction with the following verse (3) it makes it clear for us to understand what the apostle had in his mind, indulging the desires of the flesh and of the MIND, and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest. Clearly such drew God’s wrath to themselves, God gave them over to their own imaginations and lusts. God left them in the world of illusion lost and wretched since they did not find it attractive enough to walk in God’s moral ways that create harmony, not only on our planet but also throughout the whole universe. The universe will continue to be disturbed due to our own evil deeds, unless we all repent. Just to show what power we possess let me remind you of two verses that Jesus Christ gave us. Truly I say to you whatever you shall bind (Greek ‘forbid’) shall be bound (forbidden); and whatever you shall loose (Greek ‘allow’) shall be loosed (allowed) IN HEAVEN. Let us put it in plain English.

That which you create on earth has its counterpart in heaven. That which is terminated on this earth shall be terminated in heaven also.
The second verse is even weightier in meaning; after Jesus’ resurrection even a greater authority was given to us. Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, their sins *HAVE BEEN forgiven them, if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained. *The translators seemed to have encountered difficulties with this awesome power to forgive and retain sins. But note the fact that TOGETHER WITH the giving of the Holy Spirit this power to forgive and retain sins is also given. Theologians leaned towards the idea that God must have had previously forgiven the sins then for us to forgive or retain them would not pose a problem. But how do we know whose sins are forgiven and whose sins are not? By asking the person? Does the person know it? Or should the minister of God KNOW it when THE HOLY SPIRIT SPEAKS TO HIM? The fact is that if we have truly received the Holy Spirit, not just through believing but through real experience, we have received power to change this world. Guilt and sin may pollute our planet but we have the power to change this reality! We DO CREATE! We have been creating before, but after the resurrection of Jesus we have even more—we have the ministry of the Holy Spirit. From everyone who has been given much shall much be required, and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more. After reading the above verse one can’t help but meditate on the depth of its meaning. One can’t help but stand before a very challenging task. One can shout into the air imagining all sorts of creatures supposedly hiding therein, therefore one must entertain awfully ugly thoughts. First of all one must imagine darkness therefore darkness must occupy one’s mind. A room must be made in one’s mind for horrible imaginations therefore the temple of God becomes a temple of evil. The presumably fallen angels must be lurking in darkness—the same ones that are supposed to be chained in the abyss but now they “must be rebuked and fought against” as if they were on the loose again because the new and very popular doctrine teaches me to… Idiots! Idiots guiding more idiots… all will fall into a ditch of their own imbecility. Such do exchange the sublime and mighty things of God for the things of cheap thrills which have to be repeated over and over again because this seducing realm is a MINUS that robs and defrauds. Such people, like racquetball, bounce between the same walls within their self-made prison. They want to be free but the seduction of illusion tells them that if they bounce long enough against those walls these walls must eventually fall. No, the walls will not fall for as the natural law of physics dictates they will be reinforced and oppose you all the more.


The challenge we face is not to be against anything or anyone but FOR God! The struggles we encounter are not our own but God’s. It is the confrontation of God versus His rebellious creatures therefore—us—as God’s children versus them the children of rebellion with nothing else in between. We are FOR but the children of rebellion are AGAINST! There is only one God who made us all. Period! Again, the challenge we face is not an aggressive one but that of strength, authority and power. We stand firm. We grow and mature. We become the very rock upon which we stand. The attacks we might experience are only from those who cannot stand our authority, power, dignity, prosperity, purity, holiness, humility etc. Simply said— our SUCCESS! And again, the challenge we face is that of quality rather than activity. The activity is only evident when the Spirit of the living God IN US causes it. Acting on the All-knowing, All-present and the All-mighty Spirit of God makes our actions God-like. Retaining or forgiving of sins, establishing our own gloriously magnificent principalities and jurisdictions of holiness and righteousness, speaking forth the creative Word of God and thus establishing Its powerful reality on earth is God’s plan for us. This plan must and certainly will succeed, therefore let this booklet serve you as a reminder and an encouragement. Forsake any religious foolishness and become truly wise.

Divinely Powerful Weapons of War
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Evil words produce an evil realm like a room in which we dwell. Good words create a realm of goodness. The Universe was created through words and by our words we shall be justified and by our words we shall be condemned. Jesus said, the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life. His words created a brand new reality we still enjoy today and which we must protect otherwise another reality will invade our blessed hemisphere. This world is ruled through words that must be obeyed and executed. The world’s governments exercise their authority through the issuance of proclamations and the enforcement of new laws. These laws, under penalty, are fearfully obeyed by most. Those who break them are punished. Here you have the CLEAR spiritual entity, principality and power governing our lives through words. Words produce spiritual realities that can produce death or life. When those in ruling positions issue a decree that decree, as it were, has a life of its own. As in Paul’s case the spiritual forces he contended with were wicked because they do bind and restrict. (Paul wrote the letters to the Ephesians, Philemon and Colossians from his prison cell at Rome, which he sent through his friend Tychicus.) Paul could not physically fight with Roman decrees against him, but only spiritually—through words of truth. He could not physically put on a helmet and breastplate, his calling was not to be a physical soldier, but a spiritual one; his weapon was not the sword, but God’s Holy Word. Anywhere Paul went he faced opposition and this resistance was expressed through words. (Just as evil tongues really bothered King David, even more than the plotter’s sword; so Apostle Paul was quite frequently also vexed by like oppositions. Can you imagine the imprisoned Paul getting up each morning and going through the motions of putting a helmet on his head the breastplate and belt, etc.?) Pray on my behalf, that UTTERANCE may be given to me in the OPENING OF MY MOUTH, to make known the mysteries of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains; that in PROCLAIMING it I may SPEAK BOLDLY, as I aught to speak. Eph. 6:19-20 Conflicts accompanied Paul’s ministry and since Paul ministered mostly in Synagogues also many Jews who knew the power of words opposed the doctrine of Paul by prejudicing their followers against his teaching. (The Catholic Church also fought against ‘heretics’, the founders of the


Protestant movement; if you are a Protestant then are you an anti-Catholic and if you are Catholic then are you an anti-Protestant? Northern Ireland’s problems are not religious but political, mind you. But why are so many Christians anti-Semitic? Why hold on to the 500-year-old sentiments when knowledge has already increased? ) It is not new. Jesus was also fought against, yet those whom the Father DREW TO HIMSELF were saved. Look at Paul’s success, in all of his sufferings and tribulations God’s Word emerged triumphant. No government’s words could prevail against God’s words. The words of fear and discouragement could not win over the words of strength and above all the TRUTH. Who won? Since Paul specified the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness then he was specifically speaking about certain principalities, which ruled his hemisphere in that particular time; these principalities DO change with the change of every single government. Ephesians 6:20 explains Paul’s situation as AMBASSADOR IN CHAINS. Since the letter to Ephesians was written in prison more than anyone Paul understood the power of an evil ruler just as Elijah did when he faced the threat of Jezebel. These forces are real and you cannot abolish them unless their time is up according to God’s own clock. As Jezebel fell so the Roman proconsuls and governors have, yet Paul’s words survived till now, and the reality of that word rules our thoughts today. The proclamation of the Gospel is God’s force against the rulers of darkness and spiritual forces of wickedness. Don’t talk to me about wickedness in the air alone for there are none without the human below. The real wickedness is here on earth, on the ground. The principality and ruling power must be influenced by God’s decrees then these, in time, overrule all human decrees. Morality, unlike values, comes from above. Values are man-made, they are like a tag attached to merchandise; you can change the tag whenever you want to, but God’s morality you cannot! Apostle Paul did not diminish the physical significance and magnified the importance of the spiritual forces, although the tendency to think so was already there, but he just drew our attention to the spiritual aspect of our world. There was a higher force to contend with than just the one that could have been abolished through physical implements of warfare like helmets, breastplates and swords. Preaching of the Gospel changed the world and ultimately the governing spiritual forces fell also in order to give way to yet another religious principality we all know about. (Islam) Today we have yet another chance to change our spiritual hemisphere through the preaching of God’s true Word and affect the last outpour of His Sprit. However, before it takes place we must be reformed. Whatever man produces on earth its counterpart appears in heavenly places. The moment you destroy that wickedness on earth its counterpart above will come down also. Whatever man is doing on earth it is instantly made evident in heaven. Preach the Gospel of salvation and repentance and the moment a government official embraces it the principality above him will definitely and immediately be changed. Powers of darkness are none other but our own evils produced through love of money, which is the root of most evils… there you go. People murder and plot to overthrow because of greed for power and for money. Money is the god of this world; when some ruler had plenty of it he called himself a god.


We must see the relation between the physical and the spiritual, it is all one and there is no separation. What we allow on this earth is allowed in heaven; what we forbid on earth is forbidden in heaven. What you bind here it is bound above, what you loose down here it is loosed above also. Please understand this reality. Apostle Paul spoke about the spiritual forces above that were very real on earth. The wickedness above was not first but rather the wickedness below. From both—the physical and its spiritual counterpart was the entity that caused Paul’s sufferings. But did Paul stop at the spiritual forces of wickedness without doing anything about them? Paul admonished us to take up the full armor of God nowhere else but right here on earth, and do what with it? Stand firm against the schemes of the devil. Every evildoer is called the devil. (This subject is thoroughly explained in the book: “Truth & Illusion-The Last Reformation”). Cain was the first devil, murderer and liar. Jeroboam, Ahab and Jezebel, Nero, Hitler and Stalin were all devils, the seed of Cain. The list is long. (In Eve’s womb the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil took root and expressed itself in Cain as evil and Abel as good. Abel was killed and Cain lied to God about it. Here you have the devil, the liar and murderer that sinned from the BEGINNING. Jesus had to die, as Abel did, in order to atone for all evil. More on this subject the reader will find in the book “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation”) It is not Satan who is behind people’s scheming, or otherwise we all would be exempt from responsibility. Just as we all shall be judged before the throne of His majesty, whether God used us or we used ourselves to satisfy our vain ambitions. We are not exempt from responsibility. To say that they, the evil leaders, should not have given place to the devil is like saying: “they should’ve outsmarted the evil one”. Ridiculous! If they want to be accepted by God they must admit that they themselves have done evil, they must repent and be changed, otherwise they will be lost forever. Instead of humbling ourselves under the mighty hand of God, repenting and returning to God’s STRAIGHT AND NARROW way, we make the devil our foe to be on guard against. What we actually do is play a game with the ‘roaring lion’ that we are not able to see or properly defend ourselves against. We are not able to see him much less totally conquer him and we conquer ‘him’ by conquering the seed of Cain, our carnal vicious wants. Why go into mystical and pagan-like imaginations when we know the actual LOCATION of our problem? I do not think that the Lord wants this kind of righteousness, a righteousness that comes from our selves. God is after His own righteousness in us. His kind of righteousness one gets only from humility and submission to God. The Hebraic understanding is as follows, everyone who does evil is called the devil. Just as Jesus said to Peter: Get behind me, Satan. He called Peter Satan according to that time’s understanding that Satan was the devil, he who caused death and calamity—the god of this world, prince of darkness and ruler over the material world, understandably so. The devil was, and still is, someone who did, and still does evil, like murdering. (It was more for Peter to understand what Jesus meant rather than Jesus’ endorsement of Satan’s activity behind Peter’s words; as in the case of Cain who murdered his brother Abel, although he did not know it consciously because death was not known yet, Cain acted subconsciously from his own evil nature). Nevertheless, when Jesus used the name Satan in reference to Peter He used the meaning ACCUSER or the one who is used to stand AGAINST, in this sense Peter’s words DIFFERED or stood in stark opposition with Jesus’ mission on earth, without knowing it. Jesus, as in the experience of His wilderness temptation recognized another TEST and immediately tackled it by directing His words not to Peter but to Satan who was then sent, as before, to test Him again, but this time through one of the disciples. It is amazing to find that wherever the word temptation is used the actual word in Greek states TEST. Since temptation would be an attempt to seduce, in every SINGLE case, in which Jesus was


“TEMPTED”, He was not really tempted, but tested. Any test of Jesus was initiated by no one else but the Father using Satan, an angel that had been especially created for this sort of mission. It’s time to return to the original place of accountability, the time before the Babylonian/Persian exile, before we found ‘another’ scapegoat to lay our guilt on. Let us face the truth and admit the following: we have received MUCH, perhaps too much, God gave us His Word, His prophets, and above all His Own Precious Son, Apostles, His Precious Holy Spirit, the five-fold ministries. He gave us technology, radio, TV, cassettes, video, conferences, excellent teachers, jobs and money. What HAVE WE DONE WITH THESE GIFTS? We still act like it is not us who have wounded our Father, but as it were the devil God Himself made. As if it were God’s problem and no longer ours. We’d rather resort to wagging our tongues against the imaginary foe, or wag our paper swords (the Bibles) or support our wobbly faith with the endless “In Jesus’ name… In Jesus’ name!” Rebuking Satan instead of the ever puffed-up sinful SELF! But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his OWN lusts. The time has come to make sin our OWN and confess it as our own, repent and return to God and then remain under His gracious wings of mercy. Every Kenite was and still is called a devil. Kenites’ deeds were obvious and it was them who conspired against Jesus. God used Kenites to bring about the ultimate sacrifice for humanity. Kenites are also called the ‘tares’ as opposed to ‘seed’ being God’s children. Finally, let us understand the fact that God the Almighty works through angels and through people. Good people produce good things on this earth and evil people produce evil. God is Sovereign and firmly in control. He does not send Satan to every one of us to tempt us neither can Satan, all on his own, come to bother someone. Unless the evidence or fruit is manifested in words and actions these oppositions are located in the mind, inside, not outside. The enemy we face is our own flesh and rebellion and this is the scheme of the devil, if you will. Cain’s nature in us is the old devil. Since we ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil we tend to be divided, but let us not dwell on that. Let us understand the mission of the knowledge of both and make the best use of them under the ministry of the spirit of wisdom. Finally, before we part and in order to clarify Paul’s statements let us read 2 Corinthians 10:3-6. Verse 3. For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according the flesh. Clarity—we are physical yet every time we preach the Gospel we face opponents that fight against the truth. The knowledge of this world undermines the knowledge of truth. Doubt fights against faith. Carnal and vain pride wars against the Spirit. The Corinthians needed to understand this reality and so must we. Verse 4. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal—of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. The weapons we use are not swords, or guns of our day, but words through which God’s knowledge permeates our beings. The fortresses and strongholds are in our souls for they are emotional, not repented for, sinful strongholds of fantasies and imaginations. Verse 5. We are (OURSELVES) destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and WE ARE taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. (Hey, you do not take glory away from God when you do something good all by yourself. He has already given you His own life, now He gave you His commandments to keep and do. Don’t tell Him that you are not able to. It is all finished and His grace is already given!) Speculations are in the mind. Lofty things raised up against the knowledge of God must be some other knowledge that opposes the knowledge of God and about God therefore that must be the supposed knowledge of darkness as 1Timothy 4:1 states.


But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will FALL AWAY FROM THE FAITH, (HOW?) by paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons. Clearly, all doctrines about demons and devils, which pollute our thinking, combat THE faith in the ONE and the Almighty God. We do not need doctrines with their supposed trick-like information about how to drive out devils, but God’s POWER. Period! Hear the voice of God’s Spirit! Obey Him! Do! Succeed! Overcome! In Acts 19:18-19 we read about the first converts to Christ who brought books that contained the false knowledge of witchcraft and magic, and then they publicly burnt them. (Not everything that works is true. Lies also work, but for a season. The law God Himself established is such that when truth comes falsehood must yield its territory to the truth.) Perhaps today some well-meaning Christians, intent to help themselves, would actually be interested in these books, yet the first believers burnt that knowledge which opposes the knowledge of God. We have read in 1Timothy 4:1 that many will fall from the faith IN God by paying attention to deceitful spirits by following in the footsteps of those who have made and still invent doctrines about demons. Instead of listening to the Holy Spirit, who warns us against these doctrines, we listen to dead spirits. These doctrines are nothing else but made up theories about deceitful spirits. When someone talks to wicked spirits who mix lies with truth, instead of talking to God, and WITH God—from whom the only truth comes forth—we ‘learn’ from the blabber of a departed deceitful and confusing spirit. ‘Confusing’ because it is lacking its OWN MIND. (This subject is thoroughly expounded upon in the book “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation”) Any possessed by demons person expresses the wants of the unclean stealth spirit stuck in the world of no-progress. Such person is spiritually retarded for he or she is constantly borrowing from someone else’s mind. These are particles of a former life, departed wicked souls who are stranded in debacle and rage, unable to choose light for they are engulfed in the sea of darkness. The mind to choose is only given to us for this earth where light is still accessible; on the other side one is only a soul—a bundle of earth-produced emotions. The sleep of which the Bible speaks of is not just the material death-sleep of the decomposing body in the grave but also of the soul on the other side. All souls rest in Sheol or in Paradise (this depends how you have lived on earth) where they await the final judgment. A soul illegally brought up from that place is DISTURBED for it does not belong among the living. This disturbance has measures. A wicked soul has one level of agitation, and a righteous one, another. The soul that failed on earth is not able on the other side to repair itself as we still can through repentance on this side. The emotion of doom and gloom cannot be redirected for the coordination of the mind, the switch of the will, is not present there. The insatiable craving to speak evil and do evil—the same one which the person created and was possessed with at the time of departure—does remain on the other side where progress is no longer possible. When wicked souls are lured into a living person, through illegal means, they produce havoc. Other souls may keep a person in spiritual deadlock. This word ‘deadlock’ in this case is a very fitting word for stalemate is caused by the locking and freezing grip of death. Someone who repeats his ancestors’ conducts and habits—both positive and negative alike—without ever making the effort to change them is ruled by ‘idols’ passed on to the living through an ancestor. These are images and cravings, which we might not particularly be fond of, yet we do them under some enigmatic duress. (More on this subject one will find in the book “Truth & Illusion—The Last Reformation”) No one in his right mind would ever go into the ministry of deliverance without watching the Master Himself. He said, be quiet and come out! That was it. No struggles, no battles. AUTHORITY! How does one get this kind of authority? One must KNOW GOD HIMSELF. Instead of having THE faith in God many try to help themselves with the ‘other’ as if God is too weak to do that for them. Taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. It is every thought, not just some, that must be made captive to the obedience of the Messiah. The way Christ explained and interpreted Scriptures, the way He kept them we can also keep because He had already paid the price for our victory.


The weapons of our warfare are God’s own words expressed through a cleansed mind and cleansed mouth directed to the presently living human beings. Take it or leave it… the words of truth have been given. Additional Information: This booklet was first published in Germany (available in German at - erhältlich in Deutsch bei FORTÉ). This booklet spearheaded the Last Reformation. Why last? Martin Luther started the first reformation (in 1525) and by his actions was forced to start his own denomination; he left the Catholic Church and became the father of the Protestant movement in Europe. In order to make a clear distinction between the former house of theology—Catholicism and the Protestant movement Luther translated the Bible into the German language. By doing so he unified the German kingdoms giving them one common language. Luther’s doctrine was ‘salvation by grace and not by works.’ But above all, Luther made the Bible available to common folk. The Bible was no longer in Latin and an exclusive book available only to clergy; and used only in liturgy, but God’s Word accessible to all peoples. The authorities of the Catholic Church underestimated the extent of the Reformation at first, considering it just another dissension or schism, but the fires of Luther’s reformation raged and quickly spread from one country to another; a clear sign that the need for reform was there. Today, a lot of things do not make any sense; and again we find ourselves in need of reformation. Just as it was in the days of Luther so it shall be today also. A Counter-Reformation followed. Around the 16th century half of the lands controlled by the Roman Catholic Church were ‘lost’ to Protestantism and Europe was divided between two forms of Christianity. Almost 500 years later we find ourselves in need of yet another reformation, which as the author believes is the last, because it will pave the way for the return of Christ. Just as John the Baptist was the fulfillment of prophecies (Isaiah 40:3 & Malachi 3:1) boldly proclaiming “Prepare ye the Way of the Lord, make crooked ways straight” (Luke 3:3-6) John the Baptist did not talk about the real mountains or valleys when he said, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight. Let every ravine be filled and every mountain and hill be brought low; the crooked become straight and the rough roads smooth;” he did not speak of the physical mountains, ravines and rough terrain, but doctrines of man and man’s theology. Dr. Luxum has been appointed for the task of bringing the last reformation to all worlds’ denominations and religions including Islam, stressing not on the need of yet another denomination, but rather a reformation of the existing faulty assumptions; for the time is short indeed.

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