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This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents either are the product of the
author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living
or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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A Pirate’s Treasure © 2007 by Teresa Wayne, Jaden Sinclair, Cara North and Ann Cory

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Cover art © 2007 by Skylar Sinclair

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Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Not All Treasure is Gold


Teresa Wayne

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter One

Corina stood with wrists bound high above, forcing her to stand on her toes. The
gag stifled her cries of help and labored her breathing. The ultra fine fabric that covered
her was inadequate at best, the dark shape of her nipples and pubic mound showed
Just a few short weeks before, she was asleep in her uncle's palace. She happened to
be waiting for the party of her eighteenth birthday that happened to be the very next
morning. Then, without warning, a hood was pulled over her head, while several hands
held her and bound her. Roughly thrown over a shoulder, her pleas went ignored as
she was tossed into a wagon and hauled away. While still hooded and tied up, her
ultimate destination she could recognize as the familiar movements of a ship underway.
Fear gripped her, but she refused to accommodate her captors forcing herself to stay
quiet and strong. She knew that her uncle would find her and punish these men.
Corina’s toes were tired. She rested her full weight upon her bindings, which dug
deeply into her soft flesh, forcing her to lift herself again. How long had she been here?
How long could she last? These questions raced through her mind. Maybe someone will
come and lower her, she could only hope.
The guards outlined the wall of her tent. They stood motionless all the while
ignoring her calls of mercy. A figure passed between the outlined shadows of these
guards, moving toward the entrance of the tent.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

The man threw back the flap, peering in at her, a devilish grin shown as he eyed
her. Stepping in quietly he let the flap close behind him. With confidence and an air of
arrogance, he strolled over stopping just in front of her. After hesitating, he stepped
over to where the ropes securely tied her to a post, loosening them allowing her to
stand flat-footed and her elbows bent slightly.
“Yer very beautiful,” she heard him say from behind as he slowly walked around
her. “I understand that ye are still pure?”
Corina just stared at him, not willing to answer.
He placed his fingers lightly upon her shoulder. She stiffened at his touch. He ran
the tips of his fingers slowly down the middle of her back stopping at the cleft of her
buttocks. Quickly, he seized one of her cheeks squeezing hard forcing her to grimace
but she held back her cry.
“Aye, very firm,” he replied as he kneaded her flesh.
Corina tried to place his accent.
Her captor walked in front of her, stopping to stare at her visible nipples, which sat
high upon large rounded orbs. The cool breeze signaled them to stand erect, pushing
against the light fabric. With surprising swiftness, he tore the garment from neck to
bellybutton revealing her large breast.
Startled, she fought her bindings, trying to loosen the tight knots holding her.
He watched her futile battle to escape with amusement growing excited as her
breast bounced wildly.
Realizing that she could not escape, she stopped her struggling to stare defiantly at
her tormentor. She watched as he unbuckled his belt slowly, as if time was not a factor.
Then he unbuttoned his trousers reaching in to pull his excited member free. She
watched it bob and twitch like the nose of a hungry wolf who knew it was close to its
“You will be punished greatly if you desecrate my virtue,” Corina stated.
Unconvinced, he laughed at her empty threat. “My orders are to keep ye alive and
in reasonable condition. I have no order to maintain yer purity.”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

He stepped into her, pulling her close by grabbing her ass. His lips sank down onto
her exposed nubbin. He sucked greedily. His hard cock pushed its way between her
legs, still sheathed in the fabric of her covering. He pumped himself against her virgin
lips through the silky cloth.
He took a step back ripping her garment all the way down, while he stared
hungrily at her dark patch.
“Now my dear it is time I sampled yer sweet virtue.”
He rubbed the head of his swollen shaft through her lips, spreading them, and then
settled upon her opening. He stared into her eyes wanting to witness her expression as
her tight opening stretched for the first time.
She watched as his eyes grew wide as a wrench of pain crossed his face. She felt the
hardness pressing against her soften then fall away. The man stumbled back a few steps
and then fell to his knees. She watched in confusion as he settled on his stomach. A
dagger protruded from his back.
Her eye shot to the entrance there stood a tall muscular man. His eyes were upon
her fallen captor. He was dressed in solid black, his long straight hair pulled back tight
and in a tail. Satisfied that the threat was no more he turned his gaze to her.
Quickly he moved, placing his arm around her waist for support. Then he pulled a
knife and cut her free.
Corina fell limply into the stranger's powerful arms.
He untied his cloak to cover her nakedness, and then lifted her into his arms.
“Who…who…” she whispered.
“No time now for introductions, just know yer uncle the Pope has sent me to
retrieve ye and ye are safe, for the time being. We must get to the Vengance.”
He bolted through the entrance and both guards lay headless on the ground. Two
other men emerged from the shadows to stand along side them, their eyes scanning the
“Capt'n we have little time and much ground to cover.” The one on his right said.
“Aye, I know, have the others made ready?”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“Aye Sir, they wait along the trail to stop any who dare follow.”
“Then we make for the Vengeance.”
“Aye Sir, let me lead and clear the way.”
They raced through the jungle. One man in front of them making sure all is safe and
one in the rear to hinder any heroes. Leaves slapped across their faces nicking their skin
as they ran.
Nearing the water, Corina opened her eyes to see men closing the trail behind them,
protecting their backs.
The sound of crashing waves filled the air as salt mist filled her lungs. She heard
men calling to hurry. She felt water splash upon her as she was handed to someone else
who gently laid her in the bottom of a small boat. She saw her rescuer look over his
shoulder and start to turn.
“No Capt'n, ye must return to the ship. The men can handle this.”
Hesitating, he looked at the man.
“Come Capt'n, the Vengeance awaits.”
With reluctance, he pushed the boat hard into the surf jumping in, others rowed in
laborious haste, trying to reach calmer deeper water. The Capt'n stared at the fading
beach hearing the horrible sounds of steel upon steel and the cries of dying men.
Corina let herself relax, she drifted into fatigued sleep, her last vision was of this
pirate who saved her.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Two

The morning light shined into her eyes. She awoke to a beautiful morning and a
gentle sea. Lazily she arose to peer out at the blue-green water, she knew enough to
know that watercolor like that meant shallow depths and possibly land. Excitedly she
dressed then raced to the door.
Stepping out onto the main deck, she observed men scurrying about performing
assorted tasks. The hard teakwood floor of the deck shined beautifully. The sails were
full and pulled as the sleek craft cut through the water like a knife. Off in the distance
she could make out the dark shape of land.
As she walked toward the bow, the men would stop to stare as she passed, not with
lustful or threatening glares but with curiosity. On the bow stood Capt’n Samuel, his
long dark hair hanging down, loosely blowing in the wind like the mane of a wild
horse, racing across open country.
She stopped to stare at his figure. His waist was narrow, and his shoulders broad,
his black leather vest open, exposing his muscular shoulders.
He turned to face her. “Good morning Miss, maybe now is a good time for that
introduction. My name is Capt’n Samuel Christensen.”
His dark blue eyes sparkled, burrowing deep into hers. His smile was warm and
innocent, but his actions at her rescue showed that his innocence was an illusion.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“Good morning to you, Capt’n.” Corina acknowledged just a bit caught off guard
by his enthusiasm. “My Uncle sent you to…?”
Samuel extended his hand, beckoning her to him.
Without hesitation, she responded, taking his hand, letting him lead her to the side
of the boat.
There Corina watched with amusement as porpoises raced along with the ship as it
knifed its way through the waves. Playfully they arched out of the water to enter again
without hardly disturbing the surface. He pointed toward a dark shadowy figure just
below the surface. As they neared, she could make out the shape of a large turtle. She
laughed loudly as the porpoises darted around the turtle as if toying with him.
Gently Samuel placed his hand upon her shoulder pointing into the distance. On
the horizon sat a dark shape, which grew gradually larger as they neared.
She looked up at him.
“That’s Pandora,” he said quietly, almost respectfully.
“Aye…Pandora, but unlike the story of Pandora’s box. We are the evils released on
her…not her upon us. This is probably the most beautiful place on earth and we have
brought the ugliness of the outside here.”
“I, I don’t understand?”
He stood quiet, taking a moment to gather his thoughts.
“My great-great grandfather found this island. At the time, it was perfect. A hidden
safe cove to anchor, There be plenty of fresh food and water to supply the ships, and of
course a tribe of innocent islanders who welcomed them.” A distant look appeared in
his gaze and he sighed. “After, word got out other pirates came using the island as their
own. They killed the chief, used the men as slave labor and the women as prostitutes.”
A single tear appeared as he told his tale. “As the years passed, we formed a pirate’s
code for our island, to maintain peace. Thar be a small town with many families here.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Silently Corina stood next to Capt’n Christensen as she watched the island grow
larger. Her hand mindlessly found his, their fingers intertwined as they both stood
silently watching the island of Pandora draw closer.
She turned to stare up at his profile while he gazed at the horizon. His jaw line was
strong and firm. He seemed so much wiser than his age. He must have seen a lot over
his short years. As she admired his features, the need to be close to him emerged again.
She was definitely attracted to him. It started almost instantly, on the morning after her
rescue. He had brought her something to eat tending to her every comfort, he could
provide. He talked very little but when he did his tone was sincere and gentle, even the
orders he gave the crew were more like requests.
As they neared she could see the distinct shapes of ships in the distance, she
counted a dozen in view. Growing anxious, she looked into Samuel’s eyes for
reassurance. For the last few weeks, they had been avoiding contact with other vessels
fearing that they may be hunting them, mainly Corina.
“Whose are those?”
“They belong to the English navy, but they have no crew. Those ships lay wrecked
upon hidden reefs.”
As they passed first one then another, she saw large holes in their sides high above
the waterline.
“Those brave sailors we’re chasing pirates and were led here. Only the men who
knew these waters could navigate her dangers. As the perusing ships had their keels
ripped open trapped helplessly on the reef, the chased vessel would turn and bombard
the trapped vessel and crew with their long guns, they all fell to Davie Jones’ locker.
The island and the access route must stay a secret.”
Passing the unfortunate crafts, Corina peered into the water seeing the jaggedly
sharp coral pass by dangerously close. They neared peaks of rock that protruded from
the depths. The Island must be here somewhere, she thought. The Capt’n and crew
remained calm and focused.
Samuel abandoned her side to take charge of the wheel.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“Bos’n!” Capt’n Samuel called.

“Aye Capt’n! Lower sails.” The Bos’n shouted, as men hurriedly dropped the sails.
All onboard knew that this was a critical moment. The threatening reef below spared no
“Bos’n!” he called again.
“Aye Sir! Drop Starboard anchor and pay out two, and only two fathoms of chain.”
The crew manning the capstan performed their task letter perfect.
Samuel spun the wheel hard starboard, the drag from the anchor helped turn the
Vengeance, spinning her quickly around. Half way through the turn, Samuel spun the
wheel hard to port side. The anchor was hauled up quickly, while sails were unfurled,
catching a breeze and pulling the Vengeance forward, while Capt’n Samuel masterfully
straightened the rudder, maneuvering the ship safely through the hidden channel.
Passing through an opening not twice the ships breadth, the waters opened onto a
beautiful Lagoon. On the far shore was a small town. Ships lay anchored dotting the
calm water and coast. Tiny crafts ferried men and goods to and from shore.
“Shall I take the helm, Sir?”
“Aye, Bos’n.”
“Anchor in the usual spot Sir?”
“Aye, that will be just fine. Take her in.”
“Welcome to Pandora,” he replied as he led her forward.
“This place is so beautiful.”
“Thar are places here even more exquisite.”
“Will you show me, please show me,” her voice like a schoolchild.
“I believe we could take a short break here. I know my men will agree.”
“Can we go now?” she asked.
“Later… I’ll need to make sure all is safe before taking ye ashore. These men here
are pirates and scoundrels. They have been known to break the code.”
Samuel turned and left to attend to mooring the ship. She stood along the rail,
letting the warm Caribbean breeze caress her. She took in the sweet smells of the island.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

They were anchoring far from the others; as if they were alone here. She could over hear
Samuel giving instructions.
“Bos’n, take six crew and nose around. Find out if anyone here has been asking
about our guest?”
“Aye Sir.”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Three

Standing at the rail, looking toward shore she made out the lights even hearing
faint laughter and music. She remembered what Samuel had spoken before. The first
night belongs to the men of the Vengeance. She ached to be part of the festivities; she
needed to see different faces. Never had she been aboard a vessel for so long. “Why can
I not go ashore? The men you sent earlier said it was all right.”
“Tomorrow I promise. Tonight the men need to unwind. They would not be of any
use if something was to go awry.”
“Awry? What could possibly happen? And if it did, they would be right here.”
“Aye they would, with bellies bloated with grog and dragging a wench behind.”
She looked at him a little shocked at first, and then she thought of the empty ship
she stood upon. “And you, my gracious Capt’n, have you no need to unwind,” Corina
stepped closer, lowering her voice to a teasing whisper.
He looked into her sparkling eyes. God she was beautiful he thought. If things were
different, he would take her to his cabin or better yet have her here on deck beneath the
stars. He knew she was a virgin plus his budding feelings for her would not allow him
to cheapen her.
Turning he said, “Tomorrow I promise,” and walked away.
Corina watched him until he entered the ship. She sighed quietly and turned her
attention back to the distant sounds coming from town.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

The following morning she was up early, excited about going ashore. Stepping out
on deck, she saw Samuel staring out at the Island.
“Can we go now?” she asked.
“Good morning to ye.”
“I…I am sorry. Good morning Capt’n. Can we go now?” Corina asked again
smiling broadly.
Try as he may, he could not maintain his stern look. He smiled back at her.
“Aye, of course, I promised, did I not?”
She started bouncing up and down with excitement.
Walking her over to the dinghy, he helped her in. He stepped over to give the two
seamen, Marcus and Troy, some last minute instructions. She could not hear what was
being said, but Marcus peered over his shoulder, looking directly at her he smiled.
Turning his attention back to Samuel, both men nodded.
Soon they were lowered into the water and on their way. Troy and Marcus talked to
one another under their breath, throwing knowing glances at Corina. She was a bit
unsettled but knew that Samuel would not order the men to do anything that would
cause her harm. She felt secure in that knowledge.
Capt’n Samuel proudly walked the streets, with the beautiful Corina hanging off
his arm. He took her through assorted shops, which offered fine goods from all over the
world. She handled fine china, fragile glassware, gold figurines and statues. The shops
here were just as fine as any in Europe.
“If this town was built by pirates to use as a hide away, why do they bother to offer
such nice things?”
Samuel chuckled.
“What is so funny?”
“Yer observations. I never really stopped to look at things such as that. To answer
yer question I would say that pirates rarely get to visit reputable towns and stay.
Therefore, we built our own. What ye see before ye, has come later. In the beginning,
this place was nothing but pubs and brothels. They are still here, only not so visible.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Sometimes one wants to get away, to pretend that they are like anyone else, free to walk
the streets, buy nice things for their families or just get out and not be a pirate…if just
for a short while.”
“What about law and order, does that exist here?”
“Just in this small part of town, there is an agreement… Let us call it a pirate’s code
that this area is off limits to lawlessness. If ye noticed, there are many women and
children here. They face the same dangers as their mates, just being here. This little part
of the island allows them to be families. The pirates of Pandora watch out for each
other. Here they…we are free men. However, pirates do enjoy their free will. They like
to have a good time. A large section has been set aside deeper inland allowing these
men and women to entertain themselves, let us say with less than honorable
activities…and no I will not take ye?”
“I… I… I am not at all interested in witnessing such things?” she said defensively.
“Aye, I believe ye are and it is still no.”
They had been walking for hours. They saw many of the crewmembers from the
Vengeance with bags of gifts to bring their families, when the opportunity presented
The day grew late, and her stomach began to growl. It was probably around four or
five. They had only been snacking throughout their venture of the town.
“Ye hungry?” he asked after hearing her stomach.
“Why yes I am, how did you know?” she replied coyly.
“I heard your belly growl.”
“You heard my stomach growl?” she said a little embarrassed.
“Aye, I did. I believe those people across the street heard it as well.”
She playfully slapped his shoulder pretending to pout.
“I know of a quiet place, with plenty food and a beautiful view.” He stopped at a
shop to rent the proprietor’s horse and buggy. “It’s a wee bit out of town but it should
be well worth the buggy ride.”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

As they rode neither spoke. The route led them along the beach and the clear waters
of the lagoon. A soft breeze came in off the water, cooling their skin. Flocks of seagulls
disturbed by their arrival took flight screaming their displeasure at the interruption. A
large group of colorful long tailed parrots sat upon limbs just along the jungle edge.
Take away the pirates and this place would truly be paradise, Corina thought.
Turning a bend around a large outcropping of rock, she caught a whiff of food that
made her stomach roar and take notice. As they continued, the aromas of assorted foods
filled the air. She bounced in the seat with anticipation.
He cut his eye toward her to smile. Reining in the horse, they dismounted from the
buggy. He led her along a small trail into the foliage. They entered into a large opening.
She was surprised to see several tables filled with assorted foods, and a huge wild pig
lay roasting on an open pit. She stood stunned and confused then with thunderous
shouts the men of the Vengeance along with their families jumped out of the jungle
yelling surprise. All of them ran up to them, slipping leis around their necks.
“And…what pray tell is this?” she said looking at Samuel “I… I don’t understand.”
“Come Corina, it’s for all of us. We have returned safely from the seas, and the men
are with their families. We have added a new member to our Vengeance crew, excuse
me, honorary member to our crew. That is if ye will accept. Besides, a party is not a
party unless someone gets surprised.”
A tear of gratitude trailed down her cheek.
They all ate, drank and danced late into the night.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Four

The Caribbean sun rose high above the horizon quickly heating the air and land.
Corina’s eyes opened, and then suddenly snapped shut protecting her delicate pupils
from the assault of bright light. Slowly she forced her lids open. Above her she saw
huge pelicans soaring out to sea. Sitting up made her head swim, she lay back down
Finally able to sit up she looked around. Sea gulls pecked and fought over last
nights leftovers. Couples lay asleep still locked together in various erotic positions.
Many lay uncovered, their naked bodies in full view. To her left was Tony the ship’s
helmsman, his wife Tonya lay with her head upon his chest, her hand still clenching his
Above her was Troy and Marcus. They too lay bare, with dark skinned native girls.
The woman with Troy had her head in his lap, still awake gently kissing and licking his
balls. She watched as he grew long and hard. The woman looked at Corina, smiled, and
proceeded to take his erection into her mouth. Troy moaned groggily as she slowly
pumped her head, taking him deep into her mouth.
Corina felt herself grow warm and wet, even a bit embarrassed. Pulling her vision
away from the couple she searched for Samuel, who was nowhere in sight. She checked
herself finding that she was still fully clothed, giving her mixed feelings of thankfulness
and disappointment.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Rising to her feet, quietly she left so as not to disturb the others, taking a trail into
the jungle hunting for a secluded spot to relieve her bladder. As she moved deeper into
the interior, it grew darker and cooler due to the canopy above.
The sound of falling water drew her attention. Following the sound she found an
opening to which held a small pond fed from an opening in the mountain. The area
provided a private location to take care of business.
Unlacing the crotch of her undergarment, she squatted. A rustling in the brush
across the pond startled her. She remained very still, unsure of what to do. Was it a wild
animal? She watched as a figure emerged, he stopped slowly scanning the
surroundings. Apparently satisfied that he was alone he undressed walking into the
cascading water.
Corina rose creeping along finding a location that offered a better view. It was
Samuel. He stood under the water with his front facing her, his head back letting the
falling water wash over his face and long black hair. His body was magnificent, his
chest and stomach were well muscled and defined, and his legs long and lean. His
manhood hung loosely, swaying from side to side as he washed.
The view stirred feelings she had never known. Her inner core was ignited, its
flame flickered, fanned by the sight before her and her feelings for him, it grew in
Unsure of what to do and a little frightened, she continued to watch. The heat deep
within her heightened, radiating outward. Her desire to have him beat back her fear.
Undressing, she quietly slipped into the water. Swimming toward him, her eyes never
left him. Even the cool water could not quench her fire.
Instantly, Samuel saw a figure rise from the water. Shocked, he froze, caught
unaware. The vision before him was of a fabled water nymph. Her body was beautiful.
His gaze trailed up over her rounded hips, up her taunt belly to the firm breasts.
Stopping at her face, he recognized Corina, instantly.
His mouth moved but no words came out. She stood before him naked and
inviting. He had fantasies of her but they paled in comparison.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Corina came closer, her smile was radiant and seductive, but her eyes revealed her
“Corina, what are ye doing?”
“I… I want you, Samuel,” she whispered, as she took a step closer.
He placed his hands upon her shoulders.
“Corina, this is not right. I am awarded to take ye home. I was tasked to return ye
“Samuel please,” her voice quivered. “Do you not want me?”
“Since I first laid eyes upon ye. I fall asleep with ye on my mind, I think of ye every
waking moment. But what of yer uncle?”
“I am now a woman, and we are together so what has he to do with this?”
No answer came.
She pressed her soft moist lips to his, his own barrier eroded.
He pressed back into her, their tongues writhing and dancing. He held her face in
the palm of his hands tenderly kissing her.
Corina found his manhood stroking him as she had seen others do.
Samuel kept his lips to hers as he kneaded one of her firm round orbs. His thumb
gently brushing across her nipple caused her to jump each time he crossed her breast.
The feel of him enlarging in her hand fed her desire. The emotions and feelings she
happened to be having were new and exciting.
He pulled free of her lips, placing kisses on her cheek moving down her neck. He
paused on her nubbin, which stood out begging for attention. His tongue darted out
flicking across her pink nub like a snake’s tongue. Corina moaned.
The hardened flesh she held throbbed. She remembered the native girl with Troy.
Slowly she kissed her way down his stomach, all the while pumping him with her
hand. Now upon her knees she stared at his erection, his thick dark pubic hair was like
a mane. His organ looked huge and ominous, pushing back her inexperience she took
him into her mouth. The head was spongy soft; she tried to take more but almost

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

gagged. Pulling back, she concentrated on the pinkish crown, which brought
pleasurable groans from Samuel, thus exciting her further.
Samuel loved the feel of her mouth upon him, but he willfully brought her back up.
He lifted her into his strong arms, carrying her to a thickly covered moss rock. Laying
her gently down he gazed at her beauty.
“Why did you stop me? Was it not pleasurable?”
“Immensely pleasurable my dear, however I would much rather please ye.”
His mouth returned to her breast sucking first one, then the other sensitive nipple.
His fingers gently stroked her swollen outer lips, caressing the hairs of her pubic
Samuel trailed his tongue and lips down her body. He could smell the aroma of her
Corina let her body go, unashamed spreading her legs wide open.
He stopped to savor the view before him. Thick swollen outer lips lay partially
open revealing the tender pink lips within.
His tongue dipped into her sweet wetness, the taste and smell of her drove him
wild. He licked every part of her womanhood trying to lap up every drop of her juices.
Loudly, she moaned at his oral stimulation. She could take no more, reaching down she
grabbed a hand full of his hair, and pulled his face up so she could see his face.
“Take me Samuel, take me now.”
He kneeled between her widely spread thighs. Slowly he rubbed the head of his
cock between her glistening wet lips. Knowing she was a virgin, he gently pushed into
her tight opening. Her expression showed pain and he quickly pulled away.
“No, don’t stop. Please fill me,” she pleaded.
Again, he entered her until he felt himself break though the tight muscles. Slowly,
ever so gently he pumped himself, in shallow motion. Not wanting to hurt her.
Corina felt herself stretch open to accommodate him; the feeling was no longer
painful, but sinful. She wanted him to go deeper. Inch by inch he snaked into her tight
pussy. At last, he was fully in. He buried himself, tilting his hips to get a little deeper.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

She screamed out lightly. More a sound of pleasure rather than pain erupted from her
His thrusts were slow and deep. Any previous pain, washed away with immense
pleasure. Her breast bounced in rhythm to his movements. The faster his tempo rose as
her moans of pleasure coaxed him on.
“Oh Samuel, oh Samuel please don’t stop, faster…faster…oh my god.” she
screamed aloud as the soft crown of his head rubbed the oversensitive gland hidden
deep inside her.
As he pumped faster and harder, her legs stiffened and her back arched. Her
opening grew unbelievably tighter around him. The wet smacking sounds of their sex
filled the jungle.
Corina’s legs shook violently as her body grew rigid. She exploded with ecstasy.
Samuel drove himself deep into her holding himself there his cock throbbing
violently while his load exploded within her.
He collapsed atop her. Both breathing heavily and embracing one another tightly.
“MY LOVE…” They both muttered in unison.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Five

The day was magical. They had both entered the jungle as two pieces of a puzzle, to
find they fit perfectly together. Their voyage to find one another was complete, only
realizing the once empty void within them had filled when they openly expressed their
Playfully, Corina and Samuel swam and splashed one another. They spent the
afternoon alone, not wanting to break the spell of total bliss they were experiencing.
Their lovemaking went beyond physical satisfaction. As their bodies touched, so did
their souls, bringing them closer, intensifying their pleasure.
They emerged from the jungle happy and content, their minds focusing on the
future, their future. The clearing was empty, except for a few telltale signs of the
festivities the night before.
“Well my dear, it seems someone was kind enough to return the carriage. Are ye up
for a walk along the beach?”
“The way I feel right now with you, floating would be more accurate.”
He blushed while she smiled.
“Little late to be so shy,” she said playfully.
His face turned a darker shade of pink that brought out a burst of laughter from
“My wish is that I always make ye feel as ye did, now if yer done teasing, shall we
move along?” Samuel coaxed in a stern tone.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“Of course Capt’n, as ye command,” she laughed at her own mimicking comment.
They walked along the shoreline, casually picking up assorted shells, only to stop
for a moment and watch as huge pelicans dove into the sea. A school of porpoises were
feeding in the same spot.
“I love this place Samuel, do we have to leave?”
“Aye my love, yer Uncle needs to see ye and know yer safe.”
“Can we not just send a message?”
He just looked at her.
“Oh alright,” she ceded.
They rounded a rocky bend that opened to the Lagoon. Samuel stopped dead in his
tracks staring out over the open water.
She tugged on him but he would not move. His lips grew tight and thin and his
brow furrowed.
“What is it?” she asked, as she tried to see what he saw. “Well…what is it?”
“It’s the Jackal…” he responded in a trailing whisper.
“What? Where? I don’t see a Jackal.” She scanned the surrounding land and water.
“Thar.” He pointed, directing her attention to an Old Spanish galleon anchored just
past the opening to the lagoon.
“That ship thar is Capt’n’d by the most ruthless of pirates. He has no loyalties
except for gold. Tis said, he has no soul and cannot die. I must know why he is here. I
hope my suspicions are unfounded.”
“Wha…what suspicions?”
Samuel did not answer.
They continued onward, getting closer to town with each step. Samuel’s eyes rarely
left the lagoon. Only occasionally did he take them off the Jackal and that was to
monitor any commotion coming from ahead.
He led her onto a small trail that went for a hundred yards or so inland and ended
at a small cottage. Samuel rapped upon the door, a moment passed and he raised his
fist to knock again. The door opened and there stood Tony.

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“Capt’n?” his tone curious.

“Might we enter?” he requested while scanning the surrounding jungle.
“Oh, of course Sir, pardon my manners.” Tony stepped aside, waving his guests to
“Tonya,” Tony called. “Come greet our guests.”
“Capt’n Samuel ye honor our humble home,” she said as she emerged from the
kitchen. “May I offer some food or drink?”
“My thanks, but this is not a social call, I am in need of a favor.”
“Anything Capt’n, name it.” Tony replied without question.
“Yer loyalty is commendable, but first know what it is I ask.”
“The Jackal is anchored at the entrance, blocking any escape. I fear he has come for
Corina. I have need to keep her safe while I find for sure why it is here. Know that
helping me may put Tonya in Danger.”
“Capt’n, Sir, ye and yer father before brought our men home from sea over and
over, at times with great risk to yerselves. Though we do not sail with ye, the women
consider themselves members. If we can help ye in any way all ye need is ask,” Tonya
Tony’s heart filled with pride.
“Thank ye,” Samuel said humbly.
“I shall not stay here while you go into danger.” Corina spouted.
“Ye will do as I say.” His voice was harsh and forceful, the look in his eye stern and
“Come dear, I could use some help.” Tonya put her arm around her shoulder and
led her into the kitchen.
“I shall accompany ye, Capt’n.” Tony said as he buckled on his sword.
“No my friend. I need ye to quietly gather the others and wait my signal.”
“What signal will that be Capt’n?”
“Ye will know when the time comes. This could get very bloody.”
“Aye Capt’n, but it will not be ours to be spilled.”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Samuel smiled with pride.

Samuel waited until dark, hiding in shadows of the jungle as he watched the crew
of the Jackal gather up the leaders of Pandora. They were being held in a tavern. Now
darkness fully enveloped the town. He rose from his hiding spot walking toward the
The Tavern door burst open, first one then another of the Jackals crew flew forward
landing face down at the feet of Capt’n Frederick Drago. He stared down at the
prostrated men with distaste, one tried to rise but he brutally kicked him in the face,
breaking the man’s nose and eye socket, spraying the surrounding group with blood.
The other slithered backward, like a snail into its shell, hoping to avoid the same
Samuel entered, stepping over the cowardly man.
“Ah, tis our friend, Capt’n Christensen.”
“Drago.” he replied coldly.
“Now, now my young Capt’n, let us be civilized. Come…come let us drink.” Drago
tried to sound sincere.
“I’d rather ye tell me why ye have come here. Thar is no treasure here for ye.”
“Oh, but thar is Capt’n. Ye must know all treasure is not gold.”
“What treasure ye speak of then?”
“It is said that ye are holding a maiden against her will, I have been sent to
negotiate her safe return.”
“By who?”
“That is not yer concern.”
“I know not of this maiden.”
“Don’t play me a fool,” Drago’s voice a deep growl. Then regaining his calm, he
replied. “Let us not toy with one another. I care not for this maiden. I have been offered
a gold payment of twice her weight to return her, a payment I will not be denied.”
“Say nothing Samuel.” Capt’n Horace one of the leaders of Pandora cried.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Before anyone could react, Horace’s head fell from his body. Blood spurted from
the open arteries as his heart still pumped. Drago’s sword was down by his side quicker
than the eye could follow.
“I hoped it would not come to this, but ye give me little choice. Being an honorable
man, I will give ye till morning to bring me the maiden. If she’s not at the dock when
the sun rises, I will fire upon this town. If a ship raises a sail before I have her, I will sink
it. If a ship’s gun turns toward the Jackal, I will sink it.”
Everyone knew that their ships could not take on the heavily armed Jackal without
open water and speed to aide them.
“If I don’t return to the Jackal, the crew is under orders to sink every ship in the
harbor then turn its guns on the town.” Drago put his arm around two whores leading
them up the stairs.
Stopping mid way, he turned. “I do hope we can end this like gentlemen,” and
coldly laughed, moving up the stairs.
Samuel stood and watched him vanish upstairs. He fought back the urge to race up
and finish this. Too much was at stake.
The remaining Captains looked at him, but none expressed their feelings. None
wanted to be the coward who would give up a helpless maiden.
Samuel turned toward the door seeing Tony in the shadows, waving him to come.
Samuel walked out with a new concern and a plan.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Six

Samuel returned to the cottage with Tony. When he entered the open door, he saw
the Bos’n, Troy, Markus, with them stood Capt’n Sergio Dominguez of the Fantasma
and Capt’n Anysta Lebeau of the Wrath. Samuel made eye contact with the two. Silence
filled the room. Anysta stepped up to Samuel placing a kiss on each cheek.
“My ship and my sword are yers.” She bowed respectfully and stepped back.
“I will not kiss ye Capt’n, but I too pledge my ship and my sword.” Sergio said with
a smile.
A rustling thru the open door behind him caught his attention, out of the jungle he
watched in surprise as the crew of all three ships emerged. All stopped to drop onto one
knee. Samuel turned his attention back toward the two Capt’ns.
“Ye realize that if word of this gets out, it will ruin yer cutthroat image?”
“I will remove the tongue of anyone who speaks of this.” Anysta said in her thick
French accent.
“I too will take actions against those that speak against my judgment.”
“Aye, now tis settled let us get down to business.”
A great deal of time was spent discussing a plan of attack. Time however was not
on their side. In just a few short hours, the sun would rise. Drago would be waiting.
“We have more than eighty men and ah…women.” Sergio corrected as Anysta shot
him a cruel glare. “I believe we can rush him.”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“No Sergio, this we cannot do. The twenty pound long guns from the Jackal will
rain down on Pandora decimating all we have built,” countered Samuel.
“What would ye suggest?” Anysta asked.
“Let me challenge Drago to a duel…”
They looked at him as if he had lost his mind.
“I know I can beat him.”
“The courage of youth…ye will not stand long against his blade.” Sergio warned, “I
have witnessed him slicing down four of the Queen’s best naval swordsmen in one
stroke. I do not believe him to be possessed. However, he does fight like a demon. No,
my friend, I will not accept yer needless sacrifice.”
They continued to discuss options, none of which suggested turning Corina over.
However, Corina sat at a cracked door listening in. The conversations she heard were
filled with danger. She feared for her new love. Noiselessly she slipped out a window,
pulling a shawl around her shoulders to fight off the morning chill. She stood looking
up at the stars, her own mind racing for a possible answer.
“M’lady Corina, It is not safe out here.” Troy said.
Startled, Corina jumped.
“My apologies M’lady I did not mean to scare ye.”
“It’s alright Troy, the talk in there is what scares me.”
“I’m sure the Capt’n does not mean to, but the situation is dire.”
“How so?”
“I have sailed with Capt’n Samuel three years. He has never shown fear. More than
once he’s pulled me and many crew from the jaws of death. So do not worry, the Capt’n
will not allow ye to be taken. He would give his life protecting ye”
Corina stared into Troy’s eyes, trying to remain calm. “Thank you Troy, I just hope
it does not come to that.”
“I too M’lady, now I suggest ye get back inside.”
“In a moment, I just need a little fresh air.”
“Shall I stay?”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“No, you go back with the crew, I am surrounded by heroic pirates, I am sure my
safety will remain intact.”
“Aye M’lady,” He said walking away with pride.
Alone and in fear for Samuels’ safety, she knew what had to be done. Casually she
walked along the edge of the jungle. As soon as no one was looking, she slipped into
the shadows. “No my love, I will not allow you to sacrifice yourself for me.” With one
last teary-eyed look, she whispered. “Good-bye,” and vanished into the night.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Seven

An hour remained before Drago would be expecting his prize; still no real plan was
forming. Frustration filled the room. The three leaders were on different tangents trying
to find common ground.
“We have no more time. We must come to an agreement. It is understood we may
lose our crews, ships and possibly Pandora but we cannot give in to this killer.” Sergio
said, while his own reasons for hating Drago went unspoken.
“What shall we do then?” asked Anysta.
“Corina is missing!” Tonya shouted bursting into the room. Anysta’s question went
unanswered as they raced into the night air.”
“Has any man seen Corina?” Samuel called into the crowd. None spoke.
“I ask again has no one seen Corina?”
“I did Capt’n, about an hour ago.” Troy answered
“Where did ye see her?”
“She was outside, said she needed some fresh air.” Troy had a puzzled look.
“What else Troy tell me everything…I do mean everything.”
“She…she said the conversation ye was having caused her fear, but I tried to calm
them,” he said stammering.
“How did ye try to calm them?”
“I told her that ye would rather die than surrender her. Did I do something wrong
“No…no my friend…not intentionally.”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“Do ye think she might have given herself to Drago?” Anysta asked worriedly
“I do, and I must go to her.”
“Not without us Capt’n. The time for planning is past, give us yer orders.” Sergio
“Take yer crews and prepare yer ships, don’t raise yer sails, and don’t allow the
crew of the Jackal to see ye board. The thin hulls of yer ships will not survive the
Jackal’s cannons.”
“What will ye do Samuel?” asked Sergio.
“I will confront Drago at the wharf. If I do not show myself, he will suspect an
attack and will sink our ships needlessly to assure his escape. I must be thar as he will
expect me.”
They all nodded agreement. The crew moved like a well-trained army.
“When do we catch the wind?” Sergio asked before leaving.
“When ye the see the sails of the Vengeance unfurl.”
“This is crazy!” Sergio said to Anysta as they raced to the harbor.
“Aye, tis why we be pirates.”
“I find yer adventurous spirit stimulating, perhaps we could share a bottle of rum
when this is all over.”
“If we live and if ye can take my sword I’ll consider it,” Anysta replied as she raced
“I think she likes me,” he said to one of his men running along side.
“Aye Capt’n, as ye see it, yer the Capt’n.” Sergio stopped and watched his man out
distance him.
“Well she does!” he called almost child like, before starting his run again.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Eight

Reaching the docks, Samuel saw Corina being rowed away with Drago standing
triumphantly behind her. His heart sank, as the little craft grew farther away from him
nearing the Jackal.
“As usual I get what I come fer, my young Captain,” Drago called.
Samuel could only watch, as her features faded into the darkness. Filling with rage
unlike any he had ever known, he sprinted toward a waiting dinghy. Marcus and Troy
rowed madly toward the Vengeance. They scurried up the rope ladder as Samuel
screamed orders before setting foot on deck.
The Jackal was already moving, her sails filled fully by the early morning breeze.
As she entered the small passage a great flame shot outward followed by a thunderous
boom. The Scavenger, a small sloop, was hit broadside just above the waterline. The
ship was anchored dangerously close to the passage leading toward open water. Drago
was hoping to sink her in the channel.
The Scavenger hurriedly dropped her sails. The crew turned the windlass dragging
the anchor off the bottom, their muscles strained as they tried to raise the heavy weight.
Another volley erupted from the fleeing Jackal, The Scavenger’s main deck took the first
shot, with the second hitting her forward mast exploding it into splinters bringing her
The Scavenger’s anchor barely cleared off the bottom, allowing the ship to move,
slowly at first she inched forward toward the beach. Her remaining sails filled. She
jolted forward picking up speed. The next volley hit her below the waterline; the twenty

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

pounders forced her to list to port as she absorbed the force of the explosion. The next
made a direct hit on the wheel instantly killing her Captain; the Bos’n took charge. With
the helm gone, he steered the ship with her remaining sails. The Jackal released two
more shots as she disappeared past the Twin Peaks. They landed harmlessly into the
water sending jets of spray high into the air.
The Vengeance was on the move, they yelled encouragement to the crew of the
wounded Scavenger as she rumbled and groaned while her keel scrapped the sandy
bottom. The Fantasma and Wrath were also under sail following the Vengeance.
All the vessels were masterfully maneuvered through the gauntlet of coral reefs
hidden just beneath the surface. The sun was rising giving the crews the needed light to
follow the Jackal. Her head start put her just at the edge of the horizon. The Vengeance
and her allies were much faster and would close the distance quickly.
“Capt’n Sir,” the Bos’n called, “what shall we do when we catch her…we cannot
out gun her.”
“We must depend on our speed and maneuverability, and hope to avoid her big
The three vessels were closing fast upon the heavy bodied galleon, though her
armament was impressive and formidable she cut through the water like a rock.
“Captain Sir, three ships are coming up from behind,” the watch from the crows
nest called.
“Prepare the aft battery!” Drago ordered.
“Come my little prize and watch as I send yer young Captain and his cohorts to the
bottom.” He smugly told Corina.
“You have no need to harm them; I am the treasure you seek”.
“Aye my lady ye are of great value but to send the Vengeance below the waves
would be of personal gratification.”
“Please Captain Drago I beg you, I’ll do anything you ask, just let them be.”
“Aye, again my lady ye will do anything I please, I only promised to bring ye in
alive not with yer virtue intact,” he said with an evil lustful grin.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“You may take me, but it will only be my body you take. I’ve given my gift to
Samuel.” She said defiantly.
“Yer body it is then, I care not about being first. I’ve been first many times before,
the young maidens I’ve captured and serviced were all well satisfied.”
His laugh made her skin crawl.
“They are within range, sir” The watch called
“Hold fire and let them grow a little closer, and prepare the starboard batteries.”
The three ships sailed abreast several hundred yards apart, with the Vengeance in
the middle. With sails full, they cut the water like a knife and were swiftly closing on
the Jackal like a pack of wolves.
Two great flashes from the Jackal flared at them, the water on either side of the
Vengeance shot upward, the spray quickly left behind.
The trio then split, The Wrath sailed to port while the Fantasma took starboard and
the Vengeance ran up the middle. The Fantasma raced passed the Jackal firing her
Three-pound rail mounted guns then turning quickly away giving the Jackal a narrow
target. Her guns did little damage but let them know she was there.
The Wrath performed the same maneuver. Her guns however tore holes into the
sails of the sluggish ship. Her turn was a bit slower and she received a direct hit
mid ship at main deck, tearing away her rails and killing two sailors.
The Vengeance fired her forward guns hitting the Jackals fantail; a fire erupted on
her aft end. The Jackal spun hard to port allowing her many gun in placements to find a
target. It appeared all ten guns fired at once. The Jackal was hidden behind a cloud of
smoke. The water around the Vengeance boiled as the heavy balls searched her out.
Then a single round found her bow, blowing a great hole just above the waterline. The
lightly built Schooner shook horribly. Men were knocked to the deck. Samuel remained
calm, screaming orders to turn his wounded ship away from the bombardment.
All three ships shadowed the Jackal, maintaining a safe distance. Each Captain
trying to come up with a battle plan that the other Captains would easily recognize.
Gun for gun they had no chance. Boarding the Jackal was their only hope. They all

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

knew they had to get close enough to make the firing of the Jackal’s guns a danger to
As the hours passed, Samuel grew more agitated. He had to find a way to save
Corina. Methodically he paced the deck replaying past successful maneuvers. None he
found would work without the element of surprise. He would not attempt to sink the
Jackal even if he could, this would endanger Corina.
Occasionally, The Jackal fired at them though her shots fell short it was a warning
to stay clear.
The sun fell behind the horizon, letting the cloak of darkness envelope them. The
night sky was clear but moonless, the only light was from distant stars. All hands were
on lookout. The shadowy silhouette of the Jackal was off in the distance. It could easily
vanish into the night.
“Capt’n look there,” Troy pointed at the sleek shape of the Fantasma. “What is he
doing Sir.”
“I’m not sure but he’s getting dangerously close.”
The Fantasma closed the gap quickly firing her bow guns. The small rounds
pounded into the Jackal’s fantail tearing off splinters of wood. She quickly sent a second
volley, but before her rounds could reach its target, the Jackal fired. The Fantasma’s
inadequate rounds fell harmlessly into the sea, while the Jackal’s twenty-pound ball
found its target.
The Fantasma erupted into a great fireball illuminating the night, the shot from the
Jackal found her small store of gunpowder. The sound of the explosion
reverberated. Smaller explosions followed as other powder kegs ignited.
Through the glow of the fire, Samuel could make the shape of the Wrath steering
toward the mortally wounded Fantasma. Rage filled him as he watched the Jackal fire
at them.
“Full sails Bos’n, and steer us toward the Jackal. Open the armory we’re going to
board her.” He ordered.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Nine

Corina watched in horror as the ship exploded. Tears filled her eyes, in fear that the
ship afire was Samuel’s. The deafening roar of the cannons filled her ears, as another
volley was let loose.
“STOP! Please stop!” She pleaded.
“Only when the tip of his mast sinks below the waves will I stop, then I will let my
men shoot the eyes out of the bobbing heads that survive.” Drago replied coldly,
displaying a grin that was truly evil.
“You are… You are a monster”
“Aye, my dear that I am,” his voice a whisper.
The crew of the Jackal was intently watching the burning ship, and focused on
sinking the other which was coming to her rescue. They did not see the Vengeance
emerging from the blackness heading straight toward them.
As they neared, the Vengeance crew stood ready at the rails, sword, or pistol in one
hand and holding on for dear life with the other. Just as their bows passed Samuel
turned her into the side of the Jackal. The ships rocked violently and bounced apart,
several crew members from the Jackal fell between the colliding hulls, their cries never
Samuel held the wheel tight, while the planking from the two vessels ground
together. The cracking and tearing away of overly stressed timber could be heard above
the screams of men being knocked about and overboard on the Jackal.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

The Vengeance’s crew led by Samuel jumped aboard, instantly attacking the
surprised enemy. Shots rang out, swords flashed and sank deep into bodies. The Crew
of the Jackal were experienced and recovered quickly. Too quickly.
Samuel searched the deck for Corina, but she was nowhere in sight. Two sailors
attacked. He dispatched them quite easily, removing ones head and nearly cutting the
other in half from shoulder to groin.
Hacking his way through, he searched for her, screaming her name above the
metallic sounds of clanging swords and dying men. Blood coated the deck making it
slick. He watched as his crew began to fall, they were outnumbered. Then he saw her,
he started to run toward her but stopped. Drago held her with a dagger to her throat.
“Ye know I’ll kill her, young Captain?”
Samuel only nodded.
“Tell yer men to put down their weapons, their losing the fight anyway.”
Samuel did not respond
“Order yer men to stand down,” as he pressed the blade of the dagger harder
against her throat.
Samuel fell to the deck as the ship rolled violently, the knife fell from Drago’s hand
as he tried to grab something for support. Corina rolled toward the rail away from
Drago. The Wrath performed the same maneuver slamming herself into the side of the
Jackal. Her crew boarded and joined in the melee.
“My Dear Captain Sergio, please keep my ship above the waves,” Anysta called as
she swung aboard the Jackal. Landing solid, she reached for her sword but it was not
there. Turning she saw Sergio holding her blade.
“My Dear Captain Anysta, did ye drop something?” he said as he tossed her, her
blade. They both smiled then quickly returned their attention to the matter at hand, he
steered the Wrath away from the Jackal and she joined the battle.
Samuel rose quickly, helping Corina up and hugged her tightly. Realizing that they
were not yet safe, he spun around keeping Corina safely behind him. Drago stood
menacingly, his sword drawn.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“Ye know ye cannot beat me young Captain.”

“I know nothing of the kind, are we to talk or fight?”
“I’m going to carve out yer heart…” he said as he walked toward them his sword
held high for a chopping blow.
Surprisingly, Drago’s sword fell to the deck with his hand still tightly gripping the
hilt. He screamed in pain and rage as he stared at the squirting stump where his hand
used to be. Off to his right stood Anysta smiling smugly.
“Years ago when ye laid that hand on me I told ye I would take it!”
Drago dropped to his knees, his head bowed as he tried to stem the flow from his
wound. The crew of the Jackal were quickly defeated.
The morning sun was a welcome sight, Samuel wasn’t sure if he would see it. The
few survivors of the Jackal were locked below deck. Drago was bound to the main mast,
his wound bandaged. He stared off into the distance then started to laugh.
“Ships Captain!” the watch called.
There on the horizon were at least a dozen ships and they were heading their way.
Anysta looked through her telescope and gasped.
“Who are they?” Samuel asked.
She did not reply she just handed him the glass.
“Yer death young Captain.” Drago answered. “They are the ones who want yer
treasure.” His laughter growing with intensity. “Again ye lose!”
“My God!” Samuel exclaimed as he peered at the Armada.
“What is it sir, who is it?” the men asked in unison.
“Those are man-o-wars, but I cannot yet see their colors”
“Shall we set rigging for flank?” asked the Bos’n
“No we will not be able to outrun them and we’ve no time to move everyone to the
“Prepare the cannons” the Bos’n called out
“Belay that order, we’ve no chance in a fight” Samuel replied
“That’s my good Captain, they may let ye live” sneered Drago

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“What are yer orders sir” The Bos’n and crew stood ready.
“Drop the anchor, raise the sails”
“Ye heard me and while yer at it, run me a fuse from here to the store of powder.
Let them think we have surrendered. I will only ask for volunteers to stay behind the
rest need to hurry and board the Wrath. Now move we have little time.”
The men hurriedly performed their duties and prepared the ship. They then all
gathered around their Captain.
“Ye must all hurry now.” No one moved.
“I said go, before it is too late!”
“Tis already too late, we’ve all taken an oath to stand by ye as our Captain,” said
the Bos’n
“Anysta, take Corina and return to yer ship.”
“I’ll not leave this deck, my handsome young Captain”
“I too shall stay,” Corina broke in.
“Please Corina, ye must go. All this was to keep ye safe.”
“I shall not go, Samuel I love you and I could not bear the pain of losing you. I
would prefer to die in your arms than live without you.” Her voice was filled with
emotion and her eyes glistened with moisture.
Slowly he pressed his lips to hers, savoring her taste and aroma.
The Jackal sat dead in the water and all onboard watched as the fleet grew larger as
it neared, the Wrath stayed far behind helplessly looking on. Drago stood defiant, still
tied to the mast, believing his moment of revenge was nearing.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter Ten

Samuel and crew stood helplessly watching as the huge warships surrounded
them. No flag flew identifying themselves but the vessels design suggested that these
ships belonged to Spain. Some of the crew hid below, ready to unleash the Jackal’s guns
before igniting the great store of powder. If nothing else, they would take at least one to
the bottom with them.
Sleeker lighter vessels emerged from among the monstrous battlewagons that
bobbed menacingly around them. It dropped anchor several hundred yards ahead of
them. Moments later a small skiff was lowered and rowed toward them. Corina
wrapped herself around Samuel holding tight fearful of what was about to happen.
Soon they heard a heavy Spanish accent calling from the skiff.
“Lower your rigging and bring us aboard.”
Corina loosened her death grip upon hearing the voice.
“I say again…lower your rigging and bring us aboard, have no fear we are not here
to harm you.” A long moment passed then the davits were swung outward and the
boat hooks lowered.
Two uniformed men boarded first eyeing Samuel and all aboard wearily their
muskets at the ready but not aiming at anyone in particular. Four more clamored
aboard and posted themselves in such a way as to form a protective box, they too only
kept their firearms at the ready.
Another came over the rail, this one a ranking officer apparent by all the gold that
dangled from his uniform along with the large plume sticking up from his hat. The

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

inlaid gold on the hilt of his sword glittered in the sun. His eyes were dark and strong,
this man was very accustomed to being in command. He scanned the deck taking a
moment to look each man in the eye. He paused a bit longer on Anysta, as a gentleman
he tipped his hat at her and moved on stopping on Samuel.
His gaze into Samuel’s eyes was not threatening; it was more an acknowledgement
of his command. He then turned his attention to Corina, his eyes grew soft and pleasant
and a smile softened his features.
“Uncle!” Corina squealed and ran toward him.
The look of confusion on Samuel’s face was comical as he watched Corina race into
the man’s arms and was lifted in a huge bear hug. All aboard just exchanged glances,
some let loose breaths that were being held unknowingly.
The Wrath was taken by surprise and escorted back, Samuel, Anysta, Sergio and
Drago were taken to the Flagship. Drago was placed in the brig while the others were
treated as honored guests. The crew’s on the Jackal and Wrath were provided with
fresh water and food.
“Captain Christensen.”
“Please, Commodore Fueigo, call me Samuel. Captain is a title I inherited not yet
“As you wish,” he replied with a knowing nod. “I’ve been authorized by the King
of Spain to grant you and all that aided you amnesty for the past transgressions of
piracy as reward for the safe return of his daughter princess Corina.” Samuel hid his
surprise at finding out his love was a princess.
“Alleged piracies, with all do respect. I’ve yet to be convicted.”
“As you wish, alleged piracy it is… We will be returning to Spain in the morning is
there anything you need for your return voyage home?”
“Thank ye Commodore but your men are stocking us with enough supplies to sail
the globe as it is.” Samuel glanced around the deck at his crew. They stood in awe of the
spectacle before them. The Spanish ship anchored next to the Vengeance, while officers

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

and crew of the Spanish Navy began to haul barrels of dry goods, food and rum
onboard. Never had a pirate seen such a site.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

Chapter 11

Corina entered the main quarters, dressed in a beautiful flowing gown. She was
even more beautiful; Samuel thought this was impossible. Sergio stood bowing
respectfully, all at the table stood to acknowledge her presence. Her smile was the same,
soft and gentle, she did however blush slightly at all the attention.
“My dear, your father will be delighted to have you home again.”
“I shall not be returning home just yet,” she replied quickly.
“I am under orders to return you at all cost.” He exclaimed in agitation.
“No, Uncle I’m not yet ready to return.”
“We need to speak of this in private.” The Commodore rose quickly leading her
from the room. All watched with curiosity as they left. The silence filled the room as no
one made a sound.
“I understand ye relieved Drago of an offending member, my sweet Anysta,”
Sergio spoke, breaking the silence.
“I told him I would years ago; it just took a little longer than I hoped.”
“So ye a woman of yer word then?”
“Of course, if I say it then I will stand by it.”
“Very good,” he said throwing her a devilish grin
“What are ye up to?” she asked raising an eyebrow.
“I believe ye said that if I ever take yer sword, ye would allow some time alone in
yer company.”
“Ye did not take my sword, I dropped it.”

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“There was no stipulation on how I got it.”

“Fine! One evening, but ye better watch yer hands.”
“Yes my sweet Anysta.”
“Stop calling me that.”
“Yes dear,” he said aggravating her.
Huffing she turned her back to him.
Samuel grew anxious and agitated since they had been gone a long time. He was
not going to just let her leave with out saying his peace. He rose from the table to leave
the room.
Samuel rapped hard on the Commodore’s stateroom door. There was no answer so
he rapped again, harder this time. There was still no answer, mustering all his nerve he
burst into the room. There stood the commodore holding a crying Corina. He just
looked into Samuel’s eyes and smiled. Corina raised her teary-eyed face then ran into
Samuel’s arms.
“I love you Samuel, I cannot leave you. I will give up my place as princess to be
with you.”
“No! Corina, I cannot ask this of ye, I am only one man; ye have an entire people to
care for and lead.”
The two lovers stood holding onto one another kissing passionately as if it were the
last time their lips would touch.
“I love ye” he whispered over and over again.
She could only bury her face in his shoulder as she sobbed for the loss to come.
“Oh stop it the both of you,” piped the Commodore, both instantly turned their
attention to him.
“Corina do you truly love this scoundrel of the sea?”
“Yes, Uncle more than anything.”
“Do you Samuel truly think your love will be enough for my niece the princess, and
will you care for her for all time.”
“Of course” he replied without hesitation.

Not All Treasure is Gold Teresa Wayne

“Well then by the powers of the king of Spain and my command of this fleet I
pronounce you Husband and Wife.”
“We are…we are married!” Corina stammered.
Samuel looked on in amazement.
“Of course, I am on the high seas and have this authority.”
They laughed and rejoiced, a large party was thrown. There was music and firing of
the cannons. Corina looked longingly at Samuel remembering the wonderful sensations
shared with him. She took his hand leading him toward the deckhouse, but the
Commodore stood sentry at the door.
“Let us wait until we get home for a formal wedding, before we start plucking the
ripened fruits.” Giving Samuel a wink.
They looked at each other and chuckled.

The End

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

The Captain’s Prize

Jaden Sinclair

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Chapter 1

Parker Graham wiped the sweat from his forehead as he looked at his cards,
waiting for the barmaid to bring him his pint of ale. He did not know what to do with
his hand of cards that the man across from him dealt, but he did know that he needed to
win the pot.
“It’s your move.”
Parker looked up again at the man. He sat back in his chair, blue eyes sharp as the
steel on his hip as he watched Parker. The man had jet-black hair, slicked back in a
leather thong. A nice size diamond stud was in his left ear lobe, while a well-trimmed
mustache and goatee covered his upper lip and chin, and his clothes appeared to be the
best. Something that Parker found very strange for a man sitting in this kind of pub.
“How…how much was the bet again?” Parker asked in a shaky voice.
The man smiled, showing him a white, clean smile on his tan face. He sat forward
in his chair, clasping his hands together. Parker licked his dry lips as he rolled the pinky
ring on his right hand. A ring that was a snake wrapped around to form the band with
two rubies for its eyes.
“One hundred dollars.”
Parker looked at his cards again. He knew that he had a damn good hand, with
three tens, but what he happened not to have was the hundred dollars. What he did
need however was the money in that pot. It would pay off many of the debts that he
owed. It would even allow him and his daughter to go to their new home.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

With the most desperate move on his part, Parker pulled out a small cameo of his
sixteen-year-old daughter. He dropped it in the pile, looking at with deep regret in his
“What’s that?”
“My daughter,” Parker answers in a dull voice, “I will bet my daughter.”
“You would place your child in our poker game?”
Parker heard the disbelief in his voice, “I have no choice here, mister. I need that
money really bad.”
He watched as the photo was picked up and slowly opened. He saw the sudden
interest in this man’s deep blue eyes as he looked at the only daughter he had. Parker
could actually see the bastard undressing his little girl with his eyes.
“Do we have a deal?” Parker asked in a tight shrill voice.
The man closed the photo sitting it back down in the pile, “Deal.”
Parker let out a whisper of breath as he prepared himself to proudly show his cards.
With a smile on his face, he lays down his three tens. He smiled up at the stranger
across from him, feeling as if he landed the pile, but his smile was soon gone. Four Jacks
showed over his tens, telling Parker that not only did he lose the money he needed so
badly, but his daughter as well.
“That can’t be,” Parker said with a mixture of shock and disbelief, “Not my Lexie.”
Parker watched the man pick the photo of his daughter up as he shoved the money
towards him; “My man here will go with you to escort my prize to my ship.”
Parker was helped to his feet as the money was stuffed into his pockets. All he
could do was stand there looking at the cameo the stranger was rubbing with his
thumb. How could he have been so stupid to put Lexie up for a prize? How could he
have lost his daughter?
“Your ship?” Parker asked in a confused voice.
“You don’t really think I live here?” the man smiled brightly at him, “I expect her
within the hour.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

One hour, then two went by, but still the prize that he had won did not show up.
What did show up after four hours went by were Wills and another man dragging in
the sailor who went with Parker to bring back his prize.
“He’s been beaten pretty bad, Captain.”
“And our Mr. Graham?” the Captain asked in a cold voice.
“Gone. Whole room cleaned out. He took the ship that just left port, bout an hour
“Seems that I have been cheated out of my winnings, Mr. Wills,” the Captain said
walking to the side of his ship, looking out at the dark sea. “And that is something I do
hate the most. A cheater.”
Wills said nothing as he watched the backside of his Captain. He knew how the
man was when crossed. Knew how mean and nasty he could get if provoked the right
way. All of the crew knew when to stay out of the man’s way.
“Aye, Captain,” Wills, said in a soft voice.
Wills watched as his Captain took a cameo from his pocket and opened it. He did
not ask what it was, but waited for the Captain to inform him of what his next duty
might be.
“Mr. Wills.”
“Aye, Captain?”
“Find out everything you can about our Mr. Graham. He has a debt to pay.”

Two years later…

“Lexandra…please honey…listen.” Parker Graham stood outside his daughter’s

door, pleading with her to come out, “He is a very nice gentleman who has traveled
a very long way to meet you.”

“Hah! Save it father, I have heard it all before!” Lexandra Graham stood in front of
her bedroom window looking at the calm sea and the sugar cane fields. For two years
she had lived on this island. For two years she had been very lonely. The only visitors

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

this island seemed to get any more were men who her father owed money to or the
ones that wanted to be a caller of some kind. Both disgusted her, “I won’t be a pawn in
your games any longer!”
“All he wants my sweet, is an evening and my slate is clean.”
Lexie stormed to her door, opening it with as much anger as she had. She stood
with her hands on her slim waist, wearing her new custom riding pants and shirt, “For
your information, father, the last gentleman that came who wanted an evening kissed me
and tried to get his hands down my gown. I don’t care to go through that again.”
Parker Graham looked at his eighteen-year-old daughter. She was breathtaking
with her long, soft brown hair, braided and hanging down her back. Her deep, sea
green eyes always astounded him. So much like her mother’s that he felt himself getting
lost in them. With her pouting mouth and delicate heart shape face, Lexie was a vision
for anyone to look at. She was also a hellion when pissed.
“Lexie, please,” Parker begged, “I promise, this is the last time.”
“That is what you said last time,” she glared at him, “Besides I am going riding. The
horses haven’t been ridden in a while and Max needs to run or he will get fat. You,” she
jabbed at his chest, “can take care of your gentleman friend on your own!”
Lexandra stormed out of the house going straight to the barn. She did not have a
clue that she was being watched very closely.
“Right on time, lass,” Wills said to himself as he watched the girl walk into the barn
with a chip on her shoulder, “Captain is going to have his hands full with you. That is
for sure.”
For the past two weeks, Wills had been watching the Captain’s prize like a hawk.
His orders were very simple. Watch her, learn her routine, but do not be seen. Get as
much information as he could about her and her father, and get the layout of the island
as well.
Wills found much out in the two weeks he was here, much that he was sure would
make the Captain very happy. Lately, making the Captain happy was becoming a hard
task. He was grumpy, moody, with no wench around to take the hardness from his

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

cock. Wills knew it was cause of this here lass. The Captain had an itch for her that
would not go away.
Wills also found out that Parker Graham had a very serious gambling problem. He
was so far in debt that he was starting to use his daughter to get out of it, but only
managed to keep his head above the water. Wills knew the girl was still untouched
however. The way her father was going about it though assured him it would not be
long before one of these men forced himself on her.
Wills watched her ride out of the barn as if the gates of hell were on her heels. He
smiled as he started his walk back to the port where his dinghy was tied. It was time to
report back to his Captain.
“Enjoy your ride, lass,” he said to himself with a smile, “The next ride you get will
be with the Captain on his horse.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Chapter 2

Captain Dane ‘Snake’ Le Serpente lounged in his cabin with feet up on the nailed
down table looking at his cameo of the young girl. He thought that she would be about
eighteen now, and very ripe for the picking. His cold blue eyes looked over every inch
of the photo, daydreaming about touching the soft skin.
“Captain?” A knock on his door forced Snake to come out of his dark thoughts
about his prize.
“Captain, sorry to bother you. Wills be coming back.”
Snake put the cameo back in his vest pocket and stood up. He placed the large
curved knife into his sash as he walked past his young cabin boy. In his dark black
pants, knee high boots, blood red sash tied around his waist, leather vest and no shirt
on his chest, and a matching blood red sash around his head he was a remarkable sight.
Snake waited. He stood in the middle of the bow with his feet apart, as the dinghy
slowly came back to the ship.
Wills, his first mate, and second hand man had been sent on a Mission. Now that
Mission was finally over. Now was the time for information, and for the first of many
steps to be made.
With fists on his hips, Snake waited as his only friend climbed up the ladder while
the dinghy was hauled up. He did not smile at Wills, but his blue eyes showed the
warmth that his lips could not.
“Well?” Snake asked.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

“She’s there,” Wills answered before his foot touched the ship, “And she is one
Snake smiled. The first real smile in months hit his face, since he started looking for
her. “Is that so?”
Wills handed his dirty bag to the cabin boy, “Aye she be a handful. That father of
hers has in her, one hell of a spitfire. He owes just about everyone on that island. Been
using his daughter to settle some of them debts as well.”
Snake crossed his arms over his chest as the coldness went back in his eyes,
“Whoring her out?”
“No sir! She still be fresh, but I don’t think for much longer. There is this fancy one
that old Parker owes more to than anyone else. He is planning on having the lass.
Willing or unwilling.”
“Then, Mr. Wills, it is time for me to make my move.” Snake turned his back and
started to his cabin, then turned again to announce his intentions.
Wills who followed, also stopped.
“Let’s get the plan in motion. Get the flag up and the guns to ready. Tonight men,
we plunder!”
A cheer went out as men started running around the ship, readying things for a
“Mr. Wills! To my cabin!” Snake yelled over the noise.
Wills followed his Captain down to his cabin. He closed the door then stood still
while Snake strapped on his side sword and stuffed two pistols in the front of his sash.
“The house?” Snake asked, wrapping a whip around his waist and picking up a
“Straight up the hill. They share it with the Governor of the island.”
“Ah! So our Parker has rubbed elbows with the rich!”
“Aye, he has. They keep the gates open all the time, so you should be able to sneak
in without any trouble. Her window is at the back of the house, facing the east side of

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

the ocean. It is the only room with a small balcony. Always leaves the doors open for
the night air.”
“None that patrol the grounds. Only two at the sides of the gates, but they tend to
Snake smiled, “This is going to be easy.”
“Not really, Captain. No guards on his ground, but them red coats do walk the
whole lot of the island. You want the cover of the guns, and then as soon as you hit the
shore we should start the canons.”
“Good point. Have it done. You are in charge of the ship. Go make sure the men are
ready, and tell them this. They keep what ever they take but women are not to be
brought on board. If they want one then they had better take them on the island before
we leave. Give every man only two hours. With or without them, all boats had better be
in the water and heading back to the ship or we leave without them. They all know
what Lexandra looks like. Inform them she is mine. Death to the one that harms her.
They find her, then twenty gold pieces if they bring her to me.”
Wills smiled bright, “Aye Captain. We will be ready.”
Wills left to carry out the orders as Snake looked one more time at the cameo, “now
my pet. You will belong to me!”
“Your new chemise, Miss.”
Lexie stood up from her bath, wrapping the drying cloth around her creamy white
skin. After she was dried, she slipped into the cool, white cotton chemise. Her maid had
embroidered red roses along the neckline, giving it a more personal touch.
“What did you hear?” Lexie asked.
“The gentleman is making a deal with your father. He said that if your father can
get you to marry him, then he would pay off all of his debt on the island. I think your
father is going to do it, Miss. I think he is going to push you into marrying him.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

“I don’t believe it!” Lexie slipped her robe on, tying it in a tight knot around her
waist, “How could he do this!”
“That isn’t even what has everyone so worried. There has been talk that the Serpent
was spotted close to these shores. That is one creature I wish to never lay eyes on.”
Lexie opened her mouth to speak but closed it. She walked to the balcony with a
frown on her face, “Do you hear that? Sounds like whistling.”
“That isn’t whistling!”
Lexie was pulled to the ground behind her bed as an explosion hit the side of the
house. Both girls screamed as the house shook with the force of the cannon. Lexie was
the first to get up from the floor. She rushed over to the balcony. In stunned silence she
watched as the pirates stormed the Governor’s home.
“Oh my god!” she said quietly.
Lexandra looked down as five men ran around the house to her balcony. Her eyes
widened when she looked at one particularly tall man with a trimmed goatee, who was
looking up at her with a grin on his face.
Lexie jumped back when a rope with a hook came flying through the air, wrapping
around the railing of her balcony. For a few seconds more, Lexie stood still in stunned
silence. Quickly, the pirate she was looking at began to climb up towards her balcony.
Another shot of canon fire, and Lexie was finally moving.
She turned, starting to run, grabbing her maid by the arm. By the time her hand
touched the knob she heard the first steps of his boots on her hardwood floor.
“Run!” the maid yelled, pushing Lexie out the door.
Lexie started to run, even managed to get to the top of the stairs when she stopped
suddenly. She heard her maid scream and something smash into a wall. Lexie felt her
heart drop when her bedroom door opened. Out came the same man who climbed up
into her room. Green eyes met cold blue in a silent challenge. All other noises seemed
blocked out as the two paired off staring at each other. Maids were crying out,
screaming for help as the pirates chased them around. Things were being broken as
cabinets were being raided. The sounds of breakage echoed thru out.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

The second the man took one-step in her direction, Lexie ran down the stairs. She
heard him running behind her. She could even feel him as he gained on her. She swore
she felt his breathe on the back of her neck.
“Father!” Lexie screamed.
Lexie looked behind her to see how far away she was from the pirate chasing her.
Her fright increased even more when she saw that he had gained on her quite a bit. He
reached out to grab her. Lexie tried to duck. She tripped and went down hard. Her
breath knocked out of her as she lay face down on the floor, feeling him hovering over
As she tried to get her breath back, Lexie was grabbed roughly by her arm and
flipped around to face the man standing over her. He grabbed her hair in his fist,
pulling her closer, “Finally got you.”
“No. It can’t be!” Parker said in a shocked voice.
Lexie was yanked to her feet, but when she tried to go to her father, she was yanked
back hard towards the pirate. She did not know or understand what the connection was
between this man and her father. Nevertheless, something told her that it was not good.
“A debt paid,” the man said, “with interest,” he pulled out his knife and quickly cut
Parker on the left side of his cheek.
Lexie screamed. She tried to go to her father but was stopped by the pirate.
“Be thankful I don’t kill you for killing my man. But do know that I will enjoy your
daughter’s pleasures for a long time.”
Lexie tried to yank her arm away from him after his harsh words were spoken to
her father, “Let go of me!”
“Not my daughter!” Parker begged as he held his bleeding cheek. “Please not my
little girl!”
Lexie twisted her body so that she managed to slap the man in the face. When he
grabbed her other wrist she bit him.
“You are a hellion.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

He pushed her up against the wall with her nose pressing into the wall. A knee
pressed hard into her back as he held her in place, working at getting the ropes tied to
“Check Mr. Graham,” he yelled to one of his men, “then tie him up.” He grabbed
her wrists, making sure to add some extra pain as he pulled them behind her back. “Bite
me again, and I will spank that tight ass of yours. Bare.”
Lexie bit her lower lip from crying out with pain, “You are a coward. How dare you
treat me like this!”
When her wrists were secured, she was turned around and pushed back into the
wall hard, “I treat what belongs to me as I wish.”
“I don’t belong to you!” She spat back at him, making sure to spit on his polished
boots. “You disgust me!”
He looked down at his boots. Suddenly a tick started in his cheek, “I would have
expected better manners from a lady. Yet, what can one expect when faced with a
spoiled brat.”
Lexie opened her mouth to respond but was quieted by his own mouth slamming
down on hers in a brutal kiss. Before she could react, the kiss was over.
“And yet, the brat does taste good. I look forward to tasting so much more.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Chapter 3

Lexie was dragged out of her home with her hands tied behind her back, no shoes,
with only her chemise and robe for protection. Her hair was free, blowing in her face as
this stranger dragged her along.
“Where are you taking me?” she yelled at him as another blast hit the earth.
“To my ship,” he answered her in a calm voice.
Again, Lexie tried to yank her arm from his grasp, which only in turn forced him to
tighten his hold.
“Why are you doing this?”
He stopped in front of a boat, “Give the signal,” he said to another man.
Lexie again tried to pull away from him. This time she managed to pull away. Only
to be yanked back by her hair. She cried out as a strong arm went around her waist,
picking her up from the ground.
“You do have determination. I’ll give you that.”
Abruptly, Lexie was dropped, falling inside the boat, landing somewhat hard on
her side. By the time she struggled to sit up, they were moving away from shore with
other boats following.
“You won’t get away with this,” she glared at him. “The Navy will come after you.”
Once again, her hair was fisted in his hand. He yanked her closer to his face. Lexie
closed her eyes and hissed as pain hit her from her tender scalp.
“Trust me when I say this. You are not worth a whole Navy to come with their
ships to fight or even possibly die for you. You are the daughter of a man who owes a

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

lot of money to a whole hell of a lot of people. They will write you off as a piece of ass
that was owed to a man. A man who came looking for what just happened to be owed
to him. A man like me. So get this into that pretty head of yours. You belong to me. On
my ship, I am god, master, and the king. I decide if you live, die, eat, or fuck,” he
lowered his voice as he took his finger to trace the outline of her breast, “and I do plan
on fucking you my pretty. I am going to fuck every part of your body, in every spot I
can put my dick into. I have at least two years to make up for, and two years to scratch
this itch between my legs. I’m hard, heavy, and aching for the sweet treasure your
daddy has been working really hard at selling. Until I say otherwise, that young pussy
is mine!”
“I’ll never be yours,” she said back to him in a soft voice full of anger.

He smiled, “We will see.”

She was let go and pushed back down with his knee placed in the middle of her
back again. For the longest ride of her life, Lexie waited with dread, as she traveled
further and further away from her home. When the boat bumped the side of the ship,
she closed her eyes, all the while, she kept trying repeatedly to pray; pray that this was
just a bad dream. That soon she would open her eyes and be back in her bed.
“Time to go.”
Roughly, she was yanked up to be flung over his shoulder. Her arms were numb
from being tied behind her back and her legs were cold from the cool moonlit night air.
“Only a cowardly bastard of a whore would treat a lady like this!” she cried out
while he started the climb up the rope ladder.
“And a true lady wouldn’t speak like a whore,” he smarted back.
“Go to hell!”
As soon as his shoulders were level with the ship, he tossed her over. Lexie landed
hard on her rear glaring at him as he finished his climb over. He returned her glare with
a hard look as he walked away from her.
“Mr. Wills!” he yelled, “are the men on their way back?”
“Aye, Captain.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

“As soon as the last boat is tied to the ship we put the island to our rutters. Head us
Again, Lexie was grabbed roughly and pulled up to her feet. Dragged helplessly
towards a door in the center of the ship. Once inside, Lexie received a quick view of a
dining room with two side doors. When she tried to stop in order to look around, he
yanked her hard again to the door on the right.
Down a narrow flight of stairs to a dark hallway, further into the ship they went.
The last door at the end was the cabin they were heading to. As soon as the door flew
open, she was shoved inside to the bed, where she landed face down again.
“I am so tired of you pushing me around,” she said to him in an angry voice.
“I don’t really care what you are tired of.”
“If you are going to be an ass, at least you could give me a name to call you. Son of
a whore seems so personal,” she sneeringly smiled at him as she spoke in her charming
His eyes narrowed as he slammed the door closed with his foot, “Snake.”
Confusion was all over her face as she looked at him, “Excuse me?”
“You can call me Snake.”
Lexie started to laugh, “You want me to believe that you are the famous Snake. The
pirate who roams the world terrorizing the ocean? Oh please!”
Snake walked up to her calmly, but he did not grab her hair in a calm manner, “You
have a smart mouth on you.”
“And you are a bully,” she said in a tight voice as she tried to block out the pain.
“There is only one way I know, to deal with smart mouth girls.”
“Bully them so more?”
“Shut them up.”
Lexie watched with her eyes bulging out as he took two steps back and started to
remove all of the weapons from his sash. Her mouth went dry as he pulled the vest
from his shoulders, tossing it over to a chair. Her heart really started to pound loudly as
she watched him work to untie his breeches, pulling his hard cock out.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

As he took the two steps back to her, he stroked the hard flesh in his hand.
Watching her as she watched him. With his free hand, Snake grabbed her by the hair,
fisting it.
“I am going to show you how I deal with smart mouth girls.”
In a stunned silence, Lexie looked up at him with shock etched on her face.
“Now open that pretty mouth of yours and suck my dick.”
She tried to shake her head no, but he only gave her a harder yank on her hair.
“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Don’t matter to me much at all, but
before this night is out you will suck my dick.”
Lexie opened her mouth to put him in his place again, but words would not get a
chance to come out. Snake pushed his hard cock deep into her throat, holding tightly to
her hair.
“If you bite me I will strip you and make you clean the deck on your hands and
knees in front of all the men. Is that understood?”
With her eyes open wide Lexie nodded her head yes. All the while, she waited as
still as she could be to see what he was going to do next.
“All I want you to do,” he groaned, “Is suck. I will do the rest.”
Snake parted his legs as he held onto her head with both hands. With eyes closed,
he moved his hips in a slow in and out motion. He moaned as she started to suck on his
hardness, licking the underside of the flesh.
“Yes,” he moaned, “just like that.”
With strong steady determination, faster and faster Snake moved his hips, fucking
her mouth trying to reach his orgasm. He moaned more as her throat muscles started to
relax , letting him push all of his cock deep down her throat. When he opened his eyes
to look down at her he felt intense pleasure, unlike any he had ever felt before. She had
her eyes closed as her mouth sucked on him as hard as she could. Her heated tongue
swiping back and forth on the underside of his head was his undoing.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

On a deep moan, Snake fisted both of his hands into her hair as he came hard and
fast into her mouth. All of the two years of pent up sexual hunger came pouring out of
him and down her throat.
He threw his head back on a groan as he felt her throat muscles drink each drop
that spurted out of him. This made him think that his orgasm would never end.
“Oh fuck, baby. Suck me dry,” he moaned, jerking his hips.
Only after the last small aftershock was over, did Snake release his hold on her hair
to slowly remove his cock from her heated mouth. While he laced his britches up, he
looked at her pouting mouth. Her lips were wet and swollen, but she would not look at
“No more smart mouth from you?” he asked in a deep voice.
“Can you release my arms? They are starting to hurt.”
Snake picked up his knife from the table as he jerked her to her feet. He turned her
around and with one strong swipe, cut the rope. He watched her for only a second, as
she rubbed some feeling back into her arms. Then he turned his back to put his
weapons out of her reach. When he turned back to her, he was not expecting the hard
slap that came his way.
Her hand hit his cheek so hard that he was sure there was a red handprint on his
face. He even had to take a small step back from the blow she delivered to him.
“You bastard! How dare you do that to me!” she yelled at him. When she made to
hit him again, Snake reached out to grab her hard. He pulled her into his embrace,
pinning her hands down to her sides.
“Such a temper you have. I bet you are a wild cat in the sheets.”
“Go to the devil!”
Snake laughed at her as well as her futile attempts to wiggle away from him, “I do
love a woman in my bed with some fire. Makes the conquering that much more sweet,”
he bent down to kiss her. Lexie bit him, “You bit me!” Snake pushed her away from him
hard as he wiped his lip. A small drop of blood showed up on his finger. He looked up
at her with pure anger, “I told you not to bite me again.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

“I don’t give a bloody damn what you told me. I will not stand by and let you or
anyone else maul me!”
Lexie ran for the door, but was stopped by his hand, grabbing her long hair. She
cried out in pain as he pulled her back. She cried out again as he ripped her robe from
her body. Lexie was flung in the air, landing bent over his knee as he sat down on the
edge of the bed. She hit him with her hands as she kicked out with her legs, all the
while fighting him. The moment she felt cool air hit her backside she squealed trying
her best to get off his lap. When the first slap came to her backside, she was stunned. No
one, not even her father had ever spanked her. Three more slaps came before the tears
started falling from her eyes. She was crying, she never cried. By the time he was
finished her ass was a nice shade of red and sore as hell.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Chapter 4

“And how is your new pet doing?” Wills asked Snake with a grin.
Snake made a ‘humph’ sound as he walked by.
“That good then,” Wills went on chuckling.
“Why have we detoured from our course?” Snake asked.
“We need supplies. Don’t have enough to get us home.”
“Then you have everything under control?”
Wills smiled, “Aye Captain. You go back and play with your new toy. We have at
least two, maybe three days before we reach port.”
Snake walked back to his cabin with a smirk on his face. He knew the moment he
opened the door his little hellion would be spitting fire at him. After all, any girl would
if she was tied down in a bed with a gag in her mouth. The moment he opened his door,
he was not disappointed.
Lexie was lying on her back; arm and legs tied apart to the bed. Her chemise was
cut on the sides of her legs, showing him a nice amount of skin. He could tell that she
tried to pull and tug on the rope by the position of her chemise. It was lying nicely
between her legs, showing him the outline of her young pussy.
“I see that you haven’t cooled off any,” he chuckled at her.
Lexie screamed at him as much as the gag in her mouth would let her. She twisted
her body yanking on the bindings as hard and as much as she could.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

“The more you do that, the more of a mark you are going to have on your wrists
and ankles. However, that is your choice,” he walked over to her slowly, unlacing his
breeches, “I do prefer the only marks on that lovely body to be from me, however.”
Lexie watched him with her eyes bulging out as he stripped down in front of her.
The only time a lady such as herself saw such a thing, to see a man without a stitch of
clothing on, was on her wedding night. It was bad enough and easy to push in the back
of her mind what he forced her to do the other night. It was even harder for her to push
back the thought of how much she enjoyed it. She loved the feel of power in her mouth,
even going so far as to think she was not in control, she felt as if she was.
Lexie shook her head no at him as he crawled onto the bed, positioning himself
between her spread open legs on his knees. She knew what he wanted, knew that it
would ruin any chance she might have to fix this mess. Her precious virginity was all
she had to restore her good name and to find a good marriage. If he took it, then she
would be nothing more than a whore would be after all. A whore, which her father
could use at his whim to pay off all or any of his debts.
Snake removed the gag as he lowered his body to hers. The softness of her flesh was
heaven to him. If he died tonight, and taken to Davy Jones’ Locker, he would go so
“Oh, you feel so good under me,” he said in a soft, sexy voice.
“Please, don’t shame me like this,” she begged.
“I intend to make you scream with pleasure,” He replied as he grazed his lips over
her neck as his hand skimmed up her bare leg.
“If you take what is intended for my husband only, then I have nothing left in this
The word husband stilled him. “And what husband might this be?”
Lexie heard, even felt the change in his soft handling of her, “I need to find me a
husband, before my father does the very thing you are trying to do. I cannot and will
not let him sell me to pay off his debt. I will not give my innocence away willing. If you

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

plan on taking this body for your pleasure, then you will have to keep me tied up and
rape me.”
Snake came up on his hands fast, looking down at her hard, “I assure you, my lady,
that you will be very willing and begging me to take you. I don’t rape anyone!”
“You will be raping me, Captain Snake. I can not come to your bed willing.”
The tick started again in his cheek as he looked down at her. He thought for the
longest time about what he had to go through to find her, then to take her. She
belonged to him. The thought of another touching her, or even spanking her pissed him
off. She was his, damn-it! No other!
“Fine!” he snapped at her. “Then we do this your way.”
Snake jumped off the bed, wrapping a drying cloth around his hips. He picked up
his knife from the table and cut her bonds. Before Lexie could react to anything, she was
yanked from the bed and dragged out of the cabin.
“Mr. Wills!” Snake yelled as he dragged her along, “Get your bloody ass down here
“What are you doing?” She asked in a scared voice.
“Wills!” he yelled even louder.
“Ye don’t have to bring bout the whole ship. I’m coming, Captain.”
Snake stopped short in his dining room. The one, that Lexie was only able to see for
a split second.
“You yelled?” Wills said in a grumpy voice.
“Do this and do this fast before I change my mind,” Snake growled at him.
“Do what?” Wills and Lexie asked at the same time.
“Marry us! Now!”
“What?” both exclaimed.
“You heard me,” Snake yanked Lexie to his side. “You want to be married to fuck.
Then we will be married. Either way, tonight I have you. Your way or mine. Get her
done, Mr. Wills.”
“Aye Captain.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Wills started speaking fast, blurring the words so Lexie could not really hear or
understand what was being said. When she did hear the sharp words, man and wife,
her heart skipped a beat. Just like that, with a quick snap of a finger, she was married
aboard a pirate ship to the Captain.
“God bless, and good night,” Wills said, turning his back on them and walking
“What just happened?” Lexie asked in a shocked voice.
Snake turned her in his arms, fisting her hair in his hand, kissing her hard and
deep. He pushed his tongue deep into her mouth as his free hand cupped her ass,
grinding her into his hard cock.
“Now you have no more excuses,” he said in a husky voice against her lips, “you
belong to me forever!” He picked her up, wrapping her legs around his hips. “And that
sweet body is calling to me.”
Snake kneaded her ass as he walked back to the cabin, pressing her even harder to
his aching hard on.
“Wait!” She breathed out as new sensations and feelings started to overwhelm her,
“Was that even legal?”
“He is my first mate. The second in command. He has the power on this ship to
marry us. He did just that. We are married, as you wanted. Now we are going to do
what I want,” his voice dropped in tone as he said the last.
Forcibly, Snake kicked open, and then slammed closed his door. He pulled the cloth
around his hips away as he tossed her back on the bed.
“Get ready for the ride of your life, my wife. I am taking everything you have and
then some. Tonight you are going to feel me in every sweet inch of that body and be
pushed to the extreme until you can not do any more or until both of us can walk no
Lexie could not say or do a thing but stare at him as he stroked his hard flesh. As he
came to the bed, Lexie scooted away some. She felt the nerves of a bride about to be

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

taken by her new husband. The look on Snake’s face told her he was going to take her
“Time for you to lose this.”
Snake took hold of the front of her Chemise and ripped it from her body. She
shrieked covering her breasts with both hands as her knees came up to protect her
young mound. She was becoming very scared by the intense hunger and determination
in his eyes. However, Snake was not about to be swayed from her look of innocence. He
had waited for a very long time to have her. Tonight was their wedding night. He was
going to sink into her all night long, deep.
He looked his fill at her young body, smiling as the blush on her face crept down
her body. She was soft, creamy silk that he planned on kissing, tasting and fucking
every inch of, and in every way possible.
“This is going to be a night you will never forget,” he said softly to her as his finger
touched her knee, caressing his way down to her ankle.
“Can…can you do me one small favor? Please?”
Snake placed both hands under her knees before he looked up at her frightened
face, “And what would that be?”
“Will you tell me your real name?”
He smiled at her as he pulled her slowly closer to his body, “Dane. And I expect
you to scream it out all night long.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Chapter 5

Dane pulled her towards him as he parted her legs. He looked down at her with
pure lust on his face as his treasure came into view. Nothing, he thought, ever looked so
tempting or as lustrous as her pussy. His hunger was at an all time max as he thought
about plunging into her tight heat. To taste the salty sweetness, as she cried out his
name, while coming apart in his arms.
She was trimmed, plump, and damp with the dew he was dying to lick. Dane
leaned down, blowing softly on the folds of her womanhood. She was sweet nectar that
he was dying to taste and could not wait one more minute.
With one long swipe of his tongue, Dane received his first, but not last taste. He
moaned his pleasure at how wet she was becoming, knowing that in a matter of time
she would be drenched by his hand.
Dane placed her legs over his shoulders with his hands cupping her ass. His
shoulders did the rest at spreading her open for him, as he looked one last time at the
virgin pussy. His cock twitched as he thought about how his mouth and his tongue
would be the first to breach her.
“Here comes your ride, baby. Hang on,” he said in a soft, but rough voice.
Lexie, however was not prepared for the new feelings or sensations that hit her all
at once. She felt exposed as his head lowered down between her bare legs. When the
first swipe of his tongue touched her, Lexie jumped. Her instincts told her to move
away from him, that this was not a normal act between two people. Yet, her soul told
her to stay, to find out what would happen next. To allow his tongue inside her while

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

he was kissing her mound, that everything he was doing was perfectly all right now,
since they were married.
After another long lick from his tongue, that hot tongue disappeared in her folds,
pushing at her innocent entrance, Lexie was gone. Nothing could match the exquisite
pleasure that she was feeling right this moment as when his tongue entered her pussy.
“Oh!” she moaned, and was rewarded with a moan from him as well.
Like a man haunted, Dane fucked her with his tongue. Sucking each drop of dew
and even demanding more. He was becoming harder as she bucked under him. Her
fingers digging into his hair, as he continued his assault on her senses.
The moment the first wave of her orgasm hit her, Lexie screamed. Her fingers
pulled on his long hair as her hips bucked under his mouth, yet the pleasure did not
seem to go away. It only intensified as he went on, further licking and sucking on her,
all the while fucking her with his tongue.
While she was riding out the first, his lips sucked in her hard clit as two fingers
pushed deep inside her. Lexie screamed again as another orgasm hit her. Nothing she
ever heard of or tried to read could have prepared her for this. The only thing that she
knew at this moment was that she wanted more. She must have more.
“I take it you like this,” Dane asked with a hard edge and humor lacing his voice.
He kissed at her pelvis, working his way up her belly to her breasts and hard
nipples. His fingers still fucked her in hard, short bursts, bringing her closer to another
“Don’t…stop,” she moaned with her eyes closed. All the while, her hips kept
moving in a circular motion.
“Oh, don’t you worry about me stopping. We are going to be fucking all night long.
I plan to make you scream until you can not scream any more.”
Lexie closed her eyes tightly as another wave hit her. Her mouth was open in a cry
as she arched her back, riding it out.
“Yeah, baby,” he whispered to her, “drench my hand. Get that pussy ready for this
big cock.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Lexie whimpered the second Dane removed his hand. He kissed her hard as he
took his cock in hand to rub the head along her soaked slit.
“You are going to feel so fucking good,” he said against her lips, “wrap those pretty
legs around me.”
She wrapped not only her legs around him, but her arms went around his neck. She
pulled him closer to her, feeling his hard muscles on her sensitive nipples.
In a normal sense, Dane would have taken his time with his bed partners.
Especially if one was a virgin. Yet, with the long wait to get his hands on Lexie, feeling
her pussy soaking the hard head, Dane knew that there was no way in hell he was
going to hold back.
Using brutal force, pinning her wrists down to the bed, Dane shoved all nine inches
of his hard flesh inside her. He tore into her virginity as if the thing never existed. He
cried out as her flesh wrapped around his hardness in a tight fitting glove. Her cries fell
on deaf ears as Dane moved his hips in hard, steady thrusts. He forced her to take all of
him, and to take it all now.
As fast and as hard as he could, he fucked her. He slapped into her with his eyes
closed, working on holding back his orgasm as long as he could. When her legs finally
tightened around his hips, he seemed to snap out of the daze he was in. He looked
down at her. Lexie had her eyes closed, back arched, and hips trying to meet his own.
He licked his lips as he watched her young breasts bounce to his steady pounding.
“Oh fuck!” he moaned.
He shifted slightly, holding her wrists with one hand. Using his free hand, he
cupped one breast tightly, pinching the nipple hard. Her moan only fueled his hunger,
somehow Dane managed to slam into her even harder.
“Oh God!” she half cried, half moaned.
Dane moved his hand even father down, slinging one of her legs up over his
shoulder. He was so close that the right kind of squeeze from her, the right kind of
orgasm, would finish him off.
“Your ass will be next, baby. Oh that sweet ass,” he moaned in a harsh voice.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Lexie opened her eyes just as Dane pushed one finger deep inside her ass. Her cry
mixed with her sudden orgasm pushed Dane over. He slammed hard into her, burying
himself deeply as he spilled every ounce of seed into her. The finger in her ass wiggled,
feeling it on the underside of his cock through the thin tissue inside her pussy.
“Oh yes!” he cried out, “Oh fuck yes!”
Lexie was limp as a dead woman as Dane pulled out of her. He smiled as he turned
her over to her backside. Right this second she was a tame as a kitten. He wanted to
keep her like this all night long.
Using his knees, he parted her legs, and then reached behind him for a cloth to
clean her up. Her slight intake of breath told him how sensitive she still was, it also
brought life back into his cock. Dane wanted more from her.
“We are not finished yet, baby.”
“Can’t you give me a few,” she said softly. “Just a few moments to rest?”
“Oh no. Have waited too damn long to have this moment, and I am waiting not one
moment longer.”
He threw the cloth to the floor then reached back for his jar of oil. Pouring a large
amount into his hand, Dane smacked her hard on her ass.
“On your knees.”
“I thought you all needed a break between these things,” she said with a yawn.
“Some do, and some do not. Right now, I do not. So get on those knees.” Dane
rubbed the oil onto his hard cock, licking his lips as he thought about where he was
going to fuck her next. As she slowly went up on her hands and knees, Dane kissed her
ass. He rubbed the remaining oil between the folds of her ass cheeks as he licked his
way down to her swollen lips. Gently he pushed two fingers into the tiny hole of her
ass, pushing the oil inside.
“Do you have to do that?” she whined, “It hurts.”
Dane nipped at one plump pussy lip, “I plan on doing way more than that there.”
Lexie looked behind fast. “The hell you are!” she saw how shiny his cock was. How
he had rubbed oil all over it and on her. With a shove from her, Lexie managed to knock

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

him back as she jumped from the bed, grabbing a sheet as she went. “You are not
putting that back there,” she stated as she blushed at him.
Dane smiled a wicked smile at her, “Is that so?” Slowly he climbed from the bed,
his cock bouncing slightly as he moved, “And who is going to stop me?”
“You won’t fit!” she cried, “You already hurt me down there.”
“That pain was just for the first time. Our vows say to obey me, Lexie,” he grinned,
showing her how much he loved this game. “Now get back into this bed and put that
pretty ass back up in the air for me.”
Lexie backed away, “No!”

“One way or another, my pet, I will get that ass tonight.”

Her eyes got large as she moved away from him, “No.”
Dane lunged after her, catching her around the waist as she tried to run to the door.
She screamed as he picked her up, yanking the sheet from her body. Easily he climbed
back on the bed with her kicking her legs out and shoved her face down.
“Stop fighting, Lexie, or you are going to make this hurt.”
“Don’t do this!” she cried, “It won’t fit!”
“Everything fits.” He told her roughly.
Dane took the oil again pouring a large amount on her ass. He used two fingers to
rub it into her ass and over his cock. With one hand holding her down by the back of
her neck, and using his legs to hold hers down, Dane positioned the head of his cock at
the pink ring.
“Relax. The more you fight it, the harder it is going to be for me to get in, which will
only cause you pain.”
Lexie worked hard at keeping him out. She tried to push herself up on her arms as
she flexed her muscle to clamp down and keep him out. It did not work. Dane was
persistently working hard to push into her. On a scream from her, Dane managed to
push the head of his cock into the tight ring of her asshole.
“Yes!” he cried out as the ring popped to his force.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Lexie stiffened up as he continued to push inside her ass. With each burning pain
that she felt, it seemed to make her clit more sensitive, so much so she was trying to
wiggle herself on the covers for release.
“I know what you want, but you have to wait until I am in all the way,” he moaned
as if he was in pain, “Almost all the way in.”
With a cry of triumph, Dane buried himself all the way to his balls inside her tight

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Chapter 6

Dane managed to move his hand under her pussy, touching her hard clit. He
rubbed the nub in a slow, teasing manner, enjoying how she moaned.
“Now get ready for this ride,” he said in her ear.
Lexie never got a chance to answer him. He pulled out of her only to force his way
back in. Each move, each stroke had a mixture of pleasure with pain. She did not know
if she loved this, or hated it. Either way, she was going to have to ride the ride until the
very end.
Over and over he fucked her ass, showing her no mercy. Dane fucked her ass as
hard as he fucked her pussy. He pounded into her, loving the way she was forced to
stretch for his size. Loved how she moaned under him. Hell he just loved to finally have
her in his arms.
“Umm, you feel so fucking good,” he moaned, “So fucking good that I am not
going to last!” he cried the last as his balls erupted and he came inside her.
Lexie managed to grind her clit on his hand; getting the satisfaction, she was
seeking before she finally passed out. After Dane managed to get his breathing under
control, he slipped out of her and cleaned them both up. He smiled as he climbed into
his bed, snuggling up close to her warmth.
When Lexie woke up, surprisingly she was alone. She was still on her stomach and
each part of her body was sore. As she looked around her ears picked up that the ship
was in some kind of port. Something she was expecting but finding it as a new hope.

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

On shaky legs, she got out of the bed and looked out the small window. Sure
enough, the ship was docked in a town. A thought came to her, something that after last
night she should not be thinking about. Lexie looked in the two chests until she found
one of the cabin boys’ clothes. She managed to find a pair of pants and a shirt that fit
her, along with a set of shoes. Dressed again, Lexie left the cabin to sneak her way up
and out.
Everyone on the ship was busy. Men were loading cargo as women were flirting
with the ones not working. Lexie looked around making sure that Dane was nowhere to
be seen. When she did spot him, her heart started to pound.
He was standing on the far end of the ship, talking to a man holding a book. Both
seemed to be arguing about something. Lexie thought to herself that this was the best
and only time she had to escape. On shaky feet, she ran to the ramp on the side of the
boat. Dane saw her.
“Lexie!” he yelled.
Lexie turned her head taking off running even faster. She blended herself into the
mill of people on the docks, losing herself quickly. By the time Dane touched the
ground, she was nowhere in site.
“Shit,” he murmured to himself, “Lexie! God damn-it!” he yelled then.

Three weeks later…

“Lexandra, my dear, you look breathtaking!” Parker smiled brightly at his

daughter, “Just breathtaking.”

Lexie looked at herself in a plain pale blue silk gown with white lace around the
tight sleeves that touched her shoulders. Her hair was up on her head with two large
curls touching her bare shoulder. When she looked at herself, Lexie did not feel
breathtaking. She felt alone. So alone.
“You did the right thing,” Parker went on, “He is a good man.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

“You mean rich man,” Lexie answered him in a cold voice, “Isn’t that what you
want. Someone rich, to take away all of your troubles?”
“No,” she cut him off, “I am doing this for my own reasons. Not for you.”
Parker lowered his head as he walked to the bedroom door. Softly he closed it,
keeping his eyes down, “When were you going to tell me?”
Lexie knew right away, what he was referring to. It was a hard thing keeping
sickness away from one’s father, “After the wedding.”
Parker knotted his head, “Well then, we should be going. I have heard that a special
guest will be there tonight. A Duke of all people. Never in my life did I ever think I
would meet one.”
They rode in a rented carriage to the home of a one, Lord Reldon. The man that
Lexie was going to marry in less than one week’s time. Just the thought of him touching
her the way Dane touched her caused bile to rise in her throat.
After a good fifteen minutes of small talk with the guests , Lexie managed to sneak
away to a balcony for some fresh air. She never felt the eyes on her as she walked
around the room. Never noticed the man who followed her out, and never suspected
that she was going to be grabbed or dragged out to the gardens in the back.
“What are you doing?” she cried, “Let go of me this instant!”
“Always the fighter.”
Lexie dug her heels in as she yanked her arm from the grip it was in the second she
heard that deep voice, “It can’t be!”
Dane stopped and turned around slowly to look at Lexie. Anger was written all
over his face as he looked at her, “Why? You think I would let my wife run away and
remarry so soon. You do know, Lexie, that it is unlawful to marry two men.”
“That marriage on the ship is not legal,” she hissed at him, looking around to make
sure they were alone.
“Oh it was very legal in more ways than one. Any marriage on a ship by Captain or
First Mate is binding. And in case you or any other nobleman wants more proof they

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

can see my bed sheets and your blood on them. You are my wife, and that is my child.
I’ll be damned if some other man raises it or touches you.”
Lexie took a step back from him, “How…how did you know?” she asked in barely
a whisper.
“I have watched you for the last week.” He walked towards her, forcing her to take
a step back. “I have seen how pale you have become,” still more steps he took bringing
them both out in the open more. “Plus I even watched as you became sick one
Guests were starting to come out to the gardens as they saw the Duke talking to
Lexie in a manner not proper for a gentleman and lady,
“All the signs are there, my dear. You are my wife, and I intend to take you home
and to my bed where you belong.”
Gasps could be heard from ladies and gentlemen, as they started to talk among
themselves. Never the less, Lexie could not look away from the man standing before
her. He was the same, yet he was not. He shaved his goatee, dressed in the best, yet his
manner and hard look were the same. Nothing told her that the man before her was a
Duke of any kind.
“Lexie?” her father asked with a concerned look on his face as he came out to the
gardens with a drink in his hand, “Is everything okay?”
Lexie looked up at her father, then back at Dane. Her heart was pounding.
Suddenly she felt very faint, not knowing what to do.
“The easy way, or the hard way, you decide,” Dane hissed in her ear.
“Is there a problem here my dear with Duke Le Serpente?” Her father went on.
“You are the Duke?” Lexie asked in a shocked voice with her eyes open as wide as
they would go. How could this man, who took her from her home on a raid, forced his
will upon her, be the Duke her father was so anxious to meet? Did he even notice that
this happened to be the man who kidnapped her?
“One more time,” Dane went on as if she did not say anything, “Easy or hard?”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Still looking at Dane, Lexie said, “This can not be your Duke, father. There has to be
some kind of mistake.”
Dane smiled a sinister smile, “My lord,” he spoke in a louder voice to her father,
still looking at her with a heated stare, “There indeed has been a mistake. You see, Ms.
Lexandra Graham, your daughter, is already a married woman.” He smiled at her,
increasing his voice even louder so all around would hear, “She is married to me.”
Dane bent over to pick Lexie up, flinging her over his shoulder. Lexie cried out
from embarrassment as he walked around the house, passing people to his waiting
carriage, “Do excuse us. We have much to discuss,” he smiled.
“You put me down this instant!” she yelled, slapping his back and kicking her legs,
“Father!” Lexie screamed, “Help me!”
No one seemed to be able to say or do anything as Dane walked around the house.
He smiled at his driver as the door was opened for him.
“Mr. Wills. Do take the long way home please,” Dane said in the sweetest voice.
He dropped Lexie on the floor as the carriage took off before the door was closed.
The moment he took his seat she was upon him, hitting at him with everything she had.
It did not take long before Dane had her arms behind her back with her sitting on his
lap, straddling him.
He smiled at her as she breathed hard from fighting with him. Quickly he shifted
taking her hair in his fist, kissing her hard. His tongue pushed inside her mouth as he
worked to move her heavy skirt out of the way. Within minutes, he had his cock free
and her sinking onto his hard flesh.
Dane moaned as he moved her hard upon him, showed her how to move her hips
for the right friction while the coach was moving. Their kissing deepened with tongues
mated as Lexie fucked him hard and fast, sinking her nails into his hair. It was a short
ride for both of them. Together they came hard and suddenly, moaning into the other’s
“I’ve missed you,” Lexie said on a sigh against his mouth, “Missed you terribly.”

The Captain’s Prize Jaden Sinclair

Dane kissed her jaw, pulling on her hair to get to her neck. Using his tongue he
trailed his way back up to her ear, “You run from me again, and I am going to take a
strap to that pretty ass of yours. Then I will fuck it hard…wife,” he pulled the sides of
her gown down, exposing her breasts to his eyes, “And I missed these as well. Now
fuck me hard until we get home.”

The End

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Curse of the
Blue Stone
Cara North

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Chapter 1

Waking up in a strange place isn’t half-bad when the strange place is a small
remote island in the Caribbean. Lazily, Delia White stretched to look at the bright
green ceiling. She rented the room over a year ago, as soon as she knew about the
festival. Call it a childhood obsession that began with a ride at a Florida theme park,
but the summer of her ninth birthday launched a completely new obsession in her
life, pirates.
She pulled on her teal bathing suit and tied the matching sarong around her
waist. Slipping into a pair of flip-flops on her way out the door Delia thought about
her little getaway. No one knew where she was. She had told her best friend she
was going to Florida on business. She told her boyfriend the same lie. Neither of
them would understand this.
Delia stopped at a vendor to buy a strawberry-banana smoothie. She settled
into a vacant lawn chair to watch the sunrise higher in the morning sky. The locals
were preparing for the nights festivities. Every year they threw a party, and with all
of the recent hype in movies and books, the local party turned into a festival with
everyone from cruise ships, to ordinary enthusiasts like herself setting sail to Jack’s
Island. It was a tiny place, which wasn’t on a map until two years ago.
The sun warmed her skin, the fruity drink filled her belly while the waves
rolling into the shore soothed her. She could sit in this chair forever, live on fruit
smoothies and in bathing suits for the rest of her life.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Except she needed to do a little shopping today before everyone got off the
cruise ships slowly approaching in the distance and the people filled up the beaches
and the shops. For the next hour or so, the island belonged to the guests smart
enough to reserve the few hotel rooms available.
As she walked, a smooth salty breeze blew over her. Like a lover’s caress to her
skin, it felt as though a man touched her everywhere all at once. Her nipples beaded
and pushed against the fabric on her suit. The juncture of her thighs warmed and
she prayed she didn’t grow damp. She kept walking, feeling almost as though an
invisible hand was pulling her to a rickety little shop. Unable to resist the lure she
carefully opened the door.
A small bell jingled over her head as she stepped inside. “Hello?”
“Hello.” An old woman answered. Her leather brown skin wrinkled from age
and years of unprotected exposure to the sun rippled into a nearly toothless smile.
“Are you looking for something special?”
“Just looking.” Delia straightened her hair and smoothed her sarong. Now that
the wind was no longer wrapping around her she felt a little silly and began to
fidget. “I sorta got blown in here by a breeze.”
“Well then, let’s see what you are meant to buy.” The woman reached under
the glass and pulled a closed mahogany box from inside the case. She sat it on top
of the counter and opened the lid. “This box is reserved for special people. Ones the
wind blows through the door.”
Delia smiled. Yeah, right. The box was reserved for people who could pay a little more.
Nonetheless, she was curious to see what was inside. Moving closer she looked
over many pieces of jewelry. “These are beautiful, so unique.”
“Indeed.” The old woman arched a narrow brow then tilted her head. “Look
closely child. Which one are you…drawn to?”
Aside form getting goose flesh all over her body, a tingle ran through her spine.
She stepped closer to the counter and looked closer at the items.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

A blue stone, multifaceted like the ocean itself, set in silver hung from a velvet
ribbon. The piece was unlike anything she had ever seen before. Simple in the way
it was made, yet extraordinary in its own way. “This one.”
“The blue stone?” The old woman pulled her thin leathery hand to her chest
and stared at Delia.
“Original name.” Delia laughed as she picked the piece up. She looked at it in
the mirror, suddenly feeling something more. A hunger, a man’s hands tying the
ribbon, sweetness and laughter, then fear and anger before sadness all floated
through her. When the dark emotion crept over her, she looked at her face and not
the stone in the mirror. For an instant, she wasn’t Delia. She was someone else
entirely. “I’ll take it.”
“Put it on.” The old woman directed. “Many women like the blue stone. Not
just any woman can wear it.”
“Why?” Delia asked as she tied the ribbon around her neck.
“It itches.” The woman said as she studied her intently.
“Well I don’t itch.” Delia shrugged and looked at the necklace in the mirror
again. All of the creepiness had eased away. In it’s place a sense of power, of
adventure. “Is it cheap or something?”
“It’s not cheap child. It’s destiny.” The woman seemed mesmerized as she
looked at the stone. “That necklace belonged to Mira Mirona. She killed her twin
sister and stole the stone off her neck as she plummeted off the side of a ship, The
Lady In Wait.”
Delia listened with rapt fascination. Even if it was a sales pitch, it was the kind
of stuff she always dreamed of as a child. Pirates, big pirate ships, and damsels in
distress. The woman continued.
“Mira escaped the vessel and sold the necklace to secure transportation away
from here. She hated to let it go. The man, who gave it to her, was her true love. ”
The woman’s voice softened and her eyes lit up with joy. “It was said that he was a
pirate and this was the only treasure he parted with.”

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“A pirate?” Delia smiled. “A pirate would never give up his treasure.”

“Then maybe the other tale is true.” The woman shrugged and started to turn
“What other tale?” Delia stepped to the cash register pulling out her credit card.
The old woman took her time putting the box back into the case, drawing out the
“She stole it. And he can not die, or live for that matter, until it is returned to its
rightful owner. That’ll be three hundred fifty dollars.” The woman moved quick
enough to take the charge card.
“Not a lot for a pirate heirloom.” Delia smirked feeling more and more like the
tales were both a sales pitch. However, she had definitely felt something when she
put on the stone. Her imagination perhaps, the whole point of being here was to
have fun and play pirate. Why not indulge in a little tale or two? “Thank you.”
“He will come tonight if it is true.” The woman said softly.
“Well, he better come prepared because I am going all out for the celebration.”
Delia smiled and waved as she left the small shop.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Chapter 2

In the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker, the ocean floor stirred. Great creaking noises
warned off fish for miles, as The Lady In Wait lifted from her watery grave. Her
Captain, his soul, restored as they rose. The greatest treasure belonging to the crew,
their lives restored. All at once, and in slow agonizing motion at the same time, the ship
and her crew regained their life. Each of them bound to the fate of the blue stone.
Captain Augustus Lisanna opened his eyes to breathe his first breath as the ship
exploded onto the waters surface in a spray of water and waves. The water around him
slowly disappeared over the side and into the calm blue.
How long had they been asleep, dreaming, tortured by their fate? The fact that his
eyes were open, his memory returning to the day the ship sank, the way they all
drowned but did not die, the horrible fate that awaited them all should he fail to secure
the blue stone and return it to the rightful owner.
Augustus stretched his long creaky limbs stumbled as he took his first steps away
from the wheel in what seemed like ages. Regaining his balance, his sense of feeling, his
sense of self, he smiled as the sun burned his eyes and warmed his skin. Salty sea air
greeted his world-weary body. The air burned his lungs, his stomach growled from
“Captain?” A nervous voice called behind him. “Are we free?”

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“No lad.” He stretched, delighting in the feel of his own skin and bones, flesh and
blood, moving again. “We must find her, and I must make her my own, or we shall die
the un-death again.”
“Where are we?” Another man asked.
“What day is it?” Yet another awoke.
“Does it matter?” Augustus turned to face his men. “Does it matter where we are or
what day it is? We are alive!” A strong sense of purpose filled him. The stone was alive
again, worn by a woman who craved true love. Who would live and die for it. A
woman, who would curse the man who stole it from her with her last breath. He
inhaled deeply. “Breathe in the air men. Set course for that island. She is there. I can feel
“You heard him, lad.” His first mate, Tom Duckett called. “We won’t be going back
to that watery hell!”
“Here. Here.” The crew cried and began the routine of preparing the ship.
He did not know how long they had been away from the world. He did not care.
The only thing that mattered now was not going back. Whatever world they awoke to,
it would be theirs to live in. And live they would.

“Blimey!” George, his first mate wiped sweat from his brow and looked at the ship
next to them. “That can’t be real.”
“I’m afraid it is mate. We must be a million years in the future.” Augustus looked at
the pristine aerodynamic ship next to them. It had tons of glass windows and people
scurrying about half-naked and others dressed…like pirates? “What are they doing
over there?”
“Who?” George wiped his spectacles and placed them back on his nose.
“Those, no wait. Children dressed as pirates, women too.” Augustus tried to get his
head around the situation.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“Look at the women Captain. Oh my, they taint got bloomers on.” George walked
to the side of the ship and grabbed a hold of it. “This is a good place.”
Augustus laughed. The sound so foreign to his own ears he was not sure it was his
own laugh, but he felt it in his stomach and chest, the ache of happiness, the longing of
desire. “Then I can’t wait to see the fire I must try to hold in this strange place.”
“Let’s get to shore!” George clapped his hands together and smiled. “Alas these
land lovers won’t know what hit them!”
Augustus filled his stomach with food and drink. Vendors eagerly accepted the
gold coins as though they were worth more than a few pounds. The world they had
awoke to seemed strange yet familiar. Everywhere he looked, there were pirates.
Apparently, in the new world there must have been many battles as eye patches were
everywhere. The native tongue was familiar yet foreign. It was English, of sorts, but
broken and battered, like he was. Both the language and the man had not weathered the
passing of time well.
Augustus walked back to his ship. He wanted to have a look at the giant vessel next
to him. It may be worth a trade. He stood admiring the sleek metals and ornamentation.
People were drinking and laughing. A woman was changing clothes with the door open
and he could see everything. His blood stirred and a hunger, time had not abated filled
Then a feeling more powerful than a vacant lust came over him. He turned. His
breath caught at the sight of the stone. Wandering eyes drifted to the woman wearing
the coveted item. Her chocolate brown hair brought out the clear blue eyes now smiling
at him.
There she was, walking right towards him as though she wanted to be seduced. Of
course she did. They all did. However, the draw to the stone was stronger than to the
woman. It had to be returned to the rightful owner, for now that was him. Nevertheless,
the only way to hold it was to hold the woman who wore it. Thankfully, the woman
was not a troll. Quite the contrary, the sway of her hips the fullness of her bosom, all
combined to make this much easier than when Mira’s ugly twin sister wore it.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“Hi, are you part of the promotions crew?” She asked and extended a hand to
him. Her cheeks flushed and he could sense her attraction to him immediately.
“I’m the Captain, Augustus Lisanna.” He took her soft hand in his, brought the
fingers to his lips. Her warm scent traveled on the breeze to his nose and filled his
lungs. Ah the scent of a woman. So long since he smelled the delicate spice of a
woman, tasted her sweet skin. His mouth watered with a ravenous hunger. His lips
pressed against her flesh, briefly caressed the knuckles of her fingers before letting
the hand go free.
“That’s amazing.” She batted her eyelashes and shook her head. “My great-
great grandmother was named Lisanna. Are you from New Orleans.”
He had no idea where New Orleans was, but her great-great grandmother must
have been Mira Mirona’s heir. On her neck was the blue stone, it looked as benign
as it did all those years ago. If he knew, it was so damn important he would never
have given it away to begin with. It was a small gift to a woman, who made him
feel something more than he felt for the sea. Betrayal, he learned was wrapped in a
very pretty package that voyage. “And your name, my beautiful wench?”
“Ha. At least someone recognized the costume! I’m Delia White.” She curtsied.
A princess’ heir so proud to be dressed as a wench. The black corset seemed too
tight and the skirt was too long. He curled his lips slightly. She spread her lush lips
in a full smile. “So if you’re the Captain of that ship, can you get me on board?”
His heart almost stopped. She was asking to go aboard? It was too good to be
true. “You don’t like your own?”
“That?” She looked over his shoulder to the massive ship behind him. “It’s a
cruise line. You see one you see them all. Besides, I’m not on that ship. I’m here on
the island this weekend. I bet you don’ have a rock wall on that beauty do you?”
She was right; they did not have the rock wall she spoke of. He was tempted to
take the easy approach but knew women were deceitful. She probably knew who
he was and what he wanted. Maybe she had plans to steal from him as he had plans
to steal from her. “Why do you want to see it?”

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“I’m fascinated. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be rescued by a pirate.
Stolen from this world, to be swept away to a life at sea and grand adventures, that
is my fantasy.” Her breasts rose and fell as her arms moved, her hands clasped
below the stone with a sigh. His groin returned the gesture against his internal
command to behave. “Is it off limits?”
“To them,” he gestured to the mass of people walking towards the party on
shore, “yes. To you, my lady, no.”
“Well then stop stalling, man! Get me aboard.” Her eyes lit up. He wondered if
the stone wanted to go home so desperately that the curse now worked on both the
wearer and the one who was bound to return it.
“Come along then.” He held out his hand and she took it.
Delia could barely contain herself. The most striking man stood before her in a
real pirate costume. His pants tucked into leather boots that looked old and worn,
under the jacket he wore a loose fitting burgundy blouse that only a pirate or a
flamboyantly gay man could pull off. A scarf tied around his head did not cover the
long black hair beneath it. A rustic leather hat, worn like the boots, aged to
perfection sat on top of his handsome head. Two green eyes watched her carefully.
Intently. Her breath was shallow at best.
When he took her hand, she stumbled, let go, then grabbed his arm above his
elbow. The flex of the muscle beneath the clothes and her grip was turning her
thoughts in very naughty directions.
“So what movie are you filming?” She swallowed hard trying to make polite
conversation when inside her warmth was spreading through out her. “I love the
movie so far. Are you an actor?”
His brow raised and she felt the flush over her bosom and cheeks. Maybe the
corset was a bit too tight.
“This is my ship. I am not…filming anything. I am not an actor. I am Captain
Augustus Lisanna, and this is The Lady in Wait.” He bowed as they stepped aboard
the deck.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“Oh my.” She felt like a child in so many ways. Her stomach jumped with
butterflies. Her skin tingled with goose flesh. She wanted to run to see every angle,
every room, every inch of the ship. “It’s beautiful. Magnificent. I really…I can’t tell
you how exciting this is for me.”
“Then show me.” His voice held more than a charming challenge. The wolfish
curve of his lip tempted her. His smooth manner and confidence rattled her. Dale
could never pull off a pirate get up like this, hell he barely pulled off the suit he
wore to work. Feeling coy and a bit guilty for having a hot flash over a stranger
when she had a boyfriend at home she fought to regain her senses.
“Why, Captain Augustus, what do you take me as? I know the costume may be
a little risqué, but…”
“Come. Let us look around.” A devilish twinkle lit his eye. He was baiting her
and she fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Dale be damned, he had three years to
propose and yet he never made a move. She was not tied down, and part of this trip
was about making decisions. She decided right then and there, to flirt with a
handsome actor pretending he wasn’t an actor but a pirate. The ships name alone
gave him away. She was sure she had heard it somewhere before. Must be in a new

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Chapter 3

Walking around the ship she noticed the make and how detailed it was. They
must have spent a million dollars recreating this thing. She wondered if they used
genuine artifacts or if it was in part a restoration. “So how old is she?”
“Hmmm. Let me see. She was christened in 1701, so that would make her
about…” He lifted his chin and looked down his nose at her as if waiting for her to
fill in the math.
“Over three hundred years old?” She looked at the ship again. The wood was in
pristine condition. He was taking his little role a bit too far if he thought she was a
naïve little woman. “You’re not telling me this ship is over three hundred years
She laughed but he looked as though she had smacked him upside the head
with something.
“I think I need to sit down a moment.” He walked to the side of the ship and
looked out on the party instead.
She walked up to him, feeling suddenly responsible for his mood, and wanting
to make nice so she could possibly get to grip that wheel and pretend she was
driving this beast. “I didn’t mean to insult you.”
“Look at me.” He suddenly grew serious and a bit aggressive. He grabbed her
by the upper arms and held her firmly. “What do I look like?”
“Right now?” She squeaked.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“Yes dammit! Am I old and gray? A monster?” He shook her. “I don’t feel it and I
don’t see it in myself but you…you tell me, what do you see?”
Feeling a little more than confused, she stiffened her back. “Well you did look like a
handsome man with coal black hair and stormy green eyes, with lips made for kissing.
But now, HA! Now you look like every other whack job I’ve met. So if you’ll excuse me
I can go talk about pirating with a less handsome but more appropriate guy on shore!”
His eyes rounded in what she could only guess was shock. “I’m not—”
He let her go to look at his hands. He was mumbling to himself as she was rolling
her eyes at him and walked away. “Whack job.”
“Wait. No, don’t go.” He landed a solid hand on her shoulder. The man was far too
touchy feely for just meeting her. Then it hit her. She was here on his ship. He could do
anything to her and no one would know. Admittedly, that was part of the appeal when
she first climbed aboard, before he turned a little crazy.
“Why not?” She kept walking.
“I didn’t get to show you the rest of the ship.” It was a weak plea even to her ears.
“I’ve seen enough, thank you.” She headed down the gangway and off the ship,
cursing at herself in her mind for being so naive and stupid.
The sound of her name from his lips was far too tempting. It was as if he
commanded her to stop. Her mind told her feet to keep walking yet she stood perfectly
“I am not myself today. The journey here was long. I lost sense of time and place.”
His breath brushed across her earlobe and neck from behind. The feel of heat from his
chest, so close to her back had her knees locking just to remain standing. “Tell me, have
you ever danced with a pirate, my lady?”
“No.” It was the best she could do.
“Then indulge me. One dance. Then if you don’t want my company anymore, I will
leave.” He stepped around to face her and held out his hand.
How could she not smile at him?

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Chapter 4

Signaling one of his men, they in turn relayed a message to the band. A moment
later, the crew was being discreetly pulled from women and wine, all the things they
had missed or left behind for more than three hundred years.
Slowly, and eerily the band began to play a melody making the islanders take
notice as the Captain took hold of her waist and hand.
“This song is so…sad.” She said and frowned at him.
“Relax against me. The sadness will disappear.” He forced himself not to kiss her in
that instant.
She relaxed letting her head drop to his shoulder. Her breasts brushed against his
chest, the budded nipples scraped against him with each inhale of her breath making
him crazy. He felt like a wild beast barely leashed.
“Delia,” he said. His voice sounding thick to his own ears, “You are intoxicating
Her small giggle followed by a sigh, wound him up even tighter. His muscles
bunched, his prick strained, his fingers pressed deeper into the fabric of her dress
pulling her tighter against his chest.
Delia felt pretty damn intoxicated herself. The slow rhythm of the band moved
from her feet to her head. She could feel the song deep within her core. Such sadness,
such pain. Yet in his arms, she was safe from the evils of the world. Her lids grew
heavy, her mind drifted. Each inhale became shorter and softer. Tilting her head back to

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

look at the Adonis in the pirate costume with the big bad pirate ship, she experienced
both fear and excitement from the look in his eyes.
His lips moved to steal her breath. At their touch she melted.

Awakening in a strange place is not so bad when that place is…Delia shot up from
the bed like a bullet fired from a gun.
“You’re awake.” Augustus moved to her side. “I took the liberty of loosening these
“You did what?” Her heart thrummed in her ears. She reached for the corset that
was very loosely hanging from her breasts. She could breathe again, that was a good
“Would you like some tea?” He stared at her breasts. She knew they were heaving
but a gentleman…she snorted. He was no gentleman, he was a pirate and would
apparently remain in character all night. For some reason the thought of being ravaged
by the savage had her leg muscles flexing and gripping together tightly.
“Um, sure, why not?” She began to pull at the laces to retie the corset.
“Here.” He handed her a puffy white shirt. “It may be a little long but I think you’ll
fill it out.”
“Nice.” She shook her head. “So I pass out and you sweep me away to the Captain’s
cabin on the ship. It’s all very nice and if I were born in the seventeenth or eighteenth
century I may be swooning right now, but you really have to know that this is our time
and no mater how hot you look in that outfit, you’re not getting laid tonight.”
“You have such nice lips.” He moved closer then sat on the edge of the bed. He
leaned in close. Almost close enough to brush his lips against hers. She could smell the
mint tea on his breath as he spoke. “They are perfect, until you spout such nonsense.
Movies, actors, getting laid. What is all this to you?”

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

It was then she realized there was a gentle sway of the ship. The slightest tilt and
the sound of water spraying. She leaped to her bare feet running across the floor to the
“Oh-My-God!” A choking fear paralyzed her. The ship was in motion! The island
was out of sight. The cruise line ships were becoming smaller in the distance.
“Don’t be afraid.” His footsteps landed loud against the wood deck. They echoed
through her. She was in fact ready to faint again. Self-preservation and the sheer
determination to escape her captor kept her eyes opened and her lungs working.
“I’m not afraid of you!” She snapped as she turned to face him.
Augustus stepped closer, staring not at her face but at her chest again. Now she was
more than afraid she was irate with anger.
“Oh I get it. You’re a pirate so you plan to rape, pillage and plunder is that it? Well
you’ll kill me before you do any of that to me, you hear me?” She grabbed a movie
sword hanging from a peg nearby and swung it at him. Missing him, it lodged in the
wood next to her. It was then she realized it was not a fake. The sword was real.
He jumped back avoiding the blade as he laughed. He laughed so hard he nearly
fell over. She tugged at the handle trying to dislodge the handle. Was this the moment
he would kill her for real?
“My lady.” He snorted. “You amuse me.” He stood upright and removed his hat.
“Ah, I have not laughed so hard in three hundred years or more.”
“What?” She gave up on the sword. Instead, she pulled the puffy shirt over her
head. The more clothes she had on the more fight he would have to take them off.
“Pillage, plunder, destroy, yes.” He became serious in an instant. “But rape, never. I
have never had the desire, nor the need to rape a woman. They all came to my bed
willingly, alone, or together.”
His self-assured tone and the roll of his shoulder made her want to strike him even
more. “Really? Did they come so easy because they were hijacked and after months at
sea worn down?”

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“They would come so easy because I have a skilled tongue.” He winked at her thus
making her body grow warm.
Damn it all to hell! She was actually turned on by him. He had kidnapped her. She
was out on the open sea and the man…the man was fulfilling a very old deep and dark
fantasy. One she had confessed to him. Shit! “Well can I have some tea or not?”
“Allow me.” He moved toward the small table and poured a cup of tea.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Chapter 5

“A wash basin?” Delia stood in front of the metal tub and pitcher of water looking
at the small reflective surface that wasn’t quite a mirror, unless you count the kind they
use in the funhouse to distort things. “This is ridiculous.”
She removed her clothing and picked up the torn cloth next to the basin. The crew
had loaded up on supplies in port but from what she learned over supper the past two
nights; “supplies” consisted of a bunch of alcohol and food.
She did start to wonder how everyone could stay in character so easily. The men
marveled at the various liquors as if tasting them for the first time. They acted as if they
had never seen beer in a can before; even amazed that she popped a tab to take a
swallow herself. Augustus ushered her quickly back to the cabin where she spent the
better part of the time. He told her he was afraid to leave her unattended with the crew.
Yeah right! He didn’t want her to poke around the ship and find the hidden cameras or
the little man behind the velvet curtain was more accurate.
She soaked the rag and then soaped it up. They at least bought a bar of soap for her.
“Is this what it was like back then?”
She longed for a shower and hot water. How long would they keep up the charade?
And where the hell were they taking her? “Some Hedonist Island, no doubt. You really
put your foot in it this time, girl.”
Augustus never knocked before he entered. This time he succeeded in what she
suspected he was trying for all along.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“Augustus!” She held the puffy shirt over her as a barrier between his eyes and her
body. He looked where he always looked. At her chest. He had to be a breast man.
There was no other reason why he spoke to her boobs more than he did to her.
“Dammit! You may have kidnapped me and locked me in this cabin but you can’t just
walk in and out as you please.”
“Yes I can.” He offered her the garments in his hands. Women’s garments. Not
clothes from the local shops, they were beautifully embroidered pieces. A dress of silver
and blue with white trim, a petticoat, and bloomers. “Here. They should fit you.”
“They’re beautiful.” For an instant, she forgot about her state of undress. She
reached for the clothes and fingered the material.
“Well now.” He leaned to the side and lifted the gown. “When did this happen?”
Snatching the clothes against her body, she stepped away from him. “What?”
He stepped closer, his cheeks were hot, his eyes heavy, his lips wet. “Did you use
my blade to do that?”
“Do what?” She stepped back again, wanting him to advance once more, so she was
sure he wanted her as much as she had grown to want him.
“Let me see.” He pulled the dress and she let it go as the fabric began to strain.
“Fine. See. I’m naked. Anything else?” She flapped her arms out and then placed
her hands on her hips. Delia was certain that he indeed wore a woman down with his
gaze, his lack of manners coupled with moments of sweetness that made her want to go
weak and rigid all at once.
His gaze licked over her body like a stroke of fire. Heat pulled her from inside out.
The stone hanging around her neck felt heavy and the silver hot against her skin, just
above her breasts.
“Delia.” He stepped closer. “Turn around.”
“No.” She shook her head.
“Do it.” He looked like a wild beast ready to pounce on her and she wasn’t about to
turn her back on him. “Do it, now.”

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“No.” She stepped closer to him. Feeling every bit of his energy pulsing off him. It
empowered her. If he wanted to play pirate, poor starving Captain of three hundred
years ago, he must be ready to make love like a man starved for a woman. She was
certainly going to make the most of her fantasy, after all, wasn’t that why he swept her
away in the first place?
“I will not be able to stop.” His jaw flexed.
“I don’t want you too.” Okay so it was less than a month, less than a week, hell, it
took less than forty-eight hours of looking at the man and she was in agreement. He
didn’t have to rape anyone, they would willingly come to his bed. Now she was eager
to come.
Augustus was not sure if it was the woman or the stone talking. They were both
seducing him. Delia had settled in so easily after the first day it worried him she may be
up to no good. Of course, the stone was glowing. Everyone around her could see it,
dancing in the brilliance of the sun when she stood on the deck, teasing them all with
He decided not to take it until they reached their destination though his fingers
itched to possess that which had condemned him to a watery hell for three hundred
years. Now, one breath away from the lush curves and sweet smell of the woman
wearing it, his fingers itched to hold her close and possess them both.
She let out a soft surprised moan when he pulled her savagely into his arms. He
was starved, and unable to keep himself in line. At least when he had her a few times he
could then be gentle, maybe even be considerate. For now, he needed to cure the lust.
Her tongue met him with such equal pressure and danced about the inside of his
mouth in such a manner that left him fumbling. He started for his blouse, she started for
his trousers. The woman acted as though she, not he, had been deprived.
“Augustus,” she called breathless. “Take me like a savage.”
Easily she read his mind. He lifted her and she wrapped her legs around his hips.
As he lowered them to the bed, he pushed deep inside her. He was not expecting such a
sweet wet entry. Delia was ready for him. “Argh.”

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

She arched her back thrusting both the stone and her luscious pearled breasts into
his face.
He dug his hands into her hips riding her fast and hard.
Delia dug her nails into his back and held on. He loved the feel of her nails, the
mark of passion. The bite to his skin, proving in fact he was truly alive again.
Unexpectedly she snapped open her eyes and looked at him, the storm of lust and
wonder evident. “I’m going to come.”
Now that was a first. Most ladies took the little death slowly and quietly as not to
alert those in earshot. Delia welcomed the thunder. She rode the storm and howled at
the moon like a beast. Her actions effectively took the life right out of him. “Ahhhh.”
She giggled. “That was good.”
Augustus lifted up to look at the woman beneath him. Her chocolate hair was wet
from sweat at the roots. Her eyes twinkled with satisfaction. Her lips seemed puffy and
wet from his kisses. “Aye, it was.”
“But you can do better?” She sucked in her lower lip.
“Aye.” He looked at the stone laying right above those luscious breasts. “I can.”
“How long will it take to get where we’re going?” She reached up and tenderly
pushed a lock of his hair behind his ear. The gesture was unnerving.
“Long enough.” He knew of women who spied and pulled secrets from men after
intercourse. It was a trick as old as time, time itself had not erased that.
“Good.” She wrapped her legs around his waist and swung them to the side, she
kept the momentum going as she rolled until he was on his back and she was straddling

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Chapter 6

Waking up in the arms of a pirate was a very good thing. Something she could get
use to. All thoughts of what’s-his-name, her ex-boyfriend, her job, and the rest of
civilization flittered off with the last bird she saw. They were getting closer to their
destination she knew that. Today may be the last day she could enjoy her Captain.
Delia circled his left nipple and licked his right. Augustus stirred in his sleep just
slightly. His chest wore a fine layer of black hair that angled straight down to an
impressively uncircumcised cock. She hadn’t seen a dick with foreskin before. His
reactions to her touching him, licking him, had her craving something more than a meal
for breakfast.
She nipped his hipbone and his eyes opened. “Captain, how many times can you
make me come?”
“You have a hunger I long to feed.” He stroked her jaw.
Delia licked the underside of his dick up to the clear droplet already waiting at the
tip. “I’ve never tasted anything better than you.”
“Nor I.” He moved grabbing her, angling them both on their sides facing the
opposite direction of one another. He inhaled her scent, making her crazy, she latched
onto his cock and began licking, kissing, sucking him in earnest.
He rewarded her efforts with a kiss of his own. Delia was no blushing virgin. She
had slept with a few good men, but no one could eat pussy like the Captain.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

He did not answer with words. Augustus pushed two long fingers inside her to
tease and torture her. By now, he knew exactly how to make her come in seconds but he
liked to make her wait before pulling her so hard over the edge she was lifeless
Not giving up, she focused on countering his assault with her own. It was a
challenge to see who could hold out the longest. The sounds of slurping, suctioning,
spit, flesh and tongues filled the air. Heat penetrated both of their bodies. She was sure
her breasts would catch fire at any time. The silver had marked her chest just two days
before from their passionate embrace.
His prick hardened to an impossibly tighter and thicker girth. She knew this was
when he would come. She sucked harder, relaxing her throat to take him deeper, but he
always won. Pressing a delightful place inside her while tugging ruthlessly on her clit
in a tornado like motion he had her screaming around his cock as she came.
The cries were dulled as he spilled into her and the reflex to swallow kicked in.
Lazily she licked him clean.
“Delia.” He pulled at her but she was limp. He chuckled deep in his throat. “You
play spent but in a moment you will be climbing on me again.”
“I am spent.” She reluctantly moved with his tugging to rest on his chest.
“I have never known a woman like you before. Even Mira Mirona, a French
princess who tricked me into giving her passage, and giving her treasure, was not as
insatiable as this.” He stroked her hair. His mention of another woman, a French
princess no less, angered her.
“I don’t want to talk about other women. Did you take her on a little voyage like
this too? Princess and the Pirate, is that it?” For someone who didn’t want to talk about
it she couldn’t stop asking questions.
“I took her as far as the island I picked you up on.” He did not seem phased in the
least by her anger. “I gave her something on that voyage. Now it will be returned to

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

His eyes dropped to her breasts. “Can you look at me for a change? You always
stare at or talk to my boobs!”
His left cheek lifted his lips in a half smile. “No my lady, not your breasts. I talk to
the stone. My stone, the one your heir stole from me. The one you wear.”
Delia seemed to be taking his news with good spirits. She stared at him as if he
spoke in tongues. He was glad to finally be near the resting place of Francine and
Arthur Pace. Francine was dying when he found her she held the necklace tight. A
young pirate knew not the depths of a woman’s soul or the power of her scorn. He took
the item from her neck. The only survivors were the twins Mira and Mora. She cursed
him to the depths of a watery pirate hell until the gift of her love was returned. If he
could go back, he would have left the stone…no, if he went back, he would not be here
“You see, when I give back the stone, we are free.” He reached for her but she
swatted his hand away.
“I paid three hundred and fifty bucks for this thing and you’re not taking it to some
other broad.” She climbed out of the bed and began to dress. She had worn a gown or
two but in the end opted for men’s britches and a blouse. “Is that why you brought me
here? You just wanted the necklace?”
“No.” Augustus pushed into his pants and followed her about the cabin like a
puppy for a few steps then stopped as he realized he was doing it. “I’m the Captain of
this ship and that is my stone!”
At his boom she stopped. So did the ship. “Now listen here, I spent over three
hundred years at the bottom of Davy Jones’ Locker waiting for this damn thing to
surface again. It isn’t mine, it sure as hell isn’t yours, and it’s going back to whence it
came, understood?”
She stood there, her pretty mouth hanging open. Her hand holding the stone just as
Mira held it. “No.”
“Aye, lass.” He stepped towards her. “You see, they will not let you leave here alive
with it.”

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Delia knew her eyes were huge. They felt as though they would pop right out of her
head. Here all this time she thought she was on a little naughty vacation with a movie
actor. Instead she was a part of real life pirating. They had stolen her, and taken her
away. She shook her head. “No, no, no.”
“Delia, give it to me. The men will come soon. We are here.”
“You, you lied to me. You tricked me.” She held the stone growing hot in her
hands. “That old lady told me that you were bound to the woman who wore it. If that is
true then you are bound to me. What happens when you give it back?”
“I’m free.” He stepped closer. She stepped back again, into the wall.
“What happens to me?” Was she going to die with them, were they going to die at
all? Did he not wonder about any of that? “Free doesn’t mean you are resurrected from
three hundred years and then poof nothing happens. Will you grow old before me?
Have I fallen in love with a corpse?”
He stepped back. She stepped forward. “Tell me Augustus! What will happen to
“I…I don’t know.” He stepped back again.
“Do you love me?” She advanced. The stone growing hot in her hand, her emotions
running wild and unchecked. Something was taking over her body and she couldn’t
stop it. “Do you love me, Arthur?”
Augustus knew the moment the stone possessed her. The straight chocolate hair on
her head curled.
“Francine?” he asked.
“You gave this to me. But I saw you with her.” Delia stepped towards him then she
looked off to the door. “Oh God! Pirates!”
“It’s alright.” He tried to sooth her.
“They’ll kill us. All of us.” She was searching his cabin now, frantically looking for
He stood there and watched in horror as the woman relived her doom. Would she
take his Delia with her? She continued to have a conversation with Arthur.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“Arthur hurry, you must hide the papers, if they find out, I’m doomed.” She lifted
his bed linen and pulled real papers from them. Papers he knew were not there before.
“What are these?” He asked.
“You know who my father is.” He opened the papers and discovered the real Mira
Mirona standing before him. “Give them to Mora, tell her to save herself, she can take
that wicked handmaid with her as me.”
“No!” Augustus fought the urge to run. He looked at the door and when he turned
back, he was there in that ship three hundred years ago. He was not Augustus Lisanna,
he was Arthur Pace. But Arthur’s mind and his were dueling for control. “I will not
leave you.”
“You must.” She urged. “I’ll hide.”
“No. They will find you.” He pulled her into his arms. “They will find us both.”
“Do you love me Arthur?” She asked with wet lashes and tears streaming down her
“I do.” He answered though Arthur argued to get to Mora and Francine. He
apparently loved Mora and it was more important to get her safe than Mira. Suddenly it
all became clear. “I love you.”
He felt the sword through his back and watched her eyes round as it pushed
through her as well. “We die together.”
A smile crossed her lips. In an instant, he was standing in his own cabin again.
“Delia?” He held the lifeless body in his hands. “No, this can’t be the end of it. Take
me damn you!”
A rumbling of footsteps followed and the door burst open.
“Captain, what’s the fuss?” His first mate inquired. “The lady alright?”
“She’s dead.” He slowly moved to the floor and cradled her head.
“No sir.” The first mate moved. “Just loosen the ties. She fainted. Not everyday you
get rescued by pirates.”
Shaking his head, he realized they were moving. The woman in his arms was Delia,
but she was in a gown again. He loosened the ties and tapped her cheeks lightly.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

“Where am I?” She asked.

“Where do you want to be?” He gulped.
“Augustus?” She grabbed her stomach were the sword was. “I thought we died.”
“Aye, I did too.” He said.
The first mate laughed. “It was a bit of a jolt now Captain, but I ain’t killed ye with
my navigations yet.”
The man left the room laughing so hard he coughed.

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Chapter 7

Waking up in a pirate’s arms was never a bad thing. So what if she knew more
about the world than they did? Her memories of modern gadgets were fading fast. The
curse of the blue stone turned out to be a blessing.
“Good morning wench.” Augustus teased her. They were the only ones with
memory of what had truly taken place. To everyone else; they rescued a woman with
no name from a pirated ship they came across shortly after other pirates who tore it
apart and left it to the sea.
“Good morning Captain.” She snuggled in closer to his chest.
“Can I have the stone today?” He flipped her to her back and nuzzled her nose with
“Legend has it the pirate that wants it is bound to the woman who wears it.” She
wrapped her legs around him and welcomed him home.
“I’m bound without it.” He pushed deep inside her. She moaned her approval.
“How many times can you make me come?” She nipped his ear.
“At least once more before we make landfall.” Augustus took her lips and began
the timeless push pull of lovemaking.
Would she Miss her old life? Har- har- har. Not a chance, she loved being a pirate’s

The End

Curse of the Blue Stone Cara North

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

Sex Marks the Spot

Ann Cory

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

Chapter One

Charlotte dragged her body along the sandy shore, her dress heavy, making it
difficult to move with much speed. She longed to close her eyes and rest. Her lungs felt
tight, and she wheezed between breaths. Further, she pulled herself along, well away
from the foamy water dotting the shore like ruffled lace. She had no idea how far the
ocean had tossed her, or what island she’d just washed up on. Damn the misleading
brochures and their exotic promises. Her vacation hadn’t gone at all as planned. The
weeklong soiree of erotically charged nights with handsome men would remain as
nothing more than pure fantasy. Her one time to escape and be someone else for a
change had gone horribly wrong, and may have sealed her fate.
She reached up to her cheek and remembered the last few moments before her body
hit the icy water. He’d been suave, debonair, a smooth talker who packed a wallop in
his pants as well as with his fist. Her consistent poor judgment in men should have
taught her something, at least set off a warning bell to her instincts, but she was a
sucker for intelligent conversation and the hypnotically endowed.
Charlotte swallowed hard against her dry throat. She stared at her wrinkled fingers,
surprised at how the puckered skin made her look well beyond her thirty-two years.
The ends of her auburn hair were twisted and knotted with seaweed, a far cry from the
elegant French twist she’d had professionally done by a bleach-blonde stylist onboard.
Her reflection at the time had suggested royalty and a woman to be desired. Now the
illusion was ruined.

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

Finally, her arms gave out and she rested her tear-stained cheek into the sand. As
the tip of her tongue slid along her lips, she grimaced. Bitter saltwater and rough grainy
sand had erased the delicious tasting late vintage Pinot Noir she’d savored earlier on
the Lito Deck. She could only hope someone would notice her absence from the boat
and call out for a search and rescue team. In the meantime, at least she was on dry land.
Charlotte attempted another deep breath that broke into a painful coughing fit.
Each cough sent sharp pains throughout her head. A tear formed in the corner of her
eye. When the fit subsided, she groaned. Miserable didn’t even begin to describe how
she felt. When she opened her eyes, Charlotte noticed a dark object appear a mere inch
from her face, blocking the view. A black boot, long and shiny. Someone had seen her
after all, and she sighed in relief. Clean clothes and a glass of brandy would do the trick.
Before she had a chance to express her gratitude, the tip of a sword sank into the
sand uncomfortably close to her outstretched hand. She didn’t consider it a friendly
“I’m afraid you be having to move, my proud beauty.”
The deep voice brought on a sudden burst of goose bumps across her flesh.
“Please…” Her voice came out faint and raspy. It took several tries of clearing her
throat before she could finish. “Please. I can hardly move. My muscles ache from head
to toe.”
“I only be askin’ once, wench. Move.”
From the gruffness of his tone, she didn’t question how often he got his way. She
stared at the black boot, so defiant and firm in its stance. To add insult to injury, he
prodded her shoulder with it.
Charlotte rolled herself over, and focused on the blue sky. Scattered white clouds in
the formation of doves floated overhead almost close enough to touch, or so it seemed.
She glanced to her left then sighed. Pain racked through her exhausted body repeatedly
until the owner of the boot had her full attention. A devastatingly handsome man stood
over her wearing a black tricorn hat with a crimson feather. The look on his face
suggested he knew something she did not. He squatted down, his long coat opening

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

wide enough to show a white shirt undone to his naval, dark knee breeches, and bucket
topped boots. A chain hung around his neck, with a gold coin at the end that swung in
a circle above her head. She shivered as a light breeze stole over her damp skin.
“Ye are resting on my swag, and nothing comes between me and my swag.”
Charlotte didn’t need a mirror to know she looked like hell, however it did not give
him any right to be rude. “I am hardly a hag, sir.”
Laughter broke out, but from where she couldn’t tell.
A smile played across his whiskered features, enhancing the etching of wrinkles
around his blue eyes. “See here, lassie. I am not one for making idle chitchat. Tis not my
style. Remove yourself from the place I want to dig or risk a dagger in your bountiful

She heard a chorus of oohs and ahhs at the stranger’s harsh words, but she still
couldn’t see the owners.
“It looks as though the vote is unanimous.”
Charlotte gave him a piercing stare. “Says who?”
“My crew, lassie.” He winked and then turned around. “She be an addled wench.
Beautiful, but addled.” Again, laughter broke out followed by applause.
Charlotte had enough of being talked about and mocked. If an audience of
perverted men wanted to make her feel inferior, she’d show them a thing or two. She
pushed the backs of her arms into the sand as she struggled to prop herself up. The
sudden movement propelled her into another coughing fit.

“Easy there Miss, you do not sound too good.”

Clumsily, she batted away a gloved hand reaching for her, and tried again to sit up.
A kaleidoscope of faint and blurry faces appeared, and then they, along with everything
else, vanished.


Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

“Looks like she fainted, Cap’n.”

Phineas Parr gave a nod to his longtime crewmate and friend. “Aye, Bart. Take her
to the ship and put her next to my quarters. She must have gotten a hold of some bad
His crew laughed in unison as they hoisted the curvy cutie from the ground and
carried her away. Phineas brushed away the sand where she had been lying. He knew
immediately it was not where the treasure was. He stared at the map, turned it every
which way, and then rolled it up. Due East twenty paces. Due West five paces. The
words repeated on his lips. He had followed the directions but still come up in the
wrong place. It had to be the right island. He could feel it in his bones. The three rocks
to the left and the V shaped parting of the trees, just as the drawing suggested. He was
running out of time to find the treasure.
Phineas slid the map into his coat pocket and looked out to the sea. How had the
woman come to the island? The only ship in eye distance was his own, The Fortune.
Somehow, she managed to be right where he intended to dig. Her womanly form
overtop where he was certain would prove for the last time that no one messed with the
likes of Captain Parr. Two surprises in one. The lady, and the absence of his gold. He
did not believe in coincidences. His father said they meant trouble. When the beauty
regained consciousness, he would be there and find out the truth. Phineas rested his
hand on the sand where she had lain, still warm from her body.
She was a sharp-tongued lass, that was certain, with fiery red hair and a batch of
alluring freckles along her peach skin. A sight for sore eyes. The way her torn dress
exposed her breasts had stirred his interests. He liked how her dress fit like a second
skin, tight around the curves of her body. The thought of his crew ogling her, as she lay
silent bothered him, and he headed with a quickened step toward his ship.
Phineas entered the small room beside his quarters to find only his trusted friend,
Bart, doing his best to wipe away dark smudges from the beauty’s face with a cloth. She
looked peaceful, if not a little worse for the wear. Her breasts rose and fell in a steady
rhythm, lips parted slightly.

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

In a tone he hoped sounded nonchalant, he asked, “How is she?”

Bart turned and wrung out the damp cloth in a wooden bowl. “Sound asleep. Looks
like she took a beating.”
Phineas reached forward to move several strands of hair from her face. It disturbed
him to see a bluish-purple mark along her cheek, and scratch marks around her neck.
Still, the flaws did not deter from her loveliness.
“Perhaps she hit her head?”
“I have a feeling she had an altercation with someone. Do you plan to stay here
until she wakes?”
“Aye.” Parr was bothered that someone would harm such a fine-looking creature.
“I’ll go and see to it the men are working. Will we be digging where you found
Lost in thought, Phineas had caught only half the question. “You mind repeating
yerself old friend.”
Bart tipped his hat. “Just asked if you wanted us to dig, sir, where we found her.
We’ve several more hours of daylight and the men are restless.”
Surprised he had forgotten all about the treasure, it slipped his mind. The pirate
rubbed his head and smiled. “Ah, yes, but not where we found her. The chest is not
there. Tell them boys to dig anywhere and everywhere until supper. The blasted
treasure has to be on the island.”
“Yes, Cap’n.”
Phineas propped his hand on Bart’s shoulder and gave it quick squeeze. “We’ve
known one another for thirty years, my friend. You know you don’t have to call me
“Aye, Cap’n, but I’ll do it anyhow.”
Phineas watched his friend leave and then turned his attention back to the woman.
He could not help but stare. Long, black lashes rested gently along the swell of her
cheeks. A perfect nose and equally perfect lips, such soft features, inviting, and alluring.
She was a vision, but he would have to be on his guard. For all he knew she had been

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

sent by his sworn enemy. He did not want to believe it, especially since she appeared
innocent enough. Phineas knew all too well about mirages, and he vowed to keep his
wits about him.
Her eyelids fluttered, sending his heart pounding. Movement from her lips made
his body tremble so hard he thought he would come out of his skin. Lips he envisioned
to taste of sin beckoned him to walk closer against his instincts. The affect she had on
him brought even more concern. Spy or not, her presence onboard could only mean

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

Chapter Two

Charlotte batted her eyes several times before her vision cleared. The handsome
man she dreamt about stood within arm’s reach, mouth set in a flattering smirk. His
blue eyes held a look of warmth that abruptly turned dark without warning. He ran his
finger along the side of her face and frowned.
“Yer wearin’ quite a shiner. Man friend give you that?”
His tender touch helped ease the pain. “I would hardly call him a friend. The man
who hit me had more than a casual night together in mind.” Slowly, Charlotte sat up,
ignoring the dizziness.
“I don’t think much of men who hit women.”
She looked down noticing how conveniently ripped the bodice of her dress was.
Her breasts were practically falling out. Determined to not make a big deal of it, she
challenged him. “I seem to remember hearing you say something about piercing my
bosom earlier, with a dagger no less.”
His entire body shook as he roared with laughter. “Argh. The crew likes it when I
talk tough.”
Charlotte couldn’t take her eyes off the way the gold coin tapped against his chest
when he moved. “I see. So long as it’s only talk.”
His expression changed, evoking heat from his sensual gaze. “I can think of other
ways to keep you in line, lassie, if need be.”
She shuddered, but not from fear. Where he had touched her face, a new feeling
blazed shooting throughout her body. “We hardly know one another.”

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

With grace, he removed his hat and bowed. “My name is Captain Phineas Parr. I
command this very ship you are on, The Fortune, and I have come to the island in
search of buried treasure. And you?”
A real live pirate? How could she have considered touching a pirate? They were
vile, disgusting thieves, or at least in storybooks. She tried to fix her torn bodice as she
spoke. “Charlotte Alderman. I have come to this island by accident. I’m afraid I don’t
have any fancy title to impress you with.”
“Pity. I figured you a Duchess or a Queen, perhaps.”
She felt like one, up until being knocked around by pounding waves for hours on
end. “Nope. Simple and old-fashioned.”
He snorted. “I bet.” Before she could counter his words, he began pacing back and
forth, carrying his hat under his arm. “My concern at this time is whether or not you’re
a spy.”
She stopped watching his gold coin sway across his chest, then gave him a dirty
look. “A spy! You find me nearly drowned with my clothes torn, and have the nerve to
think me a spy?”
“They come in all shapes and sizes, lass, and in your case, I would say you’re the
most dangerous one of all.”
The man was infuriating. One minute she pictured her hands running along his
bare chest, while the next minute she was ready to strangle him with his chain. “How
dare you accuse me of something so ridiculous?”
His brows arched. “It is easy. I am the Captain. I don’t make an apology for my
words or behavior.”
While her body was still exhausted, her temper had no problem flaring up. “You
could stand to learn a little tact when making small talk.”
Charlotte watched the vein in his forehead throb as he cast a vicious look. “Foolish
woman, I make the rules here, and the main one is I don’t abide by anyone’s wishes but
my own.”

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

She’d had enough of his testosterone-fueled tantrum. In her experiences, men were
always telling her what to do and acting as though they had the upper hand. No pirate
was going to pick up where the last one left off. “You don’t know anything about me
and yet so far you’ve managed to belittle me in front of your crew and call me names.
I’m so mad I could – spit.”
The pirate stopped pacing to stand before her with amusement written all over his
face. It was then she noticed a dimple in his left cheek, subtle but alluring. Damn him for
being exasperating and so sexy at the same time. She started to look away only to have his
fingers brush against her chin and gently force her to keep eye contact.
“I haven’t made up my mind about you yet, so don’t get yer garments in a bind. I
admit that you are much too pretty to be a spy.” His gaze lingered, making it difficult
for her to breathe. “It’s been a long time since a woman has tried to seduce a map right
out from underneath me.”
Charlotte clicked her tongue. “I can assure you that I’m not a spy, and as for the
He removed his fingers to resume pacing, leaving her words dangling in the air.
His touch had been more wanted than she cared to admit and it jostled her mind.
She watched the way he paced, three large steps, a sharp turn, and another three
large steps, as if a soldier marching. All the while, she wondered what kind of
command he took in his bedchambers. “My dear, for all I know, you could be lying
straight through your pretty teeth. Women can not be trusted on board a ship.”
“Then why didn’t you leave me where I was?”
His deep sigh resonated around the room. “Because I did not want you to think me
completely ruthless. Regardless, you may have been brought here to distract me from
finding the treasure. I know there is gold on the island, in fact I bet my life on it. Where
are the people who sent you? We are close, are we not, and they are getting nervous. I
can smell their fear.”
Charlotte massaged her temples and groaned. The guy had a one-track mind.
“You’re irritating me.”

Sex Marks the Spot Ann Cory

“Why else would you have shown up on the very same island as I? The timing is
too much of a coincidence.”
“Look, I’m not a spy and I haven’t been brought here to cause trouble. Up until late
last night or maybe it was early this morning, I can’t recall, I was on a cruise ship. I’d
saved up for years to take a vacation and then all hell broke loose.”
“Ah, so you are a fancy living wench. And here you tried to claim you were
Charlotte rolled her eyes and continued. “The last thing I remember was dancing
with a man I thought enjoyed my company, only come to find out he preferred my
jewels.” She reached up and smoothed her fingers along her exposed neck. “I felt like a
princess at a ball wearing my sapphire and diamond necklace. The man I’d flirted with
really knew how to throw on the charm, and literally swept me off my feet. It all
happened so fast I didn’t have time to stop him. In the middle of a kiss he seized my
necklace, struck my face with surprising force, and tossed me overboard. I swam until I
reached this island.”
“So you are in fact a treasure hunter.”
Charlotte laughed. Damn pirate, always thinking about treasure. “No, I was left an
assortment of necklaces and rings by my mother when she passed away. Sapphires,
rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. I don’t normally wear them out, but I considered the
trip a special occasion. Evidently, I made a poor choice. So, no, I didn’t hunt them, they
were a gift. They belong to me.”
“Treasure belongs to the one who finds it.”
Did he not recognize the difference between finding and robbing? “The man stole
my treasure. What don’t you understand?”
She highly considered reaching over and giving him a good shake when a foreign
voice broke in. “Pardon me, Cap’n.”
Charlotte snapped her head toward the doorway. In walked a stout man wearing
clothing far less formal than Phineas. Long blond hair poked out from beneath a
tattered hat, and when he turned, she admired the large gold hoop in his ear. “Don’t

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mean to interrupt, Cap’n, but I wondered if the lady will be joining us for supper later?
Cook requested I find out.”

Her stomach rumbled at the mention of food.

Phineas sighed deeply. “I do not think the lass will be up for dining with the likes
of us. Make her up a plate, and bring it here. Some wine too. Seems she likes fancy
“Aye, Cap’n. Be lettin you know when supper’s ready.”
Charlotte folded her arms and watched the stout man leave. The way Phineas
talked made her sound like a toddler who couldn’t speak for herself. “I don’t have any
problem eating a meal with a table of men. It’s very rude of you to assume otherwise.”
The pirate held up his hand, palm aimed at her face, and shook his head. “It’s not
you I worry about, lass, it’s the crew. Some of them varmints are the scurviest things
you will ever see, could make you lose your appetite. While they are shoveling food in
their scurvy mouths, they will be feasting on you, with their eyes. I would not want you
to be uncomfortable.”
She sensed a hint of protectiveness in his voice, or at least she hoped. “I’m not a
child. I can handle myself fine, thank you.”
“Aye, and so far you’ve proven yourself quite well at that, have you? Robbed of yer
jewels, thrown overboard, and taken hostage by a bloodthirsty pirate.”
When he put it that way, she found it hard to plead her case. “I’d hardly call you
“You see only what I want you to see, lass. The bloodthirsty comes when you cross
Charlotte thanked her lucky stars she would not have to see that. She stretched her
arms high above her head and yawned. “I think all this arguing with you is making me
He nearly tripped over himself to step up close to her. “Are you feeling faint?
Should I get you something to drink?”

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She couldn’t help the smile spreading across her face. “Now Captain, are you
fussing over me?”
There was no mistaking the perplexed stare. “What? No, of course not. I do not care
if ye are thirsty or not. Lay back and get some sleep.”
Charlotte wanted to fight the exhaustion long enough to tell him to stop ordering
her around, but she didn’t get the chance. Carefully she sank back into the cot, her head
comfortable on the firm pillow. Through half-closed eyes, she watched Phineas grab a
blanket and place it over her body. Maybe she’d been wrong about pirates all along.

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Chapter Three

Charlotte didn’t know how much time had passed when she woke, but Phineas was
still in the room. On his face, he wore a pensive expression as he stared out the small
porthole window. One leg was crossed over the other, his body resting against the wall.
Beneath his layers of pigheadedness, she noted his handsome features, strong,
determined, and a trace of mischief. When she cleared her throat, he shook himself out
of his thoughtful daze.
“I don’t expect you to hang around here all day. Don’t you have buried treasure to
He removed his hat and scratched his head. “My crew does the digging. How ye be
feelin, lass?”
“Much more rested, thank you. Did you stay with me the entire time?”
“Of course not. I am a busy man. You have been asleep for hours. I came back to let
you know yer supper was on its way, but I did not know whether to wake you or not.”
Charlotte swung her legs off the cot and sat up, resting her elbows on top of her
knees. “I’m so hungry I could eat sand, though I’m not partial to the taste.”
“Yer in luck. Our cook makes us hearty meals that are pleasant to the taste buds. In
fact, we are often spoiled.”
“I thought the pirate’s life was harsh and unforgiving, but you make it sound
“Oh, it is very exciting.” Phineas slid over a wooden crate and set a brass
candleholder on top. He struck a match to light three taper candles already burned

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down to stubs. The little gestures were quickly breaking down her defenses. “Best I can
do for a table and mood. I bet the ship you had been on before did up a nice display.”
Briefly, she recalled the ballroom with its crystal chandeliers, velvet rugs,
professional orchestra, and all the food one could ever want. “They went a little over
the top, actually. Contrary to your opinion, my idea of a fancy dinner is sitting in front
of the television wearing my pink fuzzy socks and comfy sweats. Gosh, you probably
don’t even know what a television is, do you?”
He gave a sexy little snort and crossed his arms. “Of course I know what television
is, but I have never watched one. I can’t imagine anything as exciting on a square box as
sailing and traveling the world.”
Charlotte couldn’t remember the last time she’d gone anywhere exciting. The cruise
was supposed to be her big adventure, and that ended in a disaster. “You’ve got me
there. It doesn’t really interest me much, just something to pass the time. I can certainly
live without television. Before I forget, I wanted to thank you for taking me in and being
so generous.”
He had been staring at the corner of the room and then whipped around, nearly
losing his balance. “What did you say?”
“Nothing really, just that I appreciate you giving me food and a place to rest until
I’m better.”
They both turned and nodded at the stout man holding a tray of food.
“Aye, Bart. You may enter.”
She noticed Phineas was flustered.
“I have brought her supper, Sir.”
“Very well, set it on the crate.”
“Aye, Sir. Will she be requiring anything else?”
Charlotte watched the vein in the Captain’s head throb. “No, Bart. Go join the men.
I will be there in a moment.”

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When Bart left, the Captain stood before her, his chest puffed out. The thought of
running her tongue along the golden flesh brought warmth between her thighs. Pirate
or not, she was attracted to him, enforced even more when he got angry.
“Did I say something wrong?”
Charlotte could only imagine how many times he cursed her since they met. It
seemed she pushed his buttons every time she spoke.
“Let us get one thing straight, lassie. I have not rescued you and I have not taken
you in. I’m being hospitable, but yer not here as a guest.”
“Then what am I to you?”
“My prisoner and a possible threat. Now eat, drink, and get some rest. There be a
nightshirt and extra blankets on the barrel behind you.” Charlotte followed the
direction of his finger. “You are not to leave this room or go wandering around. This is
no place for you.”
She couldn’t help herself; she had to ask. “What will you do if I take a stroll around
the ship?”
His eyes blazed. “One step out from this room and I will tie you up myself.”
She enjoyed the image and turned her attention to the large plate of food and
generous goblet of wine. “Looks tasty.”
“Yes, yes it does.”
Charlotte glanced up but the pirate had turned, muttering to himself as he went out
the door. Unable to resist the smell of food any longer, she stuffed herself in a very
unladylike fashion, all the while smiling to herself.


Phineas stormed into the eating quarter’s glancing around the table at his crew, as
they sat around eating and laughing with gusto. He plopped into the chair at the head
of the table and filled his plate, but his hunger for food had subsided.

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Charlotte. The name sounded sweet plus she had looked very tasty, sitting there
with her voluptuous figure, playing him for a fool.
“You all right, Cap’n?”
“Of course I am.” He swung his head toward Bart and then slammed his hands on
top of the wooden table. “I’m the Captain here. I tell people what to do and how to do

The men stopped eating and stared at him wide-eyed. His adrenaline surged
through his veins. “People fear me.”
“Aye, aye, Sir,” his crew agreed.
“I don’t think anyone at this table questions your authority, Cap’n.”
Phineas took a deep breath as he tried to plaster on his best attempt at a smile.
“Bart, old friend, ye are right. My head is not right. It be this damn island.” He brought
a jug of rum to his lips and started to take a sip.
“I think it be the lady.”
Rum spewed from Parr’s lips as he sputtered. That was the last straw. He stood and
sent his chair flying back. “I said it be the island. Do not mock me, Bart, you are way
outta line.” He grabbed the rum and stalked back to his quarters. He sat at the edge of
his cot and guzzled back half the jug before taking a breath. “Ye are losing your mind
here, Phin, get a hold of yerself.”
As he raised the jug back to his lips, he saw the hourglass shape of a woman
standing in his doorway.
“What are you doing here?”
Charlotte strolled in, exaggerating the sway of her hips. She snatched the rum from
his hands to take a swig. He never knew how sexy a nightshirt could look. The buttons
were undone partway with her nipples highly visible through the material. He tried to
take the jug from her, but she tilted it, letting a light stream of liquid run down her chin
and neck.
“It seems I’ve made a mess. Could you help me?”

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Her feminine charms were too strong to resist. Phineas unbuttoned the rest of the
shirt and swept his hand along her breasts. The trail of rum made a beeline for the space
between her legs. She poured a little more over each breast, the droplets sliding over
her nipples. Overcome with need, he swirled his tongue along the saturated nipples as
she groaned. He felt the heat from her sex rise, the feral scent of her desire mingling in
the air.
“Lass, yer playing with fire.”
“I think I’m a big enough girl to handle it.”
“I told ye what would happen if ye stepped foot out of that room.”
She teased her nipple along his lips and he nibbled roughly. Her face flushed,
eyelashes fluttering.
“Yes, you said you’d tie me up. I didn’t consider that a bad thing.”
Phineas wanted nothing more than to bring her onto his lap and shove his cock
straight through her pussy, but he could not.
“Aye, I said I would be tying ye up.”
He picked her up and flung her over his shoulder. In the small room, he laid her on
the cot and put her hands over her head. From the floor, he pulled up a rope to wrap it
around both her wrists and the cot. She smiled as she watched him with a smoldering
look. The scent of her sex tortured him. He could take her at that very moment, but he
was afraid. Phineas feared she had been sent to seduce him.
Her lips turned down as he backed away to the doorway.
“I am sorry, lass. I will be bidding you goodnight.”
She screwed her face up and pursed her lips tight. “You bastard, how dare you!”
The jug of rum fell to the ground. Phineas sat straight up. Had it all been a dream?
He did not need to check, of course it had. The angel in the other room was too
beautiful and sophisticated for the likes of a pirate.
He undressed quickly, very much aware of his painful erection, and flopped into
the cot. His dreams would be colorful tonight.

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Chapter Four

Charlotte awoke from an all too realistic dream of the pirate’s tongue teasing her
nipples. She squeezed her legs together, feeling the dampness of her panties. If she
didn’t think someone could walk by at any time, she’d get herself off just to relieve the
urgent need. With a sigh, she turned to her side. All the sleep she’d gotten earlier left
her restless.
The moon shone like a beacon through the loose boards on the far wall, gently
lighting the small room. Had no one on the cruise ship seen what happened? Would
they continue onto the next port without checking her whereabouts? Her imagination
ran wild. She wondered if the man who robbed her had somehow paid someone else
off. Strange incidences occurred on cruises, though she never imagined herself involved
in one. How would she ever get home? She couldn’t stay on a pirate ship, with nothing
but the ocean stretched as far as the eye could see. Could she?
A figure appeared in the doorway making her gasp in shock. Charlotte pulled the
covers up to her chin and watched. Phineas shuffled into the light. She had to cover her
mouth to keep from laughing. The Captain continued in, taking little more than baby
steps until he stopped in front of her. For a pirate he sure was well built. She’d been
eyeing his chest since the morning, but now, in the buff, with the moonlight hitting his
skin, she felt obsessed. Before she could protest to his obvious lack of manners, she
realized his eyes were closed. He mumbled words she couldn’t understand under his
breath. Charlotte had never seen anyone sleepwalk before nor did she know what to do.
She watched and waited, intrigued by his nighttime activity.

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Slowly, Phineas walked toward the corner where three large barrels were stacked
up, one on top of the other. From the top barrel, he removed a brown box adorned with
five gold hoops setting it on a table. He took the gold coin from his necklace and slid it
into the tiny keyhole. Muscles rippled along his backside as he moved leaving her with
a terrible longing to grab his ass. Well-built with thick thighs, she didn’t let her gaze
linger downward in case he turned to face her. To keep her mind off the size of his
package, she focused on the box. A tiny creak accompanied the opening of the lid and
he removed a red cloth.
Curious to see what lay inside, Charlotte slipped off the cot and slowly walked up
behind him. She’d almost caught an eyeful when he took a step back, crushing two of
her toes. Biting her lip she’d kept from crying out, but the lid of the box slammed shut
and before she knew what happened, Phineas had turned around, eyes wide open,
mouth pulled back in a scowl, his hands wrapped tight around her arms.
“What are you doing here wench!”
The tip of his cock hardened alongside her thigh. God how she wanted to peek. “I –
I, this is where you told me to stay.”
His grip loosened immediately and his expression softened. He did not seem to
realize he was naked. “Aye, so it is.”
“It appears that you were sleepwalking.”
For the moment it seemed he had forgotten about the box altogether. “The crew
says I do that, but I never believed them. Apologies if I frightened you lass, that would
be the last thing I would want to do.”
“It’s hard to be frightened when you, well, because you’re naked.”
Even in the moonlight, she could see his face turn a deep shade of red. “I see. Don’t
you look like a vision…”
She watched his gaze drop down to the slope of her breasts, her nipples tight and
near piercing the long white shirt that he had given her. How she should want to feel
his skin on hers when she hardly knew him left her baffled. He was nothing more than

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a pirate, a river rat always on the search for bigger and better things. Gold and treasures
were his seducers. Stability would never be his forte. Still, he held her interest.
“Tell me again, why did you come to this island?”
Were they back to square one again? Impatience weaved into her words. “I told
you, I was thrown overboard. I swam until the ocean had its way and brought me here.
I don’t have a hidden agenda, I promise you.”
“If you are not careful, lassie, I’ll give you a flogging with my cat o’ nine tails. I’ve
flogged many who have lied to me.”
Charlotte tired of his commands. She let the nightshirt fall open, baring her breasts.
She had the handsome pirate alone in the room. Both of them naked. Maybe it would
help him see that she did not pose a threat. “See here, Captain Phineas Parr, don’t tease
me unless you plan to do something about it.”
“Argh, lass, I like to hear my name spoken from your lips, but you are too bold.”
“I know what I want when I see it.”
He folded his arms and smirked. “You know nothing about me, lass. Whatever you
built up in your mind, I’m afraid I’ll only disappoint.”
Charlotte refused to back down. “Never.”
Parr snorted. “This is foolishness. You be only complicating matters.”
There it was again. The more he discouraged her, the more she wanted him. “How
can you say that? Why do you act like you don’t want me? More than your eyes betray
your words,” she said, her gaze traveling to his cock. His size was impressive.
“You be a sight for sore eyes, lassie, but it can not be. Women do not accuse me of
being a gentleman because I do not stick around long enough. My devotion belongs to
the sea. I apologize for walking in unannounced, good evening.”
“Wait, please wait.”
He turned, but refused to look at her. “What?”
“What about the box. I saw you open it. Are you going to leave it open in here with

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The Captain’s face changed to anger. He stormed to the box, inserting the gold coin
from his chain and locking it tight. “You will never bring up that box again, do you
It was difficult to say for sure in the dark, but she could almost make out a tear in
the corner of his eye. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t see whatever is inside. I promise.”
He scowled and let his words drip with disgust. “In your short time here, you have
managed to disrupt everything. I knew it was a bad idea to bring you aboard. Good
Charlotte didn’t want him to leave angry, but she couldn’t stop him.


Phineas had seen the look of disappointment cross Charlotte’s face, but he could
not be bothered. He stopped in his quarters to put on some clothing and then roamed
around the ship to clear his head. The night air would do him good. Had he stayed with
her a moment longer, he knew it would be a mistake.

He had not made it a habit to bed just any dame he laid eyes on, and all his time at
sea had kept him from any chance of falling in love. The cursed emotion had eluded
him so far, up until now. In fact, he did not know if love was the right word to describe
it, but she roused feelings deep inside he hoped had been buried. Women were not
good luck on ships, one thing he had heard his father say repeatedly. It was why his
mother lived a lonely, solitary life. As much as she longed to go on the adventures with
him, she did not trust the sea. She did not want to find out her husband loved it more
than her. His father knew a pirate’s life was not for a lady.
It was through his father’s eyes and love affair with the sea that Phineas grew to
love it too, even to appreciate its exotic beauty. The vast ocean satisfied his heart as well
as gave him a surge of power, though it did nothing to slake the desire in his loins.
Occasionally he shared a bed with the women when they stopped between ports, but

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none would have his heart the way the wide, open sea did, and none ever could. So
why did Charlotte’s name, her lustful image, keep asserting itself into his mind?
A half moon hung low in the sky surrounded by blackened clouds. He stood at the
prow of the boat and watched the fog hang over the ocean. Devil’s breath he called it,
pure evil ready to snare him in its trap if he did not keep one eye open at all times.
Phineas grabbed his spyglass and looked out. Something waited out there. Biding its
time. He could feel the eyes of Fowler watching him, always watching and following
close. So far, he had been fortunate and outrun him, but he knew his time would come.
His attention needed to be on locating the treasure, not the pleasures of a woman so
pure and divine that it threatened his very being. At this moment, he was not sure what
he feared more. Fowler’s jagged nails through his heart or Charlotte’s spellbinding

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Chapter Five

A bevy of footsteps running around the ship woke Charlotte from a restless sleep.
She didn’t know if she was expected to wait for Phineas all day, but she didn’t know
where she’d go if she could. Her gaze lingered on the box in the corner. Without the
key, she couldn’t find out its contents, which was just as well anyway.
“Knock, knock.” Bart stood at the door with a large black box in his hand. “The
Cap’n told me to give you this.”
Charlotte smiled and sat up, the blanket pulled up to her chin. “I see, and do you do
everything he says?”
“I do not fight him; Miss, if that be what you are asking.” He set the box down on
the crate.
She liked Bart; he seemed good company for the Captain. “Wouldn’t you rather be
commanding a ship and telling others what to do?”
“I do not have commanding in my blood, but Captain Parr does. His father and his
father’s father were all pirates and could navigate ships in their sleep. It be in his blood.
Do not be too hard on him Miss, he has not had an easy time of things. Especially if he
does not find the treasure.”
Charlotte wanted to ask more but thought better of it. She’d ask Phineas himself.
The stout man gave her a half-salute followed by a courteous bow. “I be leave’n you
to get dressed. When you are ready, there is fruit and bread in the dining hall, it is not
much but it will hold. The men have eaten so you will not be bothered.”
“Thank you for being so kind to me.”

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“Only doing as I am ordered, Miss.”

Once he left, Charlotte’s imagination started to work over time. How in the hell was
it that she slept in a ship full of sex-starved men and still hadn’t gotten laid. Granted
most of the crew consisted of beasts for men, but damn if she wasn’t horny!
She fixed herself in front of the box running her hands along its smooth golden
edges. A tiny key stuck out of the heart-shaped lock. With a twist, she heard it click.
When she opened the ornate lid, she sighed. Inside there were beautiful dresses in
elegant shades of blue, green, and peach, each one more breathtaking than the next.
“I hope you don’t mind. They were my mother’s.”
Charlotte recognized the Captain’s voice and looked up. Unable to contain her
excitement she ran over to wrap her arms around him. “These are incredible, but I
thought you said she wouldn’t sail with your father.”
Phineas pulled out of her embrace taking a step back. “He bought them for her, on
his last journey out. They have never been worn. I don’t know why, but I’ve kept
She couldn’t ignore the emptiness in his voice when he spoke of his mother. It was a
sentiment she could share about her own parents who had died in an accident when she
was still a teenager. Though the dresses were beautiful, she was hesitant. “Are you sure
you want me to wear them?”
“Why not? Tis not like there are any other women on board. Besides, you could use
She unfolded a peach dress; the least detailed of the four, and smoothed it across
her body. “Do you think this will look nice on me?”
He shrugged but she sensed a smile. It was enough for her. “I’ll take that as a yes.
Out you go, a lady needs privacy when she dresses.”
“Last night you did not seem to mind what I saw.”
Charlotte wagged her finger at him. “Yes, and you chose not to look. Go!”
“Oh I saw. The crew and I will be ashore digging for treasure.”

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She didn’t know what had changed from the night, but she liked him in this light.
“I’ll come out when I’m dressed.”
He frowned, making her laugh out loud.
“Don’t worry, I’ll come out. I told you, I’m not a spy. You can trust me.”
“I believe ye. If I did not, ye would have been tied up with rope last night.”
Charlotte planted her hands on her hips. “Is that so?”
The weariness around his eyes left as he smiled. “I have been known to be knotty.”
She nearly doubled over with laughter. “I’m sorry but that has to be the worst joke
I’ve ever heard.”
“It be what comes from a life at sea. The ocean listens without judgment.”
“If you’re trying to make me feel guilty, it’s not working.”
Phineas paused at the door to glance over his shoulder. “I look forward to seeing
you in the dress.”
She listened to the sound his boots made as he left.
Eager to put the dress on, she quickly slipped it over her head letting the silken
fabric slide down her body. She felt like more of a queen now than she had on the cruise
ship. Her hair was still a tangled mess, something she hoped to take care of later, but
the rich material cradling her body was paradise. Charlotte ran barefoot to the dining
hall, stopping long enough to pop a handful of grapes in her mouth and grab a crust of
bread. She picked off small pieces and chewed on them as she made her way across the
A member of the crew was there waiting to help her into the boat that would take
her ashore. Once they reached land the first thing she did was push her toes into the
sand, enjoying the warmth and feel of it around her toes.
Everywhere she looked men were digging in the sand, sweat streaked across their
faces. They smiled as she walked by. Whispered comments and compliments started up
behind her but faded out with the breeze. She spied Phineas staring at a piece of paper
while talking animatedly with Bart.
“Hello boys. What do you have there?”

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Phineas closed up the map and turned his back to her. “None of your business.”
“Well, that’s a nice way to talk to a lady.”
Bart glanced up and let out a long, low whistle. “And a lady you are.”

Phineas could not concentrate with all the chatter distracting him. He was about to
tell the rambling woman to go back to the ship when he got a look at her in the dress.
“I…I did not. What I meant to say, er, it is just a silly old map. You are a vision.”
“Thank you.” She twirled and broke out in a series of girlish giggles.
Every time he saw her she looked more and more beautiful. His cock pressed tight
against his breeches. and he pulled his coat tighter around him. He could not explain
the depth of his affections for her, it did not make sense. His father’s words alone
should have been enough to make him want to keep his distance, but the more he tried
to resist her temptations, the more he felt ready to give in.
“So you said it’s just a silly old map? Do you think I could take a look at it?”
Phineas hesitated. If she were a spy, it would be the perfect opportunity to take the
map and consequently claim the treasure as her own. He wished the stupid notion
would leave his mind, but he had to keep his guard up. Did he not? Her green eyes
were soft in the mid-morning light. Nothing about her gave him the impression she was
being less than genuine.
“I’m curious, that’s all. You can hold onto it while I look if it makes you feel better.”
Now he felt like an idiot. “No, it is fine. Have a look. I can not seem to make heads
or tails of it anyhow.”
She slipped her hand along his and then grasped the map. He watched the way she
studied it, her lips moving as she silently read. Her lips turned up into a pretty smile
and then she gave him an incredulous look. “Are you being serious? You don’t
understand this map?”

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“I’m afraid I don’t.” This was the first time he did not have the map anywhere on
his body thus making him break out into a cold sweat. His fingers ached and needed to
feel the texture against his skin.
“I’ve never heard of a pirate who can’t read a map. Isn’t that supposed to be part of
the job?”
To hear it from a woman he wanted to impress only made him more ashamed. “I
would not call pirating a job, it be more of a curse. I am a poor excuse for a Captain.
Sure the love of the sea runs in my blood, but my navigating skills are weak.”
“Did you think to ask someone to help you?”
His fingers shook, craving the feel of the map between them. “I would rather drown
myself first. You do not call yourself Captain and not deliver the goods, lassie. That be
mutiny on my ship.”
“But it’s your ship.”
“There are rules you don’t understand. It is not my ship, it is my father’s, and along
with it comes living up to his name and reputation. Fowler would bury me alive if he
found out I am nothing more than a sham.”
“I think you are being too hard on yourself. There’s nothing wrong with asking for
help when you need it.”
Phineas could not believe what she was saying. “This comes from a woman who is
as stubborn as they come.”
“I have my moments.”
She laughed and turned out to look at the ocean, her gaze switching from it to the
map. “Wow, I’m holding an authentic treasure map, aren’t I?”
“Yes, but you can give it back to me anytime.”
Phineas thought he would go stir crazy if he did not feel it in his hands soon.
“So the black slashes are paces, right?”
“Look, you have to know how to read a map. I don’t have time to explain it to you.”
“I know how to read maps, I be just asking about the slash marks.
It’s all self explanatory, really.”

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He put his hands on his hips and frowned. “What would ye know about reading a

“I do it for a living. I studied cartography in university and make my living

checking the authenticity of maps and important historical documents.”
Phineas was stunned. “Yer a strange and intelligent woman. I like that. Maybe ye
can help me.”
When she smiled her eyes lit up like the tiny stars he gazed up at when he could not
sleep. “Sure. These circles, they represent boulders, right?”
“Aye. I figured this small mound here to be a cluster of trees and then counted out
the paces in each direction. The treasure’s not there.”
“Maybe someone else has already claimed it.”
The thought alone made his blood run cold. “Impossible! I feel it in my bones that it
be here, I just do not know where.”
“What happens if you’re wrong?”
He snatched the map back out of her hands. “I am not wrong.”
“Okay, sorry.”
“Only Fowler has seen this treasure map, and I will not let him have it.”
“Who is this Fowler you keep mentioning?”
“Shadrach Fowler. The monster that murdered my mother and father.”

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Chapter Six

Charlotte put her hands to her mouth. “I’m sorry, Phineas. You were so young.
Why did he kill your mother?”
“Fowler went to see her after he killed my father, expecting to find the map with
her. When she did not hand it over, he took her life with his blade. She did not even
have it, but the scum does not have a conscience. It’s my fault she died.”
She wanted to reach out and hold him tight. “Don’t say that.”
His eyes bore into hers. “Aye, tis true. After I watched Fowler kill my father, I took
the map from his quarters. I did not know he was on his way to see my mother, or I
would have handed it over.”
“Then why don’t you let him have it now?”
“It’s complicated lass. I have to find this treasure, for my mother.”
Charlotte couldn’t imagine the guilt that consumed him. A surge of strength ran
through her body. “Let’s see if we can’t find this here treasure, together. May I see it
With obvious reluctance in his tone, he handed it to her. “Aye.”
She moved her finger along the slash marks and studied all the symbols and
objects. “What’s this line, here?”
“It be a crease, the map is very old.”
Charlotte frowned, it didn’t seem right. “No, I don’t think so. It’s prominent, like
it’s meant to be there. I’d almost call it a river, but that doesn’t make sense.” She
glanced closer, “No, wait, I think it’s showing an indent, maybe a layer, or hold on, I

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think it’s supposed to represent a change in elevation. It’s sitting at a lower level
Phineas shook his head. “Impossible. Tis a land map. It be all one level.”
She had a gut feeling about it and wasn’t about to be swayed. “Maybe not. Follow
They backtracked to a small scattering of stones and explored the island. As they
walked by a group of piled logs, Phineas’ boot sank and he started to fall over.
Charlotte gripped his arm to help keep his balance.
“Thank you, lass.”
“You saved me once, remember?”
“Aye, I’m still trying to figure…” he paused and turned his attention to the map.
“This here slope, is just like you said, another level. The treasure has to be here, I can
feel it in my bones.”
Charlotte checked the map as well and nodded her head. “Yes, it has to be!” She felt
like a little kid in a candy store. “But where?”
The Captain closed his eyes as he walked around the logs before falling to his
knees. He cupped his hands and used them like a shovel, digging through the sand just
below the logs. “If I am not mistaken, I would say these logs were put here for a
She reached forward and took hold of a limb. “Should I try and move them?”
Phineas held out a hand and shook his head fiercely. “No, don’t touch them, lass.
You never know when a trap has been set.” He removed his sword and laid it on the
Charlotte couldn’t stand around and watch any longer. She knelt down beside him
and did her best to help.
“Yer dressed too pretty to be digging there, lass.”
“Oh stop it. I’m too curious and I don’t have all day to wait for you.”
“It is here. I can feel it calling to me. Put yer back into it.”

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She couldn’t help but laugh and he immediately joined in. Every once in awhile his
arm brushed against hers and the sensation sent tiny jolts of electricity throughout her
body. Warmth spread across her face when he would sneak a peek at her between
handfuls of sand, his eyes bright and youthful. They were working together, like a
team, and it felt right.
Even though the backs of her arms ached and she had broken into a sweat, she
refused to stop. Charlotte paused for a moment to wipe her forehead hearing a thump
as Parr’s hands hit something.
“Aye, lassie, I’d say we found what we be looking for.”
He wrapped his knuckles against something solid and then brushed away the sand
until the top of the chest was visible. Without thinking, Charlotte threw her arms
around him.
“We did it! Should I go and get the crew to help us carry the treasure?” His face
was close, too close, she wanted more than anything to have the courage to act on her
Phineas shifted and rested his hands on her shoulders. “In a moment, lass. First
things first.”
The Captain leaned forward to deliver a hearty kiss. Her lips radiated with his heat.
The kiss started slow, his nose gently sweeping alongside hers, but soon deepened. She
parted her lips welcoming his tongue, his breath searing down her throat. Charlotte’s
fingers fumbled for his belt but caught the button of his trousers with her nail. Carefully
she loosened it from its material and thrust her hand inside. Beneath the layer of
undergarments, she reached the object of her fantasies since first laying eyes on him.
She felt the hem of her dress being lifted and the stroke of his hand along her sex. He
pulled back from the kiss long enough to whisper in her ear, “Ye be as wet as the sea.”
His lips crushed again on hers before she could beg to feel his cock. Only a short
time together and he was already reading her mind. Charlotte stretched back onto the
sand and watched him through half-glazed eyes. His erection pushed his trousers away
from his body until he removed the interfering clothing. The size of his cock brought a

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sob from her lips. He leaned forward and inched her dress up until her breasts were
“I have wanted to wrap my lips around these beauties.”
She could hardly think straight as his tongue swirled her nipples, thrilling them
with the tip of his tongue and then engulfing the peaks with his teeth and lips. The
gentle sucking of one and then the other brought her to a dizzying height. It wouldn’t
take much to bring her to an orgasm at this point. His cock drummed against her thigh,
taunting her.
“Please, Phineas,”
His flush face came into view, eyes sparked and his breath heavy.
“Please what, my beauty?”
“Please, take me, fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me.”
“I like a lass who speaks her mind. If it be fucking ye want, then fucking ye shall
Her body vibrated at his words. He hoisted her legs up, hooking her knees about
his sides, and slid her bottom forward. She tasted the salt of the ocean even caught a
glimpse of the blue sky before his fingers pushed the fabric of her panties to the side, his
hardness melding into her. It felt like home. He thrust into her, filling up all the
emptiness and loneliness she’d accumulated over the years. His length pushed away all
her fears and anxieties. Now she could just feel, be, and exist in the moment, to
experience all the incredulous emotions streaming through her. Eyes closed she
pictured them back on the ship, rocking to and fro, the rhythm he had spoken of, the
rhythm of the sea.


She was hardly aware of anything as she drifted in and out of a euphoric state. The
pirate knew his way around a woman’s wants and how to handle her body. His thumb
played along her clit in a circular motion as his cock sank deeper inside her pussy. The

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edge of the orgasm made her body quiver. Charlotte clawed through the sand, as he
drove into her time and again. She hooked her ankles together behind his back sliding
herself forward, taking him in further. Her hips lifted from the sand and met his
quickened pace.
“I can not be holding back much longer, lass.”
“Nor can I,” she whispered. Freedom was only seconds away.
Their steady rhythm increased and he jiggled her clit so fast that she came harder
than ever before. Her pussy contracted tightly around his cock and she squeezed, until
he cried out. Charlotte opened her eyes in time to catch a drop of sweat streak down his
face. His mouth frozen open while he pumped slowly between her legs. When his eyes
opened, she smiled. She never expected to have the greatest fuck of her life with a
Her body shuddered as Phineas pulled out of her, smoothing her dress down,
covering her nakedness. She was putty in his hands. He nestled up next to her and
brought his arm beneath her head.
“How do ye feel, lassie?”
“I can’t feel my legs, but I can tell you that is a good thing. You were amazing.”
“I think I have been lookin’ for the wrong treasure all this time.”
She rested her head in the crook of his arm sprawling her still trembling legs over
“Tell me, Phineas. Why do you think there aren’t many women pirates?”
His lowered voice was soothing. “I would not presume to know. My father believed
that women could never love the sea the same as a man, the way it calls to a man,
luring, seducing.”
She reveled in the feel of his fingers running up and down her arm. “Do you believe
the same?”
“One can find passion in anything. It makes no difference whether as a man or
His words were music to her ears. “What do you like most about the sea?”

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“Freedom, mystery, rhythm. The unknown. Not too different from you at the
Charlotte giggled as she traced the gold coin that lay on his chest. She remembered
how he’d used it as a key. “You were very close to your father, weren’t you?”
“Aye, and my mother. I was torn between choosing whom I should spend more
time with. They were rarely in the same place for long. With his love of the sea and her
need to keep her feet on land, I felt my loyalties were always split.”
“You dealt with a lot when you were young.”
“Aye. I don’t remember much of a childhood. One minute I was eating the cookies
my mother had made, and then the next minute I was sneaking onto my father’s ship. I
thought I had something to prove to my father. I thought he would love me more if I
showed the same love for sailing.”
She turned the coin, watching it reflect against the sun. “Did it work?”
“I never got the chance to find out. He saw me for only a brief moment before he
Charlotte rose up to her elbow and looked into his eyes. “Oh, that’s awful, I’m so
sorry.” She wanted to cry for him, right then and there, but a collective cry of voices
interrupted the moment.
“Captain! Captain!”
“Ah, sounds like the crew may have come across something. Stay here and I will be
right back.” Phineas planted a kiss on her forehead and thrust his clothes back on. He
picked up his sword and placed it in its sheath, adding slyly, “The things ye do to me,
lass. I should have you walk the plank.”
Charlotte smiled as he ran to check on his crew. The feeling in her legs returned and
she crawled over to the hole they had dug together. She admired the beauty of the
treasure chest wondering what lay inside. Jewels? Gold? More clues to another
treasure? She stood up, again brushing off more sand from her dress. Carefully she
walked up the slant and stood on her toes. Using her hand as a shield from the sun, she
tried to see what all the fuss was about. To her horror, she spied an enormous pirate

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ship with crimson sails nearing shore at an alarmingly fast rate. Men with daggers
between their teeth were swinging off the side ropes and charging through water up to
their waists. Charlotte could barely make out what Bart was shouting.
Then she heard a name that made shivers sprout up along her back. Fowler. She
watched as the ship cut through the water like a razor. Charlotte panicked. If she stayed
and someone saw her, surely they would find the treasure. She couldn’t do that to
Phineas. To the best of her ability, she filled in the hole. She worried why the pirate
hadn’t returned. The feelings she’d developed for him were strong, and she didn’t want
to lose him. Not knowing what else to do, she turned and fled.
Charlotte hadn’t gone far when she heard a strange sound nearby. She stopped and
held her breath. Several minutes passed but there hadn’t been another noise. She
tiptoed along the sand, readying herself to sprint to The Fortune, when a hand wrapped
around her mouth. She was thrust into a rock solid body reeking of sweat. Wild coal-
black eyes stared at her from behind a mop of stringy brown hair.
“Well, what do we have here? If it ain’t a pretty little maiden all alone.”
Charlotte tried to scream, but the calloused hand held firm against her mouth.
“Fowler, what do you want us to do with her? Say the word and I’ll kill her slow.”
A burly man stepped forward, his face gruff with whiskers and eyes of a demon
shark piercing through her soul. He stroked his chin with claws for nails, embedded
with what looked like blood. “You’ll have to kill her later. For now, she be of use to us.
Women make good bargaining chips.”
An odd-looking man grabbed at her hair and sniffed it. His face was long and
drawn, as if he had not eaten in months. “I get dibs on her hair. Feels like silk.” Several
more men surrounded her, all calling out which part of her they wanted. Their putrid
breath made her stomach churn.
A large man with a bulbous nose stepped forward wiping away a string of saliva
from his mouth. “She smells of sex. I watched her doing the Captain. Seems she knows
a thing or two about how to satisfy a man.”

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A shorter man with yellowish eyes gripped her chin to squeeze her lips into a
“Bet ye never had eight men at once.”
Bile crept up her throat. Moments ago, she’d been happy and carefree. Now her fate
rested in the hands of all things…pirates.
Fowler stepped forward, his voice gruff in its command. “Enough, as if she would
have the likes of ye rotting maggots. She will be the one to show us where the treasure
is, so ye will keep yer hands off.”
Charlotte tried to twist herself out from the man’s grip, but he held steadfast.
Where was Phineas when she needed him? How did she find herself in one bad
situation after another? She would seriously need to reconsider her judgments,
especially when it came to men, because they were hazardous to her health.
Fowler handed a rope to several of the men. They bound her hands tight behind her
back. He put his face close to hers, his breath stale and fishy. “Now wench, you show us
where the treasure is and we will consider keeping Parr’s head connected to his body
after we have killed him.”
Charlotte bit her lip hoping that Phineas would forgive her for giving up the
location of the treasure chest. Dangerous men who she figured were capable of doing
anything surrounded her. If she showed them the treasure, she might be able to win
their trust, and save Phineas at the same time. It seemed like a long shot, but it was the
only chance she had.
With a deep sigh, she nodded her head in the direction from where she’d come. “It
be back that way.” The men tugged on the rope and half pulled, half dragged her along.

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Chapter Seven

Phineas led Fowler’s men on a wild goose chase then quickly backtracked to where
he left Charlotte. His heart skipped a beat when he did not see her anywhere. An eerie
feeling swept over him. It was the same feeling he had when he had gone home to find
his mother dead. He should never have left her alone. As he looked around, he noticed
the hole had been covered up partway.
“What have ye done, lass?” The question hung in the air like a bitter chill. His
stomach turned into knots as he imagined all sorts of horrible things that could befall a
woman captured by the likes of Fowler’s men. A chorus of voices broke out. He nearly
choked on his spit when he saw Fowler himself approach with Charlotte being dragged
by his crew. He always feared the day when he came face to face with his sworn enemy,
but now that fear quickly was replaced with rage.
“What have ye done to her? Let her go this instant!”
Fowler sneered and showed his blackened teeth. “Relax, she be unharmed, for
“I said, let her go.”
Fowler turned to his crew. They all laughed in unison. “Hand over the treasure,
Parr, and she be yours. We do not have to shed innocent blood this time. Did you not
see enough death when ye were a boy?”
Phineas could not stand to see the look of horror on Charlotte’s face. She did not
deserve any of this. Everyone dear to him had come to a sudden death. He could not
risk her life too. No treasure was worth the pain.

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“Aye, Fowler. We both know that I am the one you want. The one who got away
with yer treasure map. You have dreamed of killing me, admit it. Ye can not stand the
fact ye were outwitted by a child.”
“I can not deny that I would love to know how it would feel to slice yer throat with
a slick blade.” He made a slitting motion across his neck with his long fingernail.
“And maybe ye will get that chance, but first I would like to strike a bargain.”
“I suppose I can humor ye. I be listening.”
Phineas had to think fast. “We split the treasure thirty-seventy. Ye of course get
seventy. Ye have my word. What do ye say?”
He could practically see the mind of his enemy reeling, trying to figure out the
“Why should I take yer word?”
“Because ye have taken everything away from me that means something, but I
refuse to hand over all of the booty. It be mine, I was here first.”
Fowler crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes. “Ye still hold a grudge for ridding
ye of a worthless father and the stupid woman he abandoned for the sea? Have ye
learned nothing over time?”
Phineas had learned to bottle up his emotions and stuff it away for years. His blood
swirled at the way his enemy spoke of his parents. For all their faults, they had been
good people who did not deserve the death they were served. “You know nothing of
the heartache you caused. You left me a bloody orphan.”
“Then there’s nothing else I can hurt you with.”
He shook his head. “Nope. Ye have taken care of everything.”
Fowler walked up close to Charlotte to tug hard on the rope. “What about this
woman? My men saw ye two together. Are ye going to tell me that ye feel nothing for
Phineas swallowed hard. He hoped that Charlotte trusted him enough with what
he was about to say. “Women bring nothing but bad luck, and ye know it. I admit my

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manly urges got the better of me, she be such a ripe looking beauty, but I do not feel
anything for her.”
A gasp laced with pain escaped Charlotte’s lips. “You bastard, that’s all I am to you,
a conquest?”
He did not dare look at her. If only he had the chance to tell her that he was falling
in love with her.

Fowler let go of the rope as he inched closer to the Captain. “How touching, but I
do not buy it. The treasure that ye claim is yers is mine. Ye stole my map out from under
me, the very map yer father stole from me. I am its rightful owner. As for the woman,
she will make a nice gift for the crew until they tire of her. If ye turn around and get
back on yer father’s ship, I’ll consider sparing yer life.”
It would be the last thing he did. “I am not giving up all the booty without a fight. I
was being generous, giving ye the better end of the deal. Why not take it?”
“There be a black spot on yer soul and I will be damned if I let it affect me too.”
“Ye were born with a black spot on yer flesh.”
Fowler pulled out his sword and lunged. Phineas dodged, but not without feeling
the tip of the blade cut into his arm. He withdrew his sword and took aim. A powerful
surge rocketed through his body, for a moment, he swore his father’s spirit was guiding
him. He stepped forward, but only swiped air. Fowler was known as master
swordsmen who had not lost any agility or speed over the years.
“Give up, Parr,” his enemy growled. “It be not even about the treasure anymore; it
be about finishing what I started. The only thing I want is to see yer head flying in a
different direction than yer body. I didn’t spend all these years tracking ye just to watch
ye walk away with my loot.”
Phineas turned his wrist bringing his sword down hard against Fowler’s, the clang
of metal rose to a deafening pitch. He adjusted his stance as they crossed their blades,
parrying with the very demon he had nightmares about. “If ye do not want to watch me
walk away, then I suggest ye close yer eyes.” Phineas circled his sword, countered the

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swift parry, and caught Fowler’s sword at the hilt in the process, sending it over his
Before it even registered that his adversary stood before him unarmed, Phineas
lunged forward sinking his sword into flesh. Blood bubbled out of Fowler’s mouth and
his eyes rolled up into his head. With a thud, the entity he had both feared and hated
fell to the ground. In a frenetic swarm, Fowler’s crew dropped their weapons and the
rope they bound Charlotte with, running off before they too were killed.
He stood silent a moment, watching the blood run down his arm and dripping onto
the sand.
Charlotte rushed to his side, and wrapped her arms around his waist. “You’re
“It was blood well spilled. I promise I will be fine.” He stroked her hair with his
other hand. “I hope ye know what I said back there, about not caring…”
She silenced his words with her fingers against his lips. “I know. I did not believe
you for a second. Now let me get the crew to help carry the treasure onboard. I don’t
want you lifting it with your injury.”
Phineas did his best to look serious, but could not make his tone follow. “What
makes ye think I would listen to anything you say?”
Charlotte set her hands on her hips and pursed her lips. “You aren’t the only one
around here capable of giving orders. Now do as I say and don’t move.”

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Chapter Eight

“Mm, your cook sure knows how to make a celebratory feast. It was simply
delicious.” Charlotte patted her tummy as she sipped the last of her wine.
Phineas set down his goblet pushing himself away from the table. “Fancy a walk
around the ship? It should be a full moon.”
A walk sounded like the perfect thing to help her stomach settle. “I’d love to. How’s
your arm?”
“It be fine, lassie. Bart will make sure of that.”
“He’s not the only one who is capable of taking good care of you.”
Charlotte placed her hand in his as they walked along the prow. The crew had
helped carry the treasure chest filled with gold coins and jewels to the ship and they’d
set sail. The wonderful meal and wine had been in celebration of Fowler’s death and
finding the loot.
Looking out to the sea, she took a deep breath letting herself finally relax. The
waves were gentle and sparkled like diamonds underneath the glow of the moon. She
felt content. A ship wasn’t her idea of home, but she could certainly see beauty in the
sea. To look out and see nothing for miles, and being at her mercy. It would take some
getting used to, but if Phineas would have her, she’d stay for as long as he wanted.
He slipped his arm around her waist and kissed the top of her head. “What
thoughts are going ‘round in yer head, lass?”
“I’m remembering when we first met. I told you I wasn’t a spy. You were so damn

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“Aye. I figured something as beautiful as ye could not be real. Fowler has been
trying to trace me for a long time. If he found me, he would find his booty. With the
treasure map and all the secrets, it messed with my judgment. I apologize if I came on
too strong.”
“What’s done is done. I hate to sound nosy, but if I do it’s because I’m curious. You
said Fowler killed your parents, and that you stole his treasure map without him
knowing. How then did he know you were the one?”
He shrugged. “Word gets around. Not all of my shipmates have been loyal over the
years. You take some unsavory pirates, several bottles of rum, and a crowd of people
just itching for rumors, and soon the whole port knows your business. Eventually it
became a cat and mouse game. I lost sight of what was important to me and let it
consume me.”
It was such a different life from hers. She wondered if that was why it fascinated
her so much. “What do you like best about being a pirate?”
“I don’t really know. I search for treasure because I am expected to carry on my
father’s name. Pirating is not really in my blood, at least not to the extent that my
father’s was, but the love for adventure is.”
“Why did it take you so long to find the island?”
He looked out at the water and then back at her. “Out of fear. I did not feel I
deserved to find the treasure. Mainly out of guilt. Then I changed my mind and decided
to devote this treasure in memory of my parents.”
Charlotte smoothed her hand along his arm. “I think you’re very noble and brave.”
Phineas shrugged. “I only worried Fowler would take my life, steal my ship, and
the real treasures hidden inside it.”
She cocked her head to the side. “What do you mean the real treasures?”
“Here, come with me.”
Phineas led her into the room she’d first woken up in. He went to the corner and
brought the marvelously decorated box down from the barrels.
“This be the real treasure.”

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“Ah, so I finally get to see what’s inside.”

He slowly opened the lid to remove a red sash. “The wedding rings of my mother
and father.”
Charlotte could only stare at the two timeless pieces sitting atop a velvet cushion.
“You see, lass. My father asked me to watch over my mother, but I did not listen. It
be my fault she is dead. I could have saved her, but I stowed away on my father’s ship –
leaving her to fend for herself. All I have left to remember either of them by are the
tokens they gave one another. I love the sea, but it be not pirating I want to be doing.
All the same, it be how I preserve my father’s name and my mother’s memory. This
ship, The Fortune, was named in honor of my mother. He once told me that she was the
greatest treasure of his life, that while gold and jewels were a nice find, it never
amounted to the fortune she had brought to his heart.”
“Oh Phineas, you’re going to make me cry. That’s beautiful.”
“Aye. He was a passionate man, my father. There were times when my mother’s
love was the only thing that kept him going. I cherished the stories he told when he was
at home. They were always about love, rarely about his trips.”
“The way you’d talked about him earlier, I thought he felt marrying your mother
had been a mistake, but now I see he felt the opposite.”
“He acted tough, around his crew. When you got men looking up to ya, putting all
their faith in your every word, it changes how you are. I did not always understand
what love meant, but now I do. The things that matter most to me are safe, but I cannot
keep them hidden away anymore. It’s time I shared the treasure.”
Phineas took out an immaculate ruby ring and held it in front of her. “Will you
honor me by wearing my mother’s ring?”
She stared at the dainty jewel, tears welling up in her eyes. It was a curse that she
was so damn emotional. Charlotte tried to mask her overwhelming excitement. “And
here you thought you weren’t enough of a pirate.”
“How do you mean?”

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“You stole a map, and stole my heart. You killed Fowler, you got the treasure, and
you got the girl. I’d say you have a sweet future ahead of you. I kind of like life on a
ship, and all that adventure stuff.”
“Ye be willing to sail around with me from time to time?”
Charlotte faked a salute though she couldn’t keep a straight face. “Aye.”
Phineas raised his brows. “Ye be a quick learner. I could always use a good map
reader on the crew, I’m partial to a nice booty.”
Charlotte laughed. “You said women weren’t to be trusted onboard.”
“Well, you are not a woman,”
“Excuse me?”
Phineas chuckled. “Ye did not let me finish. Ye are not a woman, ye be a lady, and
the curse specifically states a woman.”
Charlotte smiled. “There you go making up the rules again.”
“The perks of being a Captain.”
“I guess my title will be Lady Map Reader, then?”

“Nay, ye be the Captain’s Lady, and then ye can do whatever ye want.”

She liked the sound of that. Charlotte ran her finger down his chest then slowly
unbuttoned his shirt. She smoothed his shirt away from his body grazing her nipples
along his flesh.
“If I may, Captain, I’ll be wanting some rope right about now.”
A coy smile spread across his face. “The things I’ll do to ye once I’ve bound yer
arms and legs.”
She leaned in close to whisper into his ear. “I like it when you talk knotty.”
Charlotte rested her palms together waiting as he wrapped the rope around her
wrists. “Make sure it’s nice and tight.”
“Ye need not worry, lass. I do not plan on lettin’ ye go anytime soon.”
He crisscrossed the rope between her breasts, making it look like a giant X.
“What is that for?”
“Ye know us pirates. Sex marks the spot.”

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“Then I suggest you get started on finding my buried treasure.”

The End


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