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Contents of Report
Acknowledgement Dedication Executive Summary
Significance Background Aims & Objective ……………………………………………………3 ……………………………………………………4 .……………………………………………………5 ……………………………………………………..5 ……………………………………………………..5 …………………………………………………….5

Introduction of Major Players of Industry ……………………………...5
Samba Bank HSBC UBL RBS Bank Alfalah ……………………………………………………6,7 ……………………………………………………7,8 …………………………………………………....8 …………………………………………………....8,9 ……………………………………………………8,9

SLEPT Analysis
SOCIAL ………………………………………………...10,11 LEGAL ………………………………………………....11 ECONOMICAL ………………………………...………………11,12 POLOTICAL ………………………………………………..12,13 TECHNOLOGICAL ………………………………………………...13,14

Positioning Strategy
Samba Bank HSBC UBL RBS Bank Alfalah ………………………………………………...15,16 ………………………………………………...16,17 ………………………………………………...17,18 ……………………………………………...…18,19,20 ……………………………………………...…20



Recommendations to Industry ………………………………………..22 Bibliography Appendices
………………………………………………….23 ………………………………………………….26 - 29


We are grateful to Almighty Allah , who is the owner of everything of the universe, who blessed us the ability and courage to fulfill the requirements of this tough task. Otherwise we would be unable to complete it on time. We also acknowledge the support and help of those people from all those banks where we collected information for the completion of this project.


We dedicate our project and express our thanks to our loving parents who enabled us to study at university level , otherwise we could not able to do such project which increased our knowledge. We also express our thanks and good wishes to Miss Sidra Paracha , for her continuous support , guidance and .timely response whenever we needed it while doing this project


Executive Summary

This SLEPT analysis of the banking industry was conducted in order to know about the Macro environmental forces which banks are facing. This report would let the readers to know that how the SOCIAL, LEGAL, ECONOMICAL, POLITICAL and TECHNOLOGICAL aspects effects the performance of the banking industry. After describing SLEPT analysis of banking industry some recommendation will be given to the banking industry.


industry that we had chose for our analysis was banking industry. We chose five players of the banking industry. Banking industry now a day in the Pakistan is flourishing and developing at great speed. People are becoming aware of the latest technologies and they want to deposit their money with the banks. People are also borrowing from banks due to which the Pakistani banking industry is very attractive for the foreign banks. Many foreign banks have entered the banking industry which has formed a tough competition between the banks and every player is trying to provide the better and quality service to its customers.

Aims and Objectives:
The aims and objective of this analysis was to know about the macro environment of the banking industry. This analysis could help the readers to know about the external macroeconomic forces that affect the performance of the banking industry. They can provide the opportunities as well as cause threats to the banks. These external forces must be carefully observed. For this purpose we chose five well known players of the banking industry. We surveyed them by giving them the questionnaire which were filled by the representative of the bank.


Introduction of Industry & its Major Players

Samba Bank:-

Samba Financial Group is a large banking firm in Saudi Arabia. The combined institution had 66 branches in the Kingdom, and has a branch each in London and Dubai, as well as a subsidiary in Pakistan, which has 28 branches across major cities in Pakistan. Samba , or The Saudi American Bank as it was once known, was established on February 12 1980 with the takeover of Citibank branches in Jeddah and Riyadh in accordance with a Saudi notification program that forced all foreign banks to convert their branches to affiliates with Saudi nationals acquiring at least 60% ownership. Citigroup entered a Technical Management Agreement under which it agreed to manage the new bank. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz, was the Managing Director of the bank in the 1990s. In July 1999 SAMBA merged with United Saudi Bank by an exchange of shares, to form one of the largest banks in the Middle East. SAMBA was always the acronym for the Saudi American Bank but the name was changed to Samba Financial Group permanently in 2003 and all references to Saudi American Bank were removed. This name change followed Citibank's decision to pull out of Saudi Arabia. Officially, this was done due to the anticipated relaxation of laws governing foreign banks' operations in the Kingdom. Some speculate that this was due to rising anti-American sentiment in Saudi Arabia. This has become more evident after the change of the Saudi British Bank name as well to SABB in 2006. Nevertheless SABB is still an HSBC partnership and they have changed their artwork and colors from Green and White to the HSBC logo. In March 2007, Samba Financial Group acquired 68% of Crescent Commercial Bank Limited in Pakistan. In 2008, Samba opened a branch in Dubai. The Banker, a premier global banking and financial magazine, has named Samba Financial Group "Bank of the Year, 2007 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Accolade was handed to Samba during the annual ceremony for distributing 2007 awards held in London on Wednesday 28 November 2007, and attended by prominent figures of global banking and financial industry leaders. Mr. Eisa M. Al Eisa, Managing Director and CEO of Samba Financial


Group, who received the accolade, said "this award from such a credible and reputable financial and business institution ascertains Samba's international standard of services and professionalism, which enable it to attain the highest evaluations and ranking from international judging committees and rating institutions, which base their ratings on strict criteria of performance, development and innovation".


HSBC is one of the oldest banking groups in the modern world. After the establishment of Hong Kong as a British colony in the aftermath of the . Its main and foundation-laying subsidiary The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was established in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 1865. (The founder, a Scotsman named Thomas Sutherland, wanted a bank operating on "sound Scottish banking principles.") HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world. HSBC's international network comprises over 9,500 offices in 85 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. A bank that makes your finances their priority. A bank that will seek out the best opportunities to protect t and invest your wealth. A bank that can provide immediate emergency support across the globe for both you and your family. HSBC is a public limited company incorporated in England and Wales, headquartered in London As of 2008, it is both the world's largest banking group and the world's largest company according to a composite measure by Forbes magazine. The group was founded from The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the acronym of which lead to the current name. HSBC started its operations in Pakistan in 1982. Since then it has expanded to all major cities of Pakistan and operates as a full service bank. It currently has 9 offices. Three of which are located in Karachi, and one each in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan, and Sialkot. HSBC's offices in Pakistan were operated by The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. In 2008, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation sold its Pakistani banking business to HSBC Bank Middle East Limited. HSBC Bank Middle East Limited The bank opened its first branch in Pakistan in early 2008


United Bank Limited:-

United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of the largest commercial banks in Pakistan having more than 1,000 branches inside the country. Its 15 branches outside the country are in the United States of America, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Republic of Yemen. It also has representative offices in Teheran, Iran, and Almaty, Khazakstan . Agha Hasan Abedi founded the bank in 1959. In 1971 the Government of Pakistan nationalized it. In 2 002, the Government of Pakistan sold it in an open auction to a consortium of Abu Dhabi Group and Bestway Group. Since its privatization the bank has been successfully turned around and remains a robust and strong performer in all major segments of its operations. In 2002 it merged its operations in the UK with those belonging to National Bank of Pakistan to form United National Bank Limited, of which it owns 55%, with National Bank of Pakistan owning the remainder. UBL’s state of the art online banking, customers were able to access their account from more than 350 branches located in 71 cities across Pakistan. Transactions such as Cash Deposit, Cheque Encashment, Stop Payment, Account Statement, Funds Transfer were done online without the need to travel to the local branch.

Royal bank of Scotland:-

The Royal Bank of Scotland International is the offshore banking branch of leading financial services provider The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Established in Jersey in 1996, the bank offers personal and corporate banking services such as property lending, foreign exchange hedging, online banking, portfolio advisement, commercial mortgages, currency loans, investment management, and other related products. The Royal Bank of Scotland International owns and operates facilities in Jersey, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man, plus an affiliated office in Gibraltar. The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the retail banking subsidiaries of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc, which together with NatWest and Ulster Bank, provides branch banking facilities in the United Kingdom. Royal Bank of

Scotland has around 700 branches, mainly in Scotland though there are branches in many larger towns and cities throughout England and Wales.

Bank Alfalah Limited:-

Bank Alfalah Limited is a private bank in Pakistan owned by the Abu Dhabi Group. Bank Alfalah was incorporated on June 21, 1997 as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. Its banking operations commenced from November 1, 1997. The bank is engaged in commercial banking and related services as defined in the Banking companies ordinance, 1962. Bank Alfalah Limited was launched on June 21, 1997 as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. The bank commenced its operations on November 1, 1997. The bank introduced commercial banking and related services as defined in the Banking companies ordinance, 1962. After a few years, the bank introduced its new identity of H.C.E.B after the privatization in 1997. The management of the bank had implemented strategies and policies so the bank would become a major player in the market. With a partnership with the Abu Dhabi Group the position of the bank became stronger which allowed the bank to invest more in revolutionary technology to increase its range of products and services. The bank is currently operating through 238 branches in 75 cities, with the registered office at B.A. Building, I.I. Chundrigar, Karachi. Some of the main branches are located in all of the major cities including: Lahore, Kasur, Islamabad, Gawadar, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, D.I. Khan, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Sukkur, Sialkot, Multan, Murree, Attock District, Gujranwala etc.


SLEPT Analysis of Banking Industry

Social Analysis

Social environment of an organization plays an important role in the performance of an organization. The analysis which we have done also reveals the vital role of the culture and society in the success or failure of an organization. An organization must carefully observe the cultural and societal forces while performing its operations in that particular area. In our analysis of banking industry of Pakistan we analyzed the following facts :

Banks are open for every one and a person from any social class can utilize their facilities by completing their legal requirements. But majority of banks ( RBS, Samba, Bank Alfalah & UBL ) are targeting the middle class and upper class. While some banks ( HSBC & Citi bank ) target the business class people and other big parties.

The Pakistani society is becoming more knowledgeable and educated about the latest trends in the world due to which they are readily adapting new technologies . They feel free and comfortable and secure to use banking services. Most of the people think that the bank is the safest and most secure place for them to keep their money.

In the banking industry of Pakistan most of the players are foreign banks. People are not worried about the nationality of the bank , they do not like or dislike a bank because of its country of origin. But what people expect is that the foreign banks would provide them more better service as compared to the local banks.

Another point is that the Pakistan is an Islamic country and according to Islamic teachings Interest on the loan is prohibited ( haram ) in Islam. People advice the banks to involve the Islamic banking system but the demand for the services of the banking services is not much affected by this concept and people still use the facilities credit cards, car leasing services and loans from banks for different purposes and people also pay interest for these facilities

Lifestyle of most of the people is moderate because majority of people are middle class . In the Pakistani society the trend is different from the European or American society regarding to the borrowing of money for different purposes like buying a house , car and getting


education by borrowing from banks . Mostly people here do not borrow for these purposes.

Legal Analysis

Legal Forces are important and play a vital role for the establishment and continuous successful operation of the bank. So the legal forces should be carefully observed by the banks. In our country State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank which governs all the banks. All the banks need to work with in the instructions and the permissions of the SBP. In our analysis we found the following facts related to the legal forces in microenvironment of the bank:

The most basic and important role of SBP is that it determines the Rate of interest ( cost of borrowing money ) for the banks . The banks are bound to give the loans at the interest rates that are fixed by the government. Now days due to high Interest rate the banks are receiving less demand from private sector. People also complain the banks about high Interest rates.

Another legal instruction that is given by the government is that no bank is allowed to leak out the personal information of any customer. But if some intelligence agencies like FIA or governmental institutions like FBR need the personal information of some one than the banks would have to provide the required information to that institution.

Another legal liability on the bank is that they have to keep a fixed amount of their reserve with the SBP and with remaining reserves they have to do their business. The amount that must be deposited to the SBP is determined by the SBP.

At the end of the day the banks need to match out their reserves with the deposits that are allowed by the government to keep with them.

Economical Analysis

In the banking industry the economic forces of the country matters a lot. Economic conditions affect different variables like incomes , employment, recession and prosperity which influences the demand for banking services in


that country . So a bank must understand the Economic forces that affect the banking industry in order to enjoy a successful carrier. Some Economic factors which we analyzed from this analysis are given below:

In the current situation when economy is at nearly at recession . So government needs to increase its expenditure and for that purpose it will have to borrow from the local banks , which would increase the demand for the loans by the government.

The rate of interest is increasing due to which the demand for money is decreasing and on other hand the supply of the money is increasing. Most of private firms and households are not borrowing the money from the banks due to higher interest rate.

If we look at the global economic situation than we can see that nearly whole world is passing through recession , banks are shutting down because people are going bankrupt , so most of the people globally are not keeping their money in the banks . But luckily not even a single bank has been shut downed in Pakistan and the banks have managed their good reputation in the eyes of people due to which the Pakistani banking industry is not facing the mistrust situation by the government.

Political Analysis

Political forces also play an important role for the continual of the smooth and regular operations of the bank. The present political scenario of Pakistan is favorable for the banking sector because the present government is establishing and maintaining good relations with the foreign nations due to which many of foreign banks have entered the Pakistani banking industry.

One important force that affects the operations of bank in a specific country is the stability of the government of that country. Currently the political situation of Pakistan is stabilized due to which the people are keeping their money in banks and banks have enough money supply to carry their regular operations. In case if the stability is disturbed than the people will take out their money from the banks due to which their will be shortage of money supply for banks and would not be able to carry on their smooth operations.

Another effect of the political forces is that basically all the banks work under the supervision of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). SBP decides the interest rate, Balance reserves with the banks and

many other policies. So when the government changes the some policies are also changed this affects the banking industry a lot. The present policies and instructions given by the SBP are favorable for the banks and the banks are happy with the current governmental policies.

Technological Analysis

Technology plays an important role in providing the effective and efficient services to its customers . The banks must be familiar with the latest technologies and they must also implement those technologies in their banks. The banks could get many advantages by the implementation of new technologies which would be discussed further . Especially in the countries like Pakistan where banking industry is growing at a high pace , people are getting more knowledgeable about these things and they want to use latest and comfortable technologies which could provide them better service. Some points regarding to the technological macro environmental forces that affects the banking industry are mentioned below:

Now days the latest and emerging trend is Internet banking or also known as E-banking . Through the internet banking people can access their information without visiting the banks . Actually the Ebanking has many advantages like people would not need to go all the way to the banks to access their accounts and they would be having 24 hour banking service at their own home PC or pocket PC . Actually the banks want to get rid of the extra crowding of customers and to deal with more customers they would also have to hire more employees . So by electronic banking there would be few customers to visit the bank directly which would reduce the cost of banks for hiring those extra employees . Implementing the new technologies is too costly but the reduce costs in the long run.

The networking and other technologies LAN and WAN introduced in the banks have also improved the efficiency of banks. By using the networks the communication and sharing of the different information between branches of the bank has been become easier, efficient and speedy. The queries and issues of customers are more efficiently processed and solved. Due to which customers feel good and their reliability on banks also increase.


As the technologies have many advantages on the other side it also involves many security risks. Especially the trend of cyber crime is increasing at immense level. Banks are also aware with these facts and they have already taken a proactive step. The banks have implemented hacker proved system and tight security control due to which it is very difficult for anyone to hack confidential information. Another drawback of this E-banking system is that if the system goes down than the bank is paralyzed and cannot perform its tasks. It can perform its operations and tasks without the system. So the banks should not only be dependent on these electronic systems only. They must also have sum backup systems to deal with these kinds of problems.


Positioning Strategy

Samba Bank
E-Merchant Services of Samba (For corporate sector)
Samba Connect is a new state-of-the-art online payment system that provides a secure way for merchants to accept payments from online buyers on their websites or portals. Now, by using Samba Financial Group as a payment gateway, buyers can pay online merchants with more peace of mind than ever before. No more worries about sharing any sensitive card or account information on the merchant's website. This information is now strictly between the buyer and Samba Financial Group. Samba Connect also broadens the range of payment options available for online customers. Now they can pay using any of the following : Credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) Samba account Any other bank account in Pakistan (by direct Samba Connect Account


Samba Access
"Samba Access" is Samba's web enabled electronic banking platform for corporate customers. It was the first Corporate Internet banking solution in Saudi Arabia and continues to be the leading Internet Banking solution for corporate customers. SambaAccess allows customers to inquire real time, round-the-clock about various aspects of their Cash Management and Foreign Exchange transactions, Account balances and statements, Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee, FX transactions, Export and Import Collections, Islamic banking transactions and more. SambaAccess also allows customers to initiate a wide range of transactions ranging from simple payments, predefined beneficiary payments, utility bill payments, Letters of Credit issuance, and Letters of Guarantee requests to managing the payroll cards

and sending mass payments by integrating to the customers accounting system. It has a very powerful search engine and allows information to be managed extremely efficiently, with a high level of customization. The Internet functionality makes access to information truly global.

Samba Mobile
Now customers can perform all their everyday banking transactions anywhere they are, and do it all instantly just as if they were at the branch or using Samba.com on your PC. It's as easy as logging on to Sambamobile on your mobile phone, and performing any transaction you want on the spot. Access your Samba accounts directly, check your latest statement, transfer funds, pay your credit card and utility bills, check your personal finance and mutual fund account and do much more even on the road. It's just like having a whole Samba branch in your pocket anywhere you go. To start using Sambamobile, just register at www.samba.com and follow the download instructions. You can access it anytime with just a single key press.

ATM cards facilities Imagine being able to access your accounts and carry out most of your personal banking transactions without having to visit a branch. Our ATM card is simple-to-use, convenient, versatile and totally reliable. It also gives you access to over 500,000 ATMs worldwide and in Pakistan, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Triple Access!
HSBC's ATM Cards provide you with Triple Access , you can fully manage up to three of your accounts with just one HSBC ATM Card. You can perform a broad range of transactions on your accounts like Access to accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ,Withdraw cash from your account (up to PKR 25,000 daily) , Transfer funds between your accounts , Access to up to three accounts with only one card , Check the balance of accounts , Change your PIN code as often as you like , Order cheque books , View your last 5 transactions enquiry, Global Access on FCY Accounts . HSBC also has an ATM network sharing arrangement with Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) which allows access to a network of 346 MCB



Benefits No charge on carrying out transactions at MCB's ATMs Convenience of using MCB's 346 ATMs located countrywide Access on a 24 hour basis Proximity of an ATM close to your own locality Security and confidentiality in a safe environment Global Access to FC Account through ATMs

UBL Online
UBL’s state of the art online banking, customers were able to access their account from more than 350 branches located in 71 cities across Pakistan. Transactions such as Cash Deposit, Cheque Encashment, Stop Payment, Account Statement, Funds Transfer were done online without the need to travel to the local branch.

Pakistan's First Prepaid VISA Debit Card
UBL Wiz is Pakistan’s first ever Prepaid VISA Debit Card that provides the convenience, security and benefits of an ATM and Debit Card, locally and internationally. More than just an ATM card, you can use your UBL Wiz everywhere VISA cards are accepted. Whether you are using it online, paying for petrol, shopping or dining, you are accessing money directly from your prepaid card, without having to visit the bank. Pakistan’s 1st Chip Credit Card that guarantees you both enjoyment and high value. It assures you global acceptability in more than 22 million establishments worldwide in 130 countries and in more than 12, 000 outlets within Pakistan. CHIP based credit cards have globally proven to be the most


secure way of conducting credit card transactions. This unique high tech CHIP guarantees your financial security while conducting transactions on credit cards, both within Pakistan and around the world. Your choices say a lot about your personality. Being different was never so easy. Now UBL Credit Card gives you the flexibility to make a statement by letting you design your credit card in almost any manner you want. Galleria, by UBL Cards is Pakistan’s first picture credit card that gives you freedom of choice and expression as you can now customize it with your favorite image and make your credit card as unique as you are.Personalize your card with a picture of your choice on it. Choose whatever you think defines you or represents your personality, your passions, your style or your likes. Perhaps you could put up pictures of yourself, your loved ones or anything you please. It’s entirely up to you. For the first time ever in Pakistan, a card that lets you express your true self. Cash Advance, 24 Hour Customer Service, Save Big Time, Buy Today - Pay Later Free, Travel Accident Insurance, Zero Loss Liability.

Credit cards
With no annual fee, access to online servicing at any time and the option to get an additional card for a friend or family member, an RBS Credit Card could be the right choice for you. There are four types of credit cards according to customer's need and wants

Gold Credit Card

Any one over age of 21 and earning more than £20,000 can buy this buy. Benefits:

Pay by Direct Debit , Flexible credit limits , Money transfers by phone , Control your credit card online, Pay by Direct Debit , Flexible credit limits , Money transfers by phone , Purchases and balance transfers , Up to 56 days' interestfree credit on purchases , Daily cash advance , No annual fee, Royalties - get more from your credit card, Special discounts, 15% off at kitbag.com , 10% off UK short breaks with Superbreak , Travel benefits, Travel bookings, Travel advice and help , Overseas medical help Wine offers, Royal Bank Wine Club.


Platinum Credit Card

A customer over 25 and earning more than £25,000 can get Platinum Credit Card. The Royal Bank of Scotland Platinum Credit Card comes with valuable benefits.

Control your credit card online, Pay by Direct Debit , Manage your credit card, Flexible credit limits , Money transfers by phone, Financial benefits, Purchases and balance transfers , 56 days interest free credits on purchases , Daily cash advance ,No annual fee , Royalties get more from your credit card , Share the benefits, Add a cardholder for free , Special discounts 15% off at kitbag.com, 10% off UK short breaks with Superbreak , Travel bookings Travel benefits, Travel advice and help , Overseas medical help , Wine offers Royal Bank Wine Club.

Classic Credit Card

If you are over 18 and earn more than £10,000, RBS's Classic Credit Card is a simple way to manage your finances. You can also get wide range of benefits.

Manage your credit card, Control your credit card online, and Pay by Direct Debit, Flexible credit limits, Money transfers by phone .

Student Credit Card

Food. Clothes. Books. When you add up all the expenses of student living, a little bit of flexibility in your finances could go a long way. The credit card designed for student life



Sensible credit limit ,Save at Firebox, Kitbag, Snapfish, My Movie Stream and Lonely Planet, Financial benefits, Up to 56 days interest-free credits on purchases, Cash advance, No annual fee.

Fraud warnings If RBS think there is a fraudulent transaction on your credit card, RBS will call you to make sure. You can also sign up for our free fraud text alerts - so RBS send fraud warnings straight to your mobile phone. Chip and PIN Your RBS credit card uses the latest Chip and PIN technology to fight card fraud. A microchip in the card stores data more securely. And when you shop, you will be asked to type your PIN into a special keypad.


In our endeavor to provide you versatile banking options to fulfill customers financial needs, Bank Alfalah Limited presents the Alfalah HilalCard, a Debit Card which gives customers unlimited access to their current / savings account with a simple swipe at millions of retail shops and ATMs worldwide. The Alfalah HilalCard comes with a host of conveniences and benefits combined with the wide reach of Visa Network, enabling it to be accepted at more than 1 million ATMs and 29 million retail outlets around the world, making it the most acceptable Debit Card available in Pakistan. It is easy to operate and can be used on any electronic self-printing POS machine where VISA is accepted, locally and internationally. No more hassle of remembering your PIN for retail transactions and no need to go to the ATM for cash withdrawal. One swipe and your transaction are complete.



The conclusion of the whole report can be drawn as that the SOCIAL, LEGAL, ECONOMICAL, POLITICAL and TECHNOLOGICAL forces are favorable for the banking industry in Pakistan. But banks need to manage these macro environmental forces in a better way to increase the opportunities and reduce threats to the banking industry.


Recommendations to Banking Industry
After doing the careful SLEPT analysis of banking industry we would like to give some recommendations to the banking industry. By bothering these recommendations banking industry can improve their service and can satisfy the customer needs and wants in better way. Some recommendations are as follows.

Islamic banking should be introduced in our banking industry,

because many people demand for the Islamic banking policies.

E-banking must be promoted by every bank. This would reduce

the costs and time of banks and customers as well.

Due to the increasing cyber crime the banks must hire the professional IT staff which could protect their systems from being hacked.

Currently the banks are not using the electronic media up to that

extent for the advertising purposes. They can use television and internet for the advertisement so that the people would become aware of the different services introduced by the banks.

Also some kind of training program should be introduced which would educate the customers about operating the E-banking and other latest technologies.

The banks should employee the cooperative staff which could provide better service and help to customer . This will show the loyalty of the bank towards their customers and it may become a reason for the customers to trust the bank.


Websites • Available at: • HSBC 's ATM Information http://www.hsbc.com.pk/pk/personal/products/manage/atm.htm Bank AlfalahHilal Card

Available at: http://www.bankalfalah.com/hilalcard/index.asp

RBS Credit Cards

Available at: http://www.rbs.co.uk/personal/credit-cards.ashx
http://www.rbs.co.uk/personal/online-banking.ashx http://www.rbs.co.uk/personal/credit-cards/g1/classic.ashx

• Available at:

Samba Products
http://www.samba.com/ENGLISH/Common/HTML/SambaMobile_01_01_e n.html http://www.samba.com/ENGLISH/Common/HTML/article_03_01 _en.html

Introduction of Banks

Available at:
www.hsbcpremier.com www.hsbc.com.pk www.hsbc.com.pk/pk/hsbcpremier/defaults.htm http://www.samba.com/ pak.samba.com http://www.bankalfalah.com/ http://www.ubl.com.pk/


Appendices Questionnaire SOCIAL:
1. What is the social class of majority of people which are your customers? 2. What is the general attitude of the locals about you as a foreign bank? 3. Do people feel free to use banking services or they feel that by using banking services they would get into some trouble? 4. What is the local's religious concept about your different financial services (Loans, Car leasing Credit cards); they view them as halal or haram in Islam? 5. Do people live a luxurious life and they use borrow from banks to fulfill their requirements?

6. What were the Government's legal requirements for permitting license to your bank? 7. What legal restrictions do you face regarding to the outflow of personal information of your customers? 8. Do you have some legal guidance and limitation regarding to set the interest rate? 9. What other additional information you have regarding legal aspects?

10. How the high inflation rate is affecting your services concerned to households? (Savings , borrows) 11. Is the current recessionary economic situation affecting the demand for your Loans by the big investors?


12. Are you facing any mistrust situations by locals, as banks are shutting down all over the world? 13. What other additional information you have regarding to economical aspects?

POLITICAL: 14. How the stability of government affecting your banking services?

15. Are there any Governments policies which are hindering your services? 16. Are you satisfied with the current Government policies are they supportive for you? 17. Do you have some Governmental instructions regarding to loans and car leasing services? 18. What other additional information you have regarding to political aspects?

TECHONOILOGICAL: 19. What latest technologies are you using?

20. How much help do you get from these latest technologies to communicate and serve customers? 21. Do customers feel comfortable while using the technologies which you have implemented? 22. What risks and security threats do you face due to the implementation of these latest technologies? 23. Is your new technology reducing your costs?

24. What other additional information you have regarding technological aspects?


Group Details

SHEHZAIB SUNNY (Group Leader) BB081031









Hassan Aurangzeb Abbasi is a Relationship Manager .His Age is from 35 to 38 .He is a nice and good looking guy. He is very loyal with his customers. When we went to HSBC bank he greeted us humbly and cooperated with us to provide all the required information which we needed.

Bank Alfalah limited
Shahid Jamil Jahangiri is HR Officer .His age is ranging Between 28 to 31. He is a young and good looking .He was very sincere with his work. He helped us a lot.

Samba Bank
Syed Aamir Wasim is a Regional Head for Quality, Services & training. His age is between 38 to 42. He is very nice, experienced and cooperative person .He cooperated with us and provided us the brief details about each and every thing we asked.


United Bank Limited
Muhammad Ramzan is a bank manager .His age is between 35 to 38. He is an experienced person. He is very kind person. He respects the students. He gave all the information which we wanted.

RBS bank
Shahid Inayat Chheena is a Associate Relationship Manager. His age is between 33 to 36. He is an experience looking in his job .He is also nice and attractive person.

He was very cooperative with us.


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