The obstacles facing Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis in taking Shri Mataji’s Earthly form back to Prathisthan

Here are comments from yogis responding to Anand's message for “Seekers of Truth.” Anand Varma’s message is at bottom in blue, followed by excerpts from Talks by HH Shri Mataji in relation to Her family.

-------------------Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 23:42:08 -0700 From: Subject: Re: Message from Anand To: This boy should should take up decorating........he thinks he can whitewash, alas we were not born yesterday!..or the day before.


Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2011 19:10:50 +1000 Subject: Re: Message from Anand To:

First of all Mr Anand Varma should step down from his podium and stop addressing the Sahaja Yogis as "Seekers of Truth". That description was given by HH Shri Mataji to the human beings with the full respect that they deserved for seeking Her for many lifetimes. Anand has no authority or depth of maturity in spirituality to address us, the Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, in this fashion. We request Anand, in future, to address us as Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis. He should also stop taking it upon himself to lecture us. We know he never did Sahaja Yoga! He was so lost in the social set of those misguided Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis, where would he have found the time to dedicate himself to

the difficult task of self transformation? ! Of course his mother Sadhana would turn down the request to have Shri Mataji's Holy Earthly Form returned to Prathisthan, as it is she who is positioning herself to be the next in line - of an illusionary throne. Shri Mataji can never be replaced. There can be no 'leader' of Sahaja Yoga other than Shri Mataji. What we need to do is to no longer approach Anand, or Mrs Sadhana Varma or Mrs Kalpana Srivatava or Sir CP, or any of the World Council/Foundation members, Trusts' members, Country leaders/coordinators for that matter, regarding the issue of taking Shri Mataji's Holy Earthly Form back to Prathisthana. They cannot be trusted as theirs' is only of self interest. They don't care about Divinity or for the Human race. Before anything can happen there are some things that need to be addressed first: The first step is to address the issue of how Sir CP could announce in 2010 that he was handing over Prathisthan to the Indian Trust. How did he get this right? Second step is to follow up on all the corruption allegations associated with members of the Indian Trust. Step three is, in reconciling the above two steps we will then find what we need to know about exactly who owns Prathisthan, how it came to be owned by them, who is now up-keeping this property, and who lives at this property.

Once we are able to answer the above questions, we will then know what will be the auspicious thing to do regarding Shri Mataji's Holy Earthly Form. It is time to separate the family from Sahaja Yoga Affairs. When Shri Mataji stepped into the world arena and delivered Her message of Salvation - Sahaja Yoga - She stopped being the private property of Her earthly family. She became the property of the Human Race. She belongs to the Human Race. The real Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoginis alone have the responsibility to fulfill all of Shri Mataji's requests/instructions. Jai Shri Adi Shakti, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Namoh Namah.
---------------------From: To: Subject: PROTEST Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 23:49:06 +0100 Dear Anand We read with serious concern your reply to our letter regarding Shri Mataji`s Samadhi Place. 1. Why are you lecturing us when it is Shri Mataji`s command that She wished to be placed in Her house, that She designed specially and had built specially for Her Samadhi place with very good reasons for the whole of humanity. 2. How can you feel that you are above Shri Mataji`s decision - how can you sleep at night knowing you disobey your Grandmother who is God.

3. How is it that your mother who is not a realised soul makes such decisions for you a grown man. 4. Your family have, we believe and know, a vast fortune and several properties in several countries. 5. Can you tell us why your family has not got the grace to give back this one property - to its rightful owner Shri Mataji. 6. Are you not aware that these actions of your family will follow you as will the wrath of God Almighty all your life. 7. It would be wise for your mother to gracefully give the house for Shri Mataji now and quickly - or do you want all humanity dead including yourself. Please reconsider your position and request your mother to reconsider hers - for your own sakes. Your mother must be controlling the property otherwise you wouldn't have asked her. We rest our case. Please respond benevolently ---------- Forwarded message ---------From: ANAND VARMA <> Date: 20 April 2011 17:33 Subject: Re: Message for Anand To: Vishwa Nirmala Dharma <> Dear Seekers of Truth, It is quite alright by me that you stay anonymous, after all we are connected in spirit, names and individuality has no meaning really. Today is a test of choices. On one hand we have the route of seeking explanations, back and forth blame games and endlessly going into the past and all this being truly accentuated with email and internet. I have decided to stay out of this. I have seen enough and experienced enough realize that adventures of the human mind lack the AUSPICIOUS

BLESSINGS of H.H. SHRI MATAJI. This has been a challenge since the beginning of Sahaja Yoga, one of the aspects of H.H. SHRI MATAJI. The spontaneous and beautiful and constructive activities that lead to Mother's name being glorified must come from the heart. This is not an exercise, a compulsion, a duty or a regime, this is SIMPLY WANTING TO STAY IN HER LOVE AND ATTENTION. I had in fact gone to my Mother, Sadhana, and expressed a clear desire of several Yogis that Mother be rested in Pratishthan. That request was turned down due to complications with the Pratishthan Property. We had all decided that if that requested was turned down we WOULD NOT TAKE THIS ANY FURTHER. We had together decided to maintain the auspiciousness of the situation, the conviviality of the collective and go with what was decided by the Family. I say this to all of you after some contemplation. Mother is ubiquitous and alive, you know that. If she wishes at instant to be in Pratishthan or the North Pole, she will BE THERE. She is not human, She is Vibrations, She is bereft of desire ON A PERSONAL LEVEL. If you want to please her, go out and give some one realization from the heart, give them love and vibrations from your heart and trust me, SHE WILL SMILE IN YOUR HEART AND YOU CAN BE WITH HER IN PRATISTHAN. Religions have fallen and been blemished by those who had views and thought they knew the way of God. My dears, God is a mystery and let HER be one. You cannot solve THE DIVINE MYSTERY OF HER HOLINESS with your mind, you can however unlock yourself and experience yourself in Sahastrara. We Sahaj yogis are an aorta of her instruments to take humanity in the final step of evolution, HER HOLINESS CAN USE US IN ANY WAY SHE PLEASES. Sometimes we will be dismayed by those she supported or had a personal inclination for, or by those in her family, they are after all human beings and may be unable see through the HERCULEAN TASK of what she is doing, beyond the human phase. Leave them be, please do not waste time thinking about them, it is of no use at all. Brothers and Sisters, don't be lost in the small story of mortals, get into the big one, the one on top of you head, it is eternal, it is beautiful and it is HER! LET US JOIN AND NAMASKAR AT THE HOLY FEET OF HER HOLINESS SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI.

JAI SHRI MATAJI! WITH ALL MY LOVE YOUR BROTHER, ANAND MAHASHIVARATRI PUJA, DELHI, 11.02.1983 "I gave realisation to all of them (Her family), everything is there, they are not Sahaja yogis and part of this, otherwise they'll be in charge of money you see. What money you get, now come along this is the money we have - all problems. With all this relations around, you don't know! Somebody will go and says Shri Mataji said so. Oh, that's the daughter of Mataji has said so. I don't want all these pressures on my head. That's the best way, I wish our politicians understand that. Never have your relations around. That is the best to administer. If you have your relations around, then you will never do the right things. Even, if you do right things your relations will spoil it. So all those who are Sahaja yogis must know we should not try to help your relations in a way that they take advantage of Sahaja Yoga. Like if you're a Sahaja Yogi , when you bring your mother in and sit in front of Me. First correct her vibration, put her right and then bring her. Correct my father, correct my mother is not Mother's responsibilities, it's your own. When the're alright then as you you bring flowers to Me, bring your relations as a very good present from your family. That is a much better thing than to be like this that I've to clear if one is a Sahaja yogi." "So we should detach from these family ties and these emotional imbalances we have, emotional problems we by understanding that the only thing these people should have is Sahaja Yoga. And some people should not be in Sahaja Yoga like as I said my own husband, my own daughters and my relations. I keep them out. All such people if there are any, they should not have them anywhere near should be more discreet to find out. Although, all of these of my relations are very dharmic people, extremely dharmic and very good, very self-respecting. All

qualities they've got, everything ready made, but they're not in Sahaja Yoga. So none of you can say somebody said so and someone said so, it has to be Mother has to say it. SHRI MATAJI'S TALK, READING, UK 22.06.1982 It's simple, but the true guru will not be worry about your purse, how much money you have got and he will give your own powers. He will not try to show off his own powers, I'm this I'm that, unless and until the kundalini is risen and you got realisation. Nobody will give a false certificate if the kundalini is awaken. It has to be manifested, it is all falsehood a to z. Supposing, for example, somebody kundalini doesn't rise, alright it doesn't rise, my own daughters are not realised souls, what can I do about it. My own daughters are not realised souls but my grandchildren are. So what can I do? I cannot force on them. If it is not it is not. You cannot give false certificate it has to happen.

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