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Samsung History

Samsung History

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Published by: Arminder Singh Virk on Apr 23, 2011
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1938-1969 Samsung's Beginnings

On March 1, 1938, founding chairman Byung-Chull Lee started a business in Taegu, Korea, with 30,000 won. At the start, his business focused primarily on trade export, selling dried Korean fish, vegetables, and fruit to Manchuria and Beijing. In little more than a decade, Samsung—which means "three stars" in Korean—would have its own flour mills and confectionery machines, its own manufacturing and sales operations, and ultimately evolve to become the modern global corporation that still bears the same name today.

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Black-and-white TV (model: P-3202) production started by Samsung-Sanyo Samsung-Sanyo Electronics established (renamed Samsung Electro-Mechanics in March 1975 and merged with Samsung Electronics in March 1977) Joong-Ang Development established (known today as Samsung Everland) DongBang Life Insurance acquired (renamed Samsung Life Insurance in July 1989) Ankuk Fire & Marine Insurance acquired (renamed Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in October 1993) Cheil Industries Inc. founded Samsung Moolsan established (now Samsung Corporation) Samsung founded in Taegu, Korea

1970-1979 Diversifying in Industries and Electronics
In the 1970s, Samsung laid the strategic foundations for its future growth by investing in the heavy, chemical, and petrochemical industries. During this time, the company also took steps to enhance its competitive position in the world's textile industry, integrating its manufacturing processes from raw materials to end products. As a result, many new companies were created, including Samsung Heavy Industries Company in 1974 and Samsung Shipbuilding and Samsung Precision Company (now Samsung Techwin) in 1977. Another burst of growth for Samsung came from the burgeoning home electronics business. Samsung Electronics, already a major manufacturer in the Korean market, began to export its products for the first time during this period. Samsung also acquired a 50 percent stake in Korea Semiconductor, further solidifying Samsung Electronics' position as a leader in semiconductor manufacturing.

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Began mass production of microwave ovens 4 millionth black-and-white TV (most in the world) produced Samsung Precision Co. established (now Samsung Techwin) Started export of colour televisions Samsung Fine Chemicals established Samsung Construction established 1 millionth black-and-white TV produced Samsung Heavy Industries incorporated

Business began to flow across borders between . Companies were pressed to rethink their technology and services offerings. Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co merged with Samsung Electronics. lightest 4mm video tape recorder Samsung Data Systems established (Renamed Samsung SDS) First VCRs exported to the US Began production of personal computers (PCs) Name changed from Korea Telecommunications Corp. Samsung Semiconductor and Samsung Electronics became separate entities. systems management. and networking services. consulting. 198 9 198 8 198 7 198 6 198 4 198 3 198 2 198 1 198 0 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Samsung BP Chemicals founded 20 millionth colour TV produced. and semiconductors selected as core business lines. coalitions. Samsung's founding Chairman Byung-Chull Lee passed away after almost 50 years at the helm of the company. Home appliances. high polymer chemicals. and Samsung has been developing its aerospace capabilities with unprecedented speed ever since. telecommunications. Samsung's increasing focus on technology led to the creation of the company's two research and development (R&D) institutes that helped expand its reach even further into electronics. succeeded him as the new Chairman. His son. and buy-outs were common while competition and consolidation flourished. In 1978. optical telecommunications. Samsung also entered the systems development business. During this period. semiconductors. Mergers. and new fields of technology innovation from nanotechnology to advanced network architectures. genetic engineering.4 197 2 • • • Samsung Petrochemical established Began washing machine and refrigerator production Began production of black-and-white televisions for domestic sale 1980-1989 Entering the Global Marketplace Samsung's core technology businesses diversified and expanded globally during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Samsung challenged itself to restructure old businesses and enter new ones with the aim of becoming one of the world's top five electronics companies. Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology opened for R&D purposes Developed the world's smallest. In 1987. to Samsung Semiconductor & Telecommunications Co. establishing Samsung Data Systems in 1985 (now Samsung SDS) as a leader in information technology services. including systems integration. Samsung Aerospace Industries (now Samsung Techwin) was launched in February 1987. aerospace. Sales subsidiary (SEG) established in Germany 10 millionth black-and-white TV produced First microwave ovens (model: RE-705D) exported (to Canada) 1 millionth colour TV produced Began producing air conditioners 1990-1993 Competing in a Changing Tech World The early 1990s presented tremendous challenges for high-tech businesses. Kun-Hee Lee.

environmental conservation. Samsung was one of few companies that continued growing. lowering its 365 percent debt ratio in 1997 to 148 percent by late 1999. selling 10 business units and improving the soundness of its financial structure. Samsung actively participated in sports marketing. 199 3 • • • • • • • • • • • Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) developed first-ever digital video disk recorder (DVD-R) Samsung Electronics acquired U. finances and related services. providing total customer satisfaction. 17 different products—from semiconductors to computer monitors. cultural events.1 also means fulfilling corporate social obligations. Korea Aerospace Industries . thanks to its leadership in digital and network technologies and its steady concentration on electronics. Ltd.000." During this period. TFT-LCD screens to colour picture tubes—climbed into the ranks of the top-five products for global market share in their respective areas. and 12 others achieved top market ranking in their areas. greatly enhancing the company's image as a key contributor to world athletics. or sports. To that end. and Hyundai Space and Aircraft formed a single business entity. its then-chairman. Daewoo Heavy Industries. Samsung responded to the crisis by reducing the number of its affiliated companies to 45 (according to the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act). Being No. Kun-Hee Lee. 10 millionth industrial robot produced Began manufacturing in China World's first 64M DRAM completed Samsung supported installation of Korean Pavilion at the Royal Museum of England Development of mobile phone handset completed 199 2 199 1 1994-1996 Becoming a Global Force In the mid-1990s. the Alpha chip Began mass production of 64M DRAMs Samsung Entertainment Group started Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology developed world's first real-time MPEG-3 technology World's first 33" double-screen TV introduced Samsung Heavy Industries developed first Korean-built electric car (SEV-III) Development of world's first 256M DRAM completed 30 millionth microwave oven produced Samsung Aerospace developed the world's first four-power zoom camera 1997-1999 Advancing the Digital Frontier Despite the 1997 financial crisis that affected nearly all Korean businesses..S. Samsung made the most of these opportunities by refocusing its business strategy to better respond to market demands. 199 6 199 5 199 4 • • • • • • • • • • Development of 1G DRAM completed Developed world's fastest CPU (central processing unit). today known as Samsung Securities Co. and being a good corporate citizen – all under the vision of "quality first. and as a result of its intensive efforts.countries and companies.. firm HMS Developed mobile phone system Development of 250MB hard disc drive completed Development of world's first 64M DRAM completed Acquired Kukje Securities Co. Samsung revolutionised its business through a dedication to making world-class products. whether the cause is social welfare. was selected as a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in July 1996. decreasing personnel by almost 50. 199 9 • Samsung Aerospace (known today as Samsung Techwin).

TFT-LCDs. the first Windows Phone 7 smartphone Samsung announced that it will establish seven social enterprises over the next three years to support the underprivileged in Korea Samsung Electronics began mass producing 20nm-class. 64-gigabit 3-bit NAND flash memory Samsung Engineering won the Sabah (Malaysia) Oil & Gas Terminal Project Cheil Industries established the WPM (World Premier Materials) flexible display business unit Samsung Electronics held the WCG 2010 Samsung Euro Championship at IFA 2010 Samsung Electronics held the “Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum 2010” in Taiwan Samsung’s brand value was ranked No. custom semiconductors. 19 in the world by Interbrand’s 2010 Best Global Brands Samsung Electronics’ 3D LED 8000 & 7000 series TVs were selected as this year’s best TVs by product testing magazines “Which?” in UK and “Test” in Germany Samsung Electronics won five European EISA Awards Samsung Electronics introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab to U. Market Samsung Mobile Display developed flexible AMOLED panel with four times clearer WVGA resolution Samsung Electronics honoured with 37 CES 2011 Innovation Awards Samsung Electronics launched OMNIA 7.1 global market share for 13 of our products.S. and constant innovation.• • • • • • • • • • • • First in the world to mass-produce and offer a full line up of digital TVs Developed the world's first 3D TFT-LCD Monitor Developed wireless Internet phone (Smartphone). DRAM and SRAM. and Samsung has responded with advanced techno-logies. 201 0 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Samsung Electronics Held the 4th Samsung Young Design Award in Italy Samsung Electronics Introduced Samsung Galaxy Tab to U. multi-function phone Achieved top share of world’s TFT-LCD market Mass production of world's first digital TV begun Began mass production of the world’s first digital TV Development of completely flat-screen TV completed Served as Olympic Partner at Nagano Winter Olympics World's first 128M SDRAM introduced Developed world's first 128MB Synchronous DRAM and 128MB Flash memory Became a Worldwide Olympic Partner (TOP) in the wireless communications category Signed contract to become an Olympic Partner in wireless equipment category for Nagano Winter Olympics Developed world's lightest PCS (105g) Developed world's largest TFT-LCD (30) Development of world's first 30" TFT-LCD completed Announced 2nd phase of New Management 199 8 199 7 • • • • 2000-Present Pioneering the Digital Age The digital age has brought revolutionary change – and opportunity – to global business. as well as producing best-in-class LCDs. Our commitment to being the world's best has won us the No. Samsung Electronics qualified foundry industry’s first 32nm low power High-K Metal Gate Logic . including semiconductors. mobile phones. At Samsung. and more. monitors and CDMA mobile phones.S. we see every challenge as an opportunity and believe we are perfectly positioned as one of the world's recognised leaders in the digital technology industry. market Samsung Electronics’ TV won “Product of the Year” Award in Russia two years in a row. including flash memory and nonmemory. Looking forward. digital appliances. a small. we're making historic advances in research and development of our overall semiconductor line. competitive products.

Samsung's design school. the first smartphone based on Bada platform Samsung Engineering won $1. received the most iF Concept Design Awards for its entrants Opened “samsungmobile.com” for its domestic customers Received an Excellence Award from ENERGY STAR of the US Released the world’s thinnest Blu-ray player Introduced Mobile WiMax into Malaysia 200 9 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . Samsung Electronics committed its sponsorship with the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010) as a Worldwide Partner Samsung C&T opened Burj Khalifa. 1 in customer loyalty for 8 years consecutively by Brand Keys of the USA Samsung Digital Imaging developed an innovative hybrid digital camera Built the world’s largest mobile phone as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records Received a “Quality Management Award” in Malaysia SADI. the world's tallest building Samsung SDS merged with Samsung Networks Samsung Electronics began mass producing industry’s first 3D TV panels Displayed the world’s thinnest TV (6.Process and Design Ecosystem • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Samsung Electronics introduced high-speed 512GB SSD utilising new toggle-mode DDR NAND memory Samsung Electronics captured five 2010 IDEA awards Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance entered the Chinese automobile insurance market Samsung Electronics hosts “Samsung Global Developer’s Day” for the Bada platform Samsung announced that it will invest $20 billion in new projects such as in eco-friendly and health care sectors by 2020 Samsung Life Insurance went public with IPO in Korean Market Samsung Electronics launched World’s first 3D home theatre Samsung Electronics launched WAVE.7 billion petrochemical plant contract in UAE Samsung Corning Precision Glass changed company name to Samsung Corning Precision Materials Samsung Mobile Display developed the World’s largest 19-inch transparent AMOLED display Samsung Electronics merged with Samsung Digital Imaging Samsung Heavy Industries won $500 Million contract for nine oil tankers Samsung Electronics announced the industry’s first multi-chip package (MCP) with PRAM – for use in mobile handsets Samsung Electronics’ Android Phone “Moment” for the U.S. won the “Best in Show” award at 2010 CTIA Samsung Electronics was awarded 2010 Green Communication Award Samsung Electronics globally launched the World’s first “Full HD 3D LED TV” Samsung Electronics developed industry’s first 30-nanometer-class DRAM Samsung Electronics opened its Olympic Rendezvous @ Samsung (OR@S) for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games Samsung Electronics was ranked No. 1 in market share for French Door refrigerators in the U.5mm) at CES Launched major restructuring of its businesses Cooperates in creating a foundry with Xilinx of the US Developed the world’s first 40 nanometre DRAM Announced its “Blue Earth” solar-powered phone Released its V-line Crystal Rose LCD TV Samsung is found No.S.

“bada” .” its new concept full touch screen phone Released its 120Hz 3D monitor Samsung took the No.0 certification for its notebook computers Announced its “Green Management” strategy Began mass production of the world’s first 40 nanometre DDR3 DRAM Released the world’s thinnest watch phone Developed the world’s lowest power 1GHz mobile CPU core Opened Samsung Application Store Seller Site Attained its most awards ever at IDEA 2009 Released its strategic smart phone.000 units of its LED TVs in 100 days since its release Opened the “visual mobile” era with its third generation full touch Haptic AMOLED Released the world’s first infrared video phone Became the first in the industry to acquire TCO 3.6mm 8 chip package Sold 10 million STAR phones in six months of its release Announced its open mobile platform.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Released the world’s first full HD camcorder with a 64GB SSD Sold more than 20 million full touch phones in shortest time ever Samsung took up a record high market share in LCD monitors Released the world’s first solar -powered mobile phone in India Released the “JET.000 units in record time Became the first in the industry to sell more than 10 million LCD TVs in the first half of the year Samsung won the chairmanship of the 3GPP international standardization association Sold more than 5 million of its STAR full touch phones in 4 months Samsung’s Application Store officially opened Released the “Corby” full touch phone targeted at younger users Provided the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Competition support Installed the world’s largest video wall in the US Released the first large capacity 16kg automatic washing machine in the domestic market Samsung's “Mondi” WiMax terminal receives “Best Product” at the 4G Awards Entered the top 10 list in the world’s top 100 global brands Samsung was selected as one of the top 10 global businesses in responding to climate change Samsung TVs took 50% of the Iranian market Introduced its R&D master system Released the “Giorgio Armani” smart phone Sold more than 5 million LCD panels for notebooks per month for the first in the industry Developed a 240Hz 3D LCD panel Received the 2009 LCD TV Market Leadership Award Deploys its brand memory card business Reached the world’s first LTE terminal supply agreement Developed the world’s thinnest 3mm LED TV panel Samsung successfully tested WiMax global roaming Samsung’s LED TV won “TV of the Year” in Britain Declared its “Creative Company” strategy for the next 100 years Passed 4 trillion won in operating profits for its 40th year of foundation Introduced a “Creative New Employee” hiring system Developed the world’s first 0. 1 spot in the global digital sign market for the first time Sold 500. the OmniaⅡ Samsung's Yuna’s Haptic sold 500.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Became the first in the industry to sell more than 4 million LCD panels for TVs per month Supported the hosting of the WCG final Launched a VIP membership program Sold 50 million full touch screen phones in 2 years Samsung's printing solutions won product of the year in the US Announced “bada” its own smart phone platform Samsung successfully commercialized its 4th generation LTE terminal Restructured its organization and appointed Gee-Sung Choi as its new CEO Sales of Samsung “Yuna Haptic” phones broke the threshold of 1 million Became No.1 worldwide market share position for LCD for the sixth year in a row Developed the world's first real double-sided LCD Developed the worlds' first 50nm 1G DRAM Unveiled 10M pixel camera phone Launched "Stealth Vacuum. the renowned English Premier League football club Developed the first-ever speech recognition phone Produced the first wrinkle-free steam washer Sold more than 20 million cellular phones in the U. 1 in the US digital TV market for the 4th consecutive year Named Yoon-Woo Lee as a Vice Chairman & CEO of Samsung Electronics Launched OMNIA phone Completed establishing TV manufactory in Russia Kaluga Became the official sponsor of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Game Developed the world's first 2Gb 50 NANO Samsung takes No.1 worldwide market share position for TVs achieved for the seventh quarter in a row Developed the world's first 30nm-class 64Gb NAND Flash™ memory BlackJack bestowed the Best Smart Phone award at CTIA in the U. 1 spot in U. Developed the world's first 60-nano 8GB NAND Flash memory chip Ranked top in mobile phone sales in Russia Released new PDP TV featuring the highest contrast ratio in the world Developed a 3rd Generation Optical Blu-Ray Disc Recorder Developed cellular phone chip for satellite DMB system Released 46" LCD TV for the first time in the world Samsung brand value ranked 25th in the world by Interbrand Ranked 5th on the "Most Admired Electronics Company" list released by the Fortune Magazine Released the first HD DVD combo Development of the 54"TFT-LCD.1 Worldwide market share position for TVs achieved for the 9th quarter in a row No. cellphone market Opened Global Brand PR Centre ‘Samsung D’light’ No." a vacuum cleaner with the world's lowest level of noises Launched the worlds' first Blu-Ray Disc Player Developed 1.S.S.S. the largest digital TV monitor in the world 200 8 200 7 200 6 200 5 200 4 200 3 200 .72"Super-Reflective LCD Screen Developed the largest Flexible LCD Panel Ranked 27th in "the World's Most Admired Company" of Fortune Released the world's first 7 mega pixel camera phone Developed the world's first OLED for 40" TV Became the official sponsor of Chelsea. Attained No.

2 • • • • • • • • • • • Launches PDP-TV. 1 of world's Top 100 IT Companies by BusinessWeek Unveils 16 Chord Progression Melody Phone Begins Mass Production of 512Mb Flash Memory Device Unveils Industry's First Ultra-Slim Handset Develops World's first 40 inch TFT-LCD Unveils TFT-LCD with Record-breaking Definition Launches PDA phone Samsung Olympic Games Phone selected as the official mobile phone of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games TV Phone and Watch Phone Make Guinness Book of World Records Unveils the Worlds Fastest Graphics Memory Chip Samsung Electronics and Yahoo! Form Strategic Alliance Develops Unique All-in-one DVD Player Developed world's first 512Mb DRAM Develops The High Definition Digital TV 200 1 200 0 • • • • • • . the slimmest in the world Launch of colour mobile phones in which the new concept UFB-LCD is introduced Launched new high-definition TFT-LCD colour cellular phone Ranked No.

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