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Ad Appeals

Ad Appeals

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Published by: Monica Goyal on Apr 23, 2011
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Advertising Design

Theoretical Frameworks and Types of Appeals

Composed & Prepared By: Professor Sameer Kulkarni Associate Professor, HOD (Marketing)


Product Advertisement Institutional Advertisements

Product Advertisement Advertisements that focus on selling a good or service and take three forms: (1)Pioneering (or informational), (2)Competitive (or persuasive), and (3)Reminder.

Pioneering (or informational)

Competitive (or persuasive) Sterilac Dahi


TYPES OF ADVERTISEMENTS Institutional Advertisement .

rather than promote a specific good or service .TYPES OF ADVERTISEMENTS Institutional Advertisements Advertisements designed to build goodwill or an image for an organization.

Scope Advertising design  Hierarchy of effects model  Means-end theory  Visual and verbal imaging Advertising appeals 6-9 .

Creative Brief The objective The target audience The message theme The support The constraints 6-10 .

Advertising Theory Hierarchy of effects model Means-end chain Visual and verbal imaging 6-11 .

Hierarchy of Effects Model Awareness Knowledge Liking Preference Conviction Purchase Attitude Cognitive Affective Conative 6-12 .

Means-End Chain Product attributes Consumer benefits Leverage points Personal values Executional framework 6-13 .

Personal Values Comfortable life Equality Excitement Freedom Fun. exciting life Happiness Inner peace Mature love Pleasure Salvation Security Self-fulfillment Self-respect Sense of belonging Social acceptance Wisdom 6-14 .

Advertising Appeals Fear Humor Sex Music Rationality Emotions Scarcity 6-15 .

Advertising Appeals (Fear) .

Advertising Appeals (Humor) .

Advertising Appeals (Sex) .

Advertising Appeals (Music) .

Advertising Appeals(Rationality) .

Advertising Appeals (Emotions) .

Advertising Appeals (Scarcity) .

Behavioral Response Model Severity Vulnerability Negative behavior  Intrinsic reward  Extrinsic reward Change behaviors  Response costs  Self-efficacy  Response efficacy 6-23 .

Excellent in capturing attention. Score high in recall tests. 6-24 . Should be related directly to customer benefit.Humor Appeal Used in 30% of ads.

Sex Appeal Subliminal techniques Nudity or partial nudity Sexual suggestiveness Overt sexuality Sensuality 6-25 .

Sex Appeal (Meaning of Subliminal Appealing) .

Subliminal Appeal Cocoa Cola More: .

Sex Appeal (Subliminal techniques) .

Sex Appeal (Subliminal techniques) .

From Highlights of The Secret Sales Pitch: An Overview of Subliminal Advertising. All Rights Reserved. .Sex Appeal (Subliminal techniques) © 2004 by August Bullock.


the lower hand in the photograph. It is six and a half inches long in the scale of the photograph. . From Highlights of The Secret Sales Pitch: An Overview of Subliminal Advertising. The lady s backbone has been carefully airbrushed to resemble an erect. © 2004 by August Bullock. It is resting gently against the lady s backbone.Look at the man s left hand. It is circumcised. and the tip of it is about to enter a cylindrical curl formed by the lady s hair. male phallus. All Rights Reserved.


Sex Appeal (Subliminal techniques TV) .

Sex Appeal (Nudity or partial nudity) .

Sex Appeal (Sexual suggestiveness) .

Sex Appeal (Overt sexuality) .

Sex Appeal (Sensuality) .

6-39 .Sex Appeal Breaks through clutter Use has increased Not as effective as in the past Advertisers shifting to more subtle sexual cues.

Sex Appeal Nudity or Partial Nudity Used for wide variety of products Attracts attention Not always designed to solicit sexual response  Underwear commercials Decorative models 6-40 .

Released: Advertiser: Brand name: September 2004 MAXWELL INDUSTRIES VIP FRENCHIE UNDERWEAR Agency: Country: OGILVY & MATHER INDIA .

Released: Advertiser: Brand name: September 2004 MAXWELL INDUSTRIES VIP FRENCHIE UNDERWEAR Agency: Country: OGILVY & MATHER INDIA .

Released: Advertiser: Brand name: September 2004 MAXWELL INDUSTRIES VIP FRENCHIE UNDERWEAR Agency: Country: OGILVY & MATHER INDIA .

 Often interferes with message comprehension.  Brand recall is lower.  May impact feelings toward the brand 6-44 .  Often leads to strong feelings about the ad.Are Sex Appeals Effective? Research Results:  Sex and nudity do increase attention.  Rated as being more interesting.

Disadvantages of Sex Appeals Less influence today Reduces brand recall Affects comprehension Creates dissatisfaction with one s body  Females  Males Stereotyping of females 6-45 .

X Ad .Frenchie .

Bra Ad .Feeling .

Lux-cozi Ad .

Music Appeal Has intrusive value Gains attention Increases retention of visual information Can increase persuasiveness 6-49 .

Nerolac -Song .

Nerolac Song Modified 1 .

Nerolac Style Modified 2 .

Nerolac Modified (Both) .

Well-suited for  Print media  Complex products  High involvement products 6-54 .Rational Appeal Based on hierarchy of effects model. Used by business-to-business advertisers.

Emotional Appeal Based on three ideas:  Consumers ignore most ads  Rational ads go unnoticed  Emotional ads can capture attention Key to developing brand loyalty. Use more in b-to-b advertising. Works well when tied to other appeals. Effie Awards humor and emotions. 6-55 .

Scarcity Appeal Based on  Limited supply  Limited time to purchase Tied with promotional tools such as contests. Encourage customers to take action. sweepstakes. 6-56 . and coupons.

Structure of an Advertisement Headline Sub-headline Promise of a benefit Amplification Proof of claim Action to take 6-57 .

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