Modernage Public School and College Abbottabad Grand Test 2 Science Class 6th Time Allowed: 30 Min Total

Marks: 30

Q1) Match the words of column A with column B. Column A
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Movement Increasing in size Releasing energy from food Reacting to some thing Producing of the same kind

Column B
1) Growth 2) Changing position 3) Response 4)Reproduction 5)Respiration

Section B
Q2) Write short answers of any of the five of the following questions each question carry (3) marks. i. What is nectar? ii. What are the (a) Male cells? (b) Female cells are called? iii. Write the names of three ways in which seeds can be scattered? iv. Write these words in right order: Organ, Cell, Organism, Tissue, Organ system. v. Write the function of these organs? Kidney, Stomach, Lungs vi. How does the acid in foods affect there taste? Q3) i. ii. iii. Write answers of any of the two of the following questions each question carry (5) marks. What is fertilization? What is the difference between cross pollination and self pollination? Describe how fizzy drinks are made?

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