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Edward Said

Edward Said

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Published by: Haitham Taha on Apr 23, 2011
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The impact of orientalism theory of Edward said on western intellequals and thoughts ( Ian burham : Occidentalism as an example Brnard

lewis ) Introduction : Edward said was a professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University , and considered as one of the most prominent figure in postcolonial study field He wrote lots of contributions in postcolonial studies but his most influential book was Orientalism (1978) , said main pueepose was to put under quest the concept of orientalism taken –for –grantd . by critical reading of classic literary texts said though regards orintalism as (regarded as a manner

of regularized (or Orientalized) writing, vision, and study, dominated by imperatives, perspectives, and ideological biases ostensibly suited to the Orient. The Orient is taught, re-searched, administered, and pronounced upon in certain discrete ways Said (2003 )
according to said (2003) he means several things but interdepdnt by orientalism one is as an academic field , second Orientalism is a style of

thought based upon an ontological and epistemological distinction made between "the Orient" and (most of the time) "the Occident said (2003) and third as the
historical and material effect made possible by the first two: Orientalism as “a Western style for dominating, restructuring, and having authority over the Orient . said work has a tremendous influence on the western postcolonial discourse specially in recent years and particularly after the end of cold war and collapse of soviet union , the confrontation with east and Islamic extremist came to the front of scene to the west .

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