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"E:q;f!m~n n ~errrtr~ '~~~ l.v.r[r.~a1] d~'ite fh~1 llC!~t affort~ c,f , ln wrmiYlkts an~ I~he armed ag~rftSJ tlf a P !j~e"sbl1e ~"lPrevc.l'Il't ]l

r e' us evet ;!!iUi~tURdj L-e the evil do"(tEnne: 'of' tb - an l~pn,""mCiiye:Q:l"~nt e"n - " _ :fbe:rs who .t,tfi, lild d~riVB u;s -·f our . rras ,illl~ ban '~af)' ;9U~ as thi;S.

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.!I:,J:JDE'l\"TT"IiT"iT A C' 'T~__1:' If' '1'iJil L rn .. c"

,ndi:l-~~J¥.Ih~~ .~.; u~u.!d,mttalllle [Y'M _aiJ~LlLiWJg~~t~~1 'I I! !II '" Iil I. ,., ... ~ .. 'I, !I, ~

APP~tX '8: 'O:i~u1 S~T-'Iub~1 s;u~~ j()r Improvised, eC]:rreli~,

.1\. U]1iit"'i'!.:r:nfifYC-" T......,._ -~1'.-' ~L,~ ..... _l~

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[I .I! o!' ,. !I ,II 'I!!'

~t -is. a nOnlf!ri1'a,de-.,gun?· The $VJl$~I'·er to ·that qq.~till'Jn nrity seem imple/ -bult :' :u~ 'rerm

. . . .;

11 .- ema4E( .Ca.D. mean dHferenf 'tllm:~s to

~U itfe-r an,f P~TP le ~ dep en In'g On' . 11. e

, Lr . I mS:t.1m ees, FDr 9~ 'nip le, ~ h _ r . m~ kes a

~ , , Or\! g.aa ,and -why? Wh t ~il'~erit):lls, ~~

'. t M\d w~'l type of gun· arml . e 'bulU?':'To b~'St iil'us;tr.ate- wha t l' mean Ie I.': U!"J 'i-alke:·a_ briel Jeok at lhe 'mcll~M. -~t of urie partl'c'ular gun ·m~~ w 11:mn: .~~ · );\r;Ul arB. Fred~

,{jn the ~mal] isla nd gff the ceast 'of FrBD"OO w-:tr~<t'E ~:r~d ~,ive5 ~ mo&t yp~£1 of. gnTI5. rare bmq1ii,---gl' so ugh ~ mri.rt1,nm~ that they -rna, - - ",~e1 ' c-:e Miooe>d! This sad rita. _:e of a, 'a,RS

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cmne.1Jbo~t '~ec8.us~ [h.e·PD.11~,r,~~iti~t·pre~~ and

ll1.,e,di.a :rtf ge-nif!al ,~-_·~·t~ fri.g:h.~e'ned [;,_ the

~}~ 0 p~ e-~,p'#" ~ ~lllly Hl~' '"t.nrkJng cla s se.s-· m'Qlvi'QS al~~~s6. tOI fi:r.1f~:rm:,. Th. govern I lent ~_~ tb~,~ H th*e p~-oplc owned gt'I~l~'J then all ptl,"~~l l~~DU]d be in thf hmlds [l'f' the peQpl~ ,~~lmilhm.~ th~ t must be avoIded at all eostsl

~~izhlS .an iitp· ,rop.d,b1,·~ OprpDl'tunity, the B:rl t r;gltn propaganda m ac 11 ine s 1>V ung Into ,~:r::_t!on and, IOV er a perte 4 c"f Y'I;:'$n"5, . JtH~ lE$'Sfu11, lQ.x-ft:iD.~ra:~'e'd the [(na,i,()j'_it~' of clt~en.s m"tn' l~-el i evtng that orW.y th@" 'po lice ,KUla ,aY'nli1 should l~~:~ e guns' Gun Q\\T:' 's ~\~eFepelsec~tb~d 'by the e~it~5t~Olmed media ,tUld hl'ii§LncilE!d as, und~,i abl~ saeial elements, mis6-t1!l ~ ,and ,psychop·a ths, Tha pro.pagi5tnd:a,. 11~;), a'md mj;S.jin:·£c:n:ma'iliun workeod .. and the

I· b de €I , ..... 1

I!!]~n ~w, e;[ ~am.t! - l,' ,.@ m~~rr:' ,e.. a SJ~ crtm.m~

i1_Il a ' thre2lrb t-a s~cie'ty. Behind a smokescreen

I 11 _ "

'@ e!J.ml~ . ontn J a',' tH!V'~·a..P on lIo,a.'ws were

p~sed mdl gtU.i:Si were bru.~tl Ci:~~ii1s W@re mU,ght hl '~ai: their n ~ghbo.rn so &~,y would Itave no time to recognize "i!)]]" '[!ll1~s.l,l on '~he increa tdng 'p o ViJ,f'cl" t),f the sta te over the ma ividual. In Qlrd~JJ: to fatilitalte H1!e mas . dlsarmament ·o.f th~ pe(~ple., tlne $: ate n-eeded on 1 y. c rea, be the. :ill1Ul.~ ion l1l-at'a M Ina 'rltl:m.a Fe, 'ohlre c tl .he gnrt.... w as T\~5Fp orHi.ib le fo r "11'.' m e (al Iithough '(Tim in fact inrrefued nnce guns w'e're banned, b eC~.]J se n OIW onl y the crlmlnals, police .. , and arfny had gUl1S)~

.A. cD,nvl~nif!nlh p-receoen·· b~,d been .. set, and thus, th~: '~~1lftdat'iDns md d(1.ctt~ of 'tbe: tilt.,~-lihu'ia.n sta re W€'I"e la;ict It W,i} S '~hen .p ossible .f..o r al i U"H~ req uiremen Its ana i::tapp~g'~, of ltbe po~ I ce stafe ~ b~ m.tr0.~~.c'ed b~hind ,fhe :~nfiio,ke:Sict~[It 'af h-1cri:me' ClOntf,j[Jl. ~

, .'

From .gun bans to surveillance cameras

'the '~;,bde Iulled the .dmen into a .£al!:5'~ sense of seen '1 ty. Ihe~p~op.ll~-in many- cases ~;jlH:ngly~~.v up the means o. ·~elf .. deferu e and s~ilf'''l'r&i-ance 'Tn 'the mis,gu:hiod b(jp~'. nf ,B safer and lucre secure ,society .. 'BlI:d the people have .nolw 'b.~·c~rm.e :he] pless, dep ende)[1.'t subjects, and he 0.01, secu r";ty is. _ liut,l ~nj9'y~d 'by the ,tate.

On~' I ~xte.pt1o ~ howev er, is Fred1' ,[;}' rr 1 11, tni~'pi d guns,mith" who 'has retained @.

~ ealthy i,n.te,re~r~ ~:'11l, l~i:rea, iii' ms and, ill Hl~ "freedom, tli.a:~' ~, ewne rsl1J.p' Sec-lW"'SE ~et""T~g had ,mou,gl1.of the ~ittl~llionJ' Fr'ed d.eci~e~ to bu,],td,h is ow gun.s__.a_ Se'1i1.1]=,a utnmatic 'r m, S t,~], a revo 1 ver, and maybe ,a. rifle and S lotgun too! P'(lftunate·~.YI P'red has a huly

e~lu 1 .' p·ed til achine is 11 Op i ~tUll"p Ie'~ 'wi lh a -. ~'1l.. ~,' "1'·;' h'- d . ~, ,ffU.le ann, mIJI...U~Wl8 mac 'l]fte" anc is ecnversant

in most 4S_peclS ef e:mgllliee rlr!tg" .

He IDll'W . up' plans 1n~t, pViaT ·le fUU.ol¥l'n~· weeks and llU ~ufhs, fTed bwds a' , me ~~ 1 df Fi rearms I S oUd ,~lHd ! UflCli. fU al, ~. Oll ~ hQ W

d f ,.1 " L.~' i:u.::t n, I........ , .... ,. J' ;;;'1. _.' ~ :b.. '1.. -

,von :et: ~,!j,L1 .I ~ u iu, m<!;i' W.iml $ - a;~t~' rus n se

g::uD!:f. I{,y O~.. ·e,;refY:Qn~ "rl~e as dEW" as.' am then e~l1lyona ,Gotd.d, nave In:f1Is~ 'no, ~"e], 99 much fOT gun. OOJ:1m11 ~ •• "~

And tha is th~. pumt ~,f n ls u-ttie ~.t4ry; ,A II though _ ·"'[·ed has b uilt a fi n e· '. lectlnn of:

~IIL'm - _,.;;I ',~" oj;[ i' 'OW'~;;';' ")1 '1~ ,ii-'ri' d

00, ~aU.e 'i!lI"Lmr~i : :lie] EUe" foWl' .f.1L Ulema e

I €l Jilin. Anynne' el.qe W' :lh' 'U s1rnmr ·{iI.t;;[itie .

and knowl~.d.J~ :."ould not 'uiJ_d~ {r dl, fllfi~illl:'l1l5. I, Fred dedl'- ed to writ·· ~ "how-to" bkH~k on 11~~'m'en1:a:dl@ .go ns, t: W D'U b[ be, if:!"r iI1l,erfFstin; read bu' ~ IOl,!l&, L av , many r~edBs ~~.t=r.et ~ed -by ~ir ..fLu_! beng~.~b]e to .,'\1 'ld the ~n - ~

UNortU:lill ely~ far ;to·o many sa-called

~j • -:,41 u J'~ .it!, ... 1-1 ~. , ' .. ,~ L>; l -

, In'!l!pl'o'vIs,eU : ·1I'~t".Il!nlBl rau :tnt~ tct4.? ~a"e,ggry,

and supp~!2d~y homemade, guns' end 'Up beb'1rg ~o'o' romp·Healed! ,or: S,IO Clutle as to he URdeaireble. This is not my idea ,pJV!rTnat fD::" 1.19~~~8lrle g~ttlIl .. bcil'uJL b~. 1 hie' ~ U(at ·m truly tt: ~,~~d hGniem-a,d~. is, one that can ee~il;l.Mt by Jlibl~t aJool;lt ,aflYOfll' ... ' C~{en unde - adv~ .'. 'so. ~[' condi[lmru ' inl~ reg~TI_[nE\H~ e, I; ~w.~.al~,[_

fad1titiE:'i;, 'n.; w~ra [ISh t may '-est (k~aHJe' this . ft~~<tp r"' ·t.atlt)u of th@r hnmemade S un Is ~L.e .p~dienjr'}; hense t 'leo titl,e iJf this-book_.' hi Ul~' dJetiOnary -t le:ll! ·arr' JI'l1'um.~t01JS d:efin1.t~ons\ p:f the '~vord I .%fHi~~lil~M ~ d2pefaHng: an tl\~ (:lrc~tirn(e->w, mrr.d',onte)1;;.! i~ wflUeh .['tt i~ u;s-e:cd. However, \Vh.BH Wt2 aT~! 'tiUki,n.; a !)_g)iiJJ mann ar:l~.u:ml-·r) ~~. rt~m p roliJ.uct el<p:edl~ .~efer~ tq ~~elh]n:g~ ·ha.~ ;6: Q'f .StUll,pI,e d~s~gn" e.as,ny con~ltrt:tH::tB€I ~ and ftKa,(~h~ IIDi Fe.i!t~ U~r 'alva,; la bl~' ll~ 3 teria ~B.. ~,p~tlilrnceJ tnJf;1,ef,ore ~l~nu~d ~~ tll,e! IlYelrlrul1g .~o~·sL~~leTstiQfi ~vbrein

. ..JI~ • 'lI .;:I, fl' ~

.liou~,iQUSismg ~]am~~:J:~' rearms.

.... .. ...-
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--: -_ "te:~~1 U1Ii~IT '~at~ p'res~too he;~, Fa:E[i[0.td~]y ~'~J' on -am.lllnutdrM:QifIl and on '[he lCQ:mLS:tnJ:Cll(ID'.j!' OiS:Jt:; ad.]ns:[mMl~II" and, aH~Fa H ( :n n,f .Rrea,rrfl~ I l.at!'yi.~hlfre:'~ltl~":::JE~ the ~ ul fijJJ r 1,5 in,dj, 'Vid ual ·~'eJiel-!ii ~la ~ptet'~'~n'Cle~i wtth ,plll;rHc1JiI~,r ~m1S a:l&j u ip]11!L~n]l;'tj" a]l;~ ~o:MtPo-!n~nts: tmderr'

~EciBt'}~dro~~,tan,c~, ,that the reader cru.mo'~ d~J~Dlrf:e ~~aet~ T~e jJ;100rma~k!4fl' lui ''li1iB ~(]~k s~tllim[l'd~111Bl\2f~re~1l2 'k:J:se~l fa r g!t.1l'td mfl~· frrd:y M~

P'pJ1'£F~ (3he~ ,w'].ti''U g1'1~a1 ca:uiHon., ne:li'~l~H.~]' the,~l1tl~,~r~ p~Jloo~]"~: :~~t diS~iht['~m: msg;'1!1me ~" ~,e:;9r'p'on .'!~·i:1 ity -f0l: '~hl~ 1J::S~ '~', mi~!lJ.c$;~ ,oJ intCl1tma!li~ttJ~ii$:n~irt@d in .:tln$l, hook.


Jn m~s:t. ~(i;lfu]:bi~s;:i~: L'IS: :B!lg;i[lLbi[l~~ t~~1 if'rw l~ do.

~~ &ill(H1\rml;

k. ~an]lj;[aj~tum a ' i 'r"ea,;rrn ·W:~ lhQli;'t ~n D£fld;iU 1j~ft.~~ f:lU~1'1I Ithe ~:Dveril\'n t:l'lfe11.~.

. .2. O~ ,j;], fu I 'Iy' a.UmrrU~tltte' \'\"e~p0fl;. 3,., Pnsaes:~, a :!J.!1e:I;iJ;~e:r far. a .fil!eru:m..

I:~ .tfl~ lInit.e_d ~i~~'b:':i~ .. I:j,t a'pplrl~vria'[:e'

'u .............. 'j'-ji , "II-,"'l:" :)' -.21 . lit --. f- _!j,,c. ... , " ~ A ,llJ:!WIt-][,;liaie~~m\ll1s[ 'we SIi:!~eli,Jl, ~Ii!!'~m !;;anUy;a~e".", pOO~

·to~ fr'1!t~t ~nT'ldlau ,of· A~le::nhl"d, Tob'a,ce~j' afl:d pu~iu~ms·· (BAIT' b ~~~Te [IlillH:tfcac t u rtng lll"I.Y :fir~~~} ·UL:~ti[](~i 'po,~'se.~~~'o:n tf'W Brry· 'r~ll~ mlh~!HJIatj~ 'fIN ~a P o,ni OJ" blilli ~,dj n:1ll' or awn i n g a {&1a~tte,e'1' '£'001_ a :fi1rIi2.:a 1!'1U,. Many s ta .es and ntCIDici_piiIDtlties ,~1!i0' restr.i ci n re~~·~l ,~"v~'mmFI ;~u:n~ u~e., Sev1ate l,elra I . reS, are p.l'~~.r,J'ib~~ fQr vh;J"~~ 'tiOOlUJf th,~ l;aVifS.

p'~t'lP le WhCli choose tu bui1>cl 'thi~l 9:mm., S, u.h:m a r;"Jii .n:~ g~1Jn ~~ ,8.0 ·~d t~h~'irr ~'!WD J:mk:" ~NmtE1~' ~e, ~uthQt' n~t. lli'~ publisll~r' ~1m, ·"be :resp ons fbl,e f.f). I' a:~.y us e': '0'1;' :nl,,~~1t.1' sce: ~f t, h ~ in.:! [)1,ttIrn1M:·,lion con tai[\ e.d 'in ,th:i~, b,L1o:i ~ T'Ii:'!;, vffaMl'ial ,~, ~~r~ll~~e'_ fo'f Ilr;.[it1r$11~ ~tt~~lt ~{~Y.~'


h . e*r,edlem nrae hin. _ g, un d lsct SBe d. ~ ~il1 h~ t]j 9mt:r:n W~~·PtJfi @'I, a~~~gi1.I~.,bknvba& ,~.,~ 'fhi.gun 6r~ £rom ~lhec open :' It- and hes ~ [ml!igaz1n~ ~apad ty·of 1 81 rot1nd:S~'" -or our purf~S;a{il: ~5 ,6~~~ciIl, in the Pteface, the -uUtf

,tdi~n1 f~ :ts IIDif thg(:~ ... bl)J..:iit' rom .. ~' p _Ll •. ~ :£11': no ,put.·· d~~, infl·uenc$... uch ~"S. machine teols. ~u~ p:nc fessi ona I, ,g:tunsmith OOlrf~~~, ~'a:v'B::]lailte, -',lJr this reason, nemly

U n 1(&,]:" ~U:ID;pvn,Eill.i L p,a rts of!." 1~ v",!'~a'PIOn,

, "Lc 4.11· 1_· - ,,:;'1.'-.. b1" ... 11. d . -

le~ ",~ [1\ ,IT'~ !IJ re€t~,~ . J['O!Lifr.i ,iU1 -magazllJH~

[L~ r;O~lstm,cted fl!Gom r,elf!1dUy ,~'N.tafl.altUe .s,~ee,1 tt:ibin 6tm:{natmg l~'he ~~J~l:, lath~

The gtJ.n-B'njl~ tar fi>:am:pl~, ~ II Imo--piece ~ a~~mbly a 'd iB m.OOIth-lftari@ ,];~iher than titled .. W hUe the accuracy of '~he- SI~l'tu(db,-,hO're ~d1Te1 'is ~_ . ·~('ted lta :re,lativ Iy ~ ,]a~~ tang _ .. the '~5 . and .SI, e~": ,~' a:s,~m]jilmg hboe :e~~ .. ~l ~ent ~il1'~ __ D];[~, tflEJi]1 ~umpeTllm.te . OF' .I:1;is, nooes~a';ry rnmpmrniS"e. 'Th~ brd- eh block, tEDO, is 'a ·tw'o.:. p~ ee lU~, as'" it~l , f l~ skele~oJ;Uz:e.d d-e~,gn

,j;.-0 - .... rf "II' "",1-..'

. lAAung an.y nee~ .' or a mr,lngmrilpl}ine,

~h.tnufa(thniag a gw"I.Rl8.Sl7ilne II mg. the notm.Jl IDi!t,b d df ,fo dln,g 'm~ ~t~~ d~~~4 a

l!:., . ~ l\,.;~ -, - ,~ .... LR ~ d 'i-!:'~ " ~ "I

Ifl.'H"1il11f1T ~JiO :: is a ~~J'~' IL.ll11'Le-COll ~~I

~:e.5IfHQI,tl. ''fJ:1e .J~xf3redh~Jl ,t Hl:ag;azine avold~s . ~Sl p.x-olU~s becau e it Is ~:arlf I fn~ a ]~glrnl br .~·be' t.hAt aqtru~, '~nlj~ a .:~j~¥ -'smal~ :lD, ,tHfi;wtl ~,n, - ·1'h. - ma,g~m~~' .is oF. the" bl,gJ.~ s.· df5~rgt\ an,"i hoi·s up to lS r~nln'dS., TbH lis

. ',. tn'm the.' IG1p..fl1J~iry 0_' 'h~' tlUnmerc'imly

_prndil.u:ed hVln~:"" ac- deslgn, bn ., Cln~E ngain the

.S im.pI~lC;i ~ n ~ rn a In' lltfif3; c fUlr' rilL_me, tli~.n

~umFcI,.lSates tor the sU~~tl.· ~uc~ ca,ltlcity.

C~r.liil'm IP.~"Lr.iG of a macl:tilrte ~ ·su.cll: Em lhe .s~,'t,. re.[;Ju] tie' th use oi hatdm1L~cl s:~L 'H(w~re:vl~1L,;, b~U5e 'IDh~ ;a'Fqul~tion .and boo' tr~¥J:tI[Elri![tt of sp~cl~ll2.l?d ste ls can be p.fobl~ID.a.tiG~ E 'have iru:orp@i!'ated ~e:e11a1n. 9tJSy .. to.-rlbtaiin !51:ibsli~u ies

- ~...... :'Ii.:. ~ , .. "J li.l!..' . .....:'1' , ,. "'''''1

Ul.w, ii;l,.e _gun ~,e:iMgn::'t:-U:l~'t~· ~ ~~5~ dis 'P~.;o e

w' !bh e ,cn rrect S:t~e1 ~T 2S, r.~quimd. [ h~ve not tnelud " an, ... ~~ghts on 1:b.e lllachlf'e s~ .sinee '~beln"' only ptl!PO:!lj3, Wi1Jlrud be CO~iweth;~r ,Rther

~.~ ... Ibn. " .... .-1". iLl!... ...' -. - • - '" ,~,,-.

I ItI.m..!h.B ~'~ .lI.£i~e :U:Lf! ,gun.n~;~;nreJtll:e.!i,;:rra,~ _

Th . m~~~gun is prim, ,nly a p'oint~MdL

:t!; =,_. !;'f"1.", ~ ,~ i'O '~.!l 'il...:: I,:!' -

w.~ w,@,apm1:., '1,~,d2 lll'\aU1 pnorhleSl are :reUilloJiIlwLt.y

.m4 8i.mpJ~ fuacd~otL,aliLy--e'$p~e:~~al1y, ,IO'n a" ,,"e'.ap~n Itl:ut mUM' be }Q~,~ :~jfnpl.e a:s, poss.ible. In sti'Qrt - 'tlile Rislt o-fi n:ia.ted M'S ·mclud,t.~ ~Eily the bare Il.et'e&~U.,e; 'to ensure H1.1Iit. '(~te:' g~lft wil1 Sih~o reHablr aad Is, . sbTIrpJe ,~s pes _. - '1~ .. tQ' -'uila.

4. LMS,2 flIes .. rouno ... hail ~tl~~" :9q~w .~,

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the {ollo."vn"1g chapters, I would advise r~it1djng 1:.iI'~J,e b ook thrOll"gh be fore a tte mp tin g, an consrnlet1Ul'l! ' su as to famiUadzt: ,'Ol,l:rseU ~ III

'l~ .cdlp,"vmg sizes and ab1hrtjlu~tim15. 11~e list is

ui -~-'[it!feren,e guide o'ru}'~ The tube sizes are gj.ven tln millimeters. just as tTney will appt·at in ftiQ$i c'atnlog~, 'bul iJlldlf~ are also 'uaed where apt~n:far*tf:. Th _ ~xac'L I~_ngth of each 'rub-eyor til~ 'mini rrru rn amount ne-res-sa rv, Is also supplied but as pumttd auL earlier, I is \"1ii!£~ to b D Y more t ~I be .thLU1 1"'I!!Q1] 1 red E 11 ease ef an y DlaITDfdctur~ng ffitlrs~ \Nber~ epproprl tc- .. some materi als are marked '\1'1{] th a 1'1 aiStertskl whi ell indica tes tha-l-h"llo or thrEe, af d"t ~!\t ,partic.ubrr 'proouCJ't shnuld be boogh~ lin "·aJS~. Lif 'I1:riSt~I.kJ!$ d 'U 11'1 'lrtg c,PnsTI:uctinrt.


Bench tinder

Obvicuslj th~e· bette se ection nf 'tools. ,~'v·a.ua bd,t:.~·,. t·],. eas i er th~' gUR wi 1'1 be ~o

'OO11litrul:::t. A drill ~ 1. 'r fur ~p]~ 'i1I\'tbi lie nc

in . J'_~' hand l'no] cl~J'teg{)XYJ will tn.~"kp- dr]] Ii ~.g: hoi much .q u ~ ,1·u~ ..ruj easier, though a geo,' v jiJ:iab.h:~ - !'a,]p reed 'l'"ll.lll\cl d].';ill \v i II 5U H; ce. It is ;r.,VorHt fH i:n'l1np cut here - hErt a erond-hand drill pres, ' is 11g M..:;! • expensive the n a good qnalH:r electrle han.d dril l, U vou arc constderlng buying a drtl t~ a drill pn~~ ~7in ~a,ve y.a·~~ a ittt '~f tin-D~ and le-wrart

As I rnentioued eazlier, almn~l th e:r1,l1re '\¥eaptlfl is -eonstructed :tEam 5te.e~ tubing. 'The b es t sn 1:J Tees .' Q till S ]11 i!1J te r ira 1 are' tJ.:tht! ~I1 p'PHel's~ l>\rh~ wHI usual] ha ve L7'vl~r~ (l01 'ceivab ,~ ~~ ill tubtng lin stock, fududmg '~lu,s<~' requ] red to build· the exped ient .machine gu:n~ libmg suppll 1:S US~lf.a.~~: ha,vl~ minimum order r1'n.i'llge " which means a full length o.f ttl I : .. must be bO,u,ght ill a ,11. di ameter M'Jttired K.vI' thu milmine 8,W1 The ,~(h/a:nTh:'1~,e f).( lij II Y. 'g mure h1 ~ e than !',eq uired i· lh a a I,ot brwi:::i can he buill "at 1 ittla . est, - or-small quantitj as o r 'uibm,gJ ecn,gineertng and S'~ ~l fubv H:~lia.n shops. are gD{l I pla,ces; hJ "puKha~e 0 "'f-(uts ,at lltt]~ eost. A lis·~ (~.f r'l1'UII ted 3 Is and hL~~ SiZ''=''5 is ptOrvidcd b,elOl ! To a~,o.ic; makillg the lis too h.lJJ~ .. [ halve le·ft auf certatn s:I:lU'Ili' 11TH) I' ... bolts, ,~a'Sihers!, and uch, lnrt these Sf' discussed m.


L~'wef' tieCeiii~i": 50 ~·2~5 x.2..5 mm

r ~ngu11; " tube. . x t Jf) I' -14 1/211 1lengtll


Upper lece:iJ:v~ 38, i,O x :13.10 mm 16- gauge 1 J:r~-5ql1mre ·tuber 14 lJ2.J7 length mim imu n

4·~ 8a"e1111o~1~ ,sl~,ev~~U 9,[JS )t'l6-gnug~ round rube (3/4·PJ)£2U~1 11eRgthminimum

,;. M"~8uii:ne: ,3~Lg3 );, 1-;'. Bel rnrn 16~Ftiltg~ n.:~Jar tube, 10" le.ngth mirrirnurn

fi G ti.: 40· lQ' X" 2 rn fiR Ira~gull~ bIb _or 1 {1" length. minlln1tum

,S I S mm dla, socket scr~w~ ~b18:X--d_'u:iv& ..

b U 1 [on-neatt cap SCTI",~r~) r 9.S mm Iang~ (11)


16. Piano Wife;, ]'~ ga,uge and ~D gau,ge (buy several :rloE] s~

- .

U MUrdwfl.\g \' _, ashers, zv dia, x H


~1'Iig. rn,m {r~n'p~;'i"i'\- 1/,:2;p,!' dliL x I~ IGn~

~.~·~·"b IF" ! I -_' "U_IJ.IJl . I. I. ~ 11[. Il;o .''', Hl"

1-. $pring !';t-e~t S.tri.p;f 24 :~;H,~ 1!2-Ji wide-'x 1211" rolr~'"

'f!': JDGst: se£txoL1. ~f' ,the machine '.gtm, to 'be f:oHstru..ct,rtd is tbe lo.w" 'F recetve ~ 'rM ']l)'wer t.~f'e~v..,. n~l~pJ5, the gri,p', tri,gge'Il'"".:~,~ilf.' arrd mi1tg ,~E,: ~e 'fA.~nl iliac~,SI hQ:w these ,part~;a-re' TI'1:f,lQ cj.ll ',1Q_E! SlJU1:se:. JI

The- r (1eti~et' is ~u·~ CHl1 t. ,ru~T\g a l!la~'Ks-a.-~V from tij ~~I1th ~! '~:'C'., :25 x ~.5' mm ,shLtc!tural~ AQ~l \~ "B .. e~ (SHS) $t~~I tubing. As His name SJtg~s~si SH51 ',Il,be is \~idlely 1l8,e!d, in the co~tion '0 f pteJab.fl e~ted' bt1[nrt.~in'ZB and 1is. w.jJ.~1· a'l a'U.able. ,A:aBlll~r~~e;ly, §Il~~ ': aaF.4b 1,;: t I, -. '~ ~R'W Uli"J?2 ca:m be, used, (,JIRRW sands £'6 . ~je]!Ia'(;J~d.o' r,esista:nt~ ''''''e: ded" and re 'ern to Hw nmn:a(amning prDC~~' ,w. ~ ."to make ~t,) I u ~ m,e' h~~.hID.['il1 ~'.a:" m~ for boJEb tu.be s lze :~ 9W~1y 5eCa~s~ 'ahls is ,how ili~,:Y .wfll be llsted In ill fa '~~Oft8 e Slifeel t~,:mg. mmmif\:llctl rers and ~ ,':eli~.m., ~b th 0 "R¢_il:b'Qve tUbe siaes are r",r ~11 ~~tfc~' nrpc 'es.,- T~~hing 'were "hm

_,;iI,. _.::I . I" .- " ':tL.. - • Iii.. II

"!i[Lllc'tFY c x 1 ,r.m£:: t'miil,SlU "' n11GJ'9 "W1~t;U'11 (a ,va,

thidm,ess 6f , m;u~.d, '2.3 mm, The 50 .80 x ,25.4 ~ _;"' ~~,~ lJly 2,.1' 1 ". ~~hile.'t1'ie 50 K. 2;5 tUbe'~: e ~'01aiSliy digo 'tiy 6~mrtU er .'~n a U sldes, TI"t~ s s hght. farlan ~~~ be.tw~ tlte ~~11) sizes, OOft' nut Jnirtt r~ " e,'lhe _~' rl\l~ it"·'rn is,," ;} i'c)I,r , ;J1 t£~tlMl'o:E' 't]me ,.o~r, mcgfver-.

- Imt the m be is cui to 8, lengti1. ml 1_,- lt2, J'.

The fU&~ mt"ust ~'be!- tirtl'Sll - d,.m WanrJi!, ' '~py ~ ah!r it'll I~leet \ma] 0 Ii it ~~~'I uinw, n - d .. Onc~_

., - ~ ~". ,;e C'r i

61 . .I~wel;' mce:h!~r tu,be :~, d~~d~ it is reacly;to

.mark G~t wid,~ '~;e hap, 0'. IhB te.mpm'te pt:~e'

end of tn Us ~~xr," 11]~' te]l1l:plla~Cl; is 'n:o:t d' Blwn 'lb s~m I so II' must he ph~iwro,pie, and en~arged " ~,or.Q]lT' to fhe.~b'Udions on p. 74, aad then lC"tl!: cut :i115 ,ac.euratcrly··a5 .Feasible',. nli~ is best ,tldlleved qy ~Ym:g ,the temp]ate .s'hr..~t ,on a nat SU~£fJ:[2 ..:1"_ ,d sll~.ng; a ~h arp' X-a,chJ' ~i Fe or

f':~ 1 , .. 'i h 1 t.. 11 ~ II:..

S,mIn14ar toe dJL,Qng t - e ,. > &":.1'l onhnt·e ,t') b.1LJe

• ' 1~

templa te. A, nU:e·r Eilll. be us'ed to Itt.ide the ~

mn:t,e ac,"\UaJ~ly: T,~~,e th Fee _C1:O f3nd ho.l,e$ I~ left, ill:1B,O' as ~y \\i];1 be needed ltl~~r ~o mark th~

•. f'a.:~· 11."' ..l'

'pg,s.1,110ns- 0 'u:1e~!.rlg;gr~~ &~ru: ... ,;~rnL:J magu~

catch~. ex~ ~, sDfid g[ue StlEk 1:5' 'ufiedta 'BP~y~ Itfl1n la~e1' o,j ~.lu~ ',to the tIrI,d,e,' t,_std~ af' m.~

I - '.:1' ~ I .

-em .lab~j Which is then 'st1n::k': :'0' the:--r~i,\l"er

t u be- - (PliQto 1). It is' b;ap(rr lJa:nLt d: at [h I top sl~a~i,§h:~' edgE' oJ the ;t-e~plit~ i5 ]e.vti ~ iRt th~, Ito, ,ed,g~~ ,of the u bi~., 'The ,81tleoj~ n~[ '. to ~ ~tieD'Uy liuach &~ te,mp:late but '~m tack it

secu r:e,ly ~n'iOtl\:;gfH" 'I' (l t,nI'Y out the n,- t ~rro.~e,d~, Vilh]c]' is to ~,am,feT 'the- I~~pl£l,til'

, _ L

'oullin,"· on'to ·th~ tuba, _,~hl£, is I~Qne US~.fl1 a

(:ribe or other sharply pointed tmel.· The sllfirpe of ~, ~mpJ ate 1$ IDrp!ked 011iID 'til . "tllib~-gt l~'W

. paf;li~!' ~~l!ntion ru IDb_,e, ~~[gJ1 t lline5' ~a:m1Dld. me Dl3ljll"Q :line w'wl hotlSjn'g' Eu~dthe C{}nt~H~l$ r<:#-

he mgg.ecr gu.ard., The ,Rd&Ulcrrts of ,the thre~ em! ~d hcles " m~n'filJ.ned '~3~~~ .ca1:n now b~,. ~aTlkoo.. . Tlw poi~ t J)t a, }'!-uncb, is _p~a~~d in the ,rente1 '01; the cresses 'aJild nl t ~rjtll a hamm(_~ in i()r'der :0 transfe ' th.' p05iti~n$ Qf th.~,}ui]i£i5i, -throtl;g\h th~ ~mP1''*'~ and r.afl'~fJ ~1t1Ll~ tribe'L'

P~H.()IT 0 1 ~ R ·a-CtE! i il e Ir I ~ 11'11 P L~:t e g·1 !:J~. d t~ ,~ ){ ~ .. if@C'ftlngulaD" biba.

Wnh this ?l'r1(,[rfrll:pli:shedjl" file! templutf:!' C~J:1 be peeled off and ~Bsc;a.r(]].~d~. Any g].u.~: Is cleaned. o£f '~h e tebdrvet '~e~ whlLe" ~:s ~d,· tD be eJll, ~]J,t ~n~l filed ~'Q shape,

]trllit}1!J~ ~h,e recefVier ~ IJJU,gfri cut :f.num the i~~l~lf U$~TIg ~ 'haclcs~.w· b~~re l:t is B:n..a:]ly ffi~ tn fu,~ {fOI".rr€ct cl.lTI'~lls10m ]I~d;;i~afec]l '~y tHe' .~core' '~1Le5' vn Pip A. ~hu" \rill ~~~ OOm Ute dm;,a~J1'1 "·fhBt t tke. r~t:~iv,e r can ·O~ cut £rom '~h,~ ltd~~."by m;a.~g. 'Sve ~tr.fl'il[§i~t 8a.\<"\r- C:U5_ ,~~ in ntiild ~~E!I~. '~~eGlU S':~ ''[h·e re:cE'lvur is. lJ'ein'fj ~~'~ f.r:.()11:l1' :~' 11~C~:i:L~'" kllhe" llib~ .s;nw ~llVu1cI be he Lel ,~5;,' ~ir

",,",;': 'i'P.ll,l~ ";'ri,- 'I' IJ.,...... 1SlC;, W_ Loa wall . 'I:iiO C',o.rr;;'1-.:1. "ri.

'IL~ a r:';:,§.Jl)Ii:L (iLlLllj'g e !,U ILJIJL~ ·1L,:JlJI..'l!~"''''G!: >8$, L' QlO'J.[j,~.e w

,~su we that be ttl stdes nf th:e-l"~tftw~:r a-~. :ag, el nse [-g the, sam:e.,s17~ M.J!o,ssll~. qn~~. 'the re'Llri~e:r.[~ I~,U:~ 1000fit ·E~ be nliGu ~f1·3bap~ 1J!Sjh,g a, ,~Ie half .. · mlLmd..!£il~ In-(Ul ~be (~cYnt(!)'w::s";o;r the ~liIn nlrv~", ~~ta~ Ql:t~' ~~ 0j~. tklie i'et:e1.v~. is· n led hJI :~pe by t"On\Q~i~;g the ~G:o'md ful~.:s, tbm'l 't~~' -~~eefv~ i~

't~m.~ '~{ut1~ and tL"!bf: ·tl.~G.Si1bel~,i~ Il1~d,. "5d~~g Ith~ ~h~pe~ ~ide as :~ 8;tlld~. H~ldhl,G th~ file lllilt tu fh~ wc·ejiVer 'w,h.1:1e· min_;g' liN',[ll· ~ it1:T'~ ~ ,~ \Sjdt~ a'rJi'e nearly- iclentLcal ~11e.L1 ~)[illfah~.

O~~ :~ne I~n~jd.,~ Iwil~~'WJS bay-Ie been ·tii~d ,to' S:S:~IBpe,~~. tb.e 'tci.,~qe~ pU'il'fd ,PM.\! be ICt1.1: nilll. I t ~, not. pG$S;i}jl~ 'm 'sa:l1\t ~¥l ,!:h~ tri,~gf;r g;LU1!'rd ::;[n~e' ii, .ls a--~fWlIy ~ort,elCl.$le~, mt~eltl ~nt[t off ~'he rfu.fe'hr~r. .m~t~,,zI·~ a s~,rif!~ o£: iJlb:r~3(3Or~e'c nn:g, h0~~S~ 3 :mnl ~r' {. n:rm ]n diame'ter"" is d:dUed ,al€lng ~h~ ms<id.e: :e:og:e, ~f t~,e ,5:r:o~~ lilies 'tli$t" m;grlt "mlt Ule ·eQllhJm~ oif '~jhe"~p]~r--d (J,P!E B). The" h&iles sllBnld 'M early Irbt.ch eaeh u tau ~d '1I!Y,e I~"ri'brl i1wtlugh obTIb siiles, ·o.f tht! ~ooi'\~r~, If ~ ~r'ilt pm:s~ '~$ M~n 'tb~ll a[C~.a.ey· o'f the :hol~~ lSI ~~~d, btd.lf an e.biC\~~c·.hrau.~; will ,1!s ~SieeL

~ -. I' •

it is i-tJrtptJTOOl't tl1.a't ·l'1te dIM 'Int· 'll~1 ~ s· Jl,~ar b~ a

ri~~t cr~gle' trjl 'l'l~ wtw.r.k ,pi~t:~' q p~'iblJB:..-tt1i$


f~ VE SAW' O~11P_G.le:1110NS;

r -=--: ~ ~'=:.= -::;;: =:

1, ·:SAW





ill \%,

" U'I:





I' ;III ,.






_" -;"''7' 11 ""'j'


. .,


,~ffi_ ._~ that bDrth ·s,i~i..·s of tbe giJ~ni are in 'fh $,. m · BO&ni:D'r1 ~·btfil ~1.~.

'Wn en ,aU ~l~~ h o Ies .~r~ .d l'i ~ led ~ the Unl1f,an~t;~ se~lj~l1 ,0'- st~1 in the I:~gger gumd. L·~'o "~ -Uismlfl " ~ bh~iLlt~ffi4ed puncil ,~, sh,,,rt· ~1 t mel I'i~18,_.idl~_~ fi:1rthi$ FUtPQ5'f~ The 11UUH~.h je. _pla'~~~ a,~ 'flw edge 01 :tJb:e seetiens to 'be. rel~t1vla ~and hit ,~~;ty ·w'ltb., ruunmef UJ\ -

thf UA'L\!;:nt-¢-d se'ctiQn breaks free and can be ·enun.re1l... he :re(!~ftv~t _is. then '~in'-" ed. over and

,th~"s·~1a pT(J(}edu:re .. carri d OU~, on. fl-\.' other gut The: 'l1sMe CQ~to~3 o~f :lheguar'd .are now 1i1 at t1fl'5!halle br-1oD~'\\\rmg- .the ~oore .lin~, ili

,~, 1bq:ll~i~ way. ~ half I~u.ud fiLe smell.encugh w Fa~, l~hmugill botl'l' sides 0 - the ~gUMdm- usBd jar Ihis p£o'teiluID'"~ Th_ m~I~.de dr umifhm~~ Qf .. the tiuud sl1.:ould now 'b e. sanded to '1'\, mmtp,

I"::;' . . . ..,_

an] s~ e~e.~. The' thr~@ holes, the pUllen

_ ... .iii ..... " ,.t.: 'L ~ il.. .: d- l' . - .'

m~ ')Eur .WnlCml "" e ,e .mal,:· e 112m.!' ~,e:.r are n.o N

drllletl. Th~ rrfg,ge.r ~ .. d rtul:ga'ziru~ c,alc:h 11'0)1, s -f I· L\g~,mg~ ,a, ,mtm-diame:t~_t drill. 'b'9 sear h . ~'C .llI.i\:d.~e- tl~m'~ ~ 6. mm tirill .. hu:t Ijr;his hole is. ftrslrl-ri!led . hi) :1 ar 3 mrn dmm,@1l~[ bet ~ re ,uh~ fin - ~ ~hol'e ;- sd rUled tPholo' 2)~

N - - :t we mum tum b;m: '~~ftt~:ti,tm· ItQ the t~ 'side of ~he' eceiver and the Inueess of ('1J.tti:ng

the' ]J;eEe~ses :01" th, .nliil.Ja:Due w'eU and se,il'" y~ C j Hlfstrates. th.'il P osi ,~io]1 [{ -ftu~ - Wq - ~$ ~nd "fhm:"Gjoni~.ct siz: _ . ',. The ~ar I!l!:e-S~ . g;rrl led Qui :first vdiL11: ~,·.I or 'IJJ rnm mlll1dr 'Mrcme iT: ,ts .f±lllaIlly tnt '~a'.'shape; [~g a . 'q.~r.e:

UJ: [Ig ~;He' 'Q _. suilah]-e.·' ize, The s -'M ~~i:~£~ I~ ;'t~,ld -.~:- as. .1h~ 'till ilhe· ~.r;:ntet of tIL. r;e~,~ivEt ~in r.e:la'Ef»J'fl bl ·[he mc~ive~~ 'W,s,Us.-SiS possible. 'The ~g11IDTI® well 1~$S. ~'.l~uld n~ !Cut -~:fEOll"S' ~e'lr

In Ia:~~wd~inl:e wItI'l tb.e g;i'v,I~n rnelfsJ,U:,ementsDt£C8USe' l:.h.e 'ahl,B2iD~ wel1~ 'wlrl,ch will b~ fit

PHOTry'2~ Rlgl!1l;\9~d~ vi,e.-w ~t low-er rn"C.eive -af~r t_ -~,~s beSril tiled tQ,.sf;.'aJ:ie~


C'!J:rnNSt om "m~sGER, GUAR~I'


It) ~
01 F~ISIJR;~' C

Ii EO E1S9 !ffiSrlilO .' s

- 'f

,-4 .;#io '1:111

'3 31


l' ..ii, II- b ] ., .. '..1i_.Lii'. ~

~a;titt, ~~~ tD:, ~ ,a e os ~;~t 'lDSlilo.!K::' Ul~ m~gan1lie

we;lkbQ'liJrs.in,~. In 'the ,PO:i'J1ti.oM sbown ~n Figure: ,e two lln~$~, ,40 'f.l1lfII a, ,)3:Jrt., ale '5(:OE' ,p\a¢rilSfi thel

w~ of th.' "~~e'i\ni1" smg a set s~ .. (I hav'er' ~vert. ]~ ~a.~$' mdth meb""'U[.~tlllrnJ: as being~mn, I C)u§h it lRaY b, ,~Jig;h't1y less, sinee iI:ne' 'wli:lth, ot tlle reeese is 'g lJ·v<e:rJl.~,d l,y th ~

,] " eBS· .O[ tnt! lfiEi~"er ~U ) 'fh:e recess is rnl r.Jfl i11 tile: ,~~..mflIlIllat, a~ tbe trigger gl]jmd.~· 'hy' Q'r.iU·'~,; a enES ll[: m.mr£0I1nooIii\g holes Jr or 4; film I il .ilam~tm:, ,Tl,._ hole _ ,howe _b e driU~d ~l -,ge;th,e.~-id[~, 1~_of1he ':-rw-[O sro.n~'.rmtl [MId, \11, ,g' tn~ ~Q,g'e~ of Ole' ieee V'eI' w~ ('t~,kin ~ Ini'O' ~CQunt tbe ,w,,~m ~hfu'kness 0 ·'-the~e:h'tr).

A [~t~e]~ded .U ,_11 is -n w .u~_ed ,~,o remtl''IJ tn.fa tn'rwfl'l1t,ed' metal, [(Ph~cte 3,) :B'~(allJt:!' ;[b~ ffia-'""azme- well pM~G fl'mon: ~ the ffM.I@.~ne ~]~ '~'~,u~~ng.h~m. t~p'm b4lJ,E~tUn; a:a r entmwI re :-e5~ I~'S ,wt lDt<lir;_'U! _ nndemid e 10 f '~he lt~]r1l;!il~,. ~~ 8limJ~~', t w,~y QE loc~J'~ing flh'~

mfaC; position 6' the' lu wer l~C~S 15 bo see Eel ',two vmtn'OO~ lines,;' 4.:.a. rom apar (;. dJ9:1~ the·sL,e· uf .-. nm~Zil1e ~~'ell h~~R\g. '1l:te top et I 1,'

wa ]inea: ~.t b~ in aR~m'~'iIl:t"With 'e.' tlAflQ U:'p'~1i reeess tine,s'r- T~ make the ttqn' lrertiCB U linMi, . it is ve:ty. imp a.:rtrult tibat a .. J~t q"O are be ~s~d ~l en.s!~j'E ·th.e·y ·-ar~ ,~t a rilht ,angl[e 'm fbI!: " " pi' Of If}D te~]ve;r • .'

, "l ..... ~ •

. Il~ :hC'trom 0]1; I~l~e Irw(] verl~l~al lin, . fiO'W'

,olm.; '~m '~_I-< ad:-p ,siilion qf'lnf~ talw,~r~ ,~ 'lllc OATlJ lc[~ [,It4~ s~oJr;'!a 'Rines an llGW be mad,e. across: fh~ widJil ,[:I f the n,aguirK' well h01B~g \I l\m':@' tne btl', 'gm Ifl' ,', ile' bW a v,etn~l JhUis mm;-:lI~I~e ~~, :~nelwd ~~.: Th.e l~'ii' - ·~s

. ~~ PM-~l ~ '. • ~~I'~~l, _."

~1.UllI'~[if,;V ,"bel' £ut Q:L1t 'LfUimG, .. tI\-2 same ~netl ad .1'e~d ,(U the upp«' recess, ,A ~I'e. .["ih~, 'OO'Il. now lle pa ss~,' I a~ the 1\<a,y Jlllro;ng~ 111" . m"!l,nm

Plltn"'~ ',.-.lL.o'W~:r m.i'rte Wel~ PeGess:~, Mag~jn8 I!;\atr;il ~~,'Oi(lvG s'~' D~ Ie:ft

well hg~m and all the burs re o".ed. '-'buto '",. n ~ impumnt to fUe to the-score ,llln!$ 'l!m~, -'0"', her ~':~ -&lm8 O~lJt· the len§fh ~fatfr:t ',e~S5. The 'Width 0 _' ea ' '. recess is n~:8trided l;y. ,tbe Fe:[ci:wl~rw.alJ~'l' so ,getthig 'litis m'~lIS~mn~t WfOfl" , is: imp'lqs~ible. The in.s,~dle Dr the lll]iI,g;aZilne w:eil. nllUlstA, ,.ro_1l;qs! be cheeked to e1a.5U _ ~ that 'or 'is, smooth ilQJ1.free frQ{n ~lly' b'llm~ since ;a_j)y e:udl de~ect' "JKoill mal~ thllEl: mY:1.00rHc.'1il, ,olf .rhe mia"S~ 'e.Wclldif£j~ .

'W'i~ h both l{ec~Ss~S 'liin.is:h.ed·f· '~1.e,~~0uve' for ,~he m,a>~~in~ catcl1. <&0 b~' cut i.n~e the 'I,@li\"'el rear section lli th~ hnnsiJF1." ~ 'This; is a .simp][· pro~e ure e,arcii.~ Out ,-vi th a ~.iI re er fla file, the. groove Show:" be cut '7S() it -1$ ;a' '.~ W, as pG5sible;; .tl1te,~v~· Ttl' 1/2111 'wide by 1/41J It!eep" VVh:@ft lhe ,dep,th Q[ Ulle.oo' : is 'C:U ~ i1I a,Mwd be filed, ReS d~~p i3~ Q~Del~~r, unfU, ~f:here 'is,,,~ lhln (,2:.mm or', :'0) ~~ - 'lp ID,f' 5·teret t~fi ih 'tb,e krottnm Q~f th~ J¥o{rV{f'~

The~ final stage Q' ~onstro . .Cting the low.er ~f,celvl(lr. is [0 dri_I the 'h"r.~~ holea furl' \¥ill

U~~~~ ~he 'uppe:r -.ijnd ~,o1\~JeJ: m¢eivEf., . tlJ :be' ~~.1u.:ed' t~g~ther' m due 'Ol4ll~., The holes, must be' Sltu.fi,r~d ICli!n:trrrdly hielween the j['e~~.i\\', r walls, F'OTI this: f;6'EIl 5]) , -, at een erUl"U~ must h' s€ored, d.Q"V\1l1 the '~op "ide of the[ l'erelVlef' ,trout, end :~o enid i . as i M Igure D. U,sing thJe -m~D rem' ,·~t:!i Bi'~en, in, ~~tte. P~" .l2he P.Qi ~ tbn

of eech hole: is m,a~!d trn~ to lthe €[ente'r~lln ~ng 8 pun Ch. . ad, h01~ is. ~trilled .fitsi - :u~iF1g;~ a dr-' 3 nun: ,drll] 'i1J, lil¢!O- $dltl Ecl ~'i th ,> , l;~ mm "LmJl ff'hmrn Sl~, Wll01 IM~' 'tilm 0: n '-l~ ~~

(the JieC,~i\o'I~;r is 1iiQ_W 'rea~y, 10t fmis~.1!h~ f[OB't.' I< nd :r:~~EJ{i'dg-t:s of be ml~j,g3~ii:1:1! W~U :houMn.g Jll"osl be ~~(nlt'1d~d witb ~ :fib~ a11i~ ttLE,lilpDlish, .0- ,- flIQ,,['Lll f. 3jn~e Uti;.~ ,ti'Cl~ti!an o"f the

PHOTO §e; "f ~ ~ ~H:le' view·o. 'IfInisn~dj re~~iI\!'eir s;h OW['Fl ~ ~11,r,eHB: b~H ~~~t~ls~, ma.gaz!ir!i~ ,iiLn~ ,::!a~~rr~e~.~~~ ~

"', ," • . ''11 •• '"'' ' , 'lj II-L,.,:C· . ,", 'Tb, ~ ."-- ~;al

I~C'e11 V'e.t' A~@ ~~n.;s, a£t I~I,' l_ttt~:rlp, ne UlSIge

a]';rd ,sN.t~~,d:B' "'I!W,~Usn,),£' th,~ lr;e,celli~,(a:E' must ~~' dil~bd, .ror a"n:?-1bill:~ .m Bh.aJrp~ed g~f. ,Mud]. c"~,l :be '][;~mltl v.'ep a'~ < 1i'W ~P'!i1M:r.W '~t[']i1 i}, fj],~, 'iiljfl d

,;;.;Ji' "Tf1'" - - .~ s. .;j: ',II' i\;];.., .' ,","L, .'~"'d L

:mtn!l.'llH,i!H:E1IEr; ,I' n'~'8~~S" a~ lL.IJ*a 'retmV'fr, ·:M:i.0'iUJJ, I:.~e.

:~) ;~ .

p-dlbh~d with, 1il1L::m;~d'l11,;t]l1.-g]!l1t 'pap~r' ~o(, gitr~ a

~lOr&cl# ,p(!t'o~~,~sion~1 f:mlm. LlI~g ,i, ~s,lrteet ~rE. ~~dp'~~,et 'Qn ~. ,f~~ s ~fitc,e ,WId p ~;s'hiDg: tnt! ~~~iy:er ba~ .~il' f~Jith ~ve;r-jt \viU. 1r;.'r~jJte tl. "!irel1f' .pJ\ioIessianal fi':!:'[!j:s.hr The, ],O\1\!!Ie1F ree~e:f is, 'n~1W ready ~(1 '~~ D~H'ed to .~ upper ~eiVru"; \~'l1i~h is! 'tne':n.8Xt 5~~tiafL 01 fll,@ ]{la~hlf.8tm,"~dJ:'"bP b~ 'il:~lil~ bnctid.,

-Fl~WlRED .

lOW~F1 ~'EOEJV~~ Ef~tl 'H [j~ 'pes rrl~~s·

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'I! II
___:_'_'I, i 'Th~ tL"lb~· i ~ te'ri:'-po,r.ttlr;i [Y !le.' cured to the low rr rec~1"e!E:r ua~g R'!lO La, a"e hose e lamps. 'Th'e d.ip.s, ere placad atortna tl~'e end, ,~d .b~h

.t:re~v~m and !hnl'JlDgi~~y' ·)ghtfn,ed. The l~,'~er l'ecMi"V~ ~·hOll.bJI n~U~h do'm' dle mid dle 91 'the 1i1J3'p~:r .m.~~iv,ef. wi'th a n eq U~ ~ '~Uli! 0 unt 0 tuhe visible on. eirhe~·' side 0[' the to'~~.""r recf[.\(,~r! l'l

]' . b . d' , d if' :<Iii"", ,__..;".

:ro e:r can' -,.: U se ~ "to measure ea . "1 . ". ·1[J:i~l=.e:

• .: ~ , 'iJili:. • ....... t-.l'· '[ d '

1~' elJny acu ~ t. ·.LJU . ar..;S~ii..w..l;y IS ,e::o.,armpJ2'-' m ~.

'vise lower receiver-facin . up i -An 'L·.5 mm. d rin i ,$, Ins e ted thli'ottg!l. {)in .,', ~f H1:@ ~_:uee T tJwer m~e.hl~ t.hlt·11~1~i1.antl aEilEd ~~ d:dtl t~'li""N,Jgh the .hO~Ht1m ~i&.L':! of t1;1 e. upper -rce-t:etve:r tu.be ~ ,M.

:t.. ~ .. n·1!...~ L,~. 7 'rL, - j..~JI . . .i....,~ ... nown m r ,nt{)I;\iI .. ' ,. .~. ne san:;n~· p'roc~ u re ] s. nv...-v

<:~I:ri!E1d, out JQ:n the uthet' tl~GI bol - ,~Ig es, DJliID!nt; tlllnugh I~ Uu'ee l~inveJr 'r:~GeiV'er' hol e\s an c. info th~' t;lplp~l" rece i ver ,t be. l?..rn.; iIJl['e:stb~lt both .reeeilllE rs will be In p:et{~~t ~ L i PUi],@U1t" ':wben. Jitt~1Jy' boUed ~D:~:nn.el·" N'c't~~ '"vi' h ~]'e tW£~1 ;['2c~i~ve]'s ,~tin d~mp~4 't·ugethet 'th@ tight :tid,t:1


l'lle' l!IfpE';~ - r:~ce:iv':or wil T" 'i n Q tie cOW:3!e~ accept the b,aH! 1,. bl'L~ bmckl and RlaiJ!15'pring a8S€mbly.l· is ~ons:tnlrli2d l~r.o.n1, a I: eflt.T,th ,~ Bit; 0

S8.10..ftUI[" l.l?gaU;m E~ tUb1JT:g. The ,CEii'~ruog's

"_m~_ld t;ub~ ntmllftl.£m"[~~ and su ppl]lft[j git.r.e· ~U ilu~-a;~~~c'Ids .in m.illimetel:'5~ 1l1a kin g: some tu~~, Sll~~ '(a ther .d] nii~ld ~ 10 remember. ffil \[E, B~i a ill ~ i~ loc,k al a .rule_[ ,- ill BhQ.~·, that

. . .1Q riUn'·· - [n,', erts 9" /''1.",. ffi:@a;IDnu: thatr;he

J ,01

reeei Vel tube Is stan.dM:d 1 1/ '2 n -$q,li1arE' lu be ... ,

Tille geu,~ system is usually res,erv-ed fo'! 'the' d,ln - . !1\f\'\BJl1ed 'ln~hmg~l 5Um. ~ tnat ased ~or tb.e uppc'· '~~V~~j' 1.16·' gnt~e c:criv' ring Ito ~miIghly I., ;lllIm', TIl En e:i"o're WI;' re-q u i ,:"e, a 1" n g ,h 6 f· stmd!&ti: 11121~~sqn.am 16;..gaug,e tu e' .. FU:B~'a s'et" '8 ~ ~ .. m~d, to ;.sCQZf:-e. .iI 1 ini~ro IlJ.rnd ,~I ~ f.@lJi.f

:.C:".b r_'~_J.J, :t.. .• ~. ~ b,~~lk. d~...I' . Tir...i:' ill'" -

.zru:.mS· OJJlLl.l£! .mne. at c ''1:J!!I,.!I-V ~~uJ;S. rus 'W; , ensure

I • ~ •

. )'h'Bt ei(lCh:end of the tube m 8qtta:r~ W'~.t!-n t;:oJ ·~o a

l~g;tl1L of l' 1/ ~ I~. BUlh L~~:e- u pp era n d [awe'f tl:l~:-, " 'f~n~ ar~ ffi~ 'Sfl'lllIE' ]~Lh~

~ HOTa ~: uW~ r IFU''bd tOWelr: receTv~rs efmrlpEld ~'Og~I2M'9. r w~,h ~w-o h~a. 'cMps.

.?HQ10 1:. D~1I1 m"ro!!.lg~ I~wer re~hler lb=Ql~ hQIG$ and, mtfll idWlar mc~~v:~nub~. .


of the unrD~r 'mTIeh~,er 'mbe' l.S .D1,ar'OO Wifll. the

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le1:JJ:e;t~ HP (E]~cti,[ln r'I~)J;t).t a~S;"1Il Pi1t;1;u:e,'';. Th~

0p'~Hl~He side (left side) 18 m.a,rkJed with :tb.t'!, [et~er~1 EI,,;[ (EiEic:tJo'r l-~01e.~ Th,e b~o~~om, ~ld~ 'mf Lh e ' ub ~I' wb::ffr'e 1:h e. W e r:l.~,cej;\F e,~I]i ] Qm.~, i So: ~arkMMW'(",tagazm Wet) ',e.m~", ef ~i¥JlC h ~,d cd e I g ,~,~, e051l. fie 't h:at' the' f'tr II D'"\-Vilt'l,g re(e~$e'.. are ent m~o I he ~l ; l' -'itiell' 0.' [the mbe~ Th.~. h~,el ell,ps canno\¥ be en:u;):ved and the tW()faCe'~vers, sepata[e.d_. The' roWe!: ,~tl~iVer can.be put to ene s~d,", Sill~ it wlU not Irne r~q;uw,' it ,uTIli, ], a:ter., Cti:tUtl~ ~~cJ, re,~~~s 1'5 Cit 5ttaighJt:]o,~ ,ard oper;atiQlll requ:·rtngoru ~ a~l'lU and :fill2. As will11. tn.@ laure r racel\,! ~ro'1' I~a-h, ,fi3", 'filS,.. w£ti, th , t:'«c-~tiG,"' f!i"f ;~he SIrtfi, "ho]e';r ~s CEtt: hY'~1akirll a ,Si!ci:~L' ofil1b~i~qnn~cnn, ,bol~ ~th ,~ 2- Ok ~;.mm ~lrU[ bil"

Th-I' ...... ' ......... ,.., " , ~', .... ,..:iII ',it.",,'r ",' , d' .]~'~" ' '

II:! Sec'll , •. ~'5;;S(s. 1&, mdU.e ~J ,_ ~S.I ~ nJH.! a

:6in~.~ 9.., or lD;~ 'hnl~ aHd_ t1ben fi~lng,'to :~ts mt"lltmgo!;n: slt2lpe The ~~rul" bp.le~ ~ oo'il ~

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~\f~nm~ly\ijtCDJ?pt ttle' , t@Clto!r:, lis,,~ s·' ,~I 6 mm-

..J~" .:t:. h 1 -i '" l~,,;jl ," iI--"'l.. ]', - , .~ il.~""

1.:'II.J:amOl:!er. ,-:S e '0 f:l~u m LUI:!! eu:s lu€: (h( ,Iw,-! e

r:et'!,ei.¥Br' In :Che fUJS1:tion ~1(lW' ~ , Jq,g.r.ue P.

A :~~"" squ WN; 'i,l~tnt1d bm "J:l~e d to m~ ~~I:U~'~ e' ch if eeess is=t~:S: -J:~(:It~,~te as pussible. Tl;;:e dr-a'w:i,ngs in Fj~~1 F inu'-;~U!a"re th~' gfz~ and p~oHiti-DD' of each t]'!~,. "~ll~:'~lJ;d:l1t§ th, ,: ] e.:tte II" RlieierHr~e m~ ~ ensure L1l~t,eadt,,~c~st,: c ,t '~to '~1~ CQ~~"si&~ c:f the ulpper ~'k:eh~'@1" EU ~e.


~EC~ "pasl'f ON urrrms' S£R tB ED IQNmO AIGtfr

-tUD,E. "OF LJ PPEJj;ff Al2ce.\iIE~ "





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PH;(HtJ' s: Uppre-r re~lv.ar-tu~e.· Sfl~wiflg ~(~Uon ~:or:t ,and.

~ckrnQ hood e;-$ o.c .

--- - _- - --.......

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• -:.; _! ._

PHO. a~ 9.: B'o~Wm iij~;b~l) Vli,t~ ~f upp~'r r~ce~ver t{(~~ 'sha'lMlng ~~ ~~ b'01' nQt~sJo' rri:a~~fFl'~' wiiilil fU~Q saW' rn~

Wttb. n1~. ~jeeH:~n .. _pDli[, m,8,gann@ ~eU1 and sear reeess en out l(ml~~dS ~ '~TrQ ~),,'(he: . -reem :~1~ -'.1 . ~Qad:n~g nandi :~]ot. "s ('ut' mto 'the top: 1iS~ t'-tttmd cornet o· the u ,p:er mcei Vel. l11e

,slo~' is 12' l'il nl1d~, and Si null w.ide~ A , .

n ad:e~O n-1m mttOm lli~' b~¢f.clJL ~f tile r~6ei,?w; il1.ai~.fint fu,~ 1J~liut at W~.cll dl~ BLot S t~u ts, MaUlf rrtadlil n Dl:ad-e i2l~' rnm .. In (-rom. tEte n1tl'st sna r:k to ~ :r.d... the ej e' . :ti en - art) 1 whi c 11, mm.c:.'II~e~ ti1e _ ~rl1. of ~h - _Blot. Betc·re ~ . !il,~t· JcilLn bE dn1r'i - :oUt~ :t:I\e'-oOrner af fl~ '-~\r~I ~~l-ISt

'.' ~

be ruedJJ~,t between the tw:o lrrrtr-]C!i 'h.m \ViII

P'nlve.~t thr~ .~rlU bLJn1 . llidin, off the ':~on.i"E!r d~r

Ll1!..... ". JI.,..... ,01 ~ - .:.:1"""": li1 .'It-+ - ~~ • .Ji........ ..4 rill 'Ujld~' 'ret:et'v e It •. .t-'Uil!' ('j Illml UI!,a,:,iU.I .,~[t m J.:RS-t'Lgl 'f;~f UJ.;, '.

... I _ r -

nlang this; fla·t sectton, C'lI!!8,th .. S a B~,ri~" of

• . " 'I ... i U 'l'-t...1- ,. ~'Ii .. ;.::

It'i te'r:[n1-iTiie~bllli' ~'$il..d~;&. I:_ .n~ I~e bi~ _ ·~ces5. 'u:u.8:

E:' '0:( c'ann@l Dte prn].1l"t:hed Otd; it mUEi,~ bm cut tbtougli 'Usmg;,an iilIlC~e fFi.Jl,drer~ The cuUin.g· dlse 'is l1:&e;d - ,g Cli.l~~· -Ehirrf'ru,g# ~e ;f~I~ rtf lOJll~~., :I'h~ QJ - ~~g" ~ ~(-.~ m~Ved ba:::~.:an~p~-mr5ide

"',; • .,;:11 .~~, •• E: I. ,~'~J ~ ,;. .. 'f,I ... !~,e ·.Met tmLl.JL_ ti '1": ~~~e ~nOU";l'~ .,0. ,ftCC~pl:.a oI'tiiti:i

1Ue:.~,0liV 6.he'Slot ,rna' 'be 'filed t:(:k~ 'v~tid J, Of 8 mm, lti .0 l~y i:Fthe fi1l.iSl1~'d £I O.~ IS 8l:f:gb~1Y' higper :or t~er ,~ ILtl,e' Mtnril ~ '~~~~ight ~~Je crm.a~~€~: '. th~· (?ipu'Uet, ~l fh. ~l\'et:~lve~ SmOla this;



~ - -_ ..

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tlpp~~ -, r~~e . Alsolj' tiiG l~gtlj (or tl1h:kness) c ~ch G~Uar sho.uJd be t:n~ttbur,~dlf and '~hey ~hQlUJ.d h~' 17 to 18 mm 10:fi~-. Bad,=[ 'c'o,lh11Jr ts

'fHle.d '~vi,tll" ~ ~jU~' (setj '~~~~'w,' ,~~"i,ch ~1"~ l',g,h~~ ed r,,""! . ):h~: r5allgr Qll the lli;" ~ 0 rnlo e t1[! 'wh,lt_,Rft is 'H:t,~d (If']tavh): 10). Tb~' ~ub StJDeVlS, ~B.nuld De DnSC]1 'wed). an_' !en;loved 1:1 r~OOll: -U-ae' []rnl~ i n~h1e 'fb _ -r.~tI~iv'F~ 13 ~i ~n1 e fu~~d ,S' ~ c}:,et ·SCIl.::W,S . ': •• 5 'rom lort~ (~ .• easure:

(Ur.I tHe Ulooer.sill~ lui t]1:e' J~itlie In- the eml Qf' ~ lh~'Bd), 'and'il t~tl1'~ l"_I9~m~ed)f :L~':Hi'1l ~.~ 'i±L same ,tJ' ;e'~,d .siz~ as 1;11 gru' S'f_r,~.w'~. ' . ile.~ftIQ.n IJI M!,&nwrro-dl is, a brp ~~ui' 00 to lii the SGd~fll: 'S~_[m.y:s .

N,ow a t,,-Ua1 j 'ms:~~ ted irr~O -tl~ fr.~n~ ItJf the ~e~ '- -S0 tfu~, fr,(e i~O 1 a r -gru; , sc.re-W b ' ,ii!

lln~.s uf w~U, the holes in th~ J.~~~;r.J.ii'~:e a~ ~h-e :fe ~ei\f~r~ he ooJla:r lS ~c~ed -lIT pi ii' e w th

so~t~ sc:re:V!.i",. and, t_" a~l''f'~v lB· -tl,g]1.t~d firMlly w i-h thl:! Allen 'wfri!nt1i. 'iJlle' ~'e![ond C0]1~j tg, in. ,1'tEd inl0 tl" e rear '0. t1-u~ r~~elve, and se\~~F~d,'in, :p~a{le ·~tl'U ~ ,Be~tm.d, ,s~v dj',~et~~·~y bl~hlnd.the ,e~ectj.Dn p6rl.1'J.u"l\t th~ fiilili oo,~~~;r is Titted Itn' ,klr:e- rear af 'a,~ r~~eiver $D ~~('uted ,a:' w~ll", AU th ree S-(;J<cke screws 'Ill us t- be 'chQ~~d 1 0 ensure Ulat th6y' ar e [blu r~ ugl1Thy -Ijgh;,~t,o p'FeVtHl,1 tl'te' ,r~~"~ _ft-om_ hl'o,:ving~ !11,

,~]hj;'W's are ll'lrJ: dfill.ed- 0:11 :Ellle " her three g~des 'Qf the feC'f",l:vet !9'0 ei'lcllt callar "'\1"11] '~i:.cc~t 'fur. a mere serews,

OrU I t~S ,~nnilly thlTrLlgh the' 1~~Gei~f~r w ~ is and 1'0' " g to lsra~~ ille ren-ter Of . ~.a€h e,o,llitr' kilO L gpo-d p -af'til:t!~ sa t1't~ ]los I ~i: 0 11 0' ~ach :~O Uetr must b~' lucacl JG ~ fute ttl [d H-q~. '~WWi. n ir' Ie, ,",e l, V;\1 QJ is, '~,- lI!~'. nS a ~. ~'qm!!~ t'e'Score ,e H n " ' tlun.d rut .. ~ 'u"~e stde of the ~e.cclver In ~l:: w:Ftl1 '~T.ui:'e eenter 0 each so~t r=:crew fitMd' ea r 1 ier arnd. t1l:\.hln .rtl2aEUcTil1g tc the_ ',: ~~t~'r of ~ath.li!ne' .and p~ncnin~g a-mark, Tl~ ·'will. 'l-et:at@ ~h~ 'flosiUon cd the ~tjll~tS 011 N 00

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F1.HQif0 , 0: S~eel ool~r OOQWn- iii' et~~ t1~, modI II~t::Il ~Bliar wlm fQ!JI'~~~1 s -~eWS·I]Uel;l-

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[,' _, . , fer IBll e' ba rret bt~~m block acnd maln ~~ iUI~'elnlJ Iy~ ',' '0 II L- ~t~ h~v e n V!~:rjetl of (wtnn'n~1 ~~ a,s re;~f"Lir:tlng; ,at,~,aTS and pull eys M frj,a,cl1-l.rL,e 1~00t shafts, and the~, ~ - 1_ lei, mf&l~bl~ tf:omnu:LEil1J;~ 'bolt.fH~pp!~ers, ilfld ~e

and baniware t6re&~- .,A cOllin l~ Q1,e~~ by t1w: me' ot-ba1: it, Is"it~~fit; h~ nHle1!' werds, Jl you. need ,4 cpllar _ 'I flit a ll'-~tiM" 1:rn, y@~ as

" , ~ 1 ,1 '~UR, -or :tbls, ~.ch itl'e gun, ,3/ i:I;, I .~n~$S are ~eeQ,~--d. Tha 'c1J'~$lde di~~"'t (i(JD)' .n,f ~~, 3r/4-~j' ol]ar is-'m~l,aUy 1 :i7S"· ~a·.,'\fev~~1'

th~ rlD 5~lto~~a b.e "m:en~:l1_~'~ bJ 'm,ak,e: m~~'AiH1.~" ~_ ~a~";o,a~l]y'- 'cam". ar, rpss, C'Q, I.'ar-~ -that.., alll-l~~H.tRn ~t1,e!i lir,re 3/4~ ~ ue-nf'.'. 1 ,3lB~ 0'0' b~~ ~r. Tbis is ·dou' D the ii" t· ~l~'t mfferen',rn~ld~o~B. ref 5_t~e'l :~qnm,,~y._ni~~ c@,ltilL.ii

.~ mffCf;a1t sp~t:ift~~~. E~~)~~~ .18 ~he ,.c0ll~ are 1 , .. Iff! ODr" tney will b~ \d shde: _r1t. ~ml. ~ the

If the· ends 0' the Si~~lilg are visibl~. when Y'tri:1,·lo¢lk It1it'O.u,gh 'f'he ria:c;eiveJi ii-enn ~d· ~, end; "me SO'e'W'~ musf beshprtem ed,

W'i,th ~he J~~na:IS secured tn~id,"e the rem: ve - /PbOI, ,10' 11)" ale bfium· l~~~(~h lUocl<t al'ReI in-al.Mprin s., S'S, ·'e"iitl·l can be ~~enl'bl~d . and I:il·:t~~~

pr aeti~;al ,pulpo~~ 16, mm djarnete w Jh a w,a J I ,t ~', kness (j~' 3~'25 mrn, I m;e.n'l' on If':tis he,c,:3'11:1,seo!' unless thu.. OW of the Itu,bing, is meaUI:-e' wlt";L .any ~ :~d!'omeler fli)th~ ,I ': an.ene Inf t]~e r::Sln~ illgita1 ,~ype:J'~ tll1,e ] 5.S~, 01.11'1 l.fllill, 1- k Uke -:';, _ -.j

Se, " tu.1e--ss .m.ltcIla'niead tahoe ~ 5 " I it! 'use '

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'i;ns;~e,d in :the' uppem- ;rflCeiv,er land also al~ ~ 10 zrel :t -inJc;rrc~· en ts- ur extr41 S t·t~g;'th," 'Be fbre the b~I.rft can be a lSsembted, 'fh~ f11a.ffin. bat1iel tu&e m u~t be ehmrthtt~d to :aJ:;cmt-lhe 9 mmlmrtrw,~e",


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Retrali! Tilly: few. :pc:opl~ O\'ifU a l.alit&,'Wld, 'f'jV'~f:L,

f~r.ver ita e a b~~l riEbng rna _~ - ~.n~ ,o't t~1 tne11 t~,~UTh [he ahUlty ItGI U !.ii"e lI- - m, IOn "a-ny fIrt!Mn1 th ~ is' - __ . y hDntema.d:e,~ b .ru;,ruLa~-' o tlw -rHte& ~at:o:'l~l' UJ,1I;1sj~ be com 'l"o:mis~Jt for lIn: :~ta'J.;e- ,~f eo:ns'tiuet'krn the ;smoofil-bo:re , 18ts[.9-fl o#er$.. '\I~n'\]] :-' f~e :';;ei!~ru~y Of :the hW1 ~-I " ii~~h~']~ -fmp,cr tant".j- th~~~hine , un s, hlhm. nit flme:'pow€!rf means arrul-',:acy 1'S, of

s eo\ll1da~ ~ imp(:Jrt-a,R(~" 'ReUa:~lr getJt:ing ,~s

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L-o.r.mtJ:uc lon 0,' ,the barrel is.·eJ] rt-l;rH~""p rt ptmC1~s utiH:~ifrg, twa" te'n~ _" 'slt~e[tubm~ rrnBlan!e)~' ~rl tl~- Hve £t;eel ~on,~,,' '~e co ~ 'm i"s' ~ o · 't~ ~m,~ :~~J ~amely il-'~~ as, us~d,in th.I' tCo-n~tttI,C-~~~fN e W' ~~e UPple''' :r,~~eiv~r .. The

• L'jj' - n J b~ n-:L:."L.;. Ii! '11'" 'Q - ~

tm1n LI' __ '~,lu- e $ a '" ~~~Jii, '~I .JJ.~.,g, '.li.i

mm _- ,-~lEr~~ ~ -ldl~ni'a-l 'hJ!be" (l lis i~ th~, size llstoo :itl the ube manufiac:tui~,·,r ~,i.,ui,rra]o~~

m~~\T;ev;e~rr 'Wll!f:11L w~~,llt~d~ W 15'1 fUf' an.


~ A, iD"rE1- :·U '~,' .I- ~_J,' '-.

i:f ,p~&itS~ nfi'W~ SG '~!w" IS 'ru.y s€'f:ondhand. Because.reamers, \';~);tb st allP:¥~t and. 1 ~:pei:, df !HE

~xl~ft.Gii'lety used jIl,~pe.iirrg 'sh~pg th~Y' ~ widely av~ilabI~ 3~mIid]].a·~ij," T~e b-est sam~ at'S: sec l)Jrn;rdh~n,d m-aj;;hi~IJ~ry de alers _J ~J!u.i!Tle whole bexes ·6f ll~amlB-r'S, 1~:1l he .found, MJti1y Limes b~/t s~pcik ~ t_~$' tl'la·t afe WE pwtirte. ,JI7Dnditi : m ;fm'[al;s:d b¢ ~riha.6ed' at a £ta~iion 1)1f dllie j}e1~ price, t.~~ also .a 'g"god idea t(l Ieuk

.~ '11 ... '11 a, - II~~II"II L .......

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P 11 ~e:,3nl~~1:' caaml prJob~'b 1, b~ ,(_]tH7tined. ·v~.rw.,d'Wl.piy~ The ~tlting ,e4~' m~ t b~ .~' ,alld) undam~.·f)8d_:~ tboug:rl.l' "_.' ,i:n d{'ru~'t;,o ask an

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Th~-mHria~ 're~'~:\VilL~~thItr tJ~ ~m:tftp-(I wirt'n the fni~i.H;}fiaJ ~~( ~ h,rI"'),.~e ef 1~/32 crt' ·d _e n:udn[~ .• \~~l~nt lU.3 iIDffb 'Eh~' t~um. ~~ l-inSOil' 'means tha the ,f~~;Q;T :r. ': ucm[ - ~ In

a:iam~f~r £q:~' ~ ,etJt': (J ~"m Q1 re~1 giv~i ~ fu6ans :of_m!eJ~ ''in'ing, ti\~ :itmotllti tbe. r:~am.er iilf1ers·· from. ead to end. The 19', 32 Iemlt~! M!

, , .Qvtiall tenr;,tll of ,:~ mm. Th 'ij!~m~I' _~ :~' t b't:~,~ dtt:wn tJ' ji t~~h ~f ~7 rtrm u sJilg an:

I!n~, ,I;e [grlnQer (Faoito U1.. Thee st:r--al~'lt~-sl~ ()l£the ,rettin~,f. 16 PlJ] r i~1 ' ~;dce Md. c~ dawn 5d i[~'~Is' " '" \. ,~~] mi IIm\fr 'jet, 10t1ge.r th~n ~he: $7 ,'1m l.mgth ¢qul'~d. l{)n(!~ '~l i(bn,\fif1'1 fh~ oo~ 'C~ the, reamer is pIa.red. a;g~lrnfi'~ a '~indt .Iwh,,~·.-l [BiS' sq~' ~ -_lible ~ ~, ' :gr1nd'mg":sntf~i;e"r {[~he r,eame .i '~tgk~d ~Jfth' ~n,e' (m~· HLjlihll~ it: ~~s " t~UI1id d:QYltnl .~~ '~he B-t n.u-n Iengfh hz, ensure-



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t'&lt~~'~he !5';¥1d ~,~ a~s, l~,a;t ,as .,oosih1e" n ~ .di'l'i11 pte", rn' a'tr'aitab]¢;1 the sl1n1"~ed~ ~.~~ ,m;n li:J~',P u.t ,m tlt,@.' ~. cliu~~ ,~ ~ Ell¢l a'E W£" i13\~'~' 'CgUJ

~bJ~) :~'l\'~'~'~:la F'6rrF'e~1t~-f ~~:~Q a n~_t ,~~"dl~t~n~~, W}jtm,~u~r m~~od .~ flt5~d~ '~~ '['f,il1'ffle'f .,.QuJtl[ ~~~ -"He: '$7' R~ ju~. NTI;~ Ul~ ~ the 1t'1~~ni~ (~~, be' 1:[1' itj]r 1 .mm J0'Dg'et or s':~.Gmr. than 87 mmi' ,~l!!t(f~ Jt mm mIll:uM" \t\~ ~~y . 'will. h:lve .little ,irmpa~l Dll: tn,e Idl~~eM1Qvs: ~i~ -[he fh~,ig1'u!dl G_b~]~'er~ .A fiea~'&utttm g eag~ nuis;t ngw L1~ ~t{IJJllld ~nt~,· '~~ tTi til@' sirx fIu:~es aJ '~h,~' UlOOt ~f t~l~mame:r; . . J1lls··'~ho'~ ,ttl ~1;p~ [, Q~.~ 'c1:hm:Hn~ ~~[ be ~f'b"ilh:d ,a~~:y h~ aJID"1\1i"' ,e~-aG~,~h :a~~&~ to 'S~ai~~ hl;j;e, al~~ ~ in;.>

, 'ThE bIDPI~' ~. ~e nu~~" ~~ hl~: ~am~~ed are

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t~u&~d ~~jl~t ~ :gritldhlg·~!heel.~n_d~·~.mbv~ em; an ·angl'B:. 0nly ,,~I~le' 1'Opl 'eig~o'f each f~'Ube: l~1 fenllOllledL, 'N'QW Jd~e :b,lR~k ed:§~.5J 0 f the - three

i:e:tneinhiig 'fhltB~' ·are c.at..efwlly ~lar:pen~dl tt? 'ereaf>e tIme ~ u'rtets (Photo, '1'3)" Tim p',['oc,ed'U$~ :sh.cHi1.a not' b~ overdo]]~. ]3;zych ~,f .~hE' th:r~;~ ~41i~~r~ :sno~t:I,cl. h~ 'g'ii11ll1n·d!. t.air.e:fnJJ.y ]'U1S:t until 5rh'li:rp ~nd, ]:10 fruth'f1.1Jt, If I~,OG ~uch "$h!~"[ i~, ~t~ Ja;rid, a \'f/ ay~tta;£": ,~:fbrts: wm tie _'[h.L~' ~I]~~ sha'P'~ md, wD[l]:IDot ~t~jI al~eI" ~f fbe G~~d (ti[lut'ns:inn~. A ~l~ t);f! ~a:r::~ "~&ke-n. w,~:f'n. CiUJL)'mg"

out lQis opeta'titiQ will TestJ.I:t in .a T~,~~ .~'S g~'Qd a oS,· ~XD]rtbj~:: th.~ ;pr~;tvl2 s's iunbl ~~am:~t:t nl.aker can 'p"rn(hJ'~'~ The :Wr~ame-r' "~~. n)~w fi::rli s'hed I' bt.il.i[ b~fore II :can' Iba ~~~, l~i~~ti\_E';8i1'y! -.~

g~ bsl.,e as.~e:'rnb~y ·ft~1:]SE lOe' \fQ1]'~de:~' ~.itlf.IJ~~ ~,!: li~pv'e ~~'ed f~h-t~ reamer I~IO' C::~ t ll~1.Jl'l,e:rCIIl~,

:ti:h,amh,e~s~ 'wi-Hwut '~he ~l] ~G~~ the: c1FHwIlI1P.er m:evita'191y :001th;, UJ2' !1e~g ~I~U t ~~~rnb;:ed. due. te ~~'!lnri,a.m error. W1:'rqe Ith,e,o~r~i~~ c~a--,-fjf(no.er w~ ,~tHI inc:,i;.T Ilre '::',e'~'Ff~',lil .I~d IEufteti~11J t~ '~3:r~~f.tiB fhat :the:f1Fed cases wUl .abo .be )QV:~fS~~,ed~ Th~ w ill <tre,a:rl~ p:r.0:bli!mB .if j_h.e ~ ases are '? be rel ~,a'd"ed". T~I ~~:S is, f kElr :th a. It:lljrt.Fn.~ of. @LG .oc~ufa;t,el," ,sjz'e'd' f~~rfiibe'r~' i! re,iUTIe't ~1Jio;e ,is es:sen!~~l 'This :~~q'lL~es a ,1 ~ lertg~1lh cd the' ~iiBl. ba1Te1 rub~,:' 'Q,5tm: % ];,25)- ~1eng on~81- eb:ld1el ::rtlm, '\'vll1- be fh~· ~e1: a;leflln~, '1tl1~ botf- o~ '~I sle;ev:"e i'~ ~am~d 9U.t '1J,]Isw,~:.a: ta mm d~iiU: b~g ilrt~rea5ie i~ti m&:ide d~a~er-el'-" De 'l~' an~w the .,~hamb.'H' r~·,~ i.~' to, ,~,~[{le insi:,~ ~ "[I't,e ~] ~e~li~"~ Albe:rn'ilti.v@iy~" .llie' btl,mte' ~f Ul~ ,~~e~v'~~_cm ·b~ ~~'aliRed ,t)u t ll'~itl, all :unro~: 13)'31. mpe:['-~~~nu~r;., The l~~l:er met1,tlg is I he '1l10st ,a~~c:u:r.ab~ .• The ~,e:~T-n'lr is til '~n'~d 8:n.l] 'I Itl1'e' sti an k '~5:. ~ UJ'f~id im1.de: tb:e ile,eTv'e- ,to i ts 'fnll l(lep'rh~ Ta~J1 the sleeve .it; turned a:l~UIDld. :md th~ athM ~T."Hi is,

CH~ B~j~!I.N c; TH ~ Il!ARREL



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slid into the sl~e m1dl'~dJu_cted '_. lUaa' I. ~e'le:n:d of, the F~ameJ: 'plO~d~ 15 nm1 r1Cnl' ~e' fronl:

Io.f tbe it- e~~ as,h\Jtt.a,fO 14'~

: ·o~y thE 9€fle¥l is, Hlghi'- ed ~~~. prevel1 t tb e ream er ~J rom BloVtttS. ']Jti.s. maa SoU lI'em'en~:nou]_d be: ,e~a[ct, ,SlS. ~t dittams I:lbu~ d;~ptlLi 0'1 the ·th~mbe [: rile' sleeVJe lnt:!ft.tfiSE::'S the diarn e rer of the ~met' an, allows Ith~ iiltn:'Lg 10'( ~ih.2' gUid.e. This is, 8,0~ 'm01~ thall ~: sr;· lot 6f J~8l'· ro l~hi t;.p.$; l~~:ga!\l~ :(3J d·ff ),'b~eJ slee~(e tutu·_ "" ~efen:tid to',~, The ~t~ is 1l 't ~:tfu~e . ed to, "the' ea-l]lJtT-.a,sSl~·m.1bl~:y blut T',e:m;~(ru[ it Iense remov.iJ,1blie il~tat~~l1t. O"=""e; the r,ahmer ~.~ gu~4 .' :m:t ~Dm111'eh~~e, ;~.~'e f'rel~.' 'e ~])~ 11u~ Ulinn 6~lf" 3.25 b~l tUbec is ,clamp~L in a \~Q.e ~@'i IfJ:t~t ':40ff G r 5·1t. of~i? 'ml~

mtmde~ ~m :th~ ~~ide1J f tl1.e iritre The ~ . (l:e'-J"

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~u'~"ie tub _ prevlfidsil ~e' l:eaw ' I mIn mavml ,&om: sl'd~' t~ s;.fte'·~ 'e.mureJ~J.that the rlll.tmber .~ 5 ttl t lit a -:;Q; 1 t. . small;[ milu:o:t ~f fOT'waxd

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is b~i rnJ.; t~~ r n 00 B 0 tba·t..U wUl e 1Il.t in'to ~h ~ '~attel'$ hOFe- 'Whe-n 'the r~i]mer t!:tJlJ;;L.l2S to [ st9P H1I1d ca m:Ql 'IZtt'( a:q:r ':~~Vm: vr"· ; rm _ l e

';'l., ~ •. ~":;:1.::, ,'_ ~ J • ..ll- 1.., 11.'1,.:;, _ . c· ,.~~'..,.. _ J,l;,. '_ l.~ _ . ,

!..JIJ!~~.erl;krul I1JO .U,le [~In"'iJl"e, L. ~PJ;,ll~ D .W'mIm. _

The l'I1a'nler is...nBW 1l1'etTIio~ed wxd_ any Dle;~al ~1;mt ' bt· rNlI1 lout ~f the- barrel Lookih - :~r2t~-. ilie 'time]" 'reQm! th~ b.te:~. \-~iU ,:'1 ,1ll .. ~ ' .. bR1lQW.··


b:tlo the cllambcr. Thlt?' mrtrldse-;shau1d ~e In u!'der its· wrr ·vtei vh wi:I' I;tn I any '£n.dD of: .: .' .~~e' arid ~g'rne ~·a· pmhli~~ top ~ ~ 'lilt;, ~b eu J ~er. \'\I1tb 'the ronnd ~an1.he1ad fi the ba~5'e ~f the GarLLld~ .sl'ttlu!d prolJrUel.1e ~ If rn f" ·'l1i -t!ua breeclirfrkfl' ,~ban~~~ tPh:.o~ - 'I ~ r Th _

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first 41f .oJ '~' b~l 'alL the bre.M.l to allaw line'

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co ~ 8[1"),"~ slide on !t"ID~nthly J\v'O lOUars'.ale-Blid.

ollb~ ~ ll::iJlttel sa fg']j~w,ed, by 'L17H~' ret~'i nln g ,euUar,. "'W h mm is removed ITUIn. fl1e upllE~r r,:e~e,t\~er. ~ o m;oire_coUars ~@:~J~~il ~rf.~lty- ~~e. .r:~~at"-e ': tnd [h[~," gr~' B(tla~rs: o:l.nil:Enur to,nm~ a're[ tlgrntooea to F 'el~rent them .&Pm 'lUUOVJJrlg Th~' last collar. to be: .fin@d ~nId 'b~ lJ~vru wi;t'h, the[ '~~eh iar,~ of "-~e ~ami. 'll:!B ~ru--·ret~ir"n8· eo " .remw:n~1 Ieose 1 ~and:'i~ri,e :ie,d b eh~'e en, 'the tWit-;; S.f'iW" of

It;:onar~'~ ~, bBil;"f.'ells: nG'w . '.ill , ,W3Islilmld.t.~ I but

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_[;,~tU1.~ It ];S, .!loIlt'~~e I 1!.~.!;II:le".f~~el'i!;I:m", . ·9r;~:~;rt.i~'u:~.

,ell~teJi u. l.'HiJ![a [·0 ~eveJ. thi:!! ~e r1lnl{!, f~ h,,,rb~bs ('~e~ rhptc . 8' E 'This qe lp~ e~trldi~1fl 'jood .8iilnGoltl1:~1V imte the, barrel, Th-' ~Ifl!t:l:.w]clth

•• • • i/o

of the llieve!. t$ :nat :at] ti mt 'I s IDuJd b _- b~. - ~

'1 I~nd ,2 ~'1:m 1~ri:4@~ A i,~-tLnd - it~,~ i~or,o =,tj'p'e

(DnCf! ;~ ~ham'ber has &em rut, h,. h~j

_ , . b..;r,.._ l.,."1 ~.:JI I - • :." r.' ..

[ 'f'\, Ie at:Si!i~"W!!. ~ m O1'rnl.u .... e.!i,!

r;rr. It ~11tI~fmd.:Mt:rmLsleeve are' wBs:lied

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in~Ta. -ned 3ut and lTtlen drled, Some hig,h-

~trer1g(h be.aq e}cUtali,e leta.itl·e,l, 0 r the; m~IffiJ ell 'Il ~y ~1i1P - (i ~41-m. J. B.. Wel~)" 9:r of th~" fIJT.ij1 i"~bi·r;:",s~tl ,1:Z~OilO:y Ia te type'~ (_if :thartt a.I·~, ;f\ppr~ ~ I.a{ldl~ "II Did· s tD Fin, he: ieplQX y ~ yp 2' i s f [, _: . ID ~I .is. awiHed to 3~f tu· ., i~ e,' ~'b~i ~t tFl_ tm~ .W·QW tfie ~ htooe tube hl ~H:d b,~ er 'lite. q~ 1n;i.til ,ne en .Q ~b _ I tube; rule 1 veL The bnrF 1 a ~e11tlb I y, irS La i d am a t ''i''lte:]. siUrface ~ It

:pp;r01tUJ,'~~~-eJ~~ l[J,m.[nutes U1n.1:ll'Ill~ aahB.~iveem.,

_ _ Ii! ~ • .. ~

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, ,m the OM: ',~(!;e, • f the b~l wifu a ctollil; ,ana. then the fl:\l"'e;,: 3J PI CQUa.1Il: can he fihe.d (se~ 'hatu 17). It mat be neeesS'at',Y to 1P ," Ii-s·h ~he

'Horn' 8': llam,e,~h v:l'ew Of b.ar~'!" ~~,~~ ~~"el iH~~Tl~ mOLJilft..,r o~1i;llm~tir.~

g!:tnds:to~e'. tQW ·[,1.!ie in ~ band ;~hln (o~ ~,a f~.,t po~,g ~P w:1·tltr~~itre· .pd&!hlng ~GmpGlmqJ Can a 1.511[2) ~be ."l'J: sed 't,O' ueante ~n ~xli~ j.:mnp~~h roandt,~d 'eJTL1'ari~e I'~ ~be' th~·m~-cu;. F~i 1(~01~m~fi'(:

PU1~@);~S'j 'l:.@@ c®~~lillik .C1Lll,'~q(" can be USlE~d to be'Ui~ .1Jt1~ ~ml1~E' .for ~. pm~~ssi.en@.] . ifli]jh, .. N~w

the, ~at:r~l" ~~ .!Slid j.n~~;@ tl1~: &Qn.~ !a~ ,rr~ up'per ~eiv.N ~PhG!t0 D' ~d ~(flHiLi!lfm'~pl~'G-e' "Wi1:~1 the £L')Ul sQeket ;SC:lF~W& Th~ jiLl!~111l:ay hav~ to be ·I1Qta~d. ·Iin'lib.e 1l1P' ~ .bolBS m th,E! fell:afuing cellar witn 'tn.mllie· mi;;:,~V~"~ 'me ~~ij '~an ~ ~oct#t ~ m~~1 ~U ~til, ,~,~ ~n a~~ way ..

:' .. OTlh B,~a r;in! . a .. d H~e.ifijv.'e [8; ,Ml. ,~xtlEm:~.EJ., 5't~'OleUg" J'il~Uj d.rletainlng .:e~mpBITnd wi:,d(e·ly u$eQr in the. :C,~"f' m~1211~~ ] tom!" sets ·wham. air is ie!Kcl'lll,d~tt

'mU' ~rn ":,oJ. 1 i::' 'j:j:.a-;..~'" ~:b... l!: • rbr ·c " ~~ l~ lEi ~a._ J ~r.' re.uIl'i';'l,ilf1"g·':' H;J];~t-ntt]~'l~:

•. < , .' - I"""" I' ... < ~ 1i.:' '~.

1iil~If1penen!li3!";~l:U:~ .. ' as, .eaJ'~'n~' Wllill'ils, ,. "'~' :

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did"~vr'l~ld~ 'aIWht;: sr 'b •. "IJ]e ·~s ~

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·el:rtl~~ ~-a" 0·:0 :~ he CO.1'8 t.cu.-eH~m oJ

~mpmriS1?d ~~ Its ~ ;ap.vmlag~. th~]Jgh~ ~' tm m.,t;~[lEb~e :Sb;e1Jg;t~·".a 1t11~

"£ac.'b: '[h~ t U IhiElikies 's~er,~ l mln utes ·t~ "Sf'tor ~~ U~~\\\~p .~~p1e·~~~faf cLmnROR'OO!fS ~m :De ~l·~m.~ b~Ji . a~1]i,d . ~d.j' us ~~~L ·8 eOrrm"g a)rjl! ~J:v~ .. or b$UriI~: lit:~ ~.~ jij;a ~tJm,~Ihn~~

f:an~"di!' ts·.a\'iTail~'ble 'hom nut.,_ and lb~"1il :s,~pp]ie:ltiSiJl' ]:~~. r" nlj ma nu ~13;t:'tUile)cSj car ~~~l~~.f;~:i~l ~b"0:IPs ~. larrcl- f't.\l)~Ld i:L~1"d~r.·af.',~ s ~nf~'S ~ ~U "FHi;h-::strleIi,gth. a.dhl~giV'~ ll~ ·~~vai%able·~. medhim-::-s~~Ii, will de; tn@' jttb iu~t ~ weJl'f:or~_d:llr' P'Qr:pCiSe5 LIndler

.s oJ J'", """. ']

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. [n ~]~e· ·~.rd ili~ly "~V ~~n.t 'lhat no lu~,a.frru~

:r1Ili '-- . , .~ ,n 1"1-' ~ :!:.:[-' :1.1...,.~. ~. ..1

aa '~:esT'Ve 1:8 a~,a:UiLI'LJ ,~'/.' or a"iLl~1Ihl I~~l $J.~e:~te t5.

ffi~ ~~o~ g~ug·e ama f~ too~~ a .fj~E~- tlle lim~l

: ~~mbly em ~e. sij ~M""iSojg[~~~i tU~,®tb'~l:. TI1i;s w~,n. 'reiL~p~ 'i 'L"~ SiGlm€ .low·~.Jlne·Hmg-pomt .siIV',er fj·old,e_:r i;fm:d a propane .gM, tG1t;r-L~·h., TIlle .~il~'et selder ~~ 8J~:m.u.~~.~~jl"©m mQiill,ell~:fi;~erjn,g I~Q;P~ ~,~~~ m~ijl~~ st,~~. ~~F.ie 'buntk~r~, ~uy tln~~ ~Iu.pp,h@ .. s .. P~qpagi2 .g~~ ~Mffi M~ wtd~Edy.

l~iiiJiJ\~D];~ ~am "flL'1ICl~t sn~d hm4~'m~tnft$.,

S:o:m~ 1I1,ux p~·~aer tii 'mhGe~~1" wifli ;a·d~pp ~t w~'t~1!T ·t~&'it, Deoonl.eSo' a ilih],dk. _,~te; Too paste .is ~?F.d~;:'dl tB If~i~ barr,el il1 l~,e :s~.e '\~ay as the I~~w.~:~dl. l~~t: t_w~Q 'blb~ ~i:4seml}}l~L. The f1rlU<~ .~.is .~ffi'a~d 'wi~ 'the ~<s's:'wirldl 'lidlflill' t~ be['!_ a illigtIt t-sd ~~ja~ ~rhe Si~lIjl£H~ slO&d·er is ID~~d:tn "~JG.']lot SIE~l in fllifa :~~~. .F.o be- J01ne~ mtI:ll-tne ~~(rldu' RflW5~ttJ ,~he jednL The. tisiff-eJ is IDidtf Iqtl~m.ed ~u-~.anow~ ~ 000,1 on ~'~ ~:Wni '-and theIlt ml]l, ~~ so ~jd etr h~ rl1llll0~~ d. wi-tho ill 61 e- and ~~I~ ftI',~~l. 'i's 'p~li~l~ed ~vi:tb. ~endp~pa. 'Ul,l!. bHt~ assembly' ~h ~~ d kfe ~Ql[ ~:e:f~d:. il; t ll:..e' ~1idli2I;.· SltH~ ~riyhaa;ting, fff t'[a~1 bt.~d1. ~.~a sb.-atJi1a; ~'avo,r{l~,. There!.i!s '00 :d.mSe£ Q·f ()~er;~m,~I~ llID8G ~ j~tu:::h

"I'!JI,' ~. ~ '~",,"~..-:L:'I!..10.._

~B!~er m It:! r .~I,~-~ ]j;It.~ I~D~.

A '!ihgrrau '7']' l.e8~an hi snij[{~r-,Q:ol~~r.mpr, i~· n~ t

:v,... ;u. ... :::".!~ - ,- ;<\.§lj J.... '"(-

p~5ml~ in "~~ .lim.Uoo, '~ali;e arml 'tilble h_~JI. 00 It. :i~ _~iuJl·vi~~jbh~1 ~~ 'p~a~lioo m ~2'am ~js olf.-n~b:d. 'filISt

:5l~~B~]'d·~rrmg-~ ... a ,8im:,f~ ~·fi~. ·~~illJbii~ ,to~:~9lr' WUb a .~maJ~ amoUD ~ ru prJiOOleLm. a~""A!:inJ ~e .. OIL~,~' _;r~~u Lreme~1ts ,iffit~~ lnw .m~Hin':l":pQ·];]~ ~ I~\l'et: soUth~r; -~ ,~d !Tp~all1~ h}wk

... ~ .. ~-=-='f' i"

If"""!~ .i\ DTEU (£ \., .... J]Ll"' ... £ :J..\:. [jl

'It, .. i;h ~e barrel fltfed'" to th e r,~ceiy~ WE can ~ilntlnue'itO:,a&ScmblE and fi~ tlte' breech 'blsE.k: ill. JtL ~'e y'~lU W Ul. rro ~ be too be red :w i th this dmpte / ': RJ:~ c~mtructioo 0 . the. ln~ch b,,lotk is-I wi;n iii rQu;pl~ of ei~,a:p:lti;o:r:us~-lden:ticru :k) _b~t Qf the barr .... d" The b "each bloc'k i's :assembl~dJ .finm a. S;,r ~ef1g; :\.@i 15.,88 x 3 .. 25 rom

tub-e .. ,a ~']1/4~ '~~tb I~df 9 .. 05 x l&..~rang[~ hi~ir 5lli1d ~ix' 3/411 coUar$-e~actly the &~me



~te:dalB as llsed. 'w m~ the b.. n~l, th.e two e~oopHol'ts, .~~ a 3'~ -};f')l:tg ~pr1J ~t pin ~d ·m. 2, ~el~gth at ;r[~1IJ.fi~~ .. Ht~_e,l. r(id ~ . V~u' may n,o't b~ lantT,UaL .' ',ith -sprihl, pJll,S", 0 ' 'Selotfl' pins} as tl1.e:y ~ .. ;[..e' ~H'n1:lt!tm]~I~,~, .c:aJ~ ed, -8'0 ,~, h;rje. descrri.ption af-fuhem 'is, in. orrle'r .. , A s;pdl g p.m, is b~~i('~F a tuQ.e tL\'l~rl. frorn ~p~iLlg st:t€l M~,th ~ ~d.Q'~ down i Is ~n:.tire ~,ength ~ ·'\tVhen ,flt~ 'pin is 1:a~1.Fed into a hole, the 8101 atto'iAlS tb~ '[Pin 130

cn.Jlf"T ~ER i:NSIOE 8.dTH IENl)S


"IG.blfl£ J\

SPFur;;m ~ I N MODIF]C~ nONS,

fiGURE ~

ihr-i nk s~ighD:y m d lameter, m~k]fl[g, he pin a:

Ug~lt ·It. H m~$e he' ,ill ~ D'~' sp,:in_g: stc~~~ it 1~,r1Je_s to Ilcrtn:81 :,0 i -g. 0.t~gin~1 diam,·~t~· and so ~ ip& :Ul~. 'W~IU oJ thtSl" hofe. ,o1ik,(? a 1Lt~].1r!lve;ntiam;Ll Bo[Jd 'pm, '[I\e ~prmg' pin carur,toc [OOOW1 up' aD_:, bdl L?ut due-tc *,~rif, 9pri:ng;, piM iIE~ wj,~lv ,- v:;illabl~ fitiml mos ( s~ -a 'hm:"d\-viu~ ~Oh~~ an d tlJ)lte ill an dta:rneners a:nd. ke;ng,du~.

F 0'1 allr tmp1:-o~ed: b rellm 'bl,ock~ ~ ] /i _, dhlm£'tE'r~, 3~~~'cng ,p:lrn :is n-eaJ edt Fil'st~ ~ ~t), ;\~F1 in, FlgUte J" the taptr mm ,l-':e r~lovud, from ~:re EnI~ of the'pm 'V'lthlh 13! ~;dnoor su the end Is \:~lmprlclety rJlt'tt, ,As ~111 lhre r~am~'1i,.· if a drill p~r:e~s, i~ a.\~labh~ .. :-tlu,?' 'pm ,~ tie' 'placed ·11;11 l4i1JE~ chuck and l,,\v£ved '011 t(3~._at nll,[~ giH. ~~~on~ to eF1~,ure tha·~ [~[~n.'d i:S: as ,lIar !IS"pnssb!le .. 'Nmv [ttlh e pin . S: damp ~d. irfa v~ mal a [~F~r '~t Kef (!1l o~· ~ ~,(l!Jllt~Dl{) ~n itt flIri!t mnl~ te' 1.1 E),e. ' ,to' ',m,l t a [~ap ~~:f i!Dnto :UIT~" h;ts.idc .~dg>e of I '~e :fi~. t'_

. .....I.JI' ,. b1 1.1.. - .;.'1 s: ri... • L,~ 1

a:tl~·e;~ ,PJO 1.JJljjL~ 1Ll~ .~~ ':ry m~ UJ!; un~ .pl~lIl,~~fS' a

mm Well t tnie'kIle5[s., The pm: LS! th~l1 urn~d aw!uttllflnd 'EirncoffiEtr. 'mnP-1 ~ _tnt inLD W, 'athIir

. - . r_rIiiiI'" I '.

~nd uf the; Pin t nfj] UHs, ti~, has-a wall

Hrrtid'm,ess QI£.il~ Wfut 1 rnm Photo 20). , -rm] s.,end oJ ·t'hf pin, shmdd nm be; Ba:tletll_.4t a'~ j t mus\' ,k~,~p' its '(:lIl:t~ ta.p - -ro

Wlth,lli,~ pill n1:~dlffied~ ,the fh~~ng- p,rn. rod. em b~ ma.de and - ittcd inside the s;p~r.mg 'Pifl (5e~ 'Firgure K):rru! ~~ ph' .r6~:_ is made frliln1' 'j 1/' jl,t l' ---cdh ' ' "', . . ,·_.;jl.:i,_" -- ,j,. - ... ]1 ,A A a ~ '. " ':f' e:n,if'j, .... , Q;, v ;~Dtm~me.:,er siE!;;'!' r-:ou~ . ".

2 .. 3JJlJE ·h(;ile" - /2~:de{3Pi 'i~' Gj,rine ~'. th~ ~nd, ~:d'

-ihe ri]~, a!S"dooe to -tbrA CEnter;8' R~~iJ:d.[e'" l1e

FiQ~e ~ll ~en«H1Uy, ·2l!cf:ept the fidjfi,g' 'pin - 'he'I"Qd i~, ,~ljus,t~d SfJ the. top[ of the fu~S !1P·in hole is 2;:5' rmn. be1:~ 'tJ~e Gattermd rtm.d sf the Jip'rki(fr pln, ,M in Phtito 2,~ ~

TAP~N~gaN& 1J. ',D~L'V~'.st'![;fJER IROD

. -

IJ Fi~Smo'N

t:.!II!P ~Pfi'NG .P,IN A;m~e:kV [fIffO T~

I j

PIHaTO .2~: Firl-ng p Ii1 rrotl 'Mit;t-ad: ir$l~e ·.9fidln[il! pill! lliu~ tQP of l1e fod ~Dufd be.·25 mr:n' b"eto.w [h~ lend. 'oJti~f~jJinlng .P~:n.

P.HOrJl'Q 22: The. S'lPi'I~g p~nl ~':£:S8mt1ly fUlry ~ea~MI "in the' brae.OO 1t,11'Cll~~ hJtJE!.


- "

~~\¢a.~~ UU~-""QI~~ will 'tmulv 'be a :few mi!;mns thic.%- .00 "_Y, illn~ 'ltmmr f~'\~ w 1(11. jLL\e June ... 'll@nmg o:f th,e 'Virr~8J,pe,ni :M.ter ,the ·sfI'.ll;l:i, ~pin mss~l,)' ff; a rn\l'ed l~'C(]ol" the pID11l;,p'~li~h~ y.r11h $m~d.p~perf to ~ ~lnove,~y, fl~residlue~

, ,. ...

The frring~ p'm, l "iI' '11 he lri~c,tea 18 ~~/ but -FO'f

now" tne' pin a.SI~mbly must 00' u't . ,.'one ~de: iMdi CCftSI:mt:.1:iOn Qf ih"e' I'E,St of' ~, te lt~ e'~, "hle~ be,gLml .. Thls'i-eq_m:m~ a'.5rr,~~h I: 1 -"S,' , x S~15 'mm t:~b'!e" 'lb e br-H:e· 0,( "th~ ,t u~,e m l!1'$ E h ~


BHQTO a~ 'Breetl1il 11'100'10;; h.flly ,&"8semlll~d ~vr~h :§~ ffill~us ~tlH~ 'boJt I!fJ ~tlon

Mil1rtMJtf, , ID'l] mm by- donning tnrouglR it-vrlth ~t 11,mm drill bit.,',(]~ Oflf: e..,tlIO!~ t~he ,lJl,)'e'is, _4 ~t W-il:h,~ '2;,5: UII11 bit bJ a dep 1: of 1 H r ~ef1 too b~JD 0. a tube is reamed Du,f"~n I,h.is.

r'3'~ It i5 be,~w UB~ ~tNettll'dlHem~,t drill s:ize~,

,eli ";ighl''y larger than Ifrte last, nl}Ltil-th~ finltll . '0: m~l 'l~ ~r'tev'led. Thi~ pre" ents: the' bj]t fJ"1IJm 'W;;fu~der~nB'"ou't of ali,~ru:t:t 'w.it~1. th~ LId irn.a] ~at'e au,d ~'$1~~ ~a,t~ .ac,(1l:rat~ in _ Jl~. 'lite 'Sp'~m8 pm assembly mn n",w' be hl .. [~ d Tnto tlte 12!.i mm. ~d of the. wbe~ A coo £I' b:ea:rll1g 'adhesiv "is-,a1;lpite,d tel the ell,a

the. sP~'" wl~th Hi, tb!!n m:p~' d :ifl_~' '~e tU~l? ~ 19.r~ ~4)~IfD'm!lt 'be Nlly seeb~il ro the ma~'~ d.~p.-th ~D""jred,lnf the [·'I-deen hole

I ~tr'. '!i' .c

~hDto ~2). SVri~~.,.a, ~:~n:~ .'~~,11. 'iK~ry, sl ig,~_~lr_in I nll~ter htun, .. u:;tanuJaeto:rer to rna l11Ltfactw Fc.

rl' H - reasr:In~ i ,m~' ,b ' 'fIec~~~=rry, to lncrease Ul~ di~(d~Hi1" atf the' hi,e '~ 12.l or - "/;".7' mm

0.£,' m: .. ,m,e-an b ' i~~l?pi2d m, 'n 'res."t;tnl,. The ,·.ant~ o'r th¥ F.'in ~:h~u,],d be 'measured lind me' qtt~~ ,ruruobit cha_<en krIlma.k~ ~e [he pin M~m~lxEs.~ 'tiJ~t'. b:lp,nl. AiJtel:nmtivel'~ the pjin tan ~~ srilveIl;:~5G]d,et,e.d int9 1',o19J: lon, tJl~ug~

.' i5 tmih:~~~ss~ry uro'vidfmg- ff,.e ,'cnrrer- ~~trilr

oh, • " .... , ••. ..:_...ii

a~ J~1ld... _

Now ,a; ~_ 11-'~ length (( 19.0;5 ~ 1 ,-~aiil~,e

~ 1:;; ~ pl1(~,~~ ~ ,m . ,bJgE~bll~~k l:Pij~ll 311d fE;taH(;J~,. ~l ~h j],arhe.s:i v,'ei er sllv9',i, s,Dldel~ (see' F"g~fe N)~ '~'I~ i 'pt)ritant .. tc} {£MC?j{ to b!';; sur:e bOlh tub . ,W'~,l~v~ b ,: ore'too :adhemv ~ sets,

; -I' S1~\I\-n:hi' Fp~ _" '/: l1(. toJml'-5i a~ie nelw n1!Tn.,n-,,. UV~ 11b~ '_ s.es .mm ~ uhe and secu red to p~, ition llry tl;H;.~'FOUgl~ -'Y ti~,te~rri~g eaeh grub ·crl!1.,\T,! ffi':!~fj ooHa - mo:uld tD'lllrn l:he .ne~l;! with

PHOT'a. ,2,4'~ The eleotor s,bo~~ ~s dl~epe'l1'eHj, 'lJstfil.g :B. ha-e.k.Saw bJa.de.

the :lln _t.. collar b'eing' fllis.}, 'W1th tl1Lf' end or the "t'ttb~. The s(leon a L:(aUa'r ,rTO'lIT:r the :Fr,ni1t, of ·t he br~,~cb bl,ocik is now Q, -l n~~ to accept Uu;~ ee . kiIi'g, hand 'e~ The collar is removed &um fu~ b{ c.k' and t1te 'hole drill d iH1irough fut! collar wall opp6~rite-",' re 'gI11 Stl!e~\l'. The 'l~f de ~homd be drilled MLd lapped using the same drfll bit and t'i9F usoo f~ r '~be' :s:ocket sere ~A/S .. The ,r-o[m;r is ,sJjid back ,Om1to the b 1 crd;;:" but the g:rub Sfre.w is not ti,Sl1" ~en~d. A hoOk bol t~ w. hleh 'will ... erve as the cocking· andle c,(tn :nQI\V ~, S(l:~\-"If~~i k1.h~ the breed blade, See Photo 2:t)

Some of the bo;l "s thr~lrld is I'~mOrVt:ld _5.~ ~t ~m ~~w'mro 'the b.,]ockftilly. ·\V.1H~n' the bolt i ,'sc,~ewed in, 'tbMJ h~iH~\k ;~J~ouwld Q~ ~;a(d,n.qd0~Vi'Sr\iY.a1d 'Mih tb~ r1Jdin~ 1'1~nd~e fil~~di' 1fr\te

,,~'5!! "

can OCl'\iV '~ ,Q:t'EE attmt;iol1. bQ rue ,~lo':l. Jj, the

,Spdllg.:pin. 'I'ttfus act'S a(":-~ ,C\]u:Dnvenl~~ c~Ha'nOO f{n~

~...:I E I-..,.~, ';I; • __ 'U. __ ...!U 1__ :E! ...... .JI .._j

'~o( '--;·U~ldiF' "'~~uj\E W.l\'iI.ll:CnwJJlL~ JL.lI,t!l~ U1 ISlilJ~

course, B~fom' [he. -ef,~rtor' Bml belitb!Q}"llie sA_ t must'tJ:~ ~J (Vetl~d lightlJ by,ilb{)llt I ,_:~i"nl~l. -'_e b~:ock ~, cl aDiLp 00, in a vise yith ,th~ s,la.t',:fa~g' UJP'w',~n1. Three ,hacks aw 'b ltElid~s ~a:n be b:rped u)geth,~ ;an~ the: b]a,de' run '--aclk and ("'L,th. in the, S:10[ 'Iomilll~ . ~ C'D~t ~e~ Rcltl~~iL

; .I~em.ath~"~y r ~ tEcrgep9\'V'ei' nacksaw blade ean be uGed -'0:' tl I~, pu' ~b,Sll".' 'il]' leh ~ euld . :ra:" the joii' 5uJ),mewh.at easier '( Phlot~2c_ );,. thttfl,e n~ ·ftv:ai1.~ib] ~ ''ifral]l m C5 t Q~wi!vr't~ H!bQmsl! I ~td 'you O~ n ,lie ~ c ~ e free b f eilti~, ~~' h'~'U8h

'-i' ~~p bim, ,a',y,t;n,;i, [o,c·. . ::~~li ~ho ., '11u.!

I 'I -. :.:'~.;~ - '." ' - , '1..;

. -: e-S!eiJllnn 0' ' _le IJ hide wiUJEle' h"lunf .. tim

'[h~, ~g.h~ 2. ar '3';' .at bQtb md5 'Qt~1le"lbiadf ~v:t~l be' ,]li.20f shaEp._ This t~ B p~ct tool feli- cu tlirrg ~ ria~~tn1il ~lc:t ,'jlu ~:~i(l>~

PHoro 25: Firtrl'Q pin '1Umrt The: r1rfrlilg pin should [110'1

prolrlJtl~ more· th~r" 1 ,5 rn m, -.. ..

If nelCeS~i[]:ry~ Ul£ slot \Jan b"-e' I:t~ed. up .~'f~:f usif.!:~ :a. sma U l~iu.n d need Ie ."~ le to C'reanbe' .a. tSmootllt Hrsish ~o the' bettom 01 the.alot, The fmriTI8 pin is the las·t jp·altf of 'tb b'Lod!t t~ be maa:e-. Th i 'it ..pthing _m·MC' than tl·~' ~hnnk of I~. 2. " rom d r i r bit, The firing pin must b~' 1 to 1 .. S' Tum: ~'OTt er than the d.~tb" of [h.c fjrr'iug ']i'in ];,a 1 8_, ~c· ·th~··· . he .p ±n !lit] p.I:'D:tEu~,~ IT.om. "the: fare of 'ttte' .~~eeiUll bloek 'l'apm::ed recess b:}~ l tt:Ol t.5 mn» The pin is cnt t'O l~rlgfh ancl a .~1ight taper gmund Dolo one end. A drop (f IH~ilrin, ,a~s,ive is 3.ppUed ~ ~I 9t:he.r ·end a:r. fl1e pi·fl and the pin is: L ptTh1·h~d ~- lhe ' ,~." ··ng p:m holle.

Th.Q pm sl:uJ1ldd; b,e dH~Eled t,o ensure 'bhat it Is hilly :Sc1u(fd, as shown~ in Ph~ to 25 'Bnd~ lh en

1I:'l.. ..;]'J....... '1 ~~lJ l ~I I. ' •

Lil~' ;flU.JGLf::."SH,re m I~t~ ~Q ~2. ~ ,,' 'H:!: IH~l n'HIst' l!i,~t

pro trud~ more &_i!Ul the -rna 1(1 'F11 urn . ..5 m mi m~t.)n~ BhbC,H.r" in otil.lter ~~oJ:ds - J'nID. Lower than the e.D,d of !the: .sp:tdn pin.} Tnese m,ea,~'\il'l'~':J;llC2:nl '. ~I'~" im.po::rtant iI;n~ 'll1U:S cbe~d(e:d JjErfDn~ the pin, .Is £ina11y glued in

PHorOI~6~; lh-e breeCh hto.ok Ii t~Jj In the Fl~e'!wr. NOtE ~o'w the.. hbQ. ,o.t r le COOklil,QI hiiiJit1dra; lla'c.e;: ,rfI'owll,'War:il.

p~{)s.it±'a:n. H lha pill: i 9: tao S hm'~," itwfll not ~ "th~· ~·~iitltdd;ge .. Jt- j ~ j 5 It~o long,} i w il snag on theba1re of the n.1:tltvidge ,~S ,tthe. reund "~'a \re~ fr-Oll1 "na$zt' - e '"1' ¢h~e:,f. 'Fp lh.ese r-e~{Jn~r piicnwle-chec,''"'-;g'to h.e ~me tb 11 fjIin, I pm' is the (;!(!jn:ect le"ng.th ~lllth: its- ·p~mootNy ·p,o.lis:hed rs :~~ul\ri~abh~'"" 'e breech bklck·D lLo,Vy..l:i:rrlsb d,

1J.le '(';01:' i ns ']~'anth~e is ;1t'~~0Ived '.~d. th~·~ bLock :sJid hltO U~€ rear ,o·f fhe receiver, The ldQ('K is tu Jr:Le.ti &01 the ~ej ect or slot :fs ~lll ,a 'I ~gnrl1i:. ' " .' 'W ith the l~jli!:,tttlr hcle in rh~ Ie ft l'VaU af th-e r eeiyeJ\'The hlock is· b~ld m tbis

. Q'S'~tion and th~"· helo fo!: th~ E.ockinug handle is turned in. ltne twitlt rh,~ sh~.t in 6~;e ri gb.L. eorner ~f the rC~J~.i v ~'rn'" :N:QW ,~h;2 C'~J kilt in,d] ~~r~Wi i~ UCht~lLl~~d" ~,o prevent. 8:ny ,dL~vii'acltrin

f _. L~ • ," " • 1 'i!.. n ~ ~ _ 'I! .,..;a ,! .LI-. ,

' Fom 'IJll.Ut p O-S~::ItlOI'll,. I, e.: [UO~ ~ Hi s,~·]. lUI, .a i I '~ ..... e

\V,~;V mt-o tlre; f,ecmvel' a:t:I.cl tlie ctu:ld llg'- ha n,; le

~ .

8 :f wed U'1 tfhot;o :2.6)" L.o·okim.g 'ifhrough ,'ne ,~/ec,' ~'I h lit ~~i]1 cenftem U~W:"" h~ '5IDJi! i!iit in a]i,gI'u;n,~n t.

acces _. U1r~llgh the [electIon .p;or;t, .~ the. q€flOr, .~ ~.lllSt.1:'ted. into the et~ckrr h 0 ~e {PM.W 2~}. n~ e' ector ['8 turned :5() t~ pe] nted ·edge·- is :aong "the barrel, and.the ~ect·~:r i· seeu eO' hI pO~' ,. on wl.~ the tvi:o. 'l~ub .. Tl]:l ~ tan be a ~J trk.kYI' ~ince the n uts ha v.~ to be s~.e!lJive.d. on " h rough the election pur:. F 11~ seennd nut has t\i\!'D

_. -lilr~ . - ,,,, 1)' [I~. 'J,. 1.. 101.... ~, '''''E' -ilL _. .,] -- ,,"' ~"""""l' ,', iP· ....... rOBe5.. .!L~ ~·OC.ttl .. R te-n "'.' nut mild p.r'l:.:'!il!IL:L~ .llle.

from beCDUlJUlg :1 jj ~~el ~~'. '2} tc g.i.v~· ad~d.(!d s,Fupport [tCJ '~le e]ee-~QJ. An AlleE!: wr~ndt is· i'd.eaJ [~oJt 'hal din g the ejee tar in the earrect p ~si:Lil')Tfl tlV1hiI~ tiglh~~i·f.1;g tl"te tw~ _.n~~!~, \"4'~h jill ~m:lneu" (vpen~'fnd Dr box, }rrench)[" The DlleeCcn b~ocJ{ Si~l(Jwd be 'sH! ba,' and .£.clrlli. to. maks sure H: (;~.CJe; n·o:~ bind. on. the .~jectQt. jlr:lt2' pniot of lthe qe;ctor ~ade' ~11~~ ·almost stra~e' t~. b~ltaml ~'J !the s. kit to.: ensure that H.w e'J' ~ tor conne ~ts

. I ' . ."

pos,tuvely with Ihe spro,,!,·t lea bkllg~ case,

Pr " ~',H ~g !fi~ Ju.rth.er a,djT~s iml[fJ1 ls a re. t~mr~d~~, :tJ1e ejren~t;M can be ti~b~,d. This ;·5 a

_ - jj ±:C~:r It. • ~!,1. l h- • h ~.

meameu ~cre", .. , ~ '1.TIJl\ m UJLEUThC"[~rf ·W. J,e.. " l~'

mUl1!n,~oo ~f) the left ~d ·ot am r[_l\C~i~Jrerth'r(lugh I:l(~ q'e'~~or he e. the front [lip ~J lhle ~j'it'~9r 1j'm,

iq;t~· 5]0 -11''1' th'e bte~J.1 blfi[!k~

~ II ~ bL(}CK ~~[ilns :l"~in:W8lr.-d lJ:P·Or.1 ifl[' ing..t!;!3 e ~'~~r OOMe"cB, wl tho tll.H base af the ea se,


Ui ~lrI.g ~I ·0 ul u1;. 'llitd e]·~,(.ti()1'1 p(')'rt,. A s.o'cke't

El'f· mm _i.1t d-;i~m)e' :er iilirid './4 ~ Io "8 i S, mqui ~-OJr the [~~b-)r~ 'al:o~'g w'th a eout h~' of nu~ l~ -f.i]; tkm: ~tF~~~.11fe Eim1:d ~f 1tlt. ; 'screw is;fi1[oo 6'rl~111 an b:giE~ ~ dr~ to ,cirea~-e a .Hlatt bladle abo~t

I Ii 1, ~. ~.[tb]adeo5Ji1· aild l e th' eruolt~-l1 tc Ht . ~el br.~~ b.ttu:k si,at.. OJ:U~ ooge CJ ' the- blade is, A I tt n: .~#U t~pel" to create i. ,om'led ~II _ I~ ~~~'~I.d!:" _~; m,o'\m m "ho,u)[ 2r.

!ilG' . ~eeh bl~Gk i ... ·p·till~d b,a;Ck;·o allow

~ • II

'. HOTS &6:, fh-e '~JeaoJ' nU<ed to LfIE1" f$¢EMVU!F as-seen ~h r:;o.rJgh the JfTiaY~Jnt3, wlBl~ ~ljjl;;·e~~~

r;I..rA'~R 8

IL.C~ ..l G ,',: J

I -~~pti:~UI'jJl imp055'~b~ l~ find the ~ll ~1l1'~ ~~~f- ~elft,_ t.1lT1ld ~bm,gtb ~f :~pdij,~ ~i!l hen c ne I H re quire d. Th ~ :b rE',~cb lb;~ oe k 'mBili.:s.prin!, ttl us,, be' long' {!nnu,gh to ~ ~ep the bij) '", -l~se_, - ~vb~, in tb,~, ttt~u:La~ed po' ,'~~iCl1' "W1d RI~ng en~lJg:h 'b; CJ"d~' the, ac.n'D']1 reti:abiy. f~ wamete ~' th~ :spt1n.g :js~B.l so in;lpn~, tant ~, 5'1 wee · moot ~it. mID Mit -' midd] I 0' t 1Je ,hdllow bFi!~Li],t:t&" Far 't:mlS, 't~ ·o~ it. ls 13t; ,eMiler til IT[, e ~ rsuifal1te _~®. tna,1i 10 ,£Or one. To dq, 'tb1s~ a ~fl~ ~prlng7wind~n5,n'larhine'"mnst'b~

hw1.t (i'e~ Ff-glE1Te! O)~ lhe.l,o.lJo,wing re'adl1y ~v~.ll! ~t~p~il ~tetequirea;:

1 ]/1~; cilia" .sqUa1:e ,tuhe 17~ long~ B'~ dilD\:eaU thre~d, 1JSIif 'l011S ~ a.m, mUTId bat, 1r?3,~ laog S:;, ~3.11~tI ~t ~i\rr -, ~r 100_'

il:!::,.,...,';;'rt'iil'il.-" b 1[; ~ fII' 'I " ~ e~.lJiIW~.1 !!.lUll."Ol ILl- ... "J ! 0 ~·Oi:

n. ,-' - in~td'el di.ii. ;s;~e~ ',~~

-, Jl~ '6,sJ~, s~:ctio n of the' m'a~,h:ln:eL IrQ" (unS'tm5Zlt ffir tb,e b~., 'Th.IDa ia '" r7~,1 ']e:ngh' of . 1 _ ~'Um:el 'mb, -'~, aHlinugh ~ '.ITlghi'rl~!.s- iIlal1M

or ~aI, ~t rn~m,ehR mba can be used, 'Two 6' min kcdes ~~btn.r :7.1'.' 1tptt'li are driUecr i'n t,h~ m i ' ',~ QIf td\~. t.m~g. Tl;ti' : 'wi. ,I allow ifil ma.clti,n~ .. ,~ be lbcl'ted to' a 'e'n&ll ~r -. ~~

- -.... - .. .- -~

J]lbB~ed~ An 1 ,sn' l~rt.tl of "all th:JL,ff.aft?' Of,

,/ :5itu~diH;lf"' ~S 'it Is s.bme~ all~~~f 'lioi . lid lihreagft 11~ It:~~, S.f)J 1l2t. af,J~nITr'e~,d'~ - ¥t'~i~ 1 e ~t lBiI~ti, at4~ )l;(JrW ~wG. 5~i ]~fu;s of 5t8"" 3/] 6i'i

-f,',a'~ ba~r ar~ 1C._,t: al'nd ':bQ,'h' bars ,,]amp. ,d 't,~geth.n; in $l vi$'e. Bo,th en d~ en the bars 'Mllst be .Ievel wit:h fal.ch fjH'u; r, A 6 mm ho]e· is drill d IthtGu~~h the bars; l/ltJ from fh~ t!:l1I.rl~ Be,[c:a'DS~ buff(b~Y5 '~'iB're c[aJinp:e13 t:6ge " e~i th, h.ol~es, w:iD oovv: ~~ in th e sa m e pla,ze .. A,t ,the oth~' end [:11<£ 'tfie ba.loS,. an ,-' flLliPf ole Is drllled 3/, " -frum Jlthe' bar-',~ ,endrag,lll1t fI~ugh ,both, b[1]:;[9:. Na,,,' [the tl;~lrs, are :51fd t1ltrQ th,r! Il!t'ld of 'the 'illll~hoo~d ro..f~rt.l dmg f,r~m the- '~nds QJf the t:ub.e: ~,Hd seeuredI plaL~ ~ I fh two ntrts;

The base of . ~e m,aei1tine ts rtO"\.-\ 'C:D~11-'I,~'te

....;....li! -1' -; d' ..'I; • ;.;J;,~c,""" '~' -....lI"t_. b

HllIUilL t te ID-all'_ -.rei ruLLu WUh:.u,ug 11~w.e, can; e

assembled ,seePn-otG' 2 "), Th~ ,,:E:n~nuh~ is, what ''he sprlJIg is wmmd Q1tl11t1Ql and, cdmsi,s,15 a_"a:n .1:a~ [al~,!th ,~f 16" -~.'fiU~l'h?I' l~d gt~1il brtJ~ . . in: ~ '3 1)2 iI [ength' of the :5/,8'" i 3/15" ' fla,l ,- ar is, eU,t .. , 3n.d... f l~J in::!, from each end of the

'~._ 1~ 'I . ...l' ]'1 d- '..J'~'

,uil:!:" 1fl. lflC e ];~ ~n~ :e ~- 1 one 1 .mnl ,wantEt~~1I: tb~

c thu~~:F ,6 ~Tlm., ~e' r ram hQl~ .is tapped and an S, nm\ wam~~ bolt, 3 1./2/ l:ong,. is;,S'C1~''ed in lJl'lJs, i, Ihe- win~: handle, Th<f same si16f:! mp ~ b~ 4L~mi,fQi~tl~'b1tn~1 '. ~ ~a 'use"cl,.wer flJ' i,t~fu - ~nar-$ to the up',er r":~ei~' ':~,No~ '~I

1'1 f'l1!..,· . ..lJI,." 11 ~ d- .

sma J .. amount a ~eaJ~g ftUlJ,l88:1 v' ' :lIS 'ap?,IL1.~ to

-(1ne ,~rtcl Gl-'ml!!:ntanwel bar 1I11 d Ilrlhe 'EWnl,i] e f 18hie ~anlU'i1.tS ~y't~d 'i1ibzi tn~ ,ie' ~'m 'R0fe i" I' '.

-. - - - .. , - .-

hand ,'~ '~S' emb yo " ~5 ilSi8!f;mhd, is ,Pltl:t ra:sid~~

iL - _ ~ ,.,'1 'II ...Lll.:",.:_ .... li.. ,o;:.ll ..

:or ,8i,b1foll t 3i[] .m1nU~ ~Q WJlQW lIJl tt::' Itw~[~N2 tb

. e·t~ A :_ rasheB::til, $ijd ~tQ th,e ma~'B!l';/ ao,t!

. I • • _ -.. ~

. ~ 'lite' mandrl!l "I ins~pt~9 'Ebmt1gh tb=e_hVr,

mandrel SUp]POIEt baJ;s. D1e mandrel 1.9 secured

'1_ S,'MM ®OlJJm 2, iFl:A:it,MI.~~

::If NI.\!IT'

,~,- Wfc~~ HPt.~

6:: M~~_1?flEt.-i!i' '~' ~A~ '13.1 'WA;$I;lE±E

-; WIN~IN~ I:i~OL.E'~a~Ul '8- srruOIllI.NS

9 1 ~~~ .[)~.·SWllJ~qE ruE!1~ '1~-~-Lr~Li~'" '.' :'





t!J •.

. ' ~


~ "
,~ "
" ht ~~~~ '~m!g: a :~, roni ,stf~J, ~lIJmi, Th e, m and ~e]

~ ] till _ , • 1 !Ill ~l' 1'-. 1JJ..,

'Sup ~ _ ,,:u '1l9"f;¥ JroI?VO'Vle' smoe ulJ.y' W,!:l en t~ L'@

hi)JilcU "i~ bl'mOO., -

'htaliYf ',_' hnle 2Ifbolll.lt 1-5 mm in d1~ame:~ is' a '[:U,I~d -rOtrou'g~ th~ litand-rel ju t lnsid~ the

" ....... ' ~ ,j!.]~ ~. ' ...JI th

'g"IP r'l 'u~ ill ,I XJ.C iQFp',~.sT re a ~ [QI ,I' ~

, dlll~ handle,

The s ~rln~: wmdei" C"'&"T'II nHW be bolted.. t!]:;oa 'b 'El:g:l ,~~d th~'sp:r:m&; l~_'be 'w'O:lunt U 'Ditmfh~ J~~'d to t!:te e_~g~ ~f' I he beikldi h~ l1lto'V!.t

nr. • I, _j. ~ Th ~ . ~

illl,l,I' ~t A(IC~'~ to' wnlL~ It, ie maniSpnng IS

mltd~ &,tlm 19~,:~nlgB'piaf'l,O wire" or ,'ilS,i,C"\viIDe, ,;a' H ~a ~itllfd. ri,~no wire, Is a;\ aiblb],e _from

_. ~ -

~d medel ~giD~rin! SInd ~~c 5l~Q~' and 1i US141arill~ !S.~lW lJ'], ~f;" ~en;§~,"Ls.. '[i@;p-mlld.hug fll1, the'

m()~ 'Ot'E! t~re ,I'n~y n~'t Ibe;. ool~ ~y~. g,ElJ use' si;~:e' but It, '~jdlme'ter; 'i'f:~ 1$ -~he case, '[he wlre

~ .. "'':2I L 1 " '. ,.4': 4- -1..:- h" . Iii.-.

'UJ,D 1LlJ' nun. m :Wam~lt-erl' ,'\,ruU:' 19.,. lIiJ~-

~,\.n'llalent m;)i' 1" c~ I ,g~~ If l'9i_;gRu,~ 1!'It.~e hs no, ~tJil :; uf!n;g~ge 1I\~i - j ~uffioo;, I(A.] t:hD::[];~, ~his

$lig1:\~)1: ~'gh'~t ,~l}ge, ef ~E l.l-;rak,es die .!~prjilg

lv;a~er tb,~n ts 'xihJ'aL J:~ is ,sHll,@f ade~]l:~ritl te' stre11i1!~ 'h,l ~teUai~~,3r' t);te~e th.~' a~:(don) l!ridet l1i~ ~ rt~W'?es '~~oU[d I' ~gauge 1l\P'f ~e' IJ:s~d.l -;nce this is ii: Lun~r,o'ng.

Th, W'1:G (lif the wire ~s m~erled 'threugh lila hnle in 1 ~mmdI'J_~,atlrl the ,o!1er eiCle,lpi&t%@d

lJ "'VIiI; it '~'Dii"pl1;lIing~l!;uit!, The ~"U'· f wire i'la1ij Q~ U\e :floor. and unr~~il.e~iL T1'l!9 ~1~rln8 rf"lu:st b. w~Md l.ilITI~ler R,l'ade.~tatt t~1:1r mld

lb, ' Bsi~ 'W~V f.~: de 'l'tis its. Ih~l 'SJtand ran J,~,

~ .~ ~ ~~... ~. n - • 1 ~ • Ii' I i!

, " rnr ~ofh eet, Mtll0ttGh this '.' ,~]Jna, a bit

u "it. is ~b;e 'best medt,!~d h~~a,uS'e l~ ~:d lows

bIrth h~illl;ds 'hm ,remain" 'fre~' _ ,turn, ~~, h~dlle

.:!I .~ l-J I,." ''Tll,; ~:i. L·~o .. .:;;,], ".'J,.; "",..:.'I" !l;'

a;n~~1 i\Ui.il~ " ]~ ~~WiP:." ~!lje TI.!~~t l~UJ • 'i~,-tl ~~

P'HOTQ 30: Tfia rri~in~p:rrrtg and g1Jtlie ~samtJ.ly. ~~e carr ·cj·lp=Osltltf.f'lS Dr II/as.her ,afttl'l· "Cbtlar'

tu ~ , he ,~~le' ~rid 'lIne' ~ft t-o guid!e.' ,~~, ,Yll:e Qlofl:g ii~~' mim~teL A,ppro,~atl~~Y' ~ ,9t, nun ,i3'p siu:n.dd,"~t 'MIr'!~ee~ each ~,~n. ~ is iiu::hie~ b~y h~'[din,~ thei ivit, on 3. Sli,rht ang;le' '\yhi1e irn~mn~g i· :'U~ ~:tandlf!'" Fhst.;. lhE!: i-\:rlre 1 ,-;co on so that~tj I~ut 17etWI3M "B:te:Hnpt and n aeh1n~. Then Ir is pulled.on with th~' le'ft nan,d s-O'lliat lit is·~a!n~led· sl1ghdy ,t;owa'rrl, "tbe wtncl]n:g handle, r'ht:! 'ha.a:d] e. l~ ttl en t'L1.tfi!~.:j ill a: ILJoC'k'1\l',t~:e ,diL1:eCltlon ~~15ni5 tha,t a H,ap of abou] 4,lll1ll is blain· c;reaitedr bel,~,een eaeh CAli!" T~],,5 ~ can b~ m(;Tea~ !~ de'qlease:~ ~mply b'~ ,ajdju;s~ t~l~ '~I':·'Fle, a.n'8~e' a,c~ol'd.i~i!ly. TI"e ~l:r!Ld.lJ~ lS -[$riled ootll IDu' 5\11-111; f.'t1\~Qhe.s th~ end HI- th@ mandrel, TIle \tVtntlling ~am,dJ.e will-no w fure :~ naer cOIm1de1r,~bl~ pre$$un; dl1~,-m :Eh~, ~~i.titl of the n~rr'!jly wound, ~pT'ing and: '~ilJ tty'.L~ ~jing: "ba.'d, 4~ ,~],~ Il.· "tJ ll~el¥]o~kwise $&iil"ection~ 'The hal'ldla'ig,he1d and slo.wly lowed t, ,~tind ha~-k In fI, c!~lrdJIml manner; l.~e spoog 'will DOW ~ iiboo:[ ~]'n'e- third l,u-g.;r in dJ filIne1t"elF and will b~ a 1 !;J0,sJ; at f.t(-(}j1B1.d [h~ mandrel This is nO~Iil\a!i' '&inCl~ ',an, SP-I'1fIig..~ l1nw~md .slightly ,abtrr t~~pn Ill,H lne -v.rl're' n's, rel~M'~ and go ,dmm e~'t

· -, 'd' 1" ~ ; ~

rs merease ': it tesu. [,,' Fa e ':vi Ire', lSi ne W

sl'lipp,ed as 121os"~ 'to l~re mandnd as p[J~':jibl\e' ~m - "ltie. blcUed :~ " en is ~, 51~'Jged 'aI ' ~u

hes, : 'rrmg" ~in, beHmn ,.neiL QelfUie diiZ' sprlfig ~ ~:l!."ie'm~~a it 'ES Gtll~p>~esseli !fi1U1 !ir!!':v)e~rCi11 ~i1liGle~

l~,:.:l:11 _,. ~ '~1~'· ;I; ~ ;-...l~;' -"I ~

W ,~ 1:1: 'm ~ t1 l '!I~, :posJfiOn ~i91:f~ tee Jinilny r.e~ ,

,M ,a "resnlt~, itne ~r.m~- 'will ~~k 'by aDo;.ut:5t' or' ffJI :s,(:l"'~t· it" l\d'S_!tIp h~]rflg the. ~Gl're(2t~ of s , ~gr ItNiOTI,; J f 20~" IUge~ ~ I'~ is ,.' ~'j" fue ~p'::fm~t will ~bTj;ir1'k b)t ,appia~tfiy . ,,~ ~ ~. 1 .\)1 '~hl! CtQ[ l-a:r" "1';Ei n;mov¢~ ~Q:¢t th.e.- .~1l dOl th:e


, '

.bar to ~~]~~r-tlte btU tg p~~, &'~~ly ftu;Otlg}1 ~lle msifie iDf ~be ' pThlg .. Th~' .f'~Ui1" ,1$ md :_m:dp llie t)pp'~~f:jife end ,e the bar 0 about i mm ,e:£biffil'" t' v1.s]blle heh12_n· ',h~ :olln" N.·~'Ii· :1:1:~ Gollar gruti snrE~\l' i, ' ,l~tafi.€d find i.he ~ -~hfJr:,,~,e~i~ un] --

5]j'l p" I.. I lJr!,

I~lii, '~,~, I'jj ~p@l~:_~ en I '{rnoto 30)1 fQ11cn!lired 'e,\:r' the

.ma':il:1.f1f:ring ... , Jf a mudwing WJish.1 is nB~ J(J.v.ru:lMl~~f with a '1 mm heJ~ all 8 mm hol -, wUI _CliO, bu;~ the tf;\mn~J?fing $hrJuJ;d TIa~ b.e-albTh~ tQ. pass tM[n~lrh lli10 V'..sli~ h~le, ,he;- ~i'de and

s.pr-inS;'aJssembly 'Is 'oow' fim~h:ed-. -

mandrel and th .mBnnF@] pulled out, n~ th m.~cbllte'; to f~~ea,Si' -tbe fll';l:in:g ~ W'i'1it4Jn,G, spilng ll' ;; Sbnple and .q:llicJk op,et~rlon~ b1l'~ a, lH'a..lCltice.! 'un m - y be, need,ecl I~~rs't.', er this rea se n, Nt W oW'd. h:- Wise to. &1]]'.' '~ .. ;r[o ~olls: ~f.

--1A-T]re t~ !~~' ~~].e' 5uR,ly. 'The n~l;3pdn'l CM n~~' _he fU1t;ted' b~l[ ~ guide',:ma_~

ThH';"l,IIJJe co 1S1Sts, 01 three aatlisr . lEI! 4 3.j-1

Ii' 4

tengll~ iJf 7' ~-<Jj~et¢'r stee] ooJrI. aJ lj'rilJn 1~nUMt

• • '<oJ -.

,)1' ii ,I l/-l~ ~udwing w;as~L FJlg1, ,~I I~lighil:_

. _ er 'is filed. SIlt's [(1;1 e end :0 f llie 7' m.m. round

the' :[e(.~]ver. A. I1f4~' m'udwing 'wa5'1iu~]: w.ith nn ,., mm hole .is, ·ticlb:~· .·O:l1tBI ,th~ eeell ,~bi 1(1

- .

~:~h ml'"o ~. 'm1n1~ ~dJ fu@metet .S,C) ~je_t 'SJcr~s- The

\,\1f:;:I·sher is bol~edl ontu 't.he· Faa .•. face 01 I' h s h.i.~td f s 0 j t JlS, j m.p [}:It·an t tba. t t [1. ~1i, .S], de be mat~ ~ a rnfetell1lQe'whl~ ~ ... : is s to '~n po~ 'n~n in~me~o:~r;~

Pirst; .iIlili in ~Figul',e' '", the sh ~ eld 1!:1, tenrpsr-a I!' s.mdwidied De~weer, t~y:o 1 1/4 u ·~,~s·bet - by in~~tt~,. ,BL buU ,t'h.rtnJI'h {the m~~hlle 0: the,shield an.d· t,"ght&nm's the ·~s~.~blf t0g~the;a~

Two S'.'S.'mm-dianlete-r ,1ole~ I~ l' . d. cjJled


Ithr,ough· 11~ ~,·h.iad" takml-c,iIJ :: aet 1,., dTill

:IllI!fQ~;gh:mto'anyol tile ·fQtn.~: '~ .. ~[,5crt:WM}e.s. A S. ; nun hol~ .is he corne'clt dia:mml" h~1 ano\t\t ,the holes -to b~ thipped '1ll~ir.1,g a, .n1m ft.I:p. "Ibe


RitfOJl Blrua;cl A;§]M SLV




~El'~lF4 ~mF"IBIJ WMHElFI TO $HtEtl:l W 1'lFt! 010 MIE (.l.GCR~ OAi :G§!IF'11 NIC.IT

tWo ~~hE.·~· are ,flenlOVlEp. :&om. the· meld ... · and ~~ ane (]if' th.e W.fI· ·h·ers, is: ;falS.te:nedJ tiC) ~h~' ~11.i~el~ With fha two s~cke.t screws, Nexlj an .8 11'UJljdiam e le·ti" 1 /2: #. -·1 ong socket .Si~~W is. inser ted tiu'unwh ~ the' was her and. S:E!',oui~..l:m. t;d~m"'lte vvith a

~ T~' - r~ _

mrt CFi.gure .IQ .. The :,." '~S~gt1 o:r the W'eJpDt\ mJ.lS or ,~ .bali nut £m this, fHll~p Dee, a half out b~g half fubl@' thi;&~e.~~ lof a tLO;UiUlllf:Jn nut: The ~ ~ lail'~ "ill·kte~y. o~jV·.afJ a.bJ'e ,

Th-e~, lng gllidC2-.~d t-_'@c:d.il$h:ield ca'fa ,~W

'L' =- . ,I>. ..... h . "'ir'll' ~- 'L 1bi..'111 ..... " '11 ... Be mser teQ mrot e reeervea JIL fle 'o'r,~e~ml' ~Jl£I'e~

is pu n ed back ·t:a ,th~ r~ orf tih.e re~e:ijVeT ,an d lLl~~d ] n thi5 .~![lsH:io~.' 1lte: fi'ant Q.~ the· spdng an: .'~ guide is ,sli·d into the rea r of lhe block. followed by tl'iJ@ s~eld. The' SFHi'flg must be held 'm ,th.e· p'a:rn:W]y ,a:nilpres!:ied: pciSlt.iJ:al1 'lmtil t11e: tip O~: th.".OJ gtJid' "[flatS entered tho bseeeh

'1'_ JI' .... 1", Th~ ii' 'L"",:, mA· t... ".I ~

OJ1CiL,J!(" .ne ~'O iJl,ia·; llY ~~.:n,OW ~tEr·SeClio1LreLii rn

'p~s:il1tH'I, '1I.·rit~,~ the· \O'!lJ.ll" sock t ,sO"e.WSr {Phott::!, 31)" The l,'·~~"t 0, ~h' r~!.2,~~ Yfl,;[ lcs s-eal~~d nnd

:rI!"'_ ~ .' "'h ' d' ' Itf ,_.,.._ "'[I U' , .' ~ ,~..'..:I, 1'. ~.

JIrnSi. @ ',~ ',m, -J! 1l,5.1 ~ it '" ,~ i , -lWeI: m'll.llf\l\,1ng

W a~h~~. ,:-:Ji e: Wijs}1e IS ~j. d onto, Ib~ pl"tlt:n.rding

PHOTQ ~1: R,ea:r: vie~~' af IJpJ;'ler FB:J;~I~~II"wiIt! ir~Ql;JU G'rr aid ~~Ited In fM~~tlcln









1f0fO 3 . • EQ.m~letl.El- MQo~1 ~hielld Jiuls€imbly',

, '

5tm~~ ~_nn~d, in place with a ~otlt~''il~11t A. fine. ':, ,~med dOl"\'Tn both .... ~. s and top 0" the ~fiJ;sheo1i,~ 'LnSin:g; ,tlt~ is ]dl~ of title' rem l:'ll~r' as a,

g~dJ ' F~rnL~ "R).. ,

' TJ1'e '\~ ar6h,f r i s [~'mov~ d .a];:fd~ 'l he 1 ,YO ma fld ., -~ lJ't ,', iLdi! ~C 'ti ons fil ad iLr'~V' av, The ~~Sht"l': is c:l~mped in a:' ''l,,)js, 00 rfll.~ me. j,aiV!,o~S, are lu~11! 1 ~~~it l tbri~Hm~,c' ~,~t~,ye line, A Ua tm~led Ufi(b an - ,a:' Irnllnl~e:r ,gJ't-e uS,OOl to farm

.th B.1Op '0£ .ti~~ w'a$)ter 'Ltl ~ a lip The I,UrpGB~ of. 1h~ ttp is ttl mdka-W :whlclt wa: ' to :inae:r:t l~~e ~'hw~ ~, 'WJBke:S aS$m'tbl~ a mu~ ~gttl~-e:r ~ljQn. TAr 'lI(a~h.eI' must hgnien ogalOS:l -; ,e

IP HOTO 22; R~a1' view of tlpiJle:r rscel 'M'El r with m0dHied washar (end Qaf!~ ge~"eQ 'in pl.a&8 wnh dame ntlt.

lI.lL.Et, 11Q.t ,Itl[le rea r of the recsi 'i.[cr. TI]:~ 'wa-~ller ts pu'1 ish.-e:d 'to rem eve iiU1:Y :sha:r'P e,d,ge-s and seeueed l-;~ek In'h) pos:itilQfi 'v,lifi, the dcnl~le nut

(Fi.gtJIl1e 5,);, tis nQ\<\J ~aUe~ the ~a, ~~~~ .

~ he up:~er ,~:~cbon of fh~ m~~hll1e' '~~ Js. ncno\~ (lOX Jet<e {Photo '34).:alld ean be tested to

mLa:~' s.~ ale ~re~dB, ,b[Q~, ~'ide~ and ~pmg, 3'fe opa ling, smoothly .. I:, 'e '''oc.kht~l h, . ~e . ,gat ped md the b.rCl~ch ~l{}c~' 'tiIll'ed, I I' ly t? 'ekl~ ~r e r th0.'r~~~'ivel' ~e eheek that 'fri'lt!· 'b/]oc.:k d €II 'no'~' .,s;nag t);r hm4 o..ID any se:ti on ','f -th ' reeehrer Q1: ,~de' l)(.nl. Ai, "!I' 51;].dl de~eeE8 riU:l8r -tle mCtifieii or the ml1~O h I ~,mctio.rung :9£ the'

- -' I" 'b .... ~~jl~. ~ d 1-',:11: t.l' ,,] i'_,'~ ek • n

:Ei1i'£EU":iH1L 'W~ e leopi.'a~ff1',.nl xl L :le J;;JI_O ... " ,~ ,

:tl·re closed p_o:s,i iQl1, I E1 ~''Pl ~] I ga p ',Q be ~t ~~l:~ thl,cl\m~s!" ut- a ,t:bm piece of (ru-dbe~d should e,xi5t b~lwee:n the. Iron t ftu::~ o'f j~h e b:LtH.~ II( oortd Iile br~:~.c:b ute 1(:)'-' the baJr1'~" '-Eh~ exact gap width is n(jt. ~t:Qt~ l!Jij,p:ott~I:d, bu't ~ a' g;e:ngrru ~]e" ~n,cienl gap should '~x~st-y , Ji'eWl1t the block from lfti:tti~:g tIle bMl'eJs~' bI~l~IEh it ;~~' \jet\p,~n ~. s ~Ty,,:'Fi re'a {~.~;'-I' :Kr~d -', i :hDg~t ~~

l(~tm;trl~ge in tb e ,mamb~~~. ~~Rll~e ·t~]:~ bl O~:~, l~, assernbled from mmo~ll~ble ~onars.~ the Pll:em. be fa dj u '~t'~d, i.f H~,.(1!;S S a,l y, Th~ :g ~p c ~ n b.edEm~~d_'by ,]iGl'm~ the ':st~Ck of' ~,OUMS b,. ek, QI mtF~Il!~~d by sUding 'ne:J2QRam, OiIw'd.



:; flJE"DO,liL.Si?qlEl.J3.

-a, fJR~H IBI£)G;I'( f~r.:'Eil ~-.~QI&~~~ 'H~tl.JOI..E

:5-, ~i!lFl"R~L

,!fl. ~~FUitEl. ~~A'I~l~ila ,¥Q1.:t.Ji.'A "7, a.utDJ~:: ROitl

I • - •


,_ _ I '0;;[1

-FtLN;~S~ IEJJ URiRm· HE'~'E~

RI ECOIL SHI El~ GONal·Al] ~J;I n~

. '.

P~OTQ as: . B .f8e!fi stUe~ttJIlWd19. ma~rrmpn"'ng;~ ~d bi~edh.b1oc: ShDiWn !in theijr

f~~I.\ie.pn5iintrl$:. - - . -

' . .;111 ~.

tfli'£'l<ri~SI 0"·.2. mQ.i:, a ltholugh. a lighter ga'uge

~an be used, .

I h.e·em'Ip.l.at~ (Fj~"Ur,e T) is 31u~d til Hl.e

a ·robel. ~nd the '~h.a;plel ~Ir' fhe ~ri:p ma.r](etll; .. 1 en





. . .








'SB'~P 'ft:M~LATE

I he pu.:!u. inTIs of ~he seven holes ,arl'2!: p.gne -. - marked, ,A~f.mt thee fiip is sawed and filed to shape, a, lU mm d ri'U is used 'to make the holes. Each hoile. can th.en· he. courrtersunk to enhance tb.c: ~'P~£[[' ance C]I f tl e .grip, (Se~ ,Ph~tu 3(6,;·) 'HerO'f'e' 'thee. g-I.ilp can be it~·, '~ri~:e",d into tile' receiver H!:1 widtb ~D;laV hilve to be' reduced

~ ~ -

SUglllfrly, ~ e35ie ""t.~'fay ef d,om~. 'ft:tis.: 'is -~ ~e~ute a 1 a~gE' fla~ 11:~ ~I Ii Wlaif~balld1 ~ii ttl b· [the, grip back and forth (:yV~I' .the rUe'., "fhe g,.p s~,ou'~d be a close ,sHd e fi '. With the ~mp i "po~i'~k~n~ a small ,Jj3.P abcr:t~'t 1 to. 2 m1]]) should bevtstble between :t1le kip' at 'the W~,·p and the Inside top 0'.: the f:~ctci:wa"f. ('ff· a hacksaw blade'

b lld . lkil:._· .. L • n-'I-,. 'Th-

can e su mro rt .. .rne glil.p ':is au0UJt ,r,I'iErut~) .e

grip is :l1\Qw .£xed in 'rp ~s-lti'on by ,~tti.llin:g' t~, 4 Dl,ll'i. h _1 'c through the grip from one side of the receiver to HIe- Cl,ther .. 1\N'"G 4 mrn Sp"ltil'tg vm~" 'I" hJngf are then upped mt;c it:ili{!' hnlss to s~c:ttfE. .tlhe, grip -1'n p'~siti( n (Fi,gu1f: U). The:

iPc5iltidlil' ilf ~he ha.b~5 b Qt roo irnpnrtant, so l'o.ng a.~ lile'y ,i;lIl:e 'drilled! just Inside '[he C"Llri/ie '0',-

he receiver, W~.xt th.e ma-g,azi'ne' w~U can b made aJi'I d i1tt.el.l.

he mag,a.:l:~ \NleD is made frQJ1l1 [tl~e same· ,40 . 29 mm tube used fur the grip .. T1,;e, ~,a;Il. th{ dtrtE!8S, of "the \-veU rabe' rn us1 be·2 mm, since the insid e d ~ ameter of the tube is as ,bnpottmtt as a,Je .eutsiide- meiU;~:ts,. FiI"S:l,. l1;1, C) tn~:e m'fi cut ~D 311 cr~l\elanJmgrb Cl!£ 2. ~ J. '10 ~~ing ~ b~tll. ~ af:@!.sqtU~'fe~ ,1\ Hne is,scored' llcmgs ttl@. , ide of ]fu,@, l,'tl~be, s./S'_ eo m one end, trod. ~

.sec cnt.ls, 1l?ma,lfed with a l"ack;:;ai'W. TIl, ~.

S~non. of the Ih-We iN: le~ hlfacty slnce ,this. w,in ~e for:m~ d in tOI . he ea rtr j d g'e ~.ed' ,r.~mp .. ~n

n: - 'v' J~Af"·h . m~L . ti'~ ,.. . if' 1'-.:",'1.. J;.,. k

.rlgur:e.'I' ." -5, - 0ViI':S me :EiOC - on, m 'I:.,IUJD ~ m lE'e

",.,.." - . -d - d f1'~'''' •. ·tL 1"~-n'I'Hi~ Ii" .il..':'::'T.. ~L'J.t ,iL.!I.:',Q-:UJIVe, 'f a~,· 'Ill I s .u lt~ ~e_~+ ~,m t'lE; m WU.i;lI~ u:m

.tD~J~,OilU" o .. f' the 'i~ee.d ,r-amp i bent. V\lith ~he section ,I,J. A~~ removed, {be tube :is clamped in

.. lse.so 'tna't U1.~ [~0fI ~.f the vise JaM i:9 level with Ill~ bl!1tte.m ,of' ~(". :r!fitlp. A hrunn~et ~I'1flI d P Uln~h ~,.e.! usee to bend the ramp It,n Hl.i~ c~nr-~u:r' shown In dl',awm,~ "B, i' n-u~:: 'tu~e 'is removed r rei m the V Ise ,SA~ v ~"'raJ ti me s d u ei n g. tld~

J - _, - .~. ,_'"_~! _'~'_l _I ,;;;;;.g __ iilI~

; :~PJAfflr~' PINS l

,~ ~ ~

I O~ !

,.- /

,~ I .II ~


O ;

, ',',...i __ """"'"' ........ ~








I N$.ffi,T-'GFj jp AND iA A" AU~ WrrI-a $Fifll~ piNS


·1it~O'll't ~

, - , 'I

__ , ._,, __ ............... '" .. J

.. 1

~A~~INI= wat

. 1


pT.oc;~d U re ariCl ,~h '; .ked a@Imtt the:! Jjilllp.~~b:~~ ; _:"e,re is.; no need to remove th~ t~rI\p]ate from

:J i_ 'I~~, ,j • , 'i!.. ..... ,;~ ,. .. ~;~. -..,:!::.:...I:

b;e ~00J!( Q - copy "1; till:ft l ~e IS, Slllif"liY !Ld::lU over

Lin~ M:fr~1?~at:.'·ln~the bo~ ~mtilll:h~ J~W'IJ' m:C[~

'l!aEh ~th~er I ~'" . -:tri~s M:}. Th IiuF.~zi~e WeU is

d t .. , !l'1I. -h ,. 1~,

now fea ,0 lll£u~r'~ m1:i0 t eo: 1i'eee~velJ tiU I as

'\~,u~l~ tlhe·, ,gri_p~ l~ mRy nMil fi_~g t~, easure ,Ei '~~Mnbfh nHBt .,~~t, Wi~, h . he.' ~~r,eH in 'n~~~l i-on

_ 1:;'7'.. . I i"r-;

fPh - ,0 ~'3'ji ·m_ hottJCi1tl 'of 'the 1\TeU':1)oidd b..e

evel wi"tb tnm 'botto1J11 of the mirpxi.n,e;; w,el1 .h.UUlSm_g,. The. Wen ,~~n eve:I~~U'aUt be 1i[tted. fl s"Q'Jd~r.et1 ialrmafti~nHT 'in Rt~l!e, ,'~t it ~·us~

,. , ...,;,"'[..,1... '~' ,;:;" - • .~: uld

r:emmnm[1~~iuJlE ~~T .~ ~t: tm:l·_ IldmDg' S~lOw' ,m;y

a.drj.~bl.'ten:t lDe' [~quilteld w11~ 't~e· we'oipo'n i'lS FUDy _enrbllid.

P:~OOlQ' a1~ 'T~a '~aga:i\lne \~\e 1,1 w~~ :~e;el ratq~ ~e ~ I to

lt~tmp:~L .



T~'e se E3. T.' ~ 5 the "let~Ho~, ~ f 1 h ~ 'tr.~.gJlEr ~ '"sm·lhftt rele~.~.~. th~:~;b~dl b,lo: ~ when

. " ~i r :1s_ ]?l~1ed~ This is made, 'rl"O:n1 a '12 . fn-d LaLm~1 .. 1) 'be~a'li0n_al n;T A,11Ie'!ll wrench, iEf.~]~· a\~JiJ~:ble: am ,an· g~l(-rd ~ftrn .. d~;,y'.afe - . ' An .&nE·n ~l1ch ~s.;m~ 'e .from hatde:n ." ~ ~ei an. ~'" b~·~a use of lts shape, ll&llld S' ltse 1,1 uJ~£'Illv to th~ ~c.Jnstrucztion ar' an. ~ped'\;~ilf seat.

J8'~ ~1:000les, WJ11 '~~ m. leflg~h . d.epa~g n~ tlle. :m2ll1:l.:U rll1t Ntlell'~ b 111 on I y th Ie' midl.d~1e - ·i~\ Hi, required .for. 'th~ ,s~ar~ se Ilengfh is·nor. jm por~S':tit, hIs hd.(leS"" l1cn;\'reve. r, make 19vinS rn . lJtEm ertts ~F·t:b:f neb ". '~nr modlitcahuns

- I ... '~J

~lm~lL FQT ,-l"11i,$' ~i~MQ,1ill" fOll J' ·teDlplat·~s, .~]:~ve

been "Ilnrc.tuded ,t.o fi'li11rkie sJlilpitng the Al]en wre nd, 'i1. 51mpl e tfj)e~. tibi1~),

~ ·h· wi h\. E~ Wfl bG·~h ends ef the 'en }'\T eIuilirnlLl~l . '~'. r:e[qoy,~d' 'un 01 ~ t :is the Brune ft,tQi,fl-'9 as l.~mplrate· A. II: is n Oft pOBSml~ "~ ~'v 1hnili~'t ie Allm 't .. encn \YUi:h a haduiaw

~~ ,

~ ~t~\!l~ Dr fh ~ Tr('~l1j;lness of' ~~, ''teet •. 00 an

~»I~ ~~jpl1el must b.a. usedi,. A slrfting, vl~reel ~hou1. fl'· ~ e . I': . 'rG ~ 0 tl~e g rilind: er, w hidi' wrll make' lis an C!'il5)f task, 1£' an a::n,l;~l~ WtndEll; 'is l1,V: ,:' cab 'e-)' ~'~ f':-.u.f :the ;neW tungateJJ.~-'Hp'pea iw.~ksavll ~tad,~s Em ae used, thttug'h -wtles~·are

t.alher e$~Jj~., "

Th, ,,~' ttllwm ;$ &!ttfqn JO .Eh~ Allen 'w.renrh

sd wij~, 'i\ me: ,an.d fuE:rn p.oUsh~d smooth, 'with snitt1'pa?FeI. The t~mp]a te~:a ie ~ldt .tl(]pie~

or .rcm~a ~m 'Ih~' bUJi)):; bu ,a'lli,'~ lli~' Al1e1.1

I .. .. 1 •

wre neh i:$laad ~"et ttli· ~eJ1n pJ.al!~ at .ktteq~~ 'until it matches, Both sides, 06. ,tJ~e: wrench alQlrtg . the ~tl rved setlioo, :Me noW 61ed 11a. L to a,lww U to pass ,fre~ly tM,(,fttgil flie 5.ea-: I' eee~5 .. Th~ ;Mel

. 'h ~'f'r]' ..li ~ .• 'ir' ~- ~ l : ,WIi!j~' '_. •

hi'l ,e ~, '1 ~.Ie~ '~,$! sh~'~n m jb,e[up ~ ~ te ~;) ,. . ] t llS

q_uick.er t.Q use it be:'nch winde:r to remove he 1l)i1@. "k: 0'" the' ~m~l b~fore fi.n is·ht~'I- it off 'W [~th a fj]e:., A.lff;e'f \.ilm~l'· the Cl: :r:ve~a a ~ea, ~ hO'u3rd tJ i ,abou· 1 Q mDl tmtl;.

Two :holies;, une ~l. n'l m and one 3; mm in. dlii:I'l~ttrr.·r nYif.st no'w be :e r-iHed f :r~1l.l16· ' ~th£ Ali ell Wntn~h. The pos ltd:·~f1r5 O·,·"t.· itt hrit . s ~ ShON¥~'- m 1Template C'. The '\' tMM C~ it aer be diiliud in its. presen t h ardeeed ~ondiiJFrn:tr [-):f

!lest f.!l·cru.1t. be 5()ftE:f'I:~cl met:· ''rhls ~nn ~m;:fd c;:n w 'art tY:P _" P' d.rlll biJ~S; ~r~ u.s~ ·t, dTi,]! ijj2 lh@les. I' J~ pl'~l ~.~abl.e··~ drill the hul~!5 wi hout sof:tel1jn~r 'the wrench, by u~i:'l:1;g cobalt drill bits. Tl~,ese' a. 'e $,peJt:iaHy ~1:es-i:",n ed '~.r dlltUling a~c~gh "j~I:jr hcircl sb~l~l and, ,HbllUgb the ,> cost two or three ·ti.m"es fl'lo:re' '[hall 'o"[d.lli'L1fiCfY bilts are Cl¢y UElefMt ff' l_hese REe not 1~;I'~l~h~;r ·the JUl~ ~~fct h s.h.lluld b~_h.t:~\~.t~d 1IJ],ij] ~J,e 'S! ~_~l nl~Jw5,·brlght.fee n;_ the ar~.s wheJ'e ih@

, ole-so are ~u be -·d ~i 'l!fed ~ 'nus sllonllt De dv'ne twi~;ia' ,aud ,the i~Tte.fi~ ~Udw,i.?:~' tOr ['0101 ri ,shomd_ n,D ~ '~"e' qu;~nrn ~d .. bl1t-T~th~:raII.~w, d to cool bv I ls.elf) .. It i$i OOt3:t kl 'uSce:a ~ s bolt-d.," tt~d 'witb ,~, bl1Une/pF'opane ca.rlrki~~. ~"!a:~ th.· m ~: ~d ~U"e' 0,£: . g:~£u~ S b u rn:s ,a'l ~~ -fEllJ[ gr~,~ t.e:F. ,em:p~r.atm:t~ .~. a s .-andMd bttl,ane E:arm~. Jo.






"' .

..... ...::.. ,

PI oro 40· TI"IJ8 ooar belofe, and 8!h r rtrMItl'ootlOn. Note· tl1~1 pes~1ion of . fife: ':sprifr'l;g pin.

T'hl~ .Pf(H2~d.ul:~ Will ~G·ft.e·n ·tine 'W""fe-n,ch Byjf~denl1y SfJ b1~~t ~he'hQel~ ean be drilled usDl;g stan - ~ ·1' ,Be.¢au~ the Allen -w~en~

'; !alt ~thni' the fir ;t 11- b;," ear piVIQ" 1:it:l,le') bas: to 'b~ <it.dUed on an h';,h.ag1onru cut_fu~r. 'this ~ot be done ~. eQ3U-se 1~f1e :cl.ril I r,;~ould smlPl'·~

H;;'n 0 .... the 1~C}rn:e r. .

U,s~ ;a round. m~;-,a, mud~Crvrr ~~.~ .d'~~l 'i~ ,Cl;lt a~ 'the pO.~t whe'r~ tl e hole '1$ h) he made,

·t_~. ~ n' "i"'i ~,: '" I I .. .c.!I -I'L d ..,.

'[lubfi1l )~ a .& -mm~wa.:tN.e.·'~e·r OI!l~'lEJ uTli1.me .L.. 'm.m

If . m ch _ ,m·d ,.;f. the \>\'f~n~nl' ~ ~ho'wTl iu - etnpliib.t? CJt and' '1:11 . til 'tlt " hC~~.15 'fled rl U~d, . ~ i ts

[. ~ '0 .nun dJameWr.

PHO'TO i1': Tap ~£,[Ir~· 'U:~:ew 0:1 B'e13V'. Th.el [pin .er o'wld prorrude.1he $1'»~JlmnlJ[1t- an l~ach s.kkt .or ~he ·saT

'The, secend 3 Imm hale '~5 Idr.m~d 53, mm from t'l-1Le end. o~ the wfr!nd1. Hu~~:ru'g'h ~he flat are a. T ,e hale is 5 i ru a t·ted! as ~ how n In Te:!ID.iOla t 'I ·C· Iu st bninw 1.:11.8 k~L.~}.:S (lome1 ' g

:F' 1f 1_. ~ , _ ~ '" .. - - ._ .-. J~ . " ~ f

'e ex~c'~ p0:51 UTU ,J: hi:s;l\olle i$t not 00

impo ~ant r so 1011'S as '1 t !Es $o:m@"wh~:r:e near' the. position shewn. ",'. O~r a 3 nun :8p1dng~ pin, :3/ N ll~gr ~hl. Itappt{d tlli1;uuw., !il:f ll·ef~' 'lliMtU ~,]J even .. S~~"Of1l of ptn is visib .e on eith~r $ict. of Ute· AUL~ wrench t(p :lO'OOS; 4tl and' ·~1,. Th~ sear is, i"lOl m '.p)'·1:e be Ii ted. " islde the ~l.ve;l with a 1/4 ~-Jnng ~Qfket StCrI7ii\'f" A d,(Htu~ nut'5 '~'~ed ~') f~tatm ftw,:;StCl!!~W in» os411gn.


CH' I' PTER~'12

'PlrI! bi~r is:', uf fIl'om-ClI, ~l -, 2~· $effin~' ~f- ~ ~"""tl:rit~ ~t_eel p1ata. A ~oply of the 'fri-g.g2I" terop.lmrb~ {Fi_.JJl~ X, 18 made - Ci1.TsGht I ~ Y,: ell ~ o·u~t ... . fm~r glllitd tn: the- ,ste~;l. ~pj[tl~~~~. The' l:~ ~pe' .~£ 'Ib~ '!rtgIUI is w.w,bd an~' the ~te'e:11 ~.1]'d ~,h"n the FN.~·tion 01 ~U .Uie 'Ftalea 'pl1~n.;b~d in ~i1,e WHtlru.

Wily: Th~'· mg: _, er is sawed '-lt1! 'IIv'ith a hacksaw

d- £iI' .,- '..l' t, "..l1!' _..::. d ii::'1...

nnJ . Il'2u 'ID tne ,~lLiLa}l_' .m(;~. e _ i 'Y tne S,~(]fm

~~B¢.S~ Tbe 't:dgcge'I .J?,i. I}'~ hole ~ d.r.illred. 't;C)1 .~ , j_~~t:e[' (if :', min ~d fhe glth~r t:hr~e 1ar-s.er hole!~ 1~o a dlameter ~f' ej,mm I(l h@:t0 42).

The Jar .~' ho:[~- ~ fqir C~l~tie-1?u:nw.o .. ~~ aru~l. i~:d a1thOl 'Dih lfi1.:e:v· ennan.ce Ithe -btj,~~- ~,e

- J1~ - #. - • I~~D -oJ":' ,- Qi"l~ ,1piI!

a~'JF- e';aJ;"1F,~ n ee are' op' ti urta I . ""Ea ch '~f' the ~hree

. ;!r-', ..~ I, ,.-- • r- ~I"!!I •• " •. _. r .

l1ia~~, can be' countarsun k on each siCl.e ttl add ,8.

'profe~~ll~rnaJ finisl"l':~ tll~ "tr~g81~L The CD!:ve'd

'IG1JFt~ :(,

1R~m~ 1EMP~,ff

Hnger. s:ecllru:t ijl'llle I~rj~~ sb~uld be' ~0undoo. a:.n;d poUa:hed sm~~~~. li~, Ueitl~ a· ttorufo" able f(!~ ~dlen tl:l!~ ttigg'-' j I"- ~Ue't.

,.he. t'l,i:gl~r·i8: iul$ert.~~~'in;t:~~,r ~z'Jrd al~a ss@t~e~ with a :~ot~el ~cr,ew :0]:' boU' (PIl ~to 431 r 'ftUE! tons leg of 'Hum' trigger rests"01l tOp cd the pin 'pn1lTuru~ ~m, ~e1 ~ig1ht; ~~. ur tbe ,~g~,. li\7b:en. Ithe ttigg,~r i~ putlei.1 th~.~~~·::wr pu.s'ned dO\1\rn mil out ~.~f anij~;ga:m.~t WE~1b_ !~1e breeeh bloc .. 'f- ~h~ 'll~uu.~:l~~I't:rCl: I~n. ~ to be file - b', "'~m.edJ~e who is :[eJt-iha ,biiiA, th.e mplmer·;n, bri

~ • ~ • - ~~ • ICi~ I '

h ~~ed {~ ~h~ ]J~-!i ~Jd'e ,itJj. 't'h)~ ._ ~gi~lr :u~r~

\t\l iilictut any ad,i:r '][ll'ud :alt:~,rations- A certain


am.(rl.:t:El:f of.' l~land f'lting ~m bE!' 'e:x:pec ~e9.~ t~ 61

:he: td:gtr¢I' ~ ~,r m.. ~e' t:b.at loth ~'E\_' ope_mre ~:OBllily;


C'HAP-! .',' ", ·TEll." 1'~,

1_ ", I ..• L~

m,tl~ the. tdg<g)et llRd sea r hi, pqsitiQf:l the

1... ""'-.... r ...... ,,.. . i L. d' - .:.11

..:! . Cl' re~lewelrr 'maUll::!"Pnll,g ean De m ,f!~tU.;Lj.ill.

fiHe(L 1 ~~1 ,thi e part the ,m«i1q;sprn-i'~@;' b~(~u~e

.. J ~'i ,Il. LL,-· d

m-g~e '~ri'.; 6p~Iall;~' tne 'fr:u,gger aru sear

,~S mll . ~ E"et:IDs·~ tl.u~ maWfl,znte:' ,re'l;ea~e rntdl ([~ cr· 44)~ Th . .' PUn;g is made. from ,a 9 1/2J" I~ "fJl' _1'1 =l-:i.a,e f!rin~ 5_~ strip, As the ~ ~ " €:;Isj phis pmdu,c,t is a l~. of mehlir ~. e fm'M Spr1n,g !jtecl, the sam ,; -a~ al userl, to lVUltl tK~ IQD"ill. sprlng "t,\1€, rn.~·ae eMlita. li~ -. '. ' LNirir~lljrle 00m n1ta~.'el ,togineedng'fihops.arul ~~ ~t8M~~~Jy' ta' Dl~e Hat led SpI:iIlgS. ,',ot mi'ldel ~!~'e.4tn mgrrte..~· and ~uea

Milly dliIltr.,Enl ga'ug~5 Df. SIJ:Hf%l ~.Jt1]P' B1L"1e!' ~nabl.1 bat .. fCf· true 'm.at~poo,g:. 24--~u,g& ha, ~. iRa,. The i~lP~ iteel iSI ell t, $0 a l~th. rJf' 9., 1 t'-"' uema an al~,gle glind~~, Ol'~ -alt@illl~la~v~~y~ th ~rn8lI tali' b,e bm't h,' baud antll it ~ag .... m

p'- om 44~~""'"Ft{e 10: , r rllwivlIfU I!'flil n9~rlf:lg fl~i6d w~' h

I -.r-' ..

rn~ ~ ~ :~J;:l'Irr; :'SSiamlfly.

!tWo at lkf' ri2qmr~ '~engtll. F:i§tU'~ y ~t" ... ~s the 'c_dntiMllJ1r t~.· hiCb tllepl1 ng i~ bent, '~hi~ ]~ done bv rUUldj ~ b.a:nl1:11le;r' at v:tsa ccuJd br,eak


the'~sp,rlng~ BMdmg the I51pring hark find l,oIth

sbo]J ld be a~1~id,~d~' .s.iu :e' this will ,weMt;~ HJe matertcil a1sct Th~ ~rirt8 steel s put. be bent in one dlre dGn.~mlYf un '1 i'tt D:""mJtch~s-the snape 0f 'the' dlr41w,m19; aSI dO$"ely ,acS p0~~ib]~.

A nQic .is X1:o~r. dr-iU - d tJ:u:cfQgh tll.~ ,S ;:Jt.ll1g It.Z mm £rhm the end ~Th~h~':le \iV'ill ac~~p ~ th,e maga~·release eateh ,Ball sl,:ould hie dnHerl fllist to ~: ms.,meter ~J 2 mm, 'lIb'et'l y;~drl~d t:c· a dlam-.htt:ui.:61ttnl. Ii}_~ ~W,~,.I~taerwl,· a 'mm hDle 'm n6W placed :~ch.side {) f 'ld,~ 'hol~ and .4 short' llllll1~dmmeM l~ljxa~n=ke~d :~ 01' Inserted thro~gh dte at5~e·mbly .. A. r'o E i"SiI '.r:t-e~v~d lont!1 lliI,- 't~wt but, iJCfQ,~ iii! l' ~t~h~,~a ~ fla t Side pi. th.e b'o' t. head 1'.8 ~p~,giHuned 110~il1~n~aU .' b) ~nel ength.of the ~ml'.

A ,~al?ef' is n:ow m~ ~'. thE! 'bdlt :1 ea:d :ood

-1'" . i> -;.;1 • l"'" .. 'I.."~~' ":~. Th- , J I.~

tgU! 1~l:p&retl g«ti'~A 1'0~\1~ ~ ~:UJOu'[;, , " lSI,!l~ 'iu.'~.iiI

lllS'g>a.~i"ne, relea5!' eateh .. The 'tape'r ~aUoro'i$ the :map:2[n-e to· slid~ ov~ :i~ bb!,~ l'1"ead wh~ I~b£! m~a~)8 im·~r~~d,,· \~fhi,le. the oppcar _ fl:n:r ~,~d~ ~f. U\~ bolt Mat1 ,r~v'en~ the- rnapzina' :fnnn falling etn (Phrl[O' is}.

_ .. _I' e1nall~p;dn§ m r'~W l'earay 'tel' mf hlf· Itt; fS'dWVU. '~e md Qftn~ '!i,pring is: in;~y.b Q mt~ t ie' gap' a!bov~' the' gI PJ.l and then ~tre magazf_tH~"

€A~t~h is, 'ftmh,€d 'u-"l\mrd. and 'f~:awdm l~ - ~~ e

IF' ~,.., I.

(:a~E'h ,~Ug,v~. Whjl~' 'i'be Irntcb is .~e,'~,cl In ~hi'.,



.lOWI!IR FtECE lv.eR MA~N~JWJ ~:~tlG

[]] NUT

.1?OitiUi:t)I\, a fnm~-dia.mt9. t r ~~e\l\~ £H bol, is ·]DsEried. i~mt@ !8he ,~dl hole and '·5 em red with a :do~e fi1l;ll. :s:hn·u d P9lnt ,Qut n"er"e t'h1l!t EI-~ sprrr.tg, (·h'~ ~,,? er "'he tr":g~et l~iv'ot ~,{}lt; .~.ff,e~th ~~r hlding;~,,~ b~lfhxJ>~l1 view.

S DC:;""'ent ,cl'~Mm-c.e I'1I1I9't '_ .. I t be_ _~ft...,tbE,

1Si die .~f 'tlW' nigg~l2 I,~g m10 ~11J~ ~~. 1~1: 'ftw 1~lV0 p'~aJ"its . h)ll 'bnid_. The 'rel~i\1 _ ~e .' _ td.l. 's1' o"~.d he wn~ prcft,S,S1Ue' ue\l;r) llile. S"p'rin!!f .:re:s-l:iD,R' firn:n 1~1'"


a.g.ai1!lS~ l~he, bottom. of IEhE ca:tch "gr,~o.l e, Also, m!B!r' 'shc,u I'd be' Jj I~'lli~[i:e ~ f, ~ b0,U t ,2, film 1l}~';~~~eD th: bJg of th,(! (:at~h ~i!.rC]~ih en>:and th~ 1bQtmm .. Q'- the m·argazine- well, I1U5, is m1.j?Qthmk, t.e~~'Us'E \"qitt,~ut ttkiiJ' S'ap i IL :~ I~, ft0t be po' ruble te .1&1' . ~a:.t', ~.h.~ ~f~.h. A"g~:IU m rn..g. tfi": .in tE]Lnal pi! rt~ ~£ 'tb~ Ihte~v'er (Fng'L1~e Z:~ ,~t~ wat~g ~G.ot:hly. CO'J,Tsibrlb'l;,ction 0: he. fi-n:ar seetion e'

i..1.. ,""""",, ~"1!..,L....A ml . - - .' ~.

u:,~,e uL~aw::~. b; .... n ean P.[O~~.


~ .


. .

M~GI\zINE~· 100

, ~ -,, _ _.., _, __ .....r_-_. __ .;:.... j



I'NTIEAN:Al'p,!!AA1f:S 1frr[Ef) TO LQWER 1R1~lS rEl~15J,;




. --

Prn&ami11 Ehe' mo) ~tt1p~Jit'arr' P~ft -0' amy ~ult.~mit'fk~amI ~. T.11tw miag8cz]ne, W-lfbout it~ ·tb~,(! .nl,~1Cl1jn ~ .gu.n 'Or $if!m1;a:u~Dma:Hc can hre no mnze . han. ~ .sm)lle-~;s.~ldt w~fap~n., MBktng'~3 mal~ ne In tb.e· usuw wal by ~.ding a-·~·· e-H.iOn ~f.~'~lI.~et j·_~~,~t ~a- '0 d a . crmtng bl!plck i"i. ~ difft',ult anc tlme-"iCansum~ng pm f.eiSS" Wei will.

jI, ...J,~ L!· . __ . ...:.,LL d' Ii:' ~ 'Ij h'

not 1;.U:;(U8~, 'tiutl$ ~Uti.O:' Um' CClMuu~ on "a'lrI~J! as

it Is at1:t m;.y- . d ea ,0; an ,~at " ... --:tQ.::make irn'p:[o~~~f f~~~.U'O 'As 1Nith the etl;i,e:,r !RBj .: r QOllyponcm t p1arfuSj ~, perfe~tly h:n,1!~h8111d "ma8,az~l1e :eltn ~e' mad@ &om a l:!llglh uf :S ,,~J x L5"I~ mm m~l~ ] 6~g~u,g'e tubin:g:-~~&e'i 3Jj J;: t~ m m mb~); I he mB!,~~n{' {,:ol a smgl~ia .• , d~ ~!f\' holm1:lg 18

:JI . f ,0. ~.~ W~ib.': 1 ~.- •

rOl1!l1~~ 0 .:~'mml, amrmmitiea, '.I!EJJlf- b.·Ii~· ~ a

low~r ea "~m' r ' than 111e 2(1 Of 25 ',WD·, ~J ·TIjI",.st· ftt~rJ-r.rya.~ct-~~tac " ~m~.,~· , simpl'd~y 'Q" 'maEjtttc~ttu ." m·om thfll1 oompeFlstes ror ·tbre m~tlEed firefO'~ e:r. r' t\ .fa'~a .it-" , 1'8 . omads'·01 f.ll1U;y .automa]je fiU~ ,[aTIl1!a~ ti ,·,ty ,yD~ 'r·~ ~:ru.;llrem ~inls'l yo:u nee·a ill ~ a· e Qk,a" no It ~' . m~d1ine;gun! -

,.·i! tithe must D'e- ~"QJ~ to a ~an:g6.1ID'f9i~, ~~ dLeruli!id md '~.fi ,'([ .. A. egpy :of' Ithe' .ma.,gElZ]t1e b~:m·plaQ~e. ~,Fj.gNTe A", ,) s.l,llOUJdl b'e ma~:h;~ and, .. af-L\el: bem'g cut grUft C!iU'efuU1, ~lnm 00 $1: . jj.i~.e of the~ .w:be,. Tl1.e 0o-al - SClote Jme need - __ I , the

,. -- -, - - _. . I

c:twa·d: ~ , et1finn ,at th' t'ilp.c uf t1le ~~ph'l te.:' ClW

'~ pormt ·el a punch ,is:--pJ!£I~~ in thla ,.entm: o.r' t"he' l6 ~os:i~d I~~le~ 'aw\d hR' wTh'llt ,-~ hi[[n1ITIrH~~r:

his ·V¢U11l'lla~.h; [~ posatiun,s ~i L1:i,e cM~i-d'- ,e ~:Ou ru.linJ~ h~ 1.:~':S, rea d.y :(,or- db: i ~ 1 ing., . h. e!}

PQ~.tiOD~ 0' [h~ tW10 base plate hQI~. at the b ottom ~l[' '~e" ~~empli:ll1e are ~fi ~Mkiel;i· by 'M!2' sanf.~ m~od~", Tb'e tmu:ph\t~ Is f\~oved m.a ~ ~ l: ~Mk"¢d (,I1;,[t ~,e·C: 'j 0 n ' ,t th.e top I~ E [h'el

nlag~~ tube C,L!lJD 111e removed' w:!~ 1al ;!;m¥' 'a111d.I,a :t~1thl'ld er half roa-nd ale"

.A ~liO'~ -'~.llO·W' ~til1td th.e-l'e"ST IO~ !~ ~e, '1 D'lB"l d-e,e.p an,' a ,'wID: e .aIS th~ .ube wttlls. will an~·w .. A '5 nun-GJ~me-l~r dan ~ used. t(J make 161 'ViB~g: holeS. in - "fte p~~Uj;oo mMkl~d eafJje,r~ U1~ bO[~~~M ~~drrn;ea 'tm\inmSl~ \J.n; fide Q:nJ~ .or thnj uth ·bci·m,.sl iloo cf '~e hlb:e.,;·.Iilt _ffi'iliivahYi 'tbe holM '~'ml be tgn~.re6i c~pL bM!,r theugh n\~ ne vctjt u:seful fn~' q,uh:k .;~b~N~ti(JJt ~. te,

. ~he ttl r fb"etria~.a ~]n.e 1 s '.lii.n; emply 1'. 0.1' ~n~i\1he=r~J:d ·l;}et\nreM. The· ~o bas~":p';la'h~ h_oles .are dril1~iJ! thnn~ botA ~ ,c£ the lu1in~ ~th itt'3 nun bIt. DriHlr;..rg tb_ rie~~grh·. ].. ~ wUl ~ale a srne~ of D'UfS. 01:1 tile "in!!f:de! Q!'I 'l trtl'- tube~ am! ~hes'e mtts't be' ·~m.ove~~ A "flat fHe iJl,

• d_". o;j I~'II, ''6, .:.:I' . . ,

l.nSeIl'[e U:1S'lu,e me h;l"t:.e -any ~a". te rw:l\ ';J .

a ~y "b;U:rs., ,so ·that tl1 e in, ~de [l{ file fllibe i 1i

"~it:I ~~ ,

~~~t~J' smaot11.

- }l~ ma,gaz I'~ ~ip;$( which T~·old lli,~

cmb!idses, 'tl~ ~m~' 'the' ~~;jf ~ih el ~~bn now be .f ,r.med: I~Q shape" pettJr:~ ;urisoon be d(jlnej!""~ ~~, -'l;e fo.oniDlg· loek mu~t b-e-:mad~ (Ph _to'4f) ~

. a.ro und \\~'hi.~k ~ llipc c a'IJ~~ 'b~~ ~ ,he- f0r~'f\g 111o[:~ . 'n1ad~ bflnU~ 1 iJlI 1~g:[h 0 . - '·1/?cJf t]J;lt

s'me.~ ba1: Orm mil p" iitts ~~:r nUlsit be med '50'

- - ;--..,., -.... -

tb'0 cerrkmtfs itovm. in Frgn~i;e Bft "0.1.,' '~fflH, ~J"~ iVay. Df do~g,llfldti' i~ '~'.~ a l~' .B1t1·t 'fjle ro

. -
.r". II
I -\; ~'
L 1\, I
I , ~.
. ,I' t"\ . ,
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+ +


a •


--- -

Pl-IOT'L) ,,4B~ The 'Ma~~:e ~ujl::re WUp alll ·oM~s- drll ~eQ, 5li:1n\rm l:!iJJtlf;jJgsad~: cth~-'fo:rm bTrr~ ,~nd $F-I'til'~~ lP~n_.


!ND V ~EW DF FQRM Bl:tJ€J; (EN~· Q'F 8l0~~ ~ lJS'1 ,I'E I·HAPm AS (i:J:iiDS~a y," ~S P~'9$I~$.:LE. '1:01 i~_

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au' IM~h 6Rdt9~;., Sllv~' 'ol~~ :G~]d' ,ahiio 'e t~ bl [oin 'Mh~ r,",& t(.1g,~tber-perfScL1y lv~~l .. but bJai,:E! Tua~ b~,ttB'" 't1tl in ~r ']~~(f'qp.~tieSi 01 th,e 'RniL~ ttt Md~ j~i:m ts ~mi1ll~d 'hy' [i'u~ sJ~pe· 6'{ the rod'~,~ - ~~~eJ . I_,;nl~g, i,razing l.Q ds eli:mill'atJ, . [ ,~ n.~ed 1t. use,': n: 'flu Xi $in~_ ~ lli~y :~~ ~~[tie~ _' y

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I. an now bee ~ t;und .hum, .20-l~~lirrIC3I pia1l,G "WT.t~ N,a' t"'~g '~avier- ,tll.L:. _2a~'~;n_g;e ,·b_(UJ.l.B kte :~e ,I : ,~' Lt' Wf],b14 ~~ ~~iZine '. i f' tc 'J' t~, !Q ad, A .61' l~ng IHl QI 'W i ra a. len 0, g,h ~I"or' wl'n.d.m,t full! s~nn: - "f&e et1:~ ~J tl1,e ~ re i:6, :ia~·_.:f.t~~ !bm~~l',]m ,,~e -m~ dt:el' IS htd' ~ n~d ~ritl~d tOi ~@tlt.the ~"~ - fm·i;n p~_ft[rii' I~ut. To. wind ,tke'SFrin;g;- ·h· -end o,"ne"wire- can be Ej'~e. od '00 lnld· live I' ~;Uldte~ pu J~d UP. -."' - c' ~' \Ij.' mm i.· _'. ~ tIl '~JF;I ,a. II tenlitivet~ ." e ~,- fi of .' e' 'W'U.e' can b~'~ tQ ,il.l?tationar-y o,bj~c~ ·su.ch ~ . @I visi. " dau~ ]11~n.(ne, i.l~ d 'f'li:r1;,rIr .piFe'" and. ~11e '«ana: el ,~a:R;' . e ThtWd a~t 1m ~~ W 1:~, bmij

hi dE;: In" _ ~NL(E1gtli) EJE,~ A' pp' ;:If no 'le 5 tn~n. .5 mm must 13':>.(ist bemeoo. each :ooil of the ~,' '. '_. "1.As, wi-il1 ,th,~ Ie _ il m-am prlng." the gap. E', :We' ~~'_;'\m~lea .by alrerlDlj [~~e er1i81~ Qf the w,jre: while' winding ·the ::;,p~in". Wbe"n.

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~answn. "n. tne W'.l:!tJ is ~l~Me:a ~ U: u~ ern .' \\JIr1. ~

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!l'l:u,:q_'ll,UrS anwound ",.,-if<e 4:1"e $ruRP~d~, ·~.d t:h~ '.prlt'8 is( slid ~ ~ ~t. The'~~·:,- - w' _ne,w '~,~ b~t Daek '~_. it " Dii~~I1:R1, ~~ .Hh~,pi!j'- 1diS4ng tJItu~!! -f.in~ers.. ·~Qt.;s.q~~l:e me S'fde8 ~l

eech fOU, 'ba.:Ck, ih to sl'Ul_fe', Thoo:gh diffb:ll~'t.' 'to explain In Wnrdii" " ":5. is. a,s't1Jt~rl~;ht' cll"1Marq ,pJl:'O_~.edoi~ .. ,OOQ ,~' -will 'b~c~me, aej f-e~Rl~tpry when ,yeu.iet(~liie ~pdng4 Vinen a~tou:nd Sipr~ns ~uc'I, \1IS tile' main ~pTh~g is wcn:x:n.a." ilt alsn llilwil1.dS 'but it !!ItiH Fern~ ins r(Hmd~ ilb:eU: a l~.r!§;T:'~J:·" dI:iam,ft~r" Ha ~i)~'ver-,' '''he ~e,t .. ·i~nuf11ldr

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lt~R~ s ' ,fiJ: ,~lp-, ,~' 00 'e' 9im~ nuiter:1a1 ~sed, it)!: th'" 'fr~n'weJ'. Tl1e- st~el srrip is ~ut t(, l.~gth ~'n d hteld. in pesl l il~:tH in tl~ ° bbttiOft1- of the m~al_ift~me.. :rhle 6No prIm¥; jp.'iDS ':a.' ~ llt)w in~er,'oo to,lr.tpld fue,b~5,e 'Jab~ in Pos]Jtlgn~ It [~ 1~lr easier bx t~pl the p,itmi ]'ua:11' mt-n a)'i~ M~e '~-o the .. ,ag~e I~tf: j,t, ' :ns'eIt n~J~:: D"a''S'e plate; thlli.: 1, 'iil'-WleS )b~!h hands, he.~-one b~ hQld J'le Flate ~T1~ pos~lien. aJ;'1B ~'nle ~th~i tCl hold tIle 'han?Nrtter" -

n ~e lQ1', t· p~ ~au~ ~f~L~n'e. ID~' is ,Ute' )0 \ ll,tis 11a::s; two p1.rli.pas es : '·t :sttrp! 0' ,ltJ;;e ni~i1ll-e f:r0m be'ing'.fu:Sh~d tol'~' Eat ifrftn ;~h~



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The ,~;'p' ~ S1;mP~y a 9' ~m~1lbi,~ s»~(!, ~f the :s~~ 4t1 '~"~ rom tub" ,M \<V,BS li&ad b; m~~ tit gnp ":intAiJ ~eU. A SClf: '$q~a .. w. is u~ed 't~l ron-' it sh'~ig,l~ _ b' le' 4!l,tiTO~Jl!I tJl?te tubll.lJ :0 '~:ii:S1Ul-'E l~otl, sid~$ lof tl,~ s'f~p ,aie S'q'&.:ta'~e. ~ ieS' rnl'~ut th.e ,tQP i s , Utll~ver ~I 'fi lei 19 ~~g S'I!11!e ltD &th lends· ~e' p,d.l,fuctly 1a~ aJnd smQofu. A curved

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° ~~d. ,onto 'Qfle I~fi~~ The e~PJ 1B ~lid fiver the to_p of h,~ 'm)J;g~~ !ne! wi·ll ~,~:t.e ltilp,ere-;cl: ~~n!i_

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d'!recHy Q~~ the gbtrn. VieVi{tng '11n"1:~! tr:roH'Il 'tf . ~:0p of the ma,ga:zln~I' and the magazm,e.j:S i:Ofi;e~f'~i]-mtb tne' D_'l fief! m~ g-w&

The l!~le;~'~e ~iltcll sJ.:u~~ld; ~]id~ over the" ~p.er,eG e;wlld 0' dhe stop and, ni;lp ir:ml~ into'i:l]~~lei' lo:rJdl1,£ w.bm-~"lcna~}a·zlne In::tol 'Ill()I~; lti~

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(PhO!D 52),~ The s :-, 'p m~ nee "to boo, adl''l]$bld

~r ~b 1 ed 51 i Bt.it'l;l y. to Ted lit ce 'i l'1rU~k:fi~sS te allew na~ ~. rh i!il bJ] intol gos~ti¥n. Th :st(~r:e' ,;VtU b~,jil'Ve.r-, "old, rea m p18)., I~v,~n"tu~ny.f.- ut [t mUSt: vernia] n nl QV\itbI!~:... ft):F' ];'IJOW 'u.nfU a.'~f'~t'

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-t~Sit-fiI'iFlIl'f.: lla..s been t!a.rrieGi RlJ t, ~o:, :e.llD\\1 f~f

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, ,0' 1'!t1 pl ete an d read y 't.o be 'b u 1 t~d ~o g~ I he ~Ir (' i:gu:Jt'e- GG; I,. Th,e ll'rf.:l:ee' sock, i ,S'Cl"G\V& are' uRse),\ewed .. rom -fu~ D:rid.,er'~idJe' ~,~ lli,'~)¢pp,er ~~;i\f' ~ UI' ' .. ~,scEw rem~~&l~t:bm:id(Ue' enHaT :[5 ,~d~~sin~e n is not rieq~d"

13'0 h ree e i 'lte::I!: s a 'we p' 0 IS inone d 'E Q:ge L ~:'H:~ Ji" (Ph'ot I ,:;': ~I" and 11' &I ~f,te" -e=mru:nmg 'hvo ~~e~ a:re SC'.t~W,L!td i::rn' t.OI 1\1),14 m.e h\fo h~lye$ of tl1.I~' machine ~ tQ;§ethex. A ~e'f'tain amount 01 hi~nd fi'tting m:a~' be n;~~g5E!1;" 'bt::~QJZ!e t1~, ~wo ~,t:ef,vel' 7f\rin ~i't togeill;@t, 'The lcrd'l'1t~ up , f "the 11!/~. ~lP~ tllay m.~_,t,a}b~ filed' baCk ~li,gl~v se

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tl;mr:Ls i'5 S~ 'ffi£Jent dJ.e..rl.:IUa'1Rl:~ hetween, the :&ont. 0,:

m@ ramp and fu~, bMern 'fare,o,-lh,~ h~t 'Ihe f~:nh1u,. ef th nmp n"L~y alse r'~q,;tl1ll"~ adj;ustm1,'''n t tIl al~,Q"V the blOCK ItGI ~ijdfi! :9Vel! .ll',

Wid\, th.e reeewers bol1ID~d ~io,!,ether;, lhe

W~pOr1l should be. dLfy:..:ltrecl to ltll~ke' (Su~ al] in lema III p:a rts .are ,~c~ul.lfag .1.ttt0@thlJr" The l?m:e'~" :blbcW C"df') ~ ,'Il~d ]be pu Ued an, Itj1~, \\i(iiy' b~~, lt~ t tree};, ilia t lh.e !\i~a:r s.n,cLp$ up it} held "the b.loc'k in the '(:ad~~~d I;lG,sitirnlr'V\rhen

he tri,g.geIi 'is. pulled, Ifu~ blclek should relea e ChHtll1y--"arfd ,1;,: -fAr~~"rd, '5lmoQlhly. t}u~ mag8·~hH2~' Up , ~,a 1 'eJ~"1 raoilp must .no " i'lll terJell3 willi 'lli~ b'l"S(; k:"',l3 fOl"wahlt'd iCJzft V'~l rn,

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lle' r,~J~ilI ··ed t,W'O Of' . h.rl~ Hrnes d[!!;f'lIil,~ this J?:ttll'cnge1d. buts~ of ~ L e til, '~"ur.e tha.' ."he h ~ .' ec bJLcL' ~ ~;il4.;b~ he~d b,ai:k :~n ,th~ ,cock~d 'p' - ~';; tl'Q,11; by;; ,t.h:~ sear when press u:te' on the

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p~el1Uy. The r,e(l€iv~:r.iS!. w_-e _ ~1?'.a·miteO ~d, th~ wlil~ rerun: ,e_d~ A .L~ra D ·.b~& aclh, rive Jdi i1;pp'l1~i~, ~ .. I:'~ w'erJsld~ ~ and l]tu~' We' i~ ~'I\~eil1i~m;l h9:Lk '"'nto pq~' :ilon. TIlle"adb1.t;si'~e is :j,eft to et for S tn 10 Illi n LttHS,., A.l~~'a1tirwely.j "tile; wen .(-an J!Je Sfrn;red . i"~ '~ gnt~ll.am em ~t l!9' r'

~il:yeI' ,stlldel'~ but mt~ 'f~tE,t [l1eiliorl is 'qukker~, The m~g~ziue. stop [;all. n,,:)\"it be 8ilve.~":Rbld~ te the mag,~zine' .. The mag~IZllle is removed from tb~ gUIII-; "but the p0sition faf the stop

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ins,etting ,[be magazine,

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TI~.e' 112 a d i:' ~ u,'t lQ a Ien gl b of ~Jj pcE~o. x- 1m~tEl.y ·41 I ~ f't . an. i8 mID 11 {;l,le ts c.uvt apprci'M'" ~a~ly "Tn t~'t.,ough ~n~ ~d oJ ·th,e,lwd. T,he'

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'!i!l.om~ l'IU' ~ unscrewea il:OBil, IL' e ecou a:tl~-:

md tile end of til lead IS 'pU$hdB:, (Jive]" the

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me' ,1.'1itd. the lead ,a,n:u tilen tile dome ,n~lrXi !:s

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~: ': eEl b~~:, ·~~u.gh .tlt,e buCkire lOI ~,a.~.,a ,ln~p. 'lhe lOQP la 'slid over ~ e' end of ,the' barr. 1 md

~h e bulikt,~ adju~;lie~ ~o -die' ~1mg ns, tlIt~ ,~~:rtIrc[ j~"th ro ,suit indiv.ia;~al m~em.m .

TIle ~hot bhJlng teehnique9' ~luy'l~ by. , ae ·F·~.F~~ona;l gun~Eu:r:b to~. 'm.d. eroEfc~ -~~

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thi.s, pro~es~s .tffucti\T',e]y. !Oth~r' ~bo;a s baye' cover e;d - .. HIs ~'l: bl .. ct e": 1~~,iJ11~lyj' b,1Jt f: th H ~lJthlod .iJ3; to.O ~'(Jm I . U(!ate;.~ ~.na ttrne(Glt5JUltllLng, ['0 h~ used ,1lJJi1.,an;y '.ilr@tlr'tl1 that ~an:

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~Q speoo 'dial'S con~'ttttc'ltng tlof ljllum; 'an~ anB 'thai h:eaf$ng ,ljlPpa_rotl!~ reqpire,i to beaf ,tlh;e cll'e,rn!cds? Tlle' BX _ e-dJ.1e.fi"1r ma:c:hh;l,e' gun, 1 ' ~la thrd.y !fUick. to -~wialtJe ,~fe thg nrec~ss'aLY materials hav;e "been '8; ,q~-ed~ .. ~. - . uall :~tlEk n1leThod is if~u~T;ed. to 'enhliro~ the. aFP~a~ of th@ w'leap0n and, mure tm ~ e,riatn:tly, ·to'

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OoJ'ld ,gp.n bl LJe'- '" tIlE' glbi~dQ1J~ diOi~r~I"h~te ... U is. av;ailable' frQnlL all gUH snOBS ~tU1d I~ snld in. hq:ai.d B.n;@] _pa8't~' .ff~·t.]_nr i;' j~,~,t'l I wn-uhl t€C.~end ~I'~'. Ji!'lm~' I vi!15i'C~u, ;ii;rt:c'e 'If ']1: ta,,.

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i'~.t .1iJ plMtic wasnh1lg~p bol The oo-amnu, s,hliJuld~ b~J'ch~1,1 en~~I~l h.11 !i:Ufi~l' tk"e lang, .~~. pa.ra (i.:~., Ith~e :t:erleivt:1t5) 'to be submerg~d ~11 ·the:

I"un blue, 111 e 'w~e:ap~'n 1.8,' tripped d~ fIJ. e .. A'\p' ]m~cl· to liS ',m jim ~Uftp!rm1IooJ, ~aI'~ ~a

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l~ tlH~h~d ,w I: tll ~ san cloth, and. th~' rcturl&lMi llIusl'a, :-wiU b~ an. EL~dLiV~r unri Th~ ntd~ dl' a]] fhe. n]Jbe,;,o;;i,. b1:li.r~l1' ibil[).~k.il' mitg~;;ruzin~!, and] hilJ~Vief:$-s.hbuldbe dJtJEtki;~_lO ~t· S:ll'e J:tiL., lre,':J.iD1i~hoo ~fLD &-~e' [Jan., 'a'ny dri~,-'i~n:l -p.m ~llil~ r:e~id.u,tJ .. Pb['"' the :b.arr-eJ and block, til ba'~~rel

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'~~, ~Jr a1i1'cun'~.p'r '9U ~h~tlh1-now ~ :iI:~']JHd, to aU nnteff'!lil 1 lieCl.tff Q;]1S of 1I'\e Wg~,[PQ]l~ Vl;;.itll 'i1leo· :~xa~ptle.n: c,~ Ithe' barrel. 0:1] ls ~ lse ~ 1i'1ec:l1 tc:'!' ~,~. Uu:c~cls, ,pi "~>e d~~11l ~ ,~$ta,(e eao~y ,assem~111 ~:i~~J#bl~ df-the, Wf~PQ~. 'Th~ m;al~hine.'~ M~wo £itnMlb~d 002LGl c:an 'be' l1~~~rnnhL:il

C'Ql d ,~Jl h]u ~ €,2I;1la\~ he 'b'l~ht in sm1llll, :l ft ~ (11'0 J'mttl ,~blt~·-~,t-~ fr2»c.~i~n of' ~~~~nH\ _ifI!E"~ :~E 11 (In 'cilt~ 'Ob,vit)l:ll~~ .sui:!]]:t~r~ip,~ lH~ l? ~ In. :~!q'L]id mTI ~i;:v~~ t:h~ _u'\ost .. ~v~n fuinisTh.~. bu~ if 'th t9( ·,!ie.-motl,n t CBnnat ~2 cibt~med., ,one .sm.l1llll 'hbttl~ is ~fHO!d¢li t~ 'C(1V!l2'r' ifi(e wll~ll~: 'Wl~:t[~~

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The C,oalp'~n~t .p.nt':ts Me I1I:f!p,ar,ed tiin

ex~ ~ly' the same 'w~a1 as;.~clt~~a~b(3d'~~~1i~r~ '~~ th~ li,quia {is~'p'p]jed -ilWith. a:: t:()!~~Ort 1M (jol ~wab .. The' a d'ra nl~~~ Ipf th; s 'm ~l}i:.od is, tb~t ny ·m~~.se~iGns Glf dle we1trpicjn '~le~d ~~i~ -shtce blue Is on[y appl~ fed Iko ~he ax:'h~rEm% ~:Ltt~'e_t?_,==~t" t[.st~J~' a s:wa'b b.lF.ip~y-lbifI.~ ~"pn bllil\i~

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m ~:rgJ,n,g' n\e.th ~l,d.", ;1) ~ tis, S'p I! p.e rf.?,ci1l

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A'ti: an a~t~m3i1i ve t~ blldff~, '~kS{\i~~a"F~n- l)@fIi

,,:::-' iE!: ~ ... :Ii' . rl' - L ~rt.. Si - ~ ";;1l:.f'· "TIlt.. - t~ U ~ ,UJElil.1h].~i4 ~~,.a ~;~.'Si@-:illia1'lil;~~~ dJlcect., I Ed~, ,~

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'Wi~'br .all ~e5S:1!l1r1: ptni~ l!:e.moJleti;- '~he ~emV'e:r:fi' are bnllitd bd~m_~r' a1iCl. ~hi~~ .f,~COP. s;11je,~,ii ~rle!;j' ~ic~ i~.~<~ 'r:l.G5U:h'ln .. _~, amal], n~tmlr df~

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S;~~l 1~ V,~S]~~ ~nlli.1~Bm~tb. ·J:::E.:niiDS.rl *h part is


ligll~- ollil i~ 'm.~:a:r~c .pfi!~ Ij-l;e ~~~~mal S'llJt_rfaC~e~ crf'~ : .r~t.~i ~Q.[,' as ... H~n:ill:Jlly;l' l;j]IJ:t. n~l toe 'rnUchi a ?ew mops, arte p,~d~tly ad~qlJca~e;

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t1!l1l]l .: 1Tt~~t ~, m p: .ilppie~r~ w"j~ nldieate [1.lt ~ ~t'eel ba ~ ~hafl ged ~€r~~ ThIs P,EOOt:8S is l'i!.p(!ftt~d ,@:I~, lilb1te:rval!t QI ~:rI'oit:)1l .:J' ':along lEI ootill~ ,''lle,ngth

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,~~s~ha1~ellittd ~,££rk~t E~nyj ~y sm"f 115 niJ ~ wipe:d dK M& ,ad,~an clo&, [fI' pap,elr' ~~"~'etand the w'e'aspon is reassembled,

Ib: . Gfid reSI 1 is An B.. bn:lEcfive d'LSLi~;a'ble

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~taIT.te because -li'e ,~a:s .- orch aDd ~B .do all IDlew~r.k- .membe~, -me' are ~Tm±~lmt ~l.~


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'flpb1:s ti"ca~h!,rl :'[(ua'~h~:d·· ~mpl'J'yed ~ n i1Jrmti rae ~'()'ries f~T. '~uJ1s1il1.itlr::1 . flOps. P ovldlng the II11'lrnme· guI1 'is n t dm'gs.:~d a.iPllg lIn:; grtnlfld ~b~a ill pfQ. -;~:p-I~rD ... tl i' blued () . h atcol~r.oo Bnl5.ijer:;, de.s r'l iEi.aJ hE:"n'~;r,,: It! 1·' ulck to


,wpp~~ it [tTaJctive" and durable.

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hom n'~Sltal'Ui1~ti l}T m a'~,ri"a 1 5 ~kni a p..,oe! L.ret~Q1iJI line,,. wh~ (!a.d~ o:rie: niad~ is iden-_-'('.aJ ,to tile 1 st. ,~.c.J!'m€Hla) e Bi~ru:n1S~: on ~ _];the:r ;o:a:nd,

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on t.~ Jl~BOn ~na:1tin;g, &~m, and the amnttlHl .of tlme a.nd C,(\!l!; t.U~lI!' d llTi.11-g manu fac tU1.G!. G e n~ g- t(l: ~e·i GiII_ ;"5 :OW1t1 'i,1;ad:. ~ 'd 'l.t..a.l fu'l2ann'-it~. ][~li~bi1ity, :nl'ep~~r~ ee 'l;!nbi:;tU I and Hnlita ElIa:lls---is of oo![1s1de:r-ah e mporl'aruzelr

I~~~~ II, a ~ ~t~l' e _ s'Ti;4_~ .ti~n. sh-~~!CJ a r~ e. Afld. 11 the rr! ~cn I me gu n ~, tlSJeij. fl~ 0_ ' 1,. I of

li:ecr~a bQn a] ptJ T:p~~.fU"~ ~ if):, Q~~r £U~'a. fa;!! can ,c~;n~Jif~ ,~~ _~ it ('Or .~~ ~oQting ftttt, ,t l~~t

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it _~t" ~QO .parolfn, ..

The, lUbe siZer _~Jl:1mvru bel~ iIT£ ~ose requi:t.ed to C:(:HlstrU\' "!. the mB~~(f. cemp oo~nl parts e,f 'fuel ,~mmU 9trn:n suiJ.'ma.clIm~.!prn, •.

Til ~ E'II\¥ bihing is. ",,~ry us.:e,f u.l.l(u~ the co~~tn.ll;:Ctian Of receive'!;!; ,~nd ' agazf:ne or as 'filiee:,d~g' ,w-fi},m arc·e:· err :ittc1teal~e: the 01lJrr1.€lEIr o'f' ,~ltoth er tulJ~e. I [ ~,htlu.ld 1:1 ~ ~'e U:'S e ~ aJ.5 g~ 'ba±reUJ,g (Lml6.S nOthing ~ .~5: ,mi'~le~~ ~ 8e' tu ': ~[Qedl~ - ".i1Im constrLlt.tinn. he S"M'f In\:ntD·~ is ideal :.Of ~ptQ!\'is8d .gt111 &arre1Br Beta;oo~ oithe·

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JllOJ.!-" " ~ a, :il.lld~_ i "t·· J$, ,t.-"lO~4-i:letU C~_I,.I,_I.i!'Iio.L a

'baf-r,el to _ uit 61nl~t -m}' caHb.er-· ul firearm. If possibh~ . heavy,,"gau~, 'n.u,e· ~'Shtntld be :~~td furb~lis, Of' a~Eht2r g;iU(¢'~mfQ~ed~fu a ~e," in I

tube or SlE~ flcIl\;ns. I lDugll.-.olm],Y !!rubes' will,lii£! of perf~~y q._deqUal~ sitr:e~ on !hen O\WfUj 'Et: ~ 0011 tom~rni ,~'etl;[~ itle. 1n;?J.k1:' the; tub'2 a,s'i'" "ong.l1fS ,pMs!b~e if l'h.edesign or ~he gun. Vt;r]:]1 a11~w it

T":"'L ~ ~L . ,. I.b· b' I •

.L'IllJ2 ma2Il'Hn-:~~ers rru:tly gl:ve 'I,.n ~'.UE '_ SIZe

of t¢bing: it:; :th~J1:' ,car:tll~g~. rn.~.f~ad. l:~ey S~pp]y "a~ 'mJ]fi~ (JU:Ride dr;n:n~E.et artd wan Uud{rlf!S~l;- 5tl ~ ~e~~~oe lh(f",GEe.s.lt~t1'~·I1l:c ~ thIckn~~ 'ml!l~L be nn.1lt[l1:~:lied 1'1' .h'Mtc an ~ .Itn.i"s Tfh~aSlll'~'ment d~dutbed.-.&em W~ ·uhe· ... s. ,riil ~t(te dJ,tYIU~~EH!r lor J~~~mph;.·3. Vi.~ tll i~e:Ss ,El)f ;2~OO nun. IS deLl,hle· and becomes. 4: .O~.IIUtL F~'l"' a 2§._: '(1 X. :2.05 mm . ube th~a l~wi1tiDn '~""Q:ukl 'I:l~' dB. 101Io·W$

_ 'fi.iIqe p i m1,r~b~;r Wall. t:lt1~Ln~:£lS:'

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.A I, Q,e;k,et ,calcula.Tl'!oI) :I~_kes thlst a quick

and e',rsYl takula;ti:pI\. -

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9~';3"X-a.03 l:.t,;:70 x _ .25

14.2:9' ~' :t25 {I&,8~, 325-} ,~ ~l05 ~ ~,.gS '

2'0.64 ~, ,4.98 17 ~46 ): ,r!.9' (2ii9, - , x 4,.0'6) (2~.5~ .Oli) (30.,15 x ',,88)

Some: nf fue 'hibe -sir!1!s li~l:ed. here wi ~ 1 ha ve aJ d:I~L.,fl1itv (lfIJeml:ted 'b,;r~ t~ 11:1" OOlTe',: ondtn'Y,

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~lecl £l,t in i:h bos - W J1Jttrv~er' the ealiber m ~ - l'1j' l,u bing ~t Is as, cl:~s~ a~' po - ible ,Ie tJie' .buJl~'r's dia,n~~C?l mIl~t ~e ~\e-cl ~_nid U\i! "'IJ'~S _lli;,~al hftt;E aIe:lOoQ e}{i'wple51i

Wuh ,any }u:[ml~ema- e N:r--ea,rttt ] t is, _ tl0ngly a:d': a;bb~' -I~I t~st..- Jre' ',he '\veapC?fl

tem~iI3ely b~~ri~' ShflO'~ll:g, it by liilnd,~ B far file' easiet way ~Jf d~oirig fillS tli " ~iUlfr - FL g- ',- , m:,t.\· vise or' o [h,e'i'" secu JI2" p"bJ~' t, :~ nd pu t I 'h~ 'm~g~r with a 'Ienllh @E si: rin g., S~and1[1g 8~Vf'[.af '?ar4S brbin.d tn~ ~ wTiiL 1J!unifn~ th~ ,h:i.ng ",i1] ',ens~r~ fhat in the unf rtuua t e event th it 1 t lite +u b ln g i s of inad~qlmit¢ Sl:1:'I~S'~,~ !the ollly' d,BlIllifge "¥'i11 be t;dl Ithe.~ ra~ner IJ,e Sh9~t 'r"

he foll t' wi n g l(nlb I J5tR~Oting ehart lis ts the vartous p-'mble' 18 ,that n'i\lV be " >tl:~neil(:ea

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an~ tb~ mn ,} f"i~I~y ~tlf'_~es- N ~ er jiUmP ·to· an

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"nst.lnt ·conc'l U'S Oli :i a rearm ~ "_' 'nC'~ I or U:Ll,g:

~ n~o-reJetly. 1 f;I ~;. ~ d go ti1ro-ush 'a _'at:efu']

.prDfess Q"~ ,~lim.i~Un:h to ]oc:ale the pr~.[:i~e t.~.:l 'e.~ cfH\;& p.YrlU ~ em. In. El1'~!.S way, .iL1t.U uianecessary ,¢I!ja ':u stments, wh tch ma.ty rna ke any

'probl.em ~wQn;-er. will bo reqw r,ed ".

C&1lJci~:I~S' wlll ~D'fteoo sJit\q{;fth]~~ fr.cm .n:tlI1~i~nt .. :lo:9' -- h:ellt

~;::: - ~

Incorrect - c,oltrftnuJr to . ~E!:,a: ra mp;. ,~d·,usl a' 'n~~{

_ nsaJffici~nt heve! to ,ma'TI!'1,1'be - mlrttfk~ i'a crease b evel oS RJE!'(;eSS,ar.), using ~'$ un1!€:[':;~~ t-CJUJ1 ' :~l1:d ~t~n, ' I [' ~er~ p~~dmtJtng 'l;Dp anij.~l~tt-ric'dnli.

F~-ing pin toOl hJ,nl er ton 1"Gugh; carefully

'~ho.rten.:·Ol""-'SMOo\h ~~ n&.a~s.a rry. .

'Cl1ramb~r ,~tl~ 'hEM ntC'0fied dJnens.i.0n'~; cheek length iilcft8. ,d i'aLooe'TI r ofrea,tE£f.

Bxc-e _-5 'pu~, '. rn ch$mtbet;: i~Etan ~ut with arr-cl bruSh:.

C_h.~b-e"r e u t· . Jl~ ] r~m ,g; ~~p]a (f~:&~ re 1 arn~ ,c~~.ruy '~p-:]jt ~in:be:r-~


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- ,- j eetor '~O)] t 'too short, ~e'p lace with t11~L~llt 0 f c-or.rec, Imgtb ..

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bnld~~ un ~t{(~~~ rl-e 'qf' .polish ',iO cre.~I-re suffid,ent fi'ee .: lay.

Blo~l':bindjn!l on ms.'idle n; reC~l~re'I:, nl~~ 'h '~l~t1 g,"~tU:m~ and Bl1StUe' 'a,eleqm ~ Inhr[¢,4lliM

Fc.llj1Ullg in cl1amh@r; clean out with brnsh,

5t 'WBB1~pon.'fre9 ~tle shot but WiJIno't 1:8p>eat ttre~,

Ej ~'1iL t.o,-r" to Q 'is ho r t; l: e p.t _ Ire ,~lh c' j lin:, to r 0:£ ctjni'"e~~ len.-gth..

Seat d~1Sl M't - retrude ~endy fnto UDD·er

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rn ~ '~"Htici.m, t" ;f '[1f3 $SUf'I(! ,~pp1: r"ecll to ,I~e~~ J:ilom :s:- ring. :,CJt~~ ." spti:na I~P"t(Jilr.,

I [[ Laginc~ if y.nU \J\rnl tan'd you nectl not have au over l.v aetlve If.n1;a~hlat:lon}~. th ell you UVt; urider a regime that

" ha~ h anI) ed most ~ .vpe 50 0f [jr~a liTIs-Dr C(~ n i ru If' them so ti~htl~ tlun t11eJ' maY-;5 \y-11 be hi ,·_ni.:~di In such a place, you. the gun enth usiasL rnlght sttll be able LO build Y(Oll'· OO·J1 fi:tlpr--o\::ised flregnns-provldilJJ~ you have tile nen0 .... sary kn('l\.vtt.,:d~u and l:"1ciJHl(~~. i'nt'h.l(llng a 17uUy equipped maehtne shup t:01I1:plt:"LP' wlth a lathe B.nd m11liilg maehlne, UI (:king these. however, you \VOblld Ith.:.ely Ilnd }our~{ If Irustratedhy your ·rea ivc effort '.

A uthur ~).A, Luty lives ill just such a place and undersra nels the _rm.l~,t.n:,H1Qn of atternp I,ing t~; butld hcrnemade gu ns based 011 designs that a re J\lSl toe cornptlcatnd or so crude as l be. uI1d~qir_Jll~. LL1Ly'~s hl"~a of

homemade IgU'fl is one t1 r t ~n b~ bullt by Just ahout anyone. even under actvers. s,l~i~,l condluons and re_l(ardJes8 of avallable f~:willl1~s: an cJrpec:lfent Iln!ann, In tbl-s. bo~k h(~ presents cleHr. step-by-step rustructtous lor Inanu tac""turlng suc-h a firearul-·on("" that Is ,uf stmplc (le-fiiJ,;u, t:aslly c nstrueted in Q.bt:~ut a week's tlme, and made: of r.eadily avallabie nratertals. prtrnartly steel tubing, The 9mm subrnachtne gun clescrlhed herein is of stratght blDwbaiik dC5ign, fires frOlfi I he open bol Land 110lds J A rO\.lll.ds_ It 18 riot prot t?t: its rnatn priortnes are f'(lliabHt)"' and simple rllnctinuaJj ty,

E .\.ped.iErI1 ffon·!efl1adc' Firearm» was wfitt(An LV Illustrate t~at 11,0 aJ.,llDlUl,l Qr restrtr-uuua can prevent I those wanttna Ilrearrns lrom havtng I.h(~111~ and ills an Invaluable re~sourC'e for an l ho:,:\(· who reluse lobe h(:dpl~s:s subje t.. .or the state. FrJr (rcCldenlie slud~; p.nly.

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