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Course Work Assessment (Assignment) Feedback Form

Enrolment ID: Course Name: This assignment is all my own work and has not been copied in part
or in whole from any other source, except for any clearly marked up
quotation. It complies with the Institute’s regulations on Plagiarism
Module Title: ASIA AND GLOBAL ECONOMY II which I have read and understood.
Number of words:
Write in Block Letters
Submission Date: If Late (please tick): Name:
Distinction: 70-80%; Merit: 60-69%; Average: 50-59%, Poor: 40-49%; Fail: 0-39%

(Section Below to be filled by the evaluating Faculty)

Criteria Feedback Marks/Grade
Background research: application of theory
to the topic
Analysis & interpretation of material.
Quality of conclusions & recommendations.
Use of reference materials and
bibliography (15)
Presentation, layout & Organization
Key Areas of Strengths

Key Areas for Improvement

First Marking Sign of Faculty: Date

Second Marking (if Applicable) Sign of Faculty: Date
Moderated Marking (if Applicable) Sign of Moderator: Date

• The Assignment shall carry a weightage of 50% and is to be submitted within the maximum word limit of 2500 words.
• Students would carry a Plagiarism Check of the submitted document on “VIPER” and submit the report alongwith the assignment. He/she would also
sign the Plagiarism check statement on the cover page.

• Weightage will be given to critical evaluation or reflection on the problem/issue being analyzed.

Question Focusing on the following parameters; draft a detailed report on the major geo-political and social issues being faced by
ASIAN countries and its effect on the business scenario:
• Tensions in Sino-U.S. relations.
• Uncertainty in the future leadership of North Korea and its political instability.
• Inflation & economic instability.
• Energy and environmental issues & increases in oil and gas prices.

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