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Adobe Photoshop Digital Photography

Adobe Photoshop Digital Photography

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Published by: zelda89195 on Apr 24, 2011
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Photoshop stores the information about the profile within the image (TIFF,
JPEG). Avoid applications that do not use or create these embedded profiles
and also do not support the use of monitor profiles.

The standardized color spaces range from narrow to broad. If your image is
used with a narrow range then some colors get lost in the transformation.
Broadening the range to "invent" the missing colors is not possible. If the
range is very wide, you deal with colors that probably none of your target
devices will be capable of rendering.

The following list shows some of the most important color spaces:

• sRGB: This space is still narrow but is supported by some printers. It
might be a good idea to use sRGB for photos on the WEB.

• Adobe RGB (1998): This is a very popular space among Photoshop
users. It covers most printable colors. This is what we use.

• Pro Photo RGB: Color space supported by Kodak (very wide

• Apple RGB: Not as wide as Adobe RGB.

Properly displayed color spaces use 3D charts. The industry also uses some
form of 2D charts to display color spaces.

Managing The Raw File Workflow

© 2002 Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller


Below is a color space plot that we generated with GretagMacbeth Profile
Maker Pro 4.1 Profile Editor.

Gamut Display (using Profile Maker Pro 4.1 Profile Editor)

Pro Photo RGB is extremely wide

Adobe RGB (1998) much smaller and sRGB is very narrow

The color space of the Hahnemuehle German Etching water color paper
exceeds sRGB but fits into Adobe RGB

The color space of the Epson Luster paper has a much wider range than the
water color paper (no surprise here) and exceeds both sRGB and Adobe
RGB (in some blues and greens)

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