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The Magical Link v. 1, No. 1

The Magical Link v. 1, No. 1

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Official Monthly Bulletin of Or~o Templi Orientis

Vol. I, No,1 January, ,1981e. V. An. LXXVle.n.

Do wlxAt tbou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Welcome -~o t he ' 1st, Issue of the Magicka1 Link an O.T,O. monthly Bu1- laton. First of all this does not take the place of the 0, T. 0 .. Newsletter; but instead is an added service we want to give our members, So they are up t.o date with whats happening among the different groups within the order. This will be done through monthly reports from various' Camps, 'Chapters and Lodges and Reports from the Supreme Counsil of the 0,'1'.0. and the Board of Bishops of the Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catho!icae. We will also hear·from.time to time from other groups forming for various purposes within the Order such as the 11th degree and diifer~nt groups working on Ritual and other special areas in magick

But, this is only apart of the purpose of the Magickal Link. We also want to be a sounding board for the membership through a column where we can print letters. Also there will be advertisment/notice column where members can request needs free of cost. See the heading 'Member to Member' for further details.

The O.t.O Newsletter will keep'on publishing its wonderful informative articles ~nd should be out in January if Bill gets the help he needs. We hopp that the Magickal Link can fill the gap so sorely needed in bringing members in 'closer communication with each othero

The Magical Link will also carry notices of teaching materials, tapes and books available from the Order.

The latest project at Grand Lodge is to get the Guild system gOing. Crowley recommended this highly in the ~Blue Equinox". So do I. It is an excellent system of latera 1 (hori zanta 1) energy man; festation. as opposed to vertical structuring. For this purpose have cr~ated the GUILD OF DRAMA &


Obviously thi~ places

heavy emphasis on dramatic ritual,

both group and individual.

Un for-

tunately I haye not yet found the secretarial help needed to pro-

vide communications,

If there are

any vDluh~eers, please ~et me know.

H.A., 777




After completion of one year of most recent ini~iation a member of ordo Templi Orientis~of first~degree or higher may ber'Dme an j nactive membe r ,

During t ~11..S F:~Y' inl~ o f l u- """"ril;Jp. membership no' dues are oweing and al.l tigh!:S and privileges connecte.d-with this member sh iu .ir e susrended 'T'hi.~ inactive membez ,.. 'i'··iLlLl.SL .1.)<' appr oveu by the Board, When a ,_' inactive membe:r o r . Orao Templi Orient is liec ides tp l?ecome ac·t:i.ve again,

that IT, .• : 1 < ,l~ I.",,,' 'y",,,rs dues"

One half of ~hich is to cover the year beginning the renewed activities and the other half of the dues are an established simple fe~ lo the Order


Any Minerval that has gone more than one year w.i t.hcut "payment; of original dues shall have a stop entered into their record ur: ti 1 such time as' these original

dues are paid up. The Grand secretary General is empowered to write this stop in the records for these individuals after 6 weeks from this date has expired with no further attempt to redeem their dept.


Minervals that have paid their 1st years dues but have not contacted O.T.O. by the end of the 1st year for a request of elevation in the Order or paid the 2nd year dues be given one month to respond to a notice of Honorable Demit. Such a notice will be sent ~t_9n Qr_bafare 30 September 19BO. These people will have until 30 Novembe~ 1980 to clear up the Honorable Demit status. Honorable expired on their records if no further action is taken by them.


In the case of any minerval or any other degree}with the sole exception of the 9th degrees., that failure to pay dues within

3 months after the expiration of the 1st year in the degree shall absolve the order of the responsibility of sending said members the newsletter.


Grady L" McMurtry also known as Hymenaeus Alpha, Caliph of the Ordo Templi orientes, in as much as he is Grand Master of the O.T.O. having exclusive control over said guilds except in instances where said Guilds may be acting a9ainst the interests of the O.T.O"


On Oct 30, 19BO the first annual meeting of the Council of Bishops was held. The·main purpose of this meeting was to elect the new board who decide upon general policy and oversee the operation of the Church. The new board of Directors are: Bishop Lon M" DuQuette, Bishop Andrea Lucedonia, Bishop William Hei.drick, Bishop Jeffery Price, Bishop Rusty Sporer and Bishop Michele Ripple with our patriarch Grady L. MCMurtry leading the

. team~

One~f the matters discussed at this annual meeting of all the Bishops was the need for communication among the clergy. not just the board. Many of them did not realize the simularity of problems they each confront within their diocese, QUestions like how to raise money etco

One way in which we are trying to open up this cornrnunication is to ask for suggestions for the EGC logo which will reflect not only our GNOSTIC heritage but our link with O.T.O,


Thelema Lodge,'Grand Lodge of O.T.O, P.O. Box 2303

"\ Berkeley, CA 94702


Chartered Oct. 12, 1977 e.v. by Fr. H.A. under letters patent issued by Aleister Crowley. This is the administrative center of, the Order, worldwide. The Grand Lodge presents-classes both for members

and nonmembers on a monthly basis. Monthly initiations are held and special activities are held in dramatic ritual and seasonal ritual. (see attached calandar for Current events at Grand Lodge. Also avail~le at grand ~odge: the O,T.O. Newsletter, Liber AL (due out in Feb,), Liber 777, tapg recordings of Crowley

and F.lo Regardie for the general public and inS'!:ructional tapes- for members, etc.

Ordo Templi Orientis, Brocken Mountain Lodge, 178 Cosey Beach Ave, East Haven, Conn 06512

Bracken Mounta~.1 Lodge is publishing as many THEUJllC manuscripts at low cost as possible. 'A ~atalogtie>may be obtained by mailing.50>¢ to che Bracken Mountain Lodge. Besides the publications everyone in the Lodge has been doing great in recent months. Activities are at a low but enthusiasm is very high on individual basis.

Camp A_ O. Spe i e , P. 0_ Box 1418, Columbus, Georgia 31902 _

Camp A. 0. ~pare is seeking applicants for Minerv.al init.a.tion in the Southeast('(11 il.1ri: of U1\; f8,J States.

'TAHUTI ENCAMPMENT, 585 W 214th St., APT 6D, New York, N.Y. 10034

There was a Dance Benefit on Nov-

ember 22nd sponsored by the Tahuti Temple Fund featuring the sensational rock group, - THE WORKERS. Two Tahutians are members of The Workers, this Dance helped kicked off their musical careers,., We

are developing an adaptation of the Mar_k_ of the B=_~~ Ritual for group working. When refined we will sub-

mit it to ~he Newsletter for general a.T.O. working.~ •• Working with Bill Heidrick on establishing the D.T.O. Mail Order Book Service. Shortly we will be providing a book list with a 10% member discount ••• Currently in the process of writing our Winter Solstice Ritual which will be a continuation of the eight ritual cycle completed October 31st. Working on a Spanish translation of Liber Oz which we will post along with the English version around this

bilingual city ••.

In conjunction

with NY Mother ~odge we have instituted a rotating daily schedUle of banishing the group's Temple ••.•• Also in progress are plans for a lecture series hopefully attracting large numbers of people currently outside the MAGICKAL COMMUNITY .•.

We have recently formulated a special TEMPLE FUND designed to raise money to eventually house our activities in a more permanent and puh-

lica11y accessable


Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, P.O. Box 3111, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge has been extremely busy. We are publishing a small magazine entitled OYEZ which comes out on the SOLISTICES & EQUINOXES. ' For information on obtainiftg copies contact Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge.

Besides the Publications, the Lodge has been holding regular Guild classes on Enochian Studies Workshop. The Lodge has also b€en actively initiating new members & raising members through the degrees.

The members of the .Lodge enter-

tained the Caliph & Shirine Morton

for a short woile in'October. Members of the Lodge hold feasts and

EGC masses on Solistices and Equinoxes. The Lodge is also helping the Lodge Master, Lon DUQuette, in obtaining a large space in which classes and rituals may be performed.

Nuit-Urania Chapter, P.O. Box 2303, C/O O.T.O. Berkley, Calif 94702

The Nuit Urania Chapter has taken

the direction of presenting the

RITES OF ELEUSIS as written by A.C.

for performances at Caxton Hall and reproduced in the EQUINOX. The interpretation of the lights and sounds, sights ana feelings, internal cognition and exploration was done by MISTRESS CHANDRIA, PRATER APIS and attending chapter members, The RITE OF SOL was done on Aug 9th and was filmed in part by Trent Harris for viewing in the Intermountain West as-a documentary of prese~ day OCCULTISTS. Mr. Trent is the producer of the regular Showing

1IEXTRA". .;._ __

Jane Wolfe Chapter, #2709 MacDonald Apts, 9925 Jasper Ave, Edmon t.on , lIlberta, Can.

The Jane Wolfe Chapter has been active in studying and presenting several different GOLDEN'DAWN rituals. They have also held a class on robe making. Besides the serious ritual business the Chapter held an ALL,HALLOW'S EVE party

for the chapter members. One new member was initiated into the Chapter bringing the membership to 11. The head of the Chapter spent approximately 3 weeks at Grand Lodge for initiations, classes and Order Business.

Fenris Encampment is temporarly bebween addresses.


The Fenris Encampment was charted

on 5 July, 1990, e.v. by the hand and seal of Qur Mos~ Holy King & Caliph, H. A. 777. Fenris was creat€d to provide a divergent stylistic and esthetic approach

to Thelema, mainly througfi a restoration of the Sumerian systems of Magick (reconstructed and realigned to conform with the Dictation of Aiwaz), and an exploration of certain esoteric techniques revealed by Mr. Wm. S. Burroughs. We are also interested

in the promulgation of Thelema

via the marketplace. The Order must be strengthened: It must ha.ve gold.

At this time the Fenris Encampment is not open to written communication from the 0uter; however, this situation will soon change. Interested parties would do well, in the meanwhile, to give a cursory peru~al to the required reading material listed

as follows:

NECRONOMICON (edited by "Simon") published in hardcover by Schlangekraft, Inc. 233 Spr!:E.9____§_!_.,_ NY, NY lQOl3- -$5n.OO in paperback from Avon, $2.75

THE BOOK OF BREEETHING, By Wm. S. Burroughs, Blue Wind Press

PORT OF SAINTS, by Wm. S. Burroughs Blue Wind Press

We' would also suggest a thorough examination of all available comment on Hexagram 49 of the I CHING a working familiarity with the world-wide mythology of SHAPESHIFTERS, and an in-depth study of the Norse myth of Fenris.

Frater Belarion Camp, C/O P.O. Box .164]" Salt Lake City_, Utah 84111

Having as recently a~ 12 Oct 80 obtained a new charter, we have little realistically to_report. In many crucial respects we have yet to obtain our goal of being maturely well established. Operating the only THEL£MIC franchise for miles around ip no small responsibility. We will graciously accept & exchange all the pOSitive input we can get.

Thi.s is what we do: (AJ Initiations, when time & circumstances permit; ~J Mass;.~)PUbliSh & print information

& material of arcane,· evolutionary,

& occult import; (oJ Distribute Liber Oz among the heathen, {EJ Tarot & Astrologi~al divination, {~ study Qabalah; (G) Eradicate the devasta.ting spread of Mormonism by means of ritual; (H) Elucidate as best we can the Law of Thelema to aspiring friends

of the Order; (I) Elucidate as best we can the Law's correllary tangentials; pJ1nvent, create, consume, exhume &

so on.


maintain an office, secretariate.


E; a

a treasury,


"All witchcraft comes from carnal lust, which is in women insatiable."

Malleus Mal.flcar~t· 1484

The Rite of Mitylene XID Ordo Templi Orientis was chartered and sealed with the ring of Ankh-f-n-Khonsu on October 12, 1980 era vulga.ris, "the F~as_t for Life (by a certain reckoning; of the year LXXVI of the aeon. It is an independant and experimental Rite within the Soverign Sanctuary of the Gnosis Xlo-whose formUla is parallel to

that of the Rite of Shiraz, yet, as the Prophet would say, "after another mannez "; Its formula is specific and was delivered

to me personally and directly upon my own realization of the Rite. It must come to each potential initiate in this same way;

it is a way known of no man. It is my

right and my will to raise otihez s to full psssession of the Xlo degree in time, dependant only upon their understanding of the degree and their communication of that understanding to me. I have already raised one other initiate of the Or-

der into the Rite; others of the first degree or higher (there are other necessary qualifications of which I will

not speak openly) will be considered

upon proper application. Decisions on initiation will be arbitrated solely

by the Rite of Mitylene and have absolutely no bearing on the initiates standing or status in the general plan

of the Order. The Rote was named for

the ancient holy city builtlby our magickal ancestresses as a fortress of freedom; to this end do I dedicate my

own initiation into this degree; may

it be a fortress and true Sanctuary

for those who dare to find it, in the

ncu.n_e of Babalon.

Marashti XIo Valkyrie Xlo

Given from the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis XI. Ordo Templi Orientis Rite of Mitylene unger the Hand and Seal of MarashtI XI

This is a column which is open to the membership free of charge. Here one may place notices for needs from other members. I will hold the power to omit anything that won't pass through the U.S. Mails. ( we are using a 2nd class permit shieh means the Fos·t Office gets to read it too. If you want to run a notice and not publish your address please send a dollar along to cover forwarding expences.

Eugene Plawiuk and Isis Research would like to hear from other Members interested and experimenting in Alchemy.

Box 1075 .Edmonton, Alberta CANADA

Loren Bacon of Iowa City,- Iowa would like to know anyone in that, area that would be interested in forminq a study group. Correspondence with other members on Magick 'is also' desired.'

Send replies ~n care of Magical Link, O.T.O. P.O. Box 2303 • Berkeley~ CA 94702

Would like to get in centact with some one who knows Herbal formulas for items

sold in Caldleshops and Botanicas as

Money Drawing, Protection, Attraction, Dove's Blood, Fast Luck, Crossing and Uncrossing -- for my research with

Herbal Magick

write Soror Rachel

O. T .0. Box 2303

Berkeley, CA 94702

Love is the law, l.ooe under, suil l;

The'Caliph, Grand Treasurer General, Grand secretary General and the Board of Directors may be reached through Grand Lodge .on all matters related to chartering o'f bodies, initiation, membership and internal operation of the Order.

Visitors are welcome, but advance notice is strongly recommended for extended visits.



.... !I ••• '

I 9 8 le.v.

Events at ScATUlOl Lodge, Grand Lodge of O. T. O.

P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702, U.S.A.

PHONES: Grand Lodge: 415-841-4833 Temple: 415-548-8954 Messages: 415-454-5176

All meetings and classes take place at the Temple, at 2822 San pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA at 8,PM unless otherwise noted in this calandar.

1 1 I

Do what thou wi l r

sha l] be the whol e 01 (he Law.

oil jj • .,.." .~:., ~~ ICc II ~.IIOT·"~Z.]i

An. LXXVI e. n.

. '



in San Ansel~,o Call for time and instructions

8:00 PM Fran2 Fran2
Temple "Ceremonial Magick' I"ceremonial Magick' I
$1.00 Part I: Invocation Part II; Evocation
donation Temple TEmple
suggested 8:00 PM 8:00 PM
8:00 PM Beverly Jayne BOARD
Temple palmistry Randwri ting MEETI NG
n.Oo workshop AJlalysis I
Workshop 6PM TEMPLE
donation 8:00PM I I
suggested Temple 8:00 PM I
Temple I
L8 GNOSTIC MAo! 19FULL MOON 20 I ----- --
S 910PEN MEETING 22 HIITIATlONo-' 23 . ~-, OTC
8:00 PM RITUAL ro..I Don, IV' 6G:\F
Temple NOX Forms etc. • PRIVATE ... :-.to CE"r t-
S1.00 Call 841-4833 a workshop and
I 6PM TEl' ,10
donation before Jan. 15. practice in : ,
suggested ritual
8:00 PM Temple
2 7SPECIAL CLA$ 30 ,1 INiT -10"
8:00 PM ro..I VI DEGREE I
Temple with Bill Heidrick • PRIVATE' I " I I
$1.00 #1- The Three leve P'LACE a TIME I
donation rank of the Deck a d TO BE DETER.
elementary divinat on I
suggested O.T.O. Members Fre I
Others 53.00 each I IN San Anselmo,8PM leall for detaLls


. Official Monthly Bulletin No.2

of Or~o Templi Ori antis

February, 1981 e. v , An. LXXVI e.71 •

Do what tbou wilt shall be the whole of the La'W.

Welcome to the 2nd issue of the

MAGICKAL LINK" We are still in the process of ironing out its kinks. I ask that chapter Reports, if possible be typed with a dark ribbon and in 3\" columns; then we will not have to retype them. There is still a discussion

going about whether this Bulletin should be a monthly or bi-monthly. This will

depend upon how much there is to report wi t.hi.n the areas covered by this paper"

Deadline on all reports, letters and ads for the Bulletin will be the 10th of the month. We would like to hear

from the general membership as well as the Chapters on their wants and needs.

I have just returned from my latest Eastern tour. It was far out. In my wartime career, I have hit many a beach, but this was one of the strangest. On the second day into the drop, I had a radio 'tape interview with Margot Adler (author of DRAWING DOWN THE MOON). Jim Wasserman was responsible for that.

Then vince tented a suite in the Park plaza in Manhattan and I was announced as the guest of honor. other people present were Kenneth Anger, Bishop Simon (of Necronomicon fame) and Bob Wang

(who drew the cards for Regardie's Golden Dawn Tarot). I thought it was quite a compliment for all of us.

The subject of my color slide lecture was GROUP RITUAL, using recent slides of the RITES OF EULEUSIS done by Chandria as the primary vehicle of exposure. The results were impressive"

H. Ao 777


Resolution 188

Minimum times spent in Minerval is 9 months and the mi.n i mum time ·spent in

Ist degree is 9 months" The minimum time in the 2nd degree is one year, with the exception being only granted in writing by the Caliph's signature. No taci t agreement to advance unde r ·these minimum periods can be accepted.

Resolution 1 :39

To enter 4th degree a candidate needs the usual requirements of good report. Also, either a full completion of LIBER MeLI requirements, or a special recognition of outstanding service to t.he order. He/she must have one year minimum as a third and reasonable adherence to the oaths taken in the previous degrees and sponsorship by two members of IVth(4th) degree or up.

Resolution 190

A candidate to enter the 5th degree needs the usual requirements of good report and full accomplishment of

LIBER MCLI requirements unless exemption made !Jy a majority of the Supreme Councilor the Caliph or the three chief officers in common agreement.

One yea~ ~nimum as 4th degree is adequate to promote only if passed unanimously by the supreme Council. The candidate will need two 5th degree sponsors or higher, one of whom must

be a IXth degree. Reasonable adherence to the oaths is also exgected.

Re,:oolution 191

In the event·a member of the OoT.O. having 2 checks returned from the bank for payment of dues and other fees owed to the Order that such a person should

be notified regarding the matter and informed that unless such checks are immediately made good, no personal checks for over the amount of $25.00 shOUld

be sent. Money orders or s i.mi.La r payment should be made instead. Another violation in the form of anot.he r bounced check constitutes reason for summary suspension. of the member's rights and priviledges by the decision of the G.T.G. acting alone.


East Haven, CT. 06512

On the first Saturday of every

month initiates, friends and welcomed gu.est5 are invited to attend this group's activities and to participate

if 50 desired. Du ri.nq the course of

the previous month it is suggested that everyone write at least two pages on th.eir own feelings. or i.deas pertaining to any verse from the BOOK OF 'I'HE LAW. Your creativity can be chan~neled in any direction you so desire with either a short written piece, a picture or painting, music or virtually anything.

but always pertaining to LTBER AL in

some manner. Copies of your work are requested for the Lod.ge files so please bring such.

The 'Fall Catalogue" of the BROCKEN MOUNTAIN PUBLICATIONS Ls available on request by mailing SO¢ to the Lodge.

LASIAL Mother Lodg~, Box· 357 N.Y., N.Y. 10274

Aside from initiations, LASTAL activities presently center on group education.

The object is to develop in students an understanding of TI1elemic Magick as it is presently understood, as well as the exploration of other systems whose integration into one's own personal work may prove useful.

To this end, LASTAL, in cooperation with Tahuti Chapter (now Lodge), performed a new ritual: Liber CCLXXVII vgl Spirae (written by Frater O:.G:. IX ) at the close of the ~mgickal Childe Bookstore's October 26th Samhain Festival. This ritual is an example of non-qaba l.i st.Lc ~.agick ru1d is effective in raiSing the consciousness of the observers,as well as the performers 1 .beyond sectarian levels through a celebration of the O.T.O. structure described in 1}le Equinox I II #L

1\ course in Ki development is being given by Robert Sisselman rrr". Creative meditation and emp i r i cn l JVI.agick are beIng taught by Elizabeth Dowling m". An ongoing course in Thelemic Magick is being

gi ven free to se lec t students (those who make this pleasure a chore are dutY-Jound to assist the instuctor to pay his dues).

Plans are in the works for LASTAL to develop into a Lodge of Perfection within the next year. The purpose is to create a body which will practice techniques of Magick based on the formula of the IyC,

as well as to begin experiments through

which the potentials 'of upper-Degree bodies might be explored. This may aid in the growth of the present Order toward the mature structure proposed in The Equinox.

Oasis initiations will B€ performed as needed to fulfill commitments to men~ers still in Oasis degrees as Hell as to encourage, 'growth of new Oasis Lodges in other locations, Syllabus workshops

shall continue "0 be taught so that

worthy candidates for IV might be found. A new encampment is currently in the plan-

ning stages, ','

Beru Ra Ha Lodge P. O. Box 3111

Newport Beach', CA. 92663

We are holding Enochian Studies Workshops bi-weekly on Tuesday & Thursday nights at 7:30 PM. This is taking place in our new Lodge House Temple. Gnostic Masses are being held the third Sunday of every month followed by a champagne b.runch, phone (714) 646-4002 for more information"


15121 So. Casimir Ave" Gardena, CA 90249

During the past 9 months, we here in Gardena have been as busy as those proverbial little beavers. We have been providing both space Olnd WOlrms bodies for 10 and 110 initiations.

The Gnostic tlass has been celebrated twice at the Gardena headqUarters of Babalon-Therion, 'and dramatic readings

of Sllakespear,? and Crowley were performed.

Printed copies (approx. 17" x 22") of 'the Enochian boards, very si tuable for painting, are available, having been produced for the Guild of Enochian Studies Workshop. LeRoy Lauer printed them and is selling sets of 4 for 52.00, half of the proceeds to go to the Lodge.

Spil Heidel, a 110 initiate from Salt Lake City, is recuperating from

8 hours of surgery performed Jan 6., 1981 ev at the UC Irvine Medical Center in Sal'!taAna, CA. Two Brothers from Salt Lake City, Pat and Raymond, along with Lon and Lergy,were present throughout the surgery in the lovely waiting room of the hospital in support of

Sel. As of this writing, all is well, Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Babalon-Therion Chapter is pleased to be hosting Pat and Raymond during a part of their stay here in Los Angeles.

David Wilson, 110 member of BabalonTherion, has been investigating, both in the workshop and on his own, the Enochian System, with positive'reSUltso David is an integral member of the Enochian Studies Workshop crew,

Correspondance is welcomed, the providerS of such not encouraged to hold

their breathes for a speedy reply.

+++++++++++++++++++*+++++++++++ ~rttnd £OdgE Erpurt:

Thelema Lodge: Grand Lodge of O.T,O.

P.O. Box 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702 U.S.A.


Thelema Lodge is the Administrative center of the Order, world-wide. Bucks stop here - a point' that ·several of the other Lodge Masters have found to be less than ideal. We are working on a partial solution, related to an unusual source of Lrrcome , I can't disclose much just now, but the next issue of the Magickal Link will have some financial news of interest to us all.

Initiations are held regularly at the Grand Lodge and at other Lodges around the Country. Steps toward international initiations ha.ve been continually frustrated for ODe reason or another, but there is a solution. Are you a IIIrd Degree with travel plans? Would you like to see the Order grow? Contact 'the Grand Lodge for details.

The mundane year ended with the usual series of parties, car break-downs and general good times. _We are all res ted

up now from the rigors of vacations and the extremes of the Saturnalia, No

serious accidents have been reported

among O.T.O. members in Magick workings, but we had a narrow escape Dec. 26th

during a IInd Deg r e.e initiation, With-

out violating secrecy of initiation, I

can disclo~e a bit for the future benefit of Emirs involved in the lInd Degree rites. Brothers and Sisters of the Oasis! Use caution and moderation in your deeds. Remember that the malice or humor of another may rebound upon you. Soror A.L., Emir of the lInd, drank too deaply of

the werl. We fished her out along with

the C*d*t. Somewhat irregular, but rather interesting as a variation.

The O.T.O_ Newsletter is slowing mOVing from the back burner toward the front of the, stove, We wi.ll be finishing most

of the preparation by the end of January" Then it's a matt"er of printing, collating and mailing. I'm shooting for February.

No~-profit status for O.T.O. and EoG.C. is well along. The filing for tax-exemptions at state and feder"!,l levels has started" One by-product of all this

will be full financial disclosure in the 1112 Newsletter. .Ie have prepaired reports in considerable detail for the las t three years of operations, and may be able

to report the year just ending by press time. This will bore the membership to tears for the most part, but It's a bit

of information that needs to be in the

hands of every member of the Ordero One problem that most organizations face is apathy. o.t .o. is no exception 0 We havea Iways b ad a ful.1 rheering_ section on matters of goals, fancy titles and glory. What keeps the, Order on the plane is work. Work is not all that popular. These financial reports tell the story for those with the determination to read them.

We're here and we are going to stay.

0.100. has made it through the stormy

period of financial luck. It looks

like things are gradually go~ng to get stable more and more as time advances.

This is no place for extended editorial, but there are some questions that need to be raised for discussion around the Order. We at Grand Lodge have the advantage and Lhe disadvantage of getting a continuous picture of the effect of Thelema on different subcultures around the country.

Reports from Lodges, Camps and Chapters often mention local situations that are quite a surprise to USo Without mentioning the places where these problems are greatest, I ~ould like to suggest things that need attention. Check these out where you live and in the group that you may be meeting witho Let's work on this together: 10 The status of Women in the Order," Some regions of the U.S.Ao exh Lbdt a very polar male-female culture. Other nations show similar extremso I refer to the wife = slave syndromeo This manifests in a wide range from forced kitchen servent to induced fear of going out alone. We need

to continue to shake off the old Aeon here, Love and respect need to be taken together. Women and Me'n ar e not "separate' but equal." No two people are identicaJ.. Gender should not dictate roles to the extent it is now doing it. 2. Pax Templi, the Peace of the Temple" There has been a gradual improvement in this area, but a lot more work is needed in most of the areas of the Order's operations. Let's get going on the

spirit of the IIIrd Degree. 3. Practica, being practical. This is heavy venom.

Too little and you never have anything

real to say about your lifeo Too much

and you are a souless freak. More of our members suffer from too little than too much. What is urgent? What is to be taken with a grain of salt? Where do ideals

have to give way before methods? Where

do means have to be cut back to protect

the worth of ends? These questions need personal answers. Quite frankly, the

Great Work doesn't wor.k Witho~t address of this problem of how to live on Earth.

4 .. Tolerance. About Liber az and all those rights you are .r.e ady to kill te-pres-erve. Those aren't your rights. They belong to the other guy and gal. If you zilsh somebody else on one of these things, be advised that these are the sorts of things that people do kill for. These can be

your rights, if you understand that nobody can have them unless everybody has them. That's what I understand of the lInd Degree, That's why I expect to create and live

and make as I will. 5. Why all these

off the wall questions from a Lodge report? It's in the nature of Grand Lodge to do things like this 0 Wha~ is the nature of your Lodge, Chapter or Camp? Type it up

and pack it in in time for the next Magickal L'ink , Let's have some views with the news. For those who have a lot more views than news, how about a gues t edi torial for the

O.T.O. Newsletter? I know you haven't seen it lately, but it's here at Grand Lodge and ·it's a way for you to air your feelings in letter and article.

Next on the Board of Directors of O.T.O.:

We are dealing with routine business much of the time, but some of the things on the coming ajenda are of wide interest for the membership. I, Establishment of uniform embelishments on robes for the Degrees.

2. Guidelines for arbatrati.on of disputes between members, 3. Guidelines for the IIIrd Degree anti-slander oath in practice. 4. The Crowley copyrights. 5. The abuse of the name of the Order by fake "O.I.O," groups. 6. Aquisition of archives and provision for access,at distant points.

7. European initiation and national lodges.

8. Things we are missing,but you have thought of? Join the foot in mouth club 0 We need more involvement at all levels.

Next on the E.G.C. Board· of Directors:

This body is still relying heavily on O.T.O. for meeting and ceremonial space. There is a diff·erence between O.T.O. and the E.G.C. Do you know it? The O.T.O.

had a formal beginning under that name

in 1902 e. v , with traditions trailing off toward antiquity. The E.G.C. is 300 years old under various forms of "Wandering Bishopry". The Church needs to work

on active involvement, fund raising, general growth beyond the O.T.O. and formal rites. Baptism is coming up

for discussion. We need an emblem for

the Church. Talk it over with the neares t Lodge Master of O.T.O. Most but not all are involved in the leadership of both

Church and Order on the level of Master! Mistress of Lodge, Camp and Chapter of O.T.O. At present, the Order opens "Temples" for the use of the Church.

These are places of meeting under the auspices of the Order for the Church and for the Performance of the Gnostic Mass. The Church needs its own independant centers, called "Pantheons". Membership in the Church is simpler than in the Order, "Want to learn more about it?

At the back of this issue of the Magickal Link, you will find the current calandar

of event for February at Grand Lodge.

Many of these classes are being taperecorded. If'you have partic:ular interests in a class you can't attend, drop us a line about, access to a recorded version.

Did you get this copy of the Magickal Link by the 1st of Feb.? For Hoor's sake tell us if you didn't ( if you are in North America). We have just started

to use a bulk mailing permit and we have no idea how long it takes to get the mail to you this way. If you are in another part of the world, would you like air mail for the Magickal Link? Might cost you; but if you are planning a visit to the USA we will be glad to send you a copy by air without ·extra charge to inform you of

the activities at the time of your planned visit. It's regular air mail that needs

a surcharge.

Tell us what you want. We might even listen!

93 93/93




I am going to be doing a series of workshops on Shamanic practices at the Grand Lodge Temple in Berkeley. I am looking for a drummer with a drum who can keep a steady beat for these workshops. (I am asking that anyone who attends these workshops please refrain

from imbibing mind alternators before the workshops.) The workshops will be listed on the calendar. Anyone interesed in doing the drumming please contact me ahead of time. Shirin (415) 841 4833 or PO Box 2303,

Berkeley, Ca. 94702

is the 1 aw, Love under 'U-i 1/.

'IrE:m; BKn:lJll (G 1m 1I' $) «ll F llIlA\lP'1m«lllWI1E:'Ir

T he Knights of Ba phomet a r e a small group of (cur rently men) who 'fake the following oath: "I swear to diligently defend the honor of the Caliph, guard the Sec r et s of the Order, a nd to help pro.mote the Principles of Chivalry. " The Knighthood is open to both male and females. The OKB (Order of Knights of Baphorriet t also welcomes "Sq ui-r e s ", Dr those whos-e desires

lie in learning more about 'kni ghtb.oo d, Since this Order is esta blished on a personal basis, those desiring to be "squired" should c onta ct Sir Rusty Sporer, 35023 Lido Bl vd , , Newark CA 94560, or Sir Russell Sampsell thru the Jane Wolfe Lodge in Canada. The Knights form an irreversable link to the O. T, 0., the Ca liph and

to the Eccles"ia Gnostica Catholica. The latter bond is due to the fact that a majority of the CUrrent knights are Bishops in the Church. Therefore, under usual circumstances, only those who are IO or higher in the Order will be considered for knighthood. But it

is normal for a Minerval to be squired. This is not intended to mea n that ones

s ta tus in the O. T. O. is a criteria for knighthood or squiring, only that the Knights a re sworn to oa ths which are

severe in nat i-v a, and are dedicated to The Ie ma ,



---- ----- -----

Grand Lodge could use volunteers to help with typing of the NEWSLETTER and THE MAGICKAL LINK. Also, filing help is needed as well as cleanup help for the office and temple.


1l1InACm CW1J£N

Babalon Coven presently works out

of Grand Lodge and meets publically every Full Moon. Basically the group is into lifting Wicca out of the dark ages by modifying the basic rituals into a more Thelemic format. Requirments for initiation includes active membership in the Order, but non-initiates are admitted to certain meetings. The Crux of Sabalon Coven's interests lie in worship of Egyptian Lunar Dieties. Most of the rituals performed are original works of the members. For turtner information

on initiations and scheduling we

may be contacted care of Grand Lodge Any and all Thelemites are welcome, (especially musicians!)

Blessed Beast.


I've noticed a lot of mail coming to us from States where we have no lodges or camps. Anyone who is an associate in one of these states who would like

to contact others in their states should put a notice in this Bulletin. Our address lists are confidential so we cannot send them out. It may be that there are enough associates desiring initiation in one area who could arrange for travel for the Caliph to come to their area for initiatory purposes.

I've noticed, for instance a .lot of

mail from Florida and know if all those folks communicated they might have e.nough for camp or chapter status_


An. LXXVI e. n,


1 GNOSTlC MASS, 8:PM Temple H.OO

Donation Suggested

I 9 8 I e.v.



with Bill Heidrick IntTo. to systems of interpretation and appl~cations in elementary Div.

O.T.O. Free. 8PM Others $3.00

2:' CANDLEMASS:' Wicca

call 547-9713 for time & location

8GNOSTI.C MASS 8:00PM Temple

$1.00 Donation Suggested



with Bill Heidric Major Trumps and basic layouts. O.T.O. Free others $3.00

8:00 PM San Amsel call 454-5P6



Drama Guild 8:00 PM Temple


The Caliph reports on the journey to the East.

8:00 PM Temple



Do what thou will shall the wh~le of the Law.


1 ~PEN MEETING ,t:), Handwri ting analysis

workshop wi th Jayne

8:00 PM Temple



7 o, T~ Q, BOARP 7PM




San Anselmo.

Call Grand Lodge for details



Temple $1.00 Donation Suggested




DIVINATION #4 W1 -Bill Heidric Minor Trumps and Tree of Life layo divination. O.T.O. Free others $3.00

8:.00 PM San Ansel 0 call 454-5176


Wicca 8:00 PM Temple


20 E,G,C;



l· Don

"Beyond NOX" orkshop in

I ritual

, 8: 00 PM Temple

22'NOSTlC MASS 8:00 PM Temple $1.00 Donation Suggested



with Bill Heidric Courts and readin s with the full 78 cards of the deck. O.T.O. Free

others $3.00

8:00 PM San Ansel a call< 454-5176



27shirine on Shaminism 8:00 PM Temple

These events are held at Thelema Lodge, Grand Lodge of O.T.O.; P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 U.S.A.

Phones: Grand Lodge: (415)-841-4833 Temple; (415)-548-8964 Messages: (415)-454-5176

Meetings are at the Temple unless otherwise noted: 2822 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley.

The Tarot meetings are at 5 Suffield Ave., San Anselmo this time.


call Grand Lodge for Details 841-4833

~banging.Hnur addr~sa? plEase 121 us knam.

ilil ynu knmu anyane lDljn WIIul.d like tn nrl?iUI? this r~lnnd<lr? [UJ:tI illl1m an ta UEI. lIIi)l'n we get I1IllrE <lddrl?sl!£l!l. aur pDstage .afl> far il).£ rul<ludar ,dllt:~ !!!tI I Irl!gin fa lIO dmun ,

Love is the law, love under will


Monthly Bulletin of Vol, r, No. 3'

Ordo Templi Orientis

March, 1981 e. v; . An. LXXVI e. v,

D~ whllt tbou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


So you want to start an Encampment... There are 3 kinds of camps or chapters~

1. Associate camps for active ~tudy groups and informal represenatives of the Order.

2. Satellite camps or·Chapters

of local Lodges or chapters.

3. Camps and Chapters directly responsible to Grand Lodge. Applications for type 1 & 3

shou 1 d go di rect 1 y to the

Grand Sec reta ry Genera 1,,, Beverl y Senseman, P. O. Box 2303. Berkeley Ca. 94702, USA.

Applications must describe the aims for forming the body. name

. the person who will be responsible and should include· a general account of ~eople involved and plans for future activities.

Appl ications for type 2 should be made through the local chapter or lodge. All applications whether to Grand Lodge or a local body must be in writing and may suggest an appropriate name for the new camp or chapter.

__ ******N)TICE **"u)*** ---...., Camps and Chap~ers which fail

to report a 50 word column for publication in the Magickal Link between Jan. 1. 1981 •. e.v. and

May 1,- 1981. e .v , will be deleted from the contact list published

in the M.L. until such report is received.

BROCKEN MOUNTAIN LODGE 178 Cosey Beach Ave. East Haven, Ct. 065J2

Brocken Mountain Lodge has several satellite bodys (camps).

The latest is KO YUEN Encampment, named after Crowley's alias in re~riting the Tao Ieh ~.

ThlS new body is under Ken Robinson and will no doubt emphasize the Taoist path in contrast to the Faustian

nature of Bracken. Cont~ct through ~rocken ~t. Lodge to reach thlS or others satellite camps in Connecticut: Sappho

and Perdurabo.


'i i\HU'II LOU: ,E

se5 'IJ. 2llith Street Nevi Yo:"'.!:, N.Y.

December ended anc vanuary bep:An with a whirl wind B-day tour by our h0nored Caliph whl~h included most

we Le ome d visits from Tta-Hoor_l.'.huit Rnd 9rocken MountAin Lodre Masters Rnd ne~bers. A friend of the Order rAve him 8 lovelY 18rtv at the Pleza Hotel where henn~th hn~er ~raciously paid his resr~cts wIth a private screening of his recently completed ",ucifer R-+isinsc..-. ~~"r@'ot !\.dler ~osted an inte~view on r~dio station Wq'I which will be broadcast here January 28th on e two hour show devoted to the OTe •.• Otir Winter Solstice Rjtual was an extraordinarily powerful 1nvocation of fan. Our Candlemas Ritual scheduled for February Ls t is in preparation. l/'le are in the process of editing 8 video tape record of our Samn a in Ritual ... The 1 emp Le Fund netted $93 from a lecture on December l_:th, Simon's topic was "Low fo'iagick".

The next lecture on "Hie;h Magick"

is scheduled for Peb r-ua ry 7th •••

The finishing touches are beinf nlaced on tte beok ~ervice. which ~hould be including its Order Fo rm In the next Newsletter ..• Lastly,

~e p.re rleesed to announce the

e Le vat.I on of Tahllt i. Charter to

'J"'p.huti Lo dge .

HERU-RA-HA Lodge P.O. BOX 3111


Heru-ra-ha Lodge celebrated our Third anniversary in Jan. and, t.o make the occa s-

ian sublime, performed our 93rd Initiation ceremony on the evening of Jan. 3rd.

Jan. also marked our first full month with the new temple facilities and, as it was soon proven.

non eta a s a on. The has pit ali z-a - tion of one of our members for brain surgery br6ught friends, memb~rs and others interasted in him and made the H-R-H house and the facilities of Babalon-Therion Chapter headquarters for the watch.

The GUILD OF ENOCHIAN STUDIES continued to meet two times a week. The construction of the equipment being completed: skrying began in Jan. Some of the results of this first series of ~perations wi~ 1 be publ ished_- 1n the new issue O1'aVEI.

On the evening of Jan 10, we celebrated with ~ ~odge Birthday Party. lt was well and intensely attended'and enjoyed.

The W. T. Smith Chapter

Box 1167

Pointe-Claire Postal Station Pointe-Claire, Quebec

Canada H9S 4R6

Local Thelemic activity ;s presently private practice supported by several esoteric bookstores and numerous organizations, none specifically Thelemic. There is a real need for a local, accessible organization offering practical assistance to aspirants. For rituals, meetings etc., one of the chapter mem~~l:J..as_Le.as.e-d a -3~be'drcrohFf1atwtth a basement, which can accommodate an initiation team from the U.S. leaving room for the initiations proper. Hope runs high that funds will

be provided to bring Grady up

for initiations in the Spring

by' person~ ~ishing to take Minerval. A dozen or more candidates may be in the offing by

that time.

Being somewhat conservative, the Canadian O.T.O. is develdping along lines workably similar to those set dow~ by A.C. in the bl ue £9.1,llB.QK.

In spite of the problems work is being done to be of general assistance to local groups - ie should they need m~iling labels, form letters prepared, copies of rituals, materials from our archives, or, of course, books. 93 Publishing will continue to copyright Crowley's works on the 0" T.O.; and is taking Grady"s proposals for specific projects under advisement.

Camp A. O. Spare P. O. Box 1418 Columbus, Georgia


A. O. Spare encampment is placing persons on a waiting until there are enough to hold a minerval initiation by the Caliph in Georgia.

[ IIIII I [ 11111111 1 1$1 )oI.[.[oIo[ [ I I I111II1 ~raud £udge £iporf:


Thelema Lodge is the Administrative center of Ordo Templi Orientis ~orld-wideo If you need to contact the Caliph, the Grand Treasurer General or the. Grand Secretary General this is the place to send your letter. Addresses and phones are lis·ted on

the contact page in this issue of the Magickal Link, and on the Calender of. of monthly events a.t Grand Lodge 0

Last month, this column suggested . that unusual sources of income were opening up for the Order. By unusual, we don't mean the advisory bills that are qo i nq out to remind members of ove·~-due accounts-that is a sad but necessary expedient. The fact is, that the current "accounts due" of

the Order total about $2,800_00 in unpaid dues and r enewa Ls . If you

have been putting off a dues peymenx, you might get a bill. After all, it's a dues paying organization, always

bas been.

The unusual source is in a legal area. SOIDe many months ago, a book called "Ghost Story" was published in the United States and later in many other countries _ ~le have been

in touch with the publishers and other involved parties. The problem with this book has to do with the use. of the·name of the Order in the story line. O,T.O. was accused of a number of un.savo ry doings and give·n a rather bad rap. We don't profess to kno~

~hy the author settled on the Order to further the excitement of his efforts, but we have taken the usual steps. Negotiations for a damages payment to the Order of $20,000.00

are no~ in progress. The amount is more-or-less agreed upon by both

the Order and the others in the case, but ~e ~xpect the usual rough spots with the wr Lt t.en settlement papers •. The matter may take months and may take an unexpected turn. Since our Order is the only group using the name O.T.O. ~hich has been able to prove in court that Crowley's O .. T.O. and this O.T .. O. are the same organization, we may be involved in tracking down other problems of this kind over the years to come.

The Officers here at Grand Lodge don't feel any too hapy· about going

to legal efforts to protect the Good name of O.T.O., but there may be times when it may have to happen again.

$20,000.00 translates into about $10,000.00 ready cash after expenses and security reservations. The IXth Degree, most of the heads of bodies

of the Order and of cours", the directors are presently engaged in study

of the best means of using a possible award or settlement of this amount. It's about equal to one year's gross income for the Order. We invite suggestions from the membership. It

is very important that no sort of mistake happens here. If, for example, some of such an amount ~as used to fund a new program, the program would have to be self-supporting

after one year. Anything else would

se 1 f-dest.ruct! Capital improvements and publishing are being considered. Grants to Lodges, Chapters and Camps

in accord with need and number of people served are also being considered.

Otherwise, it's been a normal

sort of time here at the Grand Lodge. The classes go on and so do the initiations. The Order is in better shape this year than it was last year.

Attendence is expected to drop at O.T.O. Grand Lodge functions for the next month or so. Bad, you say? Not at all. Most of the local membership is involved in one way or another in the Rites of Eleusis ( see the notice in this issue of the ML). Rehersals often take up time that might be spent in attending other O.T.O. functions.

If you are planning a visit to the Grand Lodge, March and April are good times to consider. You will have a chance to see the Rites and to participate in the Thelemic Holy Days.

93 93/93

lurmatinn Df t~. brder Df tb. 3s1anda of Welania, W.3.® .. in now underway --. any intereatea p~o!11. call

SOl'OJ: Sator-niH

at ®.~.®. [pmpIe.



The Bi=annual Membets Meeting will take place at Grand Lodge March 20, 1980 e, v.

6PM to 8PM at 2820 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley: .:

Rituals for the Equinox,

Full Moon and the Supreme Ritual will be open to all commers after 8PM.. Final chance for members to be heard at- the meet.ing will be perhaps as late as midnight,

This meeting will be for the nomination of Directors ( 4 Emirs)

of the Supreme. Council and for proposal of ammendments to the

O.T.O. Articles and Bylaws. Only the IXth Degree may vote, but 1;here should be enough IXths to buttonhole about proposals and nominations,

Any member may be nominated. IXth Degree's who are not planning to be physically present have a duty to send proxies representing their nominations, etc" 60% IXth Degree in person or by proxy is necessary to hold a valid'meeting"

Proxies should be made in some detail and to a particular person who will be physically present.

rMczmb_a- to- .M.u:rlber ....
~~agician in South-Eastern P a,
area wishes to correspond with
fellow Thaumaturgists in a 11
occult fields. Would love to
form discussion groups in a r e e=,
Write Danny Phillips c/o
Magickal Lin k
Estar would 1 ike to correspond
with people into Tarot reading
in New York State. Contact

This list is incomplete in one respect; a number of bodies have been certificated for activity at some indefinite time in the future. Such bodiei are not always included in this list.

Grand Lodge; G£An)Ja (Thelema) Lodge, P.O,. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702

U.S.A. Phones: 415-841-4833 -- residence

415-548-8964 -- temple 415-454-5176 -- messages (24hours) The meetings are usually conducted at the temple

at 2822 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, Califomia.

Lodges: Ra Hoar Khuit Lodge, P.O. Box 6018, Teall Ave. Station Syracuse, NY 13217 U.S.A.

Tahuti Lodge, 585 W. 214th St., Apt. 60~ New York, NY, 10034, U.S.A.

LASTAL Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis, P.O. Box 357,

Bowling Green, New York, NY 10004 U.S.A,

Bracken Mountain Lodge, 178 Cosey Beach Ave. East Haven, Conn. 06512 U.S.A,

Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, P.O. Box 3111, New Port Beach,

California 92663 U.S.A.

418 Lodge, P.O. Box 2043, Dublin, CA 94566


Chapters: Babalon-Therion Chapter, 15121 Casimer, Gardena, CA, 90200, U.S.A.

Frater Belarion Chapter, c/o P.O. Box 1641,

Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA Jane Wo He Chapter, 10431 92 St., Edmonton, A 1 be rta,


~/ilfred Smith Chapter, P.O. Box 1167, Pointe-Claire Postal Station, Poi nte-Cl a ire, Quebec, H9S 4R6 CANADA Nuit-Urania Chapter, c/o O.T.O. Grand Lodge, P.O. Box 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702 (Near San Francisco) USA, Ankh-F-N-Khonsu Chapter, 709 E. 14th St. S., MPLS, Minn.

55404, USA

Camps: ABRAHAOABRA .Encampment, 156 Camarillo Ave., Apt A,

Dcnard, CA 93030 USA

. Camp A.D. Spare, P.O. Box 1418 Columbus, GA 31903

Camps: Ko Yuen, Perdurabo and Sappho can be reached· through

Bracken Mountain Lodge. .

Camps: Hell Fire and Fenris can be reached through Tahuti Lodge

DeMolay Encampment, P.O. Box 10877, Glendale, CA 91209 USA Hoor-Pa-Kraat Camp, P.O. Box 5457, Berkeley, CA 94705 USA

Other bodies are in formation. Two or Three of the above bodies may be undergoing reorgani zation soon. European contacts avai"lable in Germany and some other countries. Other contacts in preparation.




• ) Q:l:IE R3Q:I: [l]1 !!lll.Ri5 Q:l:I£ RJQ:£ [lJ" 5(1)£

Tuesday, March 3.1, 1981

Saturday, March 21, 1981

Thursday, March 26, 1981

Sunday, April 5, 1981 5:30 a,m. to 6.:00 p sm;

Friday, April la, 1981

Wednesday, April 15, 1981

Monday, April 20, 1981

All performances start at 8,00 p.m. (Except for Rite of Sol)

or.o. 2822 SAN PABLO

.IN BEKKELEY NEAR ASHBY -Ib~2b/O~/n~O.q 13// B"'/-~B.33


. "3 iv'ON'-ME"M8ER!3 IIZMEMB£RS

Love is tbe law, l.ooe under u r i t


An. LXXVI e. n.


I 9 8 le.v.


Do wha t thou wi It ,ball be the whole of the La w •




1 GNOSTI(J MASS 8,00 PM Temple

$1.00 Donation Suggested




with Bill Beidric Reading demonstra tions and methods for time and numb r~ det.ermination.

8:00 P.M.

at 5 Suffield Ave in San Anselmo


8:00 PM
for the
8:00 PM
l/ Temple


No charge this ti e Slide presentatio of the paintings used to make the Thoth Deck. 8:00p at 5 Suffield Ave in San Anselmo









I ALL. AT TH~- TEM'LE SEE, THE ML F.OR ---------+----------f----------+-----------+-------- ,_--,-_':,.:X..:.o_ I NSTRUCTJONS


oW 8:00 PM

Temple $1. 00 Donation suggested


1 ~ OPEN MEErI ( with Don NOX workshop continues

8,00 PM Temple

24 OPEN MEETI Shaman~c Workshop

with Shirin

8:00PM Temple



29GNOST1C MAS 8:00 PM Temple S1.00 Donation Suggested




Begins at 8:00P at the Temple


. RI'l'F.S of


J'upt i.e r .

Begins 8:00 PM at the Temple




'::I:: I 0 IX II 0

contact Grand Lodge in advance Held in San Anselmo.

21;;; R;UAL



Begins '8:00 PM 'at the Temple


apply at Grand. Lodge for Place and Time

These events are held. at Thelema Lodge, Grand Lodge of D.T_O.

P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 U_S.A.

phones: Grand Lodge- 415-841-4833 Temp'le- 415-54B"':8954 Messages: 415-454-5176

All meetings take place at the Temple: 2822 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley unless otherwise noted.

Love is the law. love under will.

Official Monthly Bulletin of Ordo Templi Orientis

Vol. I, No 4 April, 1981 e.v. An.LXXVI p~n.

Do'1JJ/:xlt thou un] t shall be the whole of the Law.

FRJ\ .. T);;H BEL_<tPJ:(llf SHAPTm rox 1611-1

,';AL'r T_._~I(I: CITY I Tn~l GI:>llD

('e- of l'lELARION are dedicated to the proposition of reclaining the Valley

of Zion Y: :_he surrounding mountains

arl;d desert _ as a poirer place fo~ the i:agick o_f Thelema. "'e are further dedi.cated to bringing the Lat« of

Life, Love, ,:Liberty. and T,ight into full faGUS in this place. The prophets of the local ruli.n:g class have said that -in the 'latter days' this Valley .rould become the City of I'ab31on

i_ taeH. T,re of JWL_\IL101'-j intend to see thllC prophesy fulfilled. II ,Ul words are s;"Greri. .'tllcl -~ll prophets true ••• "

::::n ~,:~e l"c;::.ntl_"e T."- O-~CU1)V our'scl, ves i tIl ." r:nostic '"'5, Forkshops on nabuah, and T'ai -;'-'-. '"c- m-e l-:orl:in- on a ,roduction

of ~h" :Ltes er ',i;;U5is t~ :_e PGrformed_ 'ul f\ill ,-lraC on the ::t'~ro1)riatG date: cot-'_CGn ~:--lS "; 5-18 of' this year at v,'?ri.o1.,1..S po~ er pl:.v::(~: ~_11 :'he ~:lrea.

• '1\ t>, ;Y~ .... bl:t r.1 t.~_on;5 ~lT8 -:.. ein' .... ,olrl, -'1"1 ~!,()-j_or.:ll -~Oqb:;tOl-G .• QG '-~ll -3,:; .'.~J.'~ If'~; r :': o..n 13ci_i. t::'_on 0:0 :_:lb~r I~ j_'l t 0 ai.zc a, ~ntC'!' .sted parties

, - > .. " _')~~:-:-~~!'~~~c-~~ :}lJ :~:-}r~~J

, 3 ~ OT i e 1 "'.1. ... uJ:' nunl, er,

Our -numbers recently grew due to the arrival o~ several initiates from the ~rand Lodge area. This last month ,re han the pleasUre of ho std.ng Froths,'

Pat Dolan 1° of Babalon-Th ,rion. Brother Dolan is one of the Qrigin~l PEL_lI.F.!ON in.1 till.t.e s from Camp d:'!Yf;.

He thank him for his ,,1j_sdom and litht-hearted t'.-i t in ~harin.; Hi til

us tales of Heru-Ra-Ha A t.he LA area.

n. T.O. Lni, tiates ,·!ho are insanel:! curious as to hOH or ny ther", e, u:' r be a Chapter of our Hol;t; 0r1e1' ar, Salt Lake ~ity are encourajen to conaum.cat,e, I d:raH attention to

the ZIP -CODE printed .'l,bove-'l'hi:-:

our correct address. rur ZIP ,-~, printed HI'Ong in the last Lssuo

of the "-agickal ILnk,


BRQCKEN MOUNTAIN LODGE 178 Cosey Beach Avenu~ East Haven, ct. 06512

The Brocken Mountain Lod~~ many monthly activities and- it suggested that anyone interestro should write to the Lodge f'or t ~nthly calendar of events. T are lectures,slide shows, ri~ and initiations scheduled an, is difficult in such a short space to write of such in d

The Spri~ Catalogue for the

, BRaCKEN PUBLICATIONS is available on request,by-mailing 75¢ to the LMge. ,All checks MUST be made payable to Roberta DiPronzo the B.M.Lodge Treasurer.

Bnochian ritualistio Magiak 1s still the primary-coMern and it ' represents a blend of' many diverse ideas; Primarily the st~uct~~ follows the 'Order of L •• B ••

of which the B.M.Lodge Master was onoe an initiate. A complet~ . Temple. fully equipped wi tb" all Watohtowers M other implements has long been establishe~ within the

-Lodge. '

Bnoehian ches'~ is also taught to all who desire to learn. This method does not follow the G.D., but rather that established in the L.·.m.·. and is used not only for divination but also for eaob individuals investigation of the Aethyr~.

An Enochian course is being prepared but at present there are no plans of di~tributing suo. outside the Brocken Mountain Lodge.


RA HOOR KHUIT LODGE P. O. Box.601S Syracuse, N.Y. 13217

Do what thou wilt shall be the Whole of the Law.

Tft.., f'ol~C5W1ng. is a brief rundown of recent and'ongoing Lodge activi t'ies:

(1) INITIATIONS: Application may'be mad~ for D· through IV· Initiation. Candidates are requested to write for information. Most recently, two Minerval Initiations occurred on Feb. 14. Anyone who

has taken Initiation in Syracuse and who is not reporting to anothe~ L~dge is requested to write or report in person at least three times per ,year.

(2) LODGE REORGANIZATION I The emphasiS of Lodge aotivities is shifting from a ·social club" approach to one stressing.individual initiative and discovery of the transpersonal traditions of the Order. A guild B~stem is being in,tituted, based on the model developed by Heru Ra Ha Lodge. Two guilds are currently functioning. Drama and Publioations.

(3) CORRESPONDENCE. ReorganiZation of our Clerkhouse provides us the ability to respond promptly to letters from interested Thelemites. A priority is long dista~oe Initi-

ation arrang~m~nts. •

(4) PUBLI CAT I ONS I The lon9- aWaiteCl-6th issue of our journal, KAABA. is in preparation. It will contain the complete text of the Crowley essay on Atlantis (Liber LI). Pre-publicatio.n orders are being accepted at $5 per copy. After publication the price will be higher. Projects for upcoming issues include the Paris Workings and the Diary of Leah Hirsil1-. Back issues 1113, 4, & 5 are available at' $2 eaoh.

(5) A possible visit by the Caliph is planned for later Spring .•

(6) The Gnostic Catholic Church is active here. Write for information on presentations of the Gnostic Mass, and on plans for Baptisms, Ordinations, etc.

, Love is the laW', love under will.

In response to the letters of inquiry about the Knights of Baphomet,. this article is addressed. Two parts of the vow which

the Knights t a k e , defens e of the Ca liph' s Honor and protection of the Secrets of

the O. T. 0., are self-evident". However,

it has been written (and therefore assumed to be true?) that the age of chivalry is

dead. It; this is true, the principles of Chivalry are perhaps lost to us. It is to this part of the vow-that w,e will discuss.

The knights of yore were first of all fighting meri. "I'lrey were that arm of the army upon which the s uc c e s s of the ba ttl e rested. The foot s ol.di e r and archer comprised the bulk of the army, but it wa s the knight who wa s most mobile, being mounted, and most armored. As such, he was the most feared of the combatants on the field. The knight also was the only armed man who actually trained for combat and devoted his life to battle. Off the field he had little use, save for the tournaments and jousts, again, the staged battle.

Our present day concept of knightly behaviour res ts with the romantic courtly gra c e s , the kissing of the ladies hand and such. This behaviour wa S common not only to the knight but a Is a to all of the "nobility" or the ps eudonobles. The r ef o re it is not proper to view this "courtly manner" as the sale atHbute

of the Knights of Ba phom et regarding the exercise of chivalry. Not only is it not

the exclusive "property" of knightly manner, but, today there are many a lovely lady which would take a dim view of the display of the

cha uv irn s tic tr e a t rn.e nt which gra ced the court. The Knights should display more than this, they should emulate their predes SOl'S, the Knights T'ern pl a r ,

The Templars, while on the Crusades in the "Holy Land" were also exposed to the culture of the eastern mind, During the day they would fight to the death against the Sa r a ca n, then pasture their horses in the same fields as their enemy. Pu r the r , they would rrre e t and discuss the previous battle, enjoy the

has. pita lit,Y of the enem¥' scamp. break

bread with them and ~ven took pa rt in the mystical secrets of the Sa ca c an ,

This ac;ceptance of the beliefs of the enerny found in the taprestry of the Templars is the particular type of chivalry the OKB will develop. "Every man and every woman is a star. " (Libel' A] 1:3). As the article in the

Ia st is s ue of the Ma gical Link pointed out" we have no right to force another person or to impose our will on another. It is of

interest to notice the association of Zain (Sword) with Key 6 of the Tarot, coupled with our "battle cry" DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE; OF THE

LAW. and the co r r e Il a ry LOVE IS THE LA W, LOVE UNDER WILL. Could it be

that this is the sword of the Kni ght s ?

Thelemites interested in the OKB are still

encouraged to correspond with either Sir Rusty Sporer, 35023 Lido Blvd., Newark CA 94560


[~I:~ ~~~s, ~~~~RCH

~ Edmonton, Alberta


T5J 21"12

Care Sor.er -et. Frate.

ISIS is an

independant research project working through Thelemic-lunar currents. These researches currently are directed towards alchemy in general, Parsons Wicca-Thel~ic-Sophia workings as both a research and pupl-

ishing endeavor. Current research projects include:

1. Compiling m~terial on the alchemical, magickal ritual aspects

of the Song of Songs as a lunarsolar transmutation ritual/mass.

2.. Compiling and publishing rna terial in regards to the workings

of Fr. 2.1.0. - Belarion. In particular we have a limited edition of his; Manifesto of the Anti-Christ at the printers.

We are publishing 418 heavy

stock posters in two colors.

3. Compiling, researching and e.perimenting/experiencing

alchemy in genfll'!al.. A local gua.Ld has been i'ormed,---w.i th TOpe6ple -running a study group and practicle _ workshops. We I d be plea.sed to keep in touchwitb, others interested in the Royal Art.

Other projects are always in the works or on the back burner.

Coor~spondance is welcome.



ThE: Grand Lodge Temple Kitty, Leilah is in the process of having Kittens at this writing. The Father is of her Choice this time and a unknown to the rest of us. So far there are 3 black kittens

of undetermined sex. If you missed out on the first batch, now is the time to

get your order_ They will be ready for Joe Shockley would like to hear from

n~\'I_hQmes aft~ _A_PCi 1 _2f_nQ_,_____cgJ i other Order Members" Write to

Beverly at 235-2460. -1-1- P;o:-Box Pl18, Columbus, G"A-3T90-2

Notice: MagiCian in South-Eastern PA, wishes to correspond with fellow Thaumaturgists in all occult fields. Write Danny Ph i l l ips c/o Magicka1 Link

Mark A, Krubsack wants to communicate with persons i nteres ted in formi ng a Guild of Explorers of the Shadow and

act as a clearinghouse of information dealing with individual experiments

with the Tunnels of Set. This would include techniques used in invocation and evocation of such derri zens contacted Also. included ~ould be experi~ents

wi th the Double Current as put for-

ward by the likes of such organizations as the CI NCINNATI JOURNAL OF CEREMON rAL MAGICK. the works of Lovecraft and

the various Necronomicons in existance, and the theories of Kenneth Grant. Contact at P,O. Box 4341. Port

Hueneme, CA 93043

Frater Ed Kirk c/o The New Age Center 2500 E. Curry Ford Rd,. Orlando, FL., 32806,

1 woul d 1 i ke associ ate members in the Fl or; da area to contact me wi th the idea of starting an encampment in the Florida Area. One hope would be to be able to arrange for the Caliph's visit to Florida so that initiations could be done, and a Chapter started.


Please note the following changes in the contact addresses, The list printed toward the back of this issue is inaccurate in five areas. We will be printing an up-dated list next issue:


Fr~ter BELARION CHAPTER is listed with the wrong Zip-code, and the correct one is necessary. Use the address on the list, but the

zip code is 84110, not the one cited on the list,

Hoor-P~-Kraat Camp has a new address: P,O. Box 937, EI Sobrante, CA 94803 U.S.A.

AIWASS CAMP is a new body: 35023 Lido Blve" Newark, CA 94560

~o contact Wilfred Smith Chapter, use the address given, but write "B~ll Breeze" above the p.o" box number,

I I I I 1111 [ [ 1(10111 I III111 Ir>1 JoI 11111 I I I

~rnnd £ndge R~pnrf,

Thelema Lodge is the headquarters of Ordo Templi Orientis world-wide, If you need to comlllunicate with the Caliph, the Grand Treasurer General or the Grand Secretary General, send your correspondence to the officer involved at: '

Ordo Templi Orientis P,O. Box 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702


The Supreme Council of the Order ( Board of Directors ) is also reached through this address.

As usual, we have had a busy month there at Grand Lodge,

The first results of the "advisory billing" are in, This was actually the first audit-· billing of personal accounts

we have been able to perform at Grand Lodge, All told, there are more than 300 active accounts. Nearly $~,800.00 in accounts receivable presently exist,

The billing was started in January and has reached last

names beginning with "N". No

more recient audit of the accounts has been made, owing to time, About half of the accounts receivable have no known address, The better part of $500.00 has been received already in payments, In some cases, as much as three years had gone by without dues being sent in. There has been apparent misunderstanding with regard to the obligation of annual~payment of dues in a

number of cases. Faults and .errors in the bills have appeared in several areas. Most of these

ave been traGed to report procedure errors at the local bodies" If you have received a billing

for a debt you have p~id, please notify the Grand Treasurer General of that fact, Include receipts and m~ntion dates. Also contact your initiating body for confir~ mation of the payment, These

problems are most severe in New York State and in Utah, Other areas are less effected. Measures are being taken to insure against a repet it ion of t.he ae problems,

In most instances, it's just

a lack of understanding in basic records keeping and reporting, This problem has been complicated by many changes in personnell,

by over-work both in the locals and at Grand Lodge and, in a few officers no longer with us, in the area of refusal to record or follow the rules, These rules are made to protect the individual members against abuses of their rights, That has not always been understood.

It must also be said that on the whole the local officers of the initiating bodies have done

a fine job, While learning the necessary skills and while being occupied with necessary personal business, some officers have had lapses, If you were caught in such a lapse, take heart. We will give the benefit of the doubt to the individual member every time our records are challenged with any sort of sensable arguement.

We will investigate to see if the problem can be avoided in the future, and to see if the point made has any basic merit, but

we won't take sanctions unless ther~ is no response or unless

the response made is provably incorrect.

It's time to get some dialog

on the subject of working off

dues and the like. Many of our Brothers and Sisters are not in

the strongest financial condition. This problem is usually not serious for Minerval or First Degree, because $30,00 just isn't that

much for a serious Thelemite cO

dig up over a year. When the middle and higher degrees are reached, the tab does' go up.

Some of us can't make the dues

and the fees. There is no stigma to a person not having money.

There must be a way to set up

a uniform method of working off the debt. The law of the land requires that such work must be agreed in advance on value in $. The laws also require that the

work must be monitored and reported as $ income and $ expense. O.T.O. has requirements on volunteer help and duties of officers - these can't count toward dues and fees, What can

be counted, with that prior agreement, is work beyond duty. Because unskilled labor is involved, and because the Order must have actual funds for general operations, definite values must

be set in aeeord-with public

value in the market-place for similar work. I suggest for general work, an equivalent of $3,00 per hour, For piece-work, two single-spaced low-error pages of typed work to be equal to $3,00. Other piece-work, such as collation and fabrication to be assessed

at commercial equilvalent value,

In normal cases, only one~year's debts, plus past debts should be handled this way, Perhaps we

could also set a standard of

income for qualification for this manner of payment, with different levels for different sizes of debt. It should be possible for any member in good standing to advance to the point of IXth Degree no matter what the level of personal wealth, or hardship in finances. Let's have some reactions to this set of proposals, This is urgent, some of-our people are ai;tile

point of dropping out just because of low income. We can't have that! If you have problems, yourself, don't indulge in slavish false pride or arrigant self-delusion.

Do something about it! Get a job when you can, but don't let pride or embarrisment cut you off from your Brothers and Sisters. Speak

up on solutions now! _

If you need work done, and expect to pay for it, consider your Brothers and Sisters for the job, Do not hire O,T,O, members out of pity, but if they are ready,willing and able to do

what you want to pay for anyway. If the member can't do the job, but demands a job anyway , tell him or her the truth. Be careful. but be open to the idea.

The Order needs the bread, but there must not be a cutting off

of those who don't have it, If you need to use a work-it-out deal, please consider adding some free time too. That will make up for the free time someone volunteered to make it possible for you to work your way through.

The election of directors for the Supreme Council is,a week

away at this writing. The Council will probably have to limit activity to minor business and urgent stuff until mid April, when the final results of the election are in.

All IXth Degree Members have an obligation to participate at least by proxy if not in person. This only happens every other year,

and it is vital to be in on it.

No action yet on the Ghost-Story final papers. The present offer will be discussed at the member's meeting, and a poll taken as to

the wishes of the members present, both IXth and all others.

Don't forget the Thelemic Holy-days in April.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ~mpIDR~AN[ Nm[J~~5:

Things have changed t~e_contact Rage facing was printed last month. a new one next issue.

LASTAL LODGE has closed for the time being. The body was slated to be closed for possible re-designation as

a middle-degree facility. In the mean-time, the Master of the lodge has reSigned from the Order. We recogni.e his Thelemic right. We accord best wishes for a fruitful fullfillment of WilL In New York City, contact TAHUTl,



Love is the law, l.oue under 'IJ.·ilL

a bit since thi s. one

We wi 11 have


This list is incomplete in one respect; a number of bodies have been certificated for activity at some indefinite time in the future. Such bodies are not always included in this list.

Grand Lodge: GEAn~a (Thelema) Lodge, P.O, Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702

U.S.A. Phones: 415-841-4833 -- residence

415-548-S964 -- temple 415-454-5176 -- messages (.24hours) The meetings are usually conducted at the temple

at 2822 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, California.

Lodges: Ra Hoor Khuit Lodge, P.O. Box 6018, Teall Ave. Station Syracuse, NY 13217 U.S.A.

Tahuti Lodge, 585 lL 214th St., Apt. 6D" New York, NY, 10034, U.S.A.

Babalon-Therion Chapter, 15121 Casimer, Gardena, CA, 90200, U.S.A.

Frater Belarion Chapter, c/o p"O. Box 1641,

Salt Lake City, UT 84111, USA Jane Wolfe Chapter, 10431 92 St., Edmonton, Alberta,


Wilfred Smith Chapter, P.O. Box 1167, Pointe-Claire P05tal Station, Pointe-Claire, Quebec, H9S 4R6 CANADA Nuit-Urania Chapter, c/o O.T.O. Grand Lodge, P.O. Box 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702 (Near San Francisco) USA" Ankh-F-N-Khonsu Chapter, 709 E. 14th St. S., MPLS, Minn.

55404, USA

ABRAHADABRA .Encampment, 156 Camar t 110 Ave", Apt A, 6cnard, CA 93030 USA

Camp A.D. Spare, P.O. Box 1418 Columbus, GA 31903

Camps: Ko Yuen, Perdurabo and Sappho can be reached'through

Brocken Mountain Lodge.

Camps: Hell Fire and Fenris can be reached through Tahuti Lodge

OeMolay Encampment, P.o. Box 10877, G-lendale, CA 91209 USA Hoor-Pa-Kraat Camp, P.O. Box 5457, Berkeley, CA 94705 USA

Other bodies are in formation. Two or Three of the above bodies may be undergoing reorganization soon, E~ropean contacts available in Germany and some othe r countri es. Other conta cts in prepara ti on.



LASTAL Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis, P.O. Box 357,

Bowling Green, New York, NY 10004 U.S.A"

Brocken Mountain Lodge, 178 Cosey Beach Ave. E.ast Haven, Conn. 06512 U.S.A"

Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, P.O. Box 3111, New Port Beach,

California 92663 U.S.A.

418 Lodge, PoD. Box 2043, Dublin, CA 94566





Saturday, March 21., 1981

Thursday, March 26, 1981

Tuesday, March 31, 1981

Sunday ,April 5, 1981 5:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Friday, April 10, 1981

Wednesday, April 15, 1981

Monday, April 20, 1981

All performances start at 8:00 p.rn (Except for Rite of Sol)

oro. 2822SANPABLO

fN BEKX£LEY NEAR ASHBY -/OrZhfoR/n~UDn a// 8"'/-.,-O.!l3


, ":3 f/OIl-ME"MBER!3 'ZMEM8£R.S

Love IS tb« law, love under ui l ]

An. LXXVI - LXXVII e. n.

Do what thou wilt .hat! be the whol c of the La w,


I 9 8 r.;


These events are held at Thelema Lodge, Grand Lodge of O.T.O.; P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, ~A 94702 U.S.A.

All meetings are held at the Temple at 2B22 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, at·8PM unless otherwise noted.



See below r1ght for phone numbers.


B:OO PM Temple $1.00 donation suggested




A Niglrt lUi fir till' <!:diJ;rlj.

(also calandar BPM Temple



$1.00 donation suggested


14 OPEN MEETIN with Bill "Time for another Good Look at Magick in Theory and Practice" General overview and workshop

8:00 PM Temple



Begins at 8PM at the Temple




R£'<loingjl frnm fir!! 2 lIil <1:lJnphr

BPM Temple







11'NI TIATION 1° 8: I."

Dramatic Ritual Guild




Call ahead for place and time.

Begins 8PM at the Temple

7PM iEr.lPL.E





BE IN TODAY, Call 547-9713

IX DEGREE. for place and

, time.

_ _:> I""'::INn-IATI~1 ~~ MINERVAL

18 OTO


19 GNOSTIC MAS 8:00 PM Temple

$1.00 donation suggested



Begins 8PM

at the Temple


"BookbindingII meets 7PM in San Anselmo,

call 454-5176 after 7PM for information.


23OPE~ MEETl w~th Kay "Candle Magick' an entrance leve class.

8:00 PM Temple

26 GNOSTIC MAS 8:00 PM Temple

$1.00 donation suggested


281NI TIATION (reserved for higher degree initiations as needed] Contact well ahead. IIIrd IVth Degree ?




w i.t h Don "Liller 0" Workshop. 8,00 PM Temple.


,Call ahead for : place and time.

Phones: Grand Lodg'e: 415-841-4833 Temple: 415-548-8964 Messages: 415-454-5176

Love is the law, love under will

Official Monthly Bulletin of Ordo Templi Orientis

Vo 1. r, No 5 May 1981 e. v. An, LXXVII e. n.

Do wl»t thou wilt shall be the, whole of the Lqw.


1 am pleased to admit to one and all that we have a new Temple kitty. His name is Lucife~. He-is a black kitty with golden eyeballs. Technically he is called a "Sabel point Siames."

Right at the ~oment he is trying to crawl my frame while I'm-trying to

type this. Which is a little distracting. aut a lot of fun.

He reminds me of the (no, Lucifer, don't step on the typewriter keys!) m ••• well, that takes care of that Grady

s to ~ y.

LIBER CXCIV Constitional Committee

By the authority of the

Of rice of Emir and at the direction of the Grand Treasurer Genera 1, I, Lon Mi 10 DuQuette have created and now ch~ir the BLUL CQUINOX COMMITTEE rOR THE INSTITUTION OF CONSTITUTIONAL MFASURrs. This Standing CommiLtee shall continually re-

s r ur c h the possibili ties of implementation of Order rules

u n rl 0 per a tin 9 pro c e d u res t hat conform as much as'possible to t.h o s e o ut l Ln e d by the GRAND 111\5T[1I j n UBER CXC1V; and r e quldrly rrport its findlngs'and! s II q q est ion s tot he Cal i ph .a n d the Board of Directors.

The Committ~e conststs excl u s Lv l e y o'f the,4 Em Lr e i o f rt he

Order; Lon Milo DuQuette tHchael Ripple Shirin Morton James Wasserman

The Committee shall meet at the call of the Chair.

Voluntary aid from 010 members in good standing of any grade is encouraged. Interested parties are urged to contact the Chairman or Committee members.


By the Authority of the Office of Emir & at the suggestion of the Grand Secretary General a Committee has been created and is now ga.thering research reI:avant to the duly apprpriate implementation of O.T.O. Initiatory rituals for the 0 thru VII.lt is Our position that the proper performance of the 'Mystery Plays' is a Key to the continuity

of this 'transpersonal' tradition.

It is Our assessment that in some instances,greater care must be taken in respect to the rituals. we therefore request that the Corporate

Board of a.ToO. (Supreme Council), conSl.der Our recommendation to postpon,e any Initiations past III until a period of approx.60 days

l.0 order f~r this -Committee to report its findings to the Carp. Board of a.'T.O.We feel ;that :i!n 'a short time we. ,can gather much helpful info to'aid all in the carrying out of

this mos:t vita], .responsibility

of the O~T.Q.;AnYQne wQo cannot

wai t: this small 'period of time to enable us to make SQme imp~vement6 is perhaps too impatient for the IV. This Committee promises in return

to report dutifully to ·the Caliph

& Corp. Board findings that will prove beneficial to all who will

be touched by the Initiations of D.T.O •. I~e welcome any contiri.bu't i.ona D.T.O. members may make to this

proj act , 'We need as much good research as p,?ssible.Pleas_e __ ~r.i.te to

RITUAL COMMI~'T.EE,O.T.O. ,Bol( 6018, Sracuse,N.Y.,13217. west Coast memhers may write care of Hru Ha He. Lodge.


Several inquiries illJ.ve been received concerning what sort of training should a squire undergo to prepare for final kinghthood. One very good refeernce is Manly P. Hall's "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry." In the chapter entitled "The Entered Apprentice",~ we find the following requirements:

"]. It is essential that the (squire) should have studied sufficiently the subject of anatomy to have at least a general idea of the physical body, for the entire degree is based upon the mystery

of form. The human body is the highest manife_station of form which he is capable of analyzing .. Consequently, he must devote himself to the study of his own being and its mysteries and' complexities.

2. The (squire) must realize that his body is the living temple of the living God and

treat it accordingly;, for when he abuses or mistreats it he breaks the sacred obligations wh.i c h he must assume before he can ever hope to understand the true mysteries of the Craft. The breaking of his pact with

the higher Life evolving within himself unfailingly invokes the retributive agencies ,of Nature.

3. He must study the problem of the maintenance of bodies through food, clothing, breating, and other necessities, as all of these are important steps in the (squir~'s training). Those who eat i1Dffioderate1y, dress improperly, and use only about one-third of their lung capacity can never have the physical efficiency necessary for the fullest expression of the higher LIfe.

4. He must grow 'physically and in. 't he expression of concrete things. Human relationships must be idealized at this time, and he must seek to unfold all unselfish qualities which are necessary for the harmonious workingof the 4(nighthood) and his fellow men on the physical plane of Nature.

5. He must seek to round off all inequalities. He can best do this by balancing his mental and physical organisms through the application and study of the seven liberal arts and sciences."

Those interested in contacting the Order of the Knights of Baphomet are asked to write to:

Knights of Baphomet P.O. Box 29

Ne-wark, CA 945-60

Please contact

4010 Granada Rd.

El Sobrante, CA 94803 (415) 223·1384

MldslUUDler Pagan Festival Environmental and Spiritual Awareness Fifteen dollars per person for four days.

Children under 12 free.

Friday. June 19 through Monday, June 22 Anthony Chabot Regional Park

Joseph P. Bort Meadows Oakland, California


The key of the rituals is in the secreL word which I have given unto h i m , LUHK! WITHDRAW! UPON THEn!

With silence ~nd intensity doth move the ABRAHADABRA encampment. With an active membe~ship of 11 (three iOand three.ao lncluded), being in possession of a ~ather unusual tent, and located one block from the ocean. seaside rituals are a convenjent pleasure. ~or the short time we've been togeth~r, a large amount of temple furnitUre has been accumulated, and soon we hope to see two of our 1° members priestly ordained and ~erforming Gnostic nass on a regular basis.

The EnochiAn bug has hit us hard, and its venom runs like fire thru our veins. We are 'in the final stage of the construction of the plcmenLaL tabJets and would aprrpciate any words of warning

rn d e n c o u r a qernc n t from those with more experience that ourselvcs.



T h i n 9 s h a ve bee n rat her he o tic

h e r e I at.e l y which accounts for our recenL silence in the MAGIKAL LINK. LJst~l Lodqe has been disbanded as a result of the Dowlings resigninq from Lhe Order.After a greaL deal of discu~sjon and thought, jt has

b e c n decided La welcome a] 1 p re-

v i n u s members to can tact TAHUTI LOD~E for continued OTO activities. T!\IIUT I will ful f Ll l t h is f u n c t I on as I o n q CIS necessary.

We ~re performing the nass ev~ry ')unda} o L 2p.m., and holding week- 1\ c l a s s e s , presently .in LIBI:H O.

,1 i ('lid I'd Ce r o n has been proposed

IS ,J e.llldir!,ltC' l'o r I GC Bisilup o f IJ(,W Yo r k ,

(Jill' Sp r i n q rqllinox/Supt'rmc RitIidl !'('If'ilrdlion IV')S excel l c nt v a n d IH' , r p p r (' s r n t I y w 0 r kin 9 on 0 U rOe J - t HIP I'i t.u.s ] s ch r-ou l e-n For ~ldy 1 st.

We are also most interested in coopereating as fully as possible in the recent proposal for Order introspection vis a vis the specific priciples delineated in

the BLUE EQUINOX and the standardization of our rituals.


We are currently preparing Flyers to cover Columbus informing the masses that the OTO is alive and well and what the local address is.,

A copy of Camp Spare offices (II) is available through the Grand Secretary General.

-Joe Schockley


We are currently conducting

a series of experiments in the field of human temporal bandwith, simultanaeity, and historical concepts of xenogenesis. We highly recommend that interested parties first refer to the works of Wm.S.Burroughs, particularly CITIFS OF THE RED NIGHT, and to any of 'Lile works of one Thomas Pynchon, particularly the novel GRAVITY'S RAINBOW. A little background in SUmerian wouldn't hurt.

Our hard product qurrently consists of a modest but growing line of Thelemic jewelry th~t in cludes a Baphomet cross, a Liber Oz pendant, a unjcursal hexagram, and a "93", a lI 1" or so,in sterling, the first three at $30.00 and the latter at $25.00. ~ also carry a goats head pendanl th~l says Baphomet in Hebrew instead of Leviathan as all previous models have. This is offered in silver plate over copper for $?5. For those of our number that fC'(III ire speciall y mad tal ismams i\lld a mu l ets, our custom work is wi Ulout comparison. Pieces are crafted on spec i fie p l e n e t a r y days a nd hours and in the approprjate metals. Of course, we encourage

fellow wokers to try to make their o.n ritual items, and Fenris will be happy to answer inquiries in these matters. If you do want something unique, however, we quote prices on request.One dollar, sent to B. Claremont, c/o Tahuti Lodge will get you a copy of our current

catalg. ,

"For my part, I say that the fir~t duty of the ~hinking,fre~ man is ceaselessly to banish the idea of God from his mind and conciousness. 'For God, if he exists, is essentially hostile to our nature, and we in no way depend on his authority ••• each step in our progress represents one more victory in which we annihilate the Deity."


Cn.~) of S~t~:)?ho Antony Vfm. Iannotti .?O Box 775

Conn. College

New Lo~don, Con:}.


. te are 8. 1'00 se I'he Lem l,c e;roup interested' in the Classical

roots of l.!ae;ick, and the rev1v:J.l

of Pagc:.Clls!TI in:i.ts less 1!lUro'<")eall incarnations. Projects are t;

':iorl~ out .L2.tin & G-loeel~ ritut'.ls incorpor8.tin,:: the ener::;ies of

the )resent .• eon, ana Horl-c on

the .• stl'·'.l ' .. wain,: JtE1[;S 1-fOrk

1.'1 t:1 ny t holo:::;y ,:,'~ t: frams-

"i'ort. ·.lou1c1 TJe i."terest ed in corespO>1c1nc "litb those vrith 811111£r interesl;s 'md .?rocllvlt::'E'3. J_.:1,J Ce::.tre gOi:1.;': to :Treece ?Ol'

c '"., u 10 yee l' l~ ~.1-19,g2, for _'S: c .r-c n , :!ontact t:1.rO·.1.~~t t he :'J2'·"''''1:::''"en -""'lll~t!)~i'l L'Jnrre .....


~ehutet was formed under Grand Lodge, and works with Babalon Coven in reviving the Ancient Rituals of Egypt. We are also working on expounding the N.D.X. formulaes. Contact: Grand Lodge for information on Coven meetings and Ritual pilrticipation.

RA HOOR KHUIT LODGE Box 6018 Syracuse,N.Y. 13217

A brief summary of lodge activities:

1. Initiations: 0 thru IV applica tions accepted .. wi 11 coordinate O.T.O -. Initiations to occur at any point in Eastern U.S. on request from serious candidates. Presentl~ assisting W.T.Smith Chapter in Quebec,Canada,to bring Caliph for Initiations in Montreal June 12-14.

Anyone having taken Initiation

at RHK Lodge is requested to write here as to your present O.T.O. status.

2. Correspondence:we are prepared to handle Ql1ickly communications concerning O.T.O.,esp. long-distance Initiation plans.will refer Thelemites working in specific

areas to access of info,relavant working Guilds,etc.Correspondence course. work available according

to interest & initiation by interested parties.

3. O.T.O.Guilds:At present three

are active here:

a)Drama & Poetry: meets once a week to discuss the works of A.C. & other poets & writers close to our Templar hearts.

b)KAABA Journal Publications:

This is~o contain Atlantis by A.C. with mOre surprises planned for future. Available soon. Write care

'of RHK Lodge.Cost:$S-pre-bublication. c)Ritual Magick Techniques:

Meets periodically on workshop basis.

4. Blue Equinox"Constitution" Cornmittee:We are working to coordinate findings & info on the implementation of the model of Thelemic government proper to D.T.O. as precedented by A.C. and written in the Blue Equinox.

We appreciate & welcome assisstance in this vital area of concern. Interested. parties please write.

S.O.T.O. Initiation Ritual Committee: Working on establishing high standards for the performance of O.T.D Initiations.Welcome any info,research,etc Thelemites have

about the rituals & their duly appropriate implementation.

6.The Gnostic Catholic Church:

Props for Mass under construction. Write for info re:Presentations of Mass here and on traveli~g basis, training program for the Priesthood, the Gnostic Sacraments &-Holy Days, etc.A Workshop is planned for midMay re: the Gnostic Church; Past

& Present. Write c/o RHK Lodge for info.

7.Caliph Visit:Planstaking shape for brief visit by Caliph June 6-11.Make plans early due to limitations in time.Write if interested.

8. Finally, we wish' all Thelemite & a.T.O. Initiates Success in their endeavors &~ willingness to assist them in Our greatest undertaking,

the Great Work.Drop us a line.


Every day was April Fools Day at Heru-ra-ha Lodge. We managed to keep busy with;

-3 Minerval Initiations on the ~th for our Brothers and Sisters at Abrahadabra Encampment. -Noon-time readings of LIBER AL on the 8th,9th,and 10th.

-3 Thur. night Guild of Enochian Studies meetings.

-Another Minerval Initiation on the evening of the 17th.

-Celebration of the Gnostic

Mass on the afternoon of the 19th. (one of OUr largest gatherings with visitng members from as far away as San Diego, Oxnard and Berkely)

-On the 25th Lon delivered his long awaited biography of Aleister Crowley lecture side-shaW-51 ideshow. With the help of the Guild of Oevelopmentaly Disabled,Babalon Therion Chapter and the Guild of

Th o t h , the two presenta·tions were politely tolerated by Southern Cal. Thelemjtes who were, for the most part, elated at finding D.T.O. in their own backyard.

In May,wp plan Minerval Initiations bn the 9th,a guild of Thoth I Chjng seminar on the 16th,Gnostic Mass nn the 17th.a visit from the Caliph on the 23rd,24th,25th, and 26th with IVa and Va Initjations and 10 Initiations on the 30th.

The Encampment of Aiwass

The address of the Camp has been changed and those who are interested in contacting us are encouraged to write to P.O. Box 29, Newark, GA 94560.

6.A.D.T. report.

The waters of San Francisco bay foam white in the black nights as the Astrod bodies of Bay Area Dolphins join in its depths and waves ---~- but on to saner not

ions .....

The 0.1.0. Lodge

of the a.T.O. is now i n form3r tion in Sydney Australia. As was recently ~onfirmed by a telephone call from friends in Sydney (at %am Rest assured Thelemites, the word of the prophet ANKH-F-N-KHONSU is

spreading accross the face of the earth like a


proudly announces the open~ng of its business. Orders wlll be accepted for custom-made leather goods. Reason~ble prices, creative craftlng,. and unusual designs. Celtlc art our speciality.

To place an order, vrrite The Sacred Unicorn

P.O. Box 29

Newark, f,A 94560

Thelema Lodge is the headquarters of Ordo Templ; Orientis, world-wide. If you need to con~unicate with the Caliph, the Grand Treasurer General or the Grand Secretary General, send your correspondence to the officer involved at: Ordo Templ i Orienti s

P.O. Box 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702 U,S.A. .

. A numb~r of changes have happened wlth out-lYlng O.T.O. Bodies. The Contact Address page is up-to-date

in this issue of the Magickal Link.

Tahuti Lodge is acting as a tempory clearing house for NYC organization. After the close of LASTAL Lodge, a number of members of ~he Order ~rote in ·to Grand Lodge

1n uncertalnty about who to contact

in New York. Tahuti is a stable Lodge 1n the area, and will field inquiries. A general increase of representative O.T.O. Bodies in New York and environs is contemplated.

Frater Belarion Chapter is defunct again. The problems of manner of report of initiations, financial operations and internal concord have taken their toll. Two new bodies

under different name and organi zationa 1 characteristics are in the planning stages for the area. The local O.T.O. mem~ers are holding meetings informally untll the ne~organizational structure is established.

Jane Wolfe Chapter in Edmonton Canada is presently passing through a period of partial silence: while private matters of the Master of the

Chapter need attention. '

French Canada is coming active u~der the efforts of Bill Breeze of Wllfre~ Smith Chapter. Formal steps are belng taken which will lead in

a few year~ to an independant O.T.O. st~ucture 1n the area. This is a

maJor step in the eventual direction

o! a Grand Lodge of Canada, together w~th t~e Edmonton operations. At first tles wlll have to be close to the USA Grand Lodge to project the traditions

and the i niti atory , i ne into the new developments in Western and Eastern Canada. In a few years, we hope to

be able to announce independence from

the USA Grand Lodge for the Canadi an O.T.D. Before this can be done,

certain legal steps in Canada will have to be taken and the present 'and future bodies of the Order will need to demonstrate vi ability wi th full administrative capacity. This sort of process takes time, but it is necessary. The Grand Lodge in Berkeley is determined to extend the Order to the various nations of the World under local rule.

We hold it improper for an USA. based organization to govern viable O.T.O. organizations in other countries. All national O.T.D. organizations which have proven authenticity and established themselves adequately should be governed by local nationals. At present, only

the Grand Lodge in the USA has ultimate authority. The Blue Equinox mandates

Xth Degree National Heads with election of an D.H.O. At present the USA Grand Lodge under the Caliph operates as the international Order under the acting O.H.O. We of the Grand Lodge, USA

must further the independence of

genuine D.T.O. national Grand Lodges.

The "genuine" part is the present

hitch. We have not found any ether O.T.O. elsewhere in the World or here

in the USA with valid papers or with

a valid operation. We must sponsor national O.T.O. development until

the individual national organizations gain the seasoning and the strength to stand by themselves. This means:

1. a period of development and initiation under the general direction of the

USA Grand Lodge. 2. local national chartering, incorporation etc. 3. the proving through success of two or three individual members in each nation for reception of the terr ib le mantle of the IXth and Xth in a nearly suicidal short time of three to five years. Two factors are involved in the new national heads:

I. Ability to rule and reign must be proven by deeds. II~tability and Endurance in the cause of Thelema and the Order must be manifested.


Do what. thoo wilt. shall be the whole of t.he Law.

We at Stellar Visions, in our effort to provide access to the great body of rna terial that has in the past been called Occul t, are prood to a nncun ce our third issue.


The Source - Book is entirely devoted a s a comprehens ive reference to hundreds of ocrul t works from the collection of the Oz d o TempI i Orientis, the majority of which we hope to soon. make ava ilable to the student of the occult in an i, nexp ensive sot tcove r forma t. 'Stellar Visions III Source Book 93' is available at the special pr i ce of $1.9.5.

Thos e of you wh a are familar with the writings listed \II ill recognize that most are part of the material written for t.h e Astrom Argentum, or the O:cd e r of the Sil ver Sta r , SB 93 also describes ma terial that comprises the Ln s t r'uc t Lon s of the a.T.O ••



. Well, we call it Stella!; Visions. What, you may ask, is this strange conspiracy? (We all kno.v that San Francisco is famous for its conspiracies.)

Let' '3 see if we can grope for an explanation:

Liber Al says, "Every man and eve ry woman is a sta r", 50 Stellar Visions are our visions. We use it as a vehicle for our Visionary concepts, and those of such "Stars" as Aleister Crowley. How aboo t youi What are your visions?

I suppose !t could be that Stella!; visions a!;e of things stellar in the traditional sence as well. We think man will go to the stars this Aeon, and we hope to keep Thelemi tes informed in the tech nolog! cal kn ce I ege that will be needed to do so. After all how can you keep stars au t of Space?

The wo!;d a s t e r tsn is used in astronomy to denote constellations. It comes from the Greek "aster", which means star. /l';-tarte is one of the names or . the Godde s s, and so ~i tchcra ft TIll s t be i nc Iud ed among our Stellar Visions.

Come to, think of it, as astronomy is the nlimbering of the stars, so astrology is their logic, of course we rust inc lude both of these sciences and arts.

Indeed we publ ish materia 1

on Practical Magi oc , Occult

Philosophy, Witchcraft

As~rology, and. High Technology:

Th1S we embellish with generous helpings of Art and Poetry, and send it aLonq to you.

Stellar Visions are in fact: these and much more.

Are you a Stellar


Do you ge t of f on sna ring your visions?· Well then send them off to us.


533 so t ter St. #666 San FranCisco, CA 94102



This list includes all active reporting bodies to this date. Aoril 1981e.v.

Bodies in the Salt Lake City Utah area .

presentl v in formation.

Grand Lo dg e : 0e::t..n).lCl. ( Thelerna ) Lodge, P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA phones: 415-841-4833-- residence

415-548-89644- temple

415-454-5176- messages (24 hours)

The meetings are usually conducted at the temple

at 2822 San Pablo Ave •• Bekeley, California.

Ra Hoor Khuit Lodge, P.O. Box 6018, Teall Ave. Station Syracuse, NY 13217 USA




Tahuti Lodge, 585 W. 214th St., Apt. 60, New York, NY 10034 USA Brocken Mountain Lodge, 178 Cosey Beach Ave., East Haven,

CT 06512 USA

Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, P.O. Box 3111, New Port Beach, CA 92663 ,USA 418 Lodge, P.O. Box 415, Oroville, CA 95965 USA Babalon:-Therion Chapter, 15121 Gasimer, Gardena, CA 90200 USA Jane Wolfe Chapter, 10431 92 St., Edmonton, Alberta,


Wilfred Smith Chapter, address is: Bill Breeze, P.O. Box 1167 Pointe-Claire Postal Station, Pointe-Claire, Quebec


Nuit-Urania Chapter, P;O. Box 939, El Sobrante, CA 94803 ABRAHADABRA Encampment, 156 Camarillo Ave., Apt. A Oxnard, CA 93030 USA

Camp A.O. Spare, P.O. Box 1418, Columbus, GA 31903 USA Aiwass Camp, 35023 Lido Blvd., Newark, CA 94560 USA OeMolay Encampment, P.O. Box 10877 Glendale, CA 91209 USA

Hoor-Pa-Kraat Camp, P.O. Box 937, El Sobrante, CA. 94803 USA Camps: Ko Yuen, Perdurabo and Sappho can be reached through Brocken Mountain Lodge.

Camps: Hell Fire and Fenris can be reached through Tahuti Lodge.

General information: All Lodges can perform some initiations, at least in the first three degrees of O.T.O.

Of the Chapters, only Nuit-Urania is initiating

at present. Other initiating Chapters are expected over the next few months.

At present, the Camps are not initiating.


Two new camps of D.T.D. have opened up in Sacramento California and in Edmonton Canada, Details will appear in a future issue of the Magickal Link when the new bodies write up their opening statements for us. In the mean time, t~e Sacramento Camp ( write to "Boleskine") and the Edmonton Camp ( write to "Urania") can be reached care of the Grand Lodge Address at the head of this list.

An. LXXVII e. rio




All ini t iat ion above lInd Deg shall take pla e by apointment only thi s mont Additjonal 00

s , I te J ne


with Don

on LiberAstart 8PM Temple




I 9 8 Ie. v .. Do what thou wilt shall be the whol e of the La w ., .





with Bill Magi ck in Theory I Practice

8PM Temple

ear y u y.

GNOSTIC MASS 8PM Temple $1.00

Donation suggested


90PEN MEETING with Don on L iber AL

- 8PM Temple


1 TPEN MEETI.NG with Jayne on Ist s , Osiris, Set, Nepthis, Horus and other Deities

8PM Temple


8PM Temple

Films on Pagan themes and the Rites of Eleusis (special event)

don't miss it


Place and time? Call Grand Lodge.



1~ ----. --


III co


(Last day for sub-I

mission of deSignsl

for the EGC Logo

to arrive here)

-~~~~-t--~----+------+-------+-------f-- - - --- --


Uith Sharine a workshop on Shauminism.

8PM Temple

LL{ e.

-~-8--~G~N05==T~I~C~MAS~t--2--9-----------+-3---0----0~T~O~---+--------------- -----

::; 8PM Temple BOARD These Events are held at Thelema Lodge. Grand

$1.00 8PM P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA

Donation TEMPLE All meetings at the Temple: 2822 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley,

Suggested otherwise stated.

Phones: Grand Lodge 415-841-4833. Temple: 415-548-8964

Messages: 415-454-5176

L4GNOSTIC .MASS 8PM Temple $1.00

Donation Suggested

) IGNOST'C MASS ... 8PM Temple

$1.00 Donation Suggested

15 OPEN MEET! Poetry with Crai g and

Merril. Bri ng your own poetry to share.

8PM Temple



Call 547-9713 for details


A Night with the Calip

8PM Temple


8 PM


240PEN r.£e;TIN wi th Kay on Training of


8PM Temple


Love is the law, love under will

Call for place and time and for permission to attend.

27 INITIATIONS Place, time and degrees to be arrainged.

Probab ly I, II or Minerval.

No initiations unless ap~'icatiOl

-are-recei ved.--

Lodge of 0.1.0.



Official Monthly Bulletin of Ordo Templi Orientis

Vol. I, No.7 July 1981 e.v. An. LXXVlle.n.

Do wbJ.t thou wil t shall be the whole of the Law..


~~~';;";";';";''';''';__---1 eaJS 1''''

SlJBMISIONS FOR PUBLICATION IN -rt .. _ I -£~S. C?hpjm c/ (im.AS

THE MAGICKAL LINK: I~ L~ / ,-. ;r \ ~.

What will and what will .ot work.

Comments on camera ready Articles to the Magickal Link:

Deadline date for all Articles is the 10th of each month.

Copy should be typed in singlespaced columns of 3~ inches width.

Please use dark ribbon and do not use errasable bond paper -- it doesn't print well. For computer people; do not send copy made

on a matrix printer-it comes out too light and too widely spaced to print in the link. the M.L.

is limited by deadline and how much we ca~ put though the paper foulder

(six sheets). If what you submit either isn't in or is delaid it is ~ecd~se of one of these factors.

The Caliph sometimes editspieces & 50 does Bi 11 Heidri_ck.

A General Note About the Mayickal Link:

Thi sis a newspaper the t goes to all members. To get it regularly you must be a member. There are no copies for sale to anyone. There are virtUrllly no bark issu0s available,


~!~N'rF!LY .tlgpOR'r FOR MAY 1981e.v •.

Heru-~~-h~ Lodge P.O. Box 3Jll

Newport Beaoh, CA 92663

'rhe highlight of iAay waa the visit of our be l ov= o CuI i ph !l.nd L",dy Shirin. 'fheir 4 d'.l.y st>l.y in Southern Ct.l.lifornia provided t hem Li.t t Le vt Lme for R oJ: R however. for the::-e was so .auch to do-

so li t<:.ls time. On bh e . 23rd the CaHph '.) rfi p. i._i.J.l.~::i ~t th:;ee F·~F~iU )8GR~E i n i, ti a+Lon e at He: ,-rll.-h" Lodc;o , ·~hen va s

the gUf'st of nono r a-t, a I'arty cit Bcib",j"n-

'I'he r Lon ':h::iptt-'l" in 1u.rJcn_l -vho re m"~TI1b2-{,!-=

of '\)llit-lJnini', C!-taoter g!>ve a 'Won:Jerlul 811-1.) o -Asen-:;';!.t.ion of' th,~jT' ;)p.~formc.n~o3

o i: Lhs· RITF:S OF ELBTJSIS. ,)),' t.he 24th

t.l13 '~aliph 8.:-,<1 tn~ neVotly i1:i ci;<i."d F~F'Ul J~Ga;:;;8s o f'J'a c i a't ec >it 11 ~\)U!U}J J~Gld!;:!:

j n ; ti.;_t.i _~p :~_l.t; t,[lP' Hot'u-ra-ha Lodp'e of P~rf"''''cLiOl1. rll --:n I)'f't' "to Los iLng;le::i

for Onosi:ic )niJ.9~ at ,WI r ,i,oL'fH.JR S"l'iCfU·I.-ri i<~.n .. G... iJlti~)s "';:1.5 f'o Lrowed bv .i

go; utt0n'.HlS r e oa s t ~nli (l1i,E:btin~ of 1;ilt:: (ni-rht.< of" 11"b"I,)Tj-;,lui ~ (n'.fen.iers of sn,,'" who n-ie d s no 0,)f\;n~,Q J

1'''.' ) sd.tnLi r~'l; t:; ,L10;':; Ai" () .. r.0. ~'~r-~ C!'li.lr~pr-;r1 'hJ·~t'jnl! -;~"lrly'S v t.i i ' .. ;

~:i!!n it, __ ,',Hi;::_; re-Acl"l

:--J L, ·:>"l.I:.r, in :~'~l~U~l v HIL·1..·.CI.

Other ... ctivitjes in MlI.y were:' 5 Minerv",l Initiations on the 9th.

Rjtu~l Classes on the 7th lnd 14th

Guil':l of Thoth I Ching Semi.nar' au the 10th Gnosti~ Mass on the 17th

H-R-H AHA party in Long Beach on the 18th ... nd two FIRST DEGREE Ini ti ... tions at· d ... wn

on the 30th. ~ .,. I> .'

Plans for June include I, II, III Inlts,' 'How to survive a M.asonic Conversation Sernin ... r , Mass and Ri1;ll",l Cl"sses and of course !~inerval Initi:;.tions.


"Let the ~~agician robed and a r m e d as he may deem fit, turn his face towards Boleskine; that is the house of the Beast 666."

Boleskine rises in the east under the pyramidical shadow of the

Grand Lodge. The Banner of Thelema has been struck in the State Capitol of Babalon. Although our numbers are few, our ranks are growing as the 93 current manifests .in Sacramento.

In April we had the pleasure of hosting a visit by the Caliph. The Caliph ended his Magickal Mystery Tour by initiating 4 minervals

and signing and sealing off our Camp Charter.

In May our Camp entered an O.T.O. booth In the Whole Earth Festival, held for 3 days at U.C.Oavis. The restival II'-a-s-like a gathering of the Barbarian Psycadelic Tribes

of th~ street sixties. Friends from the Grand Lodge came up to il("tll partake of the festival and spr~dd the Law of Thelema to the Chjldren of Horus.

Any correspondence is welcome, ~t ihls time G/o the Grand Lodge P.O.Box 2303 Berkeley Ca94702.

We especially wish to thank Frater.·.Herlin.·. of Fraturnitas Saturni.Berlin ..•. for his visit

a n d j n s p Lr a t i o u ,

"t.l e b e ist das Ce s c t z rl.f e be uo te r \Villen"

Frater Za r dc s ,


, .

Ankh-fn-Khonsu' Chalpter

93, Currently the situation here is vibrant. The pagan, wiccan ·and new age (Astrologers, Readers, etc. ) communiti es are now open .to ~rowl ey, Jli s ideas and teachings. It will tie

, sometime before a .group ser-i ous about working with 8£AnJ..I(:! will be able to manifest from these spheres, but individual working and study (the

true .spirit ) are wide spread. The Thoth deck & The Book of Thoth are enjoying a new popularity. People are

no longer afraid of Crowley and they want to know more! As of the lOth,

Fr. ExancanorX will no longer be

with us, he is returning to his

abodes, after a g month visit to us.

We all bave been richly rewarded from this, and do send our most hallowed and fraternal love with him. The new ~emple is soon to be completed, some equipment ( altars, tablets') building is yet to corne, but currently, the temple is being inhabited by Horus, and consecrated by that presence. The old temple will be meditation, hack-up and hq of the Craftsman's Guild. That Guild is offering for a limited time, ~andcrafted blasting rods, by order, or just stock models to qualified individuals, For more info, drop us a note at:

The Aleister Crowley Memborial

Achemical Research Institute 709 E. 14th St. So.

MPLS, MN 55456

Phone 1-612-370-0866

Ne~_I!..e.o.[)_ musi c a.vail abl e from Sekxdeth via cassette ( same address) these tapes are 1-1 dubs at real speed

from the masters, so if we get a lot of requests, the backlog could be 4 weeks

or so. Sekxdeth is a magickal composers guild. One of our fratres is preparing

a class on Magick, which if it draws

enough prople will become a regular

course at "our" New Age Learning Ctr.

The Ctr. is run by one of "our" local bookstores. When I say "our" in this case, I mean the city of MPLS, not the Institute, however the Institute has many classes also: The Knights Traing;n., Armed & Unarmed Combat, A~s Martial as well as yoga, tantra and magickal & Alchemical

trainign. The Enoehian papers are almost done and we .have begun work involving the Cabalah which Should. r~sult in a most ~stounding paper. We (I)\us)

are meditating on a book that we may ~rite ... as of n(lW only the preface,

1 ntro &. fi rst 3 chapters are done" and things look to be, getting more busy in ~he fur~re so ••. We lack scribes & c1erica"is, anyone interested?

MPLS is a great place to live, lot's of opportuntt+e's for everyone, one warning, taxes are high, we wiTl help as best we can with our resources available. Concerning living space, introductions. jobs ,etc. The Great Work' is very re.,. warding, like a new (Aeon) Frontier, here in the City of the Sun.

We even have a 50ft. Glass pyramid with

a swimming pool, at one of ,our downtown hotels (Sheraton-Ritz) good brunches too~ ( Lamb, capr i , an the bub Iy your body desires) $8.95 Sundays. by reservation

only. ' ,'" ,. -':

Nel)lit bull et; n: Weather::Mag'fc'k'.

Necromancy. those swinging wiccans, and the preparations for our MidSUmmer Rite.

(no groups larger than 3 people without tents or lots of money

6/4/81 e .v , R. Rakhuka a1 ias

Thoth Hermes Tr~smegistus B. Baumgarten 0


O.T ,D. Camp A. O. Spare (Columbus GAl

Inactive, still working on getting '12 people into O.T.O, to take hand in camp work. Brother J. Hunter is a great help, we have made a fast friendship.

Brother Joe Shockl ey, Il 0


O r-d o :I"hsularum OC~!~ia

.. .~


"Ch o o s a Ye a n l s l a n d l "

The r,1a qi ("'1-;,11 ,'!Ii s s : f] n n f '·.h, ,), 1.1."' i s r l r S t r 0 I" J l t ,j d r 1·1 (, I (' ID i ,-

s 1 I',) n q h n til 'i n r h ,,1- oJ J: P d k f) n w n r,roqr':'pll'ir,lllv d~, OCE.IHJIA .. " ',lie:

Islands of the South Pacific.

To offer a base of support for Thelemites fleeing the Wastelands.

One day we Will choose an Island,

The Island of THELEMA. .

The Doiphin Tribes of the 0.1.0. reco gni,ze n:o .au t ho r i"t;y 0 n Ea r th Save 'J rre , Book of. the law.

the CROWLEY O.T.O. is trulcy becoming International •.. _.

Bernard Freon,' a Bro LlICl' of mi 1)(', wrote me recently - The Paris Templ~ of Heru Behutet has reforme~ into'the Thelemic Order ; "Fraternite Herme1tlque du Dragun LURaire" He envisions this to become t~e O.T.O. Grand L~dge of France, and towards this plans to come here to Berkeley with another Brother within the year, to be in~tiated by_Hymenaeus Alpha into the O;T.O. I pledge full support

to Freon and the Hermetic Bro~herhood of the Lunar Draco_

I 1 I I ] I I 1111111 I 1 I II I II I. I 1+1 l·t-I, A note regarding international 0.1.0. Bodies:

The Grand Lodge in Cal Hornia supports efforts by individuals

in otber coUntries outside the

U. S • A;; fo e s ta 21.1 s h O. T. O. in accord w,i th tradi ti on and wi th proper succession. This support should not be confused with

formal reeogni ti on" At present operations in Oceania and in Canada are closely tnt erectve with D.T.O. at the Grand Lodge. Francp is a hope, but not yet .1 genu-i rl~ O.T.O. organization. We suppurt the efforts of M. Freon and others like him, but we cannot presently affirm that the Lunar Draco is

in any way a part of O.T.o. We hope to begin formal relations when M. Freon has an opportunity to vi.sit us in California.

-- The Grand Treasurer General

HADIT -a new body pendl; n~ recogniti.oQ'l'~ter Ith;~ I]lp(lt~ •. J., ,

O.T.O. now altfvd i~ ~H41ade]pht~~ Operation as "HADIT", we ar~ r~ri~ing

a small wor~shop of C.M. stwdents .•. currently doing group invocations of the Sephi ra.

First Gnostic Mass ever in this city celebrated 5/9, with help from Tahuti Lodge (NYC) and local Craft People.

Hadit expects to achieve encampment status soon. Two second degrees active in HADIT .•. Minerval initiations . may be arranged in cooperation with Tahuti Lodge personnel.

Contact: o.T.O., P.O. Box 18571 Philadelphia, PA 19129


Last Month we discussed the duties and goals of the Squire. This month we will look at the duties and goals Df the Knight. As before, we_wfTl use M.P.

Ha 11 's "The Lost Keys of Freemasonry"

as a guide. '

The goals of a Knight, in part, are

1) the rna stery of emo t.fcna 1 outbreaks of all kinds, poise under trying conditions, kindness in the face of unkindness, and~sirn~licity with its accompayning power. These points show that the Kn.i.9h;t is worthy of being taught by.a fellow Kn.i.ght.

2) the mastery of the animal energies, the curbing of passion and desire, and the control of the lower nature mark the faithful attempts on the part of the KY1~.a Itt to be worthy of the Kf1.-tgh:t.hood.

3) the und~rstanding and mastery of the creative forces, the consecration of them to the un-

his order. Personalities cannot bin d the t rue K nA.g h.t.. f Q r h a v i n g raised one point of the compasses he now realizes that all personal manifestations are governed by

i mp e r so J;lq,l 'PI'i,ryc i p 1, es.

5). at,rthii& po t n t Ue Knight consecrates the-five senses to the study of human problems with the unfolding of sense centers as

the motive; for he realizes that the five senses are keys, the proper application of which will give him material for spiritual transmutation if he will apply

to them the common divisor of analogy .

These wer~ taken from Chapter IV entitled "The Fellow Craft".

If a knight is to be worthy of defending, the honor of the Cal i p h , he, firstly, must be above all reproach. His 1 ife must be that which will inspire others to act with honor and pride. The knight is no longer a individual, but

now is a symbol, a mark, a flag,

a standard.

Before a knight can demand any respect or privelege. he first must be worthy of such. And if

he truly is worthy of the respect, he need not demand it, it will

be offered by those around him willingly.

The OKB is_no~_a group for those seeking honor, but, instead, is for those willing to take on the task of working for the Order, It is not an organization for the entertainment of the person, but a body of soldiers willing to give up their 1 ife in the service of Baphomet.

If you are so inclined, and wish more information, write

Knights of Baphomet P.O. Box 29

Newark, CA 94560

Be somewhat patient in waiting for a response, but be assured, no letter goes unanswered.

(l)nuu'l Cud!.!e :Report:

Thelema Lodge is the Grand Lodge of Ordo TempI; Qrientis and the haaquarters of O.T.O. world-wide until other national Grand Lodges are cveated.

The Address is: 1'.0, Sex 2303

Berkeley, C{l, 94702 Y_.2.A.

The three chief Dffic~rs of O.T.O., The Caliph, the Grand Treasurer General and the Grand Secretary General may be reached at this address. 'The Board of Dir'ectors of O.T.O. and the

Board of Directot's of E.G.C also use this postal address.

All err-or occurred \~i Lh the

lasL i~sue of the Magickal Link in the matter of the date line and rssue number. Last issue was noted as "#5 ... May 19S1l v ," when it shoulJi..have been designated

" Numeer 6, June 1981 e.v.~

We hope that this has not caused undesirable confusion, but the date line was simply over-looked in the last issu~ paste-up.

The activities at-Grand lodge have been well attended during the last few weeks. We hilve continued

to offer <:1 asses and di scuss i on grolJps 1n several areas of Magick and in creative arts. A Pagan film night ff.lj;ured 011 1ast month's calandar.

This was such a hi t , that another

film night will be offered in July.

TI'€ Films are all local productions a~d both well done and unusual.'

~ore classes on the deities are

in the offing and several presentations art; now being of'fe red by members who haven't presented through D.T.D. Before. He at Grand Lodge a re happy

to find this increase in shar i nq

01- ~r,fl)rm,ltion and insight. F.verybody [WOWS end gets c l oser tht s \~ay.

Although no accurate count has been made, it is evident from the general activity in reporting new initiations and from the increased incidence of initiations in the Grand Lodge immediate area that the Order is growing at about twice the rate of last year. This includes Minerval initiations. It looks very much like O.T.O, will be going to 500 active members in from st x to ni ne months.

We may have a set back of about 50 Minerval exp,t'ations when this mat ter is reviewed in the next months, but renewing MinervaJs are higher than previous years. The Order is growing again. Loca1 bodies and increased awareness on the part of the public have been the major factors',

Publishing activities are still a bit behind. Liber AL should be

in the press in the next two weeks.

The #12 Newsletter will be in t.he

press over the next six weeks with likely publ iLation by the end of July. We have had one set back after dnother in this issue, but not all of the

delay has been neg&tive. The Magickal

l. i nk is the 1 o~ awai ted member' publication. Tnis is the 7th issue

of the Link, it. looks like it is going to stay. Attention can now be focused on publication of the Newsletter at annual or semi-annual intervals. Between these two p~riodicals O.T.O. will finally be able to establish the right sort of prmnpt and in-depth contact throughrut the Order. The

Link will provide timely matter and

a forun while the Newsletter will be available as a media of longer report and speCial articles. W~ at Grand

Lodge wish to thank our Brothers and Sisters for their patience over the delays with the Newsletter. Now that

so many of our out-lying bodies have begun subbmi ttl ng camera-ready copy

for the Link, preparation time has

been substantially reduced -- thus freeing time for the Ne.wsletter.

Remember that several other O.T.O. bodies have publications. Many of these are as interesting as the

News 1 etter. Keep an e.ye on the Chapter and lodge reports in the Link

for announcement of publication dates for these special publications. They are often more valuable than most of the non-O .. T.O. pUbl~ions,that we

have seen. ~

Response time at ffirand Lodge on correspondence and 'orders for publications and tapes is subject to occassional change. At present we Sfem to have

a two-week turn-around on mos t simple letters. Letters 'ncludlng orders with questions may be'delaid a bit more

in that two responses may need to be made 1 n order to ful fi 11 the requests. Tapes will be supplied more promply

in the next two months than in the

last two. We Simply ran out of blanks ;H!d had to re-stock. If you sent in

dn order for tape ca5setLes 1 while ago, you should expect delivery in about four weeks on the outside. Orders for back issues of the Newsletter are limited to stock on hand. We can furnish significant quantities of #1,2 and 4. We have no more copies of #6 and it will be some time before we are able to reprint.

All the other tssues-e-e still available on a one copy to an order basis. The supply of double issue #10-11 is down

to the point that we are no longer sending it out to -new Minervals and Associates unless it is'specifically purchased. Issue #12 will 'bp along SDon.

There is a temporal! short29P of certificate blanks and fan;ls fa>" n~mbership application. The new degree certificates ( same style as the old ones) will be printed this week. The current shortage of Liber AL's will be cleared

up by tile end of next month iJ the

binding goes as expected.

Very preliminary work on a computor system for Grand Lodqe h~s begun. The svs tem wi 11 L'e bui 1 t uJ hum uart.s as

t~r as the Processer and RAM are concerned. Ee r ly.rtes ts on the equipment are promising, but it will be a ypaf or more before dl1 records and camera-ready copy can be

made up in this manner, When that

occurrs, most of the present delays

in s imp l e reques ts ilne most of urob lems with the publ ications will be cleared-up, An enormuu, amount of time is wasted nn old-f<:lshioned records-keeping dnd copy checking. The compute. wi 11 free humans 10 answer your 1 etters. r t ' S Dart of IJI1r trad; ti on to have a denx.r ; [I the backroom. The 8lectroni c age is part of the new Aeon.


My idea of establishing an order

of protectorate Knights as an honor guard for the office of.the Scarlet Woman has finally come lnto actual being. During our trip to Heru-ra-

ha Lodge I knighted eight persons to the guild of the Knights of BabalonNuit. I am thinking of another name for this organization and anyone who has a suggestion please write in care of Grand Lodge. Six of th: Kni~hts reside in the Southern Callfornla area and two in the Grand Lodge area. The function of the guild would be in a service oriented way for honorary purposes as well as service to the Office of Scarlet Woman and the O.T.O. Any questions will be answered by

writing Shirin Morton ·c/o Grand L:odge.




The Order's application for our annual Tarot Reading booth at the Northcrn Caljfornia Renaissance

I aire is in. In all probability

we will be approved as in the past. There will be a meeting nn the

July calendar, ~s yet at this wrjting not scheduled. for persons interested In reading ~t the ~aire. lnrerested persnns should nonta~t Sh i ri n at 841-4tl33 or I pav," " message at 454-5J76.

Check the calendar for the ddL~ of the m e e t i ng, it will be IV i 1.1\ this issue of the Link.

San Francisco Area:

Singer is looking for electric mUS1C1Hns with magickal training to form rock

band with ritual theeter aspects, All sexual or-i ent.at ior-s welcome. This wi,l be a wor'<.ing f/l'(·i·"s:.iorldl bane, not " jam for Pagan parties. If you are interest~d Dr have leads to offer, call Deborah Bender 415-658-8953 nights and I.,·/o·ekends.

._... .. ~ .... --

- .-.~ .. ....,


Stellar Visions now offers this, out of print, ~em by Aleister Crowley on the Trance States". A very good introruction to ma~y of the concepts expanded upOn in "Book 4". $ 4 • 9 3




SV-I - (~&W reprint) SV-II

SV-IlI SB-93


H.93 Z.93 5.93 1.93


containing some diffi~ult to find Crowley works and original material by members of the O.T.O., is nON ava ilable in

black and white reprint.

Add $1.00 for pos tage and handling.



Pre-Publication Sale of

the first 100 numbered copys of the O.T.O. Material from

"The Blue Equinox" to include:

Libed LI1, CI, CLXI, CXCIV, XV. ["Manifesto of the O.T.O."

"An Open Letter To Those Who May Wish to Join the Orde rIO "Concerning the Law of Thelema

"An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order" "Ecclesiae Gnostica Catholica

Canon Missae"J $4.93

containing never before

'published Cr ow Ley works is still on sale.


The Source Book is enti·rely devoted as a comprehensive

reference to hundreds of o c cu L t works ~from the collection of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the majority _ of, which we hope to soon make ava ila,ble to the student of the occult in an inexpensive s o f t cove r forma t,



All orders recieved wi th a va lid Lodge, Chapter or Camp return address will recieve a %40 Discount. We will then ship in bulk to that address.

Stellar Visions IV is in it's final preparation and will SOOn be released. It contains a listing of the major bodies of the Solar system with a short description of their mythological meaning, as well as

some new and interesting

material on witchcraft,

astrology, philosophy, and much much more.


533 Su tter St. # 666 San Francisco, CA 94102


This list includes all act ive rqn~ing bodies to this date. Aoril 198ie.v. rod ies in the Salt Lake Ci ty L .. ah area

flt'espnt.lv in formation.

.r and Lodge: 8s;>"rll.lCi ( Thelema ) Lodr-e. P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA phones: 415-841-4833-- residence

415··548-8964-- temple

415-454-5176-- messages (24 hours)

The meetings are usually conducted at the temple

at 2B22 San Pablo Ave., Bekeley, California.

Ra Hoor Khu;t Lodge, P.O. Box 601B, Teall Ave. Station Syracuse, NY 13217 USA

Tahuti Lodge, 585 W. 214th St .• Apt. 60, New York, NY 10034 USA



Brocken Mountain Lodge, 178 Cosey Beach Ave., East Haven, CT 06512 USA

- Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, P.O. Box 3111, New Port Beach, CA 92663 USA 418 Lodge, P.O. Box 415, Oroville, CA 95965 USA

Babalon-Therion Chapter, 15121 Gasimer, Gardena, CA 90200 USA Jane Wolfe Chapter, 10431 92 St. " Edmonton, Alberta,


Wilfred Smith Chapter, address is: Bill Breeze, P.O. Box 1167 Pointe-Claire Postal Station, Pointe-Claire, Quebec


Nuit-Urania Chapter, P.O. Box 939, El Sobrante, CA 94803 ABRAHADABRA Encampment, 156 Camarillo Ave., Apt. A Oxnard, CA 93030 USA

Camp A.D. Spare, P.O. Box 1418, Columbus, GA 31903 USA AiWass Camp, 35023 Lido Blvd., Newark, CA 94560 USA DeMolay Encampment, P.o. Box 10877 Glendale, CA 91209 USA

Hoor-Pa-Kraat Camp, r.o. Box 937, El Sobrante, CA 94803 USA Camps: Ko ruen, Perdurabo and Sappho can be reached through . Bracken Mountain Lodge.

Camps: Hell Fi 'e ana fenris can be reached through Tahuti lodge.

Gener.al information: All Lodges can perform some initiations, at l eas L in the first three degrees of O.T.O.

Of the Chapters, only Nuit-Urania is initiating

at present. Other initiating Chapters are expeL ted over the next few months.

At present, 'lie Camps are not initiatinq.


Two new camps of 0,1.0. have opened up in Sacramento

s l i forn i a and in Edmonton Canada Details win appear Tn a

uture issue of the Magickal Link when the new bodies write up neil" opening statements for us. In the mean time, the Sacramento amp ( write to "Boleskine") and the Edmonton Camp ( write to 'Irani a") can be reached care of the Grand Lodge Address at the .ead of thi s list.

· Do what thou wilt shall be the whol e of the La w.

~:atAt:.aIiIIl,mll.[ilili1[l.~J(j'lIl!:JJr::·)S·~.".i!ii.[!I!lI~$I;=1I~[!ltll~J:S:~~.~ •• ·~!JI:t;(!.]Jj.ill~=l[1:!· !l.1~!\~·A:jl)mtiigjli'[!:]I!ISJ5:;]i=~:'JI.!l1r::·1\~~. ~Ltimri" ;i~~,J1\!-

Thesr, 'vents are held at The. 1 ema Lodge I lr ':>, OPEN MEETING: O_)

3randLodgeofO.T.O. i '_"withDon 'l..»

P~~!. L . ,2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 i ; on i iber- NU .

I'll ~ i,j("'.~ti ngs at the Temple: 2822 San Pablo Ave. 'I

Berkeley~ CA 8PM 8PM Temple

unless otherwise noted.

Phones: Grand Lodge: 415-841-4833

Temple: 415-548-8964 Messages: 415-454-5176

i G=T~em:;l 6 7

$1.00 ! donati on I sliIggested

8 '= :':~9~--------


! Those who wi sh tq

I read at the O. T .OJ

Booth at the R~n. Faire need to be

at the Temple at


An_ LXXVII e. rio -




8PM Temple $1.00 Donation sugges ted

'':T~OST1C MASS I 8PM Temple: $1.00 i donation suggested


98 t..

2.-jlPEN IYEETING ~ith Solar' Magickal

sel f-defence

BPM Temple

I 1-'-

, 1 (rt'P EN MEETING .'With Glenn

on the Hhi te

Goddess Dnd goddess fcrms , BPM Temp l e




_ (FILM NIGHT 8PM Temple

Th i s is the

second one. If

you missed the first don't miss this one 1f you saw the first yo_u'J jl~_h~~ .s _.

.:> /~ PI ,"\>0 TRIP ,,-<-±on L i ber NU (attend the

~laS5 an the 2nd

for details) I'iee t a t temp 1 e to leave at 8PM

~1 T"'EN IYEETING i_ -,"lith Shari ne b ~;c:(':',·_snop on ·~·han~d:;i SOl

8!'t~ Tel'lp 1 e



Place and time to be set.

Prior application requi red for initiation.

] 8· OTO


8 PM


2 _JNI 'riATlONS

, ;") E'THER


I' OR J I'


to be held as 'needed. Apply

or wait 'ti 11 next month .;,;~;;:; ~dbe


LOve is


love under will

Official Monthly Bulletin of Ordo Templi Orientis

Vol. I. No.8 August 1981 e,v.; An, LXXVII e,n,

Do what thou wil t shall be tbe whole of the Law.

CALIPH'S log: Star Datp Vou Name It

r have just returned from a most fantastic advenLure. In fact I wouldn't b c l i e vc i I. (-~X-

C' e p t for t. h e fa c t t h ,1 t 1 IV i'l S t h pre myself. But Lh e n , how m.in v times hJve I said that?

J meHn, meetinq Crnwlcy was s ome t h I n q Llk e vo u wo u l cl n t n t be-

l t o vr- , But l hp;, so )V,IS 1)(' i n q a

Com p a n y Comrna n do r in tile l n ve s l o n

(1 F th, rill <1 n d y • So IV II d L (' I s r- .i s n p \\'?

W('l] , s i n c e yo" we' 1'(' d urr b c n o u qh to ask. I wilL 11"11 yo u .

\Y<' n a vr- uo n e- i n t or n a t Lo n.i ! , Yep! 1.I1,lt r s ri nh i , troops! TW(1 weeks dgO in Monl.r'{,dI , Cvm a d a , l

l n l t ta t c d 15 Mincrv,d 5 Oil une n.iqht und EI MirH'l'v(I]S. As Robl"'t. An ton Wilson wj 11 te' I L you (NOTf:

Cosmic Lr Lq q e r ) J) +8()~ 23. Of

c o n rsr- they have il Jrd for Lodqe Haster.

I am proud to an o u n r-r- I h at: we now have ,1 Pn o e u i x Lo d ue i n I'~rontrcill C~nJda. I have a suspirion that Fren0.h spedking Queh~(' may be a Lesson For all of lJS. \vh'en YO(I stop to think a b o u t j I., what do

t h e F r (' n C h m i s s ? W ('I 1. I k new there had to be some reaSOn whv the Ca I iph-to-romc hilt! to hdve"


a Master's Degree in Political Theory. What the French miss most is the romance of their Foreign Legion. Their Legion

of Strangers. Who happened to be mostly German. And who in the helJ are we? We happen to be their Templars. Who happened to be mostly French. Which is why we speak a "lingua franea" in the field. "In t.he fiel.d" means to be in combat. 1 should know. How in the hell do you think I went from a buck-ass Private in the rear ranks to

a MAjor of Ordnance in only

7! y e ar s 0 fact! ve duty? But then, on the other hand, how many c:pntlJ['ies has it been since we h(lvE' seen a real live Templar On d Foreign battle field? But that Is our ancient hertige. Persona 11 y, I think we should be proud of j't.

Th~ next question is: how Illany ~ountrirs does it take to elect an D.H.O.? An interesting th0lj;qh t ,

THE COLLEGE OF THELEMA. P.O. Box 415, Oroville. CA. 95965

The 2nd seminar of the College of Thelema which took p'lace for

4 days over the surruner/Sols t.Lce , was a great success. We studied Tarot, the Yi ching, the historical roots of ritual. the Astrological houses, hatha yoga and other systems of relaxation and breathing- Early in the morning we worked on yoga exercises and in the evenings we were involved

with ritual"

The College of Thelema is supportive of its students who take their studies seriously and who work hard. Several students were so well prepared and so knowledgeable that they did some of the teaching this year. Several did

a good job with ritual.

We have also just published Vol. II, No_ 11 of IN THE CONTINUUM, on time as usual. This publication has proven to be an invaluable aid to serious students of Thelema, Every back issue is available as instructional articles are planned so as to lead the student to a very solid development in knowledge. Many writings by Crowley are in I.T,C. which

are difficult or impossible to find in print. It can be purchased from. Phyllis Seckler, P.O.

Box 415, oroville, CA. 95965.

PHOENIX LODGE, MONTREAL (addreJJ will soon change; uniit furtber notice use address on contact list)

Faicl5 ce que ve(Jlx sera /e (Qui de /3 loi.

W.T. Smith Chapter had the honour of an initiation visit by the Caliph who, by all accounts, enjoyed his stay with us. It was also our pleasure to host numerous other guests from the States including the Ripples of Ra-Hoor-Khuit Lodge, the Wassermans of Tahuti Lodge, Richard Gernon (EGC Bishop, NYC), and a phalanx of Chapter and Encampment leaders from the New York City area.

tnaugural Canadian i·nitialio" g., fodZ.MonU"'e"'aJ.:I- ... ar"'e"'a _

Minervals were held Friday, June 12; those for candidates from Toronto, Ottawa, and Plattsburgh,

N.Y. were held on Saturday. [une 13. On Sunday we

enjoyed an informal brunch at Cafe Thelerne on rue

Ontario. Monday and Tuesday were given over to conferences, and the Caliph enjoyed a visit to the

wilds of Quebec as a guest of93 Publishing. A follow-

up visit by our Lodge Master to Ra Hoar Khuit Lodge

made possible further fruitful conferences with the


0" Saru rday afternoon Hymenaeus Alpha, Patriarch of Ecclesiae Cnostica Catholica, consecrated Richard Gernon and Robert Latulippe as Bishops of New York City and of Quebec, respectively. This was followed by an EGC Synod concerning the church hierarchy and the duties and powers of the offices. The participants included the Patriarch, the Archbishop pro tern for Eastern North America Mechele Ripple, the new Bishops of New York City and Quebec, and Brother Marcel Petit 0°, a "free priest" in the French Templier gnostic succession. Minutes of the meeting are available. Bishop Robert Latulippe is drafting a comprehensive EGC Canon for submission to the EGC Council. All present felt that the induction of Messrs. Latulippe, Gernon and Petit will accelerate the development of EGC, owing to their extensive firs.t:.hand knov0edg_e of the tradition.

Groundwork for the Gnostic Mass has slarted,ano plans for classes, workshops and seminars are being developed.

French translations of several of A.C.'s works are underway, as well-as an Arabic translation of lib .. , Al. We have a working nucleus for a Translators' Guild, and welcome corresponclen\e from tranJlators. .

Finally, we are pleased to annou-ice that W.1. Smith Chapter is now Phoenix Lodge, named to honour (and renew) the efforts of our predecessors in the Canadian O.T.O., Fras. Achad (C.S. Jones) and 132 (W.T. Smith).

phoenix Lodge extends ttstha-vks to Ra Hoor Khuit Lodge for expert assistance in our firs! initiations, and to all who helped make the Caliph's visit possible.

Amour esr /0 /oi, amour sou, votonte.

13R.balon Coven & Camp Heru-1Jehutet It I S been a busy ~~ prine; for l'abalon Coven and Camp He r-u"Rehutetf with a Campout on

the seaside 4-18 to 4-20, duriug I",hi ch time we held a 'J:helemic ,'un Moon Ritual and a Gnostic Nase. with "Fra. H. A. aCTing as deacon.

j<~verv month on the ,New ~r,:)on we

hnlrl_" a pri"vate noven !II1petj ng ,

the last of which we i'1volced

Yhonsu, and every P'u11 'loon our Circle i8 open to non-coven members. 0all 547-9713 for time and place

of meetings.

Our lnst Full Moon ritual turned

into a cook-out sing-~-long, with vra , Bran on Banjo, and the Coven

on the high notes. .

i'nmD Heru-Behutet and Bolp.s\one :~ncanrprnent teame<i up f("'1:·~es f'o r t.he Midsummer J'flt:;an ~'es t.t va L to s l.ow the l~'.lll O. '1'.0. S1T'~ r..p,th, and answere', many time·s the '1U!~stion 1n;fho's the O.rr.,.).'?11 ,\lont! wi 1;11 themselves. tney t-"'ou2:ht Lhe props f01' a

Gnostic Temple and proformed the Gnostic lV;ass on ';oOYl of Junday June 21 st. '\S it was. ']'emolars and pagam; alike

hnd a bowling p;oOfj time.

'['his month promi88s to l)f"' another action packed mOl11,h with a field trip \~der the

at "lrs a oheduLe d for l'"r.i r.ay

,!tlly: 2;tth wi th j.nsj~rllcti.<"lY1

en ~iber 1u, and ~~rther lessons at the temple on

lhe Gods of l~i.~ypt.·

mEmnER Tn mEmn£R

Associates of D.T.O. and interested persons in Norway may wish to contact Brother Arild StrBmsvag for local ( Bergen area) classes and for possible formation of an O.T.O. Camp or Chapter in Norway. The following address should be used:

Mr. Arl Id Stromsv~g Fosswinkelsgt. 50 N-5000 Bergen


~rund Secretury ~inerul·

Beverly Senseman-Crosby, the

Gr~nd ~ecretary General of Ordo Templ; Orlent1s, has tendered her resignation from the office of Grand Secretary General. G,H. Soror Beverly has found that her new job and her newly married state leave her insufficient time to adequately perform the duties of the third ranking office of O.T.O. She has indi:ated that she will be willing to C?ntlnue on as the editor of the Magickal Llnk, so please continue to mark submissions for the Link to her attention via the P.O. Box at Grand Lodge.

The resignation was accepted with gratitude for survices well rendered during the July 18th meeting of the Supreme Council of O.T.O. Beverly

also proposed a replacement in the ,. office and the Supreme Council has accedded,

Kay Lewis,aka Lola deWolfe

the present Controler of the \r:.:-, Order, has been appoi nted by Counci \ as. Grand Secretary General-pro tsm, Until nominations for the office can be received and an election by IXth Degree can be held. Soror Lola is

an able and an intelligent officer with experience in mil itary office work and Magickal Ritual. We are honored to have two GSr,'s of such merit and qualifications follow oneanother in office. Would that the US Presi dency could claim even one

so worthy and able in recient time.

All mail directed to the Grand Secretary General at the

Grand Lodge will reach Sr. Lola until further developments. Lodge, Chapter and Camp reports and applications should be directed to her attention.

I join with other IXths and officers of O.T.O. in extending my congratulations to Sr." Beverly on

her marriage to an old friend of mine. O.T.O. brought them together and that

is something to be proud of in itself. Beverly has been ali fe-saver for us

at Grand Lodge. Her able work in the many months of her tenure as GSG was often the deciding factor in keeping the Order growing through difficult times. We look forward to a long sharing of wit ~nd wisdo~ with ~_oror Be, rlY. aka

Rachte l , . /;f-/.//:."?-


Box 395

Greens Farms CT 06436 10 April 1981

Ordo Templi Orientis c/o Robert J. Schuster 2049 Century Park East Suite 2GBO

Los Angeles CA 90067

Dea r Sirs:

The firsL_edition of roy novel Ghost Story made certain r~f~~nce=s _

to the Ordo Templi Orientis. These references were factually

incorrect. In subsequent editions of the book the name of the

organization referred to has been altered. If my error caused

any distress to members of Ordo Templi Orienti~, I humbly

apologize to them.

.• "

Sincerely yours,



Peter Straub

-,.- <:> ....


94-72 J> I .12.2.4 19_Q__L _ ..

.... n eM.A



~ ... ' .

I 1 I I II I I [01·1-1 I I I I 11·1-1-11 I I 1+:1+1 II I III H I (3rllna :Cadge i\~Pllrf:

Thelema Lodge is the Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis and the headquarters of O.T.o. world-wide until other national Grand Lodges are created,

The Address is:

P.O. Box 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702 USA.

The Three chief offic,ers of O.T.O.; The Caliph, Grand Treasurer General and Grand Secretary General pro-tern, as well as the Boards Of. Directors of O.T.O. and the GnostIc Catholic Church (E.G.C,) are all reached through the above address.

Events this last month at Grand Lodge have included the usual classes, rituals and initiations noted on the Calandar last month in the Magickal Link. The Poetry meeting seems to be a new fixture of the Month at Grand Lodge, with considerable interest in this workshop. Classes in Egyptian Deities progress with above average attendance. Classes in the Libers

and ;n Mag;ck in Theory and Practice continue. Sometime around the begining of September a series of Classes in Tarot Divination will be presented at the Grand Lodge·- this is the same series that was offered last year, and runs about six weeks.

We were deliqhted last week by

the gift of a stai~ed-glass window

of the O.T.O. Lamin. The window was made by Soror Vi gil 0 of Phoeni x Ari zona. It measures aproximately four feet on

a side. Measures are hurredly underway to build a fitting display for the window. It's a splendid piece of work.

W.t. Smith Chapter in Eastern

Canada has been raised to a Lodge (see report e l sewhere in this iSSLIe 1 following a visit of inspection and initiation by

the Caliph. Some 22 initiations took

place. One of our NYC Sorors, SL, had difficulty at the US-CANAD!AN Border

when she returned from visiting the new Lodge. Lacking adequate identification, she was not pennitted to cross into the USA. She had a quick thought and produced the Certificate of her last O.T.O. initiation.r It worked! Definitely Magid,

On the facing page will be seen

the fruits of the Ghost-Story litigation. We have the author's apology and a $20.000.00 check from his company, This came through in July owing to last

minute negotiations. O.T.O. members who may find themselves or the Order criticized by readers of this book "Ghost Story" are advised to keep track of this page with

the copy of the letter and the check.

A picture is worth 20,000 words in contradicting bad publicity. The Order has certified to the Author and publisher

that it is in fact the only legitimate O.T.O. which could be construed to be

the organization mentioned in the book. and that no further suit will be entered anywhere by 0, La. over the matter as it stood at the time of set tt ernent . This

is something of a milestone in O. T.O.Crowley histoy'y. Crov/1ey was often Slandered and libeled and so has O.T.O. been slandered and libeled. This is the fi rs t time in many attempts over seven decades that either Crowley or the Order has received even so much as an apology for incorrect publication of stor+es

about LIS. It won 1 t be the 1 ast , For

the first time in modern history, the Order is strong enough to defend itself

in the public eye. O.T.O. has nothing

to be ashamed of and we are proud of

our prophet. If any wish to denounce

us, let them do it with straight facts.

We wor't be going head-hunting, especially for small insults from small people; but vast public releases of false information will not go unchallenged.

What wi 11 the money go to? Here' 5 a preliminary breakdown: $6,DOO.00---Lawyer's fee $4,OOO.OO---reserved for possible taxation ( not expected but it needs to be held for several years in a high interest account)

$3.000.00---directly to individual Lodges, Chapters and Camps for O.T.O. work in progress.

$l,OOO.OO---Grand Lodge office equipment and fiX-Up. $550.00-----Back into the General fund ( lawyer's early fees paid out of G.F.l $5,450.00·---high & low interest accounts and undecided expendatures ,


Just how much is $20,000.001

First of all, it's really $14,000 after standard lawyer's 30%. Then it's really about $10.000 when you hold out against possible taxes. That $10,000 is close

to one year's income for the .intire

O.T.O. as it presently stands. Think

of your last dues and your latest initiation fee-- that's just been equaled. All in all, it is probably a fair deal. During the early publication of Ghost Story, Order enrolement dropped back.

We had far fewer new members and more leaving members than either before or

a year later. Who can say? Was it

partly this book? The gone don't

often say why. and we have never pressed for reasons for leaving O.ToO. This settlement has given us one year's income. The book may have cost us

one year's growth.

Local bodies should hold meetings to discuss the use of the money. The best projects will be funded and the larger groups of members will generaly tend to get more. Suggestions should

be sent to the Supreme Councilor to

the Grand Treasurer General. At present $1,000 is ear-marked for southern Calif., $1,000 for New York State and $1.000 for all other bodies together. This allocation was chiefly made by membership counts outside the Grand Lodge geographic area. There can be other funding. A substantial amount will be held in savings accounts against the unforseen.

A photo-copy machine has been obtained by the Grand Treasurer General. Other than routine enclosures from Grand Lodge. larger items will be available

at 8¢ per page, pas tpaid. Of thi s , 6¢ will go to operate the machine and 2¢

for postage and possible profit to Grand Lodge. The copies are "wet"-grey type, but quite legible. Those who want copies of Crowley'S works by this method are encouraged to contact Stellar Visions (see addvert. on the right of this page) first. This business is organized to handle such items. Smaller matter and sundry materials can now be quickly obtained via our house photo-copier at the 8¢ rate. There will be less delay in getting copies of resolutions and MSS, for instance.

That's all for now.


po Wf'in thQl,l lUa Ii!dl Dt i..jl, whQl* e~ 'ht I..';.

TflU 11 'riP '[It!l'Iil4~II;:1J a'%'ILL.,I,a VU:nON,.

RJV.TY .'n and ."'''1;')' iIIO_n 1 .. ,., nu" ,f.,ibtJ "1 vel wgul iUUu Yh~cn ...... CIY&' '11.,,01"1'. ""_1' are th" vislon1; of ,\let'! ·,tart- .... AL.l.t"lI" c:rOllfley. .. ny of vho •• VOl'ki w off ... tor "Ile to tne· pwDhc. 1:11. ee cc e I-IIQClAt.lcn W'u.h th. ordo T~mpll Ql;'lent.l'1 w h .. ve lIIec::."t. to lIIII.ny of hh 'WoTk, that hiil\le boiCQlftl EAr" I~CI d.dhOJlt tc ob'C.aln. "rhl!! Ie "l!' Ion tept"inti n'il. Nt!'

COn~lniJl! to pub).l'Ih :in OUt'

pe tHl.:h cal t.M! ~Ott Qt t.he

preiunt _.!ftb.TIS.

StellaT v I.ion~ Jte of t.fllrn}'S 1Iti'lhl' in e.ne tUthtl0nal III""'! • ." 'fPf:ll. Ne' t.hl.AA ~~n will 'ilo to till" ~un t;lu!O JII,@cn. en(l we hope to lnfon ¢¢c..,lt.l~'t.I ebCPJt. tone t..Chf'lQloljly t.h .. 1;. t.il!!:)' "'~11 need tc Iha.roe in th)'!! 9reat advcntvre,

WI' Ll'J('lu"'~ .... l tcheraf t

•• oun9 0\.11' St.lhr Y,hlor.sJ oIIfleo: all, "'I~l!rte·. Mille- CQ!llt·~ frCft; it 1l'Ord reee ."n.l.1"I9 ..... ur·, Dt ·ot: 'tn. 'IIt .. r ......

A. ~.~ttOnOllly· .... ns t.htl nli.rr.benn9 of t.t1.. ..t&", '10 ·"ltrol~)I" IIlllan'!l ehe re 10\11.:, Me ... ncll.ld.o: bot.n ot th.le 'Iei.nc.'S .. 1:16 .I rt.t.

]nd.e~, we publ1~n Mttrial

on PrII,ct1cal Ma9H:k, OeCll.lt

Ph lll:l''IOphy, 111 tchcta ft.

Altrol~'1, ard _".10;1'1 "I!chnolag),. Ind thiS VI: eat-eHan Vlt.h Art .. n£I Poell:.ry.

StllllUar Vi.lon •• ee in tact 'l;h."~ concept'!! .. r.d ~'C'e. COllie, let u •• h"r~ CUI" d-r,ulII'I.

LIftL!: Z$$;..yS 'l'OofARO TRi:TII

~~~u!: ~~1Il1~~' :: O~h~~~~~~~

CTa"'l~ On tn. ·'I't .. nee 5I:Attl'!!·. Th i I edl t_~on contolo' r.l; t.rJe dl.;r-llM left out in t.ht: la'St prl,,..til'l9. "'I 'ltll:1l ., III S:l:O .. Ut',l .",plalnl.~ ."1)1 or the q.b.H.t.ic terwt"J. h .1 I v.ry good :i.ntrodl.lc:u(>n to _ny or tht S::=F4t:.I!.pa'l'"ilC-cl upon. 1n

0.7.0. C:OLLtC'rIO~

A f'r"-Pil,bb:;l'It 1-1)1'1 S.le of trl. I i.tsr. 100 RUEbc-(eoj I;opa~ ert.hi .. D.T.O. M1.cu.al ftoll'

-ttlE" Blul1' EquinoxBy i\lei'!.t.4!t' ceo .... ley.

To 1nrluch L.lbrrl,

L[[, c r , CL~], CXCI\', XV. ·!tIoni:fa-,t;o of the- O.'T.O.-, ·,M Ope~ ieeeee U) 'ftIo?Oe ~o May 111111 ee Jal~ thE' ordf!'r', ·Cone.t:n1n9 tr,oI! L.".. of '!b~l ella·. ·An tnt~t.ion w"I,th A .. r eeeeee e e the Con'lt,1tut.tcn lOt thot Ordl!I:", ·l:e:ch"ial! Gntl'!it,)CA c..t.hOUQA Canol! fti'l .. a.-.

~Btotll"'t VI , Lont I iii if! II;flt proc..... of 'Iltp.nd_ing on ttl i. aatl!'ru,l, .... teh ClUt pOII!ric:MHclIIl for d.ta i 1 •• I


L1ule i!:nay'l $4.'3

sv 1 1II4!p'r\nt.IUNI 2.'93

fN 2' jSt,1Jl an .. lal S.SoJ

SV J - S~ ~93 1.'3


:!~0'1~~~~ for P:>~u9'" and


~ - 14 bOOk ........ ot'~l1'd :l'S'

15 bOak" or ~r·.. 4~'

Stu. tAlI V1S tONS

S3) s. ... tter St.. t~U s.n "unCl'1CO, CAo i"'102

.Loye is t.hl! ~ .... lov~ t.lncJE"£ .. Ill:


Pt'Gte-~ 111 IP D.T.O.

"'~,\. L.i~

eo, ""

. .

tiff.. ' Cot)

/ S I \\ ~

S'l".ELLAfi; \0'] SIONS ]

TM! hl".t .. ht1CI'I. Dt our t1u,t ~':I~zir.c:, viii ..... u:rcolOl"l'd by h.rd on IlAl\y PA91!-I, .nd 'I!!'ICI! '10 many hO!.!r''l verI: t"eq~)ted ta F'TodI,lCI it, IOnly l5 l\u.mM;(td COPY'" w .. r. "\IeI' Mdt!, Due to nullli'nll.''&- ltetjlU'l:'!I'I: •• , ~.. b ..... deC'~ded to ~,punt. it. l.n b!.tea .. nd 1Iftl.~U.

r e. cont.alros ~Soul af t.ile ee."'t"t, ~ by Al.e L.'Itel: Cro-ll..y "Sc..pplng cc e of thl: Old! ".071 i nec 'the He ... • end o~r..'C QTi!;ltnll ~tl!'n .. ] . by MIIO-l!t1, of the O.T.O •• :rh"T • .1-1 'In o~t. ... ;:l.f .en tho: power of r.h. pyraJlIll!i 1011 th en

e.ddlt.ulnll CO~flt by f"rlte~

/4f'lr.hnl Xl- 0.".0" In~ tn'''' f I I: It ccee re "Newt end Vl't1;f5 by serer C.,Je"u,.

S,]"E:Ll.II~ Y~S10NS 11

COntAi.n .. n ..... t c.-{ot'ot plolbll";'hed Crc;JloOlil'Y -..crJc.. ttw. "the 6YHIW'U Cclhct.lol"l ecU.ct..d ar'li!l t)'p.-let. by f'r.u'l:' I'teit.hr •• :

T'l"ItI ·'COnstltutJon o[ thl- Ordl!T of 'I'h.ltel t..... 'thClU9h nevll'1·

1~1 ~_nt.l!'d by Cro"'l.~'.

COnt.J:n" .0 aJch J"'!or-.t~C>1'l

that .I.t l!l- .kl"'[pru.lng tl:iOl!t It V.II neve r pr_f_ntl!d' befot'D nOli:

·11 Lctl1:T on Art to L..dy f.H. trlZl C::awl.y· C'Qnt.l"'l 'ICo. at t.he 1n.,t r;l,lct 10". fot p.untlf'-'fJ the '!tIOtr. ".rot. C.r6,.· nOi u'J;",:l by 10 _ny oo!cul'tUt$.

·C~falu~ tIIho boj Alel ... ter Crowley 1'!11 II 9J 1-de t.o t.he Abbey of Thel.I!IIWiI, '.nt1onoed In ~Conf.'I"1.01\5· and man)' evne r plllcE:"i tt.1'11 rarl! df!5c·rlpL.l.On1l I)f thl: "'[001111, p.a1nt_in~", end ather .. .. pect'!! tit li r. I;.hl!'"T"oI!: th. t II f"U in\lalvblll,

·Cl.lllr Ct;ow)e'j''11 ·Malll!· Clillp"'~9nBy (f.'t.4y L MCMurtry. hn eeen lC'l.t. for IrIIIIny ~1III~e. (vr i't.te~ long bI! tan h. beca_ hu,d of tho: O.T.O •• it _lie ... clelt" ",0II1II of the .. ttitudct \I'!~ .. _)' havI! had- to 1:1.1.. pr.;aoOr..on to th. U-1 and the l'l!'!lJlInc:e of' the ·C.liphat.e P'ep.n-j.

'tbu·. L'I pletry and Il"t. to}' Cre-i.ey lind others., en CIP"'" lettl:T to Rotlflrt. klt.o" Willon. b~ h:ar.er lMAS" •• r.d ·Ai::ro!!!lthe G"Lll:[--. lI'hlc~ Crl),de'l n.te'!o ,~ j d.,crlpt.ion of h·is lih .. ., Anktl-f-n-Khonsu, .. n~ .ol"I!'.

S'1I!:LUtoIl. Y1SIQHS ~!,I &OURCE BOOt( 93

The SOU~I;' 1I;00t 11 entirE"ly

d .. "ol.(>~ II III cO!lopr.htn't'I;re

ret e eenee t.o h~n~~tds of aCQJ!t 'WoTkl :[r'CInI t.he collect1c:m of ~I'IE! 01;1'10 'I'fdD.pll Or t~f'lti". th. ... jon r.y of w~ len 1ft hOpe to .001"1 jll.&l:. .ve U.bh to ttl'" 'It.L.I(I~nt or th. oeeul!: i.n .. n ~n£xpen'l"e ~f teov.r fOTM t.


rll~ .,~Y.o~~O" dO!Ir:t:lep ..... ~':.~ar ;l'5t~~e

lIIytholo91CiIIl 1.I!!I.n~n~ ot the iflQ-onoe; an~ pl. Cl.OIi!:'tli.

"Tne tll!:rcnfte PrHI.tC'li ... • ..... InVIe'lt1911t1.On of ~i1e Myt.b ot Pt:yd't! end Ero~ by .. aod.rn Pnl!!lu'l'S ot 'lrhtCh.c:T!I_ft. Art.lc1~1i on t.n. phliolapily of

~;~~~~;" .. rJta~!:~:~ 09y ~'l~~~h

pO~'trl'" ."'[t, lind lIIU.:fj !llDr •.

· .


An. LXXVII e. n.

These eYents are Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis.

P.O. Box 2303. Berkeley. CA 94702 USA. Temple address: 2822 San Pablo Ave., 8erkeley. California

Phones: Grand Lodge: 415-841-4833 Temple: 415-548-8964 Messages: 415-454-5176

All meetings take place at the Temple at 8Pt~ unless otherwise noted.


dUll! lranll?u, Illi Idl.'"l?D Eurlingamr, (!5reatlH !innHeu !Inn Ul'1'1l1y £ouru Ell 1lI1'1f'.hn .of (O •. (l;.(iJ. f= }.gapr il.all1l tn tl)Z prr.6l'nr 1J<Il! ~D.:d Plli2nu into t~c rtcrn<Il Embl:lIr:p af Nlld.

')- GN)STIc·-...l,;s~3 _ 8PM Temple !





with Bill Magick in Theory and Practice


~PEI'I MEET' NG 'Li-li th Javne E~yptian Gods workshop :




t-- -~ - ~- - - -


o [11°

8P~1 Temple

8PM Temple

Place and time to be determined


1 .

-------- -----

(See the O.T.O. Booth at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire)

~ - ~_ .• _ - __ • l-

I J OP£.N MEETING 19 TE_LE DAY 1 ~~PEN MEETING! ] 1 - wi th G1e1n ,_. 8PN I v '_--:I::

Meeting to plan'- Film Night

redecore t t on of the Temple & temple cleanup

011 The Goddess Forms

8P~j Temple


;;.....1' RITUA:'"


547-9713 j for i nforrnat ion I

9 GNOSTI C MASS, 10 aPr! Temple





[Rsn Faire)




(Ren Fai re )

t 6 GNCE-IC MAS;rl-7-

8PM Temple: $1.00 Don~tion Suggest.ed

1 UOPEN t,EETI NG C::) I'd th Don




, 210. T, 0: BOARD

-0 8?M


-» ?l""TIATION

rQrO"~ IJ'

NOX 'IJO rkshop ,

Piace and time to be de ternri ned

aPM Temp l e

i~ 3. GNOSTIC MASsi _.. 8PM Templ~ $1.00

Donation i




Donation I


--+--.--~ -~! - --_ I • ..> -OPEN IvEE-rINd 9~

I _UPoetry I ,...", at 8PM Temple

with the Ca 1 i ph

and all others

I (Ren Faire)

(Reo Faire)



1 _ 9PM ~,_ I'


SAN ANSEL>.e I Pl ace and ti me

to be determined



Bulletin of Ordo Templ; Orientis September, 1981 e.v. An.LXXVI e.a. Do wblt tbou wil t shall be tbe whole of the Law.

From the CALIPH

I have just flown b a r-k From Cu l umb u s , GA, and I have good news for you. The A. O. Spare e n c ampme n t has now reached Chapter status.

I L sec' OJ s t, h ,1 t Joe S c hoc k 1 r- Y is 0 n 4 f t h e s e quys who just docs 1l~1 know when (0 qivr un. He w~s was wanderaround one day pass i n q o u L T hr'1 ern i (-

01,1 t.c r i u I 1 when I'l' ran across t h is

INFI n~l() CLUB. lt was ftfl I of go-go

q t r t s t c l a s s t c a l r o u t tn c s ) , ancilh" clit'ntcl(' were mostly skin h o u d d r o p

I r~ o II s f r o rn For l Be n ~ i n'l 11'/1 f' t'l;' l he\, have whole battalions or pdrDlroopcrs in tr a Ln l n q , I visitrrl the c l u b later, e n d J haven't f" l. t so d 1 home

s j nee t. heN 0 r m .,11' d Y d r 0 p •

50 Joe w('nL in and promptlv gOl bounc e d be c ,HI set h e 0 W ncr tho 'I q h L I, c IV " S

a B,lpti.sl missionary. - .Jo c 1,I101lght about it, dnd decided to try aqain. \\'ell. qo l c is where you find it.

Even jf y o u get YOlJqt('('~h k ic c e d i n , Anyone wh o was 110 l Ln-ct o Bdpt i s L

m l s st o n a r i e s m I '1h I h a vr- p o s s i b I U t e s ,

This time he sat dOftn next to Vanessa and they got to talking. Turned out she was heavy into Crowley and knew an awful lot about these things. The net result is that more than half of the INFERNO CLUB signed up and on

Aug 2 we initiated 13 Minervals.

We have great hopes that this will grow rapidly into a Lodge. Of course ~J 0 e is a 2 n d Degree,

Spedki ~ of the INFERNO CLUB, Crowley would have loved it. I remember in London in r 43 e , v , and Crowley and I were rapping across the chess board and he accused the Americans of being "much too serious." Of course we were fighting a war. But his exp1antion was the Old Time London Music Hall. "Because they were so jolly."

Last month Canada. This month Georgi~. Next? An interesting thought. Oyes. The Canadian lodge is expanding rapjdly.

H. A.

P.S. And thank you, Joe, for doing such a marvellous j o b ,

Supreme Council News R220

Resignation of B. Senseman as G.S.G. R221

Until such a time as a series of nominations and proper vote can be cast t~at Kay~ D. Lewis act as G.S.G. pro-tem wlth votlng powers according the office


The Wilford T. Smith be declared the Phoenix Lodge

Lodges Chapters Camps

.. A • .". ',,'\?',

\ X ,~:(~\ ..... ~ ~ >: . .' .xx .. ·\ :>..\ .<r: :~X~:_~ ~<;.; X;~.;.-, \.-:><

): /~ .:.: :: J ~~ :'~ ~ ~<

(::-,~.~ ~(.r""lc:r· ?~I~' "Jr··' ' -. ,' ~IY l'~'n')

?;~. r;';1bIS ·t~c~ni~'men

1:~n~'1 ':.1 n l. ~ t· tw ,;) .:- ~" C~· in ~~ 1 r:~::: I. C'e

~~ l~ltlate~ intel-e~s 0d in ~IO~l~!r~S th~ C~merlall N~t~~~ONtJMICU~~; ~~e Glso offer . 1 j f,\1 t.ed in s t.ruc ti on in the ~rz~li(:~l ar'~l:L=~1tlon Q~ ~~I~t~in M~ZlDKGl lechnlQU85 :-'(~'\'2i11ef'j h":!. ~p.A~.3.Burro~~hs, with

:--.: 1" t.i cu ! :.:~r' en{p has i '3 on :_·.'er~tior) Q1\ per:~on8,l t~n~Jral bandw1dth and

~ .1 .c:l C t~;n~,:·tl1; t.. ~~£: aI ,.~ u s(~rve as

"_'~I~Z' ED:; t Co,~~, t r~:~~re~entativ~s of the newly-formed LCATHER GUILD (['2,2 USER

eXI '} c:-'-i:~~·,;:-2i'j. -1'1'97 t\ 1 Sts; al so i"f~NINTO WOLF:Sadisru,Masochism and L~~anthro~w, bw Robert ~1",.ler). We \>.Iill be InitiaLing a feists new batch nf Mlnerv~ls aL the end of ~usust, pandins approval from GRi',ND LUVGE.

F:::Nr:;.~.l i.s s t i 11 oft'E'rin!'l a' lar§e se10cLion of weird ~~walrS'Wllh a number of ·"hl,·,':L ,JlJst fDi'" rlIELErHTEB. Lust.:;111 cie$isrrS ano'- tJl~.":'ITI~Jns a~~ available on reatJ~st

C~~ t'31G:71S C.:"Jn t.~e f'h~d for

$1 .00.

Cnd!lIlD" a:~Elphr!! !tlll\ IUtllt;Ul'-""'- 11 C5rnnn !:llil.gl! • ll!\1gt eM! (ink Repnrt.

During the Caliph's recent visits

to Southern Cal Hornia, New York State, Eastern Canada and Georga ( temporal order of travel ) a number of bodies

of the Order have been chartered. We are a little behind in firming up addresses and status on some of these bodies. and ask that our members bear with us for a month or so on some of the deta il s. The membershi p of the Order has increased by neal·l y 100 Mi nerva 1 s

in the last two months • At least 6

new bodi as of the Order h<lve been chartered tentatively. There are a

few "buggs II to be -j roned out yet and some general instructions to gilte, so this seems a good time to go over the basics of what the different bodies represent and then to gi ve a general

and speci fi c news report on proqress

in these new and ~ome of the older bodies.

\mAT ARE CA~1PS, CHAPTERS AND LODGES? These are official groups of the

Order. The Camps are the most flexable.

A Camp can be anything from an experimental body formed for a few months to an

i nl t i at lnq body of long duration •

Camps typtce l ly do not initiate, are small Dr are attached to larger chapters or Lodges in the area. A Satel t te Camp

can be thought of as an extension of a Lodge or Chapter to cover a spacial interest, provide a special service or permit meetings in areas within the influence of the Chapter Of Lodge otherwi se too far from the Chapter or Lodge

for COil ven 1 ent trevel , Sotlle Satel ite Camps do all or part of the initiations

of the larger Lodges. Camps ( other

than Satelite Camps) are also established in new areas with the intent-ion th:ilt they wi 11 become Chapters when they pr'ove

their stability and when they grow 1arger. Chapters are bodies with some administrative obligations, Chapters hold more frequent

, meeting.s, often pub l ish material sand

\ genera l"Iy are '1 arqer than Camps. Chapters are sna ll "Lodges". Lodges are the hl qhes t administrative level of Order aperations. All Lodges have initiations, While some Chapters do not init-iate. ,The Grand Lodge is the central authority ft)r administration of the Order tn a given County'yo G'rand

Lodges come one-to-a-country ( or one for each distinct language-group of size within a country~ Grand Lodges generally are a 1 so respons.tble for development of other Grand Lodges through sponsorship of the growth of the Order in other countri es ,

In general. Camps and Chapters can be formed inunediately. Lodges take several years to form from smaller bodies and

a Grand lodge may take anywhere from

five to 30 years to form. The rate of formation of a Grand Lodge from scattered and new bod; es wahi n a country depends entirely on the success of those bodies

at developing themselves, uniting their efforts and proving themselv~s responsible to their members within their country of residence. Legal establishment within

a country is usually a primary condition for a Grand lodge.


Contact the American Grand Lodge, Thelema Lodge, either through a local Chapter or Lodge or directly. The contact shoul d take the form of a general written proposal of intent to do some particular thing as a Camp or Chapter, should include a suggestion for a name of the new body and must be sent to

the attention of either the Caliph,

Grand Secretary General or the Grand Treasurer General of the Order.

Sending the proposal to all three is just about the only way to be sure of prompt action. When the proposal is understood, and in almost all cases, the proposal

wi 11 be granted in the Supreme Council.

A charter is then prepared by the person or persons appl yi n9 for control of the Camp or Chapter. Such a charter must

name the body correctly as a Camp or Chapter ( whichever is decided),

should include the Thelemic Greetings

used in ordinary correspondence between Thelemites, must name a Master or Mistress of the body and must include a statement

of recognition of hierarchy. The. statement of reco~nition of hierarchy mu~t ln~lude

a. statement that the new body 1 sunder

the regul Q ",; on of the Supreme eounci1

and the Caliph of O.T.O., and may also mention a Chapter or Lodge in the case

of the new body being a Satelite Camp .. Anything fancy or simple in the way of a description of the aims or goals of the

new body is optional. This charter

must be one single page, but should

be sllbmitted in tripllcate ( photocopy ok).

A Charter is purely optional unless initiations are done. Initiating bodies must either have a charter to ; n1 ti ate with the I II rd Degree

or higher initiator specifically mentioned or they must limit their initiations to those done by a member holding

a personal charter to initiate, signed

by the Caliph, A Camp, Chapter or

Lodge becomes official only after the Supreme Council passes a resolution making that body official. The Caliph somet t mes prepares or signs charters

pri or to Supreme Counc t 1 resol uti on,

but this is a courtesy only. By doing this, the Caliph signifies his intention to back the application in Council.

The New Body sti 11 must go through an abreviated process of sending their charter or two photocopyes to the counci 1 for final recognition,


Report and stay cool. The financial act; vt t i es, if any, must be reported to the Grand Treasurer General, the meetings and reco rds keeping processes must be reported to the' Grand Secretary General and a short account of the body's activity must be sent into the Magickal Link for report to the Membership of the Order atleast every three months, All these reports go to the Grand Lodge P.O. Box.

In addition, any intiations must be applied for and reported in a timely manner according to the regulation of

the Grand SecY'etary General, Caliph and Gr'and Treasurer General-- without fail

or excessive delay.

The original conditions of charter mus t be followed or amended. The rul es

of the Order \llust be obeyed most particularly in the area of the rights of the local members being defended by the local Master/Mistress of the Body. The safety of the Order either in physical, financial or legal matters must not be placed in danger.

All reports of Satelite Camps and some Chapters may be simplyi.ncl uded in those of the parent Chapter or Lodge-- or such reports may be made individually if copies are provided to the parent bodies.


These bodies are in the last stages of Supreme Counci 1 recogni t ion.

INRI Camp in the New YOI"k City area is due to be recognized before you read this Magickal Link. Address next issue. contact through Tahuti Lodge in New York for now.

AD Spare Camp ;s likewise due to be advanced to A.O.Spare Chapter.

AHA Camp in Southern California.and AHA Camp in Chicago have an obVIOUS prob 1 em. Both wi 1"1 be recoqni zed as soon as the two individuals involved communicate their mutual decisions about which body gets this naille and which body gets another name--one body to a name. For now, contact the AHA in Southern California through Hel-u-

Ra-Ha Lodge and the AHA Camp in Chicago through Thelema Lodge. Please, fe ll ows , tell us what you decide soon

Hellfire Camp is to become a Chapter.

OTHER NEW BODIES: are in earlier stages. ALEPH-TAO Camp will probab Iy be formed in Toronto under Bri an Postnikoff to control fully expansion in the Toronto area for now under Phoenix Lodge. An earlier planned

body for Toranto has 'aparent ly rebelled even before recognition could be made. More in the Grand Lodge report following.

Member to Member

Sorry, No takers thi s month.

A conterence about rhe Groat Good ... and the ways ofH.r


March 26-28. 1982 Cal Expo Exhibil Halls AJIB Sacramento.


Ann Forfreedcrn: Conference Coord ina lor

Valerie Olson Ilealn. Ryan Robin Haight June Ann


P'.O. BOl< 1924!. Sacrumeuto, Ca. 95819 Phone: (916l~SI·9910 (I." ve mes •• ge)

Other News


Do wha~ thou wilt shall he ~he whole of the taw.

"How this new Aeon of. Hor-us will develop, how the Child will grow up, these are for us to determine, growing up ourselves in the way of the Law of Thelema, under the enlightened guidance of tbe Master Therion." Preface to Liber Al

This states the condition of the OKB better than any thing, We do

not know what the future balds for UH. We cannot rely too heavily on the experiences of the Past Aeou, for the Knights of yore are far different than the Knights of 'I'oday,

Many of us in the OKB wonder what it is that we can do to further the Principles of Thelema, what can we do t.o make the manifestation of Horus more complete. Who has the answers? They are not too easily found,

We are trea.ding on "virgtn Soil" and we need, more than anything, guidelines, We can take some of them from the Aurthurian stories, but there are some concepts which are not Thelemic.

Perhaps the best way to solve this problem is to have an increase in dtalogue between the Knights and Squires, and between the OKB and those outside of our ranks. We also need more dedicated .indivtduals who are willing to work and help us grow!

If this sounds Lt k e your "bag", you are invited to write us at

Knights of Baphomet P.O. Box 29

Newark, CA 94560

tn,le is the t a », love un a e r mill.


Grand !ndge R~pnrt:

Thelema Lodge is the Grand Lodge of Ordo Templi Orientis and the headquarters of O,ToO. world-wide until other national Grand Lodges. are Created.

The Address is:

P.O. BOx 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702 U.S,A.

All mail to O.T.O •• E.G.C.

and the Chief Officers of O.T.O. or E.G.C. can be received at this address. Mail for local bodies having addresses listed in the back of this Magickal Link may

be sent directly to those listed addresses.

O.LO. on the Move: Temples of O.T.O. in New York City

and Berkeley ( Grand Lodge) are slated to be relocated. Contact Tahuti Lodge in New York for details there. The Grand Lodge Temple has reached the end of its welcome

at the 2822 San Pablo Ave Address.

( don't worry, the Caliph still

lives at the san~ location). When we moved into quarters in Oct. of '79 the other tenents were mostly

ladies of the evening. That was

fine with us, but the Land Lord doubtless thought of us as "sterl ing tenants" in contrast. NOVI, almost two years later, the nine-to-fivers have the majority. Also, everybody else pays $100 to $200 more than we pay. Thus, the Greater Mystery imposes movement in this li ne of

our hexagram.

Any O.T.O. members in the Berkeley area capable of movement and speech please take note. HELP~ We have unti 1 .the end of September. to move , out and find a new place. Unless

we get situated by Sept 15th, we cannot announce meeti nqs on the Calendar for October, a month including Crowley's Birthday,

\~e need a good sized pl ace, cheap, in walking distance of Grady's home and devoid of people who go to bed early. We will hold abreviated meetings in homes if necessary, but that just isn't good enough. With everybody looking, it shouldn't take long to base down again.

Otherwise, things are fine. Grady's health is as good or better than usual, although he has a slight sprain in his knee from a freak fall--just mentioning this here to reasure Eva and others who called in to find out what happened-honest, Eva, I tried to phone you ..•

The Grand Lodge is at the Ren,issancJ Faire again this year, with profits per weekend just under $100. Good exposure for the Order and good stability for

the treasury. Our orof t ts from the Faire help us keep the Temple open.

Confusion from the remains of Ankh-f-n-Khonsu Chapter is still all

we know. This body had two Minerval members and took it into their collective heads to initiate new Minervals.

As nearly all of us know, only IIIrd Degree and higher Members can initiate, and they sware not to do so without written permission. The ex-chapter

in Minn, was informed in plain words

that they couldn't initiate, and they

1 ater went through the moti ons wi th Associate Members who came a considerable distance at their invitation. We don't know more because the two Ninervals

at the ex-Chapter have not responded

to our letters requesting their side

of the story. We have no choice but

to terminate the official Chapter there.

Through a loan of operating funds, Boleskine Camp in Sacramento has re~ ported that the plans are well set to hold a public event in Sacramento California with Ken~h Anger and his latest film, Fritz Leiber, Bob Wilson and the O.T.O. on the 23rd and 24th of Qctober. Write now for information, the next announcement in the Magickal Link may be too late for your plans. Write to P.O. Box 94, Carmichael, CA 95608 on this matter.

What with moving the Temple, enlargment of the initiation Oas,sin

the GTG's basement, Ran Faire and a terrific backlog of printing, correspondence and response to mail-orders has snagged again. Things should be running smoothly again by the end of the fi rs t week in September.

Mail is functioning again to Canada, so welcome Canadian initiates! If you were initiated in the last few weeks, it may be a 1 ittl e bit before your certif;cates reach you ... don't despare! We will honor all decisions by Bill Breeze made in this matter during the lapse in the mail service.

(%1lI!l iI: Q:ufqal b: a:~utcll (E.!l!.O:.)

During a routine examination of the affairs of the E.G.C. for consideration of registration with the State of Utah, it was discovered that serious lapses had occurred with report of some Church Bapti sms , Consecrations and other membership records. It appears that an unknown number of Church Members were not recorded in their various classes

of Member, Deocon/ess. Priest/ess

and other states. This problem was most severe with early records, but

may have pers ts ted down to the present. IF YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE A MEMBER OF

THE E.G.C. in any category, AND you

are not contacted in the next three weeks (from Sept. 1st) we have either no current address for you or your membership or class of membership

was never correctly reported and entered in the books of the Church. Contact Either Father ION or the Secretariat of the Church at once

with details of your membership

status, including: Level of membership, place and date, and person performing the membership ritual or consecration. Bishops of the church are urgently requested to supply copies of their

own record-books on this matter to

the secretariat or to Father ION.

The address to use is: P.O. Box 2303 Berkeley, CA 94702, USA.

The E.G.C, has a new logo ( lamin ), seal and Patriarchate seal. More

in a future issue of the O.T.O.'s Magickal Link.

The E.G,C. is an independant Church of Thelemic Religion having close

ties to O.T.O. both historically and through continued friendship.

foI f 111111 I I I ) I [ 1llll'lllllI I I III IIII I






Po Whit t.nQ.! Wl,1t tl'llill bt tI'.1 whQlt 0' UI .. .&olllo! I

"rhu it to introduce

ITlltl.Ul YUIOH8.

·Z:vu·y an aNI tYeE')' ""'-...n h .. nat'· (LiMir 1to1 ¥d W:91'1J Jt.ll~r_Yl'10n. _.r. OUt Yl,lo",. Th.y I ttl t.he valon. Dt 1,,,U:ln w.t.rs· I. Ah l'ttr CrOlo'l.y,

::l~ ':.~ 'tt:~e"·,.:gl~~.WDJ~ft:: ~~

.a"J'5QCl&tlon '!11th 'the oeee 'l',ulpll ~;I·hnJt5l.'1. .: ... :6\1t.~~~CCfl.II":e t~~~~ r.u't Ind dllhwll. to OtiotOH1.

'rne se W," • ["-eo repdnt.lng. W~

ccm rnue to PIlQ.ll'Sh 1M OIJ.t

Pf'rJc;xilt::1I1 ene work of t.I ...

p~e'!lr!'nl. nemne('i.

S't.~lh,r 'IUi~On'90 or

thll\gos .. t~l.lllr lit ti'ae

tT.ld~tll:ol'l .. l uln!le .'!o "".11" ... thu,k Mam wlll 90 to t.~~e .. tilT'!! 'thu lI~on, A"~ r;;m i'lOpll '1:0 l.nfo~

~~:~l~~:~~ ~~~~u~.!!e t~I:~:~;O~~

tMl$ 9"C"I!'.1~ IIdv"'l\~u('l!.

We J nelude llil t.chclI:a! t

<llIl.ol.lng O\H SteUIi(' Viuon!l'

littvr all, jI,'iltlll:U" I ""''''I: COI1l-e~

~~~o~ ~~d !I~::~. ~'H'L"q ",;tar-,

A'I ~1I'5t.ronQll\y~ .o.n'll tho:

~:~;~i:y" D;ellnt:e th:~:r:~'09i~~

!I'... lncJucJt' DOt.h of th~~1!' St'l",n(;(:'S 4nd .r["

Indud, Off: ;publ1'1h .. t.e-'C1al

0,", Prac:t.l~1I1 .... qlck. Oceult

J'h 1 lO"loophy , ,'IoiIlt<:her.tt.

:~~rCtl~~i' we·rw;.~,,\9rl 'I~ec:ln~~ O!~t

and Po .. try.

5t.1l~Y' l,IuJcnlll lite Ln fact thillH CetrlCf;:!pt:.'!I ancl .at'. , COJII!!' , let I.l ... h .. re Wt dl:'eaml,.

SttUar \lulon, !'I/)W Of hr. thl.l out of pr1.nt.~I!'" by Al«u,tl!'~ cee ... l~ or. the ·Tunc., St.nes" 'ttd .. 1 edltletJl conUln... tn~ l!h.ge._ It"tt aut: HI thl! htt prlnt.l.ng ... , ~lJ .. 50 II 910,OU;'ry t:Jllpl.inJnog .. n~ o( t.ht!' Q.bl1i"tu::: t."rtfI$, 1l 1" a lIlHy 9QOd inrroductJon t o _ny of e ne ~::~P:!.UP.Md upon tn


A Pl:'e"Pubhc.'UO'rl Sa!. 01 U'II' f1nt 100 nuabcl'l'C! cop leo .. of tnh, O.T.O. _t.enal fr-oll'

·The .I!.il.le t:qu1r'1tr.1!·

By'r:(nl:~~C:1l ~I'lo:;:r:'

L,ll, C1., 1:1.,.10, cxcrv. :xv.

=:nlht~ClLe~~U th:b O;;~~~' t'll'hu

~1I ~~ to Joln t.t\il! Otdfl'r~

• ceecem ; ~g the t.1.I~ of 'lhe-J em! ~.

• P,_n rm:._,It~on w~th Rottllce"r.ee- t~

~~~Cl~~:!i tUi~::tJo:. th~ ~n~1~~~

e..notl Jii.~ ..... f:. ,

(S't.llat: Vl.slon, J I in t.hfl p'-f)e •• ~ of iI:.par.d ln~ all th~.

::e:!:;ilt~tCtl eo e pU'LodJ Co'll


Llt.t.le E ..... y. H.!I)

S\I 1 I~pr:lnt. a..W) l,goJ

SV l t5Ull on salel S.91

sv J • .6B !ll 1.9)

0.'1" • .0. COLLE'C"l'IOPl 4,1]

~~~~~~ f.or p31t.ige lind



~J) Sl..ittll!t St. '666 IioItn "Inel,ce. C.- Ul(l~

LDvo: ~'5 the 1 ..... love under w111:


Fraur; lJ7 It- C.T . .o.


eo, ."

. .

.:. eo,

/ S I \\ ~

iTELU,R \115101015 ~

'rne f~r!;;t eo a t i en , of OIJ-(' tl~<tJ,t 1iIiao1l. = I nil, 'Ita" "oI.'It.l:r c:olorlt~ by !'lard on lIIany p.a9~III, .. tid '!IJnce 1.0 IIl.IIl'Iy !:lr;JUtlll owel:'l! r<lhj!1.l1n:d to P(OiJUi:::'@ u, only as nUlllba,red copy'S "'.1:'1 ev .. r JIIIIdt'. Du. eo ntJlI1erouo;, 1"..c;I~e It .. , \O~ h .... " deCldvd 'tD r'pl:'l1l.'C, i.t. l.D bl.clI. .n;:l whit."!.

It COn[,Ufl~ "iSQJol of t.Ple

~~:~!:ng b~ t "~i I Jr.~~l;t Ol~I:O:!~~

s nee vne "'" ....... nd Ot.hlie OF1.1~,ln.l ~t;t'r ul by IlleJllcel:"~ of thl!' 0.1".0 .• Th~l:. u an "'rueli! on thE poweT of 'tile pyr;lllll~d wi th .t. ftddlt.lonill I;!1;irll!liC'l'It by Fr<'lt~r Ht:l.thr-.n Xl- [LT.O .• and t.nE flt"t C011l11;;: Ne .. ~ And Vi""", by Soro:, C'l!;lE"'~il.


Cclnt .. tns 1I1: ..... r b4!fol:'''' plJl:Il~'III'Il!d CrQo'l 1,/, 'KIt" 'I frClJ' 'th'" SYT.o.o s.;o C.o)lt:ll;:t.~an I:ollel:tlcl .1'I1!it::JlPO:"I;t by p'e.tet' Mi!~r..hnl'

'I'h. ·COn'jtit<.J,f:Hm of tb", Or:dll!lr

ot. 'l'helBlJ t:.5o· ~ thCllgh nelfe r

llllpl1_nt:ed by _ Crcwley),

cont.aln$ .. 0 alch )nforaatl.on that. It 1" IU'rprlS.lI'''ii thlL it litl"l ne ... e e prlnt.ed 1,1e-f'or. ntw.

·A Lti!:!,t.llr on Art to L.IIdl' ; .H. tr~ Ctcwl""y· cone .. ~n'5 'EO_' 01 th" inst.rllC't:Jon!i fOr; P41nt I 1'19 tn .. ''Iboth Tarot Card,' "001 u".~ by .0 IWny Oe;euJt.l'IJtfO.

·C'ef.aw" .f.h,o b:i ,uE"stn Cl:'owley h • ~Jdlf to th"" Abbe)' or ThlltlCllll. _nt.1onrd t n ~CQl'lf~'5s.on"'i· .. nd .. n)' Ot!'ltl" pl .. ~~'i t the 'C .. rl! d~"Cr'.p't..on. cf thr rccee , po.i.ntlnqs ... nl:'l Ot:.h.r '!"Flilct. of l._~tc there thlt -It« lnvoIlur.l.ttl.

·CJ.taf C'TC*lilY'~ PI~~", Clll'lpalq~. ~l' GTa';l' L tl:cMurrry. has btllr'! 10lt fat 1IilI~ yCoClr!~W'I' ltt'lln long hoC! fOl;41 be DCCA'I!;IIe: Il'1l1!tIt-d Q f the 0,1'.0. f J.t _'''''5, cleAt .. oi'IQ Or the at'!.1I!LJ':.h'l thlt Uly Ill ... e ).e",cl tc hi. P'(OiiIohon to t.be a:·, .. nd 't.h~ l!,url'1C'1I!I Qf the ·CllL!)II"t;.", Papen· ~ •

""~J:'t- 1" pc .. try .... d art by Ct~lll!ty And othi"r"l-, tltn UP"f\ J.'tt~l" to ~l:riH't MtOn ... .rh:Or., 1:11' rl:att!1" .IAl,l,SA, .~d .. 1.I:ro .... thr- GulP, lIh.icl'l ceo ... lIlY .tat" .. 11 ~ dellC':t'JptLon of hi. Hf. It t\n.kl'l-f-n-Khon.\I, lind acre.


TM Source PQOl<; 1'1' .ntlTeJ:i "hvo\.y!l &" • COlllpreh-en .. 1I1e re!e-cence t:~ hLll'ldred'l. 01 OocQJlt wo't"iI'j irall i:.be c~lleC'tto., ot th" cree ,. ... lIlpl~ Otlent.h, tile major~ty, of wt,lch ... ~ope to

setOn AIIIr.~ aVA.l.l. .. D,h· to tht

'!It\lcent Of t.he oc.c:-ul t. .L1'l. an

LneJl.p!:nsl ..... 'Ioj;:Ic(",:O .... e e tOt1ll.lt.

.25t ."

COM UK. sees IN BT£L.U!.R "'l.sHJ~S 1'.'

r- l~b~~O'" d~I.,=trhl"pt.~~~1 r J'l"t:~e

~~·I;.~oll:oi9lclIIl lIe~nJ"'iI ot 'thrmOOCH: lind pl~nets,

·Tt'1~ Hli:lrotne Pl"\I!''!ltl''5'&~ ar, II'I'Je'J'C19atlon Qf th. ")lth of P.yc:he !IrK! Ero! by • aod.tl'l Pr 11!!'iitfl~1J, o.! !ttl tchcra! t.

Art~ch:t,;. on trtll! p~alo~opI'lY of

:~i:~~,;:;' IinErll!;~;~~oqy~9~~h

pce.t rt ....... t., and 1111.U:h lIOt"e.


Mr. Crowley. what went on in ~our head Mr. Crowlev, did yOU talk with the dead Your-lift" style tOo me seemed so tragic

With the thrill of it all

You fool e d all the pimple with magic Xon waited on Satan's can

Was it polemically sent

I wauna know what you meant I wenna know

J wJ'nna know what VoU meant

The verses I:l.bovp. rl!:l.ve been reclently composed by. 07.z1e Osborne. the former 1880 sinll;"-

AI' of Black Sabbath. The son~ Mr. Crowley appear s "or. the BlizzR.rd of 027., Osbornes flrstsoloalbum.

O~ June 29. 1981 e.v. Mr.

Osborne was phone interviewed in Hollywood on Rock Line, transmitted allover the world via the Global Satelite Network. Thru Aiwass's power of transmission Fr. 7.ardoz acnleved phone communication with Osborne in Hollywood Babalon. Given below is a partial account of the live conversation that transpired.

'7ARD02: Do what thou wlltshall b~ the wholp. of the Lalof. What inspired you to write the song "Mr. Crowley"?

OZZIF: Well, th~ thing was that over the YP.Al'"S. ever since I 've been involved with rock and roll the name Aleister Crowley crops up fro~ time to time. When I

was tl'yintt, to form this new

band an io Ld manager' of m t ne turned me on to the book that Jimmy Pa~p. had got. given to him. Bp.cause Jimmy Pa!!:€' "wne,s

a bookshou in Lon1on. Ann lt

was like. he had wr i t+en inside. To Frank. Thelematlcly Yours;


.1immy· Page. I bou-,!ht the 'book Hollywood Babylon snd j t; a1 so'

m snt t oned about Aletster Crowley. People thir.k I am into'the Crowley thing now.

GSN: JUst briefly who was Alelster Crowley?

OZZIE r- I really don't know, tlte thing 1s that I wrote the song about a Q, ue s t .. ion; Mr. Crowley· what went on in your head? I dorr't lmow about him. In fact

I have recieved lettl'lrs from the Crowley Soc iety. cond em~lllEme for what I have wrl tten in' that song. So-· you can t·t, ever win you know.

Boleskine will soon be Silk Dcreening O.T.O. T-Shrits. TheT w1ll be BJ.ack shirts WUll the O.T.O. name Rnd logo + Do what Thou wilt etc. on the front in white. On the back will be a red Eye of Horus 8.nd Love is the law, Love under will ceneath the triangle in whtte.

Lodges, Chapters, and Camps can order the shirts for $60.00 per dozen, individually they; ,·r'11 be ·gj.66 for membe·".'" and $7.77 for nonloome.mbers. this inclUdes postage. Please 1nd1cat'-e sizes d ee Lr ed , l'-led. or Large.

T-Shrlts. Osbornes intervi~w transcript or the words to ~r. Gro~rley 8.r~ "Ivaila.ble upon re(".uest +;0 Bo Le sk i.ne ,

F'r.Arhlar is currently completin~ u len~thy essay orr Liber Trlgrammaton. Elny cOmIn1.UI'ication from serious Qabalists 1s welcome.

Frater Zardoz

Eoleskin~ O.T.Oj !".O. Box 94 Ca.rmichael. Calif.


Sin-opp.is: On 19 Jan. m e ,v, at 11 :25 p P.S.1'., haters •• !lleithras &: .'. Ranf,er TrisVln embar k=d or. a se r i e s of S .<llchen'ieal F!xneriments. the nature &: object of which vas to expf ore untrickaJly 1he pos s ibi l ities of bri ngi ng the curr-e n t of Adam_l into thei r bod i e s , to Know His Divine Presence iT! the Ineffable L:ir-ht, & to increase o:r.ni-potentially the efficacy of thi'dr Wisd0111 & Love. Concluc.ed:.>8 Jan. 81 e.Y" this

is the only contenporary account of such an Alleroric".l endeavor extant.,

High Quality Ivory Bone Paper - Photo print

_ To reserve :",0'11' copy n Iea se order prorr'7tly. To assure sw;_ft ~

rece i pt, p.lea.se make check or money-orce r payable to B.A. Hoskins,


C/O thp. O.T.O.

F .0, Box 2303 Berkeley, CJ., 91.1702

The Pr-oduc t i on , S~le & Dj s t.r-i buti on of The A(:o!li"

h orki ng is the 501, rez.pona i bilHy of ite aut.hcrs ,}

.. .. .

~ • ~ I'

, "


10% membership discount on all items

Currently available titles include the following:
Bennett ,t Note 011 l)'Agostino Tal'Ol, The Tvanscendentol Magic i.95
Genesis S 1.50 Royal Path 10 Wi..wiom 2.95 Mathers Tilt: Sacred Book
On the Training of de Luhicz Her Bak: The of Abra-Melin. the Mage 4.50
the Mitld 1.50 Living Face of EgyiYI The GTil1w;,e of
Blavatskv The Voice of lire uol, 1 8.95 Armadel 15.00
Si/mce' 1.25 1/ er Ba k: Egy/)/illn The Kabbalah:
Hull," /)iclimlary' of the Initiate vol.2 8,95 Unveiled 10.00
7tH()/ 5.50 Ike ,! THlE and Faithful RtfcJ 'lite Reb»! in lire
Cmwlcy BooH Four '1.95 Relation 75,OQ Soul 9.95
The Bilok of tlu: Law 2,9:, D'Olinl The Goldrn. RcgarJic Foundations of
The Book of TiIDt'" 7.95
'I'I,C Diary. of a Drug I'erses of Pytllllgoms :;.!J5 Practical Ma.!{ic 12.50
Fiend 4.95 lJouglas Sexual Secrets 12.% A Garden. of
E.ight Lectures 011 }'oga 2.95 Fortune Tire My.timl Pomegranates ·1.95
Trw Middle Pillar 4.95
Energized Enthusiasm UO Qabalah 5.95 The 1',,,,, of Li]e 6.95
Three Hal}' Books 2.% I'riedman 71, e 1100" of
Llbe« E and Liber 0 UO C7I'aliot! 2.95 Rieker 111.e Yoga ofLigh :
Magid itt Theory and Tile Chuldean (llathayog(l Pradapika] 1.95
Juli~nus Slal~r The Book of Pagan
Practice 6.00 Oracles of Zoroaster 10.00
Sroe.r Seven Seve" 11.00 Hi/lI.lls s.ss
Tarot Divinalj,m 2.00 KI)ight 'A Practical Guide Wang At, Introduction to
Th e 'Vision a .. d the to Q<lbaiislic till' Golden Dawn Tarot : •. 95
1'nice 7.[.0 S)lmbolism 19.95 Full Color EgYIJ/iw. Zodinc
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(CalitJIr's Edilio .. ) 12.00 Mys/Pries 6.95 Dcndcrah 24"xJ6" -4.% '\e also provide a cornpurer horoscope lllogram which includes an ind ividual SeIU page explanarion or the chart. Please stale day, monrh, year, exact lime, 'and location £01' each I chart Ucsirptl. 'ji~.OO

Temporarily we request Iha. your check or money-order be made payable (0 Cash. Please include $1.00 postage for fi rst book and 7.5' each additional.

Mail 10: TAHUTI LOnGE 585 W. 214 St. su NY, NY lOO:J4



This list includes all active reporting bodies to this date: July 1981 e.", ;1 Lew bodies are under tentative authorization but have not established contact r"i th the Grand Lodge as yet-'such bodies ar:e not listed here.

Grand Lodge: 0e;~rlllrJ, (Thelema) Lodge, PoD. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA phones: 415,-841-4833-residence

415-548··8964-templ e 415-454-5176·--messages

The meetings are usually conducted at the temple at 2822 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, California Lodges: Ra Hoor Khuit Lodge, P ,0. Box 6018, Teall Ave. Station, Syracuse, NY 13217 USA

Tahuti Lodge, 585 H. 214th St , , Apt. 60, New York, NY 10034 USA (Tllis is the mail ing address only)

Brocken Mountain l.odqe , 178 Cosey Beach Ave., East. Haven, CT 06512 USA.

Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge. P. O. Box 3111, New Port Bei\ch, CA 92663 USA.

418 Lodge. P.O. Box 415, Oroville, CA 95965 USA

Phoenix Lodge, Ordo Templ i Orientis, P.O. Box 1167, Pointe-Claire Postal Station, Pointe-Claire, Que.


Chapters: Babalon- Therion Chapter, 15121 Casimer, Gardena, CA 90200 USA

Jane Wolfe Chapter, 10431 92 St., Edmonton, Alberta, TSH 116 CANADA Nuit-Urania Chapter, P.O. Box 939, EI Sobrante, CA 94803 USA

(note: although the SaiL Lake City, Utah Chapter remains closed,

initiations are sometimes available in the area-- contact Grand Lodge m Berkeley)

Camps: ABRAHADABRA Encampment, 156 Camari 110 Ave., Apt. A. Oxnard, CA 93030 USA Camp A.D. Spare, P.O. Box 1418, Columbus, GA 31903 USA

Aiwass Camp. 35023 Lido Blvd •• Newark. CA 94560 USA

Nepthis Encampment, P.O. Box 1075, Edmonton, Alber-ta, CANADA DeMolay Encampment, P.O. [lD,~ 10877 Glendale, CA 91209 USA Hoor-Pa-Kraat Camo P.O. Box 937, El Sobrante, CA 94803 USA Boleskine Camp P.O. Box 94 Carmichael, CA 95608 USA

Hadit Camp, P O. Box 18571, Philadelphia, PA 19129

Camps: Ko Yuen , ~erJuri:ibl) and Sappho can be reached through Bracken Mountain Lodge

Camps: Hell Fi re and Fenr t s can be reached Through Tahuti Lodge.

General Information:

Changes pending Council D~cision this week (Aug. 21st, 1981 e.v.) The following changes in the I i s t of contact addresses are likely to be made by the next publication. This is advance notice:

Address of one chapter and one camp may be deleted temporarily or permanently (!?) uniess <1 ML report to members is recei ved. The Following Camps will likely be promoted to Chapters:

A.O.Spare, Hell Fi re

The following new Camps will likely be recognized:

INRI (New York), AHA (344 Orange Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802

or AHA in Chicago (.just a name problem, both ok) Aleph-Tao (Toronto. pending receipt of application).

Not official because of no application at Sup. Council; 93 Camp. Suspended for serious actions endangering tile Order: Ankh-f-n-Khonsu Ch.

An. L.XXVl1e. n,





... 8PM Temple ;

$1. 00 I


Suggested I


..)0 GNOSTIC MAS .... 8PM Temple $1.00 Donation Suggested




- --T U E SOY 1 WED n E SDAY






I 9 8 I Do what thou wilt shall be

, e. v , - the whole of the Law.




5 INlTlATION ~ o·

9: 00 PM



100PEN MEETING Film Night 8PM Temple 1


These events are held at Thelema Lodge, Grand lodge

of O.T.O. All meetings

take place at 2822 San Pablo A.ve., Berkeley, California

unless otherwise noted. I

for correspondence: '

____ P_.0_._B_Ox_.·._23~03~9=~7~5~~e~~S~AL·-c_A_J


' 8PM Temple


Donation Sugges.ted

I 8PM Temple

12 FWt+U~'[ON

Call 658-9025

for place and

~' T1~



I 15':::i;kE~I;GI i 6 -----+-.:....1~-7---=E:c~p::-M--::B:-::o-=-A.R=:o=--+--1-8------1f----"19 I~:~I~TIC

: Theory and TEMPLE Pl.A.CE &. TI.ME

I Practi ce wi th TO BE SET

Bill: Liber same1h

I (Bornl ess Ri tua 1)

8PM Temple

______ -4-_____ _ .j-i ---------jf---=-=:-::-:--::-:---+-------+------;-c===:..-;--

220P~~:;~EyTING 23 SPECIAL 26IN::IA~II~N

I 24Thelemic 25

with the Caliph Children's

and others a 11'1 Ni ght


8PM Temple

with Lola


~ 7 GNOSTIC MAS ... 8PM Temple

$1.00 Donation Suggested

98 o.T'o.

"'-' BOARD


29OP:EN MEETIt« with Glenn "Wheels of the

Year" (Lunar. Solar, etc. 8PM Temple

30Last day for the O. T. O. Temple at 2822 San

Pablo Ave.

6:00 PM


~6 i':'I~? A!ffoN)


Phones: Grand Lodge Residence: 415-841-4833 Temple (not after 9/30/81) 415-549-8964 Messages 415-454-5176

(note, after a new location is obtained. the message line will carry a short message giving the new location of the Temple. This will play during the AM only and you may leave a message afterward. )


Official Monthly Bulletin of Ordo Templi Orientis

Vol. I, No •• 10 October 1981 e;»; An. LXXVII e ,n,

Do wlxit thou wilt shall be tbe whole of tbe Law.

From the CALIPH

(\'\(' rL1V, s omr years ,HID, t.h o I a d y T

,I<' s I i ~ i 11 <i IV i I il .i t I i1 (' lim". II h I)

hd[l\H'IH'11 III b c <i mcmlH'r of )-,11('

11 no k (l r t IF' : I o n I h C I u h , S d hi, 1 il u 0 h - i, 1\ q 1 y. " ,\ S ,1 Jl I' i 7(', reo tJ I Ii \1 e t. you a copy of tile Llible. Flu!. Dr course you cia not r e a d the I:li b l e , rl o you?"

Itcm: GENE"SIS?- "From Frlen a

river flowed to wnrer the p~rk, which on l(,d~ill~ the p~rk (Oa'~ih •.. th~

Vi slldll,l rhu k r a ] bl',lllcll{'d till." 4

s t r {' d m s , Till''', i m c () r r IH' I'i,' s r, j s

pjson (i'{' Yo d 51'in V ,II.' Nun 44;";._ ••

C h (_' " l, 'v 0 U r S n p h e r S C' phi r 0 \- h - •. ,i IJ s t

1 I I.: C' .\ 'I (' i s I' c I' l' row] (')' 1 a i (I ito u 1-,

ror \'111.) (\'Illi,{'; ,11 lu i s point we

Ill) i;1 I (1 1(' (' 1111 i 1',\ I c- qllcl L i () n s • 66

~ {\ I (",I, ; III II y" d H c. " S 1'1 i p • Yo U

,J r (' ";1 W I' (' .u i 11(1 t h c- S hip'S G o d P.

book.) lsut \0 'let In t h e vi s u d h a

c Ii ,lid''', ,) o u Ii <I vet () b r- i " q t h r;; CI)("I'qy d o wn th r u the Grahl1l<1 ch<Jkr~ (or SDh~sdrd rhkr~ .•• d<,pendinq •.• ) "U L i n 'II C Q <1 b a LJ we (' a 1 I 'i t I( (' I II(' I' (\( , I P h T d II Res h ~ (, ? () • • , t h P

CrO\l'II_) Til ls o n o r u y is called

IkzJJ (Ilem /,lin Lam e d Aleph .. the in rl u e n r-r: rt'om must h iqh = 78.

Onr(" this enprqy hits Da'ath

( D d I r' [11 A Y i 11 T d ; I 1'+ If 7 4 ) ( Y \ 1 d m U s t

IJ n de [' s t " 11 d. 0 f r- o u r 5 e. t, h iJ t t Il f' psyrhic body dot'S not Rxist unIII rrf'att'd) it splits into 4 rivprs. Th(' first of which is Pison. Llkp I sHjd. It goes From your throat chakra to your r.Lght'shoulder. Geburah. ~heck

column LV! in YOIJ]' 777. Tn i s

happens to be firp, sight. MArs and the Sou til. To r e sume from

CrnesLs 2. " ... Pjson(the one

which flows all round thp land of Havilah (translation: Mars) whpre thftre is ~()ld - floe gold in that land! with pe~rls and hpryls), thf' namft 'If the second

is Chih,," (Gim~l Vod Cheth Vau

Hun ~ 77. 11 is West. It goes

to youp left shoulder and is cdlled Chesed. Jupiter.

Tn be continued. If there is a c o n t Lnu i r y , It seems r h at 3 young black dudes tried to

muq your Caliph on a bus in Berkeley 3 days ago. Except for the fact th~t he had Comma~dn training in War II he would be dead. Anyonc who wishes to voluntf'cr fof se(urity patrol on the Caliph is wplcome.




Lodges Chapters Camps


585 W. 214th Street, Apt. 6-D New York, NY 10034


New York has seen a great many changes of late, In an effort to encourage development of area

Camps and Chapters, and to strengthen Lodge self-awareness; Tahuti has temporarily suspended Minerval initiations as of May. Hell Fire has achieved Chapter status, and I. N, R. L Encampment has been formed. This brings the total of New York City initiating bodies to four.

New York group leaders enjoyed a wonderful visit with our Caliph in Montreal, where 23 beautiful Brothers and Sisters were initiated by him in grandest form. We thank you our Canadian friends once again for your lovely hospitality.

Richard Gernon was consecrated in Montreal as Bishop of New York City by our Patriarch. Our first baptisms were held at sunrise in the ocean,

this July. The weekly Gnostic Mass continues to act as an excellent contact point for the Order,

Summer Solstice and Lammas Rituals both very powerful. Working now

On the Fall Equinox Ritual.

We hope that all who ordered through the Tahuti Book Service we:re satisfied with our handling of your orders. The Book of Lies is now available in paperback, price $6.95 less 10% plus $1. 00 postage.


( Tnformational t\E',ographi [' Pcsearch Initi,ative )

I.N.R.I. encampment of 'lahuti lodge is an experimental group reaching out in the areas of audio-visual media, information networks. psychic and t.elepathic communication ..

Incidentally without preconc~ived notions the Mistress of I."J.R.I. hired several initiates frOI11 Grand and Heru-ra-ha. Lodges all free-lance photo assignments. "Keep the money in tl.,e family" ,as the Blue Equinox urges Fraters & Sorors to hire their own.

Tapes are being made available

in the near future of the fallowing lectures: SIMON (author of t.he Necronomicon)- ON THE NATURE OF INITIATION; SIMON- BABALON & THE NA'rURE OF SHAKTI; SUR SAN ,AD SUMMMAM (Mistress of IoN.R.I.)- ASTROLOGY 1. Prices have not been decided upon

as yet .• Interes·ted parties can

wri te us c/o Tahuti Lod ge if interested to give us an idea for the' quantity of demand. The first. two tapes are approx. 41/2 hrs. The last one an hour. Canada-sorry for delay.

HERU-RiI.-B.,~ UvJ;£ 1.lonthl:v re()Jl't Jul:f "nd-Au~.

l881e.v •

. ruly '}Ja8 !".tth8t" ql,liet ,l.t He r-uf" ... «h .... T~e welcl)m".1 three new Minc3I'v .. Ls to tk, Or-del' D'J the eV';l1 i.n!! of the 17th &; a First ')sl;re,·' ·inltiJ.tioll took 'JL.o~' "J-t Od,.wn r; i' the 2bth. G~_J,:.H1tio Mass "',iI~ ce Lebr'a'c ed on Sunda.y t,he 1 gtit followed t.y (JUI' usulil

oh. ... mp"-e;a~ - -Bruncri, He !ira

... 11 d.j,]llini~oyc'1'; trt<nsi tion of our Si~t"r M:).~nred BurLi ngg:...m". Gno s t i.c '11",S8(lF; ,nd the

Gr P.:~1 ter li'eas t 1'0 r !J .. iI:I. th we r. cel~brr.l.ted if! LOS _:,-ug;e'les ~t

Nul t-1J:a.thoI' Sb.IlO1;li.'~.'Y E .. G.C.

on ,S\ln;j,>.;.:V tl,'J 20th oi.lld ... t

Our L ... d·"·;;If th" Sto<l'd Teml'le

::,_ G.:J. of !I(",t~·'.-!'B.-hj)_ Lo(1ga an

Mondtty tl:~ 27. 'fhe GUild of'the Develo?m'~n:t",lly Iri sab l ed l'lcl.ua.,;ed to put out the Surnue r' i SSUB Qf' orss. This issue oorrcaans LID'ti:R ~1DOS .. nd : .. color your OwTJ Steh"';

In ,'I,ug. thi U(?;S \V~ r e "- H t1; 1 ,! wilder. 'lie ClI,r"brated Mas,' on the 9th u.'1.:i ho s t e d the Guild oi'

Eno c run Stu,iies metlting; on the <Jth. The big ,"vent w,,"s the trip made

by 19 Lorig" members to LlJ.bu.i"dor", !.itlxl'}o fOI' ou'bdo o r ).!in"rT"l II.nu First DeGree initiatinus on th~ 14th. ] 5th .... nd loth, I"" ho ne to

do it up big~er U~Kt yp_r,

Sept. looks busy with the

The or-v ,in:! pr-ac t i c s e.La s s e a

StlOc1-tillt': up "g"'::'II, Min",rv"ls ~nd Firs t Degr,;" ini ti .. tions, (perhllps Se co nd s ) College of Thelema .)elll.i.nars Oll the tith J: 7th_ Gnos'~ic Mas s on Sund av the 21)th (NOO;~) uUll «gain o~ the ?2nd (E;\lilnillg) followed by the }'flr.Lst of 1:;lle Autl.lnmlil Equillox.

If you w.i sh to be out all OUl" ~il ing list or h,,:Ve d.ny ~ue5t.,. a ons COnCt3rl1ing a~ti vi tie s or initiu.tion, you muy write:

Lon MHo DuQuette Heru-r.-h:l L.:ldg'" ;.l.JC.lJ. P.O. Box ,~111

New)JO:-~ Be a oh , CA 92G6,3

Wc ,1 t, Nu i I Ur,lfl i a h u v e b e o n

5 i 1 (' I! [ r 0 I' 5" V (' r d 1 III 0 II I' h S Jl 0 W b u [ w f' ,1 J',' II () [- ill" (' t i v C ,1 5 i j

h a s j'('t'l~ rumo r or! , W(-"! h a , ('

just rillis,I\<'d our ~,rh s e r i e s of the' iHTLS Ole rLt USIS i1S

w r Lt.Lr- n Ily Cr o w l r-v in Vul. 6

of tlw ~uinox. Hdqister

Tempi i "d$wil-;;i.:I'U b y the

Ch a p t cr iHsl-ress. Ch a r-d rt a,

a s s ist e d b v Soro I" An o r e e ,

Fr,\ t.r- r V,1l1 d i m i I', 50 r or Sh I rl n

So r o r Lo ln Dc \'Iolf. Lorrl

Jupit(,1' followed with Fr,llrr Y h .S h v h d n d h i S S <111 F r il n cis I" () f(:llowillqwod:ill() th e Jupii('f 1'1 11I,1 I. : I.) r ~ Cd In e t 1\ IV i til d b u n r; .i s I-Cdlel' nran o a t t l rrt

the Christian hordes on ollr doorstpp. Arrivinq in Splendour and 11i'l,ies'~v \-Vel!" Sol, our own Frat('r Vdnriinlir, who hlinrleci pv~rynnp with his royalty. Lo]~ Dp Wolfe was

t ru e to 1,(, r n a t u r-e e s the

La d y Ve n u s and Glf'nn Tu r n e r sparklpcl as Herlll~s. Thuth

and ~ercury jn brtnqing us

thf' word, Fin~IJy, Luna was carried off splendidly by Soror Thipiavon AS we d e h a u c h e d to all hours. Also a s s t s t i n q us

in th~ Rjtr~ wpr~ Mad Doug

from 5Lr and Snror CampI lion from thn 010. (Ocpania Lodge)

On 5 f' P t", m 1'11')' I 4, , 1 981, The T~mple of Thelemic Wicce \Vas found~d out of Nujt Urania. Tt is a s o v e r Lqu .i n d autonomous OI'CI.'ln l zor Lo n d e d l c e t e d t.o t.h e m y s t.e r i e s of llu i t.

W~ will initlatp individuals to the Spcund DP4ree of Wiece ~nrl chartpr covpns within the Ordo Templj Orientis. Individu~ls wishinq information on this orqanization or who ~rr interestf'd [n Wiceen

LnLtt a r t o n s pl(·,ls0. w r Lte to

us at P.O. Box 9.39. El Sobrante, Cd.

ilHV [E§ if{ lIN E

~r) j, '"Cc.

.,1 I. .. ! t;,'I~: :r~' :~Gj _ r f ~,i1 CJ Squinm: and. l',~,l Jolc:. ~, .. ·L (Ill (oJ.' t~ro,;,l :'--'nr:.a, Bol-· 1.~,~'.,~1C h .'" ~)~r:iJCl 1.;1.;_,",.:'" il.~'J'tll'J.gins t.1C

.\:~nj_:rc[.t .. ~t:i on ot t.i e ~'~G~l-,-';)-ii.omCLntic ~:. i"I'P' l '1.sic:n l.o b. j:l,~]_C:;. ,:1 t SacrQ,men to ,,_,L.~' 1:1,:; ~ol.li_~e, Oct. ~:::)1-'25. t:1B In,·,',.'.f".iCll I'd",,] i'G',tc\!"c. KS' .. :leth i .. nc,er

!"'i,ln ~[L.~". w~-' ::,::.-.,j_ cc e of 1.'- \ eJ_e.1Liic .__:11·IUJjl!-\,t(i"~rn~:)"-·<, L'_lcl :'8'r .:(iL:.ing,. in:..;.!.\.~~ ... ~iE5 t.i c h.8':3ic~~ Lr",:'_.(-.8rn Cycle ..

l'.~ so ;~':)pr: 1'1, r',2 ,;j 11 00 Robert ~~,r~tl.n i'~llD~Y,··L, 1:.:.(. ":;[11:11":_"1 H./,"o '-r-r(, ,',,,'odorc ,0L,..\1',>~C.", ,\rtclU:' Byron Cov.: .. '; C~~ i.:::. L.ill.·::':', S·.,;o:c'.}(; Cla.:y-ton 1.~1.80n, ~:;.o._,:3i·r)~', ?r-i t.- .. ..._.eil)er·~ r~1.8 UJ'J-B8~l..! ~_ to (; • .L. 0. ;·'."i11 be per-

fo:,uinr; to e Gn or td c Er,Gs, ', .. e CJ?c,:Jur',11 Tn e Lemf tc 3 :..tt.()ndin3 t , ,,1'11'-13 their robe iJ.n~~ ,.'cc'ponc.ry (,0 C;1',:~ ,ce t.11!.> dramatic t.l:f'fect. of :)'cllJIJ.(,:

i.'-j tu aL, 'E'1e .h.x-tr·~_.L"::l'ret_,tL-· '·.1-: \-.'J . .LJ_ be bOl.L:lljl.'":',g do .. n LC n:';{2tify _tl'lC m,.~c o s \·Jit.l 1:.:18i1' ~l]acc rtuc), l-.:.ucick.

r'"e' I - p:h"lsi on iJ .1' C' ':Jll L

t '0 c , 1'. O. PI" ,;:;.1 t:c t'i en C'r h ",13° 1:', 'j ,'" '-r-' ,;"'. S-'.10BtiC 1'("~~IJ, ··~~,-l(!

• ~_ . ..L_ J", ..... _ ............ _. r c-

t,,", l:, x \.,lon, 1:",' r-, " ~rj.1:ll v; 11.1 l'LlU 1,';'.

, r I' - t'l "yr ," -r 1

p"'r" .J :-:.1' 01',,~ ~l ... ~G"(· CO'l _ '.~ ~ ... '., ~~.~

T ...... \'1-- ~':... 0 f t. l G 0 1\._ ~ 2 .. , r-c 1 _ l V 1 t~ .~ ~_, 0

'.LL., 'I • .J. + '-' _ _.j. .....

~.. " "'C:'l1c'01l10nt:. ror- 0 1 ~-Oi-

~~:;~~"!. l~~Cil..'~I]it~G C' .1 De CLJU!'., inti.L_ cd b~ ';i~~iti r~c _;Olu3d~J.e.

r,lC ;".r.o. T- ;:,lu'j,t- '1"_ no .. v~,ll''-;lc;, du c to Ll:""'XiJiJ,.;d

" i' 'L : 1 t~ :1' C u ' . t~j til, 1st n 1 ''L 11 ,/i

·,n .... l. o c :':01 '0 ~le priCL p,·r· I. O.'.(j~l will i.'cr·v:~u~ at t.h o 2nd pr-i nting ,

At L,'\ i 2 tl me th C ,-',iI' tu c an bo 01':..:J1··~r'~'-~ [r"'l"""" ,0. DGr dozen. P1C,'l['C' lCl-

l..L...... ""... .... n'~. ~ ... I ~ - 1~

(ii(!',,~, r3i 'UC d(_~·SJ__~I(_.c1, make C \CCL( .... U

m', ur or:1opc LeI c~~Ll:.. ;j'lj_r l.:.., 1'.1:1,~ b2 O"'~ln:'O(l !.!' ·J'j.v.if,J.'",llJ' for ::"0.06.

"'';' ,'/0ulcl Lr..» to 'o:':r~r'!.l.d.UliLt0 F~',:;,t_r ~al,'lrtl'cn ::;1' J0ru.j3,!;,uVO t ;·"nd ,Joral" I11e1. o f _01- eska ne for c or_S'.lL1::~o.tint: L Il7 (,lao'iCJ:l',.l La.nk oetw eon tn e C~'I,)S c'.: tn oa r marrl<l.Ec Sept. I2, c::I avo l,;o.y ~~l ,):1' 1.1 VO 1.C)l1t 'end pr-o spc r ,

" G1e :-.C' .ir:.ppy 3:ll'c,:ldo.y -OOw n"xt t.o Gr:"l.c1y, al ~d ~" C .ro pe

t; ~ :',~.,;;_, y ou ~.1...Ll. ::..t tu e I!lPllo.,~··10nfl

Other News



Do whab bhou wil~ shall be ~he whule Df ~he tJw.

The Society for Creative Anacroni SOl, called the SCA, which many of us are aquainted, has a long standing po~icy that before a fighter can be consldered qualified for knighthood, he (or she) must also demonstrate qualities of chivalry. One aspect of this is the knowledge of Courtly Conduct and an involvement with social graces such as Court Dancing, Poetry. etc.

It causes one to wonder why would such behaviour be required of ci person who's prime function in life is to fight on the battlefield? Afterall. there are no ball rooms, no "round table" of knights to relax and discuss the finer points of theosophy. After a battle. the knight is too tired, or perhaps injured beyond the point of wishing

a challenging game of chess .

Why then, should there be a need for "social graces?" Perhaps it is because these behaviours require discipline. The same type of discip1ine required from a unit of a fighting machine. To display social graces, you need the same awareness of a soldier. You need to be aware of those around you, how they are reacting

to you, and the situation in which you

and the other person are in. You cannot let your mind drift into yourself, you cannot consider yourself alone. If the knight thinks only of his weary arm, his saddle-sore posterior, his armour-chafed body, he will then not be able to fight

to his best ability.

Remember, the SAFEST way to judge the knight is in peace, by his (or her) social graces, Trying to judge a knight in battle might result in the loss of your head.

Knights should remember that they are always in battle, eVen at the Kings dinner table, 1n times of peace we use the dagger to cut our meat, not our sword to cut the enemy.

Cutle is che lilW, love unoer will.

Member to Member

}>"-a t e r '['no thj,s want s to ~et io cuntact with Thclemite8 ~11 over the wGrld, lcpecially in the Urri t ed states. Please ~1Y'itc- to:

P-!'ater '!.lhnth" s

G eort: M ac ;~ov.'i.8,k 'I'u rrn.s t r- .11

3:;54 Gll!dr1nbaeh-Erdb"-us,,m ",'!f,;st-GermEny


Some of Frater Achad's 1st Edition books are agai~ going on the market. A Set of THE EQUINOX annotated by Fr. Achad has been variously cited as available for about $3,000.00.

An annotated qBL and other works

are to be sold to those \~ho want them, Contact Ms. S. at P.O. Box 1093, Kings Beach, CA 95719.

Time is of the essence.

0rnnd (augE EEpart: this issue, so please ress from the Contact back of this issue.

Much is happening fast here at Grand Lodge, There is only space to present this news in outline,

1. Stellar Visions is having a change of operation and backing. At one time, this publication-publishing organization was independantly owned.

As of the first of Oct., Stellar Visions will become a Chapter of the Order in San Francisco, with a wider base of membe rsh i p involvement. Publishing

wi 11 conti nue, as wi 11 semi -i ndependant manaqentent from O. T.O. Grand Lodge. Under this new arrangement, Grand

Lodge will fund the operations. Continue to correspond via the prevlously advertized address: Stellar Visions, 533 Sutter St. ,·#666, San Francisco, CA 94102 USA. The only difference to customers of Stellar Visions will be the endorsement stamp on the checks. This is a more rapid way of providing general interest Thelemic publications than can be worked by Grand Lodge di rectly.

We are happy to see the Order diversify.

2. A 1972 e.v. text editor

and n6n-programable cOlilputor ha~ been obtained by the Grand Lodge in broken condition for $375.00 ( TY-TAPE EDITOR Model 3600/2 ) and repaired by the

Grand Treasurer General. This machine will be used to prep. letters of frequent use, to handle the mailing list and

to assist financial and other records handling. The Contact Body list in

this Magickal Link was produced hy this machine ( With headlines excepted ).

Space is limited obtain the addI ist in the

A very gre"t savinys in time and

a considerable improvement in services over the next several monthsi 5 to be expected as a result of this device. Question: Does anyone au t the I'e know where we

can get an operator's n~nuel for

it? There must be several things that it can do which the GTG hasn't managed to torture out of it yet.

3. The Grand Lodge Temple

is moving as of the First of October to the address given on the contact list in this Link. Although the outward apearance of the new location may continue to leave sorrething to be desired,

we will have a much greater· latitude in doing our collective and individual wills at the new place. Actually, this move was forced

upon us, but every ti me that has happened in some area in the

reeient past, the results have

been considerahle improvement.

We are looking forward to being

able to design our own meeting spaces. The new rent is $275 per month

for 900 Sq. Ft. If a donative

support group manifests locally,

we will be able to add other spaces of equal size for specialized temple work in the s~me building.

4. The Reuai ssance PI easure Faire operdtion for Grand Lodge pulled in $2469.00. After expenses and 60% to the members who read

at the booth, the Order received

a profit of about $750.00. This

is $150.00 more than last year.

Watch for local events in your areas for local fundraising. This money keeps the temple open at Grand Lodge.

5. The Ghost-Story settlement money is beginning to make a difference in oportunities for. the Order. We have been able to help several local bodies and we have been able

to invest in Thelemic work more easily.

6. Motta is attacking Thelemic Publishers through intermediaries, incisting that they cease to publish Crowley unless t.hey pay him. If any

of our readers hcar of such cases, please write tD Grand Lodge immediately. We have successfully stopped this in England, Spain and part of the USA

in some instances.


r;{O~~~T A~iOn HYm["AEU~ ALVHA \:M'L~OV1 GNOSTIC MASS 7 7 ,



~ B. BOTI-,. DAYS "",E7"8< Q\", A(-<;.NTS -> FC,o.T"N~ .ru"I<'.'+ MORE INFO 9Iftf:i5?3

, /:


10% membership discount on all items

Currently available titles include the following:

Iknneu A Note on D'Agoslino Tarot, The Transcendental Magic 7.95
Genesis s 1.50 Royal Path. 10 WisdOlZI 2.95 Mathers The Sacred Book
0" the Trai"ing 0/ de Lubicz Her Bak: The of A bra-Melin. the Mage 4.50
the Mind 1.50 Living Face o] EgY/J/ The Grimoire of
Blavaiskv Tire Voice of the uol. I 8.95 Amwdel 15.00
Silence: 1.25 Her Bah: Eg)'tJliatl The Kahbalah.
Buller Diel;o11al")' of the In itiate vol.2 8.95 Unveiled 10.00
Tarot 5.50 Dec ;J 'True and Faitlrful Reed Tire Rebel in the
Crowley Book Four 4.95 Relation 75.00 Soul . 9.95
Tire Book of the Law 2.95 The Golden Rcgardie FouHriatip>lS of
Tire Book 0/ Thoth 7.95 l)'Olivet Practical Magic 12.50
The Dia,}' of a Drug Ver~·es of Pythagoras 3.95 A Gorden of
Fiend 4.95 Douglas Sexual Secrets 12.95 Pomegra n.a tes 4_95
Eight Lectures 01' ]'oga 2.95 Fortune The Mystical The Middle Pillar 4.95
Energized Enthusiasm 1..:;0 Qaba/ah 5.95 Tire Tree of Life 6.95
Three Holy Books 2.95 Friedman 11w Book of
Liber E and Liber 0 1.50 Creation 2.95 Rieker The Yoga of Light
Magick in Theory and Julianus The Chaldcan (Hathayogo Pradapika} 4.95
Slater The Baal, of Pagan
Practice 6.00 Oracles of Zoroaster 10.00
Seoen Seven Sroert 11.0(1 Rituals 6.95
To rot Divination 2.00 Knight A Practical Guide Wang An Introduction to
The Vision and tire 10 Qabalislic the Golden Down Tarot 5.95
Voice 7.50 Symbolism 19.95 Full Color EgYiJ1ian Zodiac
Tholft Tarol Deck Levi The Key of the from the Temple 0/
(Ca/if}iI's Edition} 12.00 Mysteries 6.95 Dcndrru]t 24"x}6" 1.95 \\'c also provide a computer horoscope program which includes an individual 8-10 pag'e explanation of the chart. Please state day, month, year, exact time, and location for each chart desi~ptl. $5.00

Temporarily we request that your check or money-order be made payable to Cash. Please include $1.00 postage for first book and 75(. each additional.

Mail to: TAHUTI LODGE 585 W. 214 SI. l;iD NY, NY 10034


This list inCludes all active rpporting bodies to this dat'e: September 1981 'e.-v. See the next list for addresses of bodies currently being ccnsidered for authorization.

Gra nd Lodge: 8€All)la 'I'he l sma Lod.ge, ·P.Oo Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA phone's: 415-841-4833 ---residence

no phone yet at Temple 415-454-5176--- messages

The meetings ar e usually conducted at the 'I'emple at 1500 Park St. in Eme.r y v i Ll.e , California. (Emeryville is on the southern edge of Berkeley,

use the Powell Street off-ramp from HIW' £7.

The temple is upstairs inside the large building.) Lodge's: Ra Hoor Khuit Lodge, ·P.O. Box 6018, Teall Ave. Station

- Syracuse, NY 13217 USA

Tahuti Lodge, 585·,W. 214th St., Apt. BID, New York, NY 10034 USA ( This is mailing address only).

Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, ·p~:O. Box 3111, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA

Br oc ken Mountain Lodge, 178 Cosey Beach Ave , , East Haven CT, 06512 USA

418 Lodge, ·P.,O. Box 415, Oroville, CA 95965 USA Phoenix Lodge, Or do Templi Orientis, ·P.·O. Box 1167, Pointe-Claire Postal Station, PointeClaire, Que. H9S 4F19 CANADA Chapter's: Babalon-Therion Chapter, 15121 Casimer, Gardena,

CA 90200 USA

Jane Wolfe Chapter, 10431 92 St., Edmonton, Alta, T5H 1TG CANADA

Nuit-Urania Chapter, ·Po:O. Box 9~9, El Sobrante, CA 94803 USA

Hell-Fire Chapter, contact via Tahuti Lodge,

A • .0. Spare Chapter, ,p.·a. Box 1418,. Columbus, GA 31903 USA

Camp's: ABRAHADABRA Encampment, 156 Camari1J.o Ave , , Ap't , A Oxnard, CA 93030 USA

Aiwass Can-p , 35023 Lido Blvd., Newark, CA 94560 USA Nepthis Encampment, "P.O. Box 1075, Edmonton, Alberta


DeMolay Encampment, "P.O. Box 10877 Glendale, CA 91209 USA Bol eskine Camp, .p .~O. Box 94, Carmichael, CA 95608 USA Hadit Camp, P.OI Box 18571, Philadelphia, PA 19129 IoN.R.I. Camp, contact via Tahuti Lodge.

AHA! Camp,30!'i5 N. Pa c i ne , Chicago, IL 60657 USA AHA? Camp. 344 Oranee Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802 USA Kepher!'_ Camp, F-2::l Koshland Vlay., Santa Cruz, CA USA Camps: Ko Yue n , Perc1urabo and Sappho can be reached

through Br o ck en r:ountain Lod ge ,

Fenris Camp, 33 Fo wle r Ave., Carmel, NY 10512 USA

Other. bodies of ·O~T~O. are approaching final authorization in FLORIDA, BOSTON, TOROmo g, r·1otITRU.L. These «s i : be

reported in the next month's listing.

These events take p l ace at Thelema Lodge. Grand Lodge of O.T.O. All Meetings take place at the NEW TEMPLE LOCATION at 1500 Park in Erneryvi-lle unless otherwise noted.

The NEW TEMPLE LOCATION is inside a larger building on an upper

floor. Look for signs directing to the Temple spot.

Phones: Residence; 415-841-4833 Messages; 415-45405176

for correspondence: Ordo Templi Orientis, P.O. Box 2303,Berkeley

CA 94702 USA , I

J 5.ame_addHio.na Lmeeting;, JIlQ.,')'__b~ ennounced J_ater:-j-i_n_O_ctoQeD ~ ~ __ --+- _ . . - -.-

4 GNOSTIC MASS - 6 '7 (,__)O?EN MEETING ("). , lOINrr,f.\-T,oN

8PM V I I C") Film Night I -.:., MINERVAL


$1.00 iALL THESE TAROT at the

Donation ICLASSES (starting New Temple

, on the 14th) at 1500 Park

Suggested I , ARE HELD AT THE Emeryville

I I' iNEW 0.1.0. TH1PLE: .

11 _" GNOSTIC MAS~ -1-.·"")' GoROWLEYMASS 1- 3 FUL:-;:;OON -+1.tl14500s~=;'~LcLA5J 1-5------- : It:!

L .L I __, I I ON TAROT & I , .J

8PM I,_ A Crowley RITUAL i . DIVINATION "-

NEW TEMPLE Birth-day call 658-9025 with Bill Heidrick

$1.00 comemeration I #1. The Three Leven

party \"1·11 I for place, time rank .uf the Deck

Donation 'and DAY and elementary

Suggested I be held • Divination.

I somewhere. O. T.O. Members Frer

":_:_ALANDER MEE~ Ca 11 1 week ahea~. I All others $3.00 I

, 8 GNOSTIC MAS~] (Cl 1 .-...()OPEN MEE;TlN~ 2,;tECIAL CLASJ 22

L I OJ --' An Even inq I ~l'! TAROT & .

l. NE~P~EMPLE i - - ! ,._ with the I with B l~Vf~~ll°J'ri ckl

LOCATION I Ca 1 i ph. : #2. Intra. to ,

I I 8PM Sys tems of i nter- r

$1. 00 I NEW TEMPLE I preta~lOn ~ app- I I

Donation . IllcatlOn~ In e Ie- i

Sugges ted j . 1500 Park 1 n I mentary di vi na t i on

Emeryville O.T.O. members ' I

i tree j_

I All others 3.00 ~---- I

'>5GNOS8pTMIC MASS '-"'6 27 .-...dPECIAL CLAS!? 29 30E= 2ND ---r-::::::-31

~ , ~ ~~~;~?6N & ! ANNUAl.. i

-' NEW TEMPLE I with Bill Heidrick Me.eER$

LOCATION #3 MaJ·or Trumps 6' MEETING & I h I

ELECTIONS I Love is t e aw

$1.00 I and basic layouts ALL LOCAL BISHOPS Jove under

Donation I 0.1.0. Members fre MUST ATTEND:DIST- will

Suggested all others $3.00 ' I ANT BISHOPS MAY . •




Do what th ou wilt shall the whole of the Law.·'

fr., :1:11-7£" &#E:!i"i'B:I.~

A n , LXX-vII e. n,



·'sunoA.Y'---· t ··mOnDAY·'O,," .:; TUESDAY . ['.WEDnESDAY

2 I 3 'I




San Anselmo Contact ahead for details.

-----+ - - - -~-. j





___ -1 i. ---


Official Monthly Bulletin of Ordo Templi Orientis

VoL I. No,. 11 November_1981 e.v.An. LXXVIIe,n.

Do what thou wi! t shall be the whole of the Laui,

From the CALIPH

OK, Back to Genesis 2,

Your education is about to begin.

This is the story of the 4 rivers of Paradise, Sometimes known as the Map of Atlantis,

We have gone thru Pison & Ghihon. Technically Mezla is not one of the rivers, but the Source, like the Gangesc

The 3rd river is Hiddekel, ~PIU ~ 139. This goes from

the Visudha chakra to the Anahata chakra ( translation: to Tiphereth •. ,your heart, •• Sun •.. life, compassion, beauty,,,,Also known as the Spider, Pelican, and/or 5" ~ 6" ••• depending ), It is East.

The 4th river is Pharath.

The Euphrates. It is the North ( & we will remember the relation of Nuit to the North, as of Hadit to the South ). It is n19 ~ 680." It is the path from the Visudha chakra to Yesod, ' The Foundation. The World card in the Tarot. You. The person who took this Lnca r'na t ion. The Cosmic Dancer. And we will remember REVELATION 16, verse 12 "The sixth poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, " and its waters were dried up

to prepare the way for the kings from the East. "

And who are the kings from

the East? Well, we happen to

be The ORDER of the TEMPLE of

the ORIENT. And it is written,

( AL III 45 ), speeking of the Scarlet Woman, "Then will I lift her to pinnacles of power:' then

will I breed from her a child mighter than all the kings of

the earth. I will fill her with joy: with my force shall she

see & strike at the worship of Nu; she shall achieve Hadito"

There is a very great mystery here. Well, the way this article got started, was that one. day this gal I was living with said, "I don't understand that." Meaning the sentence, " •.. she shall achieve Ha d I t." I .ju s t looked

at her strangely. My god, this woman had been into Thelema for

30 years. But it is like Aleister Crowley wrote to Karl Germer once, "It is incredible, but after all these years you do not know hoW Magick works." It does take a certain knack.

For example, 0t the O.T.O.

Tarot reading booth at Ren(naissanee) Faire, recently, there was a certain couple. He had invented his own Tarot deck and I saw no objection. After all, how many times during that fantastic year of 1969-1970 did I say to anyone who would listen, and there were damn few, .,.sorry ... just ran out of space.

H.A. 777

Lodges Chapters Camps


P. O. Box 3111, Newport Beach, CA 92663

Monthly Report for Sept. 1981 e. v.

-Sept. 1,8,15,29 --8:30pm

MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE Weekly class (given through December) by class master Lon Milo DuQuette.

A chapter by chapter examination of Crowley's cl a ssic text. Special slide pres entation this month by Fra tel' Ibis of the Guild of Thoth and 93 Camp.

-Sept 5 - _. 5 :OOam



-Sept. 6 & 7 - - All day

COLLEGE OF THELEMA SEMINARS Guest speaker, So r o r Me r a l IX: O. T. O. Lodge Mistres s of 418 Lodge, Oroville and the publisher of IN THE CONTINUUM Magazine.

-Sept. 3,10,17,24 --8:00pm


-Sept. 20 --8:30pm



-Sept. 25,26,27,28

We were honored by a visit from the Fourth Emir of the Order, Shi rin A. Morton IX". During her stay she toured the facilities of 93 Camp and AHA Camp (Laguna Beach and Long Beach) We hope she enjoyed her visit to So. California.

Our plans for October include:

Minerval Initiations

¥AGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE classes on Tuesday nights.

Gnostic Mass on the morning of the 18th

AHA Carnp Long Beach will host the GUILD OF ENOCHlAN STUDIES WORKSHOPS on Thursday nights.

A CROWLEYMAS CELEBRATION At Alpine Village Beer Gardens in Torrence and Halloween Party on the 31 st,

Members of Heru-ra-ha Lodge plan to attend the Sa cramento INPHASION on the 24 and 25th.


New addre s. s: 4 Farnham, CP 523, Place Bonaventure,

Muntreu], Quebec, Canada H5A ((,3

'I here have hecn several recent developments here at Phoenix Lodge:

Incorporation: Auspiciou,ly enough. on Sept. 22 we received our government charter recognv.ng 0.1.0. as a non-profit corporation. We feel this will help stabilize our organizution and provide II workable framework lor cout r olled expansion. Donations to O.T.o. Moni rea l are now tax-dcductable, as arc dues and rees An administrative councilor 9 officers is in Iorrnat ion at this writing Initiations: Curiously, we initiated 22 Minervals in August. as did Grady during his visit here III June. 36 of our 46 members reside in Montreal. A new o~sis is under construction and we expect Minerva! inir iat ions to resume in November.

Encampments: Appticat inn to Grand Lodge USA has been made lor the iollowing Encampments.

.. A-WI\' 0111 Pu» (7(1/'(1/1/0). led by Brian Posrnikoff, will be the fncus or O.TO. development in Ontario. Toronto. with a half-d oven initiates already. is very fertile (A.C.·, remark. in '/7". Coniessions notwithstanding). and an initiution trip i~ in the planning ~lagt!!-.

• DI·(j.~IJI/'.\ Electrum Arc (.fi,f{)llIl'l'll/).lcd b) Peter Cohen. is a pre-cAi,tinggnlur thai tl)(1k Minervalr-» masse. They share many enthusiasm, best lett to Peter's superior descriptive girt:-. in a Iurure i~ .... ue 01 the l.ink .

I> S<'''I'I/ (ill/llilido/). led bv Michel """hm. is a magical training gl'oup (Gratly wnuld say "buo! camp"), Among its varied Iu nctions are practica] tut orial and the fieldLc,ting (If' l-rcnch t ranxlat ions ol rituals and instruction papers. prior to publication.

An Encampment is in the early S~iigl._·~ of formatil1l1ln H,,,tol1 (M nntr cal's »istcr city ill the States). under Oliver Strile". Jr. Contact can he made through Phoenix if, ou live In the Boston Carnbr rdge area.

( I",; 'es: n. 1'.0. courses in macrobiotic: cooking and hathu \ og. oq_! .. lf, hi~ week. and there is grcal interest in a Shao-Ii» ~lJng-r., _;,j',l- pl.mru d for 7 a.rn, each morning.

i\lr~I'nry 0" Sept 2X we held our first Iull Lodue mcct inu ~~t l ;de h,:,~'i .c. Everyone agreed nn 4 such meeting it ~Ical~. at ihc ",I'lke, and equinoxes, M ost rucmbcrs arc alTili~lll1g with t\l' rt.?nrin!~ Fncampmcrns. which meet more l·reqLll.·IH'1. I}n Ihl' quv-t ion or O.T.O. vi- :1 I'i, language gJ'0111' ", "'plied ill Quebec. raised in recent Grand Lud ue reports ill I his journal. the Lodge voted unanimouslv to remain a united, bilingual Lodge capable uf c{)Ordina-lhlg urulmgual O.T.O groups wit hin [he Lodge. Most l.odgc me 111 bcrs ale hili"~li"l.

EGC; M~r. Robert Latulippe ha, prepared a proposed fGC C.,rHi!l. I hl:-> intended a~ a \\ ork ing paper. \0 he i ctined Ior eventual rutificaliun al some future S, nod. I he Canon IIlL'iudl'S EGC's apovtolic SU< .. -ccssion lahl~. w hich rink ... the 1" cscnr rcc I hrnu)!ll Cr"wlcy. Reuss, Encuusse ere. back to SI. 1',le, rhc !\p"'lk.

ii_':'J:) ,~:n~1 :., 'H',: ·1/19--I~,r:·::'.:::JP:m::-::,," ['i.r'll :·:'tJerva)_:~ :~.: '.',.'_'.teQ

v i.u I'a ._~ti Lodce~ A .,'; ;:I)~' J:';p~;) L,2,

w. ck e nd made mere so .'~.I (I.~ :.'1 "~".:., ..

t-~;rG !:'!nLl scr cr-s ~,:: :~Y~!, t ~·I.":

..... 'TIt ,I t mem)..)€rs. I'rom Gal: !''):'''''~a and C8:!lSC.l=\.

:-i_",DITI..:) ct.r r-er.r .!';Jc:,;:,.: .: ) ue Lp.' '~I' e a en o :::~!e r ·:)~,.'>G~"1e ") i r ,,: ~':a;:':0.. '.: :'~tT c ompe t e n t , tI.I.!'U ~,1 ::i2rj ~'G )f .i : ... -

'{~~~L~:~~~~~l~dp;~~~t~~: _, ~~~~;8

·,·E~r~v. SOf1t:' ~'rari{s,:,:ol- ~ ~":,'~ j ',le

O~)::-·~i.l to i_t1:I~~~ste(~ : ... ~:~-~ .... ;.1 t.L:ttt='l!.i.

:: .:', I. ~~. '"~' ~. 1 \ . :~;;'; ;~~~~ ~6 m~i, ::J. i' r r_':: .. ; L .~:,

L·.l_; '~.:.'Tl8.J·l. voJ'e '-N~;=-0 .• ;~r~:~ ,.',:)(ltacI..

_~:..~n' ~Jtl_le, ! .. :J· ... H.pSt al.,~ ::' .. ~!': \~·r.tllv !.~.:: '!!10~8'Ji:es ill 3~j f~r_'~11~

:1. ~.h' _~, Ii a. .;J l nl i )!

mr~nd [ddg' Report:


OlN :::

) TN ~

Thelema Lodge is the Grand Lodge

uf Orda Templi Orientis in the USA and the temporary worl d ne adquar-te r s of Ordo Templi Orientis world-wide. (Until eventual development of international Grand LodGes and a ~;-detennination of the WHQ)

The Supreme Council of O,T.O. and the Board of Directors of EGC can both be reached at the Address on the tap of the next column.

Thel811la Lodge

Drdo Templi Orientis P.O. Box 2303

Berkeley, CA 94702 U.S.~

This month, it's t ime to de,"lt~

the Grand Lodge r-eport to r "0',' ,,110 procedures involving O.T.O. Co.erally.

At the local of the Grar~ I ~dGe Temple, work is proce2djn~ c~ ~ good pace toward completion J" '[1-,8 new Temple and office space. There wi l l aga in be some sma l ] prob I ems

in response to internal mail bf:":I'IPpn Grand Lodge and the ether Lodges, Chapters and Camps of the Order.

This is a natural result of ~~ving

the office and having to wait foY' things to settle in at the new location at 1500 Park st. in Emeryville, CA USA. We should have things back on an

even keel by mid December or earlier. Classes are going on, the Gnostic Mass has not suffred interruption and

the new location looks to be the best Temple for Grand Lodge to date.

With regard to the Magickal Link:

Many of you will be concerned that the #10 Link was Vf:"y late. This was a natural result of having to wait to

be sure of the final location of the New Temple. With this issue, we are 75% returned to the usual publication date. The December issue ~ill be on time, and the last day for #12 ML submissions to arrive at Grand lodge will be Nov .. lOth- .. the usual cut .. off date in the n~nth. Decen~er wail

will probably mean delays i~ the December and Janual~ Magickdl Link owing to postal problems. The #12 Newsletter will begin its Jften delajd printing next \'Jeek. ~1a.i1 ir«, fr r llL#12 is expected in early December. Keep your fingers crossed.

Quite a number of Camps and Chapters of O.T.O. are failing to report readyto-print information for the Magickal Link. The duty is at 18~st e 25 word

3!s inch col un.n every Cal er,dd. r qua rter. Unless reports are received from your body of O.T.O., don't be supr i sed if

it is dropped from the list in the

back of the January Link. We at Grand Lodge firmly believe that the 1IlE:l1lbers

of O.T.O. have a right to ~now what to expect at each Camp, Chapter and Lodge of 0, T .0. Only the Link can keep everybody up to date.

There are two deletions in this

issue for bodies of O.T.O.: Camp Sapp~o is inactive just now because the Master is in Greece for an educational year in Athens. Camp A.O. Spare has been suffering severe growing pains and is not functional in its new Chapter state.

A new name for the Columbus GA body was planned, but domestic disputes between members and similar personal violations of pax-templi of an over-blown sort are obstructing O.T.O. work in Georga. We hope to be able to report a settlement of this situation in a future issue of the Link, but the present situation

in Georga does not warrent official status.

Actually. it might be a good idea to list the things to lookfor in prevention of an unplanned failure of a body of

the Order. With so many new bodies coming in just now, these things should be kept in mind. Tile common causes of Lodge, Chapter and Camp failure in order of frBquency so far are these:

1. Failure to keep adequate records and/or defective management of funds.

2. Domestic arguements allowed to intrude on Order meetings.

3. Disrespect for the feelings of individual members, officers and que s ts.

4. Chan~es in residence of local members.

5. Excessive demands on one person to do all the work.

6. Gross misunderstandings or total indifference to the nature of O.T.O.

Most of these problems tend to cascade in a sort of chain reaction. #1 is the common cause of f. 3 and #5. #2 1 eads to all the others very quickly. The whole thing usually starts with either #1 or #2.

Most of the Lodges, Camps and Chapters of the Order are well run for their size; but as they grow, bodies of the Order need to pay close attention to problems #1 & #5.

Most of the bodies of the Order have constantly been a pleasure to their local members and a credit to the Order.

More instruction is needed in some locals. but this can grow with time.

No significant controls are placed on local bodies in the area of what to teach and what to study by Grand Lodge, but some programs of special study will of necessity be phased in for Lodges with members above Third Degree. This in time. The most pressing need is inter-

action between bodies of O.T.O. over goals, mutual aid and interpretation

of the Blue Equinox for this time and place. Events on the East Coast . reciently have highlighted the se~lousness of dealing with the Blue Equlnox constitutional matter head-on. Actual physical violence has errupted over this issue--two lower degree members attacked

rank i ng members who affi rmed the 81 ue Equincx goals. If we had been better prepa red for i nformi ng new members of this document, these two would probably never have wasted their time and temper in O.T.O.

Actually, things are looking good!

With these corrective measures in mind, they can get even better. Pax Temp11.


nn tuha~ t>11l.1Il wilt shall be the whole of rill.' Law.

Here is a poem submitted by Frater Zardoz

Aleister, your life was in the past, Your OTO will last an aeon, maybe more. Aiwass, whose law of Love is Light. Deliver us from the devils, who tempt

us in the night.

Boleskine. with your Abra-Mer1in haunts, Echoes your taunts, that drive us to your


Again and again, again and again and again.

The 80's, her tyranny is falling fast,

The Night of Pan will an aeon, maybe more. Cry out. to legions of the Brave, .

Time again to save us from the devi l s of street.

Ride out, protectors of the realm, Caliph. at the helm, sail us across the tree of 1 ife.

Again and again. again and again and again.

Templar Knights. Templar Knights.


The OKS is still looking for a "few and secret" men (and women). If you are interested in joining us in the battle for freedom in accordance with the Book of the Law, please write to:

5i r Rusty Sporer P.O. Box 29 New~rk, CA 94560

Love is ~he law, loue unoer mill.

H'c also provide a computer horoscope fJlOgram wh ich includes all iudividual 8-10 page explanation of the chart. Please slate day, month, year, f'xafl rime, ,lIId location fill' each chart desirNI. S5,OO

~ Temporarily we request that your check or money-order be madi- p:1phlc to Cash.

t' Please include S1.00 postage (or first book and 75C each arldit ional ,

, !\IaillO: TAHUTI LODCE 585 \V_ 214 St. 61) NY, NY lOll:} j


10% membership discount on all items


Currently available titles include the following:
Beunert A Note 011 O'A!\OSlino Tarot, The Tvanscendeutnl Magic 7,95
G<'IIt'$i.s S 1,50 Royal Palh 10 WisdoUl 2,95 ~Ialhrl.' Til" Sacred nook
011 the Tminillg of de Luhicz Her Bak: Tlu' of Abra-Mrlin lire Mage 1.50
the Mind 1.50 Livi1lg Face o] F!!,)lpl The Grimoir~ of
Blavatsky The Jloice of the ool. I 8.95 Armudr! 15.00
Silence> 1.25 Iler 801<: EnjJtiml 'J'h,' Icablralu}:
Ruder Dictionary of the initiat« UQI.2 r;,C).-, Vm'c'iit'd 10_00
Tarol 5_50 Dee .. I Trur nmt Faithfu] Ret'll 'liu: 1/ rbcl ;n tire
ClOwl~y Book Four 4_% Soul 9.95
The Book of tile Law 2.% Relation 75.00
Tile Book of Thoth. 7.% rrou-« T{,,: Cold('11 HC!l'Hdie Foundutions of
Til,' I);",), of a Drug I'ersf'.! of Pythagoras 3.95 Practical Magic 12,50
A Car(/!'JI of
Fi,1lri 4.95 Douglas Scxua I Secrets 12,95 POlllcgmllale.f ~.95
Eighl Lectures an l'oga 2.95 Fortune TI.e Illy> tical Thr Middle Pillar 4.95
EuergiU"d EntllllSUum 1.50 Qabalah 5_95 The Tree of Lift" 6.95
Three Hi,ly Books 2_95 Friedman The Book of
Liber E (lPId Liber 0 1.50 Crealioll 2.95 Rieker TI,,, Yoga of Ligftl
Magic~ i" Theory alld Juliano. The Choldean (lIatllGl)'oga l'radnpika) 4.95
Practice 6,00 Slater Tire Flook o] Pagan
$''1.1<'1' Seoen Seven 11,00 Orade.< of Zoroaster 1(1.00 lWual., 6.95
Tarot Vivi.la/;<m 2,00 Knigll! A Practical Guide Wang A" lntrmluction to
Tile Vision and the 10 Qabulistic 1/11' Gohlrn Dawn Tarot fI.95
Foice 7.50 SymbQIJrn 19.95 Full Calm' Eg),/J/iall Zodiac
1'I1011t Tarot Deck Levi ]'he K('}I of ilre from 11,(, Temple of
(C,,(it,h 's Edition) 12.00 My.<lni(!s 6_95 /)"""1,,,,,11 24":x36" 4.95 CONTACT ADDlmSSES OF OFFICIAL LODGES, CHAPTERS &. CA'\fPS of ORDU 'l'EMPLJ OKIl':Nl1S:

This list includes all active reporting bodies to this date: October 1981 e.v. See t'be next list for addresses of bodies currently being considered for authorization.

Grand Lodge: Thelema Lodge, P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley, CA 94702 USA phones: 415-841-4833 ---residence

no phone yet at Temple 415-454-5176--- messages

The meetings are usually conducted at the Temple at 1500 Park St. in Emeryville, California. (Emeryville is on the southern edge of Berkeley,

use the Powell Street ~ff-ramp from HIW 17.

The temple is upstairs inside the large building.) Lodges: Ra Hoor Khuit Lodge, P.O. Box 6018, Teall Ave. Station Syraouse, NY 13217 USA

Tahuti Lodge, 585 W. 214th St., Apt. 6D, New York, NY 10034 USA ( This is mailing address only).

Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge, P.O. Box 3111, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA

Brocken Mountain Lodge, 178 Cosey Beach Ave., East Haven CT, 06512 USA

418 Lodge, p.o. Box 4~5, Oroville, CA 95965 USA Phoenix Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis, P.O. Box 1167, Pointe-Claire Postal Station, PointeClaire, QUs. H9s 4Fl9 CANADA Chapters: Babalon-Therion Chapter, 15121 Casimer, Gardena,

CA 90200 USA

Jane Wolfe Chapter, 10431 92 St., Edmonton, Alta, TSH IT6 CANADA

Nuit-Urania Chapter, P.O. Box 939, El Sobrante, C1\ 94803 USA

Stellar Visions Chapter, 533 Sutter St., #666, San Francisco, CA 94102 USA

Camps: ABRAHADABRA Encampment, 156 Camarillo Ave., Apt. A Oxnard, C1\ 93030 USA

Aiwass Camp, 35023 Lioo Blvd., Newark, CA 94560 USA Nepthis Encampment, P.O. Box 1075, Edmonton, Alberta


DeMolay Encampment, P.O. Bo~ 10877 Glendale, CA 91209 USA Hadit Camp, P.O. Box l857~, Philadelphia, PA 19129 I.N.R.I. Camp, contact via Tahuti Lodge.

AHAI Camp, 3055 N. Racine, Chicagoi IL 60657 USA AHA? Camp. 344 Orange Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802 USA Kephera Camp, F-22 Kosh1and Way., Santa Cruz, C1\ USA Camps: Ko Yuen and ~erdurebo can be reached through

Brocken Mountain Lodge,

Fenris Camp, 33 Fowler Ave., Carmel, NY 10512 USA Maat Camp, 3536 Carabbean Lans, Phoenix, AZ 85023 USA Knox Om Pax Camp, 620 Richmond St. W., Studio 609,

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Cheth Camp, 306 N.E. 7th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601 USA

Additional camps of C.T.O. have tentative acceptance in Boston and in CANADA: details next issue of this list, but see Phoenix Lodge for these bodies.

An. LXXVII e. D.

-' mOnDAY



NEW TEMPLE 0 $1.00 donation suggested




r s a r.




Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the La w •





"Get Crazy wi th


8PM Temple


o with Bi 11 #5 Courts & readin with a full deck. O. T .0. Free Others $3.00



$1.00 donation suggested




o wi thDI~T'tyION #

o Mi nor Trumps II

Tree of Life styl Layout.

0.1.0. Free. Others $3.00

:: 8:PM Temple




) 12FULL Pd:lON


.,CALL 658-902.5





7 0. T. 0. . BOARD

) I' 0"


) 1 i"rEN lYEETING

J' with Glenn

\I' Rune Sti cks


) 14 INITIATION A • ,I) &: • 10



an. ¥'" im. 0'll9. 't= 0= 't=

'tm. 'VI

8PM Temple



NEW TEMPLE 0 $1.00 donation suggested




NEW TEMPLE $1.00 donation suggested

o ENT I ) ::::

) 2 ir~LJ" ~~~G

0' wi th Herb

It fea turi ng:

"The Salavation 0 Prof. Biarrov"

8PM Temple

PG? R? X? IlL


D - An Evenin

, with the

Ca 1 i ph 8PM Temple



o with Bill #6

Reading demo. +time & number determinations. O.T.O. Free Others $3.00

fl·8PM Temple





2LEo"". C.









'01 H3 'I "I\Q Ittn. 0= h:

~m, ttl


, 8PM

NEW TEI>lPLE $1.00 donation suggested



Ail meetings (incl uding those noted as "Temple") are at the New Temple unless otherwise noted. Temple address: 1500 Park St •• Emeryville, CA

postal address: O.T.O., P.O. Box 2303, Berkeley. CA 94702 U.S.A.

Phones: residence 415-841-4833 messages 415-454-5176

Love is the law, love under will.

Official Monthly Bulletin of Ordo Templ; Orientis

Vol. 1, No. 12, December 1981 e.v. An. LXXVII e.n.

Do wrnt thou wilt shall be tbe uibole of the Law..

From the CALIPH

Ok, Genesis 2, part 3. The Four Rivers of Paradise.

-So this guy had invented his own Tarot And.that is OK. After all how many time; d~rlng that fantastic year of 1969-70 e.v. dld I say to anyone who would listen'

':Whe~ we get this Thoth deck pulblished,

1~ wl~l cause a whole new psychic vibrat10n 1n the Universe."? And that is exactly what has happened, and that is good. Un~ort~nately something else is happening WhlCh 1S not good. Because this guy's old

1 ady came over to me when I was readi ng Tarot cards at Ren. Faire ( I dron. hack on the Wai~e or Rider deck on occasi~n just for varlety. If anybody can find a set of the Manley P. Hall deck, for God's sake forward it to mee ... I lost mine) and laid out a spread. It was rather ·interesting. After all, every Tarot reader has their

own way of reading the psychic mirrors we call Tarot. But then she started to explain to me about how she was going to change the cards around on the Tree of Life. Unfortunately that is verboten. For a very simple reason. Those 22 cards the 22

Major Arcana, happen to repres~nt v~rious a~pects of your psychic body. For example, Blnah happens to be the pituatary gland in the back of your head •. Sometime I must explain to you why Pisces is represented

by a double moon that represents the back

of your creni a 1 cavity. Or why THE HIEROPHANT, the Taurus card, goes from Chokmah (your Agna Chakra ) to Chesed,

But Aleister CrGwley says it better.

Note 1, page 7, MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE ( the original ), he says:

"One who ought to have known better (Fr. Achad) tried to improve the Tree of Life by tUrning the Serpent of Wisdom upside down~ Yet he could not make his scheme symmetrical: his little remaining good sense revolted at the supreme atrociti es. Yet he succeeded in reducing the whole Magical Alphabet to nonsense, and shewing that he had never understood its real meaning.

The absurdity of any such disturbance of the Paths is evident to any sober student from such examples as the following: Binah. the Supernal Understanding, is connected with Tiphereth, the Human Con' -usnes s , by Zain, Gemini, the

Oracles a ' Gods, or the Intuition.

That is, t.,< attribution represents a psychological fact: to replace it by The Devil is either humour or plain idiocy. Again, the "Fortitude," Leo, balances Majesty and Mercy with Strength and Severity: what sense is there in putting "Death," the Scorpion, in its stead?"

-- If you see what I mean.

H.A. 777



Can you paint? or drive a nail?

Do you have time to spare? Short on your dues? Then come on duwn to J500 Park day or evening to help liS finish uur new temple space. ~jo oxp o r Len c e is n c c e s s a r y a L thou gh we e s p e c I rl 11 Y n e o d "

c e r p e n t e r and an 0 I pc:tr j c i.a". Cd J J 658-9025 for tools and edsy ncrrss t o t h e b u i 1 din g. III ad rll [, i 0 f1 I 0

v o u r contribution y011 will r e c i rv e $3. 00 PCl" ho u r crorll t t.o wa r d s

y o u r next d e q r c e d u e s . Thanks. 93.

Br a n =903. TVa

This ~pplips only to hdrdshlp Cd5PS~ volunLcers arc always WE'lc<)nlC'-tci.

Lodges Chapters Camps









O·C T 0 B E R I 9 8 1 e. v.

Oct, 3rd &: 28th 8pm

Minerval Initiations at Heru-ra -ha welcoming 4 new rnernbe r s to the Order.

Oct. 6th, 13th, lOth,27th 8:30pITl MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE CLASSES. This month with special Goetic Evocation d ernonet r-a tt on by DeMolay Carnpmaster and Excorsist

of the Church John T. Sandefur and Enochian pa at= Hfe scans with David Wilson.

Oct. 1 st, 8th, 15th,. 2lnd Spm


AHA Camp also celebrated an early Crowleyrnas party at the Alpine Village Okt obe rfe st in Torrence on the 9th.

Oct 18th 11 :30am

- OUR LADY OF THE STARS TEMPLE E. G. C. of HERU RA HA LODGE celebrated the Mass of the Gnostic Catholic Church. Mass was followed by the usual champagne Brunch.

Oct. 23rd, 24th, l5th &: 26th Representitives of Heru-ra -ha Lodge, Babalon-Therion Chapt-

er, AHA Carnp and 93 Camp

drove to Sacramento to attend the Neuro-Romantic Inphasion sponsored by Boleskine Cam.p. Besides

rne ebi ng Robert Anton Wilson and other celebs. the Southern California contingent wa s honored to spend the afternoon of the 25th alone with film m.aker Kenneth Anger (Lucifer Rising), It

was a fascinating lunch with one of the worlds most interesting Thelemites.

We wish to thank Boleskine Ca rnprna st.e r Frater Za rdoz and es pedally Brother Ron Meharg for their extraordinary hospita lity and wa r mth ,

Oct 15th


ALLY DISABLED shocked the general population of the Order by getting out

the Fall issue of 2~. This issue makes an attempt at a Great Leap forward in inter-guild-inter--lodge co-operation with several cornrne r cta I products of interest offered at considerable discounts to O. T. O. Mernbe r s , This is sue of 0 Y E Z also presents several colorful articles. (something to offend everyone)

Heru-ra-ha was honored in Oct. by a visit f r orri Nuit- Urania Chapter digni-

taries Chapter Mi s t r e s s Chandria and Frater Va nd i mi r ,

Oct. 31st 8pm

93 Camp provided us all with a gay-lah Halloween party that La sted well nigh into November.



Activities this month included attendance at the Boleskine O.T.O. sponsored Neuro-Romantic Inphas ion. Our chapter mistress confered with occult film maker Kenneth Anger on film techniques. Chandr1.a is work1.ng all. a Scarlet Woman film project of her own. Other projects included the publication of Frater Belarion's BABALONwork1.ng, and the beginings

of the construction of a Enochian temple by Frater Vandemere. NuitUrania Coven has resumed regular

lunar ceremonies, to be held all. the full, and last quater moons of each month. We are now preparing for an outdoor ceremony on the last quarter. of this month to be held on Mt. Diablo


"The key of Ute rituals is ill the secret word which r have given unto h i m , "

Dear Brother John has left us to serve in the Armed Forces. Three candidates are awaiting minerva 1 initia tion and FRATER ~L A. K. of our encampment has disappeared. Our «nDchian boards are near completion

and have been used with positive success


in extemporaneous rituals.

Attn: Sir Joseph Shockley;

"If this topic is not open fur discussion ... ", why did you men t j on it?

Jk·1e, .,' ,:C'., CHH.~ ,'",. 1 Uld 1 '1::' ,;t. I~UJ)lont.c~, j.~b~l'La CA,;AfJll:', 1 ," (,

t: .::;rjr"L£::.; 0i' claeser-; 01"1 i'unaa-

.t in L .;,.)f~c: ·,'1as h('ll~ Ul,I'.;.:C t he: months 11" ,j1"!1.1 ar,· .j!, I::A, .. ~;eT +c fOlk,,' ClJ:!vanc '~"·G?' I) f t].'; ~" . .' ( 1,VI'· a+ ,; 1<7. 2-'.. I J Cnlf t bat

~. 1'1' c"] , ',1_/ C ~I.- ::_: l~ ,:}T t ~_"d ~l r:,f_. r: i e S 0 f

(~i CLGSC':3 D .... ~ '~bf; t an is sch,cciuled ~ fJ~·":Df:;.!l: ,)t:' t'l" vc'actj.c:'1 us:e o f

i, ~~:.:) ) ~1 i_ !g' an' .~.

. t;: '~'J:'"':;;eE:·t t i'l~nkR ~,_.I 1:0 '::;ir .ucl., . ~L',-L ,:r f~· ... i: L"':'t:") '"',?-!!: j n lHJI'rGrrl=~n:_;· j_1p-r~Vt:l.J. ;lnd ,I~j_-;",~-t Dr..J~r""L"::l ::~·d.tja1.;-.J:I~;, :~f}d for ·i::/ .. ir~i; .J.'·h~i;ruL and ~lLrMl~f' FUBst. If our' JPpJ-i :,~", t G .inc r"i'8r~ UJroug 11 the F'",ll, a V::_.;i t the C:'-.li~·h 0.' d IS:;arl f}L ::,'..j !nr~ V;:)llj d 'Lr: PC~t~ible.

~,t;' ;'"lC'1C. ou:-~· ,-,:,cJ(lgrat1!1~~-;l~~1.~tl~J ~nc: Gl,<U-:JCl7't to ' 'I J" t.r o- ... ho rs in

r:I'13t.J7" ~:.:.t~,~d~).. I, •• ~8itoY',~j to ~d-

.J':JI to., .)rG welc(':'i'CtElnd ttere is

-' p05,-;i bi l:i ty .; ~ ::"OI1!'] u!" 'Wl' :ner'l-' ll""'~' r.:l IcatL:,c' ~::: thE.: ':'18t tc

.: ~Lj ','.:-' t!'1 tho ."cJi'" t her-c , Tn par~.i.c 1.1 , :", \iL lii.'.o, t. ~J 1".1y,l: ;le r 8 i J.

:J ~'f(jrt8 h.J .T{,;".,. Lse 9cc;ord:i ng tv

L,_lr-L~' ~ II~·!(X prcr.c(Jurec",


Do what: tlmu wilh shall he the whOle rtf b he Caw.

The Knight's Korner wishes to thank those who have found "it in their heart to send articles to this column. One of them will appear now. following a few comments ..•

It is fitting that the Knights of Baphomet have a quest, a special

cause to devote their energies and thoughts towards the completion. Many good causes cross out minds, but one seems to stick out, that of working towards the implementation of the Nel'l Aeon. the Age of the Child Horus.

With this in mind, the following work was sent to this office by Frater i

Per Ardua of Montreal Canada. It s

length dictates severe editing for this short col umn ...

"Before re-incarnating. the entity

has full knowledge of how it wishes to progress. The re-incarnating ego has chosen the physical vehicle for incarnating and accepts the veil of "orgetfulness of infancy. Naked, vulne.able, the new born ego is at the mercy of its mentors ••. Unfortunately, the changes have led to indulgence of tile young rather than the correct di sc iilines being applied. This can only aggravate the situation and provide further food for the false ego.

In the previ GUS Pisceen age, religion did provide, rightly or wrongly. some guidelines for the young to follow.

With the passing of this restraining influence a vacuum was created which should have been filled by correct guidance and discipline. Instead, i~dulgence was viewed as en'~htenment, llSence was touted as fre~dom. and the 'Dawning of the age of Awuar l us ' was made responsible for all such problems.

"Codex Juvenis

Being a code of instruction and behaviour suita~e for application to the young it thi j <1e ' \ f Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child. This Code is in accordance with the Law of Thelema and may be followed with advantage. by ~ny aspirant to or adept of the A .. A ..

"1, All prospective parents. natur~l

or otherwise, shall learn ana reallze their responsibilities as vehicles,of re-incarnation. In this shall there be complete equality of sex, Let ea~h partner appraise this statement 1n

the light of their feelings towards

one anot·her.

2. Sexual intercourse far the sale purpose of concepti on by the female shall be treated as a sacred ri tua l , a sacrament of the highest spiritual order and quality. preparing for same

as is described in the Tantric 'Sacred Marriage', 'Energized Enthusiasm' and other such works dealing with this su~ect. Knowledge and the application of astrological aspects shall be used to determine auspicious times relevant to conception and birth dates.

Lcost,a";y in c1 imax and orgasm shall be sa,;'··iflced for vt sua l.at ion. In this shall both partners be in complete accord. Thus shall the way be prepared for the re-incarnating ego to manifest in a fitting physical vehicle.

3. After conception, the female partner shall prepare for the birth by repeated and regular practices of meditation, skrying in the spirit vision, and

those ri tual s and ceremonies approved and proscribed by the A.' .A.·. and the oTO.

4. Befor·e the birth, both partners must be in complete agreement as to the amount and type of mundane influence allowable for the incarnating ego.

S, bject as we all are to lhl<'i,1ane laws, school and the inevitable religious impacts shall be assessed. Where pos,sible, the complete education of the

chi 1 d shall be under ta ken by the parents in conjunction with the Order.

5. After birth, the incarnated ego shall be, as soon as possible, introduced to esoteric symbology. Beginning with

simpl e geometric forms, such as the triangle, proceeding progressively to the pentagram and the hexag_ram, s imp l e forms of the Otz Chiim, the lree of Life and the Tarot.

No attempt shall be made to influence the ego toward any particular preference of symbology, but careful observance

shall be made to determine the direction of the 'go.

Love and discipline shall be give~ complete balance. All actions per fo rrned and indeed all association I .. ith the child shall support the incarnated ~go giving no cause ~~~ver for the creation of a false ego.

Every opportunity shall be given to the incarnated ego to learn by itself. In this shall the parents be guided only as to safety of the child. i.e •• let the child be burned by the fire, or bitten by the dog, or scratched by the cat, as long as the [esson is 1 earned.

Causes of fear shall be faced and overcome. Let the child climb the tree if it so wills. Let the parents show no fear for the safety of the c hi l d ;"

The r'elilaining 5 paints will appear next month.

Those wl shi nq to obtain more information on this article, or on the OKB, or to submit articles for consideration to appear in this column are asked to write

Sir Rusty Sporer Order of the Knights P.O. Box 29

Newark, CA 94560

of Baphome t

*******+++++********* ~ranu 'ncge R~pnrt

Owing to lack of space this issue, please find the address.

of Grand Lodge on the Address Llst.

Events at Grand Lodge have

been moving fast this last month. We

are settling into the new temple at.1500 Park St. in Emeryville, but the offlce space is still a bit out of control .. In December we expect to be more orgam zed. but unti1 then, it's a good idea to keep an extra copy of any correspondence that was sent to the Grand Lodge. After a couple of months, unless th~re is a responce you mi ght want to remt nd us about the l;latter. Some rather important matters have been delaid because of moving.

Tape orders have been delaid for

some months now. After getting a p~rtial order of blank tapes from our suppller, the company went out of business: We have located a new supplier, and we wlll not

be raising prices. Tape orders .of s~veral months standing are just now belng fllled.

The new electronic equipment at

Grand Lodge has already begun expanding persona 1 servi ces to members. We a re now ' able to send out letters of greeting to new

initiates, substantial reports to local bodies on the records at Grand Lodge and individual timely reports to individual members. Starting now, if you want to get

a current statement of your financial record

at Grand Lodge ( dues & fees paid, purchases, debit or credit balances, etc. ) and your

name begins with A through F (last name)

you can have an almost immediate response. Requests for a statement from Grand Lodge

should be sent directly to the Grand

Treasurer General: Dill Heidrick, 5 Suffield Ave., San Anselmo, CA 94960 USA; and should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

If such requests are limited to a financial statement, immediate 24hr response should be expected. This is only available for

last names A-F this month. more will be available later as the present set.of entries expands. Reports are ~ sent to the people who's financial records themselves are requested. Privacy access is limited to the individual, officers of Grand Lodge and the local O.T.O. 'leader for a body of ~Ihich the record holder

is a listed memher.





7HrA7iLr -:fb h!.:"m~£r

Brother Joe Shockley would like to correspond with those who live in Pasadena California; Cario Egypt, Europe & anyone who practices & studies as intensely as myself the old Golden Dawn Sys tern. Wri te to Joe Shockley. 2626 Wise St., Columbus, GA 31903 USA

As th~ midni3ht hour o~ -~abalan ~rrlv~d with L~r pur p Le le:~-j_c"'1~t t.!"',t; "Lrh t of ilan ;.;}~isp.:~red t:~e co.~i"1e of a ::2.r.;·~6 fro.-n -:'!~!7 :.i' ... as t wit> '11s -'"agict.:.J.l ~h~ld I As +~~e "~Rll ;..:,h lee his troop~ in the ;Tidnj_-,:~t ?esil, the ci:":er:2. tr3.ns:'~r~C'd into a Th::!l~-nic ;p~ilple, 'l'he

~r:an~ ~a.sL .. e r of cir.c"'!3. to~ap':'~.:r I Kenrie th

An.re r t l~:if:1ked the ~'1agick of t~je -'orr.irp;:

Sti r , t·l~n before Q'Jr ":"Ii_rId's ~.Y~ !uci -"'_'r TOSIJ~

ly Sa~u.!"day :301es'ki:1e -:_'.,)Dk~d lik~3 :-"Tor.:1ar..j~/ --each, 2.5 'hel~mic st3.f': C3.:'~S :.i.:""'.loaded ~~~::)lars in }'-aves :);;: fore tr:e :7:J.in aasau'l t

on ~Sr} 3 ~ .leven O,'~" C. 'lOti Le s ti~re in r?pT9- aen ta cia", Lnc Lud i.rv; the Ga 11:J~, The Grand TrpasureJT '~eneral. and the r.ra.~_d :-J8CtC .....

til.r:r r:~ner3.l. '":~e o. ".0. i~·rasiQ~ f,»:ce~

co 1:'3 is tf~d_ of 'Yl'n.ele:'1a ~r.3.~d Lodr=e , ·-:>?r',!~ra-r:a ~uct,:!~, Chn:;Jt~rs ~!uit-Ur:l;""1.i3.t ]~:.~113..r; t/isionsJ rr-o;nr,.J.n:3 of ~:'el.:t~lon I --:,l.~~-;Js. :~erl~-'~enu+.et, and t~e cO~5piritors fro~ ~~12ski~,~~

f:-,I) :~3.1iph .J.'1.d i·\"['f .~ol~_r-:ron 1-:p."~:l':"l th~~ 3aturd:J)" ~'~'O{7:;o_;t ·,.,i tn 3. r~.:'~.rso'=-- i:'1 "!:.e!:""-li: 1;1 fol1~:ic·r. ',Y t,~e (Jaliph I e .:_tlt~!:".ed ~ ~.'3,. ':.~::.;'~

slide ShOH. .job:1 i Lcon f3..'\~ec ~::e f'La.re s with \lis lHany an the p re s Lden t i a L Bonz o E03.S t I' aile a sneak pr-ev i e-r o f excerpts from ~is ~ew book~ ~:e~neth An~9r concludert ~he ~;ir;:~1t of I'an wi t!l rUms f'ro.: ~.is :~a[id: :'3.ntern:;/cle, clL:laxir,g t'1e Inp:"asiJn ld~-!;.r Lucifer :1islng~ ~.Te ad jurned "hack co "o Le nk i ne wreye I-,h(-' ~·',~"s tBry "aba Lo "f1, par':'j- re!ielled

until t~Le ! .o Lde n L-a~·;r.

:;lll~d3.:! 'lie;ht. the first G,:·x;tic :',:;."" in 3i:i_CT':1.:::r~nto Or/as .~er~O!"7'!8r! ~~y "i:::;r_O~j3 . _.

:p,_"·"r: •• Lady ~2.pi2.r~r:_1 2;L.j_ =~;_c·.Jn Lo l a ~. ::;olf~. "ii',,", tl,e illu;ni!",a r;b,:; s;':ill of t:-,e Bis~o;;s and t!':e Hell con st.ru~~2d i~"ilQl€ Getup , ~~~e -,y::;tery of the :!-3.SS 3.,:l.onp: tJ~8 celeb ran t s man 1:' ~5t"d, :';:ent'eth .\"'<"er 3.<;ab C'r.chan ted the ade p+s with his ,""'!le'TIic ::').s ~er" piece, Inaugura tt.J~ of t he Pl2-asur-~ ~G·l.": ~

Unfortu~a t.e Ly , Lucifer ".i5i~g 1·:.3.5 cancelle1 due to a :'rea~':8d-out night :::a.r.a?:8r ,,""'.0 turned on the lights and .sto:r":np.d t'le projector, stopping the +-iL:t' 5 cli~ax-thus incurring the csvcr.Lc Hrath of the Order.

L A~ 50 to 60 (~8rnplars co-:-:.-"rerged upon our

borderla~1d cut post I the Inphas Lon :::CC?_l1P. a nr rvat.c !." :',0. [}ttherinp; in '::he spirit of PA.;( ~'·iFLI, There were nany unsung heroes ',Ihose na rd work rr.ad'l our ,:.reat under.takine;

a ':agicka.l SUCC8S:;:;, SO to those m.mhers who know ;.rho t ns '/ ;'re ann thp. nany '~hp.lemi t,es in at Le ndancc , ~e ext')na OUT tha!1ks.

T'::18 second printins of the 0:".0.

I'~shirts is now ava i.Lab Le to ~e".bers of the Order. Due to increased Fosta~e and printi.r; 0" co S t s , the shirts are nc-r )7,77 per sh'irt and i7.5. CD pBX" ilozen. Jecause o f \::a.nkir..r.r Cr)r:£'lict3 T"""Lake ~hecks or money orders t~ Gash or payable to C. Dietler.

~ater Zardo~ 10

The1e.lllll Publications

P.O. Bo~-1093, Kings Beach, California 95719

The worl. 01 Aleister Crow,ley PIlHisJ1ecl hy Thelma Pllhlications

,'"\.MRlTA . Llhct tTCXLm

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AMIl.ITA dcl uxc ..:d,itLO'J1 ISliNO·91357619·0 N.Y.P.

NOTF· Tho: above r,mding - net yet pubh';hcd

llOOK or 'T'f-rE, 1 'I ,.IJ, Thi.' P~l\ml~. CoUlllOJI hardbound

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nnOK o: '1; IE LA W, The

'KHING T::'\NC KING The CI.Js~l(; uf Ptlnty

b~iJJJ;; Libcr XXI

Kui uen , pSCl1l1.0h vm ~ neuelatton

!.SI3N 0.91.3576-07 7 8.7.1

LIDeR XXi· Khing K-ang Kill:;'; TSBN 0'$Il3576-16·6 21.9.1

~kLLLlLC etfition IwiL.it liJL~~mHiull~ by author]

SOUL (n: THE DESr.'1.T. The P0.llu ~=lf Junlh ru L~J cdltinli

rSBN O·9U.'i7(1.[18·S ~ 'i(]

TAO TEH Kl('.:(_~1 The· 1\ New TTIL.n-shtion

by I(u i'1,cn rrSl,lcJon·'m: 1'"p,~1:1T c~ ISBN u·91.},~76-06-9 16,9$

1 '10 TEH krNC, "rbc

rlct.uxe d,~iclll [hnrdbound In Natural Raw Silk

w/Lf:"~dH:~J ISBN {H91J...';76·10-7 30.00

81 nf-;1~ ~,(1p~' nrdef8 must be: prepaid and include postage P.at"Ci!!1 rO~1 lh.ok Rll:I.I!:. Slll.Illl bonks - $1.10

dct.uxe hli nons L4S

t1thCHI: - QUlllm,} Orders, pit: .. ae request Proforma Invclce






Thalemic I~va~ion nf SAcramento

On ~rinav n)~ht five T~elp.mites ,::ret int!) a car I their rl,.,~ti na't t on ~acramentn and the films of Yenneth An,er. Each of u~ envelnnerl in half a rainhow •• ith the filmR effect enhancin ... th"! S1 tllatl'ln I hecame aware nf the in~rerlihle fnrcBS ~e are 1e~ling with.

Hav t nc s"!en 'I'1a1lp,'Bration o f the Pleasure Dome' nnc~: 'Lucifer

li s i n~' twice: ann • L'1V0cat inn of

My Domnn ~rnther' thrice: T c~n sav with certainty that the films are s o nrv cherle l i c that v ou rlon't neerl !T"ICl-J r::::ychedel t c s ,

Someing nut of the theater we were all in a different realjty. "Ihl) c ou I d drive in such a state? The pPTeon who drove u~ thore decided to try it, so we all concentrated and gave 1-jjm ene~gy and it turned mlt to be a r1ea::::ure a~ter a1.1 .•

Frater Zard~z ~ave us Bccomidatinns and t~e talk tUrnerl to a rjisc'lsf'inn or the')uahalah, t ht s

I reall.,v e'l,ioyerl hu t it lllll",tratecJ how mach .I nee d to .. study.

Nc:o:t day we arrived to a lectlJr'~ hy Rob~rt ':Vilson, 'Luci.fer lisinp;' , and a slide show by Grady L. McMurtry, Caliph of the O.T.O.

On the lAst day Jane and Do~ performed the Gnostic Mas~ (Kenneth Anl:('er commented that the Pr LesteR~ waR heautifu1l).

It's a B~ame that the janitor insisted we had to leave before 'Inau·n-arati.nn 0"- the P'le a su r-e

D')IT)F! " wh ioh was sl-) ov n a {'ter the Mass. wa s finished. Rut all in all it was a joy and a learnin~ e~perip.'lce. ~oror GerTI11"lenf)8RB.


The Omep;a F'ointli'nundati.on I which nractices a form of RIohal acupuncture,has brouRht to us the new 100- a t i ori and mu se um number of the Stele of Ii= ve a L i.nl~. This number is very important to Thelami t e s , Its old numher ~~6,piven tf) it in the Roulak MURenm he l p=ri to convince Aleister Growley to nerform the actions_that

b r ouah t UR the Hook of the Law.

It is now in the Cairo Museum in tl-Je room called "Late "'unerary".

It has been p,'lven the new museum !1umher "0422".

DUE TO ILLNESS ~E WUST 0?~R~ THIS A'D, ~ .,; III itT s D T:~.S I) s,

~hre '1'111 ca n u nd e r s t a nd that with th~ '11'lVC>:, t'a'! new sv s t em of d oi nrt

t h t nr-s that '111I" t1.ny stCl.ff' has ~'ltten run ~0wn ~nd exasnetated.

Ve hnne to he u~ to snee~ soon A'l thtp time nay ~oattention to

. the many erraTR I know have creene1 'I wlpr Vie rl r)l)r.

DIXI;.'1uJ.J, II':; A G~ ... '\~iCI:.

'rne ,1'on'",ll beg In'l ....,U.11 01 El~t ~ U.". !-..rl;.' 1.1 0 Lar J'IJ(QUPS of peop Le {e s pe c i a Ll.y women} .;lnJ -do lJ\..'111;!r.Lll ~i,>L.' in crime rlu rLn.] U~Q- ts ' ~l;-~ of ue ccrn b e r . 't'ne r-e l;;' J ne ed 1:-0 bI: »ccc ceu r Lou s tf'lel"l du',' '-0 ':d!';:'i- ,:Ii ~ljc'l,r\~J

ue p tu ne , us e ca r e ~lT:11 :[.i,:c-; ard P::;:)t-!o'l.:''' I,,,,EHJ e nu t~~c,

a1so...l .Jut:'in9 "n1-;; pe r Lod .

Bet .... c c o nec • ilth I:lfHJ let-II .ffl_ will f e e l -ue O?rtl..::r."J}'

~! t"r\~~~r}jaUtC~~~i~g ~ti~:~~ T;!!! ~~~jlJ r~;~\~~:n/n~~lIpi~~~.[~~I~

e e r Iv r ty a nu ne .... cvc re s in. t r e v .::l a ed i ns pt r s r t ona L

puc sc Lt s • Dec. 12tn ~n.t\.I l~H·.h wl Ll f e e I r ne ve ry [~'_'avy

ecn jo nee Len bet .... een tile Sun o;l.nO :ll.Or't-,Ul1.e. 'J"ha",,,:, ... he ,iJ1':L not .a ... a r e of "!".!)e Ao;tt"..:.d P'l a ne l:'I.Jy n_..r eve n f.e~l ->-11,,::::

e spe c e , lJL.Jt tor li!f5~,~CS i ',0; a 1.JI;'LjllH"I Li)':! \)f ~ vho Le r~E."'"

pe r Loc .. nJ (;:QoJ1J a Ls o repz-e s e n r Jr,t-L,ti:..:;n rc r il:any, ..In OIl IIl.Jn~lafl,"" Le ve I tt":1'i conjunc t i on i:ld'~ C,;I"I';;t. cb a nqe-, 111 ca ree r e l..nvolvi[)-:j e be Jo'~n..<Lj,,:'·ure of 11.IULd"'r ci l s , qa s o l t nc ard/.ur;; oc co ps tf ons cortc c r neo ..... I!'.h t~H!' uc..:'ar. u~ h:r::SI~ ccct e s of wat.e r . tne re cco Ld e Lso be o.:;OIDE: no-je cne nce s rrt qove eneen t due t.oO the .;;:;.;n1'5. t"1J1t:!::--S!'"'L!J of ccncr e s s an:.:! 11''.Uu&f'ltlo'l..l rne n ,

The' 2 '-'til co ... Id pr cv ide mor-e xr-a s ba r qe Lns ~,h,~n

ugual arid t r a n s pc r t ... ti.QII 1'5 be r r e r on rhe ::01'1-1 .. "."1

21st, Afr.l:!"t' xme s t r e ve I v l Ll 1I1;.'1i[1 b·.: or t.r r co t-; o!lnd th.u ney.::.rlve t nf Iu a rice hc l.ds ~w~y un t i I the e .... i o t tne

mOI'th~r~~~ i~'5 3~:; ~~~ ~~~5t t~:F.~ f~·~ ~1~L~r;eJ'l\~~~ ~)(

fi r es 'S.J t"dke more pt:ecau ~ ;'1,)11.';; r.hen rto r me 1; I)L.I r,"J 1 a ty .... ill pr ooaul v ne IDJ..;!,"'I nc r e r ampan r, r hen too+ toc-: j 1y Sunl., '5e)l.tJJ~ to au p t re r wl:~l aEfor..l s ome pr ot.e c- Lon and aaqt c r e.ns \oIOulj do well 1'0 mv ok '" t ne bene f t cr e nt ta.ys or JLlPLtE:~,.

Venus guP."i !j(:ot'(QlJ("aJI.! l.Ol.~~~.Jt·";i to r'IOV(" UiJ::::..;, .... · •• ~ I)

en N-Qw Ye.ar.., Eve ilrlLl thi-s .... UL ",'n~:;clt:oll' ,.:;1C) ..... d o .... I; t.», u sus I al1t~I;:''J:,.'lf tn r s tnne of y~.JI'. ~eGinnln-:J ,J i"1~_'W Y!:'ilr: wlrh veuc s ,~c i rsd Lee r e s InDr:'~ tl':lJ,.~)l~ f'or IoIvM\;;' I I in 1.,8:2 ,H1:J " ~~r,~r:al lack at Levu C'HJ12-::- r,il-t.' ¥"~IO}C p.l ane t -.!IJ:'; i.ll~ t.n l s yee r . ve nu s w Ll L be: k. u n tl I F'cu!;"u~r.-J' I 1 tI"l so l t s 110t' tOI:l oe s t lime to ueq i n ~ r'omanc e (lut::1ng t.IIJ'~ .tJgrl:.~c' • r La r time. Currsl'lr. Lcve a(EIl lr:'';': ,~dy c cme 1"0 ...:I 'S.tand~ti11 no ... oH1Ll any pa r t ne r shLp s ,:~d,i.' ~J~lt.~'=l.!'l) 110u.' e ed fll;'b. Ll t.h m.;lY be mc ru 'Suo;o.:C"t t.o l~I~I~t"'t,I");1.';i ,,)110 h Lnd r a nce in j r e e ex pe e s s s cn of Love to':ell n.,ls.

OUI;' to "e ne f~C't "'nAt~ · ... e n .. ve no- z e c e t ve i

suffid~l1t 5~'lf-addr:;;"'i'Sea,i 'Staf.\j,"cd enve Lcp e s "'-0 JlJoo.o1' df cant i nu a c Lon 0: tb Ls cc Lurnn In ll"~ P',:"(!'jt:IH cc rm, nex p mon'tIl~'S CQ6MJC Nt:li~ .&. VL:t;:..s::;, ..... i II .il[ .. pe ur 111 oS 1,l'ply a bnr e v La tecr f c-u.

T!lanx. YOLl, ~H.H"D' CLn.;Jmur. Ce.l e s t a If" 0,",:',0,

LET LIS I<.N~"'"

1~. yoo .... cu Jd 1 LK~ U';i to enncunce Jil ~·I'.HI'_ you r Lod qe , Ch",?~~', Cam?1 Coven, 5~lJr!':' g~r;J':~'{

cxqa nt z.a t i.cn l,S t nt e nd ln. to r.oJdi Jt:! nu s r re c e cve

not Lee by e he Lr r s r day of the pc ev i cc s r-c n-f In

o rde r to t nc Lude it.

Tt'lough th.l.o;l i e ec e is be Ln'3 ma t Led

Lnt.e r ne c i one Lry to ::-he mernbe r ah rp of. -j-e 0,"",0, ' .... eel'S" d t s t r cbu t e it In oeok s r or e s and "v our own malll.ilSl l t s r , '1( we k.now ~h~t ycc p l ar In <l.d vc ncr'¥Ie c .... n r:.el? Lcc-s e pe r t i c t pe c r on .

puwas. :JNlO S:J9VS (; 1V[J1) & roil fiJ(X)V :JIY D&:. 3M 5t1t Dec. 7M Dec.. 8111. D€I:'_ 9 zit Dec. 11:t1t

Dec. Dec.

9:17am J~50fRIJ 6~32_pn 12:5'-*f17! 6:Jlr:m'


D e.c.. 17ri:A Dee:.. i8ih Ilea; 20:th. Dec. 21M:.

Dec. 23M. Dec.. 2.'ilJz.

Dee. 26:I:.JiJ Dec... 28;tlt

jJ!f(fRIIWl /is'PfilS !JAI OCC&1il3EJ? 77fW 1981 t211: ')u~eJI. /.JwnL-/.Jex:t.i..J..e_ u.'Wn.~ 5:06p

12/2: SUll. S. fXilltaLLe..L Nepb.Jn..e 3:02p

12/3: Veru.Ld /.J1'If!_£JJI.e 'P i.J.thJ 2:: JOa.

fiiel!.t:WUj 1. pa;taJ..l..eJ.. IV,e.ptune 1/ :28a

(/!G/I.A 4if:UOA.e tV epiun..e 2 :08p

12/4.:: Sun. s.. fX!!ULI.l.el.. /n(llL(.'.WUj 0: 19 a.

12/6: meJI.~ 5. ptrJWJ.J.eJ.. V€1U.IA 5::02a

5a.tivtn. J. pa;inJ.J..eL 'P.I..u.W Nt. 10:560.

12/7:: Sun. 5 •. 0a.wJ.1.e/.. Ve/'l.I.U 11:53a

12/9:: Vet1lUI S. fX1A.Dl..I..e.L Nep:b.1.I1.e. 10 .. 42_p

12/10: 5t.1l!. rumJun..u..t In(ljtCW!IJ 6:55a

Ven.u.d .dex.t:U..e U/I.OTU.UJ 7: 27 p

t2Jl1: /tle11..CJ.J/1../f 4ex:t.U..e 5atiwt. 7::21a

Sun. .deXi.Ue Sa..f.wu-L 10:dip

12/13: V~ /.l~ JupJ.;t'eA. . 10:23a

12/1li:, /llet!£.lJ1l.V. ~ NepiiJ.m.e. 2 • .q.,3a

12ft 5:: /lle11.CW1lJ .6eXJi.i.J..e. 'P l.Ji.to 6: 53 a

12/t6: 5un. coT}j.unci Nepi.ur}.e 6::;8a

Ven.u.d.l. fXUU!!./..eJ.. UI/..GJ1.lJ4 1: 1/ p

12118: Sun: .de:dU..e 'PJ..ui::o 2::19 a

/I)~ A~ filCl/t.d 9:J3a

12/20; (lJQAA ..dexiiJ.J.e UIf.GI'UlA 2:52a.

/I)~ 4exi..i.J..e Ju.p.U:.(ljt. 7:2Oa

12/& 5~ AlquaM- /I)aJl.,d 8:26a

Sun. A€:x:t.iJ.e Jupi,!.eJt 8:56p'

12/30:: /11 (l.Il.ClJAij A qua.n..e 5 adunn: 11 ::23 p


Our car has gotten to the point where she really ne e d s s ome cne wh 0 if' rm a l i f'i.ed to ;~et h"r Durrin,<; a,c-ain. It ain't me han"!.

I'm nusl ifien to teach everythtn~ from ceremonial Ma~ick to Ancient Egyut'ian [d terature.

I'll trade one on on"l instruction for ')ne 0n nne instruction, Any takerR call fi~8-01~A ~bony II" a,T.n.


Stellar Visions haw offers this, out of print, gem by Aleister Crowley on the ·T~ance States".

Books for the be9i nne r , by this ge~iug of the occult arts and sCiences, # are all too r~r:e. If you wish to start your studies of the large body of material by Alei~ter Crowley with "I~ittle Essays Toward Truth', 1''''' won't be disappointed.

The glossary explaining the

meaning of many of the Magical and Mystieal terms, which are also used by many other authors in the Occult wo~ld, is itself worth the purchase price to the new student.

This edition contains two diagrams lett out in the early seventIes in the last print.ing. It 15 it very good introduction to many of the concepts ex pa nd ed upon in· BOOK 4".


The first edition, of our £11:"t magazine, was wate~colored by hand on many pa.ges, and since so many hours were requ i t-ed to produce it, only 38 numbered copy" were ever made. Due to nume r oo s eeque s t.s , we have decided to reprint it in black and white.

It contains ·Soul of the Degert" by Aleister Crowley "Stepping out of the Old Aeon into the New" and other original material by member" of the O.T.O .. There is an article on the power of the pyramid witt. an additional comment by n·ater Meithra" XI' O.T.O., and the first Cosmic News and Views by Soror Celesta.


'Stellar Visions II· contains

never before published Crowley works from the Syracuse Collection. These were collected and typeget by Fr~ tel' Heithrasl

The ·Conatltutl.on of the Order of Thelemites" (though never implemented by Crowley) , contains so nUch t nf o rma t Lon that it is surpr.i9ing that it was never printed before now.

"A Letter on hrt to Lady Frieda Harris" from Cl"owley contains aome of the instructions for pal.nting the • Thot.h Tarot Cards' now used by so many.

·Cefalu· also by Ale ister Crowley is II guide to tile Abbey of Thelerna, mentioned in "Col1fessions· and many other places. The rare descr iptions of the rooms, painti.ngs, and other aspects of life there are invaluable.

·Clear Crowley's Name Campaign" by Grady L McMurtry, has been lost for many years. Since it was written long before he became head of the a.T.O., it makes clear some of the attitudes that

~~~. haN~et l;gd m!~tr;~ lh~mo{~~~a.;ge t~~

him, by Crowley, of the "Caliphate Papers". These empowe red him to ""form the 0.'1'.0. at a time when it was in danger of losing its continuity.

There is poetry ano art b~ Crowley and others.

There is a190 'An open letter to Robert Anton Wilson", by F~ater IAKASAI and 'Across the GUlf", which crowley states is a descriptlon of his life as Ankh-f-n-Khonsu, and mOre.


The Source Boo .. is entirely devoted as a comprehensive reference to hund red s

of occult worKs from the collection of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the majority of which we hope to soon make av .. ilable to the student of the occult in an inexpensive sof t cove r format.

If you are a se r Lcus student of the writings of ~leister: Crowley; if you teach classes in the field of the occu I t; if you wi s h to know wh 1 ch book Crowley is referring to when he Uses Ramon numerals in a footnote; if YOIl want a list of his books of poetry, plays, ba llets, l\. ••• J\.... Instructions, O.T.O. works, or. even his FJ.cti.on, then thls reference work will save you HUch ti"'~ and effortc.

"AN our L 1 N~ OF THE SYS'T''':~~ OF '1' HE 0.'1'.0." IS ~OW O!~ SALE.

This material ha~ been taken

from ei..r;ht d i.fferent s our ce s in

the wrttetn~~ of Al~i~ter Crnwley and r s now of'fered· for sale tfl the public in this format for the fi.rst time.

The f')110winp; s ou.r oe s were u sed : "1'he:::onfesstons of Alei.ster Crowley" "Map;ick without Tears"

"MaRical and Philos'lnhtcal Gommentar1.r"s on the Book or the Law"

'''l'he S/1lltnox Vol I"

"LihpT :''i.CrV''


"Libor Gl"

mhis hook is availahle for the introductory ~rice of ~l.q).

Our dsmand- fflr t h i s hOOK ha s

e x cee d ed ')I1r su r-p'lv and as a rpsu l t we ~ave been f()rced to w i t"fJdraw it f'r om sale untill i.t is re-nrinted.

P:lE-PUFll, rC,lTTON SAV<; E\!DF.:D

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and no more orrters at the low nric~ can he accentert. Those w~o have alrea~v ordered theirs will ~8t first consideration whRn we puhlish this material.

"An Ollt 1 i 11e of the '1v !';t'~m of t'l" O.T.O.~ is finished, anri tho~e

'Rho ordered "The O. T. O. '~()llp. c t i on" will r e ce i ve it Tree of char,o;e, iT you have not gotten your copy vet let u s kn ow ,


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If vou have read "S011rce Flook g3" you w~ll have noticed how great a task this wi.ll be.

If YOU 1 ive in the "an Pr-a nc i s c o sav Area and "ant to Le a r n ab out the Dc'cult, pr i n t t ng , s t l.k scr-e e n , layout, or any number of RubjectR that can he reseArched in our lihrary, let us

know. r:all (41 I) 1)1)9-01')'1.

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, S I \\ ~


Little Essayg

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On the Traitli"g 0/ de Luhicz Her Bnk: TI,(' of Abra-III .. Ii'l the MagI! 4.50

IIIe lHind 1.50 Liuiug Face o] ":gYf>t The Grilllo;,e of

Rla\'a(~ky The Voice oj the uol, 1 8.95 Arniadrl

Silence: 1.25 lIer Bah: Ern1J/iml 1'//(' ""him/ali

Rutlcr DiclioJUJry o/Ihe ln itiatc uol.Z 1\,'):; l/"""iI,'d

Tarot 5,50 Ike .. 1 T,."" aud Faitlijul Reed 'Tlu N .. bel il1 the

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The Boot: o/IIIt: Lat» 2,95 Rcuardie Foundations of

1'1 B h f TI h 7."~ D'Olin'l '(he Golder: "

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rt f) f D 1'('rll'S ofPyl/ra"or<ls 3,9'1 ,~

I,' Ill')' 0 a rug "A Garden 0/

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Thott, 1'0'01 Deck Levi 7Jll' Kt>y of 1111: from th» 11:"'1,le 0/

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~ 1'h-a' .. (· include S1.00 postage for first book and 75~: each additional.

:fjlhillfl: TAHUTI LODGE 585 W. 21.4 5.. ~D NY, N\' WItH ~~'"'SSS!ss~".,:_~"SS~'S-.<;~"",,-;;s<,;;s;~;.s.1~;;s!>S:!;;se~






4.95 4.95 6.95

CONTAC'[ ADDRESSES or OFI'ICIAL LOllGl:S .• ;HAI'Ti'W;; &: Ci\\fPS of ORIx) 'J'E~l!' Ll (lltl EN'llS :

This list includes all active reporting bodies to this date: November 1981 ·e.v. See the next list for addresses of bodies currently being consider~d for authorization.

Grand Lodge: Thelema Lodge, ,P •. O. Box 2303, Berkeley. CA 94702 USA phones: 415-841-4833 -·-residence

no phone yet at Temple 415-454-5176--- messages .~.;

The meetings are usually conducted at the Temple

at 1500 Park St. in Emeryville, Californ~a.

Lodges: Ra Hoar Khu i t Lodge, ;P.;O. Box 6018, Teall Av.e. Station Syracuse, NY 13217 USA

Tahut1 Lodge, 585 ;~!. 214th ~t •• Apt. 60, New York, NY 10034 USA ( This is mailing address only).

Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge,. :P.;O. Box. 3111, Newport Beach. CA 92663, USA

Bracken Mountain Lodge, 178 Cosey Beach A~e •• East Haven CT, 06512 USA

418 Lodge. ;p .;0. Bo.x 415, Or o v t 11 e, CA 95965 USA Phoenix Lodge, 4 Farnham, CP 523, Place Bonaventure, Montreal, Qu;e. H5A lC3 CANA[};A.

Chapters: Babalon-Therion Chapter, 15121 Casimer, Gardena, CA 90200 USA

Jane Wolfe Chapter, 10431 92 ~t., Edmonton, Alta, T5H 1T6 CANADA

Nuit-Urania Chapter, ,P"O. Box 939, El Sobrante, CA 94803 USA

Stellar Visions Chapter, 533 Sutter ~to, #666, San Francisco.

CA 94102 USA

Hell-Fire Chapter, contact via Tahuti Lod~e.

Camps: ABRABADABRA Encampment, 156 Camarillo Ave., Apto A Oxnard, CA 93030 USA

Aiwass Camp, 35023 Lido Blvd., Newark, CA 94560 USA Nepthis Encampment,PoO. Box 1075, Edmonton, Alberta


DeMolay Encampment, p.O. Box 10877 Glendale, CA 91209 USA Boleskine Camp, p,o. Box 94, Carmichael, CA 95608 USA ·A.O.Spare Camp, P.O.Box 1418, Columbus, GA 31902 USA Hadit Camp, P~O. Box 18571, Philadelphia, PA 19129

'1 .·N o.R .. I. Camp, contact via Tahuti Lodge.

AHAl Camp, 3055 N. Racine, Chicago, IL 60657 US1'. AHA? Camp. 344 Orange Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802 USA Kepnera Camp, F-22 Koshland Way., Santa Cruz, CA USA Camps: Ko Yuen and Perdurabo can be reached through

Bracken Mountain Lodge.

Fenris Camp, 33 Fowler Ave., Carmel, NY 10512 USA Maat Camp, ~536 Carabbean Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85023 USA Knox Om Pax Camp, 620 Richmond St. ,Wot st u d i o 609,

Toronto, ontario, CANADA

Sebra Encampment, care of Phoenix Lodge. CANADA

Dragon's Electrum ~rc Encampment, care of Phoenix Lodge. CANADA Cheth Camp, 306 eN.,E. 7th Ave" Gainesville, FL 32601 USA

Additional camps of ~.T~O. have tentative acceptance in Boston and in CANADA: details next is,ue of this list, but see Phoenix Lodge for these bodies.

An. LXXVII e. n.


I 98 le.v.

Do what. thou wilt s ha l l bl!. \ the whole of the Law.'·,




SUnDAY,~-_~1 ,_.- mOnDAy.·.· r. "TUESDAY 'I \VcDn:E DAY



NOV. "l9 I

Events at Thelema Lodge

Grand Lodge of O.T.O.

unless otherwise noted, these events take place at the new O.T.O. Temple in the larger building at 1500 Park St. Emeryville, California, U,S.A. (on the Southwestern edge of Berkele ---sea below for phones)



one type only

will be held,

and none will be held with ut call.


GNOSTIC MASS wi th Don 1 . with Bill

[ NEW TIIYE I Geomanti c Oi vi na- IThe Major Trumps

4:00PM tion. in the THOTH

Temple, $1.0 I 8PM Temple land Rider-Pack

donation & i IDecks (Tarot)

Pot luck I 8:00PM

feast after Temple

(bring a d._is~lr) 41. ~ ~ -+ _

3 GJoIOSTIC MASS 14 ! 1"'" OPEN MEET IN 16 17 E. G, c. 18

L [NEW TIME I I V An eveni n9 I BOARD

4PM Temple IWith the Caliph I MEETING



12 c-

Call 415- 658-9025 for place and time

I gNIT1ATlON~ J" & I.-

$1 donation 8:00 PM Temple I I PLACE & TIME
, a- e o PM TE""LE I
Pot luck opt I TO BE SET
I candidates
after/ bring I i
i I reserve by
-- a dish to I I I I
I I I , calling 415-
share. I
'0 Gi'lOSTIC MASS I 454-5176 1!<
i I I leave Qhone #
21 , 22 230PEN MEETING 24 25
I 26
I J [ NEW TII¥E I I , with Ed I
4PM Temple I on the several
$1 donation Necronomicons I
Pot Luck (comparison)
optional I
after: brin I 8PM Temple I I
some food
~ 7 GNOSTIC MASS 28 0. T. a. : 29 30 31 Postal address: P.O. Box 2303
, (NEWTIJ.E) BOARD Berkeley, CA 94702 USA .
4PM Temple r.E:ETING Phones: 415-841-4833 -residence 'I
$1 donation 415-454-5176 - MESSAGES
Pot Luck 8, 00 PM
optional TE:M"LE Lowe is the law, love under
after: brin will. J
something. ,
I - - - - J --

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