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Precis Writing

Precis Writing

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Published by: Saira Baig on Apr 24, 2011
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€ A précis is shorter than the original.A short version of a speech or written text that contains only the most important points € It is a clearly. concise summary which preserves the organization and principal contents of the original. usually about a third as long. € . orderly .

retaining the main ideas and omitting all or most of the examples and secondary ideas.The word précis is cognate to the word precise coming from a Latin word meaning ´to cutµ. then. € A précis. is a cut version of the original. € .

€ The précis adds nothing of your own-no comments or interpretation at all. Therefore .The précis keeps the original proportion. € The purpose is to condensed the original not to explain it. € The précis is a readable. appropriate transitions must be incorporated. € . not a series of notes.

do not mention them in your précis. € To write an effective précis. € Your thesis statement and topic sentences will convey the main idea of your essay.Do not insert ·Einstein says· or ¶Frost thinks· as transition. € . this technique requires careful reading and thoughtful selection of words. you need to identify yourself with the author.

sentence by sentence. the passage to be summarized. take brief notes to be used in your writing. As you read. spotting the topic sentence will help.€ € € € € Introduce the title of the selection and the author·s name in the first sentence of your précis. Look up in the dictionary any words whose meaning is not clear. Try to grasp the writer·s main point. ( it is called ´tagµ) Read carefully. .

write it out in your own words.When you have finally decided what the author·s main point is. € Use your own language in the précis. € Carefully chosen synonyms should replace the author·s wording whenever possible. Certainly words or even phrases from the original will crop up in your précis but not reproduce entire sentences. € Do not use the wording of the original except for certain key words that you may find indispensible. € .

€ Revise your writing until you are sure that you have given an accurate summary.Be especially careful not to rely too much on the topic sentences. € Do not add any idea or opinion of your own. € .

Always write your précis in third person. € Eliminate grammatical errors. even if the original is written in the first person or second person. € . € It should be written in present tense.

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