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Age Factor in Orthodontics

Age Factor in Orthodontics

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Published by: Neeraj Arora on Apr 24, 2011
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Age factor in orthodontics


GROWTH POTENTIAL is the most important factor for orthodontic treatment Orthodontics for children during growing phase is an ANABOLIC PROCESS Orthodontics for adults during nonnon-growing phase is a KETABOLIC PROCESS 

during puberty Corrective orthodontic: fixed mechanotherapy after puberty .g.O.IMPORTANCE 1 Diagnosis: e. 1)Transient malocclusion in mixed dentition period 2) Spacing in primary dentition 3) Deep bite in primary/ mixed dentition 2 Treatment planning: Preventive: space maintainers etc early loss of deciduous teeth Interceptive: serial extraction during mixed dentition period and F.J.

. Factors to be considered: considered: 1)Individual growth pattern 2)Growth spurts.prepubertal. pubertal spurts3) Type of malocclusion 4)Mode of orthodontic treatment.

Infantile period : rapid growth orthopedic treatment in cleft lip and palate e.Infantile 1.Primary preventive procedures 3 Mixed dentition period interceptive orthodontic procedure transient malocclusion no treatment 4 Permanent dentition period corrective orthodontics ±before 18yrs surgical orthodontics -after 18yrs .Timing and treatment : 1.g. speech bulb . obturators etc 2.Primary dentition period 2.

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