A Brief Life Sketch

Sant Ram Singh

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Whenever the almighty lord has mercy on His
souls entrapped in this creation, he sends souls who have a keen sense of higher purpose into this world. Such souls who remain completely assigned to the teachings and orders of Their Master and having attained liberation and communion with shabd naam eventually become GuruMukh (thru whom the Master speaks) . The Gurumukh is entrusted the work of awakening the entraped souls by enlightening them of their real self and of their true abode and of Inspiring them to do the devotion of the Almighty in the manner and technique as taught by Perfect Masters from time to time.


A Pious Soul
Sant Ram Singh Ji was born on April 10, 1954 in Kharsenpur, a small village in the district Johnpur of one of India’s northern state called Uttar Pradesh. He was born as the eldest to Madhuvan Singh and Prabhavati Devi who had spent five years in prayer and penances for a child. On the outskirts of the village there was a temple in which resided an old holy lady. A small six year old Ram Singh would visit her everyday. The old holy lady, who was a brahmin by caste, was a great devout and a person without attachments. The 6 year old Ram Singh would affectionately call her ‘mausi ji’ (means mother’s sister). She would often narrate good stories to him. From the age of 6 to 12 years, young Ram Singh would visit her daily for about 3-4 hours and do the seva like drawing water from the well, collecting flowers for her puja etc. Even in those early days people would call him ‘Baba’. Since then he started feeling unattached and developed a spiritual yearning. The thoughts of going to the Himalayas for meditation, attaining liberation from the cycle of life and death started alluring his mind. The thought of going to Himalayas and doing the devotion was most prominent of these. This went on till he completed his studies up to class 10th, by then he had met a number of holy persons but had not been able to achieve any progress in his spiritual aspirations. A learned one from Kashi (the city of Benaras is also known as Kashi) (the city of Benaras is also known as Kashi) who was also well versed in astrology used to visit his family often. Once his father requested the learned one to describe young Ram Singh’s future. Upon which, on examining the palm, the learned one declared that the boy would eventually become a Sadhu (a person who has attained perfection in ‘sadhana’- spiritual practices). The learned one also examined the younger brother’s palm and declared that he would ride a horse and earn a lot of money. At the age of twelve, in Benaras, Sant Ram Singh Ji started the devotion of Lord Hanuman Ji. Lord Hanuman is a revered Indian deity who was known to be the greatest devotee of Lord Rama and also his most beloved devotee especially since he had assisted Lord Rama in his war with Ravana. Lord Rama had blessed 3

Hanuman ji with a boon that whosoever would do Hanuman ji’s devotion would be liberated by him. Therefore in Benaras Lord Hanuman is held in the highest esteem. On completing his Tenth grade, which usually marks the completion of school studies in India, Ram Singh Ji moved to Mumbai because by then his parents had shifted there. In Mumbai he began his vocational life as a guard. About that time he met a master who initiated him by giving him the word ‘Omkar’ and asked him to be devoted to Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is known to be the creator of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (The three supreme Hindu deities Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar are observed as powers of creation, sustenance and destruction respectively). Ram Singh Ji embarked on this devotion which comprised various penances, pujas (appeasing rituals), fasts on Mondays besides the simran of the given word. He was engrossed in this with great dedication and devotion. Within two years he started getting the darshan of Goddess Durga within. With this he also attained the power called ‘vaak-sidhdhi’ wherein whatever on says becomes true. One evening while returning from his sea side walk at Worli ( one of Mumbai’s many Localities) he came across a board displaying “ Baba Somnath Maharaj Radhaswami Satsang- Worli, Kakad Chambers, Satsang daily between 7.00 and 8.00 p.m.”. Next day after taking a bath he attended satsang and heard it with great love and received answers to a large number of unanswered questions and doubts hovering in his mind. Thereafter daily on returning from work he started attending the satsang. Within two satsangs he gave up the devotion of Goddess Durga and the various associated practices. For the following two months he attended the satsang regularly and his mind was now preoccupied with the various issues expounded by the Master in the satsangs. This preoccupation generated within him such love and yearning for the Master that wherever he would cast his sight he would see Baba Somnath Ji standing with a stick in his hand. All the hours of the day the thoughts of satsang would engross the mind. And despite the fact of not having met the Master physically, the Master’s image would be constantly before the eyes everywhere – in every passer by, and even on the machine while working ( he had by now changed his job and was employed in a Mill). He could not even sleep in the nights. The nights were entirely spent in the yearning. Each day seemed like a year. 4

At the Feet of the Master
The state of deep anguish to meet the Master had become unbearable. On receiving his salary, he noted the address of the `Ashram’ ( a place conducive to spiritual practices and devotion, established and usually resided by respective saints or sadhus) from a satsangi called Janardhan and proceeded, on a single pair of clothes, to Bangalore to meet the Master. On reaching the Ashram, he called out the name of a satsangi, JamalBhai, who used to be posted at the gate of the Ashram. Jamal Bhai explained that Baba Somnath Ji’s permission has to be sought before allowing anyone to enter the Ashram. Ram Singh Ji wrote his name on a chit and gave it to Jamal Bhai who took it to Baba Ji and said “ Some one from Kashi has arrived from Mumbai and seeks to meet you”. It was not the routine darshan (meeting/interview) time, but Baba Ji replied with great affection “Bring him to Me”. Jamal Bhai quickly brought Ram Singh Ji to Baba Ji who was seated on the chair. With great love and yearning Ram Singh Ji bowed to the feet of the Master for ten minutes and lost all senses, Babaji was asking him to get up but he simply had lost all awareness of the surrounding. On regaining consciousness of the surroundings he sat up. Baba Ji asked him whether he wanted to return after the darshan or wanted to remain at the ashram in seva. “ I have come to remain in seva” requested Ram Singh Ji. Baba Ji then called a prominent sevadar Nayar Ji to enquire about Ram Singh Ji. “ Were you employed anywhere ?” queried Nayar Ji., “Yes” was the reply. “ You have come here giving up a job? It is very difficult to get a job in Mumbai.” Queried Nayar Ji again, At this point Baba Ji looked at Nayar Ji and said “ Arey! Can you call a job of Rs.200- 400 a month a job? Go take him and give him a room!”. It was winter and quite cold. Ram Singh Ji had neither a blanket nor had brought enough clothes along. He was allotted the room otherwise used for ironing clothes. There on started his seva. 5

Early mornings were spent in milking the cows and buffalows and delivering cow milk at Babaji’s Bunglow, the day was spent in working at the farm and cleaning the drains etc. After a passage of four months, on 2nd April, 1974 Ram Singh Ji was initiated by Master Baba Somnath Ji with the ‘Naam Dan’. Just a little before receiving initiation at the ‘Naam Nirnay Mandir’ hall at the ashram, outside the hall, Ram Singh Ji had a vision in which Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj appeared before him. Baba Sawan Singh Ji stood n ear one of the columns of the `Naam Nirnay Mandir’, instinctively Ram Singh Ji prostrated before the great Master by lying on the ground, head at his feet. Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji lifted him and embraced him and told him “ Why are you worrying? Everything will become alright when the time comes.” For half an hour he spoke to him and held him close. Baba Somnath Ji’s Ashram at Kengeri was spread over 111 acres of which 80 acres would get the dirty water flowing from Bangalore City this water would be directed to irrigate the farms. In all there were 110 sevadars at the ashram who would put in very hard work on the farms. Every harvest would yield 300 bags of corn and 600 bags of cereal millet. A year passed this way in seva. One evening Babaji asked “ Will you do the seva of guarding at night ?”. “ I will do whatever you tell me to.” replied Ram Singh Ji. Thus started the duty of guarding the ashram at night. Ram Singh Ji took this as the opportunity given by the Master to do Bhajan – Simran. The whole night he would guard the place while doing simran. Then between 7:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. he would work on the farm. At 1:00 p.m. the lunch bell would ring and after meals he would rest in the afternoon between 2:00p.m. and 6:00 p.m. This became the routine. Baba Ji had given a blanket and a torch for the night seva. Doing simiran while on the night duty activated the yearning once again. The anguish for the darshan of the Master increased. During the daily satsang he would get the wonderful opportunity of the darshan of the Master for one whole hour. Due to an hour of satsang and darshan the soul would start withdrawing and begin moving higher and tears would start flowing from the eyes. The body would become numb and the with drwal of the soul began to be felt. However this was not the will of the Master now. After such occurrence for four consecutive days, Babaji asked “ Does Ram Singh come to satsang?”, “Yes Master” answered Ram Singh Ji immediately. “ During satsang time you have to go and do the seva at the coconut groves” said Baba Ji. And there ended the rapturous spiritual one hour spent in the 6

bliss of the Masters’ darshan. But even then the yearning did not reduce. From the time Baba Ji would walk down to the Satsang hall and up to the completion of the prayer sung before the satsang, Ram Singh Ji would absorb the darshan and run for the seva duty, as ordered by the Master, the moment the satsang would begin. In the beginning a number of sevadars were working alongside, but one after another they fell ill because they would eat heavily in the night which would cause indigestion and illness. And they would give up the duty. But Ram Singh Ji would not eat in the night therefore despite remaining awake thought the night the simiran would continue easily. One evening Ram Singh Ji went to take the darshan of Baba Ji, at that time Pushpamma who used to serve Babji said “ Babaji, Ram Singh works alone at the night. In the ashram there are trees of sandal-wood, coconut groves and other valuable trees for which robbers may attempt to rob, besides there are also dangerous animals around, at such time if any mishap were to take place we would not even be aware. Some one should be sent along with him.” Babaji closed his eyes for a few minutes and then said “ My Ram Singh will do the duty alone.” He told Pushpamma “ From now on the remains of the food which I take should be packed in a box and sent to him everyday and also send him a cup of milk in the thermos.” Thereon every night Babaji’s meal leftovers and a cup of milk would arrive. Babaji had given a torch and an umbrella for the night duty. Later Ram Singh Ji would take along two dogs viz. `Moti’ and `Ramu’ to the night duty. A rigorous routine ensued – He would do the night duty till 3.00 a.m., wake up the Westerner satsangis 7

staying at the ashram at 3.00 a.m., and since they made tea he would get tea with them. He would sit with them in meditation till the ashram morning tea bell at 6.00 a.m. In those days a few of Baba Somnathji’s western initiates would stay in the ashram for 6 months and return to their home for 6 months. Bernald, Babaji’s initiate from France, taught Ram Singh Ji how to drive a tractor. After the 6.00 a.m. tea he would hasten to the cowshed to do the milking seva. The ashram had 100 cows and 25 buffaloes of which 15 cows and 7 buffaloes would give milk every day. Ram Singh Ji would milk the cowsand deliver the cowsmilk to Babaji’s bunglow where Pushpamma would give him some bread and a cup of coffee. In this seva eventually he would have to milk 22 cattle. A cow had a calf who was named Basavaraj. Since infancy Basvaraj was used to climbing up the stairs of Babaji’s bunglow to take his darshan.However when Basvaraj grew up and started horning people Babaji stopped his coming up but would himself visit Basvaraj and give him prasad. Once a satsangi who was so intrigued asked Babaji “ Why is this calf so dear to you and why does he love you so much?” Babaji replied, “ In his earlier birth he was the child of a prosperous family and had attended the satsang of a saint and had eaten his prashad but since he had not received the naam he had to be born as a bull. In the future birth he would be born as a human and in the surrender of saints would attain liberation (saadh gati)”. There also used to be a pigeon called Raju who would stay in Babaji’s room. He would [(do gutargu)] sit on Babaji’s feet and take his darshan. Sevadars would get Babaji’s darshan between 7.00 am. 8

and 7.30.am. Babaji would say that Raju (the pigeon) has all the qualities of a satsangi. Whenever any satsangi would come Raju would look at the him with great love. Raju had given up the company of all his fellow from his species. Babaji had a dog named Jimmy who would come to Babaji’s room right at the time of darshan and would go only after getting a biscuit from Babaji. If at this time he would be leashed then he would bark and create a ruckus. Babaji would himself say “Release Jimmy he wants to take darshan”. This way a year and a half went by on there had been no communication with his family. So as soon as he wrote the first letter informing them that he was at the ashram, he started receiving four letters a month “You may go back but come home at least once”. On reading the letters his mind started changing. Babaji was to visit Mumbai for the satsang program. Ram Singh Ji requested “I would like to go with you to Mumbai. And after meeting my parents I shall return with you”. Babaji laughed and said “You are doing the night duty very well, if people in the vicinity learn that I am out of the ashram there could be an attempt of theft. So do your duty till I return. On returning back I will send you”. Babaji returned after a 20 day tour of Mumbai, Davangiri etc. Ram Singh Ji, had a surging urge to present his request again. But he thought if I bring up the topic now, Babaji may get angry since he had barely returned, so he decided to postpone the request by a day or two. At the morning darshans which followed he was eager to ask but could not muster the courage when in front of Babaji and would reconcile that he would do so in the evening. But same was the fate at the evening darshan. A month an a half passed. Eventually one day mustering up the courage he stood up and asked “You had said you will send me after your return....?”. Babaji laughed and asked “Are you thinking of taking up a job in Mumbai”? “Yes Maharaj! I will have to, for some time”. Babaji looked at him and cast a glance of immense love and mercy “Arrey! Is a job paying 400 or 500 a month, a job?”. The Master’s glance which was so different, was full of such grace that whatever attachments which had arisen and culminated in his mind for working and earning, of having a familly, of parents, etc.vanished entirely. “Aysee kari Gurudev daya, mere moh ka bandhan toot gaya”– Brahmanand. (“Gurudev showered such grace, all my shackles of attachment was broken”.) ) A single merciful glance of grace by the Master caused such a metamorphosis that the thought of being related to anyone did not occur even in thereafter. dreams thereafter. Three years passed in this way. 9

Physical Seperation from the Master
With the passage of time the moment of physical separation from the Master was drawing closer. Baba Somnathji’s health was deteriorating as days passed. Ram Singh Ji continued his daily routine of whole night seva, followed by the morning sevas with only a recuperating afternoon sleep during the day, the severe schedule had made him very thin. One such afternoon following a whole night duty as usual, Ram Singh Ji was woken-up from his afternoon rest, “Babaji has called you,” he was told. Ram Singh Ji immediately got up from sleep and with his usual frugal attire of Lungi 1 and only a towel on the shoulder, he rushed at the summon by his beloved Master Somnath. At that time Nayarji, Karibasappa, Laksman, Bernald, Christopher were already present there. Ram Singh Ji fell at his master’s feet, Master Somnath looked at him and said “Get ready to go to Pahad ( Pahad literally means mountains/hills, but referred here is the Ashram at ‘Betta’ a hillock which is in close vicinity of Sant Ram Singh Ji’s Ashram now,at Gudella), the satsang Hall at Pahad is ready, first you go there then I have to go, and after I have left you have to perform the duty there”. At this time Ram Singh Ji did not understand the deeper meaning of the Masters’ words. A tractor was to leave for Pahad the following dawn at about 4.00 a.m., Master Somnath said, “You leave by the tractor, Bhagirathi and Jijabai will leave by bus”. Ram Singh Ji urged his master “ Since I do the night duty, how can I go there alone? I would like to take Jamal Bhai along also”. Master Somnathji granted the permission, he gave a banana and eight rupees as Prasad to each of the two”. Why are you giving us like this” Ram Singh Ji inquired, “Let it be” Baba Somnath replied. They took leave and as soon as they were downstairs Jamal, who was a good meditator, said, “Ram Singh Ji, this is the last Prasad given by the Master from his own hands, do not even throw the peel”, both consumed the entire Prasad along with the peel. While talking about Jamal bhai Baba Somnath would say “I have named him Shivdas. In his earlier birth he was a devotee of Lord Shiva2 and used to do devotion in a temple of Lord Shiva. But due to some past karmas, he was born a Muslim in this birth”. Jamalbhai had great love for his master. While leaving for Pahad Babaji told him “ Son, stay for only a day and return”. Thus the trio Ram Singh Ji, Jamalbhai and Bernald,3 had decided to stay on Thursday and return back to ashram on Friday. At Pahad however the tractor had to be sent for bringing bricks. This delayed their return by a day and they arrived back on Saturday at 11:00 p.m. in the night.
Notes : 1-‘Lungi’ is a humble soft cotton cloth about 110 cms long which is merely wrapped and tied around the waist and falls to ankle length when standing. 2- Lord Shiva is Mahesh, one of the chief Hindu deities belonging to the hindu trine Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. 3 - Babaji’s initiate (from France) who used to drive the tractor.


Babaji was very ill. Mr. Patrappa, a senior satsanghi, was standing downstairs blocking everybody from going up to see Babaji. But the overpouring love for the Master overcame obstructions and they rushed up to have a glimpse of the Master through his window. The Doctor was checking Baba Somnath who lay on his bed. The sight of the physical condition of their Master in malaise plunged their heart in sorrow. Next day, 28th November, 1976 at 11:00 a.m. Pushpamma came out of the room shrieking in grief, “ Babji has left his physical body!”. The entire Sangat was plunged in gloom. November, On the 28th of November, 1976 Baba Somnathji departed from his physical body. body. Just before the announcement everybody had had the meals and were in the seva of placing corn in front of the Satsang hall. On hearing Pushpamma, Ram Singh Ji’s grief was beyond bounds as he was in his youth with a lifetime ahead to be spent without the physical company of the Master. It was as though a mountain of grief had befallen him. Grief simply pervaded the whole environment, Ram Singh Ji continued the night duty of guarding the ashram with tears flowing incessantly from his eyes. “Who will protect me now?” Four days later when meditating on the ground floor of Babaji’s bunglow, at 4:00 a.m. Baba Somnath Ji gave him darshan. He saw a vision that he and Ganapati (a satsangi) were pressing the feet of the Master, Babaji was seated on the chair and said kindly but squarely “ Where have I gone? I am here! When the time comes everything will be fine.” After this sentence of Baba Somnath Ji, once again, a few days later during meditations Ram Singh Ji had darshan that there was a big bhandara and Babaji was standing in front. “Come Jamal bhai, Baba Charan Singh Ji is standing let us go and take his darshan” Ram Singh Ji was saying. They both went closer. There was a big crowd. After satsang when the Saint came close to Ram Singh Ji, the face was entirely different from either that of Baba Somnath ji or Baba Charan Singh ji. Ram Singh Ji was only to realize years later that the face which was of Master Ajaib Singh Ji had been revealed in this vision. Facing was altogether a new 11

Mahatma (a great/realised soul) who advanced forward and said “You may ask me any question which you may have”. “I am not able to do bhajan” said Ram Singh Ji. “Hold the simran, remember the simran at all time and your work will be done” was the single sentence reply. “Baba Somnath has left the physical plane, will I ever meet him again”? Was the second question. Babaji pondered briefly and replied “After eleven years”. Exactly eleven years later Ram Singh Ji met Master Ajaib Singh Ji. For a year and a half that followed, Ram Singh Ji continued doing the seva in the Ashram. Later he went to Pahad for the next six months. But for some time conditions at Pahad Ashram were altering and becoming less conducive to his spiritual persuit. Ram Singh Ji then moved to a cave inhabited by a hermit called Sharnappa Swami. The cave also housed a lot of snakes and scorpions. But there was neither any fear of these reptiles and venomous creatures nor did any creatures harm any body. Adopting Baba Jaimal Singhji’s arduous way of doing prolonged meditation, rotis were made at one time from five kgs of wheat flour and were placed in a basket which was hung from the ceiling of the cave. Who ever would feel hungry after a prolonged session of meditation would eat the dried rotis dripped is water and return to meditation. Once Ganpati, one of the meditators, gathered some neem leaves1 and crushed them into a paste, the paste was eaten by everyone, the bitterness was so much that the sense of taste was completely lost but detachment attained. However everything was fine only till Sharnappa Swami announced that a sage from Benaras had arrived and was meditating in the cave. Soon villagers began arriving. Four months had been spent in Sharnappa Swami’s cave and a detachment from the world had awakend. With the arrivals of villagers Ram Singh Ji realized that further peace and meditation would not be possible in this place. Therefore becoming ascetics Ram Singh Ji, Ganapathi and Bhuvaneshwar (another satsangi) departed from the cave to embark towards the great Himalaya Mountain Range very far away in Northern India. En-route they halted at the nearby
Notes : 1- A neem is an evergreen tree which has leaves with great medicinal and curative properties but which are extremely bitter and very unpalatable to taste.


town of Davangiri. Baba Somnath Ji’s sangat at Davangiri requested him to stay on for a while but they soon proceeded to another town ahead called Dhareshwar. After a two days stay they left and spent two more days on banks of River Agnashini. Close by, where the river meets the Arabian Sea, stands an Ashram of a hermit called Puttuswami by the sea side. Puttuswami who is an initiate of Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj is now over ninety years old and is still hale and hearty. They spent ten days at the ashram. Before leaving the ashram he sent all his clothes to Ganapati’s village and gifted the watch and some other possessions to Puttuswami. With two lungees, two vests and a blanket they proceeded. The limbs had become tender and weak during the stay in the cave. For three continuous days they were walking without any footwear. The soles of the feet were tattered and sore from the arduous journey. After a few attempts a Truck gave them a lift and ferried them to a railway station called Manmaad. They boarded the Kashi Express. A couple of stations later the Ticket Checker arrived and demanded to inspect the ticket. They neither had any tickets nor any money. “Why are you occupying the seat? Go and sit on the floor near the door!” ordered the T.C. They spread the blanket and sat on the floor. At `Itaarsi’ station they were de-boarded and the T.C. called the Senior Officer who asked “ Where do you want to go?”. “To Benaras” Ram Singh Ji replied. The Officer on seeing the appearance of Ram Singh Ji told the T.C. “They look like Sadhus. Do not trouble them. Let them go to Benaras”. They were then allowed to board the same train. They reached a village close to Benaras, the plan was to go to the Himalayas after a stay of four days at this village. But Ganapati had become ill due to the food and water and returned back to Pahad Ashram. Bhuvaneshwar went to a village just close by. And Ram Singh Ji returned back to his home in Kashi (Benaras) where his over joyous family clutched him. For most common souls such predicament and adversities usually induces a return to the worldly life in the security of the home. But souls whom the almighty sends into the world with a special mission never get attached to the worldly life. The pangs of separation from the Master were so overwhelming that all the pains and tribulations of the reclusive existence endured, seemed sweet. A spontaneous yearning to meet the master within and astute adherence to his teachings prevailed with strength emanating from the pain of separation master. from the master. He stayed in Kashi for a week. And then borrowing 40 rupees from his grand mother, under the pretext of desire of Benaras sight seeing, Ram Singh Ji left home and returned to Mumbai. 13

In Mumbai he stayed at the house of R.R. Singh who was an advanced satsangi initiated by Baba Somnath Ji. The residence cum shop operated out of a small room in Bombai’s locality called Dadar on the Bhavani Shankar Road. The single room served as a shop, a dining room and as a bed room in the night for its numerous inhabitants. R.R. Singh was a dealer of Paan leaves1 “Do simran with each leaf, leaf by leaf!” R.R.Singh’s would order. Therfore with each leaf was to be rememberd the simran, and if per chance the attention would stray then R.R. Singh would jeeringly say – “ Simran should be done with each leaf” (“Patta-patta simran karo”). Daily for attending satsang Ram Singh Ji would walk to Worli Naka which was about three to four kilometers away and do simran on the way. While doing simran the soul would start withdrawing. He would then stop for some time and after regaining awareness of the surroundings and time, he would rush towards the hall. Having done continuous simiran for one and half months in this way, the soul had started ascending. One day, it was announced at Kakkad Chambers Satsag Hall at Worli that a Saint has come from Rajasthan, he is staying at the house of Mohan Karnani ( an initiate of Baba Somnath Ji) and whoever wants to have his darshan can do so next morning at 9.00 a.m. This was December 1978. Following morning Ram Singh Ji, Bhuvaneshwar and R.R. Singh left for darshan. On the way the talks mostly featured doubts and estimations. Perhaps it could be some sadhu and may not be a saint. A few westerner satsangis Graham, Bernard, Dominique and Paul were present at the venue. The Baba whose name was Ajaib Singh Ji was in his room. The door was knocked and opened. In front stood Baba Ajaib Singh Ji. The eyes met. The souls of the trio ascended at the darshan of the Master soul. All three lost all awareness. R.R. Singh lost consiousness and fell down. Soon they were helped to sit down and Master Ajaib delivered a satsang. After satsang he asked the trio. “Ask me, whatever you want to”. The trio was
Notes : 1- A paan is an almost palm size edible leaf available off a creeper, in India a trimmed paan leaf is delicately folded around an assortment of edible items of flavour and fragrance alongwith small pieces of betelnut placed in the centre, the parcel so formed is consumed as a post-meal- mouth-flavouring-mint, the paan is also occasionally used to contain chewable tobacco. Before supply the paan leaves are handpicked from the baskets arriving from the cultivation places and invidually verified for defects to remove the spoilt ones, each good leaf is then dipped in clean fresh water to relieve it of dust and dirt and then gathered alongwith other similarly cleaned leaves.


mum. There were no questions in the mind. Thereafter there was a satsang in a church. And for next three days there were satsangs by Baba Ajaib Singh Ji. There was a satsang at the house of Narayan Shinkar (another initiate of Baba Somnath Ji). A number of satsangis had gathered at his house to attend the satsang. And while prostrating to Sant Ajaib Singh Ji tears flowed thru the eyes of most satsangis in the memory of their Master Baba Somnath Ji. Santji ( Sant Ajaib Singh Ji) was extremely pleased and touched to see such love for the Master and declared an eight day Mumbai programme every year instead of the 3 day programme. During this visit Santji had visited the Kakad Chamber Hall. He expressed his pleasure on seeing the hall and delivered a satsang there in which he discoursed some important points as below : Santji said – “ Baba Somnath had established this satsang hall. Kabir Saheb says : “Tarwar “Tarwar Sarwar Santjan chautha barse meh, Parmarath karane chare dhare deh.”

(The lake, the fruiting tree, Saints and the rain, For the work of the almighty all four adorn the physical body.)
Saints come into this world only for the worldly souls. They do not have any personal desires for doing so. They direct all the souls to the path of almighty while declaring that if they follow the path then they will be benefited. This is the way in which this world has been created. Kabir, Guru Nanak, Swami Ji, Jaimal Singh Ji, Sawan Singh Ji, all these saints have not remained on this worldly plane forever. All have returned after completing their worldly sojourn. But the Saints never desert us. So when they leave the worldly plane we must not weep for they return to Sach Khand. But when Manmukhs1 die it is ok to weep for they have to take birth repeatedly. We should bring pride and fame to our Masters name even after his leaving the body and spread his mission and safeguard the satsang places established by him. Do not be lead astray. The Satguru sits in Sachkhand and awaits your arrival. Quite a while has passed now since Master Sawan has left his physical body. Yet those who tread the path shown by him attain his mercy. His initiates who are doing their meditations regularly with love and devotion experience the presence of their Master even today. Saints come to bring together and not to seperate. You must keep your love strong. Consider my coming to this satsang hall as his blessing. The westerner initiates who are present here have no desire for the properties of the satsang here.
Notes : 1-The souls who are attached to their minds and the world.


Neither do we have any desire for it. Your satsang hall is your own. We have not come here to occupy any property. We have plentiful of everything given by our own Master. This ashram of yours will continue to belong to your Master always. However if someone is helping us reach our Master then it is not a bad thing to take the benefit from such person. The path shown by Master has always to be followed. All saits hail from the same home – Sachkhand. “Sant-sant ko do kar jani, so jan jaan narak ki khani.” “Those who believe saints to be apart, such persons will suffer in hell”. Saints dwell within the orders of the Almighty. Satsang halls have been established for saints. Please co-operate with the dear one who has organized this programme. That is our duty. Talk less and do more meditation and maintain love for one another. Respect each other. Wherever Saints sit the place becomes holy and pure. In this satsang hall do the meditations and spiritual practices. It is wrong to even think of bad things here. Sitting in sachkhand your Master awaits you. I have come to bless you and strengthen your love. I have not come here as your Master. I have come here as your sevadaar.1 One gardener plants the saplings and the next one waters the plants after him. I was told by the westerner initiates that the Bombay sangat is depressed and grieving. Express your sorrows. Your love has drawn me here. I am thankfull to the sangat. The organizers here have arranged everything very well. All have to remain together here. I have great respect for Baba Somnath Ji’s Sangat. You should also respect it. Whoever the saints select, they take them along others remain thinking. Jo Jo chor bhajan ke prani, so so dukh sahe Aalus neend sataaye unko, nit nit bharam bahe “Those who are thieves of bhajan, they suffer accordingly. They are troubled by sloth, sleep and are swept away in delusion”. Baba Somnath Ji had struggled so much for attaining naam. He maintained the Jatta,2 performed arduous penances like Dhuniyaa,3 Jaldhara,4 Deshatan,5 visited revered sadhus and saints only then did he get a true Saint (Master Sawan Singh Ji). Even I have done a lot of Karmakand,6 and Deshatan,5 have undertaken bare only then did I get a true Master (Huzur Kirpal Singh Ji)”. In this way Sant Ajaib Singh ji told a lot of good things in the satsang. After
Notes : 1-One who serves. 2-Ascetics in India allow hair to grow very long which is then entwined entangled and tied on the head into a molehill type of bun known as Jatta. 3-In “Dhuniya” hot earthen pots containing embers are placed on the head within the jatta and the ascetics meditates with the Dhuniya on the head. 4-Taking continuous water drips on the head. 5- Setting out bare foot on long journeys to different holy places. 6- Karmkand means rituals including practices like Dhuniyaa,3 Jaldhara,4 etc.


Santji’s Mumbai programme Ram Singh Ji returned to Banglore Ashram (at Kengeri). Prem Nath Ji who had been made the Guru-in-Peetha,1 after Baba Somnath, ordered every one that nobody should go here or there (i.e. to any other saint). Ram Singh Ji spent two year at the ashram doing the night guard seva and farming seva. However after Baba Somnath Ji had left his body the environs and circumstances in the ashram had changed. Not finding the environment conducive to his earnest urge to do meditations, Ram Singh Ji left the ashram and shifted to Pahad once again to do spiritual practices. However here too he was told that he would only be allowed to do the seva as the orders were not to permit anybody to only do meditations and spiritual practices. So he shifted to another place called Bada Pahad (larger hill) which had once been used by an ascetic called Mahadev Swami to do his spiritual practices. On the Bada Pahad there was a cave, a temple with a large veranda, and a spontainous spring-well on this stony hill in which there was always water. In these beautifull surroundings Ram Singh Ji started his spiritual practices of bhajan and simran. The hill was inhabited by a bear. And the fear of the bear kept people away from the hill. A young boy who had by chance come up the hill saw Ram Singh Ji. He broke the news of Ram Singh Ji’s presence when he descended, to Sharanappa Swami whose cave was at the foot of the hill. Sharanappa Swami immediately arranged for match box, some earthen pots, some jaggery, wheat flour, pulses, turmeric and chilli powder, tea, coffee, salt and milk in a parcel and sent it up with the young boy. A thought crossed Ram Singh Ji’s mind that the mere desire to meditate had delivered all provisions without his asking then how could it be possible that the Master would leave him empty handed after meditations. Villagers of Tenegal village in the proximity got the news and rushed up with pots of milk, they cautioned that the place was infested with wild bears. Ram Singh Ji told them that animals and creatures-bears, snakes and scorpions do not harm any body sitting in meditation. Next day the villagers returned. And for the next ten days Ram Singh Ji meditated alone on the hill. During the monthly meeting at Pahad(actual name- Enmaldodi) all decided to call Ram Singh Ji back. Two boys were sent to call him. But Ram Singh Ji asked them to return saying that Babaji had given him a good place. Later Govindappa, a satsangi and also a local dealer of coffee, came up the Bada Pahad to meet Ram 17

Singh Ji who acceeding to the request came down to the foot hills. Ram Singh Ji was sparsly clothed, a red towel on the shoulder and a red towel tied around the waist. “Please stay at Enmaldoddi (Pahad).and do your meditations there”. requested Govindappa. “No. Again you will interrupt my meditations and order me to do seva for being allowed to stay”. said Ram Singh Ji. “No. If you want we will give it in writing”. All the satangis wrote it on a piece of paper and signed below. Ram Singh Ji then returned back to Pahad and started his meditations there. He was allotted Babaji Somnath Ji’s bungalow above the satsang hall where Babaji used to stay while at Pahad. Nobody was allowed there. Only the president of the satsang trust would come up and see Ram Singh Ji. Ram Singh Ji would fill up four-five vessels with water from the tank below at two a.m. in the early hours. And remaining out of everybody’s sight, he did his meditations for six months. Later all the caretakers of Pahad left leaving the key with Ram Singh Ji and the entire responsibility of administration at Pahad fell on his shoulder, which he did for the following five years. After which once again due to compelling developments he had to stay for two months at Kengeri Ashram Bangalore. But he eventually decided to leave and return to his home in Benaras. However, enroute to Benaras, a satsangi called Bamanna from village “Mudgal” which is close to Pahad pleaded with him to spend a year on his farm and do his meditations there. Relenting to the plea Ram Singh Ji spent one year on the farm of Bamanna. It was here that his practices were eventually rewarded, and as he puts it, was showered with tremendous grace and mercy by his beloved Master. Therefore to date every year Baba Ram Singh Ji visits Mudgal for a twenty day satsang programme which is organized by Bamanna.


The Order by Master Ajaib
In January 1986 Ram Singh Ji decided to head home after taking the darshan of Sant Ajaib Singh Ji at the Mumbai programme which was being held at a venue named ‘Kachi Lohar Wadi’ , a public hall situated in the Matunga locality of Mumbai. Ram Singh Ji was accompanied by ten others. Damuji, an initiate of Baba Somnath was at the door letting sangat inside for Babaji’s darshan. He went in and told Master Ajaib that Ram Singh Ji who had come for darshan was an initiate of Master Somnath and had been a sevadar at the Ashram. Master Ajaib said “I know every thing. Send him inside alone”. As soon as Ram Singh Ji entered Master Ajaib closed the door of the darshan room. Ram Singh Ji touched the Master’s feet as he used to with Master Somnath. Master Ajaib Singh asked him to sit down and sat down himself and said “ Forsake the thought of returning to Benaras.You have to go to Andhra and Karnatka. I am conveying you this as an order of Baba Somnath. The trees planted by Baba Somnath Ji have to be watered. You have to do satsang there, Satguru will get everything done”. Ram Singh Ji was weeping, his heart by now he was fed up the environment at Andhra and Karnatka. But his dilemma was that not following orders from the Saints would leave him no place to go. Santji then described his own story to Ram Singh Ji, how on the order by Master Kirpal he had forsaken and disowned the huge 77RB, his original Ashram in Rajasthan. One has to obey the order of his Master. Ram Singh Ji fearfully complied, for dis-obeying the orders of the Master would surely be inviting all adversities. Therefore in January 1986 on the order of Masters, Ram Singh Ji returned to Andhra. He 19

had also taken his parents to meet Master Ajaib. Santji once again explained to Ram Singh Ji in presence of his parents who also then acceded. They understood that Ram Singh Ji would not return home against the order from the Masters. He persisted in getting his father initiated by Master Ajaib Singh Ji. The interview lasted 45 minutes and Ram Singh Ji was blessed to receive a lot of spiritual grace showered by Master Ajaib thru his eyes during the darshan. As soon as he returned to Andhra he arrived at Guddella and acquired a ten acres plot of land for Ashram. With Master Ajaib’s grace all this was accomplished smoothly. Every year thereafter he would attend programme of Sant Ajaib Singh Ji. Having received the opportunity to do the seva thru the grace of both Master Somnath and Master Ajaib, the Ashram was named SOM-AJAIB Kripa Ashram (literally means The Mercy of SOM-AJAIB). During this time he received a letter from Master Ajaib : Dear Ram Singh, May Huzur Kirpal and Baba Somnath ji shower their mercy and grace on you and the sangat there. My affectionate Radhaswami to all of you. My dear child, I would not be able to write anything concerning your suggestion on the land. Because at the beginning of the stay people behave differently. But later, these places become the very cause of disputes. But I leave the decision in your hands. All the sangat has to stay together. If Sawan Kirpal and Baba Somnath become mercifull then I would be coming to Bangalore. We would be able to decide further in this matter there when we meet personally. All have to do bhajan and simran. Where there is love there is everything. Masters Kirpal and Sawan have kept everyone together. They would not be happy if everyone separated. If Huzur showers mercy and you have love amongst yourselves then I would be very happy. Do not allow any wrong person to stay at the ashram right from the beginning. So that such a person does not become a bad example for the sangat. Lots of love to you and sangat and best wishes Your dear one, Ajaib Singh Large sangat from Andhra would accompany Ram Singh Ji for getting initiated by Santji. It is said that by giving naam daan to one jiva it is like donating a thousand cows. All this seva was got done by Baba Ajaib Singh Ji from Ram Singh Ji. He 20

says “Like me, he has beholden the arm of many a drowning souls, other wise I would be washed away”. He remembered Kabir sahib’s words “ My Satguru held me by my arm else I would be washed away” (Mere Satguru pakadi bah nahi to mai behe jata-Kabir Saheb.) In 1989 during the naam daan session at Mumbai, Santji summoned Ram Singh Ji to be present to explain the process and simran to the Andhra and Karnataka sangat. Ram Singh Ji pledged that if Baba Somnath Ji is present then he should give the darshan within, during the practice of “shabd”(listening) his soul ascended, he saw Baba Somnath Ji was holding a stick and with him was Santji and bot h were strolling. And ever thereafter Ram Singh Ji’s faith in Sant Ajaib Singh was firmly established and he recognized Santji to be the same as Bab Somnath Ji. Baba Somnath Ji has a large sangat in Andhra and Karnatka. The sangat there is extremely poor and cannot even afford to pay for the fare to reach Mumbai. Ram Singh Ji requested Santji that if he would come to Bangalore the sangat would be greatly benefited. Santji said “I’ll let you know after a little thought. I am doing the Mumbai program on the order of Baba Somnath Ji”. During every Mumbai program Santji would inquire about the ashram. In 1989 there were only two rooms at the Guddela Ashram. During a Bhandara there a Manager of a Local Bank who had attended the program said “You construct a shed for the sangat. I will arrange a loan”. The moment Santji was told of the idea Santji said that there is no need for a loan. In the Hyderabad program Santji gave Ram Singh Ji Rs. 30,000/- The people of Mudgal contributed another 10,000/- and the Hall and rooms on the lower floor were built. Every year Santji would forcefully hand over the (monetary) seva given to him, to Ram Singh Ji at the end of the program and ask him to spend all the money for the sangat. In Ahmedabad, he gave the money for the compound wall of the ashram. Every program Ram Singh Ji would would take the sangat with him for initiation by Santji. Santji would mercifully initiate everyone accompanying Ram Singh Ji for the purpose. Once in 1996, 80 persons were taken to the Mumbai program. The goup was asked to stand in line and Santji cast his glance on each and every one. At the end of the line stood a low caste cobbler Venkatappa who was present having just consumed alcohol. “Remove him from the line, he also consumes meat” said Santji. Venkatappa started weeping and promised that he would never eat meat again. Ram Singh Ji told Santji, please shower mercy on him. “If he starts consuming meat again you will have to burden of the Karmas!” said Santji. Ram Singh Ji replied that he would not have the strength to shoulder the karmas. With great mercy Santji initiated Venkatappa. After initiation there were a lot of changes in him. He had utmost commitment in satsang. He had received initiation at the age of seventy years but would earn his daily bread himself. When he fell ill and was admitted to the hospital he had the darshan of Santji. “Take me home, my time to depart is near” he said. 21

He departed very peacefully. Before departing he had already distributed all the photos of Santji in his procession amongst satsangis. Having witnessed all this all his family members and others from his village sought initiation from Baba Ram Singh Ji later on. In Mudgal, a number of people would sit in meditations. They would also discuss the glories of the Masters. But all the villagers were gamblers and would play cards but all would willingly accompany Ram Singh Ji to meet Santji at the Bangalore and Mumbai programs. Yet the prospects of leaving alcohol was difficult. They would say that abstaining from alcohol resulted in stomach aches. Ram Singh Ji told them that on receiving the naam they would not get stomach aches. Then one after another the villagers agreed to take the naam. Hardly had the list of aspirants been made the stomach aches vanished. Consumers of the poultry, Gamblers all started changing. There was a metomorphosis. Seventy persons were taken to Santji for initiation. Stalwarts known as Reddys also came to take the naam. 84 people from Mudgal have been initiated by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji. Just close by is another village called Melkuntha where there was not a single satsangi. The satsangs delivered in the Telegu language evoked love for the path. The pathi ji of Baba Ram Singh Ji is Narayan. His sister in law would behave abnormally. For ten years she had left her hair un-tied and would run here and there. She did not even have a child. People believed that she was processed by a ghost. The moment her name was entered in the list of initiation aspirants she became alright. And in the years following initiation she had also become a mother of four children.. There were about 35 people in the village. All were happy to accompany Ram Singh Ji to Mumbai for the program. This way the work of satsang progressed. Baba Ajaib Singh Ji helped and supported Ram Singh Ji spiritually and financially. Santji said “You will have to go to far places for doing the satsang”. Ram Singh Ji’s ability and strength to do the satsangh arose from the grace showered by Santji. Santji had great regard for Baba Somnath Ji’s sangat. He sent a message to the entire sangat : Master’ Master ’s beloved sangat, May the mercy and grace of Huzur Sawan Kirpal reach you. As you all know that with the mercy of the Huzur the True Emperor ( Master Kirpal) once again we have been given the opportunity of singing the praises of the Almighty at Mumbai from 4th January and 12th January. They had left their abode of eternal peace and 22

descended into our world to shower their mercy. And in the way they have cast their un-fathomable mercy on us, it becomes our duty to derive the maximum benefit from this program and take something with us back home. The most important part of Santmat is Bhajan (listening to the sound current) and Abhyas ( Meditation). All saints have laid great stress on Meditation. In programs like this we get a very good chance to mature our Simran and practice of listening to the sound current. Discussing domestic affairs or improving social circle is not the objective of the program. Therefore I hope that all dear ones will participate in all the sessions of meditations and derive benefit. It is the duty of all those incharge of the accompanying outstation sangats to monitor their groups. And maintain all in check so that other dear ones are not put to inconvenience. Other than the dear ones from southern India all others are able to understand my satsang. Ram Singh will do this seva for the South Indian sangat. Besides him, any other dear one forming a group and engaging in spiritual discussions like Guru Charcha etc. is only wasting the time. This is a path of doing, not of talking. The opportunity of meeting saints is attained only with great destiny. And we should derive benefit from this by doing our bhajan and simiran. I hope that all of you will accept this request from me. Lots of Love, Yours Ajaib Singh. In the presence of Santji at the Jaipur program, the sangat which had arrived from Bharatpur and Gadolli requested Santji for a program of Baba Ram Singh Ji there. A satsangi Mohan Das who was a Forest Ranger and his wife were in front of Santji. Santji summoned Baba Ram Singh Ji and asked “Will you be able to go so far to do the satsang?”, Baba Ram Singh Ji replied “I will be willing to go anywhere if it is your order”. Thence on began the yearly programs at Jaipur, Bharatpur and Gadolli. During the lifetime of Santji there were regular satsangs programs of Baba Ram Singh Ji at Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Kisannagar, Torti, Bangalore, Kolar. At a place close to Bangalore called Chansandra, a satsangi called Dasappa donated land admeasuring three fourth of an acre to the Ashram. Since then the program at Chansandra has been held. Satsang programs also began at Sirsi, Kumtha, Hubli, Satara, Wai, Kondla Mumbai and Goa. Later on also at Daulatpura and Hanumangarh. With the unfathomable mercy of Santji, all these satsangs programs continue to be held regulary. Santji’s last satsang program was at Delhi in May 1997. Santji inquired “How 23

is your Ashram?”, “All is well due to your mercy”. Baba Ram Singh Ji replied. “Do you need any money” queried Santji further. “No, Babaji! We want mercy there is plenty of money. I would like to sit in meditation for a year”. Said Baba Ram Singh Ji. Santji was silent for a brief moment and said “Do not do so my child. Just as I have continued holding satsang while keeping bhajan primary, you also do likewise”. And during this program Baba Ram Singh Ji got especially immense spiritual grace from Santji. The following day a lady from Anantpur arrived. Baba Ram Singh Ji immediately took her to Santji for darshan. Santji used to conduct initiation at the basement of the Building at Behra Enclave. But he told Baba Ram Singh Ji “ Make her sit ther and give her the naam dan. For I do not understand her language.” Santji repeated this three times. But Baba Ram Singh Ji refused. “Babaji please make her sit with others and give the naam-dan. I will explain every thing to her.” Eventually the lady sat with others and got the naam-dan. Baba Ram Singh Ji was meditating at Mudgal when Santji left the physical body. On receiving the news he immediately left for Rajasthan. He now understood why Santji had asked him not to sit in meditation for a year. People had to consoled there. July, On 6th July, 1997 Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj discarded his physical frame.


Letters by Santji
Dearest Ram Singh, May the grace of the Almighty Radhaswami the Merciful reach you through the naam of Huzur Babaji (Sant Kirpal). I am very happy that all of you are doing the satsang together. This is the very benefit of the human birth. We have to do the repeatition of naam and listen to the satsang. Satsang is the saviour of all and it is in only thru satsang that we can realize our mistakes and can improve ourselves. Damu’s brother had attended this program alongwith his family. He is very much interested in the Bangalore program. The westerner sangats outside India have also a lot of enthusiasm in attending the Bangalore program. They will arrive on time. Some dear ones in the Ashram (Rajasthan) are also booking tickets for the Bangalore program. It will be a pleasure to meet you all. All this is only due to the grace of Huzur Babaji, who is mercifully watering the souls. All have to maintain the remembrance of HuzurSawan Kirpal. All must do the bhajan-simran. Your love has to pull me. My love to you and the sangat. Best wishes Your dear one, Ajaib Singh. My beloved son Ram Singh, I am in receipt of the letter sent with love by you. I have read and understood the entire circumstance. Son, whenever the mind is dissipated in worldly and domestic affairs the bhajan-simiran does not effectively form. The attention does not get attached (inside). Nither does the mind get attached (inside). When the mind is calm the bhajan is effective as well as the meditation. Do not let the mind go outside, keep it calm. Only the calm mind can meditate. We must not view meditation as a burden, we should do it with love and devotion. The person you have mentioned who repeats the simiran aloud, he is the sevadar of Baba Somnath. If he does not listen to you then please make him understand that none of the Saints neither Somnath, Sawan, Kirpal have ever said to do this. But even thereafter he does not listen then do not worry and trouble your mind. Leave him to his fate. Inform the sangat that they should not emulate him. Guru Nanak has said “He who got it, hid it.” True devotees of the almighty conceal their devotion as a woman does her body. You have written about rain, even here it has rained very less. Due to the cannal here we are able to subsist. We are all the children of the almighty, I expect he will definitely cause the rain. I sympathise with you. Bhajan-Simran must be done. 25

Lot of loe to you, best wishes. Your dear one, Ajaib Singh. Dearest Ram Singh, The letter sent with love by you has been received. I understood entire circumstances on reading it. I am very pleased that you have the blessings of Almighty Sawan. Baba Somnathji is present within you in the form of shabd. Almighty Sawan had introduced me to Baba Somnath for a briefly. I remain grateful to both of them. In context to what you have written about the translation seva.I am thankful to you for the same. However at present there are no programs in your area. I come only to Mumbai. There is a program in Mumbai between 11th and 20th. A lot of initiates of Baba Somnath attend the program there. All saints are one, they are friends. They share a bondage of love. I would expect that you are doing your bhajan-simran with devotion and remain in the rememberance of Baba Somnath always. With great love to you, the grace of the Merciful Almighty Radhaswami who is the prime support. Your dear one, Ajaib Singh


The Work of Sangat
The Guddela land which was acquired in 1986 for the ashram was haunted by a she ghost. It was of a woman who had fallen into the well and had been buried there itself. Every evening at about 6.00 p.m. she would be visible to the villagers and therefore everybody asked Baba Ram Singh Ji not to establish the Ashram there. He replied “I will make friends with the ghost”. Being haunted, the land was purchased at a cheap rate. On establishing the ashram there he sat in meditation. The ghost vanished. Baba Ram Singh Ji and a boy called Ashwatha were the two inhabitants of the ashram. The House was open. There were only two rooms. Both would sleep on the roof of the house. There was no water connection. Water would have to be fetched by climbing down to a well at a distance of a kilometer from the ashram. There was’nt a tree for eight years. Later a bore well was installed. At present the ashram has twenty acres of land. There is a garden of Coconut palms, papaya and other trees. There are about one hundred fifty coconut palms, about two hundred mango trees, about one thousand betel nut palms and a large number of banana plantation. The farm crops are mostly rice, groundnut, pulses and all types of vegetables. The power supply is available for seven hours every day. In the initial days Baba Ram Singh Ji and old man Timanna used to sleep on the roof. One night both were sleeping. He suddenly felt though some one was squeezing his chest. As though a weight of a quintal was placed on his chest. Immediately the simran started and the force on the chest instantly ran away. He saw a black cloud rushing away. A little later Timanna felt a weight of a quintal on the chest. He began yelling out the names of his mother and father. Baba Ram Singh Ji woke him up and the black cloud rushed away from Timanna too. Both saw the black cloud rise skywards. Ghost and lost souls do not do not come when one is awake. Gradually the place became pure. Timanna the lord of Mysore served in the Ashram and died there. The entire surroundings of the place which had 27

remained barren for twelve years started getting the crops and harvests. Bhandara was held in the third year. To arrange for water a bullock cart was laden with large drums. Ashwatha sat at the rear and was holding on to the drums. Once the drums were filled with water the bullock cart see-sawed backward and overturned. But for being blocked by a stone the cart would have fallen into the well. Baba Ram Singh Ji jumped from the cart. But Ashwatha fell down and on him fell all the drums. But by the grace of Master Ajaib he escaped unhurt. At a near by town Hindupur, negotiations were on for the purchase of a used electric motor. A price of rupees five thousand was agreed upon. Lingareddy, who had given some land to the Guddela Ashram, was returning to the Ashram late at midnight with the money. That he was carrying money had been overheard by some miscreants who were present there. They told Lingareddy “We are also gong to that village, why don’t you accompany us”. Lingareddy had been thinking that it was getting late, and was wondering how to travel to the ashram. He therefore accepted the offer. After having walked for some time, darkness fell and they were soon treading desolate areas. The miscreants began to talk amongst themselves. They were carrying knives and choppers in their bag. Lingareddy overheard the whispers and understood the possible future. He immediately remembered Baba Somnath Ji and started doing simran. Within five minutes a jeep arrived and halted. There were four policmen in the jeep. He quickly told the Police the truth “I am carrying Rs.5000/- for buying a machine but these fellows plan to kill me”. The police arrested the four miscreants and took them to the police station. Lingareddy then purchased the motor and arrived at the ashram and related his nocturnal adventure to everyone. Similarly a satsangi Dasappa and his wife were coming to the ashram. They were to go to Sirsi from the ashram. The wife had adorned all her jewellery. They were way-laid by a group of naxalites ( an outlaw militant organisation) Both were asked as to where they were headed at such late an hour. Both were trembling but revealed that they were headed to the ashram. At the mention of the ashram the naxalites released them. Baba Ram Singh Ji was meditating at Mudgal. A lady in the village used to get possessed by a ghost and she would start beating everybody. Her husband who had become harassed by this brought her before Baba Ram Singh Ji. When the lady would be in his presence the ghost would leave her and go on the tree in the front and would re-possess her when she would return with the husband. Baba Ram Singh Ji then asked every one to sit in meditation for a long time. After waiting for a long time the ghost finally went away. While leaving Baba Ram Singh Ji gave the woman some Prasad of Baba Ajaib Singh Ji’s satsang. Thereafter 28

the ghost was never seen. The lady also has a number of children now. Ghosts have astral bodies. They can reach up to the door or heavens but cannot enter it. Those who harbour the propensity of revenge or getting even with some one within themselves usually become ghosts. Even the impure souls are sent to ghost cycle. This is an incident during the Bhandara celebrations. To cook the food, wood is required frequently. There was a large tree of a diety Maramma. People would sacrifice fowl or lambs and tie the feet to the tree. The blood of all the animals would smear the tree. But the tree was very large with lots of wood. When the tree was assigned to be cut for the wood, people feared that Mariamma Diety would be offended and unleash calamity. Everybody asked Baba Ram Singh Ji to strike the first cut. He lifted the axe and saying Radhaswami he struck the tree twice. The tree was felled by the youth of the village. The wood was laden on a Tractor and moved to the ashram. Besides providing fuel for two years, the doors and windows of the ground hall were made out of the same wood. All villagers were worried that the Baba had done some manipulation. Even some poor harijans aired their worries. But nothing ever happened. All the slaughter and blood shed of animals to Mariamba halted. There was a hill called Timappa facing the ashram. There was a lot of wood there. The place was also haunted. The woods would whisper- “Don’t Cut”. The villagers dared Baba Ram Singh Ji that if you are not afraid then cut the wood. He cut the wood. Every one was astounded a Brahmin had come there to conduct the 29

puja. He too was amazed. But people were afraid to lend tractor and bullock cart to ferry the wood. The wood provided fuel for two to three years! With the establishment of the Ashram the whole village started getting the crops. Four years later water became available. The Government Collector recorded the title of the land in Baba Ram Singh Ji’s name. He asked Babaji what infrastructure was required. Babaji asked for a road and permission for a bore well. The Collector sanctioned both. The road was eventually built. And with the grace of the Master everything worked out alright. Savitri Bhat an elderly satangi in her late eighties was an initiate of Baba Somnath Ji. She had great love for her master and was a satsangi. Having done a lot of meditation she had earned good spiritual wealth. She considered Baba Ram Singh Ji her son. They used to meet a number of times. Back in 1979 they both had sat for meditation for a month at Pahad. During her last days she was in Mumbai. In January 2003 She was very ill and on her death bed. Baba Ram Singh Ji was requested to come and was to arrive in an hour. She uttered that Baba Ram Singh Ji has come. She had seen his darshan inside. When Babaji arrived an hour later she was completely attached inside and was not talking. He said that her attention was attached inside and would leave the body after two days. Exactly two days later when Savitri Bhatt left the body Baba Ram Singh Ji was discoursing the satsang at Kondla village near Mumbai. In satsang he told every one that Savitri Bhatt had gone straight to SachKhand.She had earned a lot of spiritual wealth. At Gudddela ashram an underground room had been constructed by Babaji for meditation. From February 2003 Baba Ram Singh Ji sat in meditation in this room for a year. He would come up every night at 8.00 p.m. and give darshan. In those days he had adopted complete silence and would not talk to anybody. Once a month he would come outside and deliver the satsang which was attended by 600800 strong sangat from neighbouring villages.


In Satsang Baba Ram Singh Ji often says :

Tan sthir , Man sthir , Surat-Nirat Sthir Kahe Kabir ek palkh ko kalp na pave koi. Steady the body, Steady the mind and steady the organs of sound and vision, Says Kabir, for even a blink the mind should not be allowed to conjure imagination.
This way the ascent of the soul begins and spiritual benefits are derived quickly. One needs to be steadfast. The mind eventually gets cleansed.

shareer, Man gaya to jane do, mat jane do shareer, teer. Na khinche Kaman, to kahan lagega teer. Even if the mind should roam, do not let the body move For if the rope is not drawn then where can the arrow go.
Simran should be maintained ceaselessly. Do not get up while once having sat for the two and half hour meditation daily. Even by just remaining seated the work will be done. If one meditates regularly (daily) then the obstructions by the mind disappear. The Master’s grace is attained. The mind is able to remain still. At times the Master gives glimpses to strengthen the faith. If the soul descends down in sleep during dreams, the master draws it up and one gets the darshan. The Master’s darshan can be had only when the attention is above. In the Kaliyug all the simran done by us gets accumulated. The Master does not allow the powers from accumulated simran to be used. At the time of death the Master arrives with the entire accumulated capital and showers mercy. During the Satyug and Dwapar Yugas (ages) the Rishis-Munees (Hermits and the realised ones) used to waste the spiritual wealth acquired from practices through curses. Great Sages and Yogis like Vishwamitra and Durvasa had wasted spirituality accumulated over sixty thousand years of harsh penances and austerities performed by them. After discarding his physical body the Master sits in the Brahma-Lok plane and looks after his sangat till all jivas initiated by him reach Sachkhand. Then he himself enters Sachkhand and never returns to the lower planes ever thereafter. Sachkhand is an eternal plane where there is no life or death. 31

Describing the importance of simran bhajan and faith in the Master, Baba Ram Singh Ji often relates the story of his past birth as Yogi Mahadevappa. In one of his earlier birth he was Madavappa Yogi. Mahadevappa was born at a place called Raichur in the state of India called Karnataka. He belonged to the Lingayat caste. He was a Police Inspector by profession. He was infected by leprosy. He came to Baba Somnath Ji who in those times was a follower of the “Nath Panth” a north Indian sect of ascetics meditating on the Siva one of the three prime Hindus Gods. Baba Somnath Ji had been born at a village called Gulbarga in the same state of India. Baba Somnath Ji initiated Mahadevappa into the Nath Panth and gave him the Jaap(simran) of “Om Namah Shivaya.”. Mahadevappa was cured of his malady through medicines and prayer. Mahadevappa was a family man and had children. Due to some heavy Karmas from the past he had been afflicted with this severe malady. When he began the spiritual practices and became a Yogi he resigned from his service and left for journey across the country on foot . He left the Mari Hill and perched atop the taller Tengal Hill. Moving from there he shifted to Enmaldodi (Pahad) Hill. He was directed to the cave on the hill by the people there. The cave used to be inhabited by cheetas. When Mahadevappa sat for meditations the cheetas would sit outside the cave. When anybody would arrive to the cave with milk for Mahadevappa the cheetas would not harm them. Mahadevappa would do the Pranayam practices (practices of holding the breath) alone. On attaining completeness in Yoga and becoming a complete Yogi he initiated twenty devotees and gave them the jaap of “Om Namah Shivaya”. He had inculcated spiritual poweress riddhi-siddhi. People used to idolize him. For the following two to three years everything continued this way. By that time Baba Somnath Ji had been to North India. Having come to the feet of Master Sawan and after being initiated by him he had attained completeness on the path of the Masters. In his meditation Mahadevappa got the vision of Baba Somnath Ji being in 32

Mumbai. He had great love for his Master Baba Somnath Ji. He left for Mumbai in search of Baba Somnath Ji. His disciples who were pretending to see him off at the station boarded the train and arrived at Mumbai along with him. Mumbai is a big city having many railway stations. They got off at the Dadar Station in Mumbai. Here they started enquiring and asked the tongawallas. One tongawallah said “I have not seen any Yogi but there is a businessman who has a cloth shop at Worli Naka. In the evening he does satsang”. On his directions Mahadevappa finally reached Baba Somnath Ji after several inquiries on the way. Mahadevappa now had a jatta (the long hair tied into a bun above the head) and a flowing beard. Baba Somnath Ji enquired about the accompanying twenty persons. “These are your grandchildren, my disciples”. Replied Mahadevappa. Baba Somnath Ji made Mahadevappa and his sangat hear the satsang for a week. And said that all should come with him to Beas Ashram to Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Mahadevappa had great love for Baba Somnath Ji but was not willing to go to Master Sawan Singh Ji, upon which he received the reprimand from Baba Somnath Ji who said that without being initiated by a perfect saint he would not get liberation”. Then fearfully they accompanied Baba Somnath Ji to Beas. There all were initiated. Despite being a Yogi Baba Sawan Singh Ji initiated Mahadevappa. Baba Somnath Ji also asked Mahadevappa to return and warned him that he was not allowed to give this naam to anybody else. Mahadevappa obeyed Baba Somnath Ji but on return to Pahad he re engaged in the Pranayam Practices. He did not have any faith in surat-shabd naam. Two or three years passed. Venkatachalpati used to work at Baba Somnath Ji’s Shop. His Mother and two ladies who used to stay on Pahad were given the five names by Mahadevappa. When these ladies arrived at Mumbai to Babaji’s Shop they told that they had received the naam. Baba Somnath Ji enquired which naam? The five names, they replied, and even recited the five names. Then Baba Somnath Ji became extremely angry on Mahadevappa and uttered that neither his beard nor he will remain! Very soon Mahadevappa had a lot of cough and cold. The incessant cough got stuck in the beard and it became difficult to even keep the beard clean. Then his disciples forced him to shave off his beard. After six months of ailment he finally left his body. His disciples made his Samadhi (grave) atop Pahad. After Mahadevappa there was inadequate administration at Pahad. Mahadevappa’s sangat 33

wrote to Baba Somnath Ji who then came to Pahad after touring villages of Chalkeri and Bellary. Who ever arrived would first prostrate before the Samadhi of Mahadevappa and then prostrate before Baba Somnath Ji but at that time Baba Somnath Ji did not say anything. Later on he built a bunglow on Pahad and planted coconut palms. The Samadhi was also no more. P.D. Laksmaiyah who was the Minister of Anantpur district was a disciple of Baba Somnath Ji. He entrusted 25 acres of land on Pahad in the name of Baba Somnath Ji which were cultivated with groundnut crop. Another ten acres was acquired on the small Pahad. Then Mahadevappa’s grave was removed and shifted near the Anjaneya Temple high above on Pahad. Every one had great faith in Baba Somnath Ji. The seva of construction of satsang hall was in progress. A very huge boulder suddenly slipped. It was about to fall on the Hall. A lot Lives of sevadaars would have been lost. At the time Baba Somnath Ji was at Bangalore Ashram. He raised his hands there. The boulder’s movement stopped instantly. He pressed the boulder into the wall. Since then the Boulder stands as a wall even today. Mahadevappa did not have faith in Baba Sawan Singh Ji or the Surat –Shabd practices. He had love for Baba Somnath Ji. The following birth was in the house of an initiate of Baba Somnath Ji but due to Past Karmic debt this birth lasted only for eight months. The next (present) birth was at Benaras which is a Religeous Place revered in India. Only pious souls are born there. Baba Ram Singh Ji’s parents had been doing penances for five or six years and were praying to god for a child. Therefore since very young age he is called baba. He is very straight forward. He was named Ram Singh Ji. And by the young age of 21 years Baba Somnath Ji drew him towards himself. Without the practice of Surat-Shabd Yog it is not possible to attain Liberation. In this birth he attained the highest form by practicing Surat-Shabd yog. On February 27th, 2005 he started giving naam dan. About three hundered and fifteen persons received initiation. Followed by initiation to about 65 aspirants in Sirsi in July 2005. The mission of the welfare souls continues thru the initiation sessions at all the programs. On the order of Sant Satguru Baba Somnath Ji Maharaj and Sant Satguru 34

Baba Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj, Sant Baba Ram Singh Ji has been delivering satsangs and making the sangat sit in their remembrance. And thru the satsangs he continues to inspire the sangat to awaken and re-focus on the benefits of devotion to the Master, surrender to the Master and the greatness of Naam, and the real objective of the human birth to return to the true home and abode of eternal peace by bringing into practice the teachings of Sant Mat.





Som Ajaib Kripa Ashram
Via Guddellla, At P.O. Marimkalpallya Kambadore 515765. Distt. Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

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