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Now a day we are living an age of entirely industrialization where almost our entire daily life
product comes from industry. Leather is also essential daily life product which comes from
several processing steps through Tannery industry. This paper highlighted many key terms of
tannery industry regarding its establishment to production process, strength of tannery
industry to various environment problem, high courts rule against this industry to the
proposed sight of tannery industry in savar. To make out this term paper we give a good
emphasize on its environment impact as well its impact of livelihood of their worker. But a
main distinguish feature of this term paper is that it also put forward the contribution of
tannery industry in the overall economy of Bangladesh as well as future opportunities to
grab some more market sharing by switching into eco friendly production process. How can
we change this sector what can we get by flourishing this sector, all this things a person can
get by exploring our term paper.


First of all, I am grateful to Almighty Allah who has blessed me the opportunity to study here in
East West University. Then we are highly thankful to our honorable course instructor Dr. Fazlur
Rashid Khan who guide us and help us to make this project fruitful. Also thanks to our seniors
who assists to make this project a perfect one. Lastly thanks to my parents, because of them that
what I am now today.

Tannery industry in Bangladesh I