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Colgate-Palmolive Company's growth from a small candle and soap manufacturer to one of the most powerful consumer products giants in the world is the result of aggressive acquisition of other companies. abrasives used to clean teeth did not resemble modern toothpastes. Now called William Colgate and Company. The product was called Colgate Ribbon Dental Crème. Windsor toilet soaps and Pearl starch. Dr. Murphy's oil soap. The company is organized around four core segments--oral care. as well as cleans the teeth.1. and an early emphasis on building a global presence overseas where little competition existed. it concentrated exclusively on selling starch. toothpaste What is Colgate ? In 1806. Washington Wentworth Sheffield. Ancient Egyptians used a mixture of green lead. factory in 1820. Chalk was commonly used as the abrasive in the early part of the twentieth century. toothpaste was packaged in jars. competition. when the company was founded by 23 -year-old William Colgate. a dental surgeon and chemist. in the United States. personal care. Until the midnineteenth century. Colgate became partners with Francis Smith. persistent attempts to overtake its major U. Mennen deodorant. When originally marketed to consumers. Softsoap liquid soap. home care. Ground fish bones were used by the earl Chinese. Upon entering his second year of business. someimes toxic t ingredients to meet that goal. Palmolive and Ajax dishwashing liquid. a name it kept until 1812 when Colgate purchased Smith's share of the company and offered a partn ership to his brother. and the company became Smith and Colgate.2 02. Modern toothpaste was invented to aid in the removal foreign particles and food substances. Bowles Colgate.000 years. y In 1850. In 1934. New Jersey. and candles from its New YorkCity-based factory and shop. Back ground: Toothpaste has a history that stretches back nearly 4. The Colgate-Palmolive Company also asserts that it sold the first toothpaste in a collapsible tube in 1896. the firm expanded its manufacturing operations to a Jersey City. and pet nutrition --that market such wellknown brands as Colgate toothpaste. and Hill's Science Diet and Hill's . soap. Soupline and Suavitel fabric softeners. and incense.S. verdigris (the green crust that forms on certain metals like copper or brass when exposed to salt water or air). People were primarily concerned with cleaning stains from their teeth and used harsh. Fab laundry detergent. this factory produced Colgate's two major products. invented the first toothpaste. Ajax cleanser. Overview of the Company/Company profile 2. Irish Spring soap.

Colgate shaving cream. pongeBob uarePants. Household Cleaning Products Colgate produces several lines of household cleaning products. ome over-the-counter sensitivit names include canker sore pain relievers Colgate Orabase ith Benzocaine and Colgate . sensitivit products and toothbrushes. Colgate Motion. Colgate artar Control. C l te-Pal li e as erati s i re t an enerates about 7 ercent of its revenue outside t e nited tates.3 Prescri ti iet et s. ersonal care and et food roducts. jax brand scouring and machine ashing cleaners. Personal Care Products Colgate manufactures several lines of personal care toiletries for men and women." ome of Colgate's " otal" line of toothpaste includes Colgate otal dvanced. ora the xplorer. fluoride. Palmolive hand soap and dishwashing li uid. along with several deodorants such as tainguard and peed tick /7. "Out of these four roducts their ain source of income is oral care. Colgate makes over-the-counter products and supplies dentists ith teeth hitening. ousehold cleaning. Colgate's fabric care line of cleaners includes ynamo and resh tart laundry detergents. rish pring bar soap and body washes. . Colgate avigator and Colgate Peroxyl Rinse. Colgate ltrabrite and Colgate Cavit Protection. uavitel abric conditioners as well as Murphy Oil disposable wipes and household cleaner. Colgate ave. deodorants. Colgate ProClinical. dental care roducts are the ost lucrative. and ermassage dishwashing li uids are popular. and body wash products for men include ft and kin Bracer by Mennen. and Colgate in1 are a part of the Colgate children's line. Colgate otal Professional are among Colgate's line of toothbrushes. ccording to exas ech niversit . countries and What are Col ates Products ? Dental Care Products Of Col ate's oral care.

Over 100 Colgate researchers from around the world are united on-line and meet globally to share their knowledge. Colgate research professionals conduct in-depth interviews with diverse shoppers. develop the Company¶s new products. bringing profitable returns sooner. body washes. nd Colgate erbal toothpaste. strengthened our top position in Portugal and the outh Pacific. with its natural formula. Product development cycles have been reduced dramatically in the past five years. located in regional centres all over the world. Central urope and sia. such as with Colgate in1. moisturizers. up from 0 percent ten years ago. rom the very beginning of the development process. emale soap products include oftsoap hand soaps. uelled by new products. nd the pace of new product introductions is accelerating. hand gel sanitizers and Vel beauty bars. Colgate ctibrush has helped make the Company umber One in manual and battery operated toothbrushes in the nited Kingdom. by being closer to the consumer than competitors and sharing knowledge with colleagues across the Company. Because so many consumer purchase decisions are made in-store. imilarly. as far as three years into the future. Colgate¶s new product teams identify and roll out products to market faster. . and propelled us to a strong umber wo position in taly and reece. sometimes halved. he insights discovered have led to the success of new Colgate products like oft-soap brand ruit ssentials hand soap and shower gel. increased advertising. he most effective marketing begins with the consumer. they are focused on creating global products that can be rapidly expanded throughout Colgate¶s broad global network. Palmolive has emerged from among more than 0 brands to become the umber wo best-selling Personal Care brand in taly. ew products. Sucess Stratergy Consistent growth drives Colgate¶s global success. een pirit and een pirit un ragrance are two Colgate lines of dry deodorants designed especially to attract teens. nd the Colgate brand name has demonstrated its ability to expand into new segments that provide incremental sales. is building share in countries in Latin merica. nnovative new products are critical to Colgate¶s continuing growth.4 Lady peed tick antiperspirant. rance and reland. a combination liquid gel toothpaste and breath freshener. eams of new product specialists. Palmolive aturals skin and hair care products are winning consumers in sia. on an ongoing basis. refreshing ingredients and elegant packaging. urope and Latin merica with their natural. validate concepts and keep the new product development pipeline full with options. lobal equities today account for almost 7 percent of Company sales. with attractive bright packaging that literally stops people in store aisles. both in retail stores and in their homes. geographic expansion and greater efficiency again drove sales and profits to new records. t starts with insight gleaned country by country. nvisible ry and Lady peed tick with loe are among deodorants for women.

newer categories such as liquid hand soap are currently distributed in only half that many. introductions of fabric softener and shampoo combined with a new joint venture with anxiao. coupled with Colgate¶s growing market shares. with plans in place to expand Colgate¶s global market presence in 001 and beyond. growth and profitability in the years to come. Colgate¶s many decades of global operating expertise. hile Colgate Oral Care is well established in over 00 countries. . n China. its powerful brands and proven strategies for broadly launching superior new products to the market quickly. serve as a rich foundation for future success. By building on recent achievements and anticipating the needs of tomorrow. proprietary knowledge about different consumer groups and how they shop. creates a strong partnership that is enabling Colgate sales executives to increase in-store presence for Colgate products. are helping to fuel rapid growth. Colgate will continue to deliver greater value.5 mportantly. that country¶s market leader in toothbrushes.

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