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Published by Nicole Lawrence

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Published by: Nicole Lawrence on Apr 24, 2011
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This is Chipotle.

Video: Open with a (MS) where we can see Chipotle s logo ( Dolly OUT) (LS) We see the restaurant CUT (CU) Chipotle s burrito (Dolly IN) (ECU) CUT

This is a Chipotle Burrito.

And this

(LS) Farm with animals CUT

Is food with integrity.

Chipotle believes that

(LS) Farm with vegetables CUT

fast food can also be

good (LS) We see animals in a natural environment (Dolly IN) DISSOLVE (LS) We see natural farms with vegetables

and healthy food.

That s why they offer

the best ingredients,

raised with respect;

(LS) Natural farms, with local farmers CUT

respect for the animals

and the environment. (MS) Chipotle s workers preparing guacamole and cooking meat DISSOLVE

Burrito s Chipotle is

like no other,

made by healthy and (MS) Chipotle s workers putting the healthy ingredients in a bowl DISSOLVE

local ingredients.

And now try our Burrito Bowl, (CU) Burrito Bowl DISSOLVE

because Chipotle s burrito without CHIPOTLE s logo tortilla, still has the same morals.

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