People have always been interested in using weapons for various reasons. Different types of weapons have been used by humans who have been in need of protection or food for ages. However, due to the recent increase in the crime rate, issue of gun ownership has been a subject of dispute. A number of arguments have been put forward for and against stricter gun control laws. While some people oppose the idea, others claim that the governments should introduce tighter gun controls.

1st body (against)
The first argument of the opponents of strict gun control laws is that most people own guns to protect themselves. They claim that guns are necessary for self-defense because the police are unable to stop violent crime. Opponents further maintain that citizens keep guns to feel safe and defend themselves and their families whenever the need arises. Therefore, gun control laws disarm only the innocent people who obey the laws.

2nd body (against)
Another argument put forward by people who are against guncontrol is that many people keep the guns for sport and recreation. According to the opponents, these gun-owners are responsible citizens who do not intend to harm anyone. They further say that shooting and hunting are sports which many people enjoy, and gun control takes firearms from hobbyists and hunters.

3rd body (for)
Although some people oppose gun control law, others support the idea because it may reduce the crime and accidental shootings. The proponents of gun control law claim that not owning a gun can decrease the occurrences of murder. They assert that most murder victims are killed by firearms. It is also maintained that in robberies and assaults, victims are more likely to die when the criminal is armed with a gun than when he has another weapon.

4th body (for)
The advocates of gun control also assert that stricter laws can prevent accidental shootings especially among children. They contend that citizens should not possess guns because handguns can easily get into the hands of little children. It is also maintained that school violence is caused by gun availability. Youngsters who are easily influenced by the violent video games or television shows, tend to commit crimes when they obtain a gun.

To sum up, the opponents of gun control believe that tighter laws restrict only people who use firearms for self-protection or recreation whereas those who are in favor of gun control claim that guns cause more harms than benefits. However, it is obvious that gun ownership is very risky, so it is necessary for the governments to introduce stricter gun laws and educate people about the firearms. With stronger gun control laws, the crime and murder rates will most likely to decrease all over the world.

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