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Paul Jones

Mrs. Quinn
November 29, 2010
Unit 2 Lesson 8 – Reviewing and Using the Lesson
1. Why did the Articles of Confederation create only a legislative branch of government? How did
the Articles of Confederation deal with dears that some states would dominate others in the
national government?
The Articles only created a legislative branch because American colonists feared a national
executive or judicial branch with too much power due to their experience with British rule. The
Articles explicitly state that although there is a “strong league of friendship”, all states are still
completely sovereign.
2. What were some of the achievements of the national government under the Articles of
Confederation? What were some of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
Under the Articles, America won a revolutionary war and oversaw the creation of the
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
3. What was Shays' Rebellion? Why did it occur? What was its historical importance?
Shays' Rebellion was armed uprising in central and western Massachusetts. It occurred by
farmers were angry that they had not received their payment for service during the Revolution.
This event convinced James Madison that a strong executive branch was needed.
4. What were positive and negative effects of limited national government? Which Americans
were satisfied with government under the Articles of Confederation? Why?
A weak national government meant that people, in principle, had lower taxes and more
freedom. In practice, it split the then “united states” with separate currencies and
noncooperation. As with most historical trends, the rich benefited most, and the poor suffered
the most. The rich are capable of protecting their rights without a national government to tax
5. Compare the government under the Articles of Confederation with a contemporary
confederation of nations, such as the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization of
American States, or the Organization of African States. In what way are they similar? In what
ways are they different?
The AoC and the EU are similar in that they are a loose confederation of states with a common
goal. They differ in that the EU shares a currency and has a weak, but present, executive