Rosemarie González Muñiz 12-10 March 8, 2011 Mrs.

Fránces Rodríguez Narrative Essay

My embarrassing moment

Have you had an embarrassing moment in your life? A state with someone on a fast food place and was to become food between your teeth? My most embarrassing experience was spent when he was 16. On the day of Christmas my family and I and some friends decided to go to eat in the restaurant mofongo green light. For all ordered and I ordered chicken and salad mofongo. Then we all sat at the table. The time comes what we ordered. We all ate and talked a lot. When I finished eating I decided to order dessert, because I got to the cashier that certainly was a beautiful girl and asked her a custard dessert and I laughed with him and he looked at me strange and laughed when I went for dessert I said I had something between his teeth, I wanted to die, not knowing what it was. I said nothing and retired accelerating the pace toward the table where my family and I grabbed my bag and pulled out the mirror to see who had, when I saw had a large piece of lettuce between my teeth. I wanted to die, and I flirt with men without knowing what I had in my teeth. That big embarrassment. Since that day I finished eating quantitative review in the mirror just in case. jajajajja

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