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Reading attitude in society

Assalamualikum and good morning to our ______________ and to all my /

3low friends. Today going to talk about “reading attitude in society”
especially in our society in Malaysia..Im going to asking you one question.. How
many book you reading a year? 1? 2? 3? Or is just 1 page …2 pages? Reading culture
in Malaysia society still in the lower level. In average, every Malaysian just read 2
books every year. This matter show that our society reading interest still low. Why
only two books in average reading by Malaysian a year? There must be reasons to

The main reason why reading habit has less interest in our society is it just
because there are no reading traditions that can be following. In other words, our
society has no good example or “reading” atmosphere to stimulate individual interest
whether in their family or society. Electronic media also plays a main role to change
reading interest in our society. Its make watching television and surfing the internet
much more fun than reading.

Second reason is the surrounding area factor; in our society reading is just for
nerds and square. They also think that peoples who love reading especially in public
areas just want to show off and this give a negative picture toward people who love
reading. They called them ‘ ulat buku’ or bookworm. Bookworm always reputed as
anti social. This kind of perceptions very dangerous, because its can keeping at a
distance between books and our society.

Other reason is the prices of the books are expensive. This also a main factor
for our society to say no to reading. The prices of the books are so expensive this is
because of the others factor like foreign currency exchange is high. That’s cause
imported book price rise! And also the unwillingness of our self to use our money to
buy books compare to other stuffs. For example, buying car give more satisfaction to
them in form of esthetic value and luxury.