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CFN 2009223368, OR BK 6072 Page 226, Recorded 12/02/2009 at 10:07 AM, Scott Ellis, | haul Clerk of Courts, Brevard County RECORD & RETURN TO: Law Office of Marshall C, Watson 1300 NW 49" Stret, Site 120 Fort Lauderdale, Plrida 33309 Telephone: (94) 453-0365 Facsimile: (9$4) 771-6052 ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT. THAT MORTGAGE.ELE¢ ¢ REGISTRATION SYSTEMS INCORPORATED AS NOMINEE FOR DHI MORTGAGE COMPAY LID residing o ostod at 1898 Springhill Roa, #310 Veona, VA. 23182 herein ‘esignated asthe asignor, tor and in consideration ofthe sum of $1.00 Dollar and other good and valuable ‘consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, does hereby grant, bargain, sell, assign, transfer and set ‘over unto ONEWEST BANK FSB residing o° located st: 2900 Esperanza Crossing Austin, TX 78758 herein designated as the assignee, the mortgage executed by MANUS CHARLES AND AGATHE T CHARLES recorded anwary 9, 2007 ia Brevard County, Florida al BOOK 5737 and PAGE 8787 encumibering the property more particulary described as follows: LOT 16, BLOCK 399 OF PORT MALABAR, UNIT TEN, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF, AS RECORDED IN FLAT BOOK 15, AT PAGE 10 THROUGH 19, THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA Together with the note and each and every other obligation described in said mortgage and the money due and to become die thereon TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the sid assignee, its successors and assigns forever, but without recourse ‘on the undersigned. In Winess Whereof, the sil Assignor has hereunto set his band and seal or caused these presents tobe signed by its ‘proper comporate officer and its corporate seal to he hereto affixed this _[M_— day of — Sed 2009. ory TRONIC REGISTRATION HORATED AS NOMINEE FOR DHT Ruthorized Signatory ‘WITNESS: Kane {2G Print Name:__ ‘Victoria Rendon stator Texas Travis COUNTY OF PERSONALLY APPEARED BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority in and forthe aforesaid county and state, on this fee MU ayoh gh aaa thin ny jardin, the within nao who tekigwledged Wve ia (Shes Chamagne Walliams ‘and who personaly known 19 me has provided Ss enfaton that rat en aFof MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS INCORPORATED AS NOMINEE FOR Dil MORTGAGE COMPAY LTD ang sits act and dee (s)he executed the ahove and foregoing instrument after first having been duly authorized by MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS INCORPORATED IINEE FOR DHT MORTGAGE COMPAY LD to do so \WITNESS my hand an ofl clin the County and State os aforesi tis_1 Sot 2009, TROY STEPHAN LAZZARA Notary Public, Stato ot Toxas ease “Maron 2010 SR vss