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1. Arja: performance of dancer with dialogue

2. Banyu pinaruh: a day when people go to the beach to wash themselves

from invisible dirt

3. Barong: a holy creature that is belived to protect human

4. Bhuana Kerthi: santification of universe

5. Bhuta Yadnya: purify the universe, devotees hold sacrifice

6. Bleganjur: an ensemble of Balinese traditional song that will be performed

in religious ceremony

7. Duwe: a holy animal (any kind of animal in

8. Gamelan: a musical ensemble from Indonesia, typically from the islands of

Bali or Java which consist of many instruments

9. Ganesha: God statue with elephant head

10.Gebug ende:

11.Intaran: neem tree

12.Kayonan puppet:

13.Kelima: the fifth

14.Kertha Gosa: place for administration and traditional justicce in the pre-
colonial times by a council consisting of the great king and his priests



17.Masegeh: ritual that presents offering in form of colourful rice

18.Melasti: ritual of santification of the universe trough sea or water spring

19.Melukat: Wash our soul and body from invisible dirt

20.Ngelawang: gallivanting show

21.Ngeruwat: purifactory rite

22.Ngunying: self stabbing in trance enlivened the parade procession

24.Nyepi: day of silence

25.Palemahan:relationship between human and surrounding

26.Pamedal Agung: a big exit gate in royal palace

27.Parhyangan: relationship between God and human

28.Pawongan: relationship between human and other human

29.Poleng: colur of white and blck side by side

30.Purnama: full moon

31.Saha Nuhur: spirit to respect certain place

32.Sampian: decoration made from young coconut leaves


34.Setra: graveyard

35.Subak: irrigation system in Bali

36.Sudamala: purification

37.Tipat: rice bag

38.Tirtha: Holy water

39.Tri Hita Karana: Concept in hindu that we should live in peace with
God,other human, and surrounding

40.Tri Lingga:

41.Wantilan: meeting hall to disscuss something together

42.Wayang Lemah: a performance of shadow puppet that held at noon