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Data Center II Lab

Purpose: Become familiar with the factors that influence the cost of building a Data Center and
improving its energy efficiency

Lab 1 - Data Center Calculators

1. Navigate to the APC web site and go to the TradeOff Tools calculators in the
support area of the web site:

2. Note below five or more of the list of calculators that are available UPS
Efficiency Comparison Calculator, Data Center Carbon Calculator, Data Center
Efficiency Calculator, Data Center Capital Cost Calculator, Data Center Growth
Plan Calculator, Data Center Power Sizing Calculator

Capital Cost Calculator

3. Select the link for the Data Center Capital Cost Calculator

4. Input the following values in the calculator (observing the Data Center cost
impact as you change the values)
a. Data center design capacity 1500 KW
b. UPS architecture: Modular, scalable UPS
c. Power: 2N, N+1, N+1 for three values
d. Cooling: N+1 for all four values
e. Leave all other values as defaults

5. What is the resulting Data Center cost in US dollars? How much did adding
additional levels of redundancy increase your cost? Copy the final screenshot
Efficiency Calculator

6. Select the link for the Data Center Efficiency Calculator on the APC website.

7. Input the following values in the calculator:

a. Data Center capacity: 1500 kw (note the PUE value after changing the
b. UPS system: High efficiency
c. Power redundancy: Dual path power
d. Cooling system: Chiller with cooler power (VFD)
e. Add features in checkboxes for : Standby generator, Blanking panels,
Energy efficient lighting, optimized rack layout, and optimized tile
f. Leave all other values as defaults
8. What is the resulting infrastructure efficiency in PUE and DCIE? PUE: 1.89
DCIE: 53%

9. What are the resulting costs (US $) and energy allocations (%) per year for
power, cooling, and IT Load?
(Note: Select the drop-down list in the chart on the lower right to select the
chart type).
Copy the final screenshot below.