Protect Me

Full Moon-Energy

Date: 06/07/10 Correspondences Used: Herbs Candle Purpose: To give me protection in my life. Items Needed Rose (4) Small Red Candles Fire Proof Dish Matches or lighter Purpose Protection Protection

Preparation/set up: Take and grind rose into a very fine powder using a mortar and pedestal. Light charcoal disc in fire proof dish. Spell: Place 1 candle in each of the 4 directions: East, South, West, and North. Sit in the middle and place fire proof dish in front of you. Sprinkle rose incense onto charcoal disc and say: I sit here tonight and ask the Goddess to give me life long protection. Now light all 4 candles around you and say: As these candles burn brightly, so does the energy of protection. So Mote It Be!

Additional Information: Take wax and ashes and bury into the ground to get rid of all negativity.Now close your eyes and take in the energy coming from the candles and incense. . Sit until candle s burn them selves out.

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