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39 Words and Music by BRIAN MAY right Country beat im E > ys nine + y= nine Fim ae ey 7H ie + xem = bled here the vol - un + came a ship—— in from the Fim aH aH Here the ship sailed ‘And they bring good i blue and sun-ny The sweet Id so new-ly ‘Though their hearts 128 He > ‘And the night fol-lowed day. For the earth old and And the sto - ry tell -ers Lit + tle dar = int well a - & ie Bm A ae i 2 A For man-y a lone ly day— Oh, s0 man=y—— years have_gone.— a 8 @ sailed a = cross the milk = y seas, Ne'er looked back, nev - er though I'm old - er than a year, Your moth-er's eyes. from your 124 you're many Write your eo take your hand, 8 Bi e 6 chil + dren knew. Code & Don't you " ctr Fim thy D> a + eG Ge & be ean = not heal me like your ts > . Bm Fim fe Hi Be ry For my life still a