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1. P.D.S Stands for_________.

2. Backend for P.D.S is _______.

3. Primitives means?

4. What is “Absolute coordinate system” and “Delta coordinate system”?

5. Equipment means___________.

6. How to move equipment?

7. What is difference between “mirror” and “mirror copy”?

8. What is mandatory condition for placing Nozzle?

9. P.D.S is developed by _________.

10. What is “PREP” in defining nozzle?

11. What is PP and PP snap lock?

12. Working environment for P.D.S is_______.

13. In piping which option is used to move for equipment?

14. What is the use of “Reference model”?

15. By which option nozzles are connected to pipe?

16. What is “segment”?

17. Is there any possibility to place a pipe in open space? If yes how?

18. “Skewed intersect” is used for?

19. How to delete segment?

20. The option to delete only “branch of pipe” is_____.

21. Which option is used to place pipe and components automatically?

22. What is the difference between “move pipe run” and “move pipe end”?

23. PMC stands for_______

24. How segment can be edited?

25. How pipe run can break?

26. Is there any way to join segments?

27. How to replace ‘n’ components in a pipe at a time?

28. How many windows can be opened in P.D.S?

29. What is the use of isometric drawing?

30. Drawing manager is used for__________.