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Estimation of Ship Resistance

Estimation of Ship Resistance

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Estimation of Ship Resistance from model Experiment
Faculty of Marine Technology Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Shoji Kuniaki

Kuniaki Shoji
Department of Marine System Engineering Faculty of Marine Technology Tokyo University of marine Science and Technology 1970 graduate Yokohama National University (Department of Naval Architecture, Faculty of Engineering) 1975 graduate the Doctoral course of the University of Tokyo Doctoral Thesis: The study of motion of Mooring Ship and Tension of Mooring Line researching theme Protective Systems of The Bridge Pier against Ship collision Performance of Anti-rolling Tank Study on High holding power anchor Development of the city of waterfront History of ship


Outline of this Lecture
• In this lecture Froude’s method is explained. This is a est at o method which evaluate s s estimation et od w c eva uate actual ship resistance from model experiment. • At First the component of resistance is shown and explained. Next, model experiment at the so called towing tank which is executed resistance test is introduced. As these results, i i i d d A h l estimation method of actual ship resistance so called Froude’s method is explained.

Components of Ship Resistance
• Total Resistance = Water Resistance + Air Resistance • Water Resistance = Frictional Resistance + Eddy Resistance + Wave Making Resistance • Water Resistance = Frictional Resistance + Residuary Resistance • Water Resistance = Viscous Resistance + Wave Making Resistance • Residuary Resistance = Eddy Resistance + Wave Making Resistance • Viscous Resistance = Frictional Resistance + Eddy Making Resistance


so called SHIP MODEL BASIN. 3 .Wave making resistance Resistance Test by model It is difficult to estimate ship resistance by only theoretical calculation. calculation Then it is experimented now at the experimental tank. SHIP TOWING TANK .

William Froude • 1810年~1879年 • Who Called the Father of Modern Naval Architecture • From Experience to theory • Estimation of Actual Ship Resistance from Model Experiment(Froudes’ Method) Experiment(Froudes • Froude Number Fn=V/(gL)1/2 • Method of Model Experiment • Construction of Towing Tank Towing Tank • Towing Tank of Yokohama National University(Japan) • Berlin Model Basin(Germany) • Which facilities are there? • How experiment there? 4 .

Experimental Tank of Yokohama National University Yokohama University Ship Model Basin 5 .

Profile of Yokohama University Ship Model Basin Dimensions of Yokohama University Ship model Basin 6 .

Towing Carriage Self Propulsion Test 7 .

Control Room and Resistance Dynamometer Resistance Dynamometer measurement Towing Carriage Trim measurement Trim measurement Balance Resistance Dynamometer y guide Towing Rod Ship model Counter Weight guide id 8 .

Shaping Machine Berlin Model Basin 9 .

Berlin Model Basin Berlin Model Basin 10 .

推進試験、係留試験 Flow Measurement of Aft Body 11 .

Towing Tank Towing Tank(Wave Maker Side) 12 .

Towing Carriage Towing Tank 13 .

Trimming Tank Side Casting Box 14 .

shaping machine Circulating Water Tank (the biggest in the world) 15 .

Circulating Water Tank William Froude(1810-1879) 16 .

8m 3.2m/s 9.98m Depth 3.0m/s 1.5m 2m 4.05m Speed 4.Towing Tank at Torquay Towing Tank Yokohama Tokyo Berlin Torquay National University Model Towing University Marine S.08m/s 17 . Basin Tank Technology Length 110m 54m 250m 59.44m Breadth 8m 10m 8m 10.0m/s 5.

2kg×30=6kg 0 2k ×30=6k ? 0.Experiment of Actual Ship Experiment of Greyhound Experiment of Plank Ship E i f Pl k Shi Experiment of Yudachi Evaluation of Actual Ship • Training Ship of Faculty of Marine technology 「SHIOJI MARU Ⅲ」 • Length:Ship=46m Model=1 5m Length:Ship=46m、 Model=1.5m • Scale 1/30.2kg×303=5400kg=5.6 • Model Measurement V=1.0m/s ⇒RTM=0.2kg×302=180kg ? 0.4t ? Speed of Actual Ship =1.0m/s ? 18 .2kg • Resistance of Ship RTS 0.

) (Froude’s low of Comparison) Resistance Test of model of Shioji maru Ⅲ • Corresponding speed: model 1.0m/s ship 1.1=0.1kg • Residuary resistance of ship 0.1kg ship 1.2kg g • Residuary resistance of model 0.2t 19 .) • Resid ar resistance of ship and model is Residuary proportional to 3 times of scale.2-0.7=4.0m/s×30 1 0m/s×301/2=5 5m/s 5.5t • Resistance test :water resistance 0.5+2.7t • Water Resistance of Ship 1.1×303=2700kg =2. (However that length、wetted surface area、surface condition are same. (Water Resistance=Frictional Resistance+Residuary Resistance) • Frictional Resistance of ship and model equals Frictional resistance of flat plate.5m/s • Frictional Resistance:from resistance of plate model 0.Froude’s Method • Water Resistance divides two components. (However speed of ship and model is proportional to root of scale.

Water resistance of ship Resistance coefficient model ship Reynolds number Evaluation of Ship Resistance Ship resistance Estimation 2 Estimation 1 20 .

• (4)Biggest instrument of the world in Berlin Model Basin.ac. • (5)please comment : shoji@kaiyodai. • (3)The ships name of experiment of resistance at first.jp Thank you for your kind attention 21 .Quiz • (1)Man who estimate the ship resistance from model experiment. • (2)The place where towing tank was made at first.

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