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Toys Poems

Toys Poems

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Published by Ida Van Der Merwe

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Published by: Ida Van Der Merwe on Apr 25, 2011
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Подборка стихотворений по теме «Игрушки» для начальной школы

I dig with my small spade The yellow. warm sand. But now in the sunny weather. . My skipping-rope was so still. And many houses are made In my nice playland. We’ll go in the street together. The Spade.My Skipping-rope I was in bed and badly ill.

My cat has touched it with its paw. . says the clock. I am putting the last block. My top is dancing on the floor. I like the cloured top. “Tick-tock”. If I want to build a tower. And made it quickly stop.The coloured Bricks. I am sitting for an hour. My Top.

The best of all my friends. It needs not any hay. And I walk everywhere And hold him in my hands. But it will take me every day To my great land of play. .My Teddy – Bear I love my Teddy-Bear. My Horse My horse can’t move in any way.

. The white and blue silk dress. the curly wig. My Ball My ball is bouncing so high. I want to play with you. You like to play. And everything it has: Two big blue eyes. And I am jumping too.My Doll My doll is very nice and big. and so do I.

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