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Learn Joomla

Learn Joomla

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Published by Dallas H Pham

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Published by: Dallas H Pham on Apr 25, 2011
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Joomla! is software to enable you to build web sites in a way that separates the con-
tent - the words and the pictures - from the presentation, design and structure of the
website, such that it is easy to add to or change the content without any special pro-
gramming or design skills; just the skills needed to use a word processor or an email

Intechnicalterms,Joomla! softwareisclassifiedasacontent management system (CMS)
which allows you to build what is known as a dynamic web site, where the content is
stored in a database.

To create a web site using Joomla!, you or your website hosting supplier first need
to install the Joomla! software on a Web server so that it is publicly visible across
the Internet. (Note: if you just want to experiment there is a development version,
JSAS, which can be installed on your PC, see Chapter 3). You will also need a domain
name for your website. Apart from that you need a PC with broadband access and
some image processing software to prepare your pictures for the website. You will
also need a template which controls the graphic design and layout of your site, There
are just a couple of templates included with Joomla!, but literally 100’s of free or
inexpensive templates for all sorts of different website layouts available for you to
choose from 3rd party suppliers.

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