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UNIT – 3

1. The E pin requires an _____ pulse to latch in information at the data pins of
the LCD.

a. high b. low c. high to low d. low to high

2. True or false: To see if any key is pressed, all rows are grounded

3. Which pin of the ADC0804 indicates end of conversion?

a. INTR b. WR c. CS d.

4. True or false: The output of DAC0808 is ideal to drive a motor.

5. The LM35 provides _____ mV for each degree of _____ temperature.

a. 10, Fahrenheit b. 10, Celsius c. 1, Fahrenheit d. 1, Celsius

6. True or false: In accessing externally stored program code, the PSEN

signal is always activated.

7. The 8051 has a total of _____ bytes of memory space for both program
code and data.

a. 256k b. 128k c. 1M d. 64k

8. The _____ is the minimum degree of rotation associated with a single step.

a. steps per revolution b. step angle c. both a and b d. none

9. True or false: In the 8051, program code must be read only memory.

10. The partial address decoding leads to _____

a. data aliases b. address aliases c. both a and b d. none

11 Data transfer from I/O to external data memory can only be done with Command

12. In microcontroller and LCD interface RS=0 indicates register is selected. a.command

13.Resolution of ADC is defined as a) 1/ (2N – 1) b) 2N-1 c) 1/ (2N-1) d) 2N-1

14.In modes 2 and 3, if _____ bit of SCON bit is set will causes enable multiprocessor
communication and is of ____ bit address. a) SM1, 9EH b) TB8 , 9CH c) SM2 , 9DH d) SM0,

15.The start-conversion on the ADC0804 is done by using the:


B. CS line
C. INTR line
D. V ref/2 line