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Companies Candidate Name Position Title

mouchel AR Regional Manager - Civil Engineer

RV Project Civil Engineer
IL Senior Structural Engineer
Ea Civil Engineer
RL-F Project Manager- Team Leader

Aurecon EG Civil Engineer/ Design Engineer

ERM Civil Engineer
AG Principle Engineer

Leighton Contractors HF Onshore Construction Manager

Bateman Engineering RS Principal Civil & Structural Engineer

As Principal Civil/Structural Engineer

ATKINS Dr. S.M Assessment Engineer

SK.P Senior Geotechnical Engineer /Team leader
Location Exp (years) Salary
Essex, UK 11 1,50,000 GBP
Essex, UK 6 36,000 GBP
UK 20 Did not Disclose,
Ghana 5 40,000 GBP
Reading, UK 11 1,55,000 GBP

London, UK 11 58, 000 GBP

Indonesia 7 Did not Disclose,
London, Uk 10 110,000 GBP

London,Nigeria,India 25 140,000GBP

Perth, Australia 30
Perth, Australia 18

London 11 60,000GBP
London 9 360000 GBP
He is currently on contract till march 2012, he will be open to change after that and he is open to relo
He is South african by nationality and he would be open to discuss this position. Reports Regional man
He has independently manage more then 20 projects in setting up manufacturing plants in Automotiv
Currently on contract ending this March,11 and he his taking a assignment in UAE.
He has done PHD in Civil Engineering worked for more then 8 Billions dollar set ups. He will revert wit

He has got 6 years of working expereince in South Africa and 2 years in west africa
Was not able to talk to him
Not interested to move to west africa, His last project was in Lagos and not looking to travel there aga

His expereince is completely in Oil and GAS

Was not able to talk to him

Was not able to talk to him

He has independetly design and constrcuted one manufacturing plant and part of 20 + maintence pla
His expereince in mainly in Railway projects in India, Africa and Middle east
anaged site independently.
He said he will think over it and revert