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Handbook of Extractive Metallurgy Edited by Fathi Habashi Volume I: The Metal Industry Ferrous Metals ® WILEY-VCH ‘Weneim Cicer -New York Toronto Brsbane- Singapore Eee ten reer Eo anager rae Preface esi mca ta ac fc ‘eased pagans ise ances es ete rage yaaa dria epapt oe tag Teommusdiee o scniag omar ‘un canon hh eect ly ‘Setearomen ne some leat Steet ‘et en noe we ried Soa renieren cet sarcerscskes es cous ema. shiver Siaevicasyoe Reoiveeeer a oe enue ns rete Reatamets Ep Seg cece Eeewae ame eon eee Saat Mnie Emoncavenealing, {test aan eos 1 Atough sei einey, Ham, bo ‘eminem nd Ite mete bse ey have ‘Shea nt matic hey a Bite nore ner ‘Seed n etape pa, eter ‘Seen om ra ely Bie che comin he wie. o nln gui epi ‘Regus tat wt concen acid tp td et er he moar neon fea ety of ee Ths ee ‘isch, Sn co ‘Goocomyt se Fons” sneer fs Tee caled peberinme Sgt eel Sc pc ae Bion linac sfc imamate ‘Shee tee alo of mae oc ae Tepe nec ocgiateenee anes Egat: Joa Fais Mai t Laval ives for ‘reseed pec "eer oul be eal SE rt eee ‘Seo of mage sesny semi ‘mcg egy, ting nel ee. Sco Eaten ey ul cee ‘Say a lon ao hi Han al ant me egy ‘ecb i intl chiens {es elo eget sce ‘tome daopon tats ees forboccratveceigs Table of Contents Yolen Part lratory Metals PartOne The Meal idry SE" 2 Been 1 Tue emo Clnior B Mel al 2 baal og is 29 Taxco Matt feemecn es