For iDS installation on a Vista Environment follow the steps mentione d below ================================================================================ ======== 1.

Goto the unzipped folder location 101202-iDS-oui-patched from the command pro mpt and start the setup.exe pointing it to the products.xml of the iD S CD as shown below . For Eg: C:\101202-iDS-oui-patched\Disk1>setup.exe FROM_LOCATION= < iDS CD location >\Disk1\stage\products.xml OR === 1. Start the setup.exe from the unzipped folder location 101202-iDS-oui-patched\ Disk1\setup.exe by double clicking it . 2. When the next screen ( Specify File locations ) comes up , in the Path field point to the products.xml of the iDS CD location as shown below . PATH: < iDS CD location >\Disk1\stage\products.xml PLEASE NOTE : ============ In case the iDS CD location has a space in its location path : Spec ify the path in double quotes like "<PATH> " and use the setup.exe from the Ins tall folder that is in 101202-iDS-oui-patched\Disk1\install\setup.exe For eg: C:\101202-iDS-oui-patched\Disk1\install>setup.exe FROM_LOCATION= " < 2 iDS CD>\Disk1\stage\products.xml "

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