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HR Consultant Sample

HR Consultant Sample

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Company Profile

employers and society as a whole.com . client-focused solutions based on the unique requirements and goals of our clients to achieve measurable change. Talent Management Consulting services and solutions • Talent Management strategy Development & Implementation • Talent Definition • Talent Acquisition • Succession Planning • Performance Management • Leadership Development • Compensation Management Human Resource Information Systems Consulting services and solutions • HRIS Strategy Development • Intranets • Fully integrated HRIS • Candidate & Applicant Tracking • Performance Management Systems • Succession Planning Systems • Learning Management Systems • Biometric Systems Training & Development Programs and solutions • Management Development • Leadership Development • Telecoms Training • Lean Six Sigma Certification • Critical Thinking • Emotional Intelligence • Youth Leadership • Others Learning Management Consulting services and solutions • Learning Management strategy • Learning content development • Corporate Universities • Learning Evaluation Systems • Training Needs Analysis • Learning management technology • Competency Based Systems • Learning outsourcing • Learning delivery 2 www.stepadvisors. HR Strategy & Transformation Consulting services and solutions • HR Strategy Development & Implementation • HR Service Delivery Models • HR system implementation • HR Process Design • HR Organization Design • HR Audits • HR Outsourcing Employee Relations Consulting services and solutions • Employee Relations Strategy & Transformation • Employee Opinion Surveys • Employee Relations Assessment • Employee Relations Training • Industrial Relations Mission To facilitate people and organisations reaching their maximum potential by delivering empowering solutions that benefit employees.Company Overview STEP is a full service HR consultancy delivering tangible and positive change to clients. added value and multiple returns on investment. We create customised.

We are committed to helping organisations achieve a competitive advantage through people and people systems. Learning Management. We are able to quickly integrate the competencies and resources of our business associates to develop and deliver the best HR solutions to our customers. therefore people are central to attaining efficiency of use of all resources and systems. STEP understands that a company’s success is dependent on achieving a competitive advantage. We create solutions in all aspects of HR including HR Strategy & Transformation. Thought Leadership STEP brings a new concept to the old cliché that ‘people are the organisation’s most important asset’. so while we offer a diversified range of HR consulting solutions. sales. efficient process and system are key to Competitive Advantage and people are central to achieving a competitive advantage because: • People are your Master Resource in that they manage all other organisational resources. • People are the only resource in your company that can learn and innovate. we offer the deepest competencies for each customer solution. customer service.Success Through Exceptional People.Who We Are Company Overview STEP is a full service HR consulting company. Training and Development. Our competitive edge is the team approach of business associates who are each focused in one or two core competency areas. Talent Management. Innovation and new ideas. Human Resource Information Systems and Employee Relations. • People are the Primary deliverer of Customer service. STEP is a virtual organisation and is therefore able to form an ‘all-star’ team for each and every customer solution.com .stepadvisors. Understanding the critical role that people play in an organisation’s success led to the concept and formation of STEP . 3 www.

not simply presentations or ideas. ‣ Customer’s First . 4 www. Shane Ram.stepadvisors. Prior to creating STEP. Mr. ‣ Added Value Delivered . He is currently completing a Doctor of Business Administration and has a Masters degree in Strategic Thinking and a Masters degree in eBusiness.We respect the capacity and desire for personal growth. eBusiness and Business Process Improvement. Succession Planning. We deliver tangible and positive change.Leadership Development and BPI at the Digicel Group. We work with our clients as partners and with each other as a team.’ and society’s best interest at heart. having started off as the HR Director for Digicel Trinidad.We seek to have a positive and lasting impact beyond the business domain.We measure our success by our clients' success. Training and Development. Our Values With every decision we make we hold our clients’. ‣ Integrity . Prior to joining Digicel.We are committed to creating added value for our clients that returns many multiples of their investment. consultants.com . Compensation Management. ‣ Respect for Individual . Shane was the Group Director . Human Resource Information Systems.Who We Are The Way We Work We create Client Focused Solutions that are neither standard nor rigid but customised and evolve based on the unique requirements and goals of our clients. as well as the talent and beliefs of clients. in an international consultant with a wealth of experience in Strategic Human Resource Management. Shane was the HR Manager – Employee Development at Yara Trinidad Limited. expert guidance. ‣ Social Impact . Performance Management. most Caribbean countries. central america and the south pacific. Our advice and solutions are shaped by each client's unique needs and business context. Reputation & Experience STEP’s founder and principal consultant. Ram has worked in the UK. recruits and all other people we meet in the course of our work. and are designed to ensure that clients get the best return on their HR spending. Talent Management. colleagues. We balance employer and employee advocacy in providing objective.We distinguish right from wrong and do the right thing. Organisational Development. Senior HR Manager HRIS at RBTT and HR Executive at PowerGen.

STEP will help you define your HR strategy to ensure it delivers on and is aligned to your business strategy.stepadvisors. STEP will develop your Talent Management System to quickly identify high potential talent without complex assessments Increase the number of "ready now" successors for key roles . Consulting services and solutions • Talent Management strategy Development & Implementation • Talent Definition • Talent Acquisition • Succession Planning • Performance Management • Leadership Development • Compensation Management 5 www.com .What We Do HR Strategy & Transformation STEP’s HR strategy and transformation services enable companies to develop and sustain a high-performing Human Resources function that goes beyond the delivery of cost-effective administrative services to deliver the strategic insights the business requires. etc. Companies also spend significant financial and human resources to build that talent.Enforce accountability for growing talent through corporate culture. We can also develop your Employee Brand. We will also operationalise the HR strategy through various systems and processes and also audit these systems and processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. compensation.Generate 360 feedback that accelerates change in the most critical behaviors Significantly reduce the time required for managers to implement talent processes . STEP can help you improve HR's contribution and leverage economies of scale to meet your organization's objectives. Consulting services and solutions • HR Strategy Development & Implementation • HR service delivery models • HR system implementation • HR process design • HR organization design • HR Audits Talent Management Winning in today's marketplace requires top quality talent and now more that ever companies require Talent on Demand.

stepadvisors.What We Do Learning Management STEP learning management solutions are designed to inspire and equip employees to improve their performance.Telecoms industry specific training. green belt and black belt levels. Consulting services and solutions • Learning strategies -Ensure your learning initiatives align with organizational and business goals • Learning content development . Delegation. skills and knowledge for results. STEP however specialises in the following programs: • Management & Leadership Development. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.Accelerate business transformation through effective learning programs • Corporate Universities • Learning Evaluation Systems • Training Needs Analysis • Learning management technology • Competency Based Systems • Learning outsourcing • Learning delivery Training & Development STEP.Survival Skills for New Managers. Coaching and Developing people • Telecom Industry Training . will deliver programs to suit your organisation’s needs. • Youth Leadership 6 www. yellow belt.certified programs in Lean Six Sigma. • Business Process Improvement . organisational context will allow the new learnings and ideas to thrive and be able to accurately measure the impact of the training and development investment. through our cadre of business partners.com . We can help you embed advanced learning technologies and solutions in your business processes to drive employee performance and adaptability.

as well as effective employee relations practices and global employee relations issues. your HRIS should make a strategic contribution to achieving business objectives.stepadvisors. More than just reducing cost and improving efficiency by automating HR processes. commitment and effectiveness. ensuring that relations with employees comply with applicable laws and regulations. Consulting services and solutions • Employee Relations Strategy & Transformation • Employee Opinion Surveys • Employee Relations Assessment • Employee Relations Training • Industrial Relations 7 www. We will also operationalise this strategy through architecture definition. It also includes matters that focus on HR careers. management and employee needs to achieve optimum performance. up-to-date HR information that is readily accessible to decision makers throughout the organization is absolutely essential to HR's ability to perform its key roles. It includes the processes of developing. as it encompasses the organization’s overall approach to maintaining a positive. Consulting services and solutions • Develop a Human Resources Information System strategy. implementing. and resolving workplace disputes. • Electronic Performance Management Systems • Electronic Succession Planning Systems • Electronic Learning Management Systems • Intranets • Biometric Systems Employee Relations Employee Relations today is a significant issue in HRM and is much more holistic than Industrial relations. hardware and software selection. implementation. managing employee performance. legal and regulatory issues. performing ongoing evaluation of it. training and business process reengineering. Today's turbulent business environment makes increasing demands on managers and workforces. as competitive standards rise and expectations of individuals increase. Managers must respond positively to changes in contemporary workforce attitudes if they are to get the performance levels they need.com . • Candidate and applicant tracking systems. productive and cohesive work environment within the organization’s particular business model and corporate culture. A comprehensive base of accurate. administering and analyzing the employer-employee relationship. metrics and outsourcing in the employee relations field. It is about merging corporate. technology.What We Do Human Resource Information Systems HR is a critical service provider to business units and and an active partner with executive management. communications. • Fully integrated Human Resources Information System. STEP will work with your management team to craft an HRIS strategy that is aligned to the overall business strategy as well as your IT strategy.

Self Leadership is the foundation which gives you the ability to  stack other leadership skills. what to delegate.com/site/steps-self-leadership-fantabulous-and-timely 8 www. Ram.news Self Leadership a fantastic success. TrainMar. Read full story @ http://stepadvisors. Alutrint. TSTT. there is really no leadership. SWRHA and Scotiabank.com .S. has not done self coaching. Bryden & Sons. There were 22 participants from companies including Deloitte. what not to delegate. AT Carr Real Estate. Pura Vida Wellness. Trinidad. PowerGen. Self Leadership is the foundation to all other types of leadership and STEP’s principal consultant. believes that one of the sources of leadership failure is the lack of self leadership. ‘You see. AGB Advertisers.stepadvisors. The World Bank. anyone can google information on delegation for example. 2011 at the Kapok hotel in Port of Spain. Toyota. who to delegate too etc but if the leader himself is fearful of the loss of recognition and power. then delegation most likely does not happen’ stated Mr. suggesting that if its not there. Shane Ram. STEP held its Self Leadership program on January 25. A.

Contact us Call Us at: 1 868 744 STEP or 1 868 744 7837 Email Us at: info@stepadvisors.com Visit Us on the Web at: www.com Follow Us on Facebook at: www.stepadvisors.com .stepadvisors.

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