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Self Selected Reading

Self Selected Reading

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Megan Jones Self Selected Reading Assignment Spring 2011 Mrs.

Cozens Date Book Title: Pg# started: Pg# ended: Level: Status of Week 1, The Upstairs Room 1 179 Just Right Book: Read in Finished 5 days Story: This story takes place during the Holocaust. The author is the main character of the book. She is Jewish and has to hide from the public to make sure she isn’t prosecuted. She hides with one of her older sisters, Sini, for several years. The book ends when they are freed after the allies invade Germany. Date Book Title Pg# started Pg# ended Level: Status of Week 2, The Young Man and 1 190 Easy, Book Read in the Sea but nice. Finished two days Story: This moving story of a twelve year old boy who recently lost his mother to an illness decides to do whatever he can to get his drunken (but not abusive) father to start love fishing again. The boat that they own ends up sinking so ‘Little Skiff’ has a summer mission of earning enough money to repair the boat and help his father regain control of his life. Little Skiff Beaman starts setting crab traps when his life long rivalry cuts most of his traps. He now has bigger goals, to catch a blue fin tuna, worth thousands. Set sail on his homemade little boat he gets taken out to seat into dense fog, freezing water, and not enough gasoline to get home. Won’t ruin the ending, but you will be cheering him all the way home. One of my favorite young-adult novels. Date Book Title Pg# started Pg# ended Level: Status of Week 3, Eat Pray Love 1 334 More difficult Book read in was broke up finished three days. into short chpters Eat Pray Love is by far one of my favorite books! It is based off of the author, Elisabeth Gilbert. After living in a lie, or a marriage she didn’t want to be in any longer the book is of our journey about healing. As a traveler she gets to go to Italy, India, and Indonesia. I, myself, love to travel and enjoyed and was slightly envious of all of her adventures. Also, as a math person I really enjoyed how she broke the book into three parts and had a reason to follow the number 3 throughout the book. Anybody who read this book will be able to find something out of it. All of her stories are relatable at some point. I also couldn’t put the book down because I enjoyed the Date the honesty and the way she described everything around her. I wish I had the money to Pg# started Pg# ended Level: Status of humor, Book Title Week a year or so over My Cheese maybe one day! 94 1 Super easy Book spend 3 Who Moved seas! Sigh read in Finished one day Who moved my cheese is a fun ‘guide’ book about how to deal with change in a person’s life. The main part of the story is about these mice and finding cheese in a maze. However, the cheese is moved and disrupts the life of two of the mice. While these two mice are being lazy and frantic their two friends go out and find new cheese. They go with the change. It was nice to see how most people don’t really like change yet we all say it is a good thing. It was a fun and easy read. But wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to anyone. Thanks Dad for the idea.

Date Book Title Pg# started Pg# ended Level: Status of Week 4, Charlie St. Cloud 1 269 On my Book read in level Finished five days Charlie St. Cloud was a boy who accidently killed his brother when he was 15. It wasn’t his fault, he was driving a stolen car but a drunk driver hit them. After Charlie’s brother, Sam’s, death he could see the dead. Working at graveyard for the next 13 years to stay in touch with his passed brother he falls in love with Tess. I won’t continue what happens because it’s a surprise. But the last part of the book, make sure you allow enough time to read for it’s a page-turner. Although it was a love story I also enjoyed the meaning of the book, having second chances and what to do with them. How to live life to the fullest was another thesis I gout of the book. Excellent winter read!

Date Book Title Pg# started Pg# ended Time spent Status of Start of The Hate List 1 408 Reading Finished April by Jennifer Brown 5 Days Story: This book is a great read for students, parents, and teachers alike. It is about a student who’s boyfriend was the victim of suicide and the leader in a school shooting. It is great to show the detail about how schools, media, and other individuals can change the life of other people so quickly. How as teachers we need to make sure that all students receive some form of positive focus and how bullying should not be tolerated. It does have a happy ending but you will have to read this page turner to find out what it is. I also like the style that it was written. It didn’t just state the story and then the girlfriends reaction, it was in her point of view and had her reflecting in the presences while she remembered what lead up to the events of the shooting; as if you are reading and watching to stories unfold at the same time.

Book Title Pg# started Pg# ended Time spent Status of Milkweed by Jerry 1 electronic 8 days + Will finish Spinelli Currently reading this: please see my blog at mjsmilkweed.blogspot.com for the blogging spot. There will be a gloster electronic response coming soon.

Dear Mrs. Cozens, I personally have to say that when I was first told that I would have to read five extra books for this class, I was a bit overwhelmed. For one, I am not a strong reader. I never have been and it takes a lot for me to finish a book. It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading or respect it for its importance with development; it is just the fact that I don’t do it well. However, the book, The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss was a good book. It was a book that I didn’t want to put down that I wanted to finish, turn the next page. The genre of the book would be non-fiction and would fall under social studies. The book takes places during the Holocaust. The author, the main character, is a small Jewish girl that has to hide with one of her older sisters, Sini, with a non-Jewish family to survive. The book follows their struggles of being locked inside days, weeks, months, and even years on end. There are stories about how German soldiers using their safe-house as an office. There was a story about how the two girls had to hide under ground for a week. No light, little food, stuck in a filthy place. The saddest part of the book was when the girls’ mother passed away before the war started to take place in their hometown. Overall this is an excellent book. I really enjoyed the history but the personal touches the author wrote about. I would strongly recommend this to one of my friends. I would also recommend it to students if they were having troubles in their life. It really makes a person think. Everyone has struggles and difficulties in life, but this story really lets people know what it is like to fear your life every day, to hide from other humans, to lose muscle for not walking enough. This book is about the struggle of growing up as a girl in a place that was not designed for proper development. As a reader what I have noticed the most is that I only read when I am highly interested or the book is written incredibly well. I read articles all the time over subjects that interest me

and the books that I did enjoy in past are ones that made me crave more. It didn’t take 50 pages to develop the characters, I didn’t have to wait. I have also noticed that the books I like are typically ‘easy’ reads. I feel as if I read these books because I can finish them, they aren’t challenging, and I can understand what I read. There are two things that I feel as if my poor reading skills stem from. When I was in the third grade my teacher made me read a high school level book, in the hall way, with a few other students. The reason why I was chosen for this was because I was a gifted student. But as all the other students read their upper level book I just sat in hall looking at pictures, day dreaming, and turning pages so I could “keep pace” with the other students. I shouldn’t have been in that elite reading group. I was a slow reader, my concentration was not at the level it should have been and when I read a paragraph my mind always ended up somewhere else making me have to read the paragraph again. Re-reading paragraph after paragraph is not the way to enjoy a book. I became sub-conscious, I was a slow reader, and I shouldn’t have been. I also felt intimidated at home. Both my father and older sister were strong readers. My dad always reading two or three books at a time, my sister reading everywhere we went. Amanda always had book in hand. Growing up when we were younger my dad would always read to my sister, but would just tell me stories or just playing with me. I feel as if a lot of my growing up as a small child plays into my reading now as an adult. It was nice finishing a book in a week. A real book! I actually read the words on the page and didn’t just ‘skim’ the contents. A new goal of mine is to read more. Even if it is just a book a month, which is a small goal that I never had before. Sincerely, Megan Jones

The Upstairs Room By Johanna Reiss
“ Little enough to fit between the wall and Father’s chair, which in those days was always pulled up in front of the radio.” p.1 “I grabbed the money out of her hand and ran. I didn’t want her to see my tears.” P.35 - 36

“’But,’ Opoe said, ‘the potatoes and beans were fried in the same pot with the meat. Now, you ate those. So, you also at the pork, in a way.’” p.68

“I stamped my foot. From downstairs Dientje called, ‘For God’s sake, girls be quiet.’” p. 89

“The Germans had not come back to search “That’s right, you don’t’ have to anymore, the house again, Johan told us after they Annie. The war is over. You’ll get used to it. I had left. They had come to tell him that pulled the shade down and got into bed.” p.176 they needed part of the house for their headquarters.” p. 143

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