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Mobilink Pakistan - Register your complaint

Category: Uncategorized Target: Mobilink users in Pakistan Author: Saira Ali Khan (saira1mam@yahoo.com) URL: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/Mobilink/ Started: October 2, 2005, 2:16:27 pm Generated Date: April 24, 2011, 9:01:52 pm Total Signatures: 533

Mobilink is the largest telecom company in Pakistan (with more than 6 million cellular users). This company claims to be the favorite cellular company of Pakistan but the actual situation is very different and all of us have had very bad experiences with Mobilink service quality and pricing. PTA and Govt. of Pakistan have issued various warnings to Mobilink to improve its service quality but the company is only interested in making money from Pakistani consumers. Now this is the time that we all unite in order to punish this company for their atrocities against all of us Pakistani consumers. Please include your personal complaint against Mobilink and lets collect at least one million consumer complaints against Mobilink (which will be a world record). Mobilink has bribed PTA and Govt. officials in the past but after such a massive consumer protest, they will have no other option but to subsidize their consumers and issue a public apology to the nation. Otherwise, they have no rights to operate an unethical business in Pakistan. Please forward this email petition to all of your friends and together we can make it the biggest consumer protest against a devil company. Thanks,


1. Salma (10/2/05) - I totally agree. Mobilink should be banned and all of their management should be hanged. Salma 0301-2305454 2. Shazia Khaja (10/2/05) - Warid Tel is much better. Mobilink Sucks. Ms. Khaja - 03002266223 3. Sadia Khan (10/2/05) - I totally agree. It never works when you need it. And call rates are very expensive. Sadia Khan - 0300 6077723 4. salman Ahmed (10/2/05) - yar ML is the worst company in the world. all the time signals down and service is just sucked as up. i abord using this brand. but what can we say, in Pakistan we are all curropt from top to down. so thre is no use such efforts there is no use of it


5. Shaista Zaidi (10/2/05) - Mobilink is an unethical company. They have a bad network and sometiemes SMSs don't reach while they deduct your hard earned money. Shaesta - 03002334356 6. Ahsan Shamim (10/2/05) - I agree with contents here, but would be frank in my analysis that there is 'no' such service of MNOs that we may term as better. Mobilink being the biggest is the centre of attention always, but everyone else including Ufone, Warid, Telenor, Paktel has their own share of customer infringement issues. The battle is against poor service and not against one player. 0300-8296711 7. Aijaz Hassan (10/2/05) - I am using mobilink and other cell nio mibilink is not giving me good servese as compare to warid an telnor they r more cheaper and gicing good service like telnor is giving miss callalet free of cost and 8. Mohammad (10/2/05) - I totally agree. It never works when you need it. And call rates are very expensive 9. Adeel Farooq (10/2/05) - I totally agree. It never works when you need it. And call rates are very expensive. Adeel Farooq-0300-9588100 10. Farah Usmani (10/2/05) - Mobilink is an unethical company. They have a bad network and sometiemes SMSs don't reach while they deduct your hard earned money. Farah- 0300-2887954 11. M. Sohail (10/2/05) - I totally agree. Moblink is not working properly. 12. Ayub,Advocate (10/2/05) - i agree with you please file petition against this company in competent court of law and also published his bed service publised in all news papers and customer service line is very bed 0300-9289353 13. ali (10/2/05) - pleace send me a balance 14. nOm3z (10/2/05) - uFffFFFF well em terminat me mobink nd using Telenor Mobilink suXxX 03002402624 03452467949 15. Shujaat Kagathra (10/2/05) - Mobilink is of no use, we are at total loss if we are using mobilink. high tariff - and poor service. Not only tele-com companies, but ISPs and many other compaines are just & only making money and making us total fool, it seems that we pay for 'tension' & not for the service/product. 16. Asad Abbasi (10/3/05) 17. zeeshan (10/3/05) - A ruthless service which always betray u when u r urgent or in need. 18. Kashif Adeel (10/3/05) - i belive mobilink is the best mobile service i have ever seen. I visited many countries and i found this service is one of hte best. i brought the connection 6 years back and just because of its customer care i am still using it ... Thanks Mobilink .. Salam Pakistan. 0300-9444348 042-8484826 19. KHALID SALEEM (10/3/05) - I totally agreed but It never works when you need it. And call rates are very expensive. Mobilink is an unethical company. They have a bad network and sometiemes SMSs don't reach while they deduct your hard earned money. 0300-2788977 20. Aqeel Ahmad (10/3/05) - high tariff - and poor service.. 21. Farhan Sidiq (10/3/05) - In am using mobilink since last 5 years always bad service but now its improving the services but the thing is as compare to other cellular services Mobilink rates are very expensive and it gets a lot in past and now its time that mobilink must give compensation to his users Farhan Siddiq 0300-2233880


22. Aamir Hassan Khan (10/3/05) - I totally agree. It never works when you need it. And call rates are very expensive. 23. ridwan (10/3/05) - i dont think so mobilink has to allow to opreate in pakistan beacuse there call rates are very high and the there service is third class and also they claim that they are the best cellular company in pakistan but i think they are the worst cellular company in pakistan 24. zeeshan aslam (10/3/05) - terrible service.!!..and the most expensive mobile service provider...thinkin as if they are the best..!!but infact are the WORST!! 25. Nouman Abro (10/3/05) - telecom business is nice business in pakistan making fool pplz is so much easy mobilink must be close immidiatly Poor service always lower performance, cannot connect to user , sms deliver on next hour or next day, high tariff - and poor service... its not called MOBILINK IT MUST BE NAME OF MONEYLINK just making money 0300-3041312 26. Jamil Akhtar (10/3/05) - The mobilink service as slow as turtle ,,, they deduct the unseen money from the account and that'z big theft,, even the service of sms is very bad,,,itz reaches some time after 8 hours or soon,,, wat we can say more abut this service,,,the line is busy then we hav emergency ,, so why the luch thier company coz they are not giving the user best service ,, and deduct the money more then the user & user not aware wat their rule & regulation abut it,,, 27. Adil Siddiqui (10/3/05) - I think mobilink can be the best in Pakistan, just they decrease their calling rate to compeat others & improve the calling (signal) services..adil_am@hotmail.com 92-300-2811352. 28. Kashan Aijaz (10/3/05) - Regarding service they shoukd improve according to competition, Mobilink should upgrade their Billing System. I even dont remember the day when i recieve bill on specified time. 0300-8217691 29. Ahmed (10/3/05) - It is worst, call rates and in services, as I have been using this service for a long time thats why I am traped and can not chagne number easily 30. Faisal Farooq (10/3/05) - Service is ordinary but pricing is too high as compared to other mobile operators. Also you are always charged extra Rs & do not get the detail, how many Rs have been cut from your prepaid card. Billing is too much poor. They deduct money from your card without any reason or call. 31. Mahmood (10/3/05) - serivce is ok. but rate is too high compare than other 32. Yasir (10/3/05) - services is just fine and charges are too much high. and mind blowing like petrol also charges never mentioned 33. Hussnain (10/3/05) - Prices are too high as compared to other Cellular operators. They should reduce them significantly. Also needed to improve their service and billing system. 34. nazaket ali (10/3/05) 35. Khurrram (10/3/05) - M TOTALLY AGREE WITH nOm3z ,MOBILINK ALWAYZ SUXXXXXX 36. Tahir (10/3/05) - Yup! Prices are too high!!! and service is too bad at times as well.. although they have more coverage and thats where it becomes handy, else in city areas people preffer to use others, as i do with Warid:) 37. Saqib (10/3/05) - yah mobilink service is pathetic , now has signal problems too , i wont wait a day to change to some other service but damn that i have my number spread out wide


hassaan (10/4/05) .. i hate mobilink. sikander (10/4/05) . Irfan (10/4/05) . Muhammad Asad Iqbal (10/4/05) .. but there will be an end to it sooner or later.. Waqas (10/4/05) .No billing. they are minting money and people are suffering 44. 51.poor They ownself responsible for all thats why many people have diverted to others networks 56.very costly and an average service.i HATE mobilink 50.they dont deserve to operate in pakistan. However Mobilink can reduce rates or face stiff churn in subscribers numbers once Number Portability regime is activated. Syed Irfan Ali Shah (10/4/05) .Very High Rates for Prepaid & Postpaid Customers. Sohail Ahmed (10/4/05) . and buzy hmmmmmmmmmm 53.. i also switched to another cellular company after its poor quality. that is rediculous.-Always busy -Disconnect during talking time -V.I believe they are offering very good services. extra charges.costly -quality is v. Yasir (10/4/05) .Bad Service. Usually down . Ahmed (10/4/05) . . And YEA HIGH RATES! MOBILINK SUCKSSS!! 55. Who's gonna get advantage out of this grey marketing?For sure competators.. plus lot of times the call disconnected..Voice quality is very poor..BUSY MOST OF THE TIME. Misha (10/4/05) ..Thanks! 52.really suxs 49. signals are too week. plus lot of times the call disconnected. Tania (10/4/05) . 43. 4/33 . 46.. Faisal Jan Sarhindi (10/4/05) .mobilink service suxs big time.The worst service of mobilink.love u all.The rates plus quality is very poor. sidra (10/4/05) . 47.Always busy.Connectin made only after several tries. whats the benefit of having more than 6 million+ customers if the quality is poor.Though I am satisfied Mobilink user.. till then it can enjoy benefit of draining us.. keep it up 40.lind drop problem.i am new old user of mobilink but my complain i send me a blance coz i dont have 39...Jazz Service is not satisfactory AT ALL! 42.Its not fair. Asif Hayat (10/4/05) . it's too slow .The oldest and Pioneer GSM Provider in Pakistan. under ma foot mobilink 45. CALLS GET CONNECTED TO THE WRONG PERSON DIALED. whats the benefit of having more than 6 million+ customers if the quality is poor..38. very high rates 54. Salman Zakai (10/4/05) . high rates.it should lower its call rate because calling from warid to mobilink is cheaper than calling mobilink to mobilink 41. 48. . waqaszz (10/4/05) . ATIQUE (10/4/05) .I switched to another service after I saw that all mobilink had to offer was two whole days of downtime in three consecutive days. i also switched to another cellular company after its poor quality. ali (10/3/05) .with no gprs or wap for jazz users.The rates plus quality is very poor. that is rediculous.Enhance healthy competition instead of. Shahzaib Vohra (10/4/05) .Very bad service as compare to other services.

extremely poor service . werya (10/5/05) .57. Over charging Late Message delivery Poor voice quality Echo Problem It a bloody Bull**** company 68.shame on u mobilink. Shez (10/5/05) .Bad Service. 58.High Rates. Voice Quality is good.Ridiculously High Rates.thanks 70. good voice quality and people rely on that but some problems in post paid billing. 74. usman (10/5/05) . voice quality 60. providing wrong information of a contact that it is busy or powered off even the contact no is working. Hafeez (10/5/05) .Over charging Late Message delivery Poor voice quality Echo Problem It a bloody Bull**** company 73. Danish (10/5/05) . Hammad Ali (10/5/05) . 72. imran (10/5/05) . FUCKING COMPANY IT REALLY SUCKESS PPLZ 59.Pathetic service. ZUBAIR (10/5/05) .Popular.. calls and sms both Pathetically bad service 63. Mahjabeen Bari (10/4/05) .very poor service. and they call themselves worls leaders 71. Omer (10/5/05) .Rates should be decreased.Mobilink's service is the worst among all the current service providers.This co. Zeeshan (10/5/05) .i agree that the service is quite good but mobilink is too expensive. 67.HI 64. 69. Zaka ul Haq (10/4/05) . furqan (10/4/05) . Arif (10/4/05) .High Rates specially when your balance is approaching to its end. imran karim (10/5/05) .forfieted the right of intimating mis calls when set powered on. require to improve its service quality to enhance the facelities. Mazhar (10/5/05) .Very bad Service Very high rates too much hidden charges incorrect charging for calls and messegges connecting problem voice quality is not good frequently disconnecting by the network when u r calling MOBILINK have to change its name to MAYBILINK . have so poooor that one day i gave misscall to one friend after one hr his bell rang. Sheraz Bari (10/4/05) .it should be kick out.Simply Pathetic 76. 61. Shaz (10/5/05) . very rude customer service. 75.No doubt Mobilink is one of the worst telecom service in the world.mobilink service charge for full minute even for a call of some seconds.Much expensive.i change my mobile connection due high mobilink charges and poor service. Busy Server. calls and sms both Pathetically bad service. Usually down . Mubashir (10/5/05) .Ridiculously High Rates. Abdul Hannan (10/4/05) . 66. and iam already throw one of sim 65. high rates. they had been like Gods. 62. Poor connectivity and they still claim its people's fav ??? There arent value added services too :p 5/33 .i am sick and tied from mobilink service. one suggestion is that urs rate is comparable alright but as mobilink popularity amongst all is good so u should low urs rates that increase more connections at all in average note that thing..

and recover that money with in days from customers from their pathetic billing system. Take care and keep Writing.. but overall service of mobilink is the best. Athar (10/5/05) . I was informing her about the date when she received that message day after "Date" finally i decided to change my mobile Connection.. We also having problem with Mobilink Service..Ya True that Mobilink is the worst company at that time How much Idiot are the people who say that Mobilink is a good company to call In my opinion its name is May_Be_U_Link 91. if it is for real! (which i really dont think it is. 78. it is also happens in other companies too.. apnahyderabad-dot-com (10/5/05) .Thats true that Mobilink is wastage of money and time. 90. Service is Normal. Khalil (10/6/05) . M. 83.very high rates but not enough services 94. 81.Well this is asolutely true.Its Really Fuckin Company. They should windup their business.worst service.High rates to landlines 79. 89. can never dial or get calls it always saythe subcriber isnt avialable. Kashif Iqbal (10/5/05) . Faiz (10/5/05) . kashif ul Haque (10/5/05) .. Its advisable to leave mobilink and shift to some good and reputable mobile company.High charges and poor service 82. :) `ve a nice day 88. problem can be occur any time in communication. S. 84.Usually Down links. nAim (10/5/05) . Azhar Bilgrami 6/33 . So for this reason Iam not Prefering This Connection. Mobilink SUX.... Amber (10/5/05) . Other than that I will feel really really greatfull if I can talk for more than 15 Mins on a Mobilink Connection. 85. Faizan Ahmed (10/5/05) . Usman (10/5/05) . Nosheen Irshad (10/5/05) . Azhar Bilgrami (10/6/05) . Muhammad Alam (10/5/05) .well. hidder charges.Mobilink is BULL SHIT. 92.poor service. i m not agreed with any of u i guess Mobilink is still best in pakistan dun go on high Rates atleast it connects whenever u dial . all of them have their fair shaer of ups and downs.Its true.count my vote in favour of the petition.) 80. Hidden Charges. not that it matters to me very much as you will c i am well compensated number wise! 03008292345 03332344258 03212267182 03452040864 03037287917 :D 93. But soemthing should be done to make their Chrages much cheaper. which only stop on usage otherwise its keep rolling.AtherAli (10/5/05) . they bribe PTA and Govt..One Day I sent SMS to my Beloved GirlFriend .High rates .Ali (10/6/05) .My Number is 0300-3363766 And I lost Thousands of Rupees via its Pethatic Billing System.77. high rates 86.. but trust me. I found mobilink is the best service among all other cellular companies in Pakistan. M Nasir Siddiqui (10/5/05) .Dear ALL. Llewelyn Soares (10/6/05) . 87. Omer (10/5/05) .I am mobilink user for more than 3 years. agreed.

Sajjad (10/6/05) 109. 97. how many Rs have been cut from your prepaid card. 104. but the amount deducted is Rs 11. Rabia Memon (10/6/05) . Najam Hassan (10/6/05) .. 110...there big fat liarssss. They have a bad network and sometiemes SMSs don't reach while they deduct your hard earned money. qadeer jan (10/6/05) .95. There is no customer support. Zepo Matree (10/6/05) . Ammar (10/6/05) ."Maybelink" is the WORST cellular service provider in Pakistan. good thing i got a Telenor connection as backup. junaid (10/6/05) .The are very unprofessional. In last i will say again that Mobilink is headache. Down with Mobilink!!!!! 100. 106. They have set a rule of thumb "Lower down the quality. Mobilink has no right to operate in Pakistan. they're all cheats & should be shut down. Anyways. 102. 96. They deduct money from your card without any reason or call. raise the charges". usse band ho jaana chahiay. Goood bye Mobilink! 107.. But action must be taken as per complaints. bt they charge too much! they need to cutdown their God damn cost! 7/33 .Worst service.Service is ordinary but pricing is too high as compared to other mobile operators.LeroO yar dont say like that abt my lovely Mobi(mobilink) all other cellular services are dam **** 101.Array yaar Mobilink bohat kharaab company hai. Zahid Saab (10/6/05) .I would not recommened mobilink to any one and also shifted my home members from mobilik to Ufone.world's worst cellular service... Deduct Alot of tax.. Me and all of my family members have switched to Warid Telecom . 98.the service is nice. Also you are always charged extra Rs & do not get the detail. Veryvery Bad Service.****ed up service 103. waise mujhe Baryaani kon khilaaye ga?? Adeel yaar iss service ko misuse naa karo please. Plexus (10/6/05) . Hassan (10/6/05) .Jenaab mujhe kisi aise responsible banday se baat karayen jiski me maa ko lun de sakun 108.. If I rely on them for my outgoing calls. I'll soon be a broke person..Mobilink is the worst of all.and believe me while using Mobilink i was paying 3000 every month but after shifted to warid postpaid my bill is shrinked upto 600/Rs only .. Those Cheats claim that international calls are Rs 5. therre craopppppppppp. Leroy Francis (10/6/05) .God. Good step from PTA to register complaints. but they charge a hel lotta money .. 105. bucuz they say sumthin n charge ALot motreee. MKS (10/6/05) .(Ceo-chumpaklal) 99. They charge me too much.. Billing is too much poor.Mobilink is an unethical company.. Mobilink sucks 111. We've better options now. Imran (10/6/05) . Fahad (10/7/05) .aby oye mobilink say tum log nay bachiyan set ke hien or isshe great service ko bura bolrahay ho soooooo Sad yar. NAVEED (10/6/05) . Masssaud Arshad (10/6/05) .. High Rates. we are not getting died without their service. naveen (10/7/05) . they should windup their buisness in pakistan.Mobilink is just time pass.

Server always busy. Imran Masroor (10/7/05) .i have tried mobilink indigo demo service but it was to expensive on other networks and also on mobilink sometimes.novice or the rivalry mobile companies 121. Rafay Ansar (10/7/05) . I request mobilink to at least enhance their bandwidth if they are distributing free connection 117.Jawed Sheikh (10/7/05) .i have tried mobilink indigo demo service but it was to expensive on other networks and also on mobilink sometimes.Expensive with Worst quality of Service. Mobilink. In short Mobilink plz do some thing before it will be late 116. i mean when i want to call my other mobilink friend it's hard to connect it.0300 Mobilink servic is good but the new number 0301 numbers are mostly kuch dair bad try karain. most of the time a found it busy. Mobilink Freedom and almost every package of mobilink. ARHAM (10/10/05) . Kamran (10/7/05) .And no authoroty to the FRANCHISE to take action. Komail A.service is not up to the mark.If any mobilink numberdisturbs. Server always busy. M.this is worst service i ever used in my entire life..A. there current service is not even satisfactory plus they are charging much for every utility as compared to the incoming.bad experience with mobilink. 123. 119. kahta hai. but they have too revised their tariffs as it's costly than other services in the Market. Mobilink is very very expensive as compared to All other mobile phone operators in Pakistan.no voice clearity and huge difference in calling rate they dont deduct what they said and deduct more and more.. naheed akhtar (10/10/05) 124. compare wid diffrent Services.. M. 114. 126.Zubair Sheikh (10/10/05) . Asif Bhaleshah (10/7/05) .services. M. AHAD ZUBAIR (10/8/05) . in short they are liers. because of this service many people leaving iutside pakistan have lost thousand of rupees. Mobilink Indigo. Call droppage ratio is 8/33 . Naushad..Expensive with Worst quality of Service..i have paid 7000 for it.Service is normal Neither Good Nor Bad But Cost is very High as compare to other services 113. never connect call in first attemt 125.this is worst service i ever used in my entire life.I have tried Mobilink JAZZ.. Muhammad Abid Butt (10/11/05) . 127.her.Worst Service.. and Mobilink ur calling rates r too high .. Afridi (10/8/05) .Despite of considering a giant in telecom...there is no proper action against him.hmmm.112.. Every service this company charges is more expensive.i have paid 7000 for it. 128. Farhan (10/11/05) . never connect call in first attemt 122. Abid (10/10/05) . zaidi (10/7/05) 115. 120. First of all.Service is good. Noori (10/8/05) . Rehan (10/7/05) 118.S (10/8/05) .bad experience with mobilink.

I dont know what are the limititations behind this.servise achi hai but call rates bohat bohat ziadha hai other companies say . This company should be banned now. And this is your real test. to ye sab meri nazar me cheaters hai big cheaters 133. they must improve not only the quality of service but also reduce service charges. GPRS was good in the beginning. Personals on the help line think that all the consumer is just stupid. the damn. It sometimes takes more than 3 4 calls before you can hear the other person and say something.the service is nice. Customer has a lot of choices now. kamran (10/13/05) .. paktel waley nai topi lai kar ayee hain local call rate for abroad magr har country nahi hai usme..i think Mobilink change it's company name to "MAY B LINK" its the worst mobile service service i have ever seen in life . it is a monster who only eat people and drink their blood.They have no service level compared to the call rates.Mobilink sucks!!! Always has signals problem and their charges r too much as compared to other mobile companies. Now fight for your existence.33 ka charge hota hai ye card ki amount puri show karke call aur sms se deduction karte rehte hain aur phir abroad call ke lyee bhi inke rate alag alag hain isko verify kon karsakta hai. its not like old times.more expensive with worst service they provide . Wrong billing causes a lot of subscriber money to be spoiled. Other wise. but still i am doubtful.yara its worst thakkad celluler company .so should be banned now . if mobilink has to compete in the pakistani market. sincerely.ye sab cheater hain koi bhi sahi nahi hai jiski dum utha kar daikho maadi hai mobilink aur dosrey puraney paapi ham se incoming ke bhi charge karte rahe hain kitna loot te rahey hain aur is competition ke time me bhi ye apne rate kam nahi karna chahte. jahanzaib (10/14/05) ... telenor ke flat rate hain ye kisi had tak behtar hain magar ye abhi apne qadam jama rahey hain inka bhi koi pata nahi hai baad me kis tarha ulti chhuri se halaal karen. their network is so busy at night that cell phones become virtually useless during night time. why ?? and about their service. insta walo ne to chahnrey bazo ko hi apna costomer samjha hai raat me unki line hi nahi milti.58 paisas charge karte hain.. Fahad (10/12/05) .there is no law in pakistan where is pta . 136. Rehan Younus (10/17/05) . please put some charges on the mobilink so that they upgrade there service may Allah get us release from this company 130.Well i dont understand still that what are their actual Fares? At times Mobilink deduct more than Rs 10/= for a single call.. 129. robeekhn (10/15/05) 134..ok 132..1% . they should be named as "May be Link" instead of Mobilink because you might get connected to the one you want and the chances for getting connected is 0. adil (10/25/05) . thats it !!! 135.its a worst communication service they provide its not jazz ita najaiz.very high.mobilink. i was thinking that why the hell PTA won't cancel the license of the soo called MAY B LINK. Mobilink! Ur days of making huge profit are long gone. mobilink ke through international sms aap ziada operators per kar saktey hain auro ki muqable me magar iske sms charges ziada hain jabke ziada tar operators ne domestic aur international sms ka tarif same rakha hai. raza (10/23/05) . its my humble request to the PTA othorised. No proper customer care is provided. 9/33 . but its a pain now. 138. 131. cooldude (10/23/05) . bt they charge too much! they need to cutdown their God damn cost! 137.why it is authorized. sajjad ali zaidi (10/14/05) . Being one of the old customers. No audio and echo problems are a common feature of this service. ufone walo ne public ko chotya banana shuru kia hai international sms aur local same karke magar unke pass limited operators hain har jaga unka msg hi nahi jata aur ye balance inquiery per bhi . Mobilink has announced Ramzan Package only to make things worse. i wish Mobilink all the best. gujjarbadshah (10/23/05) . warid ka international sms 6. But.

ahsan arain (1/15/06) . 145.I support this petition. Prince Sajjad Ahmad (12/14/05) .mobilink bohat achi service ha likan ya log har waqat awam ka khoon jusanay kay chakar main rahtay ha jasi kha in ka call rate bohat zaida ha is kay allwa GPRS charges had say zaida ha aur us kay sath sath 300 rs per year charge kartay ha GPRS kay aur kuch offers asi datay ha kha awam ko zalil kia jayay jasa kha 3 mobilink choose kar lo call rate kam ho gay sirf 0. usama (2/8/06) . Ahmed Reza (1/7/06) ..in abbottabad i often get the message that my connection has been temporarily inactivated and therefore cannot connect to othr cities even on mobilink 140.I support this petition.some one is just making me fool . he did sevrial complaint but no respons he get what shauld he do now .Dear my no Exper i want my no opned my no >0301-8076995 156..78RS hai(u to u)lakin mobilink ka aisa koi pakage nahi thats not fair .50 pisa aur choose kar tay waqat 28 rupees aik muber kay phalaly hi charge kar liyay jataa han 148.mobilik ki service bohat achi hai per bohat mehengi hai meherbaani kerke thoda sasta keejiye 154. Akmal Minallah (1/24/06) . 157. 150.. Rakesh (12/12/05) .I support this petition.aur main thing in k rates bohat ziada hai in ka mobilink to mobilink 3.I support this petition. It should be transparent ofcourse so that one should know whether they charge to wat they offer !!!! 152. 149. M. they should make their service best according to their members. ahsan soomro (1/21/06) . umar (11/22/05) .how can i find him. shafiq (2/9/06) . 142. 10/33 .. 155.mobilink ki service sirf mobilink ki had tak thek hai lakin kabi kabi is m bhi dandi mar jatey hai. M. Junaid (11/18/05) . 146. by god not fair . muhammand tariq (12/30/05) . owais (1/7/06) .mobilink iz sipmly da servecies 4 **** stuff there iz not any rules to admit da sim on da name & off after theft 151.I support this petition. munwer (12/20/05) .I'm Mobilink Indigo user. 153. Ufone is it best Because its all about U .139.my brother mobilink nubmer is not wroking proply.I support this petition and yes I am a victim of moblink! 143.11RS hai jab warid ka 3.Ibraim Marwat (1/30/06) . Mobilink number is 03002088550 141. Atta Mohi-uddin (1/17/06) .I support this petition.mobilink service ab bahot zyada week ho raha ha pahlee jisa maza ab nahi ha aur yaha tak ke ab to signal b sahee nahi hota aur dosree bat in ke rates dosroo ke moqabilee zyada ha ab mobilink ko chahiya ke wahoo apni service mazeed bahter karee Thanks 144.80 aur ufone ka 2.88 offnets(any other network) hain aur sab s achi baat ufone raat ko 10:00pm s 7:00am tak 1.. Rahil Hussain (1/10/06) . realy not fair .I support this petition..ali (12/9/05) .. asad (1/10/06) ..I don't know how mobilink update the billing information which is always confusing rather fake .Mobilink simply sucks . 147. Zeeshan Ahmed (1/20/06) .

I am regular usser of Mobilink and for the last I found that my send and receing messages are leaking out. m awais (2/15/06) . moizahmed (3/16/06) .BTW if you guys are so dissatisfied why used it and waste tim on petitions. They have the largest network and worse quality.I support this petition. Mobilink customer service is horrible.mobilink is very good & much better for anyelse 165. Due to which my personal life has tottaly been disturbed. as you are well aware that some people who has a lack of knowledge and they tries to disturb others via messaging.158. nisar (3/17/06) . I would like to mention that for the last month I am suffering mental tourcher and its direct attck by mobilink to my personal life. In this regard if action not been taken then I will be file case to hicourt and later on may be to President of Pakistan. I have used all connections except Paktel they all have similar issues. why why ? then why we r still using? yes i must say they have huge network but they dont believe on service quality.Most of ppls r using this facility but everone giving abuse. 172. 159. Sami ul haq (2/26/06) .I support this petition. Touqir Alam (2/24/06) . Now I hope that you will certainly contact to Telenor Network concerned regarding this complaint and I will awaited for your response in my email address.Mobilink and its staff is completly ill manner and duffer perticularly Mobilink Islamabad production department 166.I hate Mobilink.I support this petition. 0301-4420226.. Some body from U fone is providing information of my in out messages to family. Their rates are high and network remains busy all the time. and like to add that they either have to b improve or v hav 2 kick them out from our country. Assad (3/20/06) .one month down the line ask your selves wheter it was worth it. asma gul (3/20/06) . has a routine to send romantic messages on my mobile No. 168. I am the customer of your network and your duty is to safe your customers for such disturbance. Amaar 164. 170. masoud azhar (3/20/06) .. but it took 2 hrs to recharge the balance. Havent face much problem. 171. As I am working in a well reputed organization in the capacity of sr. 0345-7499085 and writes his name during messaging Faisal. Thanks 161.Ufone is best because i use it.Assalam-o-Alaikum.why my no dont receive messages from u .I paid Saira Ali Khan 1 m Dollars to create this petition.I support this petition. Amaar (3/11/06) . The informar of mobilink is presurized by some senior mobilink official to provide this information. such romantic messaging does not suite me in any sense.so wht was the point in recharging anyway?? Meanwhile.I support this petition. Al Warid (3/20/06) . Go and buy a new connection. khadija (2/13/06) . I needed to make an urgent call so got a card.I am a regular user of mobi but i have dispatched my NIC three times but still sim is not on my name my no is 03005804166. Jamal Rafique (4/4/06) . 03009303357 173. 167. Muzzammil Hussain (3/26/06) .action may be taken 163. the 111 customer service line kept staying busy.I think mobilink is not that bad i ve used all the different sereis of numbers 92 the oldest and 26 and indigo. Rafiq Shad (2/19/06) . 162. Raazia Najam (4/11/06) . irtifaafzal (3/22/06) .ager free indigo deh toh 160.I support this petition.fone? 169.I support this petition. kindly note that a customer (which I did not personally know) of Telenor Network having his mobile No. computer programmer and I am a married person.hmm wonder y? 11/33 .

District. Will we be served refreshments 178. Roger Rabbit (5/24/06) .and i hear that they buy a jazz number on my name.but as later on it recover its position back to the best and attractive service.salam. Xaini (7/7/06) . i love mobilink and moilink is my favorite cellular company through out pakistan.i had travell a lot but on many places others cellular deads and mobilink as always come over the all. and people who are not sencier with the company and service expect taking a use of service too under there use and spreading out roumers are called trature(munafiq).yes some time it gives a bad service it doesent mean that it will stay all the time in the same condition. 180. Imran Ahmed (5/24/06) . have to talk very very fast provided the other party can hear 182. i alsoswitched to another cellular company after itspoor quality. 181.Dear sir.the reason for all this is just and just to upgrade the service. mohsin (7/22/06) iuiuouiuiiuoioiuiiuoioiouioiuouioouiuoiuoouiouiouiouiouiuooiuouiouiouiougioubigofdsioghifdougisodfgsafsdahgf sjagkslrweiouyriuweghbvcxzmb. we should thanks to the mobilink that they have given us a chance to have a fun of largest service in no much charges for the connection. etc.Why does mobilink not give me free International calls 179. but the one should not forget that the unique daimond is always priceless.I support this petition for I support every petition.rest of th things depends on ALLAH. They have over subscribed without expanding their resources. Ahmad Hussain (5/12/06) . that isrediculous 03007305499 176. we ever pay u according to ur desire amount but never get services according to our desire. GPRS over Mobilink is so slow and for the last few weeks it has been completely unusable. Govt should take strict action against Mobilink and force them to invest some of the money that they have made by providing poor services to people of Pakistan! 177.I support this petition because The rates plus quality is very poor.The service is so bad that a connection remains on for barely 30 second.etc. as every one knows that putting a hand on the daimaon mean mobilink is a big glitter which is assign to us in a shape and fun of service.Khanewal my request is that some my enemies get my identity card's foto copy. When we dial.mafjkdkjfgj 183. People on their helpline lie to you and make you feel that your phone has a problem. Hammad (5/6/06) . some time think to break my mobile really. by Xaini. yes thats a fact that its rates are much heigh..He can balckmail any person by me or other any lows activity.they start their advertisement and we ever gone to hold for a long time.I have been using Mobilink for over 6 or 7 years now. There is slow process of recharging of jazz cards.they will done its miss use.174.I support this petition because mobilink is very good & much better for any else. Moblink is the market leader and a largest network covering company. syed imtiaz ul hasan shah (7/29/06) .please if any number issue by my name in any where in pakistan then please block or reject it. There is request. whew.jahanian. one thing more that if any one wish to have a fun of extra large and wide network so they have to move on with the terms and condition of the network.plus lot of times the call disconnected.we should not for get that its a cellular company due to which it have to face many troubles like low sevice or busy service as in others cellular networks too.May be they get the number 12/33 .I support this petition "MOBILINK KI MAA KO LUN" 175. Hina (7/12/06) . Mobilinks Zindabad love you mobilink live long. by which a short miss happ people use to spray roumers out that the service is bad or what.Pls there should be a way to contact directly to representative when we dial 111 for mobilink help.i would just say that mobilink is a market leader and will be always a best inshalla my Good blessing will be always there with the mobilink. azhar (7/19/06) .From basti Rahim shah Teh. whats the benefit of having morethan 6 million+ customers if the quality is poor. please coperate with ur customers. i have only a u fone number. Faraz J Karamat (5/23/06) . i am syed imtiaz ul hassan s/o syed muhammad hussain shah.

service engineer WECS and most of time busy in my job. masood (8/8/06) 188. shahzad saleem akhoond (12/19/06) . Zia Sultan (12/6/06) . Khan (3/19/07) .244012730150-3 You Please seize my number and acknowlege the same 187. tahir (12/6/06) . Meanwhile. all non telented . 199.kindly help me.pleas help me by e mail what i do. Khalid Mehmood (11/29/06) . psycho idiots are there especially in OMC& R Lahore. because most of the time my incoming and outing remins out of order and the balance doesnot matter in this case(03016872410) 194. its is now second month and there is absolutely no attention on my request from MOBILINK. ufone have this facility. khalid mehmood (10/28/06) .Got connected GPRS..I want to recharge my balance 195. Fayyaz Ahmed Siddiqui (8/8/06) . Khurram Naseem (3/13/07) .but not working 191. They DAMM CARE abt customers. As I am working in a well reputed organization in the capacity of sr." 189. kalim (8/5/06) . I called at 111 about 100 time. Plz make a direction to the staff of this GSM center to keep a postive attitude with customers. Lack of competent technical staff. from Peshawar state life building.I received a message from ur office in which it is instructed that submit before 4 Dec-06 as i bought this no. Atif Mahmud (12/8/06) . where only safarshi people of sohaib and riaz exists and ladies there are full supply holders but for their wicked intentions manager have hired them 198. Now i m working here at Mardan so i visit to my nearist station which was Mobilink GSM Center College chowk mardan but their behaviour was not good with me and they told me that submit it at the receiving no. Mobilink customer services are horrible.hmm wonder y? 193.mobilink not give suitabile calls rates and mobile service is very bad kindy take it seriously otherwise the time will go 196. Mardan. when ever you needed to make an urgent call their network got busy. Farooq Javed (4/23/07) . khanjee (8/6/06) 186.i wait ur reply on jahangirbukhari@hotmail. Cell#0301-8888113 NIC# 17102-1148488-9 192. Dr.I requested for a missed bill and asked for duplicate bill. Regards Khalid Mehmood ADPM-NCHD. Ahmad (3/13/07) .mobilink not working rawalpindi teseal kottli sattian 185. the 111 customer service linekept staying busy.ALLAH HAFIZ 184. take care bye. centre which is impossible for me to submit it there.as you are well aware that some people who has an advertising agencies and they tries to promote their product via messaging. One of the many examples: "Mobilink took around 2 weeks to disable/unsubscribe my Mobitune service.and done missuse it. and if you ask from their help line they don't guide you. Tahir M. Zafar (8/9/06) .there is no way i could make complaints against abnoxious callsor SMS from mobilink numbers. I am the customer of your network 13/33 .com.I support this.by my name.it is not mobilink it is "may be link" 190.Mobilink Hiring Criteria is very bad .Poorer customer service. SHAFIIQ AHMAD (11/14/06) . 197.I support this petition.I Lost my mobil you are requested to please seize my mobile # which is as per details Mobil #:0300-2841390 CNIC #.

.I have loss 300 Rupees either company can responsible the 14digits code. yani meray ghar par u-fone ka number use ho raha hy us par 0307-3736487..my compalin is plz inter the new mobi tumes.thanks inam tahir 0300-5102061 0333-5686776 206. aswad (8/30/07) .yours sincerely Mohammad Rahim Brohi and Gobund Ram C/O E-C-G-Tech:M..especialy now a days .s91..co option in this regard will highly be appreciated.pl rectify the problem in wide intrest of customers and mobilink.. Hyderabad.ladies first is on the air . Mohammad Rahim Brohi (6/14/07) . Raza khan (8/30/07) .may moblink use karta ho is ki sarves bakar hay 03009390881 201.Dear sir we support you compeign agianst this Bullshit network and we sould like to kick this company off from our country beacause this company is stealing Millions from our country now a days Damn ladies first pakege is on the go .may number 205. inam ullah tahir (7/22/07) . Yaseen Bilal Ahmed (7/25/07) .Respected Sir.com 208. unit No: 09.. MUKHTAR HAMID SHAH (8/30/07) 210. khawar (6/11/07) . Latifabad. we are two chowkidar of your tower is it in sasoli rice mill shikar pur sukkur region your company didnot paid our salary since from 1st may 2007 without any problem but they demand one salary we are poor person didnot afforad it.they did not need to serve you but making big money other net work like warid and telenor all the remain shit . Khurram (6/8/07) . 0301-3757401 sy koi tang kar raha hy mein bohat parashan hun. 207. you cant even able to make a call or recive a call after 11 to 1 Pm PKT time thanks 212. for charge the Mobilink Connection No.Sir. but I know. Dr. Block E.Mobil No: 0300-3081330.it causes weak signal strength in near vicinity creating problems like voice distortion and abrupt servive breakdown. this is not way ..03003081330.Azam Brohi R-B-U-T-Civil Hospital Shikar Pur sindh.I have purchase last night Card Rs:300.s hits songs 203.and your duty is to safe your customers for such disturbance. at the time of Scratch the card loss or missing 14 digits code what i do .I have submitted Case or petition to against Moblink Company in the Supreme Court Islamabad for Justice and I have decided and contact to Media as soon as possible if Mobilnk Company or not respond to my email and I will show the all facts and figure in front of Media. k kiya karun apna ghar ka number change kar dun yan app kuch kar sakty hein.Kindly replace my card as the following addressThanksEngrNomankhan Address: Banglow No: 224.R/Sirmeray ghar k number par. Ihsan (9/16/07) .enter 90. your system will not be accept the card No.i live near taxilla musium. kindly note that a customer (which I did not personally know) send me different advertising messages for their product promotion a messages from differants numbers 200.thanks 202. E-mail: engrnomankhan@Gmail.. jawaid ali thebo (7/15/07) .mobilink should care for its customers 209.Pakistan.. this is the strategy of Mobilnk company for making money. Tele-No : 92-0221-3869548. EngrNoman khan (8/1/07) ..incase of emergency you user go to the hell .here your cell site hight is low as compared to the hight of tower of u fone telenor warid and paktel. merya ghar ka number hy 0334-2441703plz apki bardi maharbani ho gi.A moblink Number ( 0307-3058834 ) is continuously disturbing by 14/33 . sajid (5/25/07) . 211.Mobilink face fine by the authorities twice in last two year but its services are the shit . kuch karin. No. Sindh. Sabahat (8/2/07) . 204.and network remains jam every night after 11PM and till 1 Pm .Just want to make sure that this signature really make some changes.

technically mobilink is -2 kb and warid is 6 kb and rates are almost identical.warid is way better i can surf smoothly. when i requested for block Sim i was not told about this(reissue) rule. Now i request You please tell me the why this window-dressing is doing? And what is my mistake? I am providing SIM Information that there was no family number and the pakge was Octain. nauman (1/1/08) 222.Asif Mehmood (2/17/08) .3620271114339 Address:House No.iam switching back to warid now.who is always boasting about their biggest subscriber net. santosh rathi (10/18/07) . imtiaz arshad (10/16/07) . kashif mehmood (10/24/07) 216.my mobile number is 03009208377 and another customer from this number is making disturbibg calls from this number 03072710763.they dont offer what they promise.Can u give me address this number 226.i received miss call's from this number 03027632164. imran (10/24/07) . ( PTCL 213.the call at the follwing two numbers. NAVEED RAHAT (3/20/08) . ghazanfar ajaz (3/1/08) .and hope china mobile could bring down mobilink to knees.it sucks 217.181/A Muhala Hakimain Wala Chandni Chowk Kahror Pacca 224. umer (3/12/08) . Madiha (10/30/07) 218. Thanking u in anticipation 214. maqsood (1/3/08) .No.I BELIEVE MOBLINK IS THE BEST LARGEST SERVICE IN PAKISTAN BUT ITS PAKAGE 220.Upon contacting ur help line i was advised that i should register my complain here i hope u will do something. 87 (12/3/07) 221.but i really regret in 24 hrs i called them to stop my service. SHANI 03007508735 (11/23/07) .so i did.Asif Mehmood Contact No(03336423760) SIM Information Jazz Number 03007332759 NIC.ager motorola razr v3 pay tv nai chalta tu mobilink ki web pay v3 kiun dia howa hai tv capable mobiles mai han? 227. ufone (3/19/08) .Plz do something.Salamalmost 9 months ago i blocked my sim due to stolen of my mobile by some-body And last day i went to take my Sim from mobilink customer service center But i was shocked by the news that this Sim is not at my name And it has been re-issued So i asked the reason of re-issue Answer was that after 3 months of expiry date it is the rule that if number is not in use it should be re-issued Dear Sir.MOBILINK SUCKS!!!! 225.iam a proud customer of warid. M. khurram (11/15/07) 219. I am waiting for your guide and better respons Your.i want install mobilink pole in my city DEI that is near to talko tando bago distt: badin threre are more then 50 thousand user of cell phone and thay get signal from tando bago and they not recieve good sing so plz install u pole in DEI and give good service to DEI 's publick know also u-fone and talenor install his pole if u want plote for pole then contact jhaman malhe national medical store DEI tando bago distt badin 215.A moblink Number ( 0308-3208731 ) is continuously disturbing by the call 223.WARID ROCKS.lately somebody told me to switch to mobilink for better gprs speed and rates.BACKWAS COMPANY HAI KUTTAY MOBILINK WALAY 15/33 .listen online radios and the service never goes down or fluctuates.s Faithfully M.

Umer Ali (4/8/08) . 235.302603863430260386343026038634 236. 242. get out of pakistan and let us live.I support this petition. minhaaj (4/5/08) . shahid (6/30/08) .SIddique wahab rd.They claim that they are the largest network of Pakistan that they cover almost all of the country. Waqas Ali (5/21/08) .A jazz no. ANWAR KHURSHID (5/25/08) . If your goodself is interested so please contact me on the given cell number any time. Muhammad Jahangeer Khan (6/29/08) ..Now its the responsibility of PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) to whether ban them or ask them to provide the better services otherwise just hell off of our country. zobada (5/23/08) . But Its service is better then other mobile companies. Its the most expensive.I like Mobilink GSM company but its wrong deduction is still continue.03025444954)plz do some thing muje is no pe calls aa rai hain 03016404329) 239. 237.near PSO petrol pump. 230. 03077606952 (6/26/08) .i dont know this person but continously teasing me on my PTCL number.mujy in nos sey koi wrong sms ker raha aur galian de raha hai (0308-8828613.Plz tell me if their is some method to block that numbers. Furthermore their indigo bills are confusing.thanks 233. Let me tell you I have been to thousands of places where Mobilink doesn\'t work and all other operators do.. sajjad (7/2/08) .HANIF GHANCHI6th floor nadir building. SAM (5/20/08) 234. hanif ghanchi (3/30/08) .iam sajjad ali mobilink ka on person jis ki complain yaha ka mr shanawaz na mujah ak pco set jo ka 4500 rupees ka diya ha us na apna visiting card bi mujah diya or kehna laga ap ko ma mobile ka 15% discount pa card bi laka do ga aj one month ho choka ha mara rupees bi laka gaya ha ma call karta ho us ko to kehta aj hamara regional manager ko goli lag gai ha easy load ka paisa bi laka gaya ha adress ha us EOBI awami markaz ka visiting mara pas mojood ha or ap ka mobilinks ka service card miss use kar raha aj mana phone kiya to recive ni karta plz action la or mujah kisi atamad wala banda ka number da mara bussines close ha gah 16/33 .Mobilink is the worst of all the Telecom Companies in Pakistan. i m from FAISALABAD 231. I have a terrace and the height of the building is nearly 70ft.Ghass mandi.Mobilink and all MNCs suck.my number is 03026038634.My contact number is 0322-2567141-.Sir my name is HANIF GHANCHI residing in KARACHI in the area of ghass mandi ranchorline.I support this petition.Kaarachi0322-2567141 229.. 232. 240.0345-5743588. throw them out. United nations is pakistan's and every third world country's enemy..iam 20 femail from faisalabad. Hassan (5/14/08) . Saqib Zaffar (4/22/08) . kindly check this number >0306-8686498. mostly now in postpaid connections. arif (6/1/08) 238.agar koi muj sa sex karna chata hai tu call kar sakata hai thanksssss. All the services are offering the delivery report service. registered in my name for last five years has been blocked since 1900 hrs 24 May 2008..I support this petition. but mobilink doesn\'t. be pakistani's and solve your own problems.228.03007505407and ufone no03337682160 is miss calling me without any reason.My Mobilink 0300-2313829. I want it to give on rent for Mobile Tower.. 0302-7375710 mein bahot dafa weak network ki complaint ki magar mobilink naa is tarf koi response nahe diya 241. nomanzafar (6/11/08) .

dear sir an mad i want to no if i can find out who call me in late night on my jazz sim 17/33 . 252. tariq (7/17/08) .no 207 tariqabad khanewal.. I m surprized that there is no single one i have.not from a franchise.mah jab b servis center call karta ho milte he nahe plz mara ye masla hal kar de thanks. when i made a request to make register my number on my ID card.I support this petition. an office employeer of mobilink franchise told me that there are already ten sims are registered on my ID card.I support this petition. now i am much worried. sir agar meri is complain per koi ikshan liya jayaga ya nahi agar nahi to phir main aaj sa mobilink use karna hi chor don ga. mudasar (7/21/08) . shahaz hassan (7/15/08) ... 244. fahad mehmood.I support this petition.sir it is stated that my name is fahad mehmood . our maria ni mujh sa gandi batain bhi ki the sir aap record bhi check kar sakti hain agar mera kassor ho to aap bahliay sim block kar dina.that lam working at amrican embassy under deppt of justice lam using ur no but some my personal reason cell no 03004553117 is thearten on my no bt sir lwant with out knowing this no just safe my because l know this person and he is interfair my personal metter my deptt could take any steps but its my personal metter l do not want lndulge my deptt please take a step as own without consider that person just safe my number my caller. 248. other wise it can create a difficulti for me. AFZAL SAEED (7/3/08) . so plz reply on it.zahid mehmood h.i am a doctor from sargodha i have a sister age 25 i want to her marry with a decent hot strong male have big business if u r interested then please call me on 03004574749 251. plz 246.salam. jibran (7/12/08) .243. sir i am using my cazin's Email adress. dr maqbool (7/17/08) . 254. its number is 0303797388 .. ID card no 36103-08747790-3 from khanewal. 253. s/o Muhammad Zahid mehmood. AFZAL SAEED (7/3/08) . 250. make un register these sims from my ID card . Aslam O Alikum. Sir meri Aap se 1 request hai k meray jazz k no jo ye hai 0300-6750365 aur mera ptcl no ye hai 068-5700426 Sir mera aik problem solve kar dain muje kuch no tang kar rhay hain jo k main mobilink use karta hoon aur main sadiq abad main rehta hoon plz iss jo no muje tang aur galiaan nikalte hain unka kuch karain plz aap se guzarish hai k aap ya tu innko khud call karain ya koi aap action lain plz sir aap ki bohat mehrbani hogi plz sir main net par iss liay behta tha k muje koi aisi website milay k main koi comlaint kar sakoon Sir aap se guzarish hai k aap ye no block karain ya inn ka kuch karain 0332-7302597 or 03337487469 ye two no hai jo gahar k no par aur meray jazz k no par bohat galian aur tang karte hain 255. 249. fahad mehmood (7/15/08) ..I support this petition.s no and contact and give me best soulution regarding it pliaese dont show off my email on screen waiting your reply my number is 0300 4188845. 247. roheen (7/7/08) .... s/o M. sir mujhe srif aap sa ik arz hai wo yeh k jo helpline per custmer sa bat karti hain un main is ik maria nam ki ik larki hoti hai helpline per sir wo mujhe us ni aapni persnal number sa ik bar call kar k mera problame solve kiya tha to main ni un ko isay hi un k persnal number pa poetry send ki to unhon ni meri sim block kardi mera number yeah hai jo block kiya hai 03003798089 . ALI KHAN (7/16/08) .I support this petition. i request to you that please help me .I support this petition. syed asim shah (7/18/08) .I support this petition. then how it is possible . awais ali (7/18/08) .Dear Respected Sir. sir i bought a sim of jazz from mobilink outlet . Muhammad Saleem (7/19/08) . but this request did not complete . 245.

as jazz is the most largest service of Pakistan.I have been trying on 6 and 7 August.. harame (7/23/08) . 260. i just want to my one samll complaint. 265.I support this petition. but no luck.I support this petition. is making problem for me and i am user of ufone 03332714609 and also of moblink 03009375028 and that continiously micalling me in ufone no..what can i do now. wasim sajjad (8/12/08) .Dear 03006033306 this is my number and i use for two year once i register it but now i query the name? on other name please register on my name 266. Sohail (8/6/08) . 263. no response from network & alla the three calls dropped except one.I support this petition. 269. arslan tariq (8/12/08) .256. amna (7/29/08) .. Anique (7/25/08) . muhammad-afzal (7/24/08) .which is expired for about one year.kindly help me in this matter 262. I want to check this sim is registered my name Asif Iqbal.My problem is that from a cell#:03003620548 i am receiving wrong calls for more than two years but i have no solution for that. zahid (7/28/08) .33. Muhammad Ali (7/27/08) .I cant dial 123 and get connected to automathing system to charge my account. i am using this simfor about three to four years. Hope to be solved this problem.I support this petition. afterwards called the service centre but they are also helpless twice & they indicate to call on tuesday after 06PM. on dated 01/Aug/2008 i have called from number thrice in ladies first duration.03013006764. 267. & indeed it is. plz solve this problem 264. 03063426115 this no. What is this sir. but when i checked the balance. Asif Iqbal (7/31/08) .now i have lost my sim copy and alll its information. 257.I support this petition.sir i have a sim no. ZARNOSH (7/22/08) . then i gave mobilink one more week and turned off my sim and used ufone for about a week. Muhammmad Naeem (7/29/08) .Dear Jazz Service provider. 261. Aftab Alam (8/2/08) . sajid (7/25/08) .dear sir. oh my god almost deduct for 05 calls.I support this petition.well i used mobilink in 2003-4 and since i found that my remaining balance like if load a card of 500 after tax deduction 450 then without calling and without sending any sms when i checked the balance from *111# i found out 434.main kitni bar aap ki frinchize per bhi gaya hoon unhoon ne 100 rupess bhi liye hain aur diplicate nikal ker di hai lekin kaam nahi ker rahi duplicate sim main mehar disst dadu se hoon plz mera masila haal karo thx and best wishes by me 270. sir my mobilink (03003411263) number is inactive after 12 day plz active my number this is my ruqest. attaullah (7/29/08) . I have puchased new two month ago no is 0303-4453790.which has been lost one year before. 259. My cell number is 03084175240.nmxclnedkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk 258.plz kindly inform me. omair ahmed (8/13/08) .I support this petition.I support this petition. 271. i wrote my remaining balance on a paper 18/33 .I support this petition.I support this petition. 268. what the fuck? where my money gone.i also go to ur franhise with sim copyand information (wah cantt) but they did not respond.

jawaid ali (9/3/08) .Can u give me address this number otherwise i can stop using mobilink no 276.Jo koi mujhe call kre to agar mairi mother phone uthaen to wo larki ki awaz main baat kre. these balances are written in my diary thats why i am able to remember cheaters (mobilink) paisay gayab hojate hain bhayon!!!!! baat man lo abb.GIRLS GIVE MAZA DURING IN THE PROCESS OF SEX.plz block this no 03014279920 i am receiving rubbish sms 281. Rida Fatima (9/5/08) . abb zong b agaya hai zong pe mobile number port karalo 150 meh sim dengay.i received call's from this number 03013255402. bilal khan (9/3/08) . Syed Sabih ul Hassan Zaidi (8/29/08) .Mamme PHUDDI 286.PRAY FOR ME 274.akhrajat pure nhi hote. SAMINA KHALID SAMIA (9/5/08) .i have lost my sim no 03009717517 and i want this sim back to become mobilink coustmer 278. muhammad mobasher mobasher (9/5/08) . constantly making trouble for me 03003260457 285.sir i am from p d khan dis#jhelum sir i am the old member of ur network ur network is very good but sir one and half week the problem of ur network is not good please check ur tawer in p d khan thanks 284.Request Sir.then after a week i turned on the sim and found out what?????// 423.I can do every thing. my addrress is House no 108 Block 1 sector c2 town ship lahore OK 283.Plz do something.i would be very thankful to you to block this sim number by which someone vex me a lot of much.I received more then twice a time that my balance Transferred to this no. 272.I WANT TO BECOME AN ENGINEER . 19/33 .AH I LIKE GIRLS. 280.03314125661 call me 282.03072811794 .main bhot gharib larki hun. Ahmed Malik (9/1/08) .main iss ke liye boht preshan hoon. socho 1 week meh mere 12-13 rupees gayab hogaye (jo calls ya sms kerta hai usey to andaza naii hota hoga) magar meh ne experiment kia to pata chala. anam ch (9/6/08) . telenor best hai jitna bolta hai utna hi kat ta hai. Sir main apni sim registered kerwana chahta hoon. Thanks.I support this petition. jaan choro mobilink ki bekar hai.so please understand. My Mobile are as under No: 0308-3108616 Applicant Ahmed Raza Malik 277. sajid shah (8/16/08) . HARIS KHAN (9/7/08) . mobilink se bara fraud iss dunya meh naii hoga telecom industry meh. I sure i did'nt receive any sms of transferr. 0302-8801374 273.Mujhe larkon se dosti krne ka shoq hai My no is 0425111174 and jo koi mere sath SEX krna chahe to wo mere ghar aa jae . Aslam Bhutta (9/7/08) . the number is given. swalay sameer (9/4/08) .I support this petition. khair mobilink use kerna to kab ka band kerdia. SYED SAGHIR ALI ZAIDI ZAMAN (8/20/08) . 279. sameer naseer (9/4/08) ..Hiiii I m mobilink Indigo customer there iz no EDGE Signals Available in G-6/2 Sector Islamabad??????? 287.24 paisas.MY SIM IS NOT ACTIVE AND MY NUMBER IS MISSING MY NIC NO IS (42201-0349109-7 PLEASE SAND ME MY NUMBER THANK YOU 275.I support this petition. WASEEM DANIEL (8/22/08) . SEX SEX (9/6/08) .plz block this no.

Federal Information Minister.I support this petition.I support this petition. Thank you so much for your kind services. asghar ali (9/7/08) .G Sindh.My problem is that from a cell#:03452370023 i am receiving wrong calls for more than two years but i have no solution for that.G Sindh and D. I.I LOVE BOYS because they give MAZA . 299.i want to do my call summary. Provincial Home Minister Sindh.I support this petition.kindly help me in this matter 302. 297. I.I support this petition.because of the bad signals of mobilink in my city 294.To. 300. Irshad Ali (9/12/08) . i want call history of this number 03335475417 303.I support this petition. Dear friends. ABID HUSSAIN (9/19/08) . Federal Information Minister. AWAIS SHAH (9/12/08) .I support this petition. Provincial Information Minister. Ali ahmed (9/9/08) .I support this petition.I.I support this petition. Provincial Home Minister Sindh. The un registered number is 0306-3500921. Saba yaqub (9/7/08) . sabahat shah (9/10/08) .I m a user of Ufone but I support this petition. Its much better for us if you Inform me about the call history of that number.BECAUSE THEY BLOCK MY NUMBER WITHOUT ANY REASON. ashfaq nana (9/9/08) 293.G Sindh. mujeeb bhutto (9/14/08) .salam mea ap sae request krta houn ka aik no mujhay tung kr rha hay mea us ko cal krta houn tou wo agay sae bolatay nhi hy is laya ap us no ka halif koi actin laya no hy 03085070365 292.I. 298. Usman Channa (9/14/08) . AMNA KHAN (9/8/08) . saiqa ppp (9/16/08) .I support this petition.I support this petition. 290.G Sindh and D. I am also sending the copy of this letter to Home advisor to PM.JO koi mujh se SEX karna chahta ho wo CALL kar sakta hai 03074544130 291.288. Munir Memon (9/17/08) .U CHECK THAT BY A MISCALL NUM IS 03018001582 296. Usman Channa Journalist Karachi. 20/33 . 304. I am a journalist. this #03004145668 has been create a lot of problems for me please make some solution of this number 305. hunain malik (9/20/08) . amanat ali (9/15/08) . So I request you to block that un register SIM. hassan shahid (9/18/08) . 295. 301. having job in a Daily Sindhi Newspaper and News channel.I HAVE LOSE RS 200 IN THAT. Sindh Contact: 0333-2262004. rashid qaisrani Qaisrani (9/16/08) .I support this petition. Nouman Malik (9/19/08) .i search from google ur site actually i want information about jazz sim card calling summary actually i live in bahrain my wife in pakistan she cheat me i wana her mobile call summary where and how can i get the call summary plzzzzzz help me if u know 289. 0323-2378964 Copy to: Home advisor to PM. which is creating problems for our family. You are providing good services system But We have a complain that since few days an un registered number of Mobilink is disturbing our family by sending SMS and miscalls. Mobilink GSM Sub: Request to Block an Un Registered SIM Dear Sir/Madam We are pleased to inform you that we are using your Mobilink services since 4 years. Provincial Information Minister Sindh.

My number is 0345-2243134.I support this petition.I support this petition.I need a girlfriend.I support this petition. 313. 323.I support this petition. 319. Muhammad Sohaib Sohaib (9/29/08) .im u old costomer and u r mobilink r no servic this what problem please send me email addres 322.I support this petition. 320. talhat amin (10/16/08) .plz block this no 03005223108 307. 308. 328.PTCL pay call keroo tu bilkul sielent aur pasay minus ho jatay hen.I support this petition. Munawar ali Ahmedani (9/30/08) . waqas hussain (9/27/08) . MAHWISH JOLA JAVAID AYUB (10/26/08) . 316.I support this petition.I support this petition. 312.how icheck my mobilink prepaid connection bill because i m not in city 314. 309.I support this petition. ALI ASGHAR (9/29/08) . sajid sm (10/15/08) . 21/33 .I support this petition. Shaukat Channan (10/10/08) .I support this petition.managment ko sahi kernay k liy dadication ki zarorat hoti hay.I need a boyfriend.306. I can live with physical relationship.I support this petition. 326. 310. Should be handsome. MANI MANIKMOTICHANA (10/21/08) . MUHAMMAD ADREES ARSHAD (10/21/08) . Shoukat Ali (10/19/08) . 324. Ayesha Farooq (10/8/08) .I support this petition. if anyone is instrested plz call me on my cell # 0307-7321592 318. men nay 2 times help line pay complain ki lakin woh sirf inter tain kertay hen bus. M SAJID M ABID (10/9/08) . raza ali (10/21/08) . ZESHAN ALI (10/8/08) . MUHAMMAD SADDIQUE SADIQ (10/11/08) . And i want to stop un registred and unwanted calls. 315. khalid faisal (10/9/08) .sajid ali soomeo 321.I support this petition.I support this petition. 311. Zameer Haider (10/22/08) . mobilink ko sirf pasay katney ke jalde hoti hay lakin network ko sahe kernay ki nahi. sms keroo tu pasay kat jaty hen lakin sms air men gum ho jata hay. Shani Roy (10/22/08) . Sohail Khan (10/15/08) . sundasqammar qammar munir (10/6/08) . Multan. ghulam murtaza (10/6/08) . I WANT TO REGISTER MY NUMBER IS 0306-6667136 PLS SEND ME A SHORT MSG WHT CAN I DO 317. 325. 327.IM Shaukat from the city of Saints. i want to marry with simple and beautiful girl. plz chack ur self. khan ali brohi (9/25/08) . My number is 03015450994.

Dated:..how can possibale sim activation . IBRAR HUSSAIN (11/18/08) . bilal jafri (10/30/08) .SALAM.. 334. Muhammad Ammad (10/28/08) . The unknown person sending me abuses in Messages from the number (03077806053) similarly calls on my mobile number.I support this petition. My number is 0334-6226947 337.A stupid and greedy network which sucks the money of poor and gentle pakistani peoples. this is not a good service.I support this petition. Irfan Khan (11/13/08) .THANKS 341. Laura Sinkler (11/7/08) .I support this petition.I support this petition.I need a girlfriend. Syed Mohsin (11/8/08) .I want to my last 1 yaer call summary.I support this petition. Yours truly. 333. PLEASE DON'T MY BLOCK THIS NUMBER 03023232402 . imran sarwar (12/6/08) .. PLZ help me 342.i m coming next month. 336.i mam now in before 6 months in oman pls my mbl no-0300 6107622 pls active. Asad Abbas (11/6/08) . 347.I support this petition. umar usman (11/9/08) . Rameez Meghani (10/31/08) . i want to block some numbers.. And pakistani peoples don't know the backside of the picture. 346. Kindly block his Sim Card. zafar chatha (10/28/08) . I have a number of ZONG Company (03147621855). Allama Iqbal Town.. 344. Qandeel mushabbar (10/29/08) . hafiz hasan ikram (11/11/08) .I support this petition. ASIF MUHAMMAD (11/9/08) .Complaint against Mobilink Number 03077806053 Dear Sir.I support this petition. 343.I support this petition. 339. Lahore – Pakistan.I support this petition. ID Copies Also attached. Hina Manzoor. I shall be very thankful to you.I'm continuously receiving calls of Prize from this number "0307-5346009" plz confirm me about this. 338.I support this Petition. wat i have to do 348..My Number is 0301-5571402 331..I support this petition. 330. muhammad amin (11/17/08) . Aijaz Ahmed (11/7/08) . HASEEB ALI (11/19/08) . Subject:. 335.what is pursigher 22/33 . Jabar Naqvi (10/28/08) . 345.I Want call history of this number 0306-7067136 My number is 0321-6070880 332.The Manager. Talha Baig (11/22/08) . 340. RASHID HUSSAIN CHANNA CHANNA (12/2/08) . Hina Manzoor (11/3/08) .i did not receive the tax deduction stataement for tax purposes...I support this petition..THE TELNORE COMPANY ALSO ACTIVE MY THIS NUMBER 03023232402 PLS DON'T MY BLOCK THIS NUMBER OK 349..1-11-2008 Mobilink Main Blvd..329.

syed omer ali shah (1/17/09) . shahzadfazal.I support this petition. 371.I support this petition. neelam begum (1/21/09) 368.I support this Petition.I support this petition.I support this petition.i live in chichawatni. 0300 7738843 is register with my name. 370. saima khan (1/22/09) .dear sir one man is threaning my family from the no. Roystan Crossley (1/21/09) . faryaal khan (1/1/09) .this is a lun company and bakwas hai yeh sab is se to acha warid hai 369.given below. zainul abdin (1/27/09) . plz tell me about this number and location 0303-6877041 and also from this no.my sim no 03006607213 i use 8 years i am users but sim name by zahid suddenly two days my sim massage is limitted services i complaint mobilinick services pls action 354. GhulamFarid-ud-din Khan (1/17/09) .not calling this number. 365. uralb2b uralb2b (1/21/09) 367. 364. Muzammal Arshad (1/20/09) .350.I support this petition. 357. 355.Complaint against Mobilink Number 03082992369. Dear Sir.I support this petition. 352.I support this petition. Waqar Saleem (1/28/09) .I support this petition. 03036802404 372. 356.I support this petition. Muhammad Rafiq (1/22/09) .why. Nainey sanam (12/8/08) . haris kamal (1/17/09) .I want to check my NO.I support this petition.thanks. ramesh kumar (1/13/09) . 358. muhammad husnain (1/8/09) . fazal (12/9/08) .i receive a sms many days. abid liaquat (1/22/09) .Dear Sir Please ONe Number Iz so Distrub Me Please Cheak Thiz Person Please Sir BYe Take care Allah AHfiz 03213131414 353. AAmir ShahJanShah (12/9/08) . 366. Kashif Ali (1/27/09) .please e-mail me. Nadeem ahmed (12/26/08) .I support this petition. m. 373. 360. 359. tariq khan (1/5/09) .WRONG CALLS & HARASMENT FROM 03012687663 PLZ BLOCK THIS NUMBER AND E-MAIL ME ADDRESS OF ABOVE CELL 351.i have a question for this number 03066931876.I support this petition. nadeem ahmed (12/26/08) . I have a number 23/33 . 362. 363.my name is shahzad latif. shahzads latif (12/8/08) . MASOOD HASAN SARRI (12/7/08) . if u check this kindly blocked this I support this petition. 361.

B. Waqar Saleem 374.I buy it for my personal use only i dont gave my number to anyone... chaudary shahid (2/12/09) . AHSAN ali (1/28/09) . 377. Kindly block his Sim Card. 378. Arslan Razzaq (2/9/09) . 381.1 per mint on call on 111 which is unjustified and service of 111 is very poor. PLZ help me. abid abbas (3/2/09) . ali baloch zahid (2/27/09) .Thank u very much. 390. ashhar hussain (1/30/09) . Waheed Qamar (3/1/09) . and mobilink charging call charges of Rs.SIGNAL TAVER. The unknown person sending me abuses in Messages from the number (03082992369) similarly calls on my mobile number.(03027718509) 388.I support this petition.I support this petition. Yours truly.5 and also on call of 111 379.Rahella Khaskeli 03078550381 A girl having this number doing his job as a sex worker ..subject. 384.I support this petition.Who is the Admin of this website.I support this petition. I shall be very thankful to you. 392. Bilal jafri (2/5/09) . 387. 385.I support this petition. call summary e-mail me. M.I support this petition.of Telenor Company (03433598259).I support this petition. sajid islam (2/13/09) .MOBILINK is very bad service 380. 383. plz make such action to make safe our society from this kind of disasters . muhammad qaisar (3/1/09) ..I support this petition. ayaz fayaz (2/9/09) . 24/33 . dilwala raja (1/31/09) . muhammad javeed (2/17/09) . 375.I support this petition.I want to my last 3 months call summary. She is situated in talhar dist: badin. TANWEER ATTAR (2/15/09) .Anybody can tell me how this person get my number and what i do of this person.hello please ap b zong aik number mounth k liay free ki sahoolat dein 376. khalid mushtaq (2/3/09) . saleem ahmed (2/10/09) .I wana complaint a moblink number. A L I A L I (2/4/09) .I support this petition.First i make it active then its runing.Hello is there any reasonable person who guids me correct.I buy a new sim card of moblink 1 week ago. KORANGI#6 MARKET KARACIH 386.I want to talk with him or her but he didnt attened my call. Nawazish ali (1/29/09) .I support this petition.I support this petition. mobilink is deceiving to consumer through scheme of free minutes and many other scheme why mobilink is charging service charges of every recharge of Rs.Now 1 day ago a number of moblink 00923017018346 is gaving me miss calls.please dont issue and donot block my no 03005800700 and 03015800700 and 03013500700 and 03003500700 thank you 391. 389. Malik (2/27/09) .my nuber 0301 please blocked kare thanx 382.

396.I support this petition.Mobile 03032623132 & 03015027673 are running scam for 10 lac rupee win and listing in 10 lac prize beware of twisted minds and scam on mobilink 397. bilal ahmed (4/2/09) . Sir BYe Take care Allah AHfiz 395. sajid ahmad (3/7/09) . the worlds next top hairdresser (4/7/09) . I would like chicken tikka masalo with rice and hot hot curry.393. 404.I want last week call record 401.TODAY AT 3.I support this petition. shahid saeed (3/28/09) .. 402.Dear Sir Please CHECK OUT THIS NO:03082680455. Raja Bilal (3/2/09) . Cuthroat Scams (3/7/09) . 403. naveed rind (3/9/09) .MY PROBLEM IS. 398. arslan malik (3/6/09) . sajid ahmad (3/7/09) . 407.you turned off daily 500 sms while i decided to use your network now i m to move my previous network if you plz open it again i might stay here bcoz one can stay there where it gets better rates 406. AHMED ZAEEM (4/7/09) . raja faizan (4/9/09) . 414. muhammad shafiq (4/7/09) . shahid saeed (3/28/09) . 400.I support this petition. IMRAN RAZZAK (3/6/09) .I support this petition. 410. bilal mughal (4/19/09) .yout sms bundle is to bad service plz u make your pakacge daily 500 sms per Rs:3 rupies i shall be very thankful to u 413. 25/33 .ABUSING TO ME & KEEP ON DISTRUBING ME.i want my three month call records 399.I support this petition.THIS NO: HAS BEEN TEASING.SO I WANT TO BE HIS ADDRESS & LOCATION & ALL THE THINGS WHICH YOU HAVE. salman_ dilsay_444 (4/11/09) .I support this petition..I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS PETITION 412. Faraz Siddiqui (3/29/09) .I support this petition.I support this petition.I support this petition. iftikhar ali (4/16/09) .PLZ KINDLY PROVIDE ME ALL THE ABOVE THINGS. Thank you please.Hallo. 405. sultana farzal (3/16/09) . 411.. waheed ahmad (3/22/09) .45PM NET WORK IS JAM PLZ SOLVE IT REGARDS AHMED ZAEEM SHAHID 409.plz plz delivery report on karain 408.I support this petition. kamran malik malik (3/17/09) .I support this petition. haider saema (3/18/09) .I support this petition and where is delivery report for sms??????????????????????? NO COMPROMISE????????????? 394.

I support this petition. 419.why mobilink break my international roaming for u.thank you. Regards. 421.network problem in eminabad tow dist.m to 3:00 a.hi i am very happy 425. Adnan Hero (5/21/09) .. anyone can say anything about any cell number.e? 432. malik kashif (8/18/09) .U).Someone is disturbing my friend s\' family who has Mobilink # 03037918575 since 2 months my friend is having job at Sahiwal and his family is residented at Lakki Marwat please do some favor and take remidial actions against the person who has been teasing my friend s\'faimily from last two months. shahab chohan (10/12/09) . kindly do some thing ..A (M.03004810504 is giving me murder threats. zaheer Abbas (7/2/09) .I am student of M. a guy is bothering continuously from 4 days to my family. Muhammad Saleem (4/28/09) . ayesha malik (8/22/09) . hameeda akhlaq (9/1/09) .I support this petition.m morning and 1:57 p. Kindly take some redial measure to avoid further calls. 428.M.. Muhammad Tazeem (7/4/09) . Rao..my tower number is 6001 madina colony baldia town karachi..sir mara mobi tune ka dable blance charg hoay hai wenday waly din sa ma ny help line per complan be ki lakin koi responce nhi mila 431..toba toba. zamir shah (8/17/09) .J. Kindly note that the undersigned facing uncomfortable as from following cell undesirable calls are being received:.I do not support this petition. the num is 03006730378 429.want detail about number 03009802918 416. imran ahmad (8/31/09) . i am the owner of my building my first complain is that my brother and my father is in your towers security guards today my brother will be goes for sallary then the manager of zims security insulted my brother.That guy\'s # 0300-2787442. Muhammad Imran (5/20/09) .I support this petition. Furqan Ullah (9/13/09) .. muhammad rehman shakoor (9/14/09) .I support this petition.a.gujranwala for last 5 days.i will 26/33 .I support this petition. 433. faisal hanif (9/29/09) . khalil akhtar (9/25/09) .m noon.!!! 430. alimullah soomro (5/17/09) . 417.Cell # 0309-7154509 (unknown person calling) today at 2:09 a..B.I support this petition. Muhammad Kamal (6/27/09) .there is a num which bothers me and i want to block this num on my cell . syed ubaid ahmed hashmi (8/27/09) . hina khan (8/15/09) .Complain of Mobile # 0300-8265153 Shekikh Kashif Imtiaz. 423.Mobilink francise 7129 court road gujrat it\'s a rubish ****in franchise franchise director offer to every female emloye come on to my guest house and we will enjoye.. 424.415.Kamal 420.I support this petition.want record from 2 month ago 418.He irritates in late nights even. (Muhammad Tazeem) 422.signal problem in abdullah haroon road karachi 03002087998 427. I hope we\'ll get positive results.A. so its fake.My friend s\' family # is 03038195121 Thanking you in advance truly yours.03008720525 426.

443. you are requested to block all the SIMS. NWFP Pakistan they told me that Franchier situated at Khyber Bazar. 437. who will be responsible? I will not be responsible if some one use it any illegal activities. so i contact the Head Office of Mobilink situated at University Road.khuda hafiz shahab chohan good wishes for mobilink pakistan. please kindly ap mira yi no mira name par register karo NIC:17301-0177227-1 Name: amjad naseem Father name: naseem khan 444. as i have not requested for that. Pakistan. But if we want to do best. HABIB AHMED (11/12/09) . 445. waseem sadeeq (12/14/09) . Umair Yasin (11/8/09) . imtiaz ahmad (12/1/09) .SIMs have been issued agaisnt my CNIC # 3630262526579. Peshawar City. 0300-5909957 (SIM Card) which is registered with my Name. 436.I M NOT IN THE RIGHT OF MOBILINK SERVICES. NWFP. for this purpose we think that we arange call block & sms bock system . If some one use it in terrorism. 442. muhammad saeed (10/26/09) .dear sir i am using this jazz number 03003651601 snce 5year i get 2time dublicate sim 1time from sadar karachi & 1time korangi indutrial area i also give 2time nic copy but sim is not regester on my name my nic copy already reached to your islamabad office again sim is not regester my name please regester this number on name i will be think full to you sim sareal no#8992300083300007252 nic#42201-983060-3 cell no#03003651601 NAZAR HUSSAIN S/O AMEER MUHAMMAD adress# zurash industrial korangi industrial area karachi 441. amjad naseem khan (12/14/09) . Pakistan that why they issue the SIM Card to some other person which was already registered with my Name. saeed khan (11/16/09) . muneer ahmad (10/23/09) . NWFP. NWFP. It is stated that No. KHURRAM SHAHZAD (10/25/09) . we have already regrit the complain but there us no positive response. blocked some days ago.plz kindly accept this application and deniy in ur notice.I support this petition. Peshawar City.requested you for leaving my building urgently i am not a your slave.I support this petition. sir mira 03005884781 number hai . Peshawar City.8. 438. indeed this is trust breaking of the customer. 439. Peshawar City. raza mughal (12/15/09) .I support this petition.I support this petition. they issue me another SIM Card of the same No which is still registered wiht my name. NAZAR HUSSAIN (11/24/09) . so i contact the Franchier situtated at Kohat Road. 446.thanks for mobilink pakistan please solve this problem. we are faced a same problem of ur signal weakness at chenone peshawar boaster.applicant imtiaz ahmed(peshawar)03028885778. So I request you to take necessary action against the Franchiese situated at Khyber Bazar. 435. Pakistan have issued the said No to some other person on December 9. jo abi tke mira name register nahe howa hai mira name par. 440.I support this petition.i would like to say that mobilink service is the best.that is my reqest for you.I support this petition.I support this petition. m younis m younis (12/15/09) . 2009 inspite that the aforesaid No is still registered with my name. i just used only one number in pakistan but i saw 4 numbers are on my name plz block all these 27/33 .we have a problem of your mobilink jazz connection. 434. Yafes Khan (12/10/09) .I support this petition. this shows the non seriousness on the part of the mobilink head office in respect of their franchisers who are issuing the same number to different people.

.how i can block unwanted number which is disturbing by missed call 450. zeeshan shan (12/23/09) .i am Faiza Hina my cell No-03004198472.I support this petition. 466.that person creat a lot of tention and problems 460.I support this petition.I support this petition. after the eid days i recharge my sim no 0308-7106264 of RS 1000 after a day regestration failure message appears and now my sim is blocked .DEAR VERY POOR SERVICE DURING THE LATE NIGHT PAKG \"11 CLOK\" AFTER FEW MINTS CALL DROPPED.i want to block my sim 462.. 456. here are those numbers . Shahbaz M.I Miss Mary Massey holding the CNIC 42301-0696941-6 has a problem with youur jazz connectionn i have been not using my jazz SIM for quiet some months and now when i put my sim to use it gives me that your registration is failed but My sim is on my name then why is its giving registration failed my cell number is 0300-9299200. gulshan akram (1/28/10) . waheed mansab (1/26/10) . 459.sir kindly block this no its make me so irritate and its give me realay non ethical sms\'s 465. tahir saleem (12/22/09) .I support this petition. Muhammad Touseef (1/31/10) .C com said that they do nothing in this matter. plz do some think thanks 448. javed akhtar (1/3/10) . DR Baqar (1/25/10) . 458. Faiza Hina (1/11/10) .I support this petition.I support this petition.I support this petition. Imran Malik (12/30/09) . asim ali (12/24/09) .I support this petition.that i am a retailer of jazz laod on eid days i was unable to relaod . OWAIS SHERAZI (1/18/10) . 03002887764 and 03064404067 457. 454. jimi lao (1/7/10) .I support this petition.447.I support this petition. THANKS AND BEST REGARD 453.I support this petition.kIND MAINTAIN YR SERVICE.against a mobile numer 455.03073951225 449. Mian Muzamil (1/14/10) . maqsood khan (1/25/10) .my sim card num 0300 6562419 id num 33303-2111916-9 date of birth 15 -08 -79 463. please can you let me know whtas the problem Thanks Mary 464. OTHERWISE OPEN A PCO. 452. Bilal Ahmed (2/1/10) .B. 461.we are received alot of lose languge sms from 0307-8832751 daily plz block this person if u cant stop plz give us her adress we will see plz thats our request . jamil dar (12/28/09) .03013104487.I support this petition. ali ahmad (1/25/10) . from few days i am getting dirty sms and abused call from these jazz numbers mentioned below. In my town jaranwala mobilink code 7201 B. agha ali (1/7/10) . plz stop these to tease me thanks.. Mary Massey (1/26/10) .I want to block this number (03052325744) because this number is creating 28/33 .mobilink 451. Khan (12/24/09) .

naveed Ahmed (2/25/10) . Fahad Khan (2/1/10) .I support this petition.dear sir my name is naveed Ahmed Abbasi me ne apna number telenor pe 29/33 . i want to know about that people who knows me about my sim code . 485. muhammad farooq (2/16/10) . Ashok Kumar (2/15/10) . rameez raja (2/19/10) . this is not your duty to find out that people how are spreading the disinformation among the people. So. my sim isn\'t registered on my name. Quick action will be hihgly appreciated.I support this petition.continue my request has rejected why? plz tell me on this 0300-9268823 477.my sim coverge off Please my help me My number is 0302-5186139 480. Best Regard.0302-6310503 Please find out these people and take a action against them who are destroying the image of such Mobilink Company. and a guy blocked dat number coz hiz friend is working in jazz number. sheraz khan (2/11/10) .I support this petition. Hassan Baloch (2/1/10) . toqeer khan (2/3/10) . Ali raza muhammed ikram (2/18/10) . 1.I support this petition. and i think May Be Link (mobilink) should improve its quality of service and decrease phony / irregular bills 474. 03053737206 The above number is doing obnoxious calls and sms on my number plz take some strict action.I want to submit a complain about the fake calls. I am really very shocked that time when he told me my Sim code correctly. malik imran (2/20/10) .0300-7132397 2. zubair danish (2/8/10) . 484.I support this petition. kashif iqbal (2/13/10) . Dear Sir.problem with my family 467. how is it possible that someone can know every sim code which are very privacy. how ironic is this! he started using my number.salam hi kese he ap yar ap logo ne hamare sim kyou block ki hy? mere sim me 23 rupe ka blace tah 03052402171 475. I thought might be this is correct when i correct to your Head Office they siad me that these are all fake. 469. farah waseem (2/5/10) . 479. this number is sending me sex sms so please block it 483. abaid Iqbal (2/2/10) . So. 482.check my all progress data 476.I support this petition. My no is 0345-3127347.I support this petition. Abaid Iqbal 470. now tell me how can i get back my number? 473.I support this petition. I am sending you that Numbers in which i recieved that calls. Umair Rauf (2/15/10) .sir mere sim se call karne ki suhulat band he ap cheack kare my nambers 03078676443 481.I support this petition.I support this petition. 472. Rizwan Ahmed (2/22/10) .I support this petition. who misguide me that you won 10 Lakhs etc. abuzer manzoor (2/3/10) . khurram khan (2/6/10) . gulam faiz (2/17/10) . 478. Thanks & Best Regard.sir i wants to block this number 03057588618 471.respected sir! i had a jazz number 03067018389. Worng no. Fahad Khan 468.

islamabad main office moblink k sim nai hai 3 din sa 489. A strict action should be taken against the offencer.uk 501. 03067019735 please sir. Nafees Baig (3/1/10) .Dear Mobilink. Muhammad Waseem Yousaf Siddiqi (3/17/10) . Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi (3/30/10) .i am getting abusive messages from n#03028162637 who is a gentleman harasing and cursing over your services. This is not the first time it happened it has been happening for quiet sometime. 492.I support this petition. 30/33 . 03317505753 ye aap ki service hay. Anjum Mukhtar (3/9/10) .I support this petitinon 497. but now i have to come know my these sims are in use by another person. Mudasser Rafiq (3/12/10) .I support this petition. With regards Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi nashaibwaseem@live. Thanks 495.cell no. Abdul Hameed Mirbahar (3/9/10) .co. adnan hussain (3/8/10) . Nafees Baig 487.sir i wants to block this numbers 03013696814. Asif Sadique (4/1/10) . kindly find out the solution.a number disturb me 488. THsnka and regards.000 dollars and kindly pay 300 KD to get the prize.A.convert karwaya tha abhi me ne wapus mobilink pe karwaya he per aik probleum bar bar a raha he jab bhe easy load karwaya ta ho to msg to ata hay per pese nahi ate mere sath do bar aisa hwa ha franchise wale bhe mera problum solve nahi karte card recharge karta ho to pese ata he please sir mera probluem solve kareen warna mujhe majboor ho ke apna network change karna hoga 486. Ali Salman (3/7/10) . ayaz khan (3/27/10) .I support this petition. immediately 490. I am getting calls in kuwait from a number 0092-307-5147390 telling me that i have won 50. Amir Muhammad (3/11/10) . send me confirmation 494. M.i am getting abusive messages from n#03004915167 who is a gentleman harasing and cursing over your services. USMAN Ayub (3/20/10) . Muneeb shahid (3/21/10) . Thanks.I support this petition. pak1 fast (3/29/10) .FAISAL RAFIQUE (3/29/10) .My Phone # 0300 350 7500 & 0300 3730243 and my CNIC #42501-3971355-9 These above mention Sims Cards are belong to me due to my Mobile Snaching i could use these sims.F ACADEMY RISALPUR MAIN JAZZ K SIGNAL NAHI AATAY MAIN NAY PAHLAY BHI COMPLAIN KI THE APP NAY KAHA THA K 27 MARCH KO US KA RESULT BATA DAIN GAY MAGR NAHI BATAYA YAHA DOSREY COMPANIES K SIGNAL AATAY HAIN MAGR JAZZ K NAHI AATAY 500.sir i have lost my number03083530528 so plz sir block my this number plz sir 498. 496. 493. sherish mughal (3/20/10) . awr is no sy muje wrong call aati hain. As i believe this is a mobilink number please look into it and let me know whats happening. please block this no.I support this petition.ASSLAM O ALIKUM MAYREY COMPLAIN YEH HAI K P. A strict action should be taken against the offencer. 499.plz block my sim 0305-5896219 bcoz i lost my sim during travel. kashif sajeel (4/9/10) . 491. 502.

I support this petition.I support this petition. Humaira Ali (8/13/10) .I support this petition.I support this petition. Muhammad Ahmad (4/24/10) .I support this petition. 520.I support this petition. Mobilink is also being used as abused by many people to tease other network people.503. khalid khan (6/18/10) . wajahat mahmood (5/26/10) . Shahzada Ayaz (10/18/10) . Sir. tahar hameed (5/19/10) . usman ahmad (7/1/10) . 521.I support this petition.I support this petition.I support this petition.I support this petition.plaes on my sim 03008694621 512. 517.sir g 2004 sa no 03006882684 mary nam m arshad k nam per chal raha ha or main is ko proper use kar raha hoon chand din pahly mara nomber kisi na band karwa ker niclwa lia main mianchannun franchies sa dobara nomber ishu karwaya wo pher band ho gia 8--6--2010 ko main na sim dobara aapne nic no 3610447279813 da kar niklwa le rat 1200 am tak nomber chalta raha 9--6--2010 ko mara nomber kisi na zong per convert karwa leya ab mobilink ofice mianchannun waly b sim nahi da rahy pls mara misla hal karin.I support this petition. 516.I support this petition. Adnan Qureshi (4/20/10) . 523.BOTHRING THIS NUMBER 03312573721 PLEASE DO ACTION THIS NUMBER (03003641976). Awais Zunair (1/10/11) . mirza asghar (5/31/10) . adnan khan (7/22/10) .I support this petition. Please Block This number i receive few days very bad calls from annon person by this number 03032215807 504.I support this petition. 507. WE WILL BE THANKFULL TO MOBILINK REGARD. 31/33 . 515. 506. sheraz awan (7/4/10) . shahzad nazim (7/30/10) . Rashidullah Khattak (7/8/10) . 524. mohammad arshad (6/9/10) .SALAM I REQUEST THAT ONE MOBILINK NUMBER 03003641976 IS TEASING. 508. 509.I support this petition. 514. HAFEEZ ABDUL (7/7/10) .PLS SEND NAME AND ADD THIS NUMBER 0306447409 510. owais saleem (7/21/10) . 513.I support this petition.I support this petition. Muhammad Shahid (4/27/10) . 518. Niaz Muhammad (12/6/10) .I support this petition. 511. ghuznfar arif (5/17/10) . 519.I support this petition. 522. Khurram Saab (4/27/10) . 505. Awais Aftab (5/3/10) . Mobilink is not countering this problem too.

vinod kumar kukreja (3/7/11) 531. milas awan (3/1/11) 529. ali hasan (3/9/11) 532. ali hasan (3/9/11) 533. Mirza Ejaz Baig (4/20/11) - 32/33 .525.I support this petition. 526. Mohammad Aslam (2/12/11) . Fajar Ahmed (1/17/11) . 527.I support this petition. muhammad sheraz (3/6/11) 530. nsir malik (2/24/11) 528.

32/33 33/33 .

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