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MBA (302) (S05) (Old) (Sem. - 3rd) CORPORATE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT
Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75

Instruction to Candidates: 1) Section - A is Compulsory. 2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B. Q1) a) What is a General offer? b) When is a person said to be of unsound mind? c) What is Misrepresentation? d) Is past consideration valid in Indian Law. e) Define a Contract of Insurance. f) What is a Negotiable Instrument? g) Define the term ‘Goods’. h) Under what circumstances the rule of Caveat Emptor is not applicable. i) j) Explain the term ‘property in goods’. When goods are deemed to be in transit? Section - A (15 × 2 = 30)

k) Who is a Private Carrier? l) What is a ‘Bill of Landing’?

m) Define ‘Corporate Veil’. n) Distinguish between Public and Private Company. o) What is the difference between Direct and Indirect taxes?
D - 25 P.T.O.

Q9) Define and distinguish between condition and warranty. Q6) Define a promissory note? Distinguish it from a bill of exchange.B < (9 × 5 = 45) Q2) ‘Consideration is essential and necessary element of a binding contract’. Q3) Define the term fraud as understood in the law of contract.25 2 . Discuss. Q7) What are the rules for determining the amount of compensation payable in case of dishonour of the instrument? Q8) What is a contract of sale? Distinguish between sale and agreement to sell. Under what circumstances can a breach of condition be treated as a breach of warranty? Q10) State the rights and duties of a common carrier. Q11) What are the advantages of incorporation of a company? Q12) What do you understand by ‘winding up subject to the supervision of the court’? Q13) What is a Charter-Party? Mention the usual terms in a Charter-Party. ®®®® D .Section . What is its effect on the validity of a contract? Q4) What are the various remedies available to a party in case of breach of contract? Q5) Is a contract of insurance a wager? Explain.

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