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Perspectives--- How Organized Religion Fueled Feminism

Perspectives--- How Organized Religion Fueled Feminism

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Published by Atiya Walker Dykes

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Published by: Atiya Walker Dykes on Apr 26, 2011
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Perspectives How Organized Religion Fueled Feminism Women have been treated with extreme cruelty in this society

since the foundatio n and spreading of the three main organized religions. Even some sects of Hindui sm have gone to great lengths desecrate and destroy the true feminine image and energy. Thanks to the defacing, undermining, and desecration of the true Divine Feminine energy and image, through the creation of fictitious passages of the ‘hol y writ’. Women have been subjected to mistreatment, torture, degradation, and all other forms of abuse at the hands of those who by Natural Law are supposed to be their protectors and providers. Due to this, we have women who have prescribed to a doctrine called Feminism, wh ich was created by the same factions who formed the oppressive organized religio ns, and in turn, women have been duped even more because now many are forfeiting and have forfeited the creation of a family unit….which is what procures and stab ilizes a nation. Feminism has duped women by making them believe that they have something that th ey really do not and can take on roles that by natural law men are supposed to. But more than that it has created a rebellion in women against the creation of t he family unit and in some cases being partnered with a man altogether. Feminism as we know it was created by the CIA and used women such as Gloria Stei nem, Betty Freidan, and Bella Abzug as front women….Later Indigenous women followe d suit, whom traditionally, at least prior to the Maafa, did not encounter the s ame discrimination from their men that Caucasian women did, and in had no real n eed to adopt feminist ideologies. If one does the correct science we can see why many women have been duped into a dopting Feminism…The New World Order(The Church, Vatican, Jesuit/ Global Elites) h as not been kind to anyone that has been labeled ‘inferior’, which has in turn cause d those who have been oppressed to further oppress each other. And women were in actuality the first victims of the of the Church’s Inquisition and in many ways h ave been ever since. Men, through Organized Religion, have been taught to abuse their role as protect or and provider by placing themselves above the woman, believing that she is inf erior to him, thus only wanting the woman to be pretty, sexy, submissive, and si lent…Due to this imbalanced paradigm, many women have been subject to abuse of all kinds. In many areas of the world women to this very day are blamed for crimes against them, such as rape and to add insult to injury are punished for those crimes in ways that are unimaginable to some. Women in areas such as Congo, are systematic ally raped for entertainment and sometimes mutilated in the most horrible ways. It is incidents such as these in the present day and historically that has fuele d Feminist Ideology and given it two legs to stand on. Those who have truly exam ined the science of Feminism know that it does not allow women or men to play th e physical roles assigned by Natural Law---man as protector and provider, woman as caregiver, nurturer; and in many Indigenous societies: oracle, priestess, sha man, confidant, and goddess---attributes of the female that were initially strip ped from the woman at the dawn of Christianity and the other two of the three ma in religions. Men are now scoffed at for even attempting to be real men, as it is taken as dom inance. Women are now encouraged to do what men were to do traditionally(even th ough this society has made that necessary anyways) creating more strained relati

onships between men and women as well as sexual confusion----another dynamic to be examined in it’s own right, however is very poignant since Organized Religion, through it’s mind fuckery is very much responsible for, because of it’s demonization of the Divine Feminine. Many people---even those in the know, blame Feminism for the breakdown of family structure over the past 40-45 years, which it is indeed very much partly respon sible for. However what a lot of people fail to examine is the science of how wo men had been horrifically thrown under the bus in the years/centuries prior to m odern Feminism’s existence, and how much of that mistreatment has paved the way fo r CIA Feminism to flourish. The truth is Organized Religion; the very institution which the masses have been programmed to believe upholds and promotes morals and family structure, have in deed since the very beginning done everything to undermine those principles, wit h the appearance of standing for them. I call it reverse psychology---which is w hat the ‘New World Order’ paradigm operates off of anyways. The operators of the Vat ican/Church Elites knew full well what they were doing from the beginning. Demonize the woman, make her inferior and cause the world to view her in an unfl attering manner, thus putting a strain or relationships between men/women---and family structure, causing them to disintegrate over time. This in turn eventuall y causes women to want to rebel against what they feel has been oppressing them: (men, patriarchy, family). Feminism is then created to appear as though it is empowering women, but in actu ality is designed to further undermine and disintegrate family structure and man ipulate female/male relationships. Eventually you have population reduction due to less marriages and procreation, more sexual dysfunction, more single parent h ouseholds, and the state now is then in complete control of the house….which is wh ere we all are now. Through this, men and women are both duped. For Indigenous(Black) people in mainland America and worldwide the effects of th is have been even more devastating. *Indigenous peoples throughout the world in many cases were Matrilineal but men/ women were always equal and there was no system of domination by one over the ot her by either party. Women were exalted because life was/is birthed through them into this dimension. Indigenous people also knew that the planet ran on Feminin e principle and many revered the Creator energy as Feminine/Masculine. *It was primarily unnecessary for Indigenous women to prescribe to Feminism, but I believe that many later on did because unfortunately many Indigenous men, aft er being programmed by Eurocentric/Christian ideologies adopted the attitudes an d behaviors that Caucasian men had in some cases and Indigenous women suffered b ecause of this. In turn many of them(Indigenous women) adopted Feminism and were duped in a far worse way than Caucasian women. In retrospect, we cannot continue to just blame women for falling victim to Femi nism, we have to, once again closely examine the science and see the bigger pict ure. If we didn’t live in a world where women were severely mistreated by those wh o are to protect and provide for them, Feminism possibly would have never existe d or at least would not be as successful as it has been. Nor would women be subj ect to rejecting those who are to protect and provide for them. Blame no one els e for this but everybody’s baby---Organized Religion---especially Christianity and modern Islam. Rather we like it or not the Divine Feminine is the energy that governs this pla net and this plane, and when the Goddess Principle is restored and the Feminine/ Masculine energies balanced(Ma’at) once again, then this planet and all else will

fall into balance. Now is the time to restore that order and change our percepti ons, or else we will be unable to move forward. Atiya Walker Dykes

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