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Oracle Sourcing 11i10 Help Guide[1]

Oracle Sourcing 11i10 Help Guide[1]

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Published by: Mohammed Shahid on Apr 26, 2011
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If the majority of the negotiations you create contain the same features - attributes,
terms and conditions, participation controls, etc. - you may want to create a
negotiation template that you can use each time you create a new negotiation.
Using a template saves time by streamlining the creation process. Your negotiation
template contains the features that are similar among the negotiations you commonly
create. When you create a new negotiation using a template, you simply apply the
template to the negotiation, add to and edit details of the negotiation (as necessary),
and publish your negotiation.

You can create as many templates as necessary. Since RFIs, RFQs, and buyer's
auctions are different documents, each type has its own template(s). You can create
both "private" templates (templates that only you can view, edit, and use) and
"public" templates (templates that all registered users in your company can view and

Creating a new negotiation template

1. Click the appropriate create link under the Templates area of Quick
Links on the Negotiations Home page.

2. On the Templates page, click "Create New Template."

3. On the Step 1: Describe Your Template page, complete the
following fields (required fields are marked with an *asterisk):

*Template Name


*Access. A template can be designated as either "public" (all
Buyers in your company can view and use the template) or
"private" (only you can view, edit, and use the template).

Note: In order to create "public" offer templates, you must be
assigned the appropriate authorization by your system

Your template status will default to Active. Active templates
can be used immediately to create new negotiations. If you

Oracle Sourcing Help

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want to change your template's status to Inactive, you must
complete and submit your template, then edit your template
and select a new status from the drop-down menu at the Status
field. Inactive templates will be stored in the system, but
cannot be used to create a new offer until you change the
status to Active.

4. Complete the remaining pages by filling out the fields as appropriate
for the negotiation type. Once you have defined your template, click
Submit on the Review and Submit page.

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